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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 8, 2017 12:45am-1:15am PDT

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tonight, the split that shocked hollywood. >> i'm speechless. >> why chris pratt and anna faris are calling it quits. were there clues months ago? >> why aren't you wearing your wedding ring? >> j-rod stops traffic. romancing in italy, and ryan gosling with ava men dez where the couple was caught hand? hand. >> and taylor swift versus the man accused of groping her. why he is crying victim. >> plus -- >> baby shower! >> inside se vina's hot celebration with her star squad. >> this is the last thing. >> then -- joe jonas joined "the voice." his bro mance with adam lee vine. >> look at him.
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he is a beautiful man. now for august 7, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> we tried hard for a long time. those were the words from chris pratt and anna faris on their surprising split. >> after eight years of marriage, what went wrong? we have clues to why they separated. >> have you been celebrating quality time? >> it has been awesome. yeah. >> subdued, and seemingly uncomfortable by that question just over two weeks ago, it was her last public appearance at "the emoji movie" premiere before announcing their separation. a clue that there was trouble, chris was nowhere in sight despite being back in l.a. after wrapping production on "jurassic world" in hawaii. instead anna brought their nearly 5-year-old son, jack. >> it's terrifying to bring your kid to such a public event. it does feel like, am i doing the right thing as a parent? but whatever. >> in their joint social media statement on the split, it makes more sense that anna second guessed that decision, saying, quote, for his sake we want to keep this situation as private as possible moving forward.
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>> he is growing up in a circus whether he likes it or not, you know? >> he has two very grounded parents in the circus. good for him. >> the couple's last public experience was in april. we saw the happy couple on the 19th during chris' "guardians of the galaxy 2" premiere. >> i could spend every day with this incredible man. >> two days later, she moved her husband to tears with a heartfelt speech at his "walk of fame" dedication. >> her speech was beautiful, and romantic. >> i was moved to tears several times. i'm just grateful. >> at the time, they appeared very much in love. she rubbed his shoulders before chris planted a kiss on their son. >> this is something he can always look back on, and he'll never forget this day. >> what went wrong? it is suggested that hectic work schedules could be to blame. anna is season five of the cbs sitcom, "mom," while chris
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travels the globe for his films. but in 2015, he was targeted by an infidelity rumor which was denied. anna expressed the toll of this rumor. >> i remember feeling so hurt. of course, in this crazy world where he is off doing movies and i'm in l.a. raising our child, like, of course, i'm going to feel vulnerable. >> "e.t." has had many moments with chris and anna over the years, and later, we'll take you inside their unconventional hollywood love story. moving onto tail irswift. stage one of the civil trial with a radio host began today. is it a slam-dunk case to prove he touched her inappropriately? here's the swift legal battle. >> what are you saying in court today? >> taylor's attorney had no comment as he walked into court to begin jury selection. they are covering the trial in denver. >> opening arguments in the jury trial are expected to begin
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tomorrow. it's unclear who will testify. her fans are expected to line the streets here at the courthouse. but there is limited space inside. there are 32 seats in the courtroom for spectators. >> david mueller sued swift claiming he lost his job after the singer said he groped her, and she countersued calling sexual assault. she says he touched her ingroeptly at a meet and greet before this denver concert. mueller has vehemently denied it. >> my hand was never under her skirt pitch never grabbed her. >> she responded in her deposition. it was not an accident. it was completely intentional. and i have never been so sure of anything in my life. dan abrams says taylor's testimony is critical. >> i think the only way that he wins this case is if she is a terrible witness. and she has already been deposed and did fine, so it's unlikely. in the end, it's what she says and how she says it that will
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matter. >> he seeking $3 million in damages and in taylor's countersuit, she is suing to prove a point, and she wants to, quote, serves a an example to other women. >> the trial is expected to last two weeks, and if taylor wins, she will donate the money dedicated to protecting women from sexual assault. >> an awesome thing. enjoying a rare parents' night out. starting with george and amal's romantic italian dinner date. 9:00 p.m., lake komo, after the birth of their twins, they had a quick two hours at their favorite atool yan restaurant. the new mom was all smiles looking relaxed and chic in a strapless and white striped romper. >> hey, jennifer. >> in new york, let's follow this under another day, another low-cut sexy dress.
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♪ of course, j-lo may have upstaged the bride with that knockout $1,300 teal gown, and the high neckline was enough to be proper. the side cutouts were enough for a double take, and this happy shot is enough to remind anyone that j-rod is winning life right now. and in l.a., ryan gosling and ava men dez were spotded on a date night noo disneyland, holding hands and smiling. they are seen by another couple, and they wrote, it's a small world, and they got toys for their daughters. that w that lollipop was for ava. >> it was skate night for the carters. i'm guessing beyonce did most of the skating though. she and jay-z hit up "world on wheels" here in l.a. beyonce posting a little bit on her instagram. an eye-witness says she came in low-key, rockin' a "black magic" shirt, and started skating with everybody else until they realized it was her.
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it was beyonce. >> they went crazy. >> but don't worry, the rink stayed open so she and her entourage could skate. >> she is the queen after all. >> right. >> well, beyonce not at good friend serena williams' star-studded baby shower in west palm beach, florida over the weekend where there was clearly a whole lot of shaking going on. >> we're doing the baby shower! with these beautiful ladies. >> no beyonce, but there were poodle skirts and plenty of polka dots. at the '50s themed parted. the 35-year-old rocked a tennis ball yellow poodle skirt to celebrate her baby shower in florida over the weekend. sleetd with a jukebox and plastic truck. guests included ciara, kelly rowland, eva longoria, la la anthony and her sister ,venus. they dined on burgers and milk shakes and ended the evening with a dance party. while serena seems to be ready to shake, rattle and role, some of her squad playfully
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complained about wearing costumes. >> i don't know. this is the last thing. >> williams who was due next month has been tight lipped about the sex of her baby, but her fiance seems to have a guess. >> she remarked that she feels like it has to be a girl because everything that little baby went through and handled like a champ only a woman could be strong enough to take on. coming up -- >> you're never ready for the good-bye. >> your sneak peek at the bachelorette finale before the final rose. then -- >> how excite are you? >> roseanne on her tv urn return. >> dan passed away. >> he did? >> how the character comes back from the dead. plus -- >> do you think you could have made it on the sh
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♪ syringe shawn men dez just launched his first fragrance.
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every rose ceremony is hard, but i'm extra sensitive to this one because this is the rose ceremony where i went home, and i know what it is to start feeling feelings of love -- >> get ready for the most dramatic finale ever, at least this season when bachelorette rachel lindsay finally picks her man. nichelle turner joining me now, but will it be bryan, eric or peter?
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>> i like all these guys. i really do, and i never like all of them at the end, but i do this time, but my money is on bryan. ain't that right? we'll find out tomorrow. we'll be with rachel and her new fiance. meantime, more real-life love is happening on "how to get away with murder" this season as viola davis makes her tv return a family affair. >> but we do know that your husband, julius, is gonna be joining this year. >> yes. you know, he did an episode, and we just loved working together p we really did, and genesis came to set, we just had a blast and yeah. >> the parents to 7-year-old genesis have been plotting to get julius a guest spot on the shonda rimes show for years. but fans will have to wait until the season four premieres at the end of september to find out more about his role. >> you know i am and i can't tell you anything because i might lose my life, so i'm zipped. it was great working with viola. we love working together. this is our fifth or sixth collaboration, so it was a lot
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of fun. we had fun. >> do you feel like you and julius will be running line together at home? >> i don't run -- i hate running lines. i can't run lines. i have to be on the set with the other actors. i have to just play. i have to figure out if the words are even right for me. but to go home and just kinda drone them out like that drive me crazy. i don't talk about at all at home, you would'nt think i was an actor. you'd think i was just you, know, regular joe-schmo-viola davis you know. >> genesis is like, i don't know what my mom does. >> the cast of shonda's other huge hit, "scandal," is gearing up for the seventh and final season. and while the script is under tight wraps, the cast isn't shy about what they would like to take from set with the show wraps. >> the prop that i would take is too big. it would be the dinosaur, but i have no place to put it and no way to transport it. >> oh, my goodness. you know, they built me a beautiful new residence, and inside it, i was, like, this carpet is stunning and kerry actually was, like, that might go home with you when we're done with this, and i was, like -- that's a thing? so maybe a carpet. >> i would be snatching stuff
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every day. >> from the white house, and you would be telling the truth. well, still a head -- >> sometimes you have to go to bed mad. >> as hollywood reacts to the breakup news, everything chris pratt and anna faris told us about their marriage. >> we try hard to appreciate the quieter times and then spend quality time with each other. plus the birthday celebration for a future princess? where prince harry just landed with girlfriend, megan markel. and how adam levine convinced joe jonas to join "the voices. >> i loved him for a long time, and i got him to do. >> now we can bond properly. >> closed captioning provided by --
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clearly those ponchos are for sure because they do not
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keep you dry. >> no. >> gwen stefani surviving the ride, with her kids at universal studios. cameron is here with us now. >> she keeps herself busy, but she has free time because she won't be on season 13 of "the voice," premiering september 25th, but her man is back. and his partner in crime, adam levine, but we found out their bromance could be in jeopardy due to a jonas brother. >> wow. ♪ >> why did you select joe as your mentor for this season? >> look at him. he is a beautiful man. it was purely shallow actually. >> it was? >> i a lot of him and i have known him a long time, and now i love him more because we have been able to -- >> bond properly. >> he is great. i thought he would be perfect. ♪ >> and joe knows a thing or two about the instant fame "the voice" contestants may be facing. >> the jonas brothers.
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i'm kevin. >> nick. >> hey, everybody. i'm joe. >> the jo bros were barely known in '06, when suddenly it was like this. ♪ >> sold out arenas, a concert movie and screaming fans. >> do you think you could have made it on the show? >> oh, yeah. >> i would like to believe so, but it's one of those things there is so much nerves and it's a scarry thing. for a lot of people, you cross your fingers and say, i think i could do it, but what they are going through is really intense. ♪ >> joe and his current band, d.n.c.e., performed on "the voice" in may. but he and adam were hanging back in the day too. >> we bumped into each other a hundred times. >> you were making it, and we were making it. we would see them everywhere. ♪ >> following a prince concert. >> award shows. bowling alleys. >> a bunch of places.
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>> adam will also once again be hanging out with miley cyrus who hasfy yan say liam hemsworth on her mind. she wrote, we miss you because he is in new york filming, and isn't it romantic? >> i lost dan last year when he had his heart attack. he is the first thing i think about when i wake up, and the last thing i think about when i go back to sleep. i miss him. >> it breaks my heart. 20 years ago, roseanne signed off with an emotional good-bye. >> now that they are breathing new life into the family, john goodman can come back from the dead. >> call somebody. >> was it all a dream? we'll find out when "roseanne" returns to tv next year, but we do know this. john goodman will be back. this weekend, abc's president told "e.t." that the writers won't completely ignore the
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events of the finale, but that, quote, i can confirm that dan is definitely still alive. it was something that roseanne herself joked about in may. >> how can you bring john goodman back? dan passed away the last episode. >> he did? >> of a heart attack. >> i don't remember that show. >> two weeks ago, roseanne and tv daughter, sara gilbert snapped this pic from the writer's room. sara fueled the idea after doing a "roseanne" parody on "the talk." >> there's something i have been wanting to talk to you about for awhile now. i'm a talk show host. [ laughter ] >> for a minute there, i thought you were going to tell me you were gay. >> you don't want to do a bad version, right? because you don't want to damage what has been done, but i think -- yeah. i think it would be amazing. [ applause ] >> all the kids will be back for the revival, including both of the actresses who played older sister, becky.
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not confirmed is johnny galecki, who played darlene's husband, david. >> i can't believe you bought that whole pregnancy thing. >> timing could be the issue. he'll be busy with season 11 of "the big bang theory," and "roseanne" will start filming in october. >> how excite ready you? >> i can't say anything, boy. i'm holding out for nudity. >> this isn't "naked and afraid," but whatever floats your boat. to prove what's old is new again, nbc is hoping to revive their classic "the west wing," "the office," "e.r." and "30 rock." now to chris and anna faris' split. the couple always spoke to lovingly about each other. we were lucky enough to be apart of many of those moments. let's go inside their hollywood love story. >> he's my country boy. i like to keep him that way. >> they were the couple we rooted for. and seemed to be very unhollywood in how they
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approached marriage in the spotlight. >> i heard people say, don't go to bed mad. that's garbage. sometimes you have to go to bed mad, but at least touch sgloeps they was the chuby guy from "parks and recreation" but she was known requester "the scary movie" films. no one was more excited than anna. >> i'm thrilled to be here with him and by his side, and i just, you know, i can't believe that my sweet husband is a movie star. >> earlierer this year, he returned to tv as a guest star on anna's cbs series, "mom". >> i'll gladly be your dirty little secret. >> you make it hotter. >> why aren't you wearing your wedding ring? >> i -- i -- i'm so sorry. i -- >> that's cool. >> why aren't you wearing yours? k >> i -- we have to get each
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other new rings. >> they both grew up in washington state, 20 minutes apart, but never met before they moved to l.a. they both grew up with parents who battled multiple sclerosis, and when their son was born, they prayed for him when he was hospitalized in the nick ewe. people say, we restore his faith in god. >> we try to appreciate the quieter times and then spend quality time with each other. >> and they will always be a family because they have that child connecting them. coming up, is prince harry ready to put a ring on his girlfriend's finger? why their african holiday that has royal watchers doubling down. that's coming up next.
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yeah. that is prince harry with a protective arm around his girlfriend, megan markel as they touched down for their african vacation. here's the question that royal watchers are asking. does this mean what we think it means, kev? >> all signs point to probably not. now remember his brother, william, got engaged to kate in africa. i don't think he would pull the same move, but we hope he does. >> i say, why not? >> just do it, harry. tomorrow on "e.t." meanwhile, we're with james corden celebrating "carpool cakaraoke" series. >> james corden on his new star-studded series. what surprises we can expect on and off the road. ♪ i believe i can fly >> it's something you will never, ever see anywhere else.
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>> and is derek rurping to "dancing"? >> i heard a rumor. >> tomorrow on "e.t.." "the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> chris pratt and anna farris' shocking split. >> i lay my guts on the table. >> were there signs of trouble? >> they have come under a lot of strain recently, because they haven't been able to spent that much time together. >> as "fixer upper" star chip gaines responds to his divorce rumors. then "bachelor in paradise's" corrine and demario sound off on the rumors that abc will show their incident. >> i don't think they're going to air it. and we're with "bachelorette" rachel lindsay before her final rose. >> oh, he's a keeper. and number three -- why the final season of "scandal" has the entire cast in tears. >> that's true. that's true. plus, your "insider" bonus.


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