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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 2, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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i'm grant lodes... in for steve aveson.(pam) and i'm pam moore... after the latest wave of robberies .. the bay area man launched a website which he says will keep riders informed.. when a crime happens. kron4's hermela aregawai explains why the man felt compelled to take action. bart has said that it decides which crimes it reports to the public on a case by case basis. something that the new chief has been critized for.the software enginerr i talked to says.. he rides the bart.. and he doesn't think it's a good to shelter people from the ifnromation. nearly every reported crime on bart is now logged on a new website created by ben friedland.he says he sees mostly thefts - cell phones, autos and bikes. ben friedland/creator of
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bartcrimes.comcertain station are hot spots for certain types of crimes. i've seen some stations that bike theft is rampant at and other stations where it never happens at all. so as a ride i might chose to bike to one station as opposed to another knowing that kind of thing friedland has a subscription to a daily police log of crimes that happen on bart. ben friedland/creator of bartcrimes.comi didn't think it was good to kind of shelter people from informationso when they send out daily emails, i subscribe to that list and i publish (pam) another big story
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tonight...a high speed chase ends.... when officers open fire, killing an armed robbery suspect. it happened it richmond just before five:30.. the chase acutally started in vallejo. police say, vallejo officers followed the suspect, who exited interstate- 80 at richmond parkway.(sot) the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. his identity has not been released. the richmond police department and the contra costa district attorney's office are both investigating (grant) triple digit
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temperatures and hot conditions... fuels a grass fire in the east bay hills... kron 4's j-r stone is at the scene in oakland tonight.. he brings us the latest information on containment efforts. an inmate firefight was hurt after falling from part of a cliff. he has been taken to the hospital. right now 20 acres have burned and containment is at 20 percent but we are looking much better now than we were in comparison to just a couple of hours ago. as i pan off into the libi do want to go to some of the video that was shot earlier today. this is what it looked like just after the fire started. you can see the helicopters dropping water from above. this fire started just after e this afternoon near tilden park and above uc berkeley. you can actually see memorial stadium from where these flames burned. no homes or structures burned during this fire. at one point this was what crews call a five alarm fire. at least 12 departments responded. it's always concerning when you have
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somethiing like this in the hills. half of this fire burned in oakland. the other in berkeley. the fire chief talked about the concerns and challenges earlier today. (pam) (pam) (pam) new details tonight - about that near collision at s-f-o last month.. that's when an air canada plane... almost landed on a crowded taxiway.... instead of the runway where it was supposed to touchdown. new images show just how close
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that jet - came to crashing into other planes. pilots in one of the planes on the ground .... alerted air traffic controllers... saying, the air canada plane appeared to be headed right towards them. the tower told the incoming jet to go around... and at the last second... the air canada pilot pulled up and flew over the other planes... just in time. (pam) also tonight at 11. the teen who jumped out of an airpane and onto the tarmac at s-f-o yesterday ... will ánotá face any criminal charges. this is video of the copa airlines plane ... you can see the emergency exit is open. people onboard say, the 17-year-old boy was fidgety and anxious during the seven -hour flight from panama city florida. passengers say, when the plane landed... he opened the emergency door and jumped out before many people even noticed. he is a u-s citizen and was traveling alone. (grant) in national news tonight... president trump is throwing his support behind a plan that'll shake up america's legal immigration system. the raise act...creates a points based system for green card applicants. for instance, english speakers or people with degrees earn more points.
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the more points, the better shot at citizenship. senators david perdue of georgia and tom cotton of arkansas say they are teaming up with president trump to support the act. the commander in chief says it's all about making sure immigrants don't drain u-s resources. (sot) "they're not going to just come in and collect welfare, that's not going to happen under the raise act"(grant) while the president is behind the new immigration legislation.... many latino rights activists believe the idea punishes...instead of protects companies who depend on immigrant labor. they also fear the bill hurts u-s citizens who are trying to reunite their families. the san jose police department says that an anonymous tip kicked off an investigation by the department's internet crimes against children task force that resulted in the arrest of 34-year-old el verde nguyen of san jose on july 30th. ngyuen is now facing a felony charge for attempting to manufacture child pornography;. he's also accused of hidding a camera in a restroom.nguyen worked
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here at the enlightenment studio in the alum rock neighborhood. it's an art and music center for young children. the police department says that during a search of the center they found a small recording device in the bathroom. investigators says they also found an image of a child under the age of 10. following his arrest, nguyen was booked into the santa clara county jail. in san jose charles clifford kron4 news. in oakland, the 5 year old boy run over by a car in the fruitvale district, is paralyzed and might never walk again.a car plowed into him along with his sister and cousin in july.on wednesday, the city staed to make safety improvements to the intersection where it happened at fruitvale and includes repaving, repainting, a new flashing cross walk and speed limit signs.there is a link on to help raise money for the family's medical costs.justine waldman kron 4 news. here in sf , a makeover is being planned for market street the plans call for taking all personal vehicle like this as well as uber and lyft off of market all together delivery vehicles would have restricted
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hours the new market street would look like this rapid express buses and the f line going down the middle two lanes local buses and taxis using the out lanes and bicycles moving to the sidewalk which will extend over where the bike lane is now public hearings need to be held as well as approvals from city agencies, but the hope is to begin construction sometime next year. still the wont be completed for more than a decade. in sf dan kerman kron 4 news (pam) we are not out of the woods just yet... scorching hot temperatures will be back tomorrow.(grant) chief meterologist brittany shipp is here with your complete forecast.
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region will maintain well above average temperatures across the interior through late week. very warm to hot daytime temperatures are expected inland and across the higher elevations with minimal cooling overnight increasing the risk of heat related illnesses through at least thursday. temperatures in coastal areas are expected to remain cooler as a result of the marine influence.
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trapped on a plane. >> please your assigned seats. >> stuck for hours and hours with no power or ac. >> i was just like get me out of here. >> plus, you call this a dump? >> did president trump really trash the white house to his golfing buddies. >> and highway horror, the cop who was plowed into and then gets right back up. >> describe that moment of impact, what did it feel like? >> plus, most expensive wedding photos ever. this photographer says her business was ruined when the


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