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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 14, 2017 12:45am-1:15am PDT

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tonight, is angelina ready for a new romance? celebrating with her kids at disneyland, what we know about her quest to find a prince charming. then -- emmy nominations are in. only we are onset with the celebrating stars. plus a "bachelor in paradise" shocker. corinne coming back. what her former cast mates really think. >> i consider corinne a friend. >> is she really a good friend? then -- >> i think you know something, and im going to get it out of he. >> their real life relationships. maks and peta, to their brides maids and the behind-the-scenes exclusive with charlize theron. how she pushed her "atomic blonde" co-stars to the limit.
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>> maybe they went home and cried. now for july 13, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." hello, and welcome. angelina jolie's big day out with the kids at the happiest place on earth. >> we have details on angie's diznyland outing and what's going on with her love life? is she on the hunt for her prince charming? jolie hits disneyland to celebrate the 9th birthday of her twins. a source tells us the celebration went great. that source also says angelina who split from brad pitt last week isn't thinking about the breakup drama anymore. she is over all of that. she is moving on, and going completely private. her kids had a blast from california to the river run. there's knox, maddox and pax on thunder mountain, and maxx
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getting his karkture drawn. that's shiloh wearing a goofy has, and there's zaha are, a walking the park and enjoying some chi toes. they then watched the lek kal parade. as for finding her own prince charming, we're told she is not dating anybody at the moment, and enjoying spending time with her children. these family outings led to a lot of online speculation that jolie will make an appearance this weekend at the disney convention. jol jolie -- our source tell uses the oscar-winner is ready to get back to work. the latest on another single gal who is moving on, jennifer garner. she had a girls night out, and they were at the same restaurant her ex, ben affleck went to with
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his girlfriend just days before. i like the way you roll, jen. nominations were handed out, and there are surprising nominees and snubs. we were in the middle of it all. >> here we go. >> wow. >> wow. >> there were 11 nominations for nbc's newcomer, "this is us." the cast, just blown away. >> my phone started blowing up so i knew something was on. >> i had to ask a couple of times. did you read it right? is it real? then i was -- >> and here's a surprise. the guest star gets his first emmy nod. >> i don't think it's quite hit me yet. i mean i am pumped. i really amp. >> a big day for "black-ish." >> i don't want to pop anybody. >> our nischelle turner was anthony and ereson and tracie ellis -- >> i wanted to put a moisture mask on my face and sit in
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meditati meditation. it's time to win. >> don't tell me that. tell the voters. listen to nischelle turner, voters. >> "e.t." online's was there to congratulate anna klum ski. >> congratulations. your fifth consecutive emmy nomination. it's surreal because, like, it's not every day -- it's not every day that you are nominated. >> and there's an oscar winner showdown. nicole and reese in "big little lies" and susan and jessica dpr "feud," all nominated in the same category. >> shut out for best actor in a series. meanwhile, it's been a crazy couple of hours for this lady here. >> move it. shake it. change it pull all of to that celebrating with the stars today and last night, the sports stars at the espy awards knew it.
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it was a surprisingly emotional night for the greatest swimmer of all time, michael phelps. >> the 23-time olympic gold medalist won for best record breaking performance, but his speech was all about wife, nicole. >> today is my wife's birthday, we met here ten years ago. it's the most amazing thing in the world. now we have a beautiful son together and you know we are very happy. and this is the first time since we met here that we've been back here together. >> nicole was working for the sports network when they met, and he told me 1-year-old boomer is quite a handful. >> now he's to the point where he's racing around the house, just i mean walking around, running, you name it. holding my hand and dragging me all over the house. >> it was also date night for john cena and fiancee nikki bella. he presented the perseverance award to superfan jarrius "jj" robertson who has been battling liver disease. do you think if you tried to steal nikki bella from him you could do it? >> yeah pretty much. >> and i thank you for being gracious enough not to do that.
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>> you know what else was there? bachelorette rachel lindsay, and i got her reaction on the big news in bachelor nation. the controversy of corinne coming back for the reunion show. >> i consider corinne a friend, and i'm glad i don't have any opinion on it. >> is she really a good friend? >> i know i may not be everyone's favorite person. >> i consider her a friend. you know i would tell you. i really do like her. >> oh, my god. >> corinne tells "e.t." quote, i am very happy to be appearing on the "bachelor in paradise" special, but some cast members told "e.t." online's lauren zee ma they are not excited. >> one said that corinne's return is a quote, total surprise, while the other reactions are aics manied bag. quote, we'll have to hear her side of things. guess who else will be back? demario. you will remember their pool hookup led to an investigation into allegations of misconduct and even a temporary shutdown in production. new at the time, corinne called herself a victim, but ultimately
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demario was cleared and production resumed shooting just without the two of them. >> season four will premiere on august 14th, but could it feature corinne and demario? we were told when filming resumed, producers did encourage the cast to talk about what happened. >> a source says when it comes to the cast sentiments, certainly nobody is blaming demario. >> where is he? ses in europe, but the booted bachelorette con december tant will be back on friday to film the men tell all special. >> i need someone who owns his mstzs. >> i'll listen, but i set my piece. >> enthis you said, peace. >> thank you. >> iic loo that, ladies. very much. i can't wait to hear what demario has to say on july 31st on abc. well, fairy tale romances do come true. dancing stars, maks and peta are proof of that, and you have seen this love blossom.
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>> i have. >> up close and personal. i know maks since 2007 when i did dts dts, and this is the happiest i have seen him since he has been with peta p happy for those guys and we have the scoop about their big day straight from two insiders. the insider and bridesmaid. >> husband and wife. >> i have never seen both of them more in love and more happy than i -- than that moment. >> this has been literally the best day of my life. >> the day before, she was in another wedding in berlin. she flew in just in time to stand by peta's side at oheka castle. >> it's the most beautiful place on earth. i hope there is someplace just like it so i can get married there. >> former "dancing with the sta stars" and bestie, was the maid
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of honor and wedding planner. so how did she end up in charge of the big day? >> i threw them a surprise engagement party. it went so well, that same day, they were, like, you have to plan our wedding. >> she was with the couple every step of the way. from dress fittings so emergencies. >> maks called me an hour before -- that was fantastic. >> at the reception, there were some surprises. peta put together a video of maks for their son, shai, and maks shocked his wife with a song. ♪ >> maks' biggest fear is si singing. >> there were nearly 300 guests. >> there was a dessert room. >> i'm not worried about those guys. they can burn it off dancing. sharna is currently on the road
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with the rest of the dancing pros, but they took a break so people could attend. up next, the first photo of beyonce and the twins. plus she tells all about her sensation that blew up instagram and of course -- >> i'm done! and charlize theron takes girl power to the extreme in "a
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all right now it may not be the best photo, it's it's kiting to see because that brunette is actually beyonce. >> that's her right there? >> squint closely. we promise. it's the first time she has been spotted since she had the dwins. >> beyonce was dining with her husband at nobu in malibu. at the same time, i was hanging in hollywood with gabrielle union and she got back from an epic european vacation with her nba superstar husband, dwyane wade. >> people were going crazy over the posts and the outfits every day. >> people were going crazy over the posts and the outfits every day. now is dwyane at a point where he just he's like, i'm gonna do
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my thing or do you still dress him? >> if i dressed him he'd be naked. and then i'd be like, oh done. cuz that's how i think he looks best. but those short shorts are kind of getting closer to how i like him with you know out any clothes on. so when my shorts were longer >> we're not going there, but these two know how to do vacation right. first you give it a hashtag , the wade world tour. then you take your crew all over the world with you. want to talk about the crew challenge? can we talk about it, and who came up with the moves? >> it started off as, like, a rainy day. my honey, god bless him, god has given him a lot of tant. dance is not one of them, but inside he is usher. >> we know gabrielle's got moves, kinda like her title character on the bet network series "being mary jane. she plays an ambitious tv news reporter going after the coveted network anchor job. last season ended with a steamy sec scene with her boss. it rivals the hard wick sex from season one. i want to throw that out there. >> yes. ♪
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>> if you are going to have michael ealy on the show, let's have him on the show. it explodes in the first episode. still ahead, the stars of the game of thrones hit the red carpet with eye-popping fashion. but why they are not fans of their show wardrobes. >> i'm not kidding. then inside donnie wallburg's waffle house party. dancing with the waitresses. what he did next though shocked the entire restaurant. and charlize theron gives us an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at all the "atomic blonde" action. >> it was really intense. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ don't believe me just watch look at donnie wahlberg on facebook live in a waffle house. in charlotte, north carolina. after a long day of filming "blue bloods". >> we'll throw it up, and it was a party. he kbaf out tickets to see new kids on the block, and that's not all. on an $82 tab, he left a $2,000 tip. >> he said that when the staff treats him like a king, he likes to treat them like queens. we treat him good all the time. why won't we take care of us? lots of royalty on the kampt aeft game of thrones premiere, and carly steele held court with all the ladies. >> premiere night, and it's epic. >> it's huge. >> winter hit l.a. hard, complete with a blue carpet. making it the perfect date night for the king of the north. kit harington rocked his signature black while his long time love went black and owe low. how special is it for you to be here sharing the legacy of the show? it's the show that brought you
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guys together. >> that's the really special thing about it is we met on the show, and such a special thing. i'm so privileged. >> joe jonas skips the carpet, but he wasn't far from her mind. you said you are the happiest you have ever been now, and you have been happy in your life. >> i think the key is to remember it's like every other relationship, and if you are in hollywood or if you are in, you know, aftricaafrica, it's all t. just love and be loved. >> our favorite look of the night? ian glenn's kilt. >> it's my clan. >> filming on the eighth and final season of the iconic hbo series starts this fall, and while the cast admits it will be hard to say good-bye, they are ready to retire their wardrobe. >> my koos time weighs about 20 kilograms. it's, like, two layers of armor, and it gets heavier the more regal you get. >> the brass armor is 80 pounds. >> that wig that i wore for
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those seasons, very happy to see that go. >> bye-bye. last day onset, you know, it's going to be a sad situation. >> how would i deal with it? it could involve online shopping on my phone in between takes. i was thinking about just, like, some really razzy underwear. that take was not so great. i think it's tiechl fme for a t. >> okay then. we can love the many fierce females on that set, and here's about oscar-winner that would fit in with them, charlize theron. >> this is the summer of fierce fighting females and charlize is just that in her new movie, "atomic blonde," and only we can take you behind-the-scenes. >> for myself as a woman to, you know, take part in a film and not play somebody that has to let everybody or an audience know every five minutes that she has boobs that's really great. >> charlize kicks major butt in her new movie "atomic blonde"
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and when it comes to how female action heroes operate, she's breaking the rules. her character doesn't have a traditional love interest and instead of playing it pretty after a fight scene, you'll see her battered and bruised. >> it was very clear the way i was going to fight how a woman would really be able to fight and not break every bone in her fist. >> how a woman fights is pretty fierce when you see charlize going at it. stunt coordinators had planned to take it easy on her. that was until they saw what she could do. >> that was really good. i can do that. >> she's just as good as man. you can take this story and flip it and it works exactly the same way. and that strength is something that i'm really proud of. >> charlize spent four hours a day for 2 1/2 months doing martial arts drills to prepare for her role as an international spy. it earned her a twisted knee, bruised ribs and cracked teeth. >> stunt guys took so many hits. i had to buy a lot of alcohol to be forgiven, but there were no
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injuries. there were absolutely nothing. or so they told me. >> are you okay? >> yeah. >> maybe they went home and cried. >> and questions what? i'm headed to berlin because next week, charlize and i are going to co-host the show together. >> so cool. can't wait for it. >> me and her. >> i'm giving you time. mean while, i was also in new orleans with the congresswomen of "girls trip," and i want you to meet a funny lady who will be the movie's breakout star. she steals every scene she is in, and get ready, tiffany haddish. >> bam! >> look like a bedazzler threw up on that thing. >> i would be crying and all thank you, jesus. i can't believe this. >> you may have seen tiffany in tv shows and movies like "keanu" with key and peele, and she's also a successful standup comic.
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>> she always seems to get in the last line. >> heavenly father, thank you for this day of life, and let me get pregnant by somebody rich. >> so many things going in the world right now, just to go somewhere and be able to loaugh. >> and for the movie to discover and bring forth a new talent like tiffany, it's everything. >> tiffany says her sense of humor comes from surviving a very tough childhood, which included growing up in three different foster home. >> i was just a kid, you know, to i did what i could. >> after everything she has been through, tiffany has to pinch herself to believe she is co-starring in a come by with some of her idols. >> it's super fun and, like, when i say something funny and they laugh, i'll be, like, oh! >> this is tiffany's moment. she has a special coming out on show time and a bunch of projects lined up. >> talented.
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>> yes. when we come backs, ra mona singer looking for a man on "love connection," and it's safe to say, she has got it tight. let's dance grandma!
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travel consideration provided by -- real housewife of new york, ramona singer ended her 22-year marriage. you know what you do, brooke, you go on "love connection." >> why not? her pal and boss hosts the episode which care airs on fox tonight, and it sounds like a connection is made. >> i definitely met someone i would like to go out with again, and it starts something. >> we did well today. >> there is something interesting about the than she picks. >> i don't want to bring up a sore topic, but -- >> don't say it.
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>> you know what you are going to say? >> yes. >> it remind me of your accent. is that a >> "the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> number one, it was an emotional date night at the espys. >> we met here ten years ago. >> as a former first lady makes a powerful style statement serena williams gets support after the john mcenroe slam. >> serena will be the greatest and nobody can take that away from her. >> then it's an oscar winning face off at this year's emmys. >> they reward you because they see how hard you sweat. >> we're breaking down the surprises and snubs. >> there's no more competitive race this year than the lead actress in a limited series. >> as "saturday night live" celebrates a political emmy high. >> then winter is finally here. >> i'm realizing how long i've been away from the "game of thrones."


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