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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 19, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> because of how skinny i am. >> why are you so skinny? >> because i have a hiatal hernia. i have a stress condition, it is an eating disorder. so if i experience stress i can't digest my food properly. i have this. see that indent right there? you know what that is. this is the high hiatal. >> so how much weight have you dropped in the last year because of this hernia? >> probably 20 pounds. >> the one time teen idol has pretty much grown up before our eyes. but now 29 years old, 5'8" and about 135 pounds, aaron says the body shaming hurts so much, he has turned to cosmetic procedures. >> i get valuma fillers, okay, to fill my face. >> because you've lost so much weight that it sunk in. >> no. it's just how i'm built. >> aaron's arrest for possession of marijuana and dui has left the singer emotional. "e.t." has obtained the 911 call placed moments before aaron was confronted by cops.
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>> that joker's been in the median. he's been all the way over to the guard rail. he's got his door open going down the road. he looks like he is on something. okay. he just pulled into autozone. >> aaron's girlfriend, madison parker, was also arrested. both are out on over $4,000 bail >> we were in autozone and we see three police with their arms crossed saying, come outside. >> he gave me the most ridiculous sobriety tests and was making me stand backwards and making me walk nine steps towards and all these around things. i hadn't been sleeping for four days and he wouldn't even listen. i did not drink. hire a polygraph person, a professional one, i have no idea. strap me up, ask me if i've smoked meth, ask me if i smoked crack. >> have you smoked meth? >> no. >> have you smoked crack?
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>> no. >> have you done heroin? >> no. >> just the marijuana and just the pain pills? >> correct. >> five years from now, where do you see aaron carter? where are you gonna be in your life? >> i want to get married. i want to have children, and i want to be a good father. i want my family to be a family and not when i go to see my brother, to be criticized about my weight and how skinny i look and about how ugly i am. i want to be a good role model. a strong role model. >> first, aaron and madison have to get past their current legal trouble. they are both awaiting a court date later this year. ben affleck working on a new life, and he has a new love. lindsay shoo kus, and now he has taken another big step to getting his personal life back on track. >> affleck reportedly dropped out of the upcoming netflix film "triple fronteir" to, quote, take some time to focus on his wellness and his family. no word on the specifics of that, but back in march, affleck
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revealed in an intimate facebook post that he had completed treatment for alcohol addiction and was taking the necessary steps for a positive recovery. earlier this year the 44-year-old also stepped down as director of "the batman." he will, however, still star in the film. ben's also expected to make an appearance at comic-con in san diego on saturday to promote the new movie, "justice league." >> what are your superpowers again? >> i'm rich. >> but we're betting ben won't be making the trek this weekend in his 1970 cadillac fleetwood. affleck had battery problems on tuesday in brentwood and needed a jump start. since ben and wife jennifer garner filed for divorce earlier this year, the actor has been spotted on several dates with his new girlfriend, lindsay shookus. this was them today in new york grabbing iced coffee. today,'s senior news editor, cande trunzo, spoke to sources that claimed that lindsay's estranged husband was blindsided by news because
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she was dating the actor. . >> they never divorce ed because he always believed they would reconcile. >> we are hold that kevin is dating and moving on. we're going to move onto the clooney twins. do you have a picture of those babies? nobody does. >> if i had a picture of those babies, it would be "entertainment tonight" exclusive. >> if she knows something, everybody knows. >> what are you trying to say? we're kicking off a couple's edition of know and tell with george and amal's parents' night out. it was a late night for the 6 week-old twins, ella and alexander. they were at the hotel near georgia's lake komo homes and arrive leaving at 11:00. mom was seen in a flirty yellow frock and wedges holding hands with her man. an eyewitness tells us george
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was smiling and. amal was seen looking at her phone, and perhaps she was getting twin updates from the babysitter. 4,000 miles away in new york, jennifer aniston and justin thu row had their second date night in a row. holding her husband's hand, she leaves a restauranted hoi. they were about to celebrate their second-year anniversary. >> have a good night. >> and finally, blake and gwen gone fishing. >> whoa. >> yesterday, the couple of almost two years showed us their love is real out on the water with her boys, kingston and zuma. >> come on. >> i want it. >> this is the second time they have all gone fishing this week while visiting blake's oklahoma ranch.
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love that cam moe. looks like gwen has herself a real catch. >> he is a keeper. gwen is the social media queen, and she loves a snapchat, so i love all the photos she shared of them having fun out with her kids. we have been seeing prince william and kate out with their children, but they are in berlin, and it seems like prince george would rather be at home. >> the young future king didn't look too happy as the royals landed in germany. prince george appeared sleepy wiping his eyes and figeted around on the tarmac, which resulted in a little man-to-man from his dad, prince william. it seems young george is a bit of a pouty prince, and not too thrilled with his official royal duties. he did shake hands and eventually cracked a smile, but it's hard having a job when you haven't even started school yet. 2-year-old princess charlotte seemed a lot more comfortable with her responsibilities, accepting a flower bouquet just like mom kate's. meanwhile, news about another potential princess across the
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ocean. new megan markel's yearbook photos. she was crowned homecoming queen in 1998 while in catholic high school in los angeles. she is listed as rachel markel in her class pictures. meghan is her middle name. she starred in school plays. her dad was a hollywood lighting director. >> i was there. >> wow. >> i know. it's a very preverse place for a girl who grew up going to catholic school. >> and if you didn't know, prince harry's real name is prince henry of wales. harry is a nickname charles and diana gave him. >> i mean, henry doesn't fit him. >> harry. >> i like it, meghan. the royal family has a couple of more stops and they will be back at the palace by prince george's 4th birthday. >> that's a 4th birthday party i want to go top.
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and talking about taylor swift again. her surprising words are on the way. and the bikini bodies. the stars share their secrets to staying beach ready at any age. and we're with the other harry from the uk. harry styles on the red carpet as he confesses to a celebrity man crush. >> he gets everybody's heart pumping. so handsome. closed captioning provided by --
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kylie jenner rocks out in a jungle and then gets sand dumped on her head. all in a day's work for the whoooo.
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i loved her. i always have, and we have had our differences, but i just continue to say, god bless her on her journey. >> that was katy perry seemingly in a good place with her feelings towards tailer swift. their feud started four years ago. >> it was a long time of bad blood to boil, but you have to move on from these things in order to be happy. good for you, kay tip. harry styles has also moved on, but showed up single to the new york premiere of his war drama, "dunn kirk." >> what dating advice world you give? >> what's the right place to find somebody? >> drama industry. >> the 23-year-old got fans' hearts racing on the red carpet, but who gets his blood pumping? a bbc host armed with a heart rate monitor just found out. it's this guy. >> it's ryan gosling from "the notebook," looking very handsome. heart rate's rising. >> no, it's not. >> i think he gets everyone's heart jumping. he's so handsome.
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>> that isn't harry's only stunt making headlines. this chelsea handler interview also went off the rails. >> there is a rumor on the internet that you have four nipples. have you heard? >> correct. >> oh, you do. >> yeah. >> four? >> four. usual and then lower. ♪ >> yep. it's a thing. >> today he was making the rounds sitting down with kathie lee gifford praising harry's film debut. >> people are falling in love with this guy. he is the real deal. >> "dunkirk" is also getting lots of early oscar buzz and it's clear the former one directioner bonded with his new band of brothers, his co-stars. ♪ it's a sign of the times >> but styles isn't giving up music for acting. his world tour starts next year. >> this fall. >> i feel lucky to get the things i love to do so much. still ahead, just one day before o.j.'s parole hearing.
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>> he probably did kill them. >> we're with the former simpson juror who voted to acquit. why he has now changed his mind about the murders. then what is going on, woman? you look good. >> hallie at 50. the fabulous beach bodies. >> and jada pinkett smith on her mom rocking a bikini at 63. >> when your mom can put you to shame, just make sure you are passing on the good genes here.
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that is jessica al be getting sun on her growing baby bump. she is vacationing in hawaii, and the baby on the way makes her look even more adorable in a bikini, doesn't it? since we're talking about bikinis, here are some stars that are proof you can have a beach body at any age. >> christie brinkly still stunning at 63, looking tanned and toned in a white asymmetrical one-piece for the pages of the july issue of "social life" magazine. the model/entrepreneur clearly reaping the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle. >> i can contribute to a healthier planet by not eating meat. i'm happy i made that decision. >> and sharon stone proving 59 is the new 39, posting this straight-out-of-the-pool pic, wearing a tiny blue string bikini along with this simple sentiment, "summer attitude." british model and actress elizabeth hurly proving age is just a number. the 52-year-old bending over backwards and defying gravity posting yoga poses in a skimpy coral string bikini. and here, getting some chores done in a plunging purple one-peice.
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posting, "someone has to do it." halle berry, 50 and fabulous. the mom of two jumping for joy ocean-side. the barely-there black two-peice showing just how fit the academy award winner is. >> i always work out. it helps me being diabetic. there's not a time i don't exercise. >> eva longoria, enjoying the mediterranean sea from the beaches of marbella, spain. the 42-year-old in a black and white string bikini, straw fedora and aviators. her flat tummy kissed with a tan. okay there's one more person we have to talk about. this star who looks better than ever in a bikini, jada pinkett smith. that is totally unfair. she is 45r, but looks 25 or eve younger. >> she is amazing, but have you seen her mama? she is in her 60s. i had to ask jada about the photos. >> your mama was rocking a bikini. i was like, wow. >> yeah. she rocks one better than me. when your own mother can put you to shame i'm like, i don't know if i gotta get back in the gym. >> jada's 64-year-old mom and
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her rock hard abs are a tough act to follow, but mrs. smith isn't doing too badly herself. the mom of two is still as beautiful as when we first met her in 1991. >> i have good genes, don't i? >> actually jada credits a diet high in protein and greens for keeping that youthful glow, but we think there's something going on at the smith household. check out her husband, will, in this throwback pic to his "fresh prince" days over 20 years ago. he's in makeup and a fake mustache to look older, but he looks the same now. one thing we do know about these two, they gush about each other all the time. listen to jada talk about will's new gig as the genie i in "aladdin." >> this is perfect for you because you always create magic. >> jada is poised to create some box office magic of her own. her new movie, "girls trip" is getting a lot of buzz, but it's not exactly a family movie. >> willow is too young. >> she said, mom, i want to go. not tonight. not tonight.
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you better go to the movies and sneak in like you supposed to. >> those of you who are old enough, go see this movie. it starts friday. what was the last time a paroled hearing was turn into a major television event? welcome to the world of o.j. simpson. his hearing is said to be carried live by a lot of networks and someone who will be watching is his trial juror, lionel crier. he raised his fist in solidarity with simpson as he left the courtroom at the o.j. trial. well, he has a very different sentiment today. >> the point that i received and noted everything about my life changed. if it doesn't fit, he must have quit. >> lionel crier in fq's "the people versus o.j. simpson." he gave him a raised fist salute after the verdict. that moment really did happen, but a lot has changed since then. >> my personal feeling is the
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simple probability he did commit these crimes. the thing about it to me was he was a very clever criminal. >> crier said he voted to acquit because prosecutors bumbled the case. his feelings changed when o.j. wrote this controversial book, "if i did it". >> the book was the turning point to me that he probably did kill them. because i thought that was a weird thing to do at that time, and i thought, what would your kids think about you doing something like that? >> in 2008, kimpson was convicted of armed robbery in nevada. >> i didn't want anybody else's stuff. just my own. >> i believe in karma, and you get what you sow, and it's really weird. it almost was godlike that things happened the way they did in nevada, and he wound up going to jail and having to spend time for something. >> crier is part of a four-night special on oxygen. the jury speaks, a true crime
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series that looks at high profile cases like michael jackson, and o.j. simpson. this shows how the stress of the trial led to crier suffering a heart attack. he was released after a night in the hospital, and was sent immediately to the judge's chambers. i said, look. i'm sick. i can't take this anymore. johnny cockman jumped up immediately. doesn't he like football? he was going to let us go to footballs as a means to appease me. >> as for the hearing tomorrow, crier suspects he'll win. >> the only thing i would hope for is that he would come out and try to make his life purposeful or worthy as far as understanding that hey, look. if you did kill these people and you got away with it, by all means, you think about how you can change your life and try to make your life better. >> i don't know what o.j. will do if he gets out, but i will tell you this.
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we will be there tomorrow for the hearing. nischelle turner will have every detail from nevada. >> it will be interesting. speaking of a consignment, we head to the big brother house. it's very emotional. >> lots of tears. lots of tear. next on kron-4 news at eight: a shocking crime out of the east bay where a man was gunned down while pushing a stroller with a baby inside. a destructive wildfire explodes in size ---forcing more to flee. smoke from the fire now spreading for miles. i'm steve aveson. i'm grant lodes. the news -- at eight -- is next. at eight -- is next. ♪ ♪
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i had to step away because i would have exploded. >> three consecutive nights of "big brother" on cbs, and it kicks off with some tears. >> lot of tears. one of the women is up for elimination, feels betrayed by her alliance, and she gets consoleddy personal trainer mark who cannot hold it together. watch. >> i don't want to be apart of it. >> she is one of the sweet egs people i have ever met. >> why does he have his shirt off? now at eight ... a man shot and killed while pushing a stroller in the east bay.when
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we looked in the stroller we found a three month old infant. whooshtowering flames ... deserted ghost towns.we are live at the wildfire that has driven thousands of people from their homes in the sierra foothills.whoosho=j simpson, up for parole tomorrow.the bay area football star who went from fame to notoriety ... to a nevada prison cell whooshim not getting off the plane. i have three kids.a jet blue passenger ejected after a fight over her children's was embarassing, it was're watching kron four news in prime time. (steve) now at 8. police in the east bay trying to track down a killer. after a man pushing a stroller is shot to death. a baby inside --- just feet away from the gunfire.(steve) i'm steve aveson.(grant) and i'm grant lodes - in for pam moore. it happened this afternoon on the willow avenue near meekland avenue in hayward this afternoon.


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