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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 14, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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where's my dress?it's not fair! a national wedding retailer goes belly up ... thousands of brides=to=be left with.... nothingyou're watching kron four news in prime time. (pam) breaking news tonight. a 5 year old girl has been abducted in berkeley. good evening, i'm pam moore. (steve) i'm steve aveson. kron4's hermela aregawi joins us live now with who police believe took the little girl. (hermela aregawi)around 3:15 this afternoon, police received a call from the little girl's grandmother and father who live here on the 1500 block of prince street. they reported that the mother who does not have custody took off with her daughter.we've got pictures of the two. lets take a look.police don't believe that five year old mayalyia booker is in imminent danger.but want the little
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girl returned to her grandmother and her father. right now, they've got more than a half a dozen police cruisers on scene..with search dogs combing through every inch of this get a sense of which direction they might have went.davis doesn't drive so they believe she fled on foot with booker. here's what they're able to share with us about what they've learned from this investigation so far. sgt andrew frankel/berkeley pd spokesman: right now it appears as though two of the three dogs that potentially that ms. davis got on bart with the little girl. so we're working with bart pd to review video and we are asking members of the community to keep their eyes peeled for ms. davis and ms. booker.police believe davis got on the ashby bart which is about half a mile from here.she was last seen wearing a black jacket and blue jeans.5 year old mayalyia was wearing a black shirt and pants with gray sneakers.her hair is in short twists at the moment. police aren't saying why davis doesn't have custody of her daughter.all that they're willing to share with us is that mom has diminished capacity.again they don't believe the little girl is in imminent danger but want to find her before the two get too far away.if you have any information, you're asked to call berkeley police.we'll have updates as to whether this will turn into an amber alert or not, coming up at 10.
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reporting live in berkeley, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. (pam) new at 8- even ten days after independence day, law enforcement agencies around the bay area are still picking up dangerous, illegal fireworks.(steve) now's an important time to do it, as we head into a big heat wave.spencer blake joins us live tonight in alameda county. spencer - this was a very active year for illegal fireworks there. kron four got to see just how many of those police were able to get off the streets this year in alameda county.they say when the economy is good, and people have more expendable income, they tend to buy more fireworks in the
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summer. there's a reason this guy is running.(nats: fireworks explode)he just lit an m- one-thousand as part of a demonstration the alameda county sheriff's office bomb squad put on for kron four. "that was one. often time's you'll see people putting many of these together to make an even bigger explosion." obviously that's a dumb idea. these often-homemade fireworks might be better described as bombs."these are so dangerous. one of these here will permanently disfigure you, take your hand off. i can't tell you how bad these are." and there's a whole box of them inside this storage unit, along with other things that snap, crackle, and pop."just firecrackers."sergeant ray kelly says police and fire departments around the county confiscated about three tons of illegal fireworks this year - three times as much as the haul from 2016.look how full the trailer is nowcompared to when we stopped by a week before the holiday.there are still a few more pickups the sheriff's office has scheduled for this weekend around the countythough fortunately some places like fremont don't have a whole lot of illegal
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explosives to turn in."our seizure here was a little dent out of it but ya know it's a pretty big endeavor to try to get every firework off the street. it's probably impossible."but worth the effortto get these..(boom!) away from families and pets. probably wondering what happens to all of them.state fire marshal's office actually has a budget specifically set aside to disposing of them properly so they don't pollute the air or the in alameda county, spencer blake, kron four news. a warming trend is expected to begin today as high pressure builds into california from the desert southwest. very warm to hot conditions are expected to return to inland areas over the weekend.
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some cooling then appears in store for the first part of next week. (steve) the man convicted of killing seven people .. in a shooting rampage at oikos university in oakland back in 2012 - will spend the rest of his life behind bars. 48-year-old (steve) the man convicted of
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killing seven people .. in a shooting rampage at oikos university in oakland back in 2012 - will spend the rest of his life behind bars. 48-year-old one goh was sentenced today to seven consecutive terms of life in prison without parole...for the shooting rampage. it was an emotional day for the victim's families who were in court when he was sentenced. kron4's haaziq madyun has the story here at the alameda county superior court house in oakland convicted murderer one goh was sentenced to seven consecutive life sentences for the april 2nd 2012 oikos university shooting, in which 7 people lost their lives. camela seymour's mother judith was one of lives taken that dreadful day
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seymour/mother judith seymour killed in oikos shooting: "because of the closing i don't want anyone to forget so i brought some pictures of my mom in high school. this is her in her twenties">now that the man who killed her mother has been sentenced, she wants to shift the focus back onto the victims he murdered that daywhat happened was back on april 2nd, 2012 one goh, a discruntled former student at the time, expelled from school, denied a tutition refund, walked on to the campus armed with a gun, with multiple magazines, fired 27- rounds, killed 7-people and wounded 3 others. it is the deadliest single mass shooting event by one person in the history of oakland.camella
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seymour/mother judith seymour killed in oikos shooting: "i would have liked the death penalty but i am glad that it's over and there is actually justice">no death penalty in this case just 271 years without the possibility of parole. one goh will die someday and when he does...he will be in a california state prison. in oaklan haaziq maydun kron4news (pam) the murder trial for the man accused of fatally shooting kate steinle on san francisco's pier 14 ... has been delayed. 54-year-old juan francisco lopez- sanchez ... has pleaded not guilty to second degree murder. he was in the country illegally, after previously being deported five- times back to mexico . the case is delayed because a federal agency is trying to block a subpoena demanding one of its agents testify about his stolen handgun ... which was used to fatally shoot steinle ... meantime the suspects attorney maintains, lopez- sanchez áaccidentially fired a gun he found under a bench along the pier. steinle was killed in july of 2015... as she stood with her dad.. taking pictures near the bay bridge. president trump
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has repeatedly used the steinle case as a way to get congress to pass immigration reform. the trial is now set to begin - next friday. (steve) a police promotion event that would not normally attract a crowd... did just that in oakland today. (pam) a group of protesters showed up... to voice their displeasure about áwhoá was being promoted. grant lodes is here to explain why some people are upset. (grant) the protesters...a dozen or two from the anti- police terror project... held signs and shouted at the mayor and others driving into the event. they're unhappy because they say three of those promoted... oversaw what a federal judge called a severely mishandled investigation into whether police officers were having sex with jasmine abuslin, also known as celste guap, who at that time, was an underage prostitute. nancy armstrong was out there making her opinion known.
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(grant) at a federal court hearing monday attorneys john burris and jim chanin asked the judge overseeing the oakland police department to order an investigation into that botched investigation.. but in his order issued earlier this week, he stopped short of doing that. we asked oakland police why the media and public were not allowed to attend the ceremony...a spokesperson told us it was private so the police personnel and officers and their families could enjoy the celebration and not be distracted. (steve) tonight we are hearing about the first reported west nile virus case near the bay area.(steve) santa cruz county health officials say a dead infected
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crow was discovered inside city limits. it was near the intersection of morrissey boulevard and soquel drive. officials say the virus is primarily transmitted through mosquito bites. last year more than 4-hundred cases were reported statewide and 19 people died. so far only four cases have been reported. ahead at eight.. we spoke with a family that has a warning for other people driving in the south bay.... that's after their daughter was almost hit with a pellet gun while they were riding down the freeway. multiple large structure fires are being investigated tonight. how much closer they have gotten to determining a cause. plus, there are a lot of angry brides in northern california.. after a bridal shop closed down leaving the women without their orders. i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp. coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break.
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putting news first. pam moore. steve aveson. brittney shipp. and gary radnich. the kron4 news at 10 every night.
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(pam 2-shot) a 7- year old gilroy girl was grazed by a pellet gun when somebody fired at the family car yesterday. (steve) kron four's rob fladeboe got the story from the girl's mother .. she is angry, and wants to alert the community about what happened. leslie oxley/car hit by pellet gun"....i pulled over and was holding a towel to her head and i didn't know what was wrong..."gilroy resident julie oxley had just passed through the intersection of santa teresaboulevard and fitzgerald avenue, northbound on santa teresa, when somebody took a shot at her mini van.julie
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oxley" was like a loud pop and i had no idea what it could be and i turned around and saw that the rear window had been been shattered...." the window has since been replaced but julie's 7 year old daughter grace was nicked by what sheriff's deputies say was a slug from a pellet gun. grace is fine but she was that close to a much more serious injury.julie oxley" they're looking for the bullet and she turns her head and we see it stuck in her hair and they pull it out and say yep, that's the bullet..."a man in a pickup who was right behind oxley who stopped to help says his vehicle was also shot at. the sheriff's office can only confirm the two cases, but oxley thinks other incidents may be going unreported.julie oxley"....there was me and the other car that day but i have since found out through facebook that two other drivers have been hit in that area...."santa teresa and fitzgerald is a rural area but sees a lot of traffic heading to and from gilroy on highway 101 and monterey road. there aren't too many places for a sniper to hide unless someone was shooting from another vehicle. julie oxley is now avoiding the area and wants everyone to know what happened.
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julie oxley" really angry and i don't what this to happen to somebody else, we're shaken up but we're fne but if this doesn't stop, you just don't know how far this is going to go...."rob fladeboe/gilroy"....the sheriff's office is asking that anything suspicious be reported and for any one else who may have been shot at in the vicinity of santa teresa and fitzgerald to com forward. meantime they will be stepping up patrols here. in gilroy rob fladeboe kron 4 news
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a couple of big fires in the east bay remain under investigation tonight. yesterday we told you about this fire that ripped through several businesses and the lafayette chamber of commerce. investigators were out at the scene today... but we still have not heard if they are any closer to a cause. among those businesses affected are a popular italian restaurant. the damage to the building alone is estimated at over a million dollars. meanwhile it has been exactly one week since a massive construction fire in oakland. the a-t-f arrived earlier this week to begin its investigation. so far while the fire has been called suspicious... they have stopped short of calling it arson. it comes on the heels of three similar fires in the east bay that devasated housing developments under construction. (pam) let's take a live look outside on this friday night.. this is s-f-o..(steve) our chief meterologist brittney shipp has the weekend forecast..
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a warming trend is expected to begin today as high pressure builds into california from the desert southwest. very warm to hot conditions are expected to return to inland areas over the weekend. some cooling then appears in store for the first part of next week.
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(pam) as if planning a wedding were not stressful enough!brides across the country, including california, are panicking .... after the store they
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ordered their wedding dresses from ... suddenly closed thursday. sonseeahray tonsall reports. from wedding bliss...... to wedding pissed.katie kortuem/alfred angelo bride "something needs to be done because it's not fair!"katie kortuem... echoing the concerns of brides across the country tonight.brides learning that the central part of their big day..their bridal gowns are bound up in a planned bankruptcy that led owners of alfred angelo to abruptly shutter this roseville location and the rest of its stores nationwide. nats:"people...if they get their dresses....don't know if they're getting altered...if they've already been altered even if they already paid for them."katie kortuem/alfred angelo bride"like they literally called me two days ago and and said your slip is in. you can pick it up in august when your dress comes... i thought it was a joke...i can't really believe it."the joke in this scenario...if that's what you want to call it...appears to be one alfred angelo is playing on its employees as well.our cameras caught them
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boxing up inventory..even though they received corporate instructions to go home and not answer the store phones today.they didn't pick up when fox40 rang the line in roseville.the future mrs. bodner did get them to talk a little.katie kortuem/alfred angelo bride"so you feel like people at the top knew this was happening and just strung the customers along./ i'm sure...i'm sure they had to have known. i mean the poor girls in there..i went in to get information and they were like we just wake up tomorrow with no job...they have no idea..they literally called us this morning and said don't open."alfred angelo has reportedly hired a miami-based law firm and is preparing to file for bankruptcy protection. those behind the decisions that played out today may really need protection from brides jilted not at the altar.. but at their stores.katie kortuem/alfred angelo bride "luckily mine is 11 months out. i have time to go dress shopping again...but i cannot imagine being someone who's wedding is in a couple months and not having time to go get something else. i just can't believe it!"
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new details about a fatal plane crash in the north bay. why it took rescue crews so long to get to the injured victims. ((gary sports tease))"coming up a little later in this broadcast we have alicia, ready to go. friday night is always for me the funnest night of the week." "ooh, glad to hear it""...and i'm sure many of you, just got off your second job... i'm glad he's happy on friday's. yeah we'll also show you some wimbeldon highlights. baseball is back in action. and hey... no summer league basketball. a little bit later in this broadcast."
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there is a new wave of techie toys that can teach your kids the fundamentals of coding and robotics without them knowing it.. some parents are using these smart toys to help keep their kids learning and sharp through the summer months. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate shows us. nats - cosmo this is kinora, she is ten years old, she is playing with one of hottest robots on the market cosmo. nats - cosmoit's a fun a techie toy but also an introduction into the world of engineering. the bot comes with an app that let's her control what cosmo does she
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is programing it and through this proccess learning the basics of robotics and coding this smart toy and others like it can help your kids get a jump start on learning to write code. sound from: hanns tappeiner, president & co- founder, anki"and what their learning is essentially looking at a problem and dissecting it into small little problems and it teaches you a completely new way on how to look at the world and how to identify and solve problems"it may look small but cosmo is packed full of cutting edge tech very interactive with facical recognition software built in it can identify it's master and know when someone is looking at it. over 1,000 facial animations deliver up different expressions for cosmo. nats - cosmothe bot was inspired by robots from popular animated movies like walle. some of the people who built it actually worked on those movies .. cosmo is a creation between hollywood and tech.. sound from: hanns tappeiner, president & co- founder, anki we have a team of character developers in the made up of company former pixar lucas film and so forth animators and character people
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who do nothing else but think about how should cosmo behave in every single situation he might encountercosmo is one of several smart toys now out there that can help while having knows maybe inspire them to at apple or google for a closer look at the options on the market log onto kron 4 dot com and look for my tech page. gabe slate kron 4 news. ahead at eight.. we have new details about a plane crash that killed a college professor this week .. what we now know about the pilot. more evacuations ordered as a wildfire continues to burn near the central coast. we'll have the latest on the whittier fire. the 54th annual cable car bell ringing contest was held this week... we'll show you how our stanley roberts faired in the competition.
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(steve) new details are coming out about a plane crash in the north bay...(pam ) that crash killed a college professor .... and injured three others on the plane. the plane went down in schellville yesterday afternoon ... shortly after taking off from the sonoma sky park airport... officials say, it came down in a remote field about one- thousand feet from the runway. authorities say,
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goldman died upon impact .. the two children on board were airlifted to the benioff children's hospital in oakland... and the nanny was taken to 'queen of the valley' in napa. witnesses say, they tried to help the victims as quickly as possible, but the terrain made it difficult to get to them. investigators say, they will be out at the scene for the next few days... hoping to determine the cause of the crash. (steve) the man who died in that crash has been identified as the member of a prominent family of san francisco philantropists. kron4's maureen kelly reports that william goldman was continuing that tradition in his own life.
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38 year old willam sachs goldman's family has deep roots woven into the fabric of san francisco history. his grandmother was a descendent of levi strauss... and along with her husband... established the prestigious goldman environmental prize the world's largest prize for grassroots enviromental activists. the pair was known nationally for supporting many causes, donating hundreds of millions of dollars. william goldman, known as bill to his friends, continued that work locally as the president of the board of directors for the haas senior fund which gives grants to numerous bay area organizations working to build a more equitable community. he was also on the board of the new isreal fund which supports women's rights, lgbtq rights and palestinian
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rights in israel. in a statement the ceo said that goldman was fiercely dedicated to the new israel funds work to promote democracy and equality for all israeli's. his vision, idealism, and sharp sense of humor the sustained us all.but even coming from such a wealthy family he still had a day job as an assistant professor at usf's international studies department. one of his collgues wrote on his facebook page that . he was a brilliant scholar, a popular teacher, a committed human rights activist, and an and funny man who loves spending time with his family.goldman's two children, george and marie were also injured in that crash.maureen kelly kron4 news. (pam) ááoncamáá new evacuation orders have been issued for santa barbara county..... as a brush fire continues to grow.(pam) cal fire officials say, the whittier fire has now burned more than 13-thousand acres. at least eight homes and 12 other buildings have been destroyed. the fire was first reported last saturday. now officials are saying... weather conditions will likely intensify the fire. so far, the fire is 52- percent contained. (steve)let's check the weather with a look outside tonight at the golden gate bridge ...
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(pam) brittney has the weekend forecast.. and some spots will be really hot... a warming trend is expected to begin today as high pressure builds into california from the desert southwest. very warm to hot conditions are expected to return to inland areas over the weekend. some cooling then appears in store for the first part of next week. (( pam )) the annual cable car ringing competition is famous aroundthe world. and this year, organizers decided to spice things up by letting certain judges play along.(( steve )) you'd think this might be a setup for stanley roberts, something like a bell ringer performing badly, but in the end it (( pam )) the annual cable car
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ringing competition is famous aroundthe world. and this year, organizers decided to spice things up by letting certain judges play along.(( steve )) you'd think this might be a setup for stanley roberts, somethinglike a bell ringer performing badly, but in the end it turned intoa story about someone leaving their heart in san francisco. your 2017 world bell ringing champion is mrwait . too soon, we can't announce the winner nope not yet
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welcome to the 54th cable car bell ringing championship an only in san francisco event where amateur and professional cable car bell ringers compete to see who's the best nats: ambiance the amatures represent certain bay area charties and the professionals compete for bragging rights, tropyes and oh yea cash nats: ambiance i was one of the many judges to keep the event fair and impartial . when i judge i try to be as fair as possible as each person or group in the amature competition did their part including joe fitz from the examiner and kmel radio bumping e 40 whilkd ringng the bell nats: ambiance i had to grade them nats: ambiance then came the professionals .. each one had 30 seconds to warm up and they were not allowed to use any music only their skills as a cable car operator nats: ambiance just a heads up, i tried to learn from retired sfpd officer carl payne who is a 10 time bell ring champion nats: ambiance but it was a case of people ringing the bell badly the people being menats: ambiance finally after every one competed it was time to annound the first place winner byron cobb . this was it his
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7th win but it wasn't just for him this is for my mom for all those drum lessions she gave see his mother passed away recently so the win had special meaning .. congradulations byron .. im sure your mother is smiling right nowthe cable car bell ringing contest is one of those only in san francisco treats this is my second time bing a judge and i enjoy every moment of it in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news the healthcare debate continues on capital hill. we'll have more on president trumps final push to repeal and replace obamacare.
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the battle to repeal and replace obamacare is reaching a critical point -- as senate leadership scrambles to get enough votes. it comes as the president returns from an overseas trip. stacey cohan reports on the president's final push to pass the bill. (stacey cohan)it's an all out health care hustle on capitol hill.republicans, led by senate majority leader mitch mcconnell are racing to get the measure passed before the summer break. on thursday... a new version aimed at appeasing critics was unveiled. but two republicans... maine senator susan collins and kentucky senator rand paul....are already planning to vote against it.sen. rand paul/-r- kentucky: our promise to the american people is that we would repeal obamacare, and now it looks like if this vote goes through we're voting to keep obamacare.just one more no vote will send republicans back to the drawing board.sen. dan sullivan/-r- alaska/from fox news: i think what the american people want right now is ...we are doing our due
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diligence. we are reviewing the document, the new bill, and you know, we are working to hard to get to yes that's for sure.president trump arrives back in the u-s just in time to weigh in on the top white house issue.before leaving paris, trump sent out multiple heath care tweets. democratic senator dick durbin says democrats are being shut out of the process.sen. dick durbin/-d- illinois/from msnbc: the notion that mitch mcconnell yesterday finally disclosed the secret negotiations in a bill to affect one-sixth of the american economy and the health care of all is outrageousthe congressional budget office scores the plan as early as monday...and a vote is expected washington, stacey cohan reporting. (pam) in sports -- gary joins us with his lovely wife alicia to read fan emails (steve) plus -- warriors star, steph curry continues to have fun this offseason -- this weekend he is up in lake tahoe for a celebrity golf tournament -- gary has the highlights from round one and
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all the sports coming up
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university of michigan professor betsey stevenson told congress if us employers want to attract more workers -- they need to offer more programs, like paid family leave.stevenson: "research has shown that female labor participation would be 6 % points higher in the us if we had access to childcare and paid family leave that other countries have." stevenson went on to say paid leave would help the entire workforce -- not just women: stevenson: paid family leave policies creates better attachment of women to the labor force and that greater attachment leads to greater wage growth, which increases
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overall participation. but not everyone on the panel agreed. "it basically raises the cost employment. we've already been decrying the lack of job opportunities. any mandated cost on employers, increases the move to technology. the substitution of technology for workers." stevenson told us, she believes paid leave can actually save employers money in the long run. stevenson: they're able to keep workers, they come back and they cut back on the recruitment costs, the heavy turnover cost. the committee chairman ohio congressman pat tiberi --- the said forcing employers to offer paid leave could hurt small business. tiberi: what we don't want to do is mandate on all employers additional regulations. even though he doesn't support a mandate -- tiberi said businesses should explore offering paid leave to be more competitive when recruiting talent.
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round one of the american championship pro-am steph curry -- along with several athletes and celebrities are up in lake tahoe this weekend for the tournament curry had some fun this afternoon -- he was catching passes from former cal quarterback aaron rodgers the two-time mvp tried blocking sharks captain joe pavelski shot -- it was all laughs in day one in the 11th hole -- curry with a beautiful shot next to the hole setting up for a birdie -- he finished with a 79 (curry: 8 bogeys, 1 double bogey) the surprise of round one was pavelski -- in the final hole he sends one into the green -- he had a chance to take the lead from former m-l-b pitcher david lowe -- but his putt is too wide -- he shot a bogey-free round... finished with a 70 -- pavelski is two shots off the lead
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baseball is back tonight the giants resume action in san diego -- they are opening a three-game set against the padres right now -- meanwhile the a's are in oakland taking on the indians right now -- wimbeldon action between roger federer and tomas berdych the 18-time grand slam winner was looking to reach his eleventh wimbeldon final. federer had his work cut against berdych -- he won the first two sets via tiebreaker in the third -- federer wins the match on an unforced error this sunday he will looking to make history as the only player to win eight wimbeldon titles
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yonder alonso gives you a few good interviews and now you love him. calm down! yonder alonso was the only representative for the a's at the all-star game. he's having a good year, it was a great story for him going back to his hometown of miami to play among the best in the game.
8:49 pm
you're never skeptical of steph curry's motives. why does he get a pass? steph curry is a true professional. he's an example to the youth on how to remain grounded regardless of how much success your surrounded by.
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you should thank your wife for stopping your money giveaways. how do you know colin kaepernick doesn't want to play football?
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colin kaepernick cares about making social change in our community and across the world. football has become a secondary role in his life. you sir are a bore. all you do is work and go home. you have fancy cars, a beautiful young wife, and two great jobs. seriously, you are a bore!
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tonight at 10 how much does this truck weigh it's empty ok how much does it weight empty (so why your filming) i'm with channel 4 how much does it weight empty (it's about 3 thousand) three thousand that all? this whole truck is 3 thousand pounds?.well i guess he can stay, since he thinks it's well below the 4 and a half ton limit i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly
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(steve) american ninja warrior ... is next then, we are back at 10:00 with the day's big stories...including people behaving badly gary has sports.. and your four zone weather forecast with brittney shipp. it's the kron 4 news at ten ... right here on the bay area's news station. (group shot )last weather and goodbye
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>> this is japan's famed mount midoriyama, the world's most difficult obstacle course. over the past 15 years, thousands of competitors have taken on this beast. but only three have ever conquered it. no american has ever defeated mount midoriyama. >> mount midoriyama, showing no mercy. >> oh! doesn't get it! >> and the dream is over. >> but this year, that could all change, because for the first time ever, this mother of all obstacle courses has come to america, and more athletes than ever before are ready to take it on. competitors from six different regions across the country will run qualifying courses... [crowd cheers] but only the top 100 competitors who embody athletic talent, mental fortitude, and


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