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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 11, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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the victimin berkeley, a vicious robbery in the ashby station parking lot.whoosha menlo park man is recovering after being robbed and sexually assaulted in his home early this morning.whooshand in the east bay, residents in the upscale community of blackhawk hit by burglars sneaking in to their backyards from a golf're watching kron four news in prime time. (steve) a south bay community devastated after a popular store owner was gunned down during an attempted robbery. and tonight san jose police have made an arrest in the murder.(steve) thanks for joining us.. i'm steve aveson...(vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis in for pam moore... the deadly attempted robbery happened earlier this week at the popular jim's liquors in san jose... hieu (hugh) "charlie" ly (lee) was the owner of the liquor store... he was gunned down after refusing to hand over the cash register. that's where we find kron 4's hermela aregawi... she is live in
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front of the liquor store.. where there is a vigil being held for the victim.. hermela.. what's the community's reaction? (hermela aregawi)a lot of the people here have lived here for decades..and they've known the victim and his family for that this is someone they knew very well.. many say he was like family.this is the mugshot of the suspect.21 year old muniunmee nedrix of san jose has been arrested in the murder of charlie was shot and killed on monday by a masked gunman - who came into this liquor store on quimby road.. and demanded money. police say when ly refused to open the cash box.. the suspect shot and killed him. ly's wife was also in the store at the time.police say.. the suspect threatened to kill her as she was calling 911. investigators say.. thanks to
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a close analysis of surveillance video they were able to make an arrest. eddie garcia/san jose police chief"....images from the surveillance video were circulated throughout the police department and detectives from the gang enforcement unit and burglary unit thought they recognized hendriz and then discovered that he was on probation for possession of an illegal firearm...."hendriz is in custody on suspicion of murder. he is being held without bail. meanwhile a vigil for ly is underway.he leaves behind his wife and four adult sons. (hermela aregawi)and really a lot of the people who showed up here today in big numbers.. we'll hear from them coming up on kron 4 news at 10.reporting live in san jose, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. (vicki) a go-fund-me page has been set up to help ly's family... as of tonight over 15-thousand dollars has been donated to his family's go fund me pagethe money will be used to help take care of
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day-to-day living expenses. (steve) yet another violent attack at bart... a passenger attacked and robbed... and the suspect is still on the loose... it happened around 9:30 thursday night in berkeley at the ashby bart station parking lot. police say two men attacked the victim from behind then took his backpack, wallet and wristwatch. bart passengers are concerned that they are now being targeted at the ashby station (steve) the victim had to be taken by ambulance to a local hospital for his injuries. bart police investigators say they have limited descriptions
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of the two robbery suspects in this case (vicki) the suspect in a violent home invasion on the peninsula is in the hospital tonight after a 30-foot jump to get away from police. kron four's spencer blake brings us the story from menlo park. (looklive)"the home invasion happened around the corner on ringwood avenue, but it all ended here on van buren road where the suspect jumped from the top of that chain-link fence."(pkg)it was before five a-m friday when police got a call from a man who lives alone.he said a stranger had come into his house, held him at knife point, and tried to rob him.the victim also says the man sexually assaulted him. "he was able to escape from the suspect and go over to a neighbor's house, and that's where he called 911."officer arrived within two minutes to find the man matching the suspect's description running down the street to the pedestrian overpass that crosses highway 101."officers kind of converged from both sides of the overpass. the suspect saw officers on one side, started running over to the other side of the overpass - the pedestrian overcrossing - and at that point a police
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k-9 was deployed."so the suspect, later identified as lamar stevens, tried one more escape tactic - he scaled the chain-link barrier and jumped down to the street below. police estimate the jump-slash- fall was about 30 feet, and stevens was so heavily injured he couldn't move."i think he was an idiot and he deserved what he got on that one." stevens is now at stanford hospital under police watch . "he will be there for some time before he's cleared for incarceration."police later learned he's also on active state parole for robbery.the assault victim had only minor physical injuries."it was pretty scary and i'm like, 'what was going on?'"looklive tag"the arrest report says stevens faces six felonies including those related to sexual assault, robbery, and false imprisonment. in menlo park, spencer blake, kron four news." ( steve ) a wildfire is threatening homes near lake berryessa in napa couny. the fire started at about one this afternoon near highway 128 and sage canyon road... that is in the capell valley area. as of right now it has burned 100 acres and is
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only 10 percent contained... evacuations have been ordered for those who live along highway 128 in the area. the terrain is rugged... making it difficult for firefighters to tackle the flames. part of highway 128 is closed due to the fire. (steve) and another fire in burning in santa clara county... right now that fire has burned 100 acres and is only five-percent contained... it's happening near hale and tilton avenues in morgan hill... no homes are threatened at this time... and the cause is unknown... (vicki) federal investigators say they simply don't know what caused the massive construction fire on valdez street in oakland... the fire happened back on july 7th -- at the 'alta waverly housing project.' about 700 nearby neighbors had to evacuate. the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms now says that the cause of the fire is officially 'undetermined.' but arson is suspected... the a-t-f came to the same conclusion in the investigation of the san pablo avenue construction fire in oakland.. investigators
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say they're still ready to consider any new evidence or information... (steve) a major weapons seizure in the city of pittsburg tonight and the city's highway 4 license plate readers being credited for the bust... kron 4's dan kerman is at police headquarters in pittsburg to explain. pittsburg police are chalking up the seizure of this cache of stolen weapons to its cameras to read every license plate of highway 4police say about 330 friday morning one of their highway 4 license plate readers identified a stolen vehicle heading eastbound into the city dispatchers notified patrol officers, who caught up with the vehicle near loveridge road. a pursuit followed the suspect eventually abandoned the vehicle and took off on foot near contra loma boulevard. he was eventually caught by police dog and when officers searched the stolen car to their surprise this is what they found rifles, handguns hoslsters and ammuniition all stolen during the burglary of a home in
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crockett at the beginning of the month.standup dan kerman/pittsburg (steve) an oxford university employee arrested for a gruesome murder in chicagoagreed to waive his arraignment(vicki)2 shot and now he will be extradited back to illinois. sporting an orange jail jumpsuit... 56-year-old andrew warren made a brief court appearance in san francisco today. warren...fled chicago along with co-defendant...nor thwestern university professor wyndham lathem. both men are accused of killing trenton james cornell-duranleau july 27th inside his chicago apartment. (sot) "mr.warren has agreed on being transported back to illinois. he wants the process to begin.i just to remind everyone that warren is presumed innocent...and his
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agreement to go back to chicago is where we are now". (vicki) after a nationwide manhunt...warren surrendered to police in san francisco...while lathem surrendered in oakland. "hopefully it will nobody loves a peaceful solution more than donald trump.(steve ) mixed messages from the commander in chief who began they day by tweeting ...that "military solutions" are "locked and loaded" should north korea "act unwisely."a week that began with a promise to rain fire and fury down on north korea ended with residents of guam getting tips on surviving a nuclear attack. (vicki)the north koreans are promising their own rain of missiles into the ocean near the american island in the western catherine heenan shows us, neither side is backing down.
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natthe air force released images of b-1 bombers arriving on the island, and tweeted out that they stand ready to fulfill the"fight tonight" motto of u=s forces in korea. the president warned north korean leader kim jong un, "if he does anything with respect to guam or any place that's an american territory or an american ally, he will truly regret it."the north koreans responded by blaming the american president for driving the korean peninsula to the brink of a nuclear warnatthose tensions are likely to increase later this month when the u=s and south korea launch their annual summer military exercisesthe joint live=fire drills involve tens of thousands of american and south korean troops on the ground, and in the sea and air. russia's foreign minister says the possibility of of military conflict is "very worrying." "the risks are very high - especially taking into account the rhetoric."president trump predicting victory, either diplomatically or on the battlefield."we'll either be very sucessful quickly or we're going to be very, very successful in a different way, quickly."amid the war of words south korea and japan are readying their missile defense bay area congressman says he hopes things will calm down. "fortunately arounf the presient are experienced foreigh policy hands, generals who know that the options militarily are not good ones. we just have to hope they are asserting themselves."
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(steve) coming up on kron4 news at 8... we'll take a closer look at a tombstone... found underneath a san francisco home. why it was a lot tougher to remove the tombstone than expected.. (vicki) plus we'll show you how some people around the bay area are getting ready for the eclipse.. the lucky libraries who received the hard to find special glasses. (steve) and day one of outside lands - kicked off in san francisco's golden gate
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park . we'll take a look at some of the headliners... i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp. coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break.
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in san francisco.the outside lands festival kicked off today..many of the 70- thousand music lovers expected tonighthave shown up. all three days are sold out.which means all total 210-thousand will be coming through golden gate park this weekend. half the people coming to this festival are local, the other half coming from around the world to dance.drinkand eat as well as listen to live acts in a park setting.(sot) gorillaz, a british trip hop band are tonight's
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headliners. metalicca headlines tomorrow."the who" will be the last band to take the stage sunday night. a deeper, cooler, more organized gulf of alaska low pressure trough is responsible for removing the blocking pattern and now has a free path to descend from the gulf of alaska into the pacnw/norcal through the coming days. this syntopic scale shift has allowed a broad high pressure ridge to backbuild from the desert southwest deeper into portions of california today. as a result, inland temperatures
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are somewhat warmer today versus yesterday, and on the whole, approximately 3 to 6 degrees above normal, with triple digit temperatures forecast for the hottest spots. that said, locations near the coast continue to be dominated by the cooler, moister maritime environment, with temperatures running approximately 3 to 6 degrees cooler than seasonal normals.
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(vicki) today a piece of history was pulled from the ground...(steve) the headstone we told you about this week that was discovered buried under a garage in san francisco's laurel heights neighborhood -- was pulled from the ground.(vicki) and, as kron four's philippe djegal reports... removing it was no easy task. (philippe) talk about a real struggle...rob lowe/lowes
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electric- "really tough. i -- i envisioned it being a bit easier." it took two hours, three guys, and an engine hoist to pull this headstone from the ground. it was buried about four and a half feet in the earth. rob lowe, the owner of lowes electric says he was determined to get it out.rob lowe/lowes electric- "i have a great team. they work hard together. get things done and this is the first time i've ever come across one of these." lowe estimates the marble headstone weighs about a ton. his crew discovered it on tuesday, while upgrading an underground electrical panel. the san francisco medical examiner's office says it was left behind around the start of world war two... when the old laural cemetary in laurel heights was moved to the city of colma. caskets and urns were taken away back then, but some of the headstones were left behind and used as landfill. initially, the homeowners were going to keep the headstone underground... but then had a change of heart.rob lowe/lowes electric- "i got a call from breda last night. she knows, she knows that i, i collect stuff, and, and she knows that it'll go to a good home. (philippe) you live in the north bay -- you're going to keep this as a collector's
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item, huh? (rob) yeah, i'm going to put it on the property -- probably next to my vineyard. (philippe) why did you want it? (rob) uh, i love old stuff. especially, old history." and, this is certainly a relic. lowe and his crew believe this is a family headstone, since there are several names on it. one of them a man from germany who died in the early 1900s. rob lowe/lowes electric- "1813 was the oldest date on there." the homeowners say this happens to be the second headstone found on this property in a 30-year span. so, the shock may not be as pronounced if another one is unearthed down the road. in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. (vicki) a court has temporarily halted the campaign looking to oust judge aaron persky... for a light sexual-assault sentence he gave a stanford athlete. the court today stopped signature-gathering efforts to determine whether the campaign to recall the santa clara county judge should be a state... or county question. persky sparked the recall effort when he sentenced former stanford university
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swimmer brock turner to six months in jail for sexual assault in july 20-16. (steve) witht the next solar eclipse quickly approaching... it's becoming more and more difficult to find special eclipse glasses. astronomers say looking at the sun during an eclipse can cause serious damage to your retina. even a brief glance at the sun can cause blurry vision or temporary blindness. so astronomers recommend you wear special eclipse glasses to protect your eyes and better see the eclipse. most stores have run out of the glasses... but lucky for fremont libraries... the space science institute sent out two million glasses to local libraries across the country. (brian edwards/principal librarian, fremont libraries): "i was very surprised. i went back online to see if i could expand the order and people are selling out.everywhere they're selling out. so i wanted to buy more but they were all out and i was really surprised to see the demand of glasses." fremont libraries
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started with 150 glasses which were all claims in a hour. edwards says he was able to buy more glasses but they may be very difficult to find now. (vicki) and if you don't want to go out and watch the eclipse... you can watch it right here on kron4... the kron4 morning news will have extended coverage of the solar eclipse on august 21st... right after the kron4 mornings news at 9... we will be on an extra hour... from 10 in the morning until 11 a-m... (steve) coming up.... thousands of dollars worth of football equipment stolen from a high school in fremont.. we'll tell you how you can help the players as their football season could be jeopardy...(vicki) and an east bay neighborhood on edge after thieves target three homes... who police are looking for and how they managed to get into the gated community... ((mark sports tease)) coming up, the giants...caught in a storm in the nation's capital. we'll tell you if
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they finally took the field after a lengthy rain delay. plus, the raiders...less than 24-hours away from opening the preseason. jack del rio...tells us why this is the perfect time to find hidden gems on the roster.
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(vicki) new tonight, police in the east bay have a warning for residents in the blackhawk neighborhood.(steve) the contra county sheriff's office says that thieves have been entering homes that sit along golf courses. they are also targeting houses where no one is home. kron 4's charles clifford was in the east bay today, he has the latest details on this story. the contra costa county sheriffs office says that since may there have been 8 burglaries in the blackhawk area. the most recent cases were last friday when 3 homes were burglarized.the are surveillance camera images of
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the men that the sheriff's office says may be burglarizing homes in the blackhawk neighborhood. in all cases, the men apparently entered through the back doors of homes the sit next to a golf all of the burglaries, no one was home at the time.sotit concerns me quite a bit.mark marten lives nearby. he hadn't heard about the burglaries but finds the new unsettling.soti don't know if there's an easy solution but i would like to stop them if possible.the sheriff's office is asking neighbors here to take some common sense precautions. lock all doors and windows and report any unusual people or activity to law enforcement. the sheriff's office also recommends install an alarm if possible. mark serve the same purpose.sotwith a couple dogs in the house, i think that is equal deterant sometimes. charles clifford kron 4 news. (vicki) thousands of dollars worth of football equipment - stolen from a high school in fremont. now the school is asking for your help to replace the stolen equipment. the incident happened at washington high school sometime in july, but the school just reported it this week. the burglars
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stole about nine-thousand dollars worth of equipment. about 15 helmets and more than 35 shoulder pads were taken from the football team. the upcoming football season could be in jeopardy because they might not have enough equipment. a go-fund-me account has now been setup to help replace the stolen items. you can find a link on our website kron four dot com. (vicki) ahead at eight.. this weekend is the busiest back to school shopping days of the year.. we'll take a look at the biggest item flying off the shelves.. and you'd least expect it...(steve) plus... as your kids get ready for school.. the new immunization guidelines parents need to know before their kids step onto school grounds...(vicki) and next... flu shots in august? how early it too early to get your flu shot and why you may need to get another one before the end of the year..." ((brittney tease))i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp. coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break.
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(vicki) august is national immunization month... and as you get your kids ready for school... the state of california mandates a series of shots for school aged children. last year, the rules changed and the personal exemption clause for families was removed. so now, all children must follow state guidelines. vaccines are checked as kids enter daycare, transitional kindergarten, and kindergarten. in addition, if a child is switching districts. plus when students are entering seventh grade there is another booster they must get. (vicki) the chief showed us some
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of the shots that are required. he said if you can not get to your pediatrian, then you can try going to a local pharmacy with your childs records and get your required shots that way. we put a link up on kron four dot com so you can see if yourself the list of scheduled shots. (steve) today is arguably the busiest "back to school" shopping day of the year. and with many classes starting on monday thousands of bay area students and teachers are combing stores like targetto stock up on some of this year's hottest items. crayola markers,calculators, and pencils are popular pick- ups...but the summer's best seller may surprise you. glue...has been flying off the shelves. with students and teachers purchasing the adhesive in bulk. (steve) even with all the great back-to-school deals...
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getting all the supplies students need to start the school year off right can add up. today-- sacred heart community service in san jose held it's 15-th annual "pack-a-back" program. the programs helps low-income families get their student's geared up for school. this year sacred heart gave away about 3,300 backpacks! you have to register for the event about a month in advanced... so be sure to put that on your calendar for next year if your student could benefit from this program. a deeper, cooler, more organized gulf of alaska low pressure trough is responsible for removing the blocking pattern and now has a free path to descend from the gulf of alaska into the pacnw/norcal through the
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coming days. this syntopic scale shift has allowed a broad high pressure ridge to backbuild from the desert southwest deeper into portions of california today. as a result, inland temperatures are somewhat warmer today versus yesterday, and on the whole, approximately 3 to 6 degrees above normal, with triple digit temperatures forecast for the hottest spots. that said, locations near the coast continue to be dominated by the cooler, moister maritime environment, with temperatures running approximately 3 to 6 degrees cooler than seasonal normals. (steve) one bay area pharmacy got
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their supply of the seasonal flu shot early this year.... but is it too early to get the shot ? (vicki) kron 4's gabe slate looked into that. he is at the rite aid in pacifica... here is what he found out... the signs have been put out.. the seasonal employee name tags are on. the syringes
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are locked and loaded..rite aid got their flu shot stock in early.. stephen lee a pharmacist at one of their pacifica stores says the manufactures are figuring out the strains earlier and able to ship the vaccines sooner.i asked him if you get it early .. and then they figure the strain that takes shape later in the fall.. will you have to get it again? sound from stephen lee - rite aid, pharmacist says:" no that is a myth only one shot the earlier you get it the better" i confirmed this with other sources.. there is only one flu shot a year. there will not be a second one coming out. they do their best to guess the strains predicted for this season and they pack them into the one vaccine they release a year.they are pumping them out now earlier trying to get them into people's bodies before the school and flu season starts. sound from stephen lee - rite aid, pharmacist says:" don't forget it takes 2 weeks to get into your body once you have the shot so if you wait till
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flu season it's to late "kim always tries to get hers as soon as they come outsound from kim - getting the flu shot " i always get it in august and don't ever get sick" but not everyone believes in the shot..sound from alana - we don't' get themsound from stacey - we don't get them don't notice a difference when we get them or don'twell.. the pharmacist i spoke with two primary physicians i spoke with. the center for disease control, and the world health organization, all say that you should get the flu shot and the earlier you do the better.. kim always tries to get hers as soon as they come out sound from kim - getting the flu shot " i always get it in august and don't ever get sick" but not everyone believes in the shot.. sound from alana - we don't' get them sound from stacey - we don't get them don't notice a difference when we get them or don't well.. the pharmacist i spoke with two primary physisions i spoke with. the center for disease control, and the world health organization, all say that you should get the flu shot and the earlier you do the better.. (steve) lake temescal in
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oakland and quarry lakes in fremont will both re-open tomorrow. both lakes were closed earlier this year because high levels of blue-green algae toxins were found in the waters. recent test show that the level of algae is down and the lakes are safe to swim in again. park officials say there is still a caution advisory though... so do not drink the water or use it to cook. and dogs should stay out of the water. both lakes will be open daily from 11 am to 6 pm until august 18th. after that-- the lakes will be open on weekends and holidays until september 17th. (steve) still (steve) (steve) still ahead... the mega millions jackpot drawing was tonight ...
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we'll show you the winning numbers and see if there are any lucky winners...(vicki) plus.. krispy kreme is going to the dark side.. just for the solar eclipse... the temporary changes coming to a classic donut...(steve) and next... an inmate threatens a man from prison... in a video streamed live on facebook ... and it was all while wielding a knife... that story after the break...
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(steve) its a shocking scene out of a south carolina prison... one inmate broadcasts a video using a cell phone from inside the jail... while also brandishing a knife. that is facebook user -- inmate joey rivera. you can see him walking around the prison wielding a knife and laughing... for anyone to see. state senator brad hutto sits on a panel of lawmakers tasked with making prisons more secure, after ongoing contraband issues, and short staffing. he says the clip is damgerous and threatens security. (brad hutto/south carolina state senate): "most of these folks have victims that are associated with their crimes, and the victim should not be subjected to seeing anymore of the shenanigans that's going on with these facebook posts and twitter and everything they're using to get messages out." the people who discovered this video were alarmed know the knife and cell phone used
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to video. both are considered contraband which inmates are forbidden from possessing. they want something done before someone gets hurt. rivera's facebook page has been taken offline since making those videos. (vicki) an estimated one out of every eight americans struggles with an alcohol disorder. that's according to a new study published in jama psychiatry. it tracked drinking patterns among 40-thousand people ... between the years of 2002 and 2003, and then again from 2012 to 2013. alcohol use disorders affected a projected eight-and-a-half percent of the population during the first research period. it rose to 12- point-seven percent during the second-- that's almost a 50-percent increase. researchers claim the rise constitutes a "public health crisis" on par with the current national opioid crisis. (steve) in sports -- new head coach, kyle shanahan and the niners open preseason action against the chiefs -- we'll give you a quick update from kansas city. (vicki)
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plus -- jordan speith was looking to climb up the leaderboard in round two of the p-g-a championship -- mark carpenter will tell us how he did and who heads into the weekend in the lead -- he has the highlights and all the sports coming up.
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days driving all over town. so... why is she smiling? because she shopped during the safeway anniversary sale, and filled up her trunk with grocery savings, plus earned 4 times the gas reward points. now that's something to smile about.
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the safeway anniversary sale! come in and explore! < amazon has quickly made its presence felt in sacramento... the company built its first fulfillment center in the area. officials say the warehouse will move out more than a million packages per day. sacramento officials say the center is bringing about 15-hundred jobs to the area.
8:45 pm
the four-store facility is located next to sacramento international airport. the hope is that amazon will re-vitalize the airport business park ... which has been languishing for the past few years. more problems for uber... its global operations chief is resigning and a major investor is suing the company's former c-e-o travis kalanick. san francisco based company, "benchmark capital" filed the lawsuit against kalanick. it claims he is trying to pack uber's board with his allies and eventually return to his post as c-e-o. the company says kalnicks return would harm uber's shareholders, employees, drivers and customers. a spokesperson for kalanick said the lawsuit is completely without merit and filled with lies. more than one hundred applebee's and i-hop restaurants could soon be closing. the company dineequity that owns both restaurants says about 160 locations nationwide could close this fiscal year. mostly applebees restaurants would be closing. the company is still deciding which restaurants it would close. as the moon blocks
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out the light of the sun in this month's solar eclipse... ...doughnut maker krispy kreme is blocking out the golden glow of its classic glazed donut. on august 21st - while the eclipse is visible in parts of north america -- participating krispy kremes will lay a chocolate coating over its original glazed. the company will preview its temporary move to the dark side on the weekend before the eclipse show...> if you are one of those sports fans that can't bring yourself to get excited for nfl preseason games, well it looks there's some great drama building up for the final rounds of the pga championship. --let's head to quail hollow in north carolina...where play was suspended for about two hours due to lightning. -- jordan spieth...not bad, but not great today. shot a 73...and this was his only
8:47 pm
birdie of the day. he finished 3-over and 11-shots off the lead. --not the case for jason day. moving day comes early for he surges up the leaderboard from 12th-to 3rd place. the australian...fires a 66 to move to 5-under. --and the field will be chasing two men tomorrow. kevin kisner.... still on top. check this eagle on the par 5, 7th. he shoots a 67-for the second straight round. leads the field at 8-under. --but he has company... japan's hideki matsuyama...with 7-birdies, 5-on the back-9 to move into 1st place. here's mr. kisner...seeking his first career major. i feel like i have the game to compete in majors. tons of 30th, 40th, 50th place finishes. so that's kind of been our goal for the year, we hadn't played well in them yet this year but every year you learn more about the majors and how to approach them. you know it's difficult to fly to the british open and try to figure out how to do your preparation for that. this is probably the easiest one i've had to prep for because i know the golf course so well and i've been up here a lot.
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staying on the east coast, looks like mother nature has also gotten in the way of the giants schedule. tonight's game against the nationals postponted...because of weather. first pitch was supposed to be at 4'oclock, but it was called after a three-hour delay. instead, they'll play one game tomorrow... and have a double header on sunday. in the meantime-- a's hosting the o's at the coliseum. we'll have highlights on kron4 news at 10. staying in the major leagues- the sale of the miami marlins...takes one more step toward becoming a done deal. according to multiple reports, team owner jeffrey loria intends to sign an agreement that sells the team to an investment group that includes former yankee great derek jeter. the estimated price is 1-point-2 billion dollars. the group's lead investor is new york venture capitalist bruce sherman... and one of the other owners involved in the deal is michael jordan. when it's all finalized, jeter is expected to become the marlins' head of baseball operations. to the nfl-- preseason means the starters get to
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relax before the regular season gets going. but, for the ones on the brink of making the team, this is primetime. and tomorrow night is a perfect opportunity for future stars to emerge. case in point, last season, we saw undrafted rookie running back jalen richard take advantage of his time on the big stage. raiders...visiting the cardinals in arizona tomorrow night. here's jack del rio... on how this is the moment where unknowns can make a name for themselves. once they get here, show us what you got. so, this first game is the biggest opportunity now that they've had so far. practice up to this point, tells you a certain amount now how they respond in game conditions is huge and definitely a big part of it, so we'll see. typically a guy or two will standout in a game like this, and we'll know more about him. and happening now-- the first game action of the kyle shanahan era. the 49ers...kicking off their exhibition schedule in kansas city against the chiefs. right now -- they are losing to kansas city, we'll have
8:50 pm
the sights and sounds at 10. and a 49ers division rival made a move to bolster its roster today. the los angeles rams have acquired bills receiver sammy exchange for cornerback e-j gaines. the trade is a surprise considering watkins is buffalo's top receiver... and was the team's 4th overall pick in 2014. but, buffalo is trying to rebuild with its new head coach and general manager. the addition of watkins provides another target for rams and former cal qb jared goff. elsewhere around the nfl- - big news out of dallas... as cowboys running back ezekiel elliott has been suspended 6-games for violating the league's substance abuse policy. the punishment is the culmination of a yearlong nfl investigation...into domestic violence incidents between elliott and his ex-girlfriend. the nfl says it has evidence of multiple instances of physical confrontations, which took place last summer. this suspension comes despite the fact elliott hasn't been legally charged. his representatives plan to file an appeal.
8:51 pm
finally, we have a development to report in the story of the cat that ran onto the field of a recent cardinals game. you may remember this video from the other night. a kitten...somehow gets loose and runs free during the royals-cards game in st. louis. it's wandering out there until someone picks it up. turns out, that after the feline was saved, it got loose again and went missing in a park. thankfully, it was found last night by a rescue group...and identified as the 'cardinals rally cat.' (steve) still ahead... tonight was the mega millions drawing.. we'll tell you the winning numbers and if there were any winners...
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tonight at 10 how are you? hi how are you am i on candid camera (hahahah) they cancelled that show a few years back i'm with channel 4 and i do a segment called people behaving badly ohhh we're not doing that.i try to have a chat with some of the people caught in the alameda the next edition of people behaving badly (steve) the mega millions and powerball lotteries are worth more than 350-million dollars.(vicki) and the mega millions winning numbers were just announced at 8 pm. that jackpot is worth 393-million dollars!! the cash pay-off would come to about 246-million dollars. those winning numbers
8:56 pm
are... 23 - 33 - 53 - 56 - 58 and 6. no word yet if there is a winning ticket. the powerball drawing is tomorrow. that jackpot is worth 356-million -- with a 224-million dollar cash pay out.
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