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signaled to change lanes . here is a good example of commen sence driving i give the driver space to make the change and the driver waved thank you! . and it wasn't because there was a chp officer next to me .it was because, common courtesy and comment sense make for safe travels in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news (steve) now at 11.a kron 4 exclusive... shocking video of a rat..roaming through a busy restaurant in the middle of the day.i'm steve aveson. ((vicki)) and i'm vicki for pam moore. it's happening at a strip mall in daly city. now the health department is taking action. ((steve)) kron 4's j.r. stone is following this story that you'll only see on 4. he spoke with a witness...and a restaurant owner who claims his business is clean.
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this is video showing a rat walking along the counter in a daly city restaurant called upside down burger. video that has gone viral since it was posted on saturday night. sot when i first seen the rat it's like anything i jumped out of my body i mean seriously i don't want to get bit by the thing i mean i'm a big guy but that will take you down.robert bell recorded this and says he was with his family eating what was a good burger when things took a turn. sot the lady she jumps up.she is screaming, she's yelling, runs and says i'm not eating here i'm not eating here and she points towards the flower jug. sot we here the other lady she drops her water jug she screams i'm like what's going on.sot simotaneously the wife looks at the plant and see the mouse the rat.bell says his family ran out but he stayed in the restaurant to get his refund and recorded video of the rat as he waited. as for who's to blame for the rodentthat's to be determined but the health department is now involved. in two
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inspections since saturday. upside down burger, has passedso has the dominos two doors downnot the case for house of sisig located right next door to upside down burger. the san mateo county health department has shut them down due to evidence of vermin infestation. we asked the owner of house of sisig, who did show us his restaurant being cleaned, if he is to blame.sot so are the problems coming from your restaurant? i don't think so it might be coming from all of us i don't knowsot they said they saw some infestation said i have to clean it up and everything. the owner of upside down burger disagrees saying this isn't a building problem or attic problem or the health department would have made sure everyone closed. he allowed kron 4 access to his restaurant tuesday saying he has nothing to hide. he stores just a small amount of food in a small refrigerated area under the grills, even going so far as showing us his contract with a cleaning company that comes every night. robert bell says he doesn't know what happened, why it happened, but says people need to beware. sot the thought of mice rats roming around throughout the day. i can only imagine what happens at night.just that thought had my stomach turning.
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(steve)one officer and a skateboarder are now hospitalized. . . following a mob incident at san francisco's dolores park. police initially were called to the scene at around eight- thirty tonight.police say a skateboarder lost control while riding down a hill. and
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crashed into an officer. . .and then hit a police can see the crowd gathered here at the park.police say people from the crowd began throwing objects at one was arrested.two police cars were vandalized.the extent of the injuries for the two are still unknown. (grant) now to the south bay... where tinder dry conditions..helped fuel a brush fire that burned two a total loss. another home is severely damaged. and at least one firefighter injured his shoulder while working the fire. it stated just after 4:30 in the east san jose foothills. wind and dry grass and brush helped the flames to spread fast...before you knew if more than 100 acres burned. as of the last update from crews on the ground, it was 40 percent contained. 11 homes were under mandatory evacuation orders. no one was hurt...and it's not clear how the fire started. the fire is near alum rock park..
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in the area of lariat lane and claitor way. cal fire and san jose fire are handing it. firefighters will be there all night...until it's fully contained...and hot spots are no longer threats. there is an evacuation center at the berryessa community center on berryessa road. steve and vicki ? (steve)a close call for a santa cruz man.he came face to face with a shark...who managed to take a chunk out of his kayak before swimming away. (vicki) spencer blake traveled south to take a look at the damaged boatand to speak with the man about the frightening encounter.(sot) steve lawson's kayak definitely didn't come off the assembly line this way.those are teeth marks from one of cinema's favorite predator's - a great white shark.tuesday morning lawson says he felt a big bump, as if he had run into a rock."i looked forward and there was a shark with its mouth on the bow of my boat."
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he kept his cool, mentally, but couldn't stay afloat as the shark knocked the kayak around."i went all the way upside down and then i came out of the boat."in the moments he was in the water with nothing to protect himhe says the shark had already taken off.lawson normally paddles with a buddy off of seabright state beach, but was glad to see a fisherman nearby. "lawson says he was about a mile or two away from shore and with a boat badly damaged, he needed harbor patrol to tow him back in."that smile says it all - lawson was lucky.but he still had to tell his girlfriend and his daughter what happened on the water."my mother was sort of not too happy, either."lawson doesn't want people to be scared to go in the waterhe says it took him 25 years of almost daily paddling before he had a close call like this."i'm sure the shark took a bite out of the boat and said, 'ya know what? this doesn't taste good.' and he was gone."harbor patrol, on the other hand, has warning signs posted, telling people to stay out of the are where the shark attackedfor the next four days.lawson, who lost a hatand probably his kayakplans to be out on √°another boat on santa cruz, spencer blake, kron four news.
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here in hayward the family of 19-year-old manuel romero is asking for the community's help to identify the person who gunned him down on hill avenue last saturday night
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weather conditions more typical of mid july are likely through midweek as onshore flow and the marine layer influences the region. a gradual warming trend is then likely late in the week and into the upcoming weekend as high pressure builds back toward the west coast. thus, inland temperatures will again warm into the 90s to
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around 100 degrees during the afternoon hours this weekend. conditions then look to cool back to near seasonal averages early next week. (male announcer) are you ready to take the scenic route?
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human chain rescue. exclusive video and photos. 80 brave people helping save a family caught in a riptide. >> then, just revealed, how jennifer garner found out ben affleck was seeing another woman. . >> and how she broke the news. >> it happened backstage at late night with seth meyers. >> so nice to see you. >> what happened when donald trump held the miss universe pageant in moscow. the video you haven't seen. >> $8 million uproar. >> how did this accused terrorist become a


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