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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 27, 2017 1:45am-2:01am PDT

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now at 11... a popular thrill ride breaks apart at the ohio state fair... killing one man and injuring seven others... thanks for joining us i'm steve aveson...(pam) and i'm pam moore... tonight we are learning.... that ride which broke apart... had passed its inspections... and there is a similar amusement ride in the bay area. grant lodes joins us now with details on the ride called "fireball" .... grant... (grant) fair officials say all of the rides are checked several times when they are being set up... and that the the fire ball ride was inspected at a couple of different recently as earlier today. police say three of the injured people remain hospitalized in critical condition and the man who died... was thrown from
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the ride when part of it broke off. some people affected are teenagers... republican governor john kasich (kay'-sihk) has ordered all of the rides be shut down until additional safety inspections can be completed. (grant) fair officials say they started out the day with just eleven rides that weren't open because the inspection work wasn't done on them. (grant)there is a similar ride called the fireball at the santa cruz boardwalk. we called tonight and officials in santa cruz told kron 4 that
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ride was shut down tonight. in southern california... the g-force ride is featured at the orange county fair in costa mesa. we have learned that ride was also shut down tonight as a precaution. we're told the "g-force" was already inspected prior to the fair opening, but crews will once again inspect the ride after tonight's tragedy. (steve) a mother... angry -- after her teenage son was attacked on a muni bus... and the assault was caught on video.(pam) it happened back in may... but the mother says, the attackers have still not been caught. (steve) kron4's hermela aregawi is in san francisco with details on what the mother is calling for tonight in story you'll only see here on kron4 news... a brutal attack.cellphone video shows several people punching and kicking the victim.he's the one seen wearing white.some watch.. and others can be heard cheering
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the attack on.tamara jones/victim's mother:seeing it and watching it and watching it over and over and watching that happen to my son. its hurtful. it's really hurtfulthe victim in the video is tamra jones's sixteen year old son.he was on muni bus 44 in the bayview headed to work when the attack happened.that was may fiteenth.jones says she's been showing up at muni and sfpd offices since seeking justice for her son but her pleas.. have fallen on deaf ears. tamara jones/victim's mother:it's like so what it happens every day. but it shouldn't its like somebody should be held accountable for what went on and what happened. i'm concerned about it happening again. i'm concerned about my son feeling
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that he needs to carry a weapon or he needs to retaliate or anything else. i just want him to be able to go to school, finish his last year in high school and move on to college. jones says her son's face back and chest were bruised.and that the suspects also took off with his gold chain, backpack and macbook. (hermela aregawi)jones says her son doesn't want to be on camera or work too closely with police because he's afraid of retaliation.we reached out to muni. a spokesman told us they wouldn't be able to whether or not they sent police until morning.we'll continue story and find reporting in san francisco. hermela aregawi kron 4 news. (pam) a father accused of abandoning his 16-day old baby boy .... broke down as he faced a judge today. 18- year old daniel mitchell pleaded 'not guilty' to child endangerment, child abandonment and possession of cocaine. police say, on monday, he left his newborn in a strip mall parking lot in suisun city. the child was life- flighted to the hospital where police say, he is in stable condition. a thorough medical exam is now underway, as well as a review of the child's medical history... authorities are trying to determine whether there is a previous medical condition... or if there are previous signs
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of child abuse... a restraining order was issued preventing mitchell from getting anywhere near his baby. mitchell's bail is set at a half- million dollars. (steve) a san francisco police officer... on the other side of the law tonight... arrested and booked into jail on charges of child pornography. officer joshua enea was arrested this morning in san francisco... a source tells kron four news, he was arrested as he showed up for work today. an investigation into enea was launched back in february and an intensive investigation was then launched. kron4 sources say multiple disturbing images were found on his computer at his antioch home. enea is a ten year veteran of the force. he has been placed on leave without pay. enea is expected in court for his arraignment either tomorrow on by the end of the week. (pam) today the president made a big announcement affecting the l-g-b-t-q community.(steve) the president has made the deicision to ban all transgender people from serving the military.(pam)
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tonight we are learning .. the president's decision took all four military branches off guard. reporter andy rose has the latest. on wednesday, president donald trump announced in a series of tweets, plans to ban transgender individuals from serving in the u.s. military. just a year ago, then president barack obama lifted the ban on transgender people serving openly in the military. a policy that was still being implemented when trump announced a reversal.the white house insists that president trump is dedicated to the rights of "all americans," and his decision was based on military strategy, and cost. sarah huckabee sanders/white house press secretary: "he has also voiced this is a very disruptive and expensive policy... it erodes military readiness and unit cohesion and made the decision based on that."a study by the rand corporation said transgender services for military personnel could be between
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$2.4 and $8.4 million annually.that's a fraction of the defense department's health care spending.but many spoke out against the re-instated ban, including some lawmakers who were once in uniform. rep. ted lieu/ - d- california: "we don't care about gender orientation or identity or who you love, we just care if you can shoot straight and complete the mission,"much is still unclear about what trump's new ban will mean, especially for the estimated one-to-six thousand transgender people already serving in the armed forces. navy lt. cmdr. blake dremann/ transgender active duty: "i am absolutely worried about being separated. i have already talked to my superiors and they are just as shocked as i am and they wanted me to know that they completely support me."i'm andy rose, reporting. (steve) hundreds of demonstrators packed san francisco's castro district tonight... protesting against president trump's morning announcement that he would no longer allow transgender people to serve in the u-s military. a group called the resistance sent out the facebook announcement... the protest started around six this evening and they expect over a thousand people to attend... (pam) coming up hot
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temperatures are about to hit the bay area as we get closer to the weekend... (steve) chief meteorologist brittney shipp is back with your complete forecast next...
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a gradual warming trend will get underway this afternoon and continue into friday. by thursday and into the weekend, afternoon temperatures will warm to
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above seasonal averages for inland areas while coastal locations remain cool. above average temperatures are then likely to persist into early next week.
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>> you're watching "the wellness hour," the leader in medical news and information. i'm randy alvarez. today's topic, replacing missing teeth with dental implants. according to my first guest, no more dentures. and with us we have an expert on the topic. he is a prosthodontist -- dr. mark adams. dr. adams, welcome to the program. >> thanks for having me, randy. >> now, before we get into today's topic -- and i know you brought a lot of photos, and we'll get to as many as we can -- tell us a little bit about clearchoice. i guess you're kind of unique. you focus on just about one thing. so, who is the typical patient? >> we focus solely on dental implants, and our average patient is looking for help.


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