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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 18, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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to an east bay firefighter before police escort the body of jake walter to a mortuary. police say the 30 year old oakland firefighter was shot down in cold blood.(vicki) thank you for joining us i'm vicki liviakis in for steve aveson.(pam) and i'm pam moore walter and another firefighter were shot last night in san jose. the incident happened near 9-th and taylor streets in the city's japantown neighborhood. that's where a man opened fire on the two oakland firefighters. police identified that man... as 27 year old oliver juinio. he was arrested after an all- night manhunt last night. investigators say, the two firefighters were at a party at a gordon biersch brewery. they were shot outside around 10-30 last night. police do not have a motive right now. but say, it does not appear the victims knew the accused shooter. the other wounded firefighter was taken to the hospital and is recovering. police say, the suspect in the shooting will be charged with murder and attempted murder.
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(vicki) new tonigh at 8 before jake walter was a firefighter for oakland he worked for paramedics plus as an e=m=t based out of san leandro.. his death sent shock waves through that company. kron 4's gabe slate met with people who worked along side jake who said he will not be forgotten. yasmin carmichael put a black band over her badge for her fallen former co-worker jake walter who died when he was shot off duty in san jose thursday night. sound from yasmin carmichael / worked with jake walter"it's heartbreaking and i feel for all the workers here" before jake was an oakland firefighter he cut his chops here at paramedics plus based in san leandro as an emt emergency medial technition. he chose this job as a stepping stone to work toward becoming a firefighter. sound from yasmin carmichael / worked with jake walter"he was a pro, he was nice, he was funny, passionate" sound from
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christina faust / worked with jake walter"when i heard it my heart dropped into my stomach" christina says it's cut their team deep. jake just left paramedics plus a few months ago for his dream job of becoming a firefighter. sound from christina faust / worked with jake walter"he was always smiling and we were so proud of him when he got his dream job of oakland fire, the city he grew up in " sound from tanisha williams / worked with jake walter"he was always smiling and we were so proud of him when he got his dream job of oakland fire, the city he grew up in " tanisha williams is the hr director here she said because emergency responder jobs are so intense these co-workers bond quickly and become like family. sound from tanisha williams / worked with jake walter"they spend 12 hours a day in a truck and they get close.. everyone has been asking me what i can do, i can't believe it, it was jake " in san leandro gabe slate kron 4 news (vicki) we first told you about
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this breaking news last night at 10. and sent push alerts throughout the morning as we learned the men were firefighters. stay connected on breaking news with the free kron-4 mobile app (pam) our other big story tonight fourteen lives claimed .... in two separate terror attacks in spain. among those killed -- a husband and father of three from the bay area.(vicki) kron4's maureen kelly spoke to the victim's father about this devastating loss. people loved jaredthis is a picture of jared tucker.who had been in barcelona with his new wife, heidi new-nez tucker. after being separated from her husband shortly before the chaos thursday.she had to identify his body today at the's got to be awful for her. they were celebrating their one year anniversary wedding anniversary and they didn't have a real honeymoon at the time they were married. she's
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a schoolteacher and they wanted to do this before she went back to schoolbefore this trip turned tragic, tucker's wife had send photos of him enjoying his was the only time he's ever been in europe and so is a real big deal for them. it's just hard to understanddan tucker says his son had worked at the family pool remodeling business since he was 14 and recently took it over.we hat we not only have a father-son relationship but we have a business relationship was a real special special he was just a real special special personhe was really hard worker. everything you did was really thorough and everything he didand everybody that was involved with him,loved him jared tucker also leaves behind a step son and three teenage daughters. a spokesperson for the tucker family's church says the planning stages for a memorial are underway.maureen kelly kron4 news (vicki) and happening now a school community is praying for the wife of jared tucker, who tried in
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vain to find him after the barcelona terror attack.(pam) kron four's spencer blake is live at the vigil right now at el sobrante christian school, where nunes-tucker works. spencer, who put this service together?
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(pam) a fourth suspect is in police custody... in connection with yesterday's deadly terror attacks. but investigators believe, the driver in the barcelona attack may still be on the run. and now we are seeing new video from the terrifying moments .. when a van plowed through a crowd. take a look.... in the top left corner of your screen. this view of the barcelona street from inside a museum.... shows the van barreling down the walkway. if you look closer, you can see a person with a stroller barely getting out of the way. police say, a cell of at least nine extremists ... plotted to combine vehicles and bombs in a hit on tourists. and investigators say, that plan could have been more deadly. however, it turned out that flawed bomb construction... led to premature detonation at the home where the suspected terror cell had been storing
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explosives. that house explosion is believed to have set in motion the attack in downtown barcelona that killed thirteen. then, a second attack in the resort town of cambrils (cam-breel) eight- hours later. armed with an ax, knives and fake explosive vests .... the attackers hit and killed a fourteenth victim. the five suspects were killed by police. meantime... today in spain -- a growing memorial to honor the victims in barcelona. anti- terror operations are also underway in the wake of the attack ... the deadliest since the madrid bombing in 2004. (pam) and we are tracking the developments in spain.... at kron-4 dot com. there you can read the timeline that led up to the deadly attacks... and hear more from the family about the bay area victim. you can always stay connected at kron-4 dot com.. or with push alerts on our free mobile app (pam) white house chief strategist steve bannon is out. (vicki) rumors of bannon's departure have been
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circulating for weeks. the move caps off a rough week for president trump. bannon was reportedly ousted after angering the president over what he said in an interview. bannon contradicted trump's north korea policy in an interview with the american prospect. but that is only one of the conflicts between bannon and president trump. sources say he was supposed to be fired weeks ago. for not meeting the power structure put in place by the new chief of staff john kelly. bannon is expected to return to the far right breitbart web site.. (vicki) bannon's departure is now the eight major exit from the trump administration. since taking office...we've seen key figures resign or be fired from the roles at the white house. including former fired f-b-i director james comey and national security adviser michael flynn (pam) new tonigh at 8. those opposed to a rally at crissy field next saturday are turning up the heat on the national park service to reject the a permit request
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for the group called "patriot prayers" (vicki)kron 4's dan kerman is live at crissy field tonight with more on that and what the mayor and the police chief are demanding.. dan nearly a dozen demonstrators held a sit in friday afternoon outside the pacific west regional offices of the national park service in san franciscosot tatiana tilley/ opposes park service issuing rally permit 09-19 it's terrifying to think that neo nozi's and republicans who support these domestic terrorists would allow such thing to come to our city concerns over hate groups and potential violence has demonstrators calling on the park service to reject the group patriot prayer's request for a permit for a so called freedom day rally on august 26th at crissy fieldsot antonio everett/ opposes park service issuing rally permit
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35-42we're just hoping that maybe someone upstairs notices that there are peopel out here who are concerned and maybe we spark a little change in their mind--nats-in the meantime across town at crissy field, a small group of demonstrators were back to let park goers know what's plannedsot shannon bolt/ opposes park service issuing rally permit 57-107we want them to contact the national park service to get them to revoke a permit for the rally especially now that it's been announced that oathkeepers, an open carry armed militia group will be providing security for the event. that's the opposite of security, that's pure incitement.111/pure incitement (pam) the
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teen at the center of a northern california sexual misconduct scandal involving some two dozen police officers.. is now suing the richmond police department. 19-year-old jasmine abuslin - formerly known as celeste guap- filed the federal lawsuit in san francisco yesterday. she claims that she had sexual encounters with four richmond police officers, in exchange for protection from arrest and tipoffs to prostitution operations. several officers face charges.oakland already agreed to pay abuslin nearly $1 million to settle similar claims against that city's police department. ahead at eight.. an elderly couple's car gets trapped on the tracks ... in the path of a train. how they got out alive.
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plus. an east bay synagogue vandalized ...tonight new information about the police investigation and next. a pregnant california woman says she was shoved to the ground by police. now police have released the body cam video. but the woman says she's upset over what it doesn't show. i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp. coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break. why are you deleting these photos? because my teeth are yellow. why don't you use a whitening toothpaste? i'm afraid it's bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white. crest 3d white diamond strong toothpaste and rinse... ...gently whiten... ...and fortify weak spots. use together for two times stronger enamel. crest 3d white. i wineverver wash my hair again now, i fuel it pantene is the first shampoo and conditioner system with active pro-v nutrient blends that fuel 100% stronger hair.
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because strong is beautiful. grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. of florida, where two
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police officers have been shot. you are looking at live video out of kissimmee, florida... which is about thirty- minutes south of orlando. there is a heavy police presence there right now. no word right now on what led up to this shooting. (pam) a police officer in sacramento is accused of throwing a pregnant woman to the ground.(vicki) body camera footage from the july incident was released just yesterday. reporter sonseeahray tonsall has the latest. natsyou're looking at the moment zityrua abraham says sacramento police went too far. a moment she and her neighbors told fox 40 about exclusively
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the day after it happened.the moment she says she was tossed down on her seven-month pregnant belly in a raid of the wrong house.natsnow four days into the tenure of a new police chief... the body cam video fox 40 asked for a month ago... has been released. sonseeahray tonsall/reporter: "the videos have been released. you've been able to see them. what was your reaction looking at them?" zityrua abraham/woman in body camera video:"my first reaction was, i was shocked a little bit. i was just irritated."shocked and irritated because abraham doesn't understand why there's no straight on view of her hitting the ground when she took down the badge numbers of at least seven officers on can only see her on the ground as the image is reflected in the window of her apartment.on july 9th, officers say they were in fresh pursuit of a second suspect tied to a stolen car when they came to abraham's home... a suspect who was a violent felon.they spotted abraham's mother's boyfriend who turned out to not be their man.but at the time... they thought he was.when he ignored their commands... they say abraham tried to block them. sgt. bruce heinlein/sacramento police:"at that point one of the officers grabbed female by the arm, moved the female to the left. during that time, she fell to the ground." zityrua abraham/woman in body camera video:"i have a baby in my stomach, i'm not just finna (sic) just fall or exaggeratedly fall."
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sonseeahray tonsall/reporter: "...a pregnant woman. were the actions of the officers appropriate? grabbing her and puling her in an area you recognize had unstable footing?"sgt. bruce heinlein/sacramento police:"so i'm not going to go into what i think. i think that's part of the ongoing administrative investigation that's going on // you know, this was an unfortunate incident that occurred during a very fluid situation."zityrua abraham/woman in body camera video:"i got a one-year-old that lives here. we wasn't (sic) doing nothing but minding our business that day. i knew they were going to try to justify this whole - whole thing. right is right and wrong is wrong and that was wrong what they did - all the way around." (vicki) (vicki) that was sonseeahray tonsall reporting. none of the officers involved in the incident were placed on leave. (vicki) whipple avenue in redwood city was shut down for hours today starting just after eight-30 this morning-- the road was closed
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from el camino real... to duane street. homeland security and d-e-a agents were conducting a raid in the area. according to an ice spokeswoman ... the raid did not have anything to do with immigration. people in hazmat suits were in the area but that was just a precaution. the spokeswoman said, the public was never in any danger. she said, ice is involved in a variety of investigations from drugs... to child predators. and added.. prepare to see more agents in the area in the future. (pam) an elderly fairfield couple .... alive tonight thanks to the quick thinking of two good samaritans. that ball of fire is the couple's car. around 9-30- last night-- fairfield firefighters received a call that a train hit a car. authorities say, an elderly man and his wife were driving ... when they mistook the train tracks for the road. as the couple turned ... their car got stuck. two good samaritans saw what happened ... and came to their rescue-- pulling the couple out of the car before it was hit by the train. (vicki) turning now to our
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four zone forecasta live look outside tonight at sfo(pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney has the forecast look for one more day of minor warming this afternoon as a ridge of high pressure continues to build into our region. minor cooling can be expected over the weekend into next week as an upper level low and shortwave trough move into our region. overnight clouds can be expected especially along the coast.
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new ahead at 8. a pregnant mother suddenly goes into labor --- but something is wrong. doctors say what her 10 year old son did next--- saved her and her baby's life. (pam) plus. ahead of the total eclipse one man warning others -do not look at the sun! how he says it damaged his eyes. ((gary sports tease))coming up in this broadcast, 49ers gm, john lynch clarifies a comment he made about the players who are not standing up for the national anthem by being divisive. also, i'll tell you
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about kevin durant some school teacher said hey grow up kids to be like michael jordan not like kevin durant. we'll explain a little later in this broadcast. ((vicki))here's what we are tonight at ten. ,.
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we're just days away from monday's total solar eclipse. and when doctors and other experts tell you to protect your eyes while viewing the eclipse, they're not kidding. a man in pennsylvania says, he damaged his eyes when he stared at a solar eclipse decades ago. in the 1960s... james holt of pittston township.. was only
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about 10- years old, back then, holt heard a rumor you could watch the eclipse through negatives of a photograph years later he says... he noticed an issue with his eyesight. it turns out -- he damaged a portion of his retina in his right eye.. from viewing that eclipse. experts say you should purchase protective glasses, or use a box or another homemade device .. to view the eclipse without directly looking into the sun. (vicki) and a reminder - you can watch the eclipse right here on the kron4. we will have extended coverage of the solar eclipse on august 21st at 10 a.m. join us as we will have cameras all across the country and the bay area as the eclipse happens. (pam) do you have your lottery tickets ready for tomorrow's powerball drawing? the jackpot has climned to 535- million-dollars... making it the eighth largest jackpot in lottery history. that lump sum is paid out over 29 years. if you opt for to cash out... you would take home 339 millions dollars
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the odds of winning tomorrow's jackpot are one in 292 million. the winning number will be pulled again tomorrow... so make sure to tune in to kron4's newscast at 8pm tomorrow for those winning numbers. ahead at eight.. growing support to charge people who call 9-1-1 for overdoses. why one police officers says that's a bad idea. plus. as more people switch over to using chip credit cards... thieves have found a new way to steal your information even with the more secure method. and next. people at an east bay synagogue concerned about their safety after being the target of a hate crime. ((brittney tease))i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp. coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break.
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(pam) with the country still on edge... after the deadly charlottesville rally. a jewish synagogue is vandalized right here in the east bay.(vicki) the president of the temple... believes it was the act of a lone culprit. (pam) police discovered the crime early yesterday morning... at the temple israel of alameda ... on bay farm island. authorities are investigating the case as a hate crime. officers say, a suspect threw a large object through the glass doors and windows of the temple there is no evidence that anyone made their way inside. but members of the congregation are concerned about their safety... especially considering heightened rhetoric from white supremacy groups .... after violence in virginia. (sot) our high holy days are coming very rapidly in december so we're seriously taking a look at our security plan we've applied for a homeland security grant to take us to the next step because we definetley need more security." now the temple is
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planning to increase security. the suspect is only described as someone wearing all black clothing. in light of the vandalism .. there is a gathering at the synagogue tonight. "and coming up on kron 4 news in light of the vandalism of a jewish synagogue the alameda community is coming together tonight for a vigil. we'll have that story at ten." (pam) some ohio residents are fed up with drug overdoses taking emergency rescue resources. they want overdose patients to be criminally charged -- however...some state officials say that's not a good idea. in just eight months more than 100,000 people from erie county and beyond have signed a petition to charge heroin addicts when they overdose and ems is required. however...lucas county officials say charging addicts... creates a revolving door in their jails and consumes more of resident's tax dollars. the petition creators say they plan to take their signatures to the erie county commissioners.
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(pam) now to our four zone forecast first a live look outside golden gate bridge tonight..(vicki) kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp has the four zone forecast look for one more day of minor warming this afternoon as a ridge of high pressure continues to build into our region. minor cooling can be expected over the weekend into next week as an upper level low and shortwave trough move into our region. overnight clouds can be expected especially along the coast.
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(pam) whenever a person is pulled over for behaving badly behind the wheel or on a bike, it is important to get both sides of the story (vicki)officers pulled over more than 146 people in two cities on the peninsula and wrote 136 tickets. and here is stanley roberts favorite part.. when he gets to hear the excuses from some of drivers .. good morning (good morning) channel 4 how are you today (good how are you)you know
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that school starting right yea actually i work for the school so you know you gotta stop man i stopped.and he stuck with that story even when officer kenneth cole mcdonald from the town of atherton police department presented him with is observations when you came up to it you rolled past the limit line then you actually sorta stopped in the crosswalk but you did come to a complete stop it's interesting what people say when to you when they've been pulled over for behaving badly behind the wheel this driver was stopped for doing 53 in a 35 do you know what the speed limit is on woodside road? (what is it) 35 huh 35 (i don't believe you sir i'm afraid to say but here let's talk to himhow you doing sir i was doing better before this guy stopped me, what happened ask him i'm asking you i'm talking to you right now well what do you thing happened how fast do you thing you were going i don't think i was going fast.then after a long and drawn out conversation. i asked the same question again how fast do you think you were going i would say 35, 35 to forty top the driver still insisted officer mcdonald was incorrect no sir i'm a person that if i'm at fault i admit my faults (right not all the time we understand that we are at fault you need to understand that) i do and you know what, this is the time thank you alright whatever driver safely
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but not everyone refused to own up.. this driver had a different approach after he rolled a stop sign.schools in session it's even more important now than ever that we continue to stop kids got other things on their mind as well trying to get to school on time so it's very important we come to a complete stop life happens i mean i'm at fault i'm not going to pretend that i'm not because we have to take responsibility for our actions he received a warning and we all got a good laugh out of his driversl license photothe bicyclist that was stopped for running the stop signi'm a cyclist myself i like all the mountain biking the thing i always do as a rule of thumb cars don't look out for you gotta look out for them she also got a warning what are the rules as a bicyclist pretty much the same as a car oh and the waffle eating driver i'm not going that fast and i wasn't really thinking one thing to remember with a plate of food if you were to get into an accident the plate would not only ruin your nice outfit but you would also be severly injured she was also given a written warning in redwood city and woodside stanley roberts kron 4 news
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still ahead at 8. a 10 year old being called a hero after what he did to save his mom and his baby brother. and next. a mother wakes up to find a fugitive inmate inside her home --- standing over her bed. how she and her children got out safely.
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scared, i'm thinking of my kids. i don't know what to do at this point.">( pam ) a florida mom describes the frightening moments she found an escaped convict in her home.. joshua holmes was on the run after escaping a inmate work detaill. roxanne vanderveer says, she knew holmes from growing up in the community. but had not seen him in years. and she urged him to turn himself in, but he wasn't having it.deputies were just down the street. vanderveer texted 9-1-1 and made it out of the house. then police moved in to the home and arrested holmes. (vicki) when one louisiana woman went into emergency labor six weeks early, there were no doctors nearby. so her 10-year-old son stepped up and took action. ashly moreau was home with her son jayden and her 11-month-old daughter. at just 34-weeks pregnant... she went into early labor. moreau says she could see the baby's feet... they were purple... and it didn't seem like the baby was breathing. so she
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laid down and called her jayden... who came in ready to help his mother deliver his baby brother. (ashly moreau/mother): "when he got to the bathroom he just took a deep breath and said okay mom just tell me what i need to do, and i'll do it. he didn't even look scared, he looked calm and brave."(jayden fontenot/helped deliver mother's baby): "i wasn't even thinking, i was just amazed, i didn't know what was going on." jayden gently pulled on the baby's feet and a few minutes later he was born. the baby wasn't breathing so jayden ran to get a nasal aspirator to help clear the baby's airways. that's when paramedics walked through the door. doctors at the hospital said if jayden hadn't helped, the baby would have died from lack of oxygen. (pam) an update to the breaking news out of florida, local media reporting .. the two police officers who were shot earlier tonight....
8:41 pm
have died. you are looking at live video out of kissimmee, florida... which is about thirty- minutes south of orlando. there is a heavy police presence there right now. still no word right now on what led up to this shooting. but we will stay on top of this breaking news and bring you updates throughout the night in sports -- 49ers general manager, john lynch clarifies a controversial comment he made about players protesting against the national anthem... gary will share his thoughts plus -- warriors superstar, kevin durant calls out a school teacher for telling students to not be like him -- gary has the story and all the sports coming up
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percent of consumers were receiving the chip cards from their banks and credit card companies. and while some retail outlets have been slow to get the machines that read the chips, many now have those machines and chip card transaction are definitely increasing. but now cyber security experts say a thief may find an opening because of a flaw in the chip itself. john goldsmith, cyber security expert, "there is evidence that they've not only fallen out of cards but they've been stolen or removed from cards." john goldsmith says be careful and pay attention to the chip - that's because this precious thing that holds your information is held on by a dab of glue there's some evidence that they've been removed and replaced with a chip that didn't work that was a dummy chip. what would typically happen is they would take that chip, they would put it in another credit card." he says if someone was able to steal your chip and attach it to another card, they might be able to make transactions and steal your account information - at least from that particular card. so the best advice, if you ever think someone has gotten access to your purse or wallet and perhaps tampered with a chip card, contact the bank or credit card company
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immediately. it may be a good idea to get a new card to be safe. the 49ers are getting ready to face the broncos at levi's stadium tomorrow night. john lynch was in a radio interview today... when asked about using the word disive to describe players
8:46 pm
protesting against the national anthem... he made sure to clear it up the controversy. listen to watch lynch had to say this morning about his comments on wednesday(sot: lynch) "i think these days on social media context is kind've taken out. but if i could take one thing back i would've changed that word because of the negative connotation, but i was really trying to make the point that our game should be a beacon for what our game can be and that's the only thing, and i have talked and had a lot of thoughtful conversations with people whom i respect in the last couple days and i hope i expressed myself a little better".
8:47 pm
the raiders will also be hosting their first home preseason game this saturday they will face the l-a rams at the coliseum. it's been a busy week for the raiders. they closed out camp yesterday... and had to deal with the marshawn lynch saga and sean smith being charged with a assault. no word how long derek carr will be out there with offense. carr has yet to play in a game since break his leg last season head coach, jack del rio spoke with the media yesterday and believes this team is set for season.(sot: del rio) "i think we came in with a purposeful mind going after things, accomplishing things. in terms of installation, in terms of situational awareness and those things, we're coaching and teaching. i think we were able to work and get guys either back or really close to being back and i feel really good about the way camp went. it was a strong camp. it was very purposeful and very productive." kevin durant continues to find ways
8:48 pm
to make some news this offseason. the n-b-a final m-v-p has been very active this month on twitter. an unnamed teacher reportedly gave student a handout to teach students to be more like nba legend michael jordan rather than like durant.... making a reference of not
8:49 pm
taking the easy way out durant repsonded quote... whoever did this should be fired and thrown to jail. the a's opening a three-game series against the astros in houston. oakland was hoping to avoid their third straight loss. sean manaea got rocked in the third inning -- jose altuve hits a back-to-back home run -- houston takes the lead 2- nothing in the sixth -- former a, josh reddick hits an r-b-i single to extend the astros lead houston wins 3-1 meanwhile, over at a-t and tee park the giants are taking care of business
8:50 pm
against the worst team in baseball the phillies. right now, giants are up 6- nothing we'll have highlight at 10:45 little league world series is back. california was taking on washington in the opening round bottom 1st -- with the bases loaded -- joey gray hits a grand slam to make it 4-nothing california they go on to win 9-0 only in texas-- last night they opened a state of the art football stadium. katy independent school district --located just west of houston -- paid 72-point-one million-dollars to build. it's one of the most expensive high school stadium in the united states. legacy stadium holds
8:51 pm
twelve thousand people and the school board even licensed out naming rights to the complex that houses it. we are nearly a week away until college football gets underway today -- a walk-on player's dream finally came true. bowling green state university kicker, jake suder nailed a 53-yard field goal earning himself a full- scholarship after practice his head coach, mike jinks put him on the spot... he promised him a scholarship if he made it the redshirt junior had no problem making
8:52 pm
it... his teammates went wild and had an all-out celebration.
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tonight at 10 hey what are you delivering? what were you delivering? oh the uber (the what?) uber eats yes oh so this how you guys park ah yes haha alright when you enter santana row you are greeted by this sign . what you can't read it? don't worry apparently no one else can either i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly
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(vicki)american ninja warrior is next...then, we are back at 10:00 with the day's big stories...including people behaving badly gary radnich has sports.. and your four zone weather forecast with brittney shipp. it's the kron 4 news at ten ... right here on the bay area's news station. comfort food.
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grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms
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simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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>> this is japan's famed mount midoriyama... the world's most difficult obstacle course. over the past 15 years, thousands of competitors have taken on this beast. but only three have ever conquered it. no american has ever defeated mount midoriyama. >> mount midoriyama showing no mercy. oh! doesn't get it. and the dream is over. >> but this year, that could all change. because for the first time ever, this mother of all obstacle courses has come to america. and more athletes than ever before are ready to take it on. competitors from six different regions across the country will run qualifying courses. but only the top 100 competitors who embody athletic talent, mental fortitude, and


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