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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 5, 2017 12:45am-1:15am PDT

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tonight, angelina versus "vanity fair." inside their war of words. >> then -- mario jackson after "bachelor in paradise" and facing off with corinne again. >> plus -- the tears, the toasts. our exclusive behind the scenes of aisha tyler's last day on "the talk." then, what mama june looks like today. plus, "this is us" on their new
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cast member, sly stallone. >> for august 4th, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> let's get right to the latest hollywood news. >> was angelina jolie caught in a lie? the actress is in a high-profile fight with "vanity fair," after a report on the audition process for jolie's newest project on cambodia. they put money on the table, and asked the child to think of something they needed the money for, and snatched the money away. people saying the process sounded like the hunger games. angelina fired back, in a
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statement saying it was false and upsetting. and there's another twist, jolie reportedly got her attorney involved. yesterday, it was claimed that the lawyer asked for a removal and correction. the magazine released the transcript of the interview, seeming to support the magazine's claim that jolie suggested the children were not fully aware they were playing a game. jolie did not return a request for comment today. "vanity fair" stands by its story. and now, what looks like a dramatic "bachelor in paradise" showdown tomorrow. >> are you excited about the "bachelor in paradise" tomorrow? >> a production source says
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tomorrow's taping will feature demario and corinne. it will be the first time they will be seen together since coming back from mexico. it's been two months since the temporary shutdown in production. after being cleared from wrongdoing, he seemed comfortable last night. a production source says that chris harrison will interview demario first, and then cori thancorinne will join him. >> i'm going to sit down with demario and corinne.
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>> this week, he unleashed an expletive filled rant on a special. today was aisha tyler's last day on "the talk," and it was emotional. her last day, behind the scenes, a moment she will miss the most. >> the few seconds are so precious and magical. >> and from the moment they walk onstage, the tears were flowing. >> you make me want to be a better woman. >> it's a lot. just not seeing her every day. >> six years, more than 1,250
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shows. talking about her own divorce last year. >> we're trying to let each other go in the kindest way we possibly can. >> the courage to speak came from her friendships on "the talk". >> you four made me brave. >> will everybody stay in contact? >> we're already making plans for christmas. we're in for the long haul. >> this one is going on the list. >> oh! >> the late night group texts will not end. >> she leaves to devote more time to her other gig, starring on "criminal minds," hosting "whose line is it anyway" and directing. thank you for letting me watch this ride. it's been amazing. thank you for sharing it with us. >> she may be done with "the
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talk," but her role in "criminal minds" is full-time, and she's directing an upcoming episode. and steve harvey, packing up and moving his talk show to l.a. we gave steve a warm welcome to hollywood. >> looking dashing in green. i'm loving it. >> where i'm from, this is pimp green and money green. >> turns out moving his wife marjorie to l.a. wasn't cheap. >> she came out and got a house. that was a challenge to me, because she doesn't shop on a budget. >> he talked about the infamous leaked memo to his staff. he joked, i learned two things, i can't write, and i should never write.
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>> who is on your dream list? >> beyonce and jay-z. i would love to hear their take on being parents. >> steve actually has a total of seven kids, and he's worried growing up with a rich and famous dad means they're missing out on some important live le lessles lessons? >> their father has sentenced them to death several times. >> steve has five other shows on the air, including his newest, "little big shots: forever young." and some of hollywood's newest bachelors and bachelorettes don't seem ready
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to mingle. >> ben, are you and lindsay officially a couple now? >> is ben your new boy? >> ben spending his first summer with his new girlfriend, we explain why ex jen is choosing to be a single mom. >> her number one focus and top priority are their three kids. >> and kids are why angelina and brad have kept themselves off the market. >> their divorce started out ugly, and brad admitted he drank too much during the marriage, but he's now sober, and our source says he sees the kids three times a week, and is focused on healthy lifestyle and creating his art. >> and last week, leonardo
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dicaprio, split from his girlfriend last may, was seen on a yacht. in june meeting with orlando bloom. now he's focused on co-parenting his 6-year-old son. katy, meanwhile, still single. gearing up for a world wide tour and an "idol" judging gig. not leaving much time for relationships. coming up -- who is more likely to steal from a wardrobe? we're inside the set of "will and grace" 2.0. then, has mama june lost
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now, mama june drops more lbs, showing up in a skin-tight lbd. she had gastric glooef surgery, a breast reduction, and lost 300 pounds. >> i'm in the 160s. >> today, we're told she's lost another 10 to 15 pounds. >> i will never go back to where i was. >> this could be the last -- >> that's a look at "sharknado 5." it has become a pop culture phenomenon. i talked to the crew about slaying the man-eaters once again. >> why does it always have to be
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sharks. >> i think there's a sharknado coming. >> little kids love the movie. >> the series has been so successful, the budget is double the original. but that's still a reported $3 million. >> this is not a $100 million blo blockbuster, but the script reads like one. >> and they're going to rome and london. in what country were that like, what the hell is this? >> every one. people are like, what the hell are they doing. >> and al roker and abby lee miller, some cool cameos. and fabio is the pope. is anybody else as excited as me.
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>> it was great, come on, playing the pope? still ahead -- >> it's a lot darker and creepier. >> is eleven being loose-lips about secrets in "stranger things" season two? what the kids are revealing to each other. then -- why zoe saldana is making a new music video with the hoff? >> i didn't think it would be this nuts.
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just getting started. >> season two of "this is us"
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hits nbc next month, and the stars are celebrating. >> sylvester stallone is coming in to be your co-star? what? >> isn't that amazing? they're pulling out all the stops for season two. >> sly is guest starring on "this is us" thanks to this guy. >> the producers said, do you envision a guy like sly? i said, that's amazing. and they said, oh, you want me to call him? i phoned him, and he was onboard. >> how exactly did milo get the sly hookup? in 2006, replayed rocky's son. >> sly is 97 years old, and still killing the game. >> he's 71. >> sorry.
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71. just got a correction. i knew he wasn't 97, though. >> have you met him yet? >> we met at the gym. as one does, meets stallone at the gym. >> the whole cast back together, started filming last month. and a lot of talk about their epic 11 emmy nominations. >> i saw the nominations come through for myself, milo, chrissie, jeff, dennis. >> you couldn't find one damn nomination for me? >> no, i'm kidding. >> mandy moore, also overlooked. but she may have something bigger on her mind. like becoming a mom? >> it's a big question mark to me, whether the fact that i'm 33 years old, and find myself here at this juncture in my personal life, and maybe a little bit of
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the creeping influence of playing a mother and grandmother. but i'm ready for it either way. >> and during his off-time, he shot two different sci-fi movies. earlier this week, we showed the cast of "will and grace" on the set. it's already been renewed for another season. we talked about shooting again after ten years. >> they're not even sure we're doing to be alive for this thing. >> today, the first day of closed rehearsals. >> my first line is, i had the craziest dream. >> it's been over a decade since you were filming together. who is most likely to laugh
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during a take? >> that will be me. >> who is the biggest practical joker on-set? >> sean. >> yes. >> probably eric. probably eric. eric or meg. >> who is singing between takes? >> eric. ♪ in our sitcom sized apartment ♪ >> i know grace loves to sing. ♪ >> got to warm up a little bit. it's been a little long. >> look what you just got, america. >> only on "e.t." >> and harry connick jr. may return, but in the script, she's single and dating. and "stranger things," a lot
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of questions where the netflix hit is headed. we talked to the cast, normally tight-lipped, but have things changed? >> confidential, then sending it. >> millie was loose-lipped about season one secrets, but she learned her lesson. >> what can you tell me about eleven? >> she's obviously back. that's really -- it's going to be, it's amazing, and we really dig into her life. >> and the cast's newest member, sadie. >> i play max, she's a tomboy. moves from california to hawkins. >> the first episode, titled "mad max". >> is it really? >> yes. >> i don't remember the script
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name. >> that's so cool. >> the buzz over season two got a major boost with the trailer that dropped at comic con set to michael jackson's "thriller". >> will seems to be a big focus of season two. how is he handling his upside-down infection? >> they get into his character, and how it infected him. >> it's a lot darker and creepier. >> and the cast is really happy for their guest star, shannon. >> there is justice for barb. i love it. we come back with zoe saldana. which star has her grooving. you don't let anything
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welcome back, chris pratt and zoe saldana were magic in guardians of the galaxy, but the real star was the music. now, david hasselhoff has a new song. >> they showed me some videos done back in the '70s, and i have no idea that it was going to be this nuts. >> the '70s wouldn't be what they are if it wasn't for cher, and i was channeling my inner cher, and i got this wig on. everybody was winking at the
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camera, and i wasn't around in the '70s, so i don't know. but it looks amazing. "the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> number one -- debra messing and eric mccormack can't stop giving up "will & grace" reunion secrets. >> shh! >> oh, my god! >> anything! that's why they don't tell us anything! >> and is megan mullally ready to pull karen's voice out of the vault? >> it's just right here. it's right there. then, real housewife of new york luann de lesseps announces her divorce after only seven months of marriage. >> it felt like my earth was completely blown apart. >> and number three. the tatums have a hollywood date night. but should jenna be jealous of channing's bromance with joseph gordon-levitt? >> joe's my baby. i love him. plus, your "insider" bonus. will "mary poppins returns" be


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