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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 25, 2017 12:45am-1:15am PDT

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tonight, michael phelps' shark race controversy. was it all a scam? >> the shark and i were not side by side. >> the computer generated great white that left viewers furious, and rob had his own run-in with the same thing. >> j-lorks and a-rod celebrate their birthdaysing to. her secret to looking so young at 48. >> wow. that's how old i am? >> her step by step beauty routine, and what she swears by that's free. >> brad pitt's surprise serenade, and big stars, big movie news. >> you talking to me? >> we're bringing stars together behind-the-scenes at comic con. >> i don't know this guy. >> ryan gosling. >> take it, ryan.
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now for july 24, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> jennifer lopez turns 48 today and looks like that. thank you so much for joining us, everybody. we're going to get j-lo's beauty secrets in just a minute. >> we have to begin tonight with the story that everybody is talking about. viewers were furious after the much-publicized stunt that had michael phelps racing a shark, turned out to be a great white ripoff. >> michael phelps has all the pieces in place to attempt to outswim one of the ocean's greatest predators. >> we don't want him to be feeling unsafe. >> nearly 57 minutes last night, something fishy happened. >> clearly, we can't put michael in one lane and the shark on the far lane. we have to do a simulation. >> a simulated great white swam next to phelps to reflect the
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real one that beat michael by two seconds. twitter exploded with comments from viewers angry for taking the bait. quote, it was just a simulation? i'm mad. more like shark weak. or how about this? biggest scam of 2017, and #phelps, #jumpedtheshark, career over. >> discovery tells "e.t." today, quote, all the promotion interviews and the program itself made clear that the challenge wasn't a side by side race. here's what phelps told us. >> the shark and i were not side by side. we weren't in the water at the same time. >> michael phelps, he is great. come on. >> rob lowe come into the great white hype with us today. he had his own actual shark encounter this month while paddleboarding with his son. >> bro, i was in way more harm's way. that makes phelps a lot smarter than me. >> probably. >> 23-year-old matthew lowe instagrammed this video off the coast of santa barbara and his
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53-year-old dad was scared. >> when they look at you, and you are standing right above them, that gets your attention. you realize, oh. that's a killing machine. it was my midlife crisis. i don't need to do it again. >> i would agree. >> yeah. but a lot more with rob and his sons coming up, and their mysterious new reality show, but right now, can we just talk about the mystery of jennifer lopez? she turned 48 today, and she looks 28. >> absolutely stunning. doesn't she? every woman in the world wants to know her secret, and she gave us serious birthday goals as she got the celebration started early this weekend. ♪ >> okay. so we just can't stop looking at j-lo and those abs, specifically that line right there. the mom of two put her flawless body on full display in that sheer back dress, and dancing with a-rod showcased her sexy moves. >> hey!
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>> yep. we're jealous. especially after j-lo dropped a bunch of pics on instagram this morning at the birthday party. he turns 42 on thursday, and we love this one captioned, in a crowded room, but it's just the two of you. this mama is all about empowerme empowerment. >> i refuse to be put in a box. because i'm over 40? i can't be sexy? or because i'm a mom? moms can't be secretaxy. people try to put women to sleep at a certain age. it's not fair. >> one of j-lo's strets? working out. >> happy birthday, j-lo. >> she spent her birthday party going to yoga with a-rod, but that happened after secret number two. >> sleep is very important. i get my seven to eight hours of sleep no matter what. >> she lives clean. no smoking, alcohol or caffeine, and she embraces motherhood. >> my twins, they keep you very young, and running around, and i
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still get to dance and life is short. and i have to live. i have to live. i have to do me. >> and she does her very well. there was another star birthday celebration this weekend. se lena goemtz turned 25, and her birthday flew in with her. meanwhile next month, will mark a sad anniversary. it has been 20 years since princess diana died, hard to believe, and to us, she was the people's princess. to william and harry, she was the best mom in the world. >> when everybody said to me, you know, she was fun. give us an example. all i can hear is her laugh in my head. and that sort of crazy laugh of where there was just pure happiness shown on her face. >> in just-released photos in a new documentary, princes william
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and harry are sharing their favorite childhood maleries of their mother. they releed these private photos from the album, and over the weekend, more never-before-seen images. that is diana with william while she was pregnant with harry, and william says one of his favorite message ere memories was a super model surprise. >> she organized for cindy crawford waiting there. i was probably a 12 or 13-year-old boy, and it didn't always pay, and i fumbled, and i think she fell down the stairs all the way up. it was lovely, and i was awestru awestruck. >> they talk about their regrets over their last phone call with diana. she was in paris, and they were enjoying play time in scotland. william said, quote, i think harry and i were in a desperate rush to say good-bye, you know, see you later. if i had known what was going to happen, i wouldn't have been so
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bylaw say. the show tonight on hbo features elton john. he sang at diana's funeral and told harry how she inspired everyone around her. ♪ >> i haven't experienced many people in my life who have that ability, but she could walk into a room of people and make them feel differently. everything was great. >> well, that version of "candle in the wind," and he donated all the proceeds to die yap in a's charity. >> there was a big music festival in l.a. that drew a superstar crowd. brad pitt became part of the performance when he was broadcast on the big screen, and beyonce took a break from the twins to join her sister, and look who else was with missy? katy perry, who couldn't stop dancing. >> that is the first set of emojis ever. 176 in all developed back in
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1999, and now, less than 20 years later, these symbols have their feature film with very big stars who celebrated from coast to coast. >> in new york, sofia vergara looked amazing with her recently kutd hair and little back dress. she voices who else, but the dancing flamenco emoji? >> i got inspired in the dress that the emoji is wearing. you can see the details of red underneath. >> sofia was solo, but reunited with her husband getting ice cream later in the day. she said theput a picture of th enjoying a gunsen roses concert. >> we had the best time. >> having the best time in l.a., it was stars day out with their kids. >> ifr never done a carpet with my kids before. it was fun taking them along for the ride, and she looks like he is having the best time ever at
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this premiere. >> he was dancing with the poo emoji. >> it's hard to bring your kids to a public event. >> they took it very well. i would have been terrified. >> i guess he loves attention just like mommy. >> james corden is a soon-to-be dad of three. >> how are older brother and sister reacting? >> they are over the moon. >> do you know if it's a boy or girl yet? >> we do. i'm not going to tell you that. come on. >> congratulations, james. coming up next, rob lowe sees dead people. his new show searching for par normal activity with his two look-alike sons. >> i can't get them to watch anything i have been in, and i had to create an adventure tv show. then "e.t." has your vip pass to comic con. >> kind of the best. >> ryan gosling and harrison ford, secrets. wonderwoman's embarrassing moment, and cate blanchett on
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vrgets the world war ii epic, dunn kirk topped the box office this weekend with just over $50 billion.
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judging mom says over scheduling my kids
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will deprive them of there childhood. well listen up judging mom blog. between baseball, karate, water polo, sat practice, mandarin classes, salsa lessons and piano. i make sure they still have time to just be kids. four minutes! i feel like we can do surgery here. >> that's christy brinkley in the hamptons with her daughter and son. celebrating mom's cover for "social life" magazine.
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is it weird when they see their mom pose like this? >> i don't know. she is all covered up. >> it's still your mom. >> that's true. she is 6337 how amazing? >> just amazing. >> we talked to rob lowe with his two sons. they love their dad, of course, but are they big fans of his work? >> i can't get them to watch anything i have been in. i have a kid at stanford, a kid at law school, and none of them have seen "the west wing". >> i watched every season. >> first time i hear about it. >> his sons are pretty tight knit, but they are taking family bonding to a new level with their new series, investigating eer eerie, unsolved mysteries. >> i had to create an adventure tv show just to i could spend time with my guys. is this where the kitchen is? >> we get to the kitchen and the boy says pie. >> i mean, i can remember when we were, we went hunting for sas
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watch. >> we're going on a hunt for sas kwach. >> while they were shooting their nine-episode series, rob's wife of 26 years was at home, worrying. >> she could give a crap about my safety. she is way more concerned about these guys' safety. i mean, she didn't care if we had a run-in with a bigfoot or a poltergeist, but she was really afraid of ticks. >> it premieres next month on a avrp e, but they would like to contact the other side. >> if we talked to jfk, he would say, you were horrible when you played me on that show. >> so bad. so bad. >> i haven't done the accent in years. >> i know. i'm happy an it. >> the accent was good enough to get him an award, so if jfk does come back, i'm sure he'll congratulate rob. still ahead, we're taking you behind-the-scenes for all the fun with the biggest stars at comic con.
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gal's skooet sweet moments and ben addresses rumors he saying good-bye to playing batman. why are the tough guys of thor mooning on a play? what lupita told us about doing a movie with rihanna. >> enough said. and ryan gosling reacts to harry styles' man crush. >> he might have a har r heart condition. we're all laughing about it, but he should get checked up. closed captioning provided by --
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pretty easy picking charlize theron out of that crowd, even though everybody went to the special screening of "atomic blonde." you going to wear a blonde wig? >> not a shot, but i'll tell you
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that picture is part of a wild, star-studded weekend at comic con, and we were in the mimd of the, literally. blade runner 40 had the was one of the most talked about movies, and this time around, ryan gosli gosling, yes. he has joined the party. >> i don't know this guy. >> ryan gosling. ryan gosling. >> ryan gosling? >> harrison and ryan team up in the future world of bladerunner 2049. >> we were being hunted. >> it's a sequel 35 years in the making. >> what took so damn long to make this second movie? >> well, we just took a rare turn. we decided to have a good script before we started shooting. how's that? it took a while. it took a while. >> they know you are here. >> how was it working together? what was it like? >> horrible. horrible. >> is he always like that?
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>> he is always like that. yeah. kind of the best. >> also the best, ryan's reaction when i asked him about this harry styles moment. >> have you seen the harry styles thing when he got locked up to a heart monitor, and his heart rate began to race? >> rye izing. >> no, it's not. >> he might have a heart condition. >> any message for him? >> see a doctor quickly, and make sure he is all right. >> harry's going to be okay, ryan. i promise you. blade runner hit theet frs on october 6th, and chris hemsworth is back with mark rough low, and cate blanchett and marvel's first ever female villain. >> are you the toughest person in your household? >> always have been. >> kat tears it up. >> oh, i missed this. >> do you get huge, cool points
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for now being in thor at home? >> yeah, definitely. my boys and my daughter, too, have experienced being onset with me, and she thinks that's what i do all the time. she thinks acting is man any festing weapons out of your hands and killing people. >> so while kayte's opening up a can of you know what, tom hidel ston and chris were spooning on this jet. >> you have 24-hour days and traveling the world, you get it where you can, and sleep that is. sleep. sleep and the cuddles. >> are you the cuddler or the cuddlee? >> what do the guys think of adding kat to the cast? >> like her so much. >> totally brings our game up by being in the same room with her. >> i agree with that, and thor was a big crowd favorite as were the other superhero franchises
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and the crowd was losing their mind with these tloo two in the "justice league." wonder woman and batman. >> outside comic con, ben was mobbed by fans. inside the fan enthusiasm was just as high, especially when ben was joined by "justice league" co-star, galg gadof thep look what what happened this this little girl met her idol. she couldn't hold back the tears. then ben had his moment. all the more reason for the batman versus superman to address the story in the hollywood reporter that he wouldn't be playing the cape crusader much longer. >> i'm so thrilled to do it. i'm not going to direct the movie, but i have been asked about it, but it's going to be [ bleep ] amazing. >> and fans were cheering after an embarrassed gal decided she
1:09 am
had tape on her backside. but the biggest fanboy had to be ben as gal discovered. >> how are you? >> the better move perhaps enhanced by the official announcement that a wonder woman sequel is now ago. >> this is freaking awesome. >> without a doubt, wonder woman was the most popular costume at this year's comic con. one of the most buzz won were thi movies, "black pant e." i talked to lie pita nyong'o, about their unique workouts for the film. >> how ripped did you have to get for this movie, and how hard did you work? >> i worked pretty hard for this one. >> fight training, lifting weights. running. anything you can think of, yeah. >> they are ripped in this movie. they bring their sexy to this movie. >> we all do. we would work out to live
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drumming so that brought in the african flavor. >> it is set in a mystical land, and lupita is his former love interest, and michael b. jordan, his rival. >> how are you handling that thing? >> my family's keeping me grounded. everybody keeps me grounded. >> lupita may be stepping into a new role with rihanna. ♪ reports have them in a netflix heist film. >> that movie with me and rihanna, people want to see something like themselves and something different. something they are not being offered yet, and i'm honored to be apart of that conversation. enough said. bye. >> but that was good. thank you. >> thank you, lupita. another big moment, the announcement that michelle pfeiffer will join the antman cast for antman and the wasp. when we come backs, "game of thrones" star, sophie turner was blushing about her boyfriend, joe jonas. you don't let anything
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tomorrow on "e.t." -- ♪ >> or garth brooks exclusive backstage at his first hollywood concert in 21 years. >> it was phenomenal. >> tomorrow. "game of thrones" fever is in epidemic prorgss. >> sophie turner showed up without her boyfriend, joe jonas, but a little while back, she brought him to the premiere, and i want you to watch what happened when she was asked about him. >> is joe rooting for sansa to end up on the iron throne? >> i don't know. i don't know. we don't talk about it. >> we love love. are you blushing? >> oh, god. yeah. or i'm sweaty. i can't tell.
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>> she wasn't blushing talk to jon snow. >> "the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> number one ben affleck and gal gadot's super hero weekend at comicon as his justice league crew brings girls to tears. >> then ryan gosselin and harrison ford makes the fans swoon at comicon. it was the stranger things two trailer that had social media losing its mind. >> and number three bachelorette rachel lindsay breaks down her final trio. which one is the man of her dreams. >> it was a very hard decision for me. >> plus your "insider" bonus remembering princess


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