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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 25, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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realizing it was time to call it. >> it's a long stretch, right? looking forward to the down time, right? >> relaxation, and riding bikes. ♪ i have been so caught up in my job ♪ >> the singer has been on an emotional roller coaster. on june 4th, bieber fought back tears to pay tribute to the. bombing victims. >> no matter what's happening in the world, god is in the midst and he loves you. >> he was blasted for forgetting the lyrics during this painful performance of his hit song. ♪ >> bieber posted this bizarre video to instagram. ♪ i don't know why >> in may, 2016, he was spotted up in a tree, walking around barefoot and sucking on a pacifier. more drama. in december of 2016, with his
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this at a concert. >> the screaming has got to stop. >> maybe he would have seen this one coming. he seemed to be going through it and whe had his album released. >> it's an emotional time in my life. i have been having a lot of cries late i. >> at the end of the day, what matters is justen is okay. while it's never good to cancel shows, the purpose tour has pulled in nearly $200 million. an engagement means marriage. >> that's not what that means to me though. >> oh, the tears. el wi well, itting loos like peter and rachel don't seem headed for the alt altar. the men tell all special includes demario. he made headlines for his controversial appearance on "bachelor in paradise," and lauren zima got the first interview since the scandal. >> paradise was almost lost
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until it wasn't. >> paradise is back! >> the paradise promo, it addresses the scandal. how do you think it stressed it head-on? >> this was not a dry issue. there are a lot of layers to it, and it was confusing. i was there, and it went through it and it was confusing. we left you guys hanging in 16 years? no. all will be explained. >> demario jackson and corinne to limp yost will address the scandal. it's shown during an episode of "bachelor in paradise." >> i'll sit down with demario and corinne with the two of them. >> demario is vacationing in europe, went face to face with bachelorette rachel in the men tell all spishl. >> i thought he would come in and be contrite, apologetic, and quiet. he was anything but. maybe it's a defense mechanism. i don't know. >> demario's 15 minutes of fame isn't over yet. we found this footage of the now 30-year-old getting rejected by
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britney spears back in 2008. >> what's your name? >> i'm demario jackson. i want to be like you. i want everybody to see me on tv. britney, i love you. real talk. can i have a hug? >> oh, loving it. look at him holding the bottle. >> britney's reaction, well, that face says it all. and by the way, chris harrison told us they won't be announcing who will be the next bachelor until after "paradise" airs next month. the charlize theron tour for her movie, "atomic blonde" made its final stop last night from berlin and comic-con in san diego, and finally l.a. we have been along for the ride every step of the way, and last night, she said, she is just ready for a break. >> i chose this life. >> ready kids following you on this long, strange trip? >> no.
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i was away for a week and they know i was away for work and, you know, they saw us getting ready tonight to come to this. they were, like, don't go. >> it was berlin last week, san diego comic-con this weekend, and los angeles last night. >> i need to take a break. i need to, like, go away. i'm sure everybody is tired of seeing me. this has been, like, a very intense tour. i need to, like, go and chill out and disappear for a second. >> even more exhausting, shooting scenes like this in a stairwell. the stunt guys were here. >> they allowed me to do things that anybody else probably would, you know, go home and cry about, and they would get up and be, like, that was great. do that again. >> and she did. playing a british undercover spy, charlize fought with a rope, even her shoe. but she wanted more. one time you said, i'm going to do a leg slide, and you add it in. that's how you tweaked your knee. >> yeah. yeah. i don't know -- who does knee
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slides? like some boy band. i was, like, knee sliding down the hallway, and i just tweaked my knee. don't go into a hallway by yourself and do a snee slide. >> charlize's fight scenes are speck tech lar. some suggested she could be the next bond. she is focused on "atomic blonde." meanwhile, we just got a premiere date for the next 007 movie, that hits theaters on november 8, 2019. here's the big deal. daniel craig hasn't confirmed he is returning, but you know who is here? cameron is here. >> nice. i would love to see daniel craig come back, but if not, who? >> idris el baa, and we love so many. here's one thing that is confirmed. leonardo dicaprio, and kate winslet are reuniting nearly 20 years after "titanic." >> she is my favorite actress in the industry. >> i have fond memories of the two of us.
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>> hard to believe those "titanic" memories are 20 years old, but these two are still the best of friends, and for one night only you can be their friend too, or at least dinner date if your checkbook can handle it. they will hit the walk at the gala. the highest bidder gets an intimate evening with the oscar winners and the donations will benefit their charities. last year's event raised a whopping $45 million. doing great work for sure. kate blanchett, toby maguire will be there too. >> awesome celebration. let's talking about another celebration. selena extends her birthday weekend. selena who turned 25 on saturday kept the celebration going with boyfriend, the weeknd last night in l.a., and after swinging by a friend's birthday bash, they hit
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up a hotel together. she is not letting go of her weeknd. ♪ >> from selena's date night to macaulay call kiulkin no home a. >> the two were co-starring in a movie together, and they stepped outside to share a cigarette before leaving together. >> and it's all good in the hart-land. after the cheating rumors, the couple has been sharing sweet moments like this while relaxing in mexico. eniko pregnant, and showing a bump in a bikini. they have been with rapper lewd chris and his wife. steph curry's big surprise for a disabled veteran. the moment that left his family in tears. then the million dollar match maker hooks up hollywood's hottest single celebs who would she pair with katy perry?
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brad pitt? angelina jolie? >> comedies don't
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♪ bruno mars, katy berry and the weeknd top the list of
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that is singer ci a, are taking her daughter down a a boggen slide. russell wilson holdsing son future on the wild ride as well. now a seattle seahawks quarterback enjoying family time, and steph curry is currently in china mixing family time with business, but before he left, steph gave one fan the surprise of a lifetime, and our nischelle turner was there to see it all. >> this is going to be -- i mean. i love a reveal. >> i can't wait. this is my first time doing something like this, and it's going to be something i'll remember. >> we were there as the start shooting nba superstar helped
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whoopi goldberg pull off the surprise of a lifetime for disabled veteran, tim burkett. >> are you ready? >> "the view" teamed up with homes for our troops to build the vet, his mom and 12-year-old daughter a handicapped accessible home, unveiling it in a huge ceremony. >> somebody in there? oh, i'm sorry. >> oh, my god! you are not him. you are not him! >> that's tim's mom who clearly couldn't contain her excitement to meet steph in the flesh. >> steph curry was in your man cave. >> i was about to faint. unbelievable. unbelievable. like, i was star struck. to say the least. i told them i wanted him to win the championship for the warriors. aisle a warriors fan.
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>> did you bring your ring to show him? >> i didn't bring the ring this time, but i'll have to hopefully bring it, and when i get the second one, he'll see. >> i want he won't get his championship ring until the season begins, and the entire surprise will air tomorrow on "the view." >> i love that. look forward to it. still ahead, we are backstage as garth brooks has a huge surprise for one concert-going couple. you don't want to miss this. >> i'm, like, did that just happen? >> then brad pitt, katy perry, who should hollywood's most eligible stars date? >> where to meet a nice guy. >> the million dollar match maker knows and she hooks them up tonight. and is this the new abby lee miller? >> people think we're boast crazy. >> we're with the man behind the new tv dance show. closed captioning provided by -- >> we're with the man behie new tv dance show. closed captioning provided by -- crazy. >> we're with the man behind the new tv dance show. closed captioning provided by --
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>> that is dad to three daughters, yep. garth brooks revealing a pregnant fan's baby is having a girl, and garth agreed to fund a little girl's college tuition as he played his 5 hundredth concert in 21 years, and the 55-year-old proved he is not slowing down. ♪ where do you get the stamina from? >> it just has to be. cause even on the days that you play two shows, 3:00 a.m. in the morning, you're still going out there. ♪ >> that's 400 shows in three years and counting, including this november. a directv special at yankee stadium. joining garth, his wife of 11 years, trisha yearwood. >> the best thing is that it kind of forces me to, you know, shower regularly and put on
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makeup. ♪ >> and every night is couple's night on tour. in fact, ten days ago in oklahoma city, garth witnessed a proposal. >> and she says yes. where do you want to go on your honeymoon? >> you don't have a honeymoon place? she says, no. if you pick hawaii, ms. yearwood and i will pay for it. >> i heard it, and i was, like, did that just happen? ♪ i'm ig this, i'm getting a hawaii vacation out of this at some point. >> that might have to wait because when she is not singing, she is cooking on aeroher tv sh. >> how do you keep up? >> a lot of caffeine. >> good answer. caffeine could help, and she hosts facebook live shows every week. >> if i could do this in my
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pajamas, i would do it coffee talk was born that way, and that's what i'm doing. >> this would be great. my boss said no p.j.s, but trisha when she isn't playing concerts, or doing facebook live, she is writing a new cookbook. she is writing a follow-up to "trisha's table." >> what do you do if you are single, rich and famous? we turned to the million dollar match maker, patty. stay in toxicville, and you will end up with toxic people. >> what makes a relationship that can't happen here in hollywood. >> we need to get to the simple things in life, and the pleasure of life. that's the glue. they date each other, and too many ego maniacs dating each other. >> don't tell me how to match. >> that's coming from the love guru herself. known for her no-nonsense
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approach to match making. sometimes they have to get out of hollywood and date a regular joe, a civilian. >> speed round. match them up. brad pitt? >> well, he is, like, you know, i want him. let's talk. he needs a european or english girl would be good. >> angelina jolie. >> someone that is in philanthro philanthropy. like bill gates that's hot. >> what about katy perry? >> maybe a business guy. a cute, hot guy like an entrepreneur. >> she is full of dating advice even or christie brinkley who has this question. >> where do you meet a nice guy? >> go out of your age group. go date a guy 50. >> excuse me, missy. what are you doing? >> the new season of million dollar match maker takes off next week, and that's daniel looking for love again on the
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premiere episode. patty's biggest dating tip, even if you are using apps, take one extra step before meeting up. >> the technology has changed and we think we're getting smarter, you be we're getting dumber. you have to get on the phone. hear their voice, and you don't want get on a date without hearing their voice. >> because? >> oh, god. the voice tells everything. >> what patti was saying is she is single and actively looking for love on a dating app. we move from one big personality to another. meet todd sharp. he has his own reality show that promises to be your secret summer guilty pleasure. now todd is part comedian, part dictator. >> just like "dance moms" coach abby lee miller, he is all attitude. >> at this point, i'm super stressed about how unprepared we are for nationals. so i'm working on a routine for this week. which is so attractive with my man boobs flopping in the wind. >> he can be outrageous, but
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todd sharp with the winningest coach in dansk history with 15 national titles as coach of the lady birds. lauren zima learned about the drama that turned the louisville students into champions. >> it is hell week and the devil is here. mentally, physically, i'm very hard on them. very demanding, and when it culminates, it becomes worth it for them. >> bigger! get low. >> how much drama are we going to see? >> is there drama? >> i think drama is your reality. >> we don't look for it. it finds us. >> she should have been in center. >> todd's series, "so sharp" premooerss tomorrow on lifetime, his outrageous style reminds us of another famous dance coach. >> i said -- >> get your finger out of my face. >> people are
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comparison. are you the new abby lee miller? >> do you look like it? i think we're nothing alike. neither of us are swim suit models, but beyond that, i don't see a lot of similarities. >> i feel like you were born for fame. >> ready or not, here we go. >> speaking of abby lee miller, we have our final moments before she was locked up. this is audio from inside the prison, and you can hear she is emotional. >> the lady's room? is it far? okay. >> that is all part of the special "abby tells all" on lifetime. we have amy schumer and goldie hawn's outtakes from the set of "snatched." kron-4 news at
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eight: a father abandons his two week old baby in a parking lot. how the newborn is doing..and what we are learning about the parents tonight. disturbing details about an oakland man accused of trying to support isis. the bay area spots he said he would target.
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i'm steve aveson. i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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travel consideration provided by -- you know that amy schumer and goldie hawn had a blast himming "snatched." how could they not? >> they had a great time in hawaii, but with amy as executive producer, she had to be a pro on the set. or did she? >> we have the exclusive outtakes that prove otherwise. good night, everybody. ♪ you're a goddess ♪ ready to rock ready to roll now at eight ... you don't know the back story, i wish people werent so quick to judge
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a newborn baby boy .... abandoned in a strip mall parking lot.what we are learning about the parents tonight,whooshi'm gonna place a bomb in a gay club ... the whole bay area is going to be up in flamesprosecutors read the chilling message from an accused isis sympathisizer in oakland.whooshbang and the glass shattersthe target of a freeway gunman tells kron four about his terrifying experience whooshand a new study finds dramatic evidence of brain damage in football playersw. you're watching kron four news in prime time. (steve) now at 8. left behind at two weeks old. a father accused of abandoning his own baby --- in middle of a strip mall parking lot.(steve) thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson. (pam) and i'm pam moore. the newborn is still in the hospital tonight... grant lodes is here with what we are learning about the infant's condition and the baby's parents. (grant)


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