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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 18, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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breaking news tonight:six police officers have been shot in incidents across the country. i'm pam moore. (vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis .at least one of those officers was killed.... the officer confirmed dead was shot in kissimmee, florida... which is about thirty- minutes south of orlando. the other officer is in "grave" condition. it's not clear what led up to this shooting... but we've learned a suspect is in custody.(pam) soon after that... we received word for the jacksonville, florida sheriff's department ... that two more officers had been shot. in the last ten minutes we have learned one officer is in critical conditon -- the other in stable condition. the suspect was shot and killed.
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jacksonville is about two- and a half- hours- north of kissimmee... where the other shooting happened.(vicki) and in pennyslvania - two troopers have been shot near pittsburgh. we know the suspect in that case was killed. no word yet on what led up to that shooting. at this point - no indication any of these shooting are connected to one another. we will contue to monitor the situation...stay with us for updates. (pam) another big story at ten:friends and family remembering a firefighter shot and killed in san jose. the victim has been identified as 30-year-old jake happened last night.. near 9th and taylor streets.... a second firefighter was also hurt. the two were at a party at a gordon biersch brewery. the firefighter killed was a recent academy graduate... and was one of oakland newest firefighters (vicki) tonight there is a suspect in custody. tonight the suspect has been identified as oliver juinio. he was arrested after an
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all- night manhunt last night. it does not appear the victims knew the alleged shooter.(pam) kron4's charles clifford is live in san jose with the latest.. well, this area along taylor here in san jose is very quiet. this isn't far from japan town and last night's shooting has left a lot of people shaken. the san jose police department says that 27-year-old san jose resident oliver juinio is facing murder and attempted murder charges for allegedly shooting and killing 30-year-old off duty oakland firefighter jake walter and wounding a second fire fighter who is now in stable condition at valley medical center.the shooting occurred thursday evening here along taylor street near the gordon biersh brewing company. witnesses say the attack on the fire fighters was unprovoked and investigators have not yet identified a motive.albert morales".....right now we don't really have a motive, it's still being determined, we just don't have a concrete
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understanding of why he targeted these two individuals....."soton friday, neighbors in the area were stunned by the attack. izzy guillen lives just a few feet away from the where the shooting occurred. she says this quiet neighborhood of homes, cafes and small shops is safe or as safe as any place can be.sotwe are in a big city. there's still crime here despite it being calm and nice.through out the day friday, investigators searched the area looking for a possible murder weapon. there have also been reports the a second person of interest may have been questioned, but as of friday evening only juinio remains in custody. alright, anyone who might have additional information on this case is encourage to contact the san jose police department. in san jose, charles clifford kron 4 news. (pam) before jake walter was a firefighter for oakland, he worked for paramedics plus, as an emergency medical technician based out of san leandro.. his death stunned the people who work at that company. kron 4's gabe slate met with people who worked along side jake walter ... they say he will not be forgotten. yasmin carmichael put a black
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band over her badge for her fallen former co-worker jake walter who died when he was shot off duty in san jose thursday night. sound from yasmin carmichael / worked with jake walter"it's heartbreaking and i feel for all the workers here" before jake was an oakland firefighter he cut his chops here at paramedics plus based in san leandro as an emt emergency medial technition. he chose this job as a stepping stone to work toward becoming a firefighter. sound from yasmin carmichael / worked with jake walter"he was a pro, he was nice, he was funny, passionate" sound from christina faust / worked with jake walter"when i heard it my heart dropped into my stomach" christina says it's cut their team deep. jake just left paramedics plus a few months ago for his dream job of becoming a firefighter. sound from christina faust / worked with jake walter"he was always
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smiling and we were so proud of him when he got his dream job of oakland fire, the city he grew up in " sound from tanisha williams / worked with jake walter"he was always smiling and we were so proud of him when he got his dream job of oakland fire, the city he grew up in " tanisha williams is the hr director here she said because emergency responder jobs are so intense these co-workers bond quickly and become like family. sound from tanisha williams / worked with jake walter"they spend 12 hours a day in a truck and they get close.. everyone has been asking me what i can do, i can't believe it, it was jake " in san leandro gabe slate kron 4 news (pam) devleoping tonight: new details are emerging about the terror attacks in spain this as we learn one of the fourteen people killed -- was an american from the bay area. (vicki) jared tucker lived in lafayette.his family
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confirmed his death earlier today.kron four's spencer blake brings us more of the story live from the school where his wife teaches.spencer. school isn't even in session yet here at el sobrante christian school, but students and parents gathered to pray for heidi nunes-tucker, the wife of the only american killed in the barcelon attacks. (singing)about a hundred people showed up to the church sanctuary friday night at el sobrante christian school, a department of central assembly church."one of the great comforts we have is to sing to the lord."they prayedand sang for their sixth grade teacher, heidi nunes- tuckerwho had finally gotten to go on her honeymoon with husband jared, as they celebrated their first was jared's first time in europe.after a van plowed through a tourist spot and ultimately killed 13 people, heidi and jared got separated from each other, and heidi couldn't find him. friday, she let her father-in- law know the tragic news."we just got a text a few minutes ago that said she had gone, i guess to the morgue, and she
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had actually identified the body."though el sobrante christian school doesn't start classes until the 30th, the school's principal decided to invite everyone from the school to join in a prayer service for heidiand for her and jared's families."nothing we do tonight can change the outcome of the event but i do believe that through prayer a difference can be made in what happens in the future."at the school of about 300 students, kids, parents, and staff know each other student has been excited to have mrs. nunes-tucker as a teacher this year after her sister had her in the past."i felt really sad, and i started looking things up on the internet to see if there was anything i could do to help feel better." but none of the news online brought relief.a school parent tells kron four she's been reaching out to other who don't even know the tucker family, asking for prayers for the newly-widowed teacher who would normally be heading up a four-day trip with her students at the beginning of the year."they were really looking forward to starting off the year different than how it's gonna start."
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while heidi, jared, and their family were the main focus here, the pastor also prayed for the lord's presence to surround an increasingly troubled in el sobrante, spencer blake, kron four news. (pam) now to the latest out of spain. tonight, a fourth suspect is in police custody... following yesterdays' deadly terror attacks. however, it is believed the driver in the barcelona van attack may still be on the run.(vicki) tonight - we have new surveillance video showing the terrifying moments that van plowed through a crowd. take a look in the top left corner of your screen. this view of the barcelona street from inside a museum shows the van barreling down the walkway. if you look closer you can see a person with a stroller barely get out of the way.(pam) also
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tonight .... we are learning the attack had the potential to be even more deadly. reporter salma abdel-aziz (prono: ab-duh- la-zeez) is in barcelona with the latest: spain stops to honor the victims of the deadly attack in barcelona.a minute of silence was held to honor the victims... with the country's prime minister and king felipe the sixth in attendance.police in cambrils say they killed five suspected terrorists during a shootout.(nat pop gunshots)officials say they believe that attack--along with a house explosion in another city wednesday--were related to events in barcelona thursday.witnesses described what they saw.voice ofsusan mclean/witness to barcelona attack:"all of the sudden there was just tidal waves of people running towards us and they were hysterical. it wasn't just a small numbers, it was a large numbers of people. children were screaming."omar popal/witness to barcelona attack:"all i could see was families trying to find their children and i saw in front of me a dad and his child fall as well. i tripped right behind him. it was just very slippery and wet
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and very chaotic.//in the process, we heard a very loud shattering bang, something that sounded like a gunshot." anti-terror operations are underway in the country in the wake of the attack ... the deadliest since the madrid bombing in 2004.authorities say the dead and injured represent 34 different barcelona, i'm salma abdelaziz reporting. (vicki) tonight - police in alameda are invesigating vandalism at a jewish synagogue as a possible hate crime. it happened at the temple israel of alameda on bay farm island. earlier the community came together to support the temple's congregation. kron4's ella sogomonian was there and joins us live.
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more than one hundred people of all faiths gathered in support of the synagogue as a pastor of an alameda church let them know this vigil is a call to not just repair the windows but repair the world. (nats: music)the alameda community united at a vigil at the israel temple friday before shabbat after two windows were smashed by a vandal on wednesday.sot: mel waldorf, israel temple congregation member// "the fact that the windows that were smashed were covered in jewish symbols in a children's classroom where they had drawn stars of david and written in hebrew. there's no question that whatever the intention the individual who did this knew they were attacking a jewish institution."but alameda police at first reported there was not enough evidence to call the vandalism a hate crime.until this announcement at the vigil by the acting police chief.sot: lance leibnitz, acting police chief of alameda// "based on the totality of the circumstances we've had the opportunity to review the video in detail, process some more evidence and we are treating this as a hate crime." the hundreds who gathered at the front steps cheered at the news and listened intently as congregation and local
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government leaders shared a message that they will not tolerate intolerance not here not anywhere.sot: malia vella, vice mayor of alameda // "to denounce all of the hate and the bigotry in charlottesville on behalf of white supremacists and neo nazis and we're going to come together to say loudly and clearly in a very united way hate does not belong here everyone belongs here."cameras caught a glimpse of one hooded person in front of the windows before they were broken but couldn't make out a clear description. it was also mentioned no child is born with violence in their hearts and souls - they are taught that - as the president of temple israel reminded everyone of the importance of teaching inclusion.ella sogomonian kron 4 news. look for one more day of minor warming this afternoon as a ridge of high pressure
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continues to build into our region. minor cooling can be expected over the weekend into next week as an upper level low and shortwave trough move into our region. overnight clouds can be expected especially along the coast. (pam) coming up new at ten: just how far people are going.. in order to get the full view of the solar eclipse.. you won't believe how much hotels are going for in the path of totality. (vicki) then also new tonight: a water warning at a popular local boating spot. what you need to know about the parasite that's already left more than a dozen people sick. (pam) and next -- also new at ten:the busy bay area shopping center where an overhang came crashing down.. one witness telling kron-4: it is a miracle no one was seriously hurt.
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more than a half a dozen people were removed from the unlicensed care facility in the cole valley neighborhod. that's where we find kron 4's hermela aregawi.. hermela, you spoke with someone who lives there.. what did they tell you? hermela aregawi)the resident i spoke with has lived in the facility for about three months.. and he says he can't wait to get out.he describes the home as filthy.. and living there an absolute nightmare. robert brown says he spends most of his time outside.. and avoids the care facility he lives in as much as possible.he says the facility on the 1200 block of stanyan street is filthy beyond imagination. robert
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brown/resident at care facility raw food dropped on the floor. the same rag used to prepare food also being used to wipe off the floor. then back to food handling. washing dishes and uh general bacterial contamination mattresses on the floor. there is no food available for them. no medication available. they all need asistance. diaper changing. there was feces all over the floor this morning. it's been a rather nightmarish place. brown is one of a handful of residents left at the facility.friday morning, sfpd arrived at the home which appears to be people were taken from the location for medical care.and one person is being investigated for multiple counts of possible elder abuse. residents we talked to say.. robert brown/resident at care facility in the first 2 weeks i was here, 6 days out of those i was sick with intestinal food the moment there is no food in the refridgerator. there's no milk. there's a few stalks of celery. ostensibly food has been on schedule for the delivery for the past four days but we've received nothing.brown is looking for other places to live but says it's difficult to find a decent facility he can afford (hermela aregawi)the owner was not home and a manager would not allow us in.sfpd says no arrests were made.. but the facility is under investigation.reporting live in san francisco, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news.
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white house chief strategist steve bannon is out. rumors of bannon's departure have been circulating for weeks. the move caps off a rough week for president trump. bannon was reportedly ousted after angering the president over what he said in an interview. bannon contradicted president trump's north korea policy in an interview with the american prospect. but that is only one of the conflicts between bannon and president trump. sources say he was supposed to be fired weeks ago. for not meeting the power structure put in place by the new chief of staff john kelly. bannon tells the weekly standard quote: "the trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over" adding that he always planned on resigning after a year. bannon is expected to return to the far right breitbart web site.. (pam) tonight.... those opposed to a right- wing rally at crissy field next saturday .... are turning up the heat on the national park service. they want the park service
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to reject the permit request for the group called "patriot prayers". kron4's dan kerman has more on what the mayor and police chief are now demanding. at crissy field friday afternoon, a small group of demonstrators were back to let park goers know about their opposition to a planned rally by the group patriot prayer next saturday.soti don't want any violence in my city demonstrators are concerned the rally and the alt-right groups it will attract will incite violence. they are also concerned about that the group oath keepers has been asked to provide securitysot shannon bolt/ opposes park service issuing rally permit 27-32the idea of an armed militia coming to provide seucirty is very scary for a lot of us across town, another group of demonstrators holding a sit in outside the pacific west regional offices of the national park service. sot antonio everett/ opposes park service issuing rally permit 40-47we know now the people requesting these permits are rubbing elbows with people i'm
10:20 pm
conformable calling nazisthis group along with the other is calling on the park service to reject the group patriot prayer's request for a permit for a so called freedom day rally on august 26th at crissy field.sot tatiana tilley/ opposes park service issuing rally permit 100-105we just saw the violence they are interested in perpetrating in charlottsville, we don't want to bring that here.standup dan kerman/sf 105-115kron 4 news has learned both the mayor and the police chief have demanded that if the park service issues a permit, any and all weapons being banned from the rally site. the park service is set to make it's decision on permit by the end of next week. (vicki) a live look outside on this friday night... (pam) brittney has the four zone weather forecast..
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look for one more day of minor warming this afternoon as a ridge of high pressure continues to build into our region. minor cooling can be expected over the weekend into next week as an upper level low and shortwave trough move into our region. overnight clouds can be expected especially along the coast.
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(pam) still ahad:a father says... an i-phone exploded right next to his baby daughter. we have a look at the aftermath... and the injuries he suffered. (vicki) but first..the parasite that's already left more than a dozen people sick in the san joaquin delta.
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county-- a parasite has sickened at least 17 people reporter kay recede has more about the water parasite that is making people ill. a diarrheal disease has sickened at least 17 people in san joaquin county, with an additional 41 cases still unconfirmed.officials are urging families to take precautions in order to stop the spread of cryptosporidium. county officials would not say which pools were infected but they did say the ones that were have been cleaned.while setting sail on the san joaquin delta, stockton resident gary alexander tries to avoid swallowing any water. some people may find themselves avoiding the water all together after san joaquin county health officials reported the "crypto" cases. "crypto, also known as cryptosporidiosium; it's a very small parasite that infects humans and animals, other animals, and causes diarrhea," said dr. alfaro garza, public heath officer for san joaquin county. "normally, over many years, we've had like one a year, approximately."crypto might lurk in lakes, public and private pools and even in the delta."this is the sort of thing that's ubiquitous, it's everywhere," dr. garza said. "and not just in this county, as they say, it's national." garza said most of the cases they've seen are from people who have swam in multiple waterways."we have some children and we have older
10:26 pm
people, so probably the whole gamut," he said.garza also said the news shouldn't alarm anyone as long as they practice good hygiene, like taking a shower before and after a swim and keeping hands clean before preparing meals. "after a day in the water, you take a shower," alexander said. "just like a day in the ocean, you take a shower." crypto may last up to a month, but even if you've had diarrhea and don't know if it was crypto, dr. garza says it's best to stay away from pools for at least two weeks. county official say there are another 41 cases that are unconfirmed. (pam) coming up:a pregnant california woman says she was shoved to the ground by police. and now - we have the officer body cam footage. (vicki) and next:lots of people hitting the road to get the best view of the solar eclipse.. you might not believe just how much money some people are willing to pay.
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the solar eclipse. it's happening on monday.. (vicki) here in the bay area -- the moon will block about 80 percent of the sun... but in some parts of the country -- the sun will be completely blocked. this is the path of totality... starting around 9 on monday morning the eclipse will cross the entire united states from oregon to south carolina. (pam)
10:30 pm
the view from calfiornia won't be bad -- but a lot of people are traveling to see the full eclipse. reporter ali wolf caught up with people hitting the road. most people know by now.. mother nature is putting on a free show across the country starting monday morning...(nat) "this will all turn to crescents during the eclipse" you may not find anyone ámore excited for the total solar eclipse -- than ralph merletti. (ralph merletti - traveling to path of totality)"its the super bowl of astronomy" this educator and amateur astronomer has spent decades traveling the globe for a front row seat....(ralph merletti - traveling to path of totality)"i have been to four total eclipses of the sun.. and if i get this one it will be a high five!"ralph is heading to the path of totality - along the idaho-oregon border to see the full solar eclipse in all its glory.and he's got all the gadgets to capture the moment .... a telescope - binoculars - and even pinhole projectors ..(ralph merletti - traveling to path of totality)"this is entirely a roughing it type thing, im car camping"he knows, the road to the path of totality may be rough.... (ralph merletti - traveling to path of totality)"major problems will be gas supplies traffic and crowds."(jim mcalister - traveling to path of totality)"its gonna be easy to find! just follow the crowds"jim mcalister already
10:31 pm
has his camping spot reserved.. in southern oregon...(jim mcalister - traveling to path of totality)"sleeping bag, tent air mattress lights"his pickup is packed with essentials.."the mountain bike, thats the thing to have" for him its a "crazy" long awaited adventure..."when someone tells you this is probably a once in a lifetime experience... i think you should do it..thats my philosophy"for ralph its a way of life!for both men... the journey about 8 hours away... is well worth the roughly two minutes..when the moon completely covers the sun! (ralph merletti - traveling to path of totality)"astronomy is beautiful!"' . new at ten: just a little bit ago we checked in on hotel prices along the path of totality. in salem, oregon... one night at the residence inn is going for
10:32 pm
nearly two-thousand dollars. that's checking in the day before the eclipse.... salem is about a 10 hour drive from the bay area. idaho falls, idaho also in the path. a night at the econo-lodge is going for 789 dollars. the quality inn is 995 dollars. it would take you about 14 hours to drive to idaho falls. and casper wyoming will also see a complete solar eclipse. we found a days inn there going for 799 dollars for one night. casper is about an 18 hour drive from the bay area. (pam) and we are closely monitoring the four zone forecast for the eclipse. i'm here with chief meteorologist brittney shipp. look for one more day of minor warming this afternoon as a ridge of high pressure continues to build into our region. minor cooling can be expected over the weekend into next week as an upper level low and shortwave trough move into our region. overnight clouds can be expected
10:33 pm
especially along the coast. (pam) for a guaranteed good view of the eclipse -- watch it right here on kron4. we will have extended
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coverage on august 21st starting at 10 a.m. we will have cameras all across the country and the bay area as the eclipse happens. (vicki) another city is being sued by the woman at the center of the police sex scandal that has rocked the bay area. today the attorney representing the now 19-year-old woman alleges some of the officers had sex with her while she was a minor. as kron4's haaziq madyun reports -- the police department's top brass is also named in the complaint. that is how civil rights attorney john burris describes the alleged behavior of six richmond police officers named in a federal lawsuit against city of richmond. burris says the victim jasmine abuslin, fomerly known as celeste guap, alleges she had sex with some of the officers while she was underagethe details in complaint against the officers range from asking abuslin to flash her breast to having sex in a church parking lot near her home also named in the lawsuit are former richmond police chief chris magnus and current chief allwyn brown as the alleged sexual misconduct happened on their watch
10:35 pm
rights attorney: "our claim is really not just against the officers themselves but what the officers were allowed to do because in many ways if in fact the chiefs, commanders or sergeants were aware of it, did they in fact condone this conduct">three of the richmond police officers named in the complaint lost their jobs following an internal investigation. however the contra costa county district attorney chose not to bring criminal charges against any of the officers. burris says his focus is not on criminal actionsthe amount of damages for this claim are unspecified at this point. this lawsuit follows a lawsuit against police officers the city of oakland where a settlement was reached close to a million dollars. burris anticipates additional lawsuits against alameda county, contra costa county, livermore and san oakland haaziq madyun kron4news
10:36 pm
(pam) a police officer in sacramento is accused of throwing a pregnant woman to the ground... during an incident where they went to the wrong house. body camera footage from the july incident was released just yesterday. reporter sonsee-ahray tonsall has the latest. natsyou're looking at the moment zityrua abraham says sacramento police went too far. a moment she and her neighbors told fox 40 about exclusively the day after it happened.the
10:37 pm
moment she says she was tossed down on her seven-month pregnant belly in a raid of the wrong house.natsnow four days into the tenure of a new police chief... the body cam video fox 40 asked for a month ago... has been released. sonseeahray tonsall/reporter: "the videos have been released. you've been able to see them. what was your reaction looking at them?" zityrua abraham/woman in body camera video:"my first reaction was, i was shocked a little bit. i was just irritated."shocked and irritated because abraham doesn't understand why there's no straight on view of her hitting the ground when she took down the badge numbers of at least seven officers on can only see her on the ground as the image is reflected in the window of her apartment.on july 9th, officers say they were in fresh pursuit of a second suspect tied to a stolen car when they came to abraham's home... a suspect who was a violent felon.they spotted abraham's mother's boyfriend who turned out to not be their man.but at the time... they thought he was.when he ignored their commands... they say abraham tried to block them. sgt. bruce heinlein/sacramento police:"at that point one of the officers grabbed female by the arm, moved the female to the left. during that time, she fell to the ground." zityrua abraham/woman in body camera video:"i have a baby in
10:38 pm
my stomach, i'm not just finna (sic) just fall or exaggeratedly fall." sonseeahray tonsall/reporter: "...a pregnant woman. were the actions of the officers appropriate? grabbing her and puling her in an area you recognize had unstable footing?"sgt. bruce heinlein/sacramento police:"so i'm not going to go into what i think. i think that's part of the ongoing administrative investigation that's going on // you know, this was an unfortunate incident that occurred during a very fluid situation."zityrua abraham/woman in body camera video:"i got a one-year-old that lives here. we wasn't (sic) doing nothing but minding our business that day. i knew they were going to try to justify this whole - whole thing. right is right and wrong is wrong and that was wrong what they did - all the way around." (pam) that was sonseeahray tonsall reporting. none of the officers involved in the incident .. has been placed on leave.
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as of last year about 70 percent of consumers were receiving the chip cards from their banks and credit card
10:42 pm
companies. and while some retail outlets have been slow to get the machines that read the chips, many now have those machines and chip card transaction are definitely increasing. but now cyber security experts say a thief may find an opening because of a flaw in the chip itself. john goldsmith, cyber security expert, "there is evidence that they've not only fallen out of cards but they've been stolen or removed from cards." john goldsmith says be careful and pay attention to the chip - that's because this precious thing that holds your information is held on by a dab of glue there's some evidence that they've been removed and replaced with a chip that didn't work that was a dummy chip. what would typically happen is they would take that chip, they would put it in another credit card." he says if someone was able to steal your chip and attach it to another card, they might be able to make transactions and steal your account information - at least from that particular card. so the best advice, if you ever think someone has gotten access to your purse or wallet and perhaps tampered with a chip card, contact the bank or credit card company immediately. it may be a good idea to get a new card to be safe.
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10:47 pm
their three month old daughter were lying near the phone, which they say was not charging and hadn't been used for a while.deangela miller/iphone owner"we were just talking talking talking and something went pow. and i bounced up and i was like, aah! and i looked and the phone was on fire."curtis gilmore/iphone owner"so now there's smoke everywhere. and when i look it's fire, it's burning."the phone actually belongs to deangela's brother. deangela miller/iphone owner "so he picked up and just ran out with the phone and threw it out in the hallway. and i immediately called the fire department."d-c fire & ems says the fire was out by the time they arrived.the couple is grateful the three month old wasn't hurt.curtis gilmore/iphone owner"it could have been way worse than what it was. i could have had it up to my face, ear or anything. my daughter could have been right there. i could have been playing, taking a picture of her, blew up, her whole face that doesn't many any sense." (pam) an apple spokesperson says, the company will investigate to
10:48 pm
see what caused the explosion. (vicki) happening tonight... people are asking the question-- "should first responders have to pay tolls?" the question started in rhode island last week... when firefighters were returning to the station after putting out a fire. the first responders were not allowed to pass through because they forgot to bring cash to pay the tool. eventually, fire crews were allowed to pass. now people are questioning if first responders should have to pay that fee. according to rhode island bridge authority officials... all emergency responders-- including state police-- must pay a toll. (vicki) we took a look at the toll laws here in california... first responders are ánotá required to pay tolls. look for one more day of minor warming this afternoon as a ridge of high pressure continues to build into our region. minor cooling can be expected over the weekend into next week as an upper level low and shortwave trough move into our region. overnight clouds can be expected especially along the coast.
10:49 pm
two of the worst teams in
10:50 pm
baseball playing at a-t and tee park tonight the giants taking on the phillies. this young man brought a group of friends to the game to celebrate his eleventh birthday. bottom first -- pablo sandoval brings in the third run of the inning -- the giants take a 3-nothing lead (sandoval: 2 hits) in the third -- brandon crawford hits a 2-run blast extending san francisco's lead 6-zip (crawford: 10th homer of season) for the second straight game matt moore had a good outing -- zach eflin strikes out swinging (moore: 7.1 ip, 2 hits, 2 runs, 4 strikeouts) giants win 10-2 the a's opening a three-game series against the astros in houston. sean manaea gets rocked in the third inning -- jose altuve hits a back-to-back home run -- houston takes the lead 2- nothing in the sixth -- former a, josh reddick hits an r-b-i single to extend the astros lead houston wins 3-1
10:51 pm
the 49ers are getting the 49ers are getting ready to face the broncos at levi's stadium tomorrow night. john lynch was in a radio interview today... when asked about using the word disive to describe players protesting against the national anthem... he made sure to clear it up the controversy. listen to watch lynch had to say this morning about his comments on wednesday(sot: lynch) "i think these days on social media context is kind've taken out. but if i could take one thing back i would've changed that word because of the negative connotation, but i was really trying to make the point that our game should be a beacon for what our game can be and that's the only thing, and i have talked and had a lot of thoughtful conversations with people whom i respect in the last couple days and i hope i expressed myself a little better".
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
(pam) next at the top of the hour.the oakland fire department is mourning the loss of one of their own... he was shot and killed in san jose.tonight..what we've learned about the suspect who is now in custody kron 4 news at 11... all the day's big stories and your forecast, in half the time. (vicki) but firstsome drivers in one south bay city... are treating private propertylike their very own. find out where...people behaving badly is next.
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(vicki)as a rule of thumb when ever you drive onto private property like a parking lot for instance... most if not all traffic laws don't apply....(pam)however in very popular area in san jose, which is private property, things are a wee bit different . hey what are you delivering? what were you delivering? oh the uber (the what?) uber eats yes oh so this how you guys park ah yes haha alright when you enter santana row you are greeted by this sign . what you can't read it? don't worry apparently no one else can either however almost a5t the bottom in small letters it reads compliance with all applicable local, state or federal laws codes and statues including those related to traffic and parking is required so even thought santana row is considered private property . activating
10:58 pm
your park anywhere you want button still will not make your car invisible nats: ambiance just on olsen drive alone there were so many people stopping in the fire lane commonly known as the red zone . despite the no stopping signs posted throughout this driver was parked for more than 10 minutes with her park anywhere lights blinking at one point she runs into lisa's tea treasure you might know this but park anywhere lights are contagious once activated other cars are magically attracted to the host car and then you have more nats: ambiance this driver needed to pick up some packages from the wine shop he double parked as well now here is something funny this white van backing out of the loading dock nats; ambiance well, he really wanted to go to the parking garage he just saw the forst opening and went for it.. and yes there is plenty of parking in the garage infact that where i parked .
10:59 pm
just had to driver around for a bit nats: ambiance you just have to look for it visitor had this to say about the drivers her it's almost like living in san francisco but i don't live in san francisco this driver is not only in the red zone he is on the red zone and my favorite is the mad dash for making u-turns . remember this is a district so no u-turns . while santana row may be private property, it should be treated like a public street and drivenicey san jose stanley roberts kron 4 news (vicki ) now at 11. a final salute to jake walter...a fallen east bay firefighter.i'm vicki liviakis.. in for steve aveson. (pam) and i'm pam moore. 30-year-old jake walter and another firefighter were shot in san jose last night. authorities say, the two were at a party... when bullets started flying. ((vicki)) there is a suspct in custody . and as kron 4's charles clifford explains...that alleged gunman
11:00 pm
is in custody... after an all- night manhunt. the san jose police department says that 27-year-old san jose resident oliver juinio is facing murder and attempted murder charges for allegedly shooting and killing 30-year-old off duty oakland firefighter jake walter and wounding a second fire fighter who is now in stable condition at valley medical center.the shooting occurred thursday evening here along taylor street near the gordon biersh brewing company. witnesses say the attack on the fire fighters was unprovoked and investigators have not yet identified a motive.albert morales".....right now we don't really have a motive, it's still being determined, we just don't have a concrete understand


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