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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 1, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> our royal expert says it reveals insight into her life at the time. >> she talks about the fact she had a section at home. she talks about the breakdown of her marriage. she talks about her relationship to the rest of the royal family, and in those moments, you can see the personal hurt and the battles that she was facing. >> the video was discovered after diana's death during a police raid in the home of her former butler, and the tapes were returned to the voice coach, and they don't want the tapes to air. >> it's almost like reading her diary. that's wrong. that shouldn't be. >> there's a tremendous amount of backlash building over this documentary, and primarily, the reason is william and larry released a documentary as a tribute of their mother indicating the way they want their mother on remembered. >> they explore prince charles' affair, she shared with her
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dance teacher and allen. >> i was worried about what she was telling me, and i was shocked. i know she didn't ask camila to leave her husband alone. >> according to diana's page when she confronted charles about camila, she said, quote, i refuse to be the only prince of wales who never had a mistress. last night on tv, things got wild on "the bachelorette" in the men tell all. after demario's skanld skand olds on that show, but does he have a to rehash his image? >> you're on dts dts. that has been -- >> i can't speak on, that but it would be great to get on there and, you know, make america smile again. >> safe to say he is interested. a source close to demario tells "e.t." he is already in talks and there is a, quote, farley good likelihood it will happen.
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>> you got some skills? >> i have a little bit of skill, yeah. >> if he hits the floor, demario will mirror the playbook like ryan lochte. >> i would close that door and open new door. >> there was a naked pool encounter with corinne olympios that temporarily shut down production. >> what do you think of demario of dts dts? he is going on dts dts? >> last night, hollywood, corinne seemed to be supportive. >> do you think he should be on the show? >> i didn't even know. good for him. >> who are you okay never seeing again? >> i think that's pretty obvious. demario. >> no love lost between rachel and demario after last night's men tell all session. she kicked him off after discovering he had a girlfriend at home, and he denies they were
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an item. >> i have that on tape. i do have that on tape. i. >> i thought he would be contrite, apologetic, and maybe quiet, and he was anything but. that's demario. >> it's safe to say if he does move onto dts dts, he will not have chris' vote. >> we won't have the cast confirmed until later this month. also up in the air, are maks and pita coming back? the new mom told me her first priority. >> we don't know what our schedules will be like. stay tuned. >> i talked to peta at the premiere of halle berry's new movie, "kidnap." she got a special gift from her young co-star. can you show me that? >> oh, my god. hollywood best mother. >> come on. >> this is everything right now. move over, oscar.
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here comes my real award. >> hollywood's best mom may also be the toughest. i wouldn't mess with her. halle's recent instagram post looks like she has been training for a prize fight, but she claims there's no special formula to getting her amazing at any age body. >> there's nothing special. i'm such a bore. there's nothing special about it. a diet maybe. a glass of red wine every day. i don't know. that's what i do. >> you took the wrong kid. >> halle's co-star, sage correa, is too young for wine, but he was ready to party like a rock star on his first red carpet ever. >> i can do the wave, you know. i don't know. it's hard because i'm in, like, a suit. i'm all about the waves, you know. and the pop locking. >> listen. i get why halle loves him. all right. let's move onto new york where busy mom, jessica biel stunned in the premiere of her tv show, "the sinner." bill pullman is the detective on
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the case, but last night jessica was the one snooping around, in the interview with etonline's sophie schlacci. >> hello. >> hello. >> i'm gonna be doing the investigative reporting tonight, sir. >> jessica had fun crashing our interview, but as executive producer and star of her new usa network series, we found out you don't mess with the biels the boss. >> well, you are kind of the boss on this show, lead actress, executive producer. tell me what's the difference between actress and boss executive producer, jessica? >> one's a real softy. one a real hard ass. >> is that true? >> not really, but it sounds good. >> i think there's something wrong with me. >> her new psychological thriller, "the sinner," premieres tomorrow. she's a young mom who commits a brutal murder -- definitely a dark turn -- but hubby justin timberlake couldn't be prouder, tweeting his support, but is he scared of her now? >> i don't think he was scared, but i think, yeah. i think it was definitely weird for him to see me, like -- like that. and i hope that means that we're doing a good job, and we're making it look realistic. that's thumbs up if he is
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scared. >> what about coming home to your husband and baby and shutting that mindset off? >> you don't have a choice. it's called get in the car, i don't bring it home. i mean, yes i'm exhausted and sometimes i need, like, a glass of wine and just hang out, but you got to let it go. you have a 2-year-old who wants to play with you, and that's what's most important. family on the minds of matthew mcconaughey, and idris el baa. matthew with his beautiful rife, camila. they are at odds in the new movie, and on the red carpet too as jennifer peros found out. >> who took longer to get ready? you are mr. elba? >> bound to have been him. it took me about 3 1/2 minutes, but i bet it took him at least five. >> it's matthew and his purple
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two-compete suit verses idris' black blazer with gold trim and a crest on the breast >> they got along fine shooting >> it took me eight minutes. >> you can't tell. >> i even put on deodorant. >> they got along find shooting "the dark tower." idris playing the "good" gunslinger, matthew playing the "evil" sorcerer. >> i love thad. when we got together, it was, like, boom. >> must have been fun to play the bad guy for once. >> you can throw conscience to the wayside. >> for matt and camila's three kids, he's not such a bad guy, especially for the eldest, levi, who just turned 9. >> do you think you're cool? are you a cool dad? >> yeah, i'm a cool dad. good dad. i mean, that doesn't mean my son and i always agree. he thanks for correcting me here and there. can you guess what supermodel lives in this 14-bedroom castle and why she says it's haunted.
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next we're with brooklyn beckham, and why he is following a different career path than his parents. >> why not music or sports and soccer? remember when mariah carey called "american idol" the worst experience of her life? what does she think about touring partner, lionel
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bald is beautiful as our kevin frazier says. recently more hollywood ladies are proving it. cara dela veen showed that, and then with singer sia. >> kathy griffin is bearing hers, and this shot hit twitter yesterday, and she shaved it last week to show solidarity with her sister who has cancer. >> she looks good either way. speaking of looking good, supermodel claudia shifr turned
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her good looks into quite the career. at 46 years old, she holds the g guinness world record for the most magazine covers, but claudia's been laying low recently. we found out where, a castle fit for a royal. >> my perfect day is on the weekend because everyone is here playing games with the kids with my husband going for walks with the dogs. >> and what a heavenly spread to do it, on 530 acres. up a half-mile-long driveway sits a 14-bedroom mansion about two hours north of london. amazingly, claudia and her now husband, director matthew vaughn, purchased the estate on a whim, quote, we basically knocked on the door and said, we love this place. as claudia tells "architectural digest," it's now the full-time residence to the couple and their three kids. quote, i wanted it to be rustic, so you felt like you could have muddy dogs running around and kids with jam on their hands. there's actually a whole barbie room which includes dolls from claudia's childhood. >> my favorite room in the house is the study because it's a
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multi-purpose room, it's very cozy. >> it's also where the couple takes creative meetings. claudia executive produces matthew's films, which includes the upcoming "kingsman: the golden circle" with channing tatum. but at their mansion, english history comes alive, built in 1574 in the shape of an "h" to honor king henry viii. but is the place haunted? claudia thinks so. quote, we hear creaking noises and strange things happen sometimes. no one needs to be scared. we welcome all the ghosts. >> now get this. they call claudia's place coldham hall. that's because when queen elizabeth first stayed there back in the 1500s, she was served cold ham. >> wow. must have been a big deal. stale head, sofia vergara strips down and shares her secret of looking like this. >> it can be fun. my twins rock and roll. love being on the stage. >> mere bake stage as mariah
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carey's daughter since alongside her mother. plus david and victoria's oldest son, brooklyn beckham, how he is not following in his famous parents' footstep. >> my mom cried. so she's really proud. closed captioning provid by --
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you know what i always say is, va videotape. >> what i love about her is she has a great beauty. >> and she is comfortable with her curves when she was approached to do this naked cover, she said, of course. >> to be naked, i think it's powerful, sensual and it can be fun. >> wearing her confidence, a smile and nothing else, sophia vergara is owning the cover of "women's health" naked issue. >> i'm latin so we grow up going to the beach in a g-string. i am 44. no matter how much you take care
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of yourself it's a reality we all age and you have to embrace it. >> embracing every inch of her enviable curves which were framed by very strategic hair placements. inside the pages, sofia reveals her secrets to being fit and fearless after turning 45. diet-wise, she keeps it clean until she starts cheating on thursdays. she also exercises three to four days a week with a trainer, but like so many, struggles to get it done. saying, "i'm in a bad mood two hours before. i'm in a bad mood while i'm doing it. i'm in a bad mood at the end because i have to schedule the next class." husband of nearly two years, joe manganiello, helps her stay accountable. he built them a home gym so there's no excuses. >> i'm a morning person so if i i don't do it in the morning, working out for me, i find any excuse not to do it. >> and it's her unstoppable work ethic which has helped re-define what a hollywood leading lady
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can look like. >> it's, like, real women. it was more strict to how women were supposed to look. things have changed. how things are changing for mariah carey. only our carly steel was backsta backstage, and guess who else was there? her boyfriend/dancer/creative director, bryan tanaka rp. >> you look amazing. incredible. >> you had the throne you arrived in. >> it's a chair. it's not really a throne. >> queen diva has three costume changes, 12 songs and one perfect match. watching backstage, i got to tell you. mariah and bryan are the real deal. they weren't aware our cameras were rolling and check it out. he kisses her hand, her cheek and then one on the lips. this guy.
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what lo you love the most about touring? >> it's magical. we're doing it together. >> what's your name? >> roe. >> the twins roc and roe, joined her on stage, and for the first. time, roe sang. ♪ always be my baby >> miss monroe is able to sing that, maybe she will have a career. and roc, sup, people? i'm that boy. >> he takes after his own self. he is his own personality. >> uh-oh. >> they went and ran and sat on the throne, because -- i don't know. >> mariah and lionel richie's tour ends september 5th. lionel's rumors to be a new judge on "american idol" 2018, that's something mimi knows all about. do you have any advice? >> i would say don't do it. i'm only kidding.
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if he wants to do it, that would be great. i think he would be really good at it. they tried to foil me when i went on. that's the only reason i say that. >> mariah also added she thinks katy perry will do a heck of a job on the judges' table. you sat down with victoria beckham's oldest son, brooklyn. they bred well. >> they did. and all their kids are gifted. their son, cruz, became an aspiring pop star at age 12, and this is one talented family because son romeo is a model, and the oldest boy, brooklyn, he's a photographer. today, i got a look at the 18-year-old's portfolio laid out in a new book. >> how proud are your mom and dad when they saw this finished product? >> my mom cried. >> like the last day i was getting she was everyting finished, like, the proud. >> photographry is brooklyn's passion, but he got candid with
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me. >> why not music or sports or soccer? football? >> i did football for 15 years since i was 2, and i had a lot of pressure on me every time i made a mistake. i still really enjoy it, still watch it with my dad, but wanted to go my own directions. >> is photographry it for you, or this just kind of a hoby while you're exploring other professions? >> photography s what i want to do. >> he plans to study photography in new york soon, but we caught up with him at the annenberg in l.a. where he shows off his tattoos, that matches dad, and his new book, "what i see." it includes his world and his family. >> it was taken in napa valley. we were all at breakfast. >>er your mom and dad in photography? do they like taking pictures? >> my dad does. my mom likes getting her photo tak taken, but it's not the same. she was trying to pose, and i'm, like, mom. >> what is it? my wife does the same thing. >> i do too.
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i can't tell up. >> here's the thing. brooklyn may only be 18, but he has already had a couple of gigs as a photographer, including the fragrance campaign. >> impressive young man. >> only the beginning. look at this shot. can you guess which star mom is covered in green goop? ♪ next on kron-4 news at
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eight: police are searching for a man who they say shot another man in the face ... with a flare gun. coming up we'll explain how that victim is doing, and have more on the man police are looking for. a teen has been detained after he forced open a plane's emergency door and jumped onto the tarmac. what happened right after he jumped. i'm grant lodes. i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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check out the star slathered in green goo. that is blake lively captioned this instagram. day at the office. >> not sure if that's for her next role. she is playing an assassin in "the rhythm section." i don't know if that slime goes with that. >> she looks good in whatever color. ryan reynolds is shooting deadpool 2, and we talked to ryan about going off on twitter about their kids. >> parenting advice no one should take. >> is reynolds in hot water with his wife? >> what is all of this? >> i'll call you with the exclusives. >> what you don't know about his hilarious tweets. now at eight ... an
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exclusive look at the police sketch of a bicyclist who fired a flare gun right into the face of a driver in the east bay... a story you will see only on four.whoosha teenager jumps out of the emergency exit door of this plane taxiing at san francisco's international airport - and lands in a heap of trouble. whooshin san francisco's tenderloin ... a woman collapses on the sidewalk ... blinded by an assailant who doused her with bleach.whooshandwe are live in the east bay, where neighbors are showing their solidarity against crime on the national night're watching kron four news in prime time. (grant) now at eight... a story you will only see on kron 4. a man.. shot in the face with a flare gun in the east bay.i'm grant lodes.. in for steve.(pam) and i'm pam moore.. tonight, police have released a sketch of the man they are looking for kron 4's justine waldman talked to them ...((dbl bx)) she's live in concord tonight.


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