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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 15, 2017 12:45am-1:15am PDT

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tonight, tom cruise's stunt gone wrong. behind the scenes, slamming into a wall at full force. what happened next. then, chris pratt's weekend without anna faris. plus, are katy perry and orlando bloom back together? plus, kate hudson's shaved head singalong. and the stars of "black-ish"
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take us on a tour of their tv home. now, for august 14th, 2017, this this is "entertainment tonight." >> tom cruise injured, will it set back the film? >> i'm guessing no. in this case, the 55-year-old seemingly lost all cruise control. the point of impact here, on top of a six-story building in london yesterday. the hard body hit occurred when tom missed mark. pulling himself up within seconds, he limps towards the camera operator. after catching his breath, he's pulled back to the other side. an eyewitness tells "e.t." he didn't return to the set. no comments about the extent of
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his injuries. we obtained footage from an earlier attempt in which tom also struggled to reach the other side. this time, he does not appear to be in pain or limp once pulling himself up. >> how do they allow you to do this with the insurance? >> i don't even ask. >> tom insists on always doing his own stunts. >> what were you thinking? >> you're thinking, i don't want to fall. >> he talked about the stamina needed to accomplish the zero gravity stunt in "the mummy." >> you just don't know what's going to happen. and police confirm that a
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female stunt driver has died on the set of "deadpool 2." and chris pratt, his life since announcing his split from wife anna faris. >> there was no wedding ring on his hand, but chris had a big smile on his face, as he accepted his teen choice award. earlier in the day, he was seen taking his 4-year-old son jack to church. >> you guys going to church today? >> are you inviting me there? >> you're always invited. >> and miley cyrus, a last-minute no-show. >> unfortunately, miley couldn't make it here tonight. >> and then she posted this
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explanation on instagram. i had every intention of being there, but i krcreated an unrealistic schedule for myself. the 24-year-old went on to plug her new song, but said it will be dropping this friday. thankfully, adam levine made it to the show, receiving the decade reward. >> our sixth and final album is coming out in november. i'm joking. we're never going to go away. >> that's good news. we don't want maroon 5 to ever go away. >> and katy perry, reuniting with orlando bloom over the
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weekend. >> they seemed very much back together, about six months after calling things off. >> she's amazing. ♪ >> saturday in l.a., at ed sheeran's concert, this certainly looked like rekindled love. one eyewitness says they were holding hands backstage. sure, orlando's pda was on point, but also danced like nobody was watching. reps for the pair wouldn't comment. not sure if they got ready together, but they sure were dressed alike. her black shorts matched his jeans, and his socks matched her
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jacket. and they held tight as they arrived. meanwhile, katy's frenemy taylor swift is hoping the jury sides with her. >> it's going in the hands of the jury finally. in closing arguments, swift's attorney quoted her, saying i am not going to allow you to make me feel uncomfortable. ♪ swift was dressed in all black,
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and swivelled around in her chair, appearing to bottom emotional. her mother also in court with her. just before lunch, the jury was handed the case. there's a panel of six women and two men, the verdict must be unanimous. but taylor's side is already celebrating one small victory. on friday, a judge dismissed all of mueller's claims against her. so now, a jury must decide whether in fact mueller did grope taylor. she countersued for just $1, saying she wants to serve as an example for women. and now to "bachelor in paradise," will we see what happened between demario and
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corinne in the pool? he's ready to show the tapes. >> show the tape. >> tonight, demario gets his wish. well, sort of. "e.t." has learned not everything that went down will end up on tv. a source tells us, the hookup won't be shown, but the aftermath will be shown in intense detail. >> i'm thinking, what did he just do? >> corinne was out in l.a. this weekend, but did not comment. we're told neither has seen tonight's episode. but a source says corinne gets a lot of screen time, and the next day, things were totally cool between them.
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up next, behind the scenes of "this is us" with sylvester stallone. then -- beautiful voice. half empty wineglass, no hair. kate hudson's serenade. and who was
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coming to netflix, "the
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the irony is, we can get wi-fi in bulgaria, but not in santa clarita. >> i guess you could say the signal is a little rocky. sorry. he also posted shots with other stars of the show. >> meanwhile, kate hudson once again proves she can sing. ♪ >> sing it, kate. the actress showed off her pipes and newly shaved head while hosting friends at her home over the weekend. ♪ >> among the guests, kate's
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boyfriend, danny fujikawa, rocking handcuffs. maybe this was just some extra rehearsing. ♪ >> now, from a low-key party to a magical celebration, gwen stefani threw a harry potter themed party for her son. no sign of her bf, but the day before, they visited him on the set of his new music video. and an "a"-list bash in the hamptons. bon jovi, just one of the performers. justin timberlake also got the crowd rocking. he spent most of the night with j.lo and a-rod, who wore
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coordinating ensembles. and justin, just a cool third wheel. still ahead, we have your front-row seats to this weekend's front row fashion. then, princess diana in her own words. >> i had no idea. >> five suicide attempts. struggles with bulimia. plus, the stars of "black-ish" prove why they're tv's funniest family. >> this is for a role on "black-ish." go!
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look at 20-year-old zendaya burning up the screen on bruno mars' new music video, it already has more than 3 million views on youtube. >> and yesterday, she managed to make menswear look good at the teen's choice awards. keeping it cool on the blue carpet. >> stripes, sequins, and super comfy chic. these are zendaya-style must-haves. from paris jackson, looking ladylike in this floral dress. the fashion was all about making a bold statement.
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even with candace cameron bure's outfit. and the nail art proving it's all in the details. and we're going to take a cue from this "black-ish" star. >> last minute, we were like, nope. i want to be comfortable, so why not wear sweats, and why not make it cute if you are going to do that? meanwhile, she's back with her "black-ish" family, and nischelle turner is with the
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cast. celebrating with a carnival, johnson family style. >> this is a carnival! >> they might just be the most fun family on tv. >> this is for a role on "black-ish" and for me to have my own entertainment news show. yeah! >> it looked fun, until i finished last. >> did i lose? >> i think you did. >> the series has four emmy nominations, and a group of fans at the carnival got a personal tour of the set from mr. anderson himself. >> come on in. this is the centerpiece of every house that i've ever been in. any questions? no questions. okay. tour is over. thank you guys for coming. appreciate that. >> but the host had a bit of an
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interruption. >> tracey elle ellis ross! >> i'll meet you in the bedroom in a minute. security, there's a girl in joey's room! security! security! nothing to see here, ma'am. keep it moving. all right. don't steal anything on your way out. nischelle turner, come take a picture with me. not now, me and you. come on in. security, this girl is here again. >> the comedy is on a new night this fall on abc, and the stars wanted to make sure everybody knows that. >> tuesday night. tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. >> they almost forgot to say, it returns on october 3rd. and leah remini, finishing her first week on the return
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of "kevin can wait". >> loved them on "king of que s queens". and a new documentary featuring tapes really heard of princess diana. here she is, in her own words. diana secretly recorded the tapes in 1991, six years before her tragic death in a car crash. interviewed by a trusted friend, it's a record of her struggles with bulimia, postpartum depression, and other things. >> it's ghostly in a way, it's
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very poignant to hear a voice from the grave of this sad, deeply unhappy young woman. >> he sat me down and said, will you marry me? >> at the time, diana was in crisis. charles was in love with another woman, camilla parker-bowles, whom he married in 2005. >> when she married prince charles, she thought she was marrying the fairy tale prince, but he was in love with somebody else, and the family was very unnurturing and cold. >> the documentary airing tonight on nat neo, diana in her own words. just the princess of wales telling the story.
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>> i think that's why people are still so interested in her. >> she had a good heart. >> six upcoming specials and that's just in the u.s. alone. coming up, jessica chastain takes on a real-life poker princess. your first look at "molly's game" is next. who are these people?
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before we go, a big congratulations to jesse palmer, he's going to be the new host of daily mail tv, september 18th. >> so happy for him, i think
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they found the right man to quarterback their team. and our first look at jessica chastain in "molly's game". >> they were going all-in, all the time. >> thank you, molly. >> based on a true story, jessica runs high-stakes card games for "a"-list celebrities. >> first buy-in, $250,000. >> that's going to make noise. aaron sorkin makes his direct directorial debut. and molly gets caught up in the glamorous life, until she gets indicted by the fbi. >> why are you in this alone?
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>> i'll tell the >> "the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> number one jennifer aniston shuts down her body shamer. >> my life seems so much more dramatic and interesting than it is. >> why she's calling the tabloids bullies and how she handles the constant criticism. >> then chris pratt's teen choice awards take over. inside his first public appearance since his split from anna faris. why was miley cyrus a no share. >> unfortunately miley cyrus couldn't make it here today. >> and number three oprah opens up about her return to network tv. >> it's not about a big get for me. >> and why she never married long time boyfriend stedman.


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