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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 15, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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we know his name jeremy booth and at last check he was here at this hospital in napa in critical conditon. he was taken here after this accident this afternoon. i do want to go some of the video here.this is a picture of jeremey booth. i'm told he's in his early 20's and has young children. witnesses tell me he was part of a three man crew taking a tree down. they were using ropes to take the high branches down and then booth was the man putting those branches into the wood chipper. at one point it appears he got tangled in a
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rope that went into the woodchipper and at least one of those ropes was pulling him towards the woodchipper. they eventually got the woodchipper to turn off but the ropes had been neck and i'm told he lost oxygen. he was in the of the woodchipper when they got witnesses say it was an awful they won't forget the screams from one of the workers who was up in the tree.again, at last check jeremy booth was in critical condition here at queen of the valley medical center (grant) two children and a grandfather are dead after a fire broke out erlier today at golden wheel mobile home park in san jose.(pam) kron four's charles clifford reports from the scene ... with more on what we are learning about the victims. well, right now, we are inside the golden wheel mobile home park. this fire occurred just around the corner from where i'm standing but police still have the area closed off. we have confirmed that three people. . one male adult and two school aged children. . a boy and a girl have died in this fire. let's take a look at some video of the scene. this fire broke out around 1230 tuesday afternoon. when fire crews arrived on scene they found the home completely
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engulfed in flames. they described the fire as fast and dangerous. these mobile homes are made of lightweight material that burns very quickly. fire fighters were able to extinguish the fire by about 1 oclock. during a search of the home, two victims were found and then later in the afternoon a third victim was located. now, neighbors here in the park have been watching this sad scene unfold all afternoon. i spoke with a woman who has lived here for 16 years and she says she's devastated. now, the exact cause of this fire is still under investigation. witnesses have said they heard a pop or explostion just before the fire started. the fire department and san jose police will be here through out the evening. in san jose, charles clifford kron 4 news. happening tomorrow... a nurse and mother of four .... allowed to stay in the bay area one more day today ... will be deported tomorrow. people rallied around maria yesterday in oakland. maria mendoza - sanchez and her husband ... have lived in
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the u-s for some 30 years. and for much of that time they faced deportation. their attorney says.. now they have exhausted all options. the couple will take their 12 -year old son back to mexico. their three other children will stay here. (grant) earlier today.... president trump re-enforced a controversial statement he made on saturday.(pam) the president blamed 'both sides' for the deadly violence in charlottesville.. c-n-n's stacey cohan reports.... on how lawmakers are responding to the president's comments. pres. donald trump: "i think there is blame on both sides"a defiant president trump not mincing words over the devastating violence in charlottesville, virginia. a white supremacist rally turned deadly on saturday as marchers clashed with counterprotes ters. at a press conference tuesday, trump responded to critics of his saturday
11:04 pm which he said there was violence on many sides.pres. donald trump: "the statement i made on saturday, the first statement, was a fine statement, but you don't make statements that direct until you know the facts."on monday, the president did condemn several groups directly. but under rapid- fire questioning from reporters, trump doubled-down on his original remarks.pres. donald trump: "what about the alt-left that came charging at, as you say, the alt-right?" pres. donald trump: "you also had people that were very fine people. on both sides." pres. donald trump: "this week it is robert e. lee. i noticed stonewall jackson was coming down. i wonder, is it george washington next week?former ku klux klan leader david duke went so far as to thank the president on twitter for the support. reaction from lawmakers on both sides has been swift rep. will hurd, (r) texas: "i don't think anybody should be looking at getting props from a grand dragon of the kkk as any kind of sign of success." sen. richard blumenthal, (d) connecticut: "stunning abdication of moral leadership by the president of the united states"the
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alt-right groups that were in charlottesville are planning similar rallies across the nation this weekend. i'm stacey cohan reporting. its here at crissy field where on august 26 the group patriot prayer plans to hold a socalled freedom rally. the city of sf says this is an alt right group that promotes hate and violence and they want to stop it before it even happens. at a news conference tuesday the mayor said he has demanded the us. park service reevaluate its decision to issue the group a permit . the mayor says the members of this group are not welcome in san francisco and hes going to put a stop to it even before the event happens. at crissy field, dan kerman kron 4 news. here at the alameda county sheriff's office in dublin, deputy ray kelly explains why he retweeted a white supremacist press conference from the sheriff's official
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twitter accountin dublin haaziq madyun kron4news when you kill a person you kill his familyfacing the future without his son gene deporis reflects on the life of his boy 40 year old david deporis .nats musicthe singer- songwriter-storyteller was suddenly killed trying to protect what he loved most his the middle of the day last week, while sitting at a cafe in temescal.someone stole the david's laptop.he ran after the robbergrabbing on to the side of the getaway car but was dragged to his death.a memorial is planned for september to honor the man, his father says was larger than, friend are trying to compile this music.a lifetime of art that
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they don't death.they've started a campaign to raise money to make it available in one place.. from producinghis share his voice with the world. kron4 news. here in san jose 21 year old old muniunmee hendrix was arraigned this afternoon in the killing of a popular store owner. the victim is charlie ly, owner of jims liquors on quimby road. police say hendrix is the masked man who tried to rob the store a week ago monday night. he is alleged to have shot and killed ly and threatened to shoot ly's wife as they refused to pen the till. police say surveillance video and other evidence links hendrix to the crime. he has yet to enter a formal san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news a parade of officers walked down haight street in honor of officer robert fung.who marched in the lead surrounded by his wife and two sons.the san francisco native was working an overtime shift at a basketball showcase with steph curry here at kezar stadium last wednesday when he was alerted by someone in the stands that a spectator was having a heart attack
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paramedics arrived and where able to revive the victim with a defibulatorthe rescue captain at the scene told officer fung the 66 year old man survived because of his actions.officer fung was given a special commmendation from the city.he says he did what any other officer would dobut is recognized. maureen kelly kron4 news ((pam/live))a cool start to the week.. but things are finally starting to heat up. ((grant))meteorologist brittney shipp is back is with your complete forecast.
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tuesday...low clouds that spread well inland overnight have mostly retreated to the coast, aside from across san francisco and around the monterey bay region. with this, temperatures are generally running a few degrees warmer compared to this time yesterday. this slight warming trend is also a result of warming temperatures aloft as high pressure builds in from the west.
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total vindication for taylor swift. exclusive, now the radio d.j. speaks. >> did you grab taylor swift? did you reach under her dress? >> then, for shame. >> the nationwide campaign to identify people like this. >> and the driver accused of plowing through the crowd. mystery of his license plate. >> plus, lucky to be alive. dragged under a semi. how did she survive this? >> then, vacation from hell. >> this needs to be recorded. >> jillian michaels. wait until you see the conditions she said she endured


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