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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 19, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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tom cruise's stunt gone wrong. behind the scenes of his new mission impossible movie, slamming into a wall at full force. why the injury could spell bad news for the "top gun" sequel. then after taylor swift's emotional trial, what she is now saying about her big victory. plus, john mayer in tears over katy perry? his revealing new song that gets him so emotional, he can't even sing it. and you guys going to get married? >> is katie getting back together with orlando bloom? matching outfits, holding hands. where we spotted the pda on full display. then inside cindy crawford's malibu mansion. the "this is us" cast spills secrets about their favorite scenes.
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and the stars of "blackish" taketh to the carnival and on a special tour of their tv home. >> don't steal anything on jr. way out! plus, salma hayek's new movie stunt. we're kicking it with the sexy 50-year-old. >> really high. i can't do it all. >> now this is "entertainment tonight." >> what week it has been for tom cruise. his stunt gone wrong on the set of mission impossible has left the 55-year-old officially sidelined. and you know what? that could now mean big problems. not only for mi-6, but another big movie in the pipeline. the point of impact here, on top of a six-story building in london last sunday. the hard body hit resulted in broken ankle. it occurred when tom hit the mark at the wrong angle during a rooftop stunt. production is now on haitus until he makes a full recovery. in the dramatic footage, tom does pull himself up within seconds of impact. he limps towards the camera
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operate, waves his hand and pulls on the safety harness. after catching his breath, he is pulled back to the other side. tom can be seen holding on to a crewmember for support, then staggers off unassisted. paramount tells "e.t." the film remains on schedule, and will open next july 27th, adding, quote, tom wants the thank you all for your concern and support and can't wait to share the film with everyone next summer. and check this out. we obtained footage from an earlier attempt of the stunt. that time tom's torso hits the side before he hangs suspended in the air. he does not appear to be in pain or limp, once pulling himself up. >> how they allow you to do this with the insurance. >> i don't even ask. there are certain questions i don't want to no. >> tom is an action star that insists on always doing his own stunts. what were you thinking? >> i was [ bleep ]. you're thinking i don't want to fall, you know. i don't want to fall. but you're so focused at the task at hand. thinking summer, "e.t." was with the 55-year-old star.
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he discussed the stamina needed to complete another onscreen stunt, a zero gravity airplane scene in the mummy reboot. >> i feel it when i'm doing it. just physically draining doing that. you can't prepare for it. and you just don't know what's going to happen. >> tom is expected to be out of commission for six weeks, which variety reports could delay shooting on the top gun sequel that is set to premier in the summer of 2019. tom has been ordered to take it easy while he recovers. so also up in the air are interviews tom planned to do to promote his new movie, "american made" out next month. >> the united states drug enforcement administration. >> cruise plays a pilot working for the cia. >> welcome to bakersfield. >> the 55-year-old actor, who has his pilots license did his own stunts for that movie as well. >> three, two, one, action! >> this is behind the scenes footage of tom actually landing a plane in a suburban atlanta neighborhood. tom told us he has learned to embrace the fear. >> it's not like i'm -- you
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don't feel that that fear. it's just it doesn't stop me from doing it. i kind of enjoy that feeling. >> you know, movie stunts can be dangerous. and that was reinforced this week on the vancouver set of "dead pool 2." the self-proclaimed first african american female motorcycle racer and a stuntwoman died during a stunt gone wrong. ryan reynolds tweeted in part, we're heartbroken, shocked and devastated. production on the film resumed two days later, and ryan held a moment of silence with the crew. all right. let's turn our attention to taylor swift. she spent last week in a denver courtroom. etonline was there also. >> what's next for taylor with the trial behind her? >> you would have to ask taylor. >> taylor said former radio dj david mueller grabbed her under her skirt at a photo op during a 2013 denver concert. the jury deliberated less than four hours before finding mueller liable for assault and
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battery. taylor asked for and was awarded $1 in damages. she said she asked for that amount to really prove a point and to serve as an example for other women. >> not just a win, but something that can make a difference. >> taylor cried as the verdict was read and she quietly mouthed thank you to the jury. she exited fairly quickly and headed straight to the airport. once there, her team shielded her with umbrellas as she boarded a private jet. ♪ every day is like a bad joke >> in the meantime, mueller spoke out. he maintains he never groped taylor. >> i didn't do it. i never grabbed her. i never had my hand under her skirt. and i can pass a polygraph. ♪ now we got problems >> during closing arguments, mueller's lawyers told the jury her skirt is not disturbed. taylor was seen mouthing yes it is. swift, dressed in black, rolled her eyes while listening. she also appeared emotional, sitting beside her mom andrea
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who was in tears. taylor also wiped her eyes, blew her nose, and turned her entire body away, refusing to look at mueller's lawyer. >> swift's attorney quoted taylor's own testimony against former radio dj david mueller saying, quote, i am not going to allow you to make me feel like this is my fault, because it isn't. >> taylor had already won before the verdict was read. the judge had previously dismissed all of mueller's claims against swift, citing he didn't prove taylor got him fired when her team reported the assault claims to mueller's ex-bosses. >> now taylor later released the statement saying my hope is to help those who voices should also be heard. therefore, he will be making donations in the near future to multiple organizations that help sexual assault victims defend themselves. meanwhile, taylor's frenemy katy perry was making news this week. etonline's lauren zema is here, and she has the story. >> well, she reunited with her ex, orlando bloom.
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but uare they together together? >> that's what we want to know. >> that's the question. >> wearing matching black baseball caps, seemed very much back together about six months after calling things off. >> she is amazing. ♪ we fight, we break up we kiss we make up ♪ last saturday in l.a. at ed sheeran's concert, this looked like rekindled love. an eyewitness tells "e.t." they were holding hands backstage. at one point she sat on his lap and he held and hugged her from behind. reps for the pair wouldn't comment on the status of their relationship, but katy kept her balloon breakup and was all smiles, arriving to the concert with orlando on his bike. not sure if they got ready together, but they're were kind of dressed alike. her black shorts matched his jeans. his bright red socks very similar to her jacket. and our hearts kind of melted watching katy hold him tight as they got there. >> you and katy perry getting
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back together? >> after their can noodling session, orlando was hounded at l.a.x. he managed to hold a smile. all these paparazzi were interested in was that katy reunion. >> are you going to get married? ♪ >> marriage might be a stretch, especially since less than 24 hours after their pda fest, this happened. bloom, seen out with a blonde come pan kron in malibu. and another perry ex, john mayer just talked about his song, which sure sounds like he is pining over katy. >> i took it really hard. i was really, really sad. i was sad about everything. >> "never the day you left" is about an ex. ♪ since you last heard her sing". >> we did write a lovely song together called "who you love". >> and chops off her hair after a breakup. ♪ she'll cut her hair >> and that's my look. >> it's also on the same album with john's song "still feel
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like your man," which mayer confirmed is about katy. he wrote this latest song in 20 minutes after running into an ex. he doesn't name names, but he says it was very amicable. >> there is a line in there that is so brutal because it's so true. >> to fight for you. >> she'll fight for you like hell and then force herself to like some other man. that's what women do. they show up 100%. and then at some point, nah. and what they force themselves to do to get over you is so transformative, you will never see that whole person again. >> katy and john broke up in february of 2014. two years later she dated orlando. john says he was left feeling incredibly lonely. >> i can't play the song live because i don't think i would make it through it. every time i sang that line, i would cry in the middle of that line. >> could she ever rekindle things with mayer? remember, perry ranked him number one in bed. >> mayer and bloom?
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>> katy, that is forever etched in our memories. big "bachelor in paradise" news this week. we wanted to see what went on between demario and corinne. what happened, lauren? >> what happened is we did not get all the questions answered that we wanted. however, however, i scored an interview with demario, and i got a tearful earful. >> i feel guilty. because my mom, like didn't sign up for this. >> ultimately, do you feel vindicated today? >> yes. today i honestly can say that i feel like the public. they just wanted to say she is lucid, i'm lucid. we're swimming around. >> come on. >> i love that! >> corinne and demario hit it off instantly in paradise. but accusations of inappropriate behavior shut down production just two days in. host chris harrison was seen awkwardly addressing the
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incident on an empty set monday night. on tuesday night, harrison had a serious talk about consent. >> while you're here, please keep consent issues in mind. and actually, that goes for forever. but it definitely should be something we all talk about, something we all think about. >> but no one seemed to address the question what really happened. >> can i steal you for a minute. >> me? >> shut it down. just cut it. >> what we saw is you guys very early in the day go boo the pool together fully clothed. you're snuggling. so when did the incident happen? was it flatter the hot tub? >> the incident happened right after that. that's when we got a little more cozier, so to speak. >> i think corinne's people have said that the incident happened later in the day in a hot tub. >> and that's 100% false. >> on the same page here. >> corinne and demario's relationship was cut short. both have left the show. >> have you spoken to corinne recently? when was the last time you
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talked? >> no, no. we haven't spoke since "paradise." >> if she was here, what would you want to say to her? >> i love her. i'm there for her. stay strong. don't let the people who weren't there alter your judgment. >> oh, demario. >> he wouldn't say if he got a settlement from abc, but he does claim his relationship with the network is great. >> sounds like a settlement. coming up the "this is us" cast shows us their best emmy winning faces. and which star might flip a table to stay loose. >> i will pay good money to see that. plus, the stars of "blackish" prove why they're tv's funniest family. only we scored an invite to their onset carnival. >> all right. this prestige creams not living up to the hype? olay regenersit shatters the competition big hype. big price. big deal. olay regenerist hydrates skin better than creams costing over $100, $200 and even $400. for skin that looks younger than it should.
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here is the interesting thing there is a special new guest star, sly stallone. leanne aguilera was hanging with the crew, spilling secrets about the newbie on their set. >> we just worked out with stallone. i know! it was really fun. a picture of you punching him. >> i know. it was all his idea. because i would never be so presumptuous. >> sly doesn't do anything but be sly on set. >> you included him in your push-up ball? >> not yet. but uif you want some. he can get some. i ain't scared of nobody! i'm just kidding. i am actually scared of him. >> sly shows up in episode 3 as justin hartley's in a war movie. how does jack die? >> wait until september 26th. there will be a giant hint as to what happens with jack. >> we were with the entire cast, milo showing off a new mini man bun. and with the show up for ten emmys, we got some secrets
9:16 pm
behind system of our favorite scenes. >> when you're running into randall when he is having his panic attack, how much running were you actually doing? >> i bet you i ran a mile and a half total in dress shoes in the rain. yeah, there was a lot more running than i thought. >> take us back to the pilot. when you're filming that terrible towel scene. your bum is out. >> i wasn't nervous about only having a small piece of fabric in front of my manhood. i was okay with it. >> if they called "this is us" is one of the most outstanding drama. show me that face if you guys win. >> just going to have to wait and see if it is or isn't or is or isn't or is. you can either lose like this, or you flip a table and like come out of your mouth. >> going to do the teresa? >> oh, my gosh. he will not. >> where is a table to flip? >> but i want to see that. i will pay good money to see that. >> feel like they could really do well on september 17th. so could these two.
9:17 pm
anthony anderson and tracy el sis ross from "blackish" are both up for emmys. nischelle turner was partying with them, exclusively at the johnson family's crazy carnival. >> this is a carnival. this is blackish, carnival. >> they just might be the most fun family on tv. >> for me to have my own entertainment news show. there you go. yeah! >> the fun slide looked fun until i finished last. [ screaming ] i think you did it. >> the series has four emmy nominations including acting nods for anthony and tracy. a group of fans at the carnival were lucky to get a personal tour of the set from mr. anderson himself. >> come on in. welcome to the "blackish" house. this is the centerpiece of every house that i've ever been in. any questions? no questions. okay. tour is over. thank you, guys. appreciate that.
9:18 pm
>> but the host had a bit of an interruption. >> tracy ellis! >> i mean, seriously, what is taking so long? >> babe, i'm sorry. i'll meet you in the bedroom in a minute. let me just get rid of these people. no. >> i think anthony needs some manners when he invites guests into his tv house. >> security! there is a girl, security, security! there is nothing to see her, ma'am. nothing to see here, ma'am, keep it moving. all right. don't steal anything on your way out. nischelle turner, come take a picture with me. not now, me and you. come on in here. security, this girl is here again. >> the comedy is on a new night in fall on abc, and the stars wanted to make sure everybody knows it. ♪ tuesday nights, tuesday nights at 9:00 ♪ >> october 3rd. all right. on the way, salma hayek talking
9:19 pm
about everything from cooking for ryan reynolds and blake lively. >> i love my blake so much. >> to looking like this at 50. then channing tatum's special surprise for his fans. >> i'm not lying, mom. this is channing tatum. >> she is not lying, mom. >> inside kevin hart's unlikely bromance with bryan cranston. what secrets are they keeping, and what's getting out? >>
9:20 pm
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daniel craig, will you return as james bond? >> yes. [ cheering ] >> all right. you heard the man. daniel craig finally confirming to stephen colbert this week he will be back as 007 for bond 25. it should be fantastic. but for now, daniel starring alongside channing tatum and logan lucky is out this weekend. it's all about a robbery at a racetrack. just think oh, nascar meets "oceans 11." and meanwhile, channing has
9:22 pm
really put the rubber to the road promoting this new comedy. >> what's about to happen? >> there is a cook in the back that it was her birthday. we decided to just walk back and sing her happy birthday. ♪ happy birthday to you >> she was already what is happening. this is weird. >> you're logan lucky. you get a free harley. >> what? >> i'm not lying, man. listen, this is channing tatum. >> she is not lying, mom. >> oh my god, mom. >> mom, i do have to apologize. i did give your daughter a motorcycle. >> she is a horrible driver. oh no! >> during the three-day road trip, channing surprised fans across the south. he even toured a lumber mill and learned how to take down a tree in an ecofriendly way. >> as soon as you cut into here, you're going to hear a crack. don't let the tree fall on you or you're going to die. >> back on the road he busted out his magic mike moves with a gas station attendant. and shared a few moves with
9:23 pm
nichelle at the knoxville premier of his movie "logan lucky". >> they're going to know what we want them to know. >> wife didn't make the trip, but you got to love a guy who didn't pass on a chance to brag about his lady. >> ulove that you are all both your biggest champions. >> people haven't seen what she can really do. she is so beautiful and sort of small and elegant. but there is a beast inside. and no one knows. sooner or later people are going to get to see it. >> all right. from these two, to these two. salma hayek and ryan reynolds. their new movie "the hitman's bodyguard" is out this weekend also. last week salma posted this shot holding blake lively and 10-month-old baby. you can see ryan in the background. our carly steel asked salma about crashing ryan's world, and especially his kitchen. >> we're very good friends with ryan. >> okay. >> because his wife. i love my girl. i love my blake so much. we work together before. but we keep in touch.
9:24 pm
actually, she is the won that convinced me, told me to come to this film. >> really. >> so ryan got salma to come over, cook, baby-sit, and he signed her on to his new movie "the hitman's bodyguard." smart man. >> i heard you wanted to do all your own stunt. >> they were looking at me well, now the old lady has to sit around and watch someone else do the stunt. i said i'm sorry, i don't think so. let me give it a try. >> i felt so good that i did it. the next day, of course, i paid the price. i continue to pay the price for a whole week. i was so sore, so many bruises. but i would do it all over again. >> really high. >> i hope everyone is seeing this. really high. that was like -- >> all the sort of things that you wouldn't believe. >> if i train or get in shape in advance, i can do it all! >> and in the film, ryan is also getting physical.
9:25 pm
>> kill 150 people. >> 250 easy. >> did you ever imagine you would be samuel l. jackson's bodyguard? >> you know, my third grade teacher predicted this early on, mr. peterson. he knew. i always wanted to do a movie with sam. a proper live action film. we've done an animated movie together. this is great. >> their first pairing was in "turbo." >> are you a car? >> no! >> now for their second team-up, sam plays a gun for hire. and it's ryan's job to protect him. >> on three. one -- >> my bad. >> your bad? >> any time i felt unsafe, human shield right here. i just got him right in front of me and pushed forward as fast as i could. ♪ and i >> the trailer features whitney houston's iconic song from "the bodyguard." and in the movie, both ryan and sam get to sing. ♪ >> whose falsetto is more bad
9:26 pm
ass? >> he has a beautiful baritone. >> horrible. >> you could have been one of the brothers. >> yeah, that's true. i could have been a bee gee. >> what are they actually saying when they go ♪ >> yeah. >> let's talk about the bromance between kevin hart and bryan cranston. we saw it on the set of their new movie "the upside." next month, they'll both be busy promoting it at the film festival. but kevin is gearing up for another baby, this one, with one with his wife. kevin posted a collection of wedding photos to celebrate his one-year anniversary. he and aniko also jetted to cabo for a baby move. she is about six months along. hart's got a new movie playing care taker to bryan cranston's wheelchair bound millionaire in "the upside." it's a love story between two straight men. >> bryan likes me. let's just start there.
9:27 pm
>> what's it been like working with kevin and forming that bond with him? >> he and i have drawn close. we really have. we've become friends. the guy is hyper disciplined. he comes in and he makes people laugh. he just lifts the spirits of the set to where the long hours are still long, but a little easier. >> but there might be trouble in paradise because bryan's impression of kevin has gone viral. >> ah, ah! >> but that's how you reacted when you found out that your wife was pregnant. >> you know what? first of all bryan's got some nerve. that was confidential, okay? the things i talk to you about bryan are between you and i. now to find out you got this impression running around town and people are talking about. >> that's not the only secret bryan is sharing about kevin. >> he takes little cat naps on the set. he works himself so hashed he'll sit down on a chair.
9:28 pm
>> in between and i woke up that fast. >> fall asleep now, my friend. i think you forgot what it's like to have a newborn in the house. don't worry, it's on the way. all right. straight ahead at home with cindy crawford and her daughter. what you never knew about the model mom. >> what's your favorite thing about your kids? >> they're amazing. >> whose interview is this anyway? then ricky schroeder's girls all grown up. now growing up supermodel. >> i say a little bit more than i probably should have. closed captioning provided by -- one laugh, and hello sensitive bladder.
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9:32 pm
taylor said she counter sued for that amount simply to prove a point, and, quote, serve as an example to other women. taylor's mom andrea cried as the verdict came down. she teared up and mouthed "thank you" to the jurors. next, number four. is "american idol" in crisis? >> three, two, one! >> the show began its orlando and portland auditions thursday with just one confirmed judge. >> my dream would be rihanna and tim mcgraw. >> but it's luke ryan and lionel richie who are the rumored front-runners to join katie. reportedly lionel is asking for $10 million. lionel is asking for $5 million. katy is the subject of our number 3 story spotted with orlando bloom, sparking this exchange. >> you and katy perry getting back together? >> orlando managed to hold a smile. >> you and katy, you going to get married? >> it seemed like a stretch. less than 24 hours after their
9:33 pm
pda fest, this happened. bloom seen without a blonde companion in malibu. number two, brad pitt back to work. looking tan and fit on the l.a. set of his new sci-fi movie, it's the first sighting of the 53-year-old since we heard his divorce from angelina was put on pause. our source says it was for the sake of the kids, but there isn't a reconciliation in the works. the children haven't been seen with brad on set, but our source tells "e.t." he comes to work in a good mood, prepared, on time, friendly. he is always ready to work. and our number one story this week, tom cruise injured on the set of "mission impossible: 6." it occurred during a rooftop stunt in london. paramount pictures tells "e.t." tom broke his ankle. known for doing his own stunts, he's told us he has recovered from similar injuries before. >> i've broken my nose a couple of times. i've gotten teeth knocked out, broken fingers, my ankle and bunch of different things. but it comes back together
9:34 pm
rather quickly. >> go to for the latest. also, this week supermodel mom cindy crawford revealed a lot about her private life. she gave vogue a tour of her malibu home and gave interesting answers to their 73 questions. >> clad in jeans and a flowing white shirt, the supermodel gives awes look into her incredible mansion. we're loving the white themed decor and kitchen. to die for. >> what is your favorite food? >> caviar. >> favorite dessert? >> chocolate. >> your most memorable runway show? >> versace in '91 when all of us came down the runway lip-synching to george michael's "freedom." >> she was joined in that iconic strut by naomi campbell, linda eadvantage -- evangelista and christy turlington. ♪ sometimes the clothes do not make the man ♪ >> you get it.
9:35 pm
>> her husband was out of town, but presley and model daughter kaya make cam owes. >> what is your favorite thing about your kids? >> that we're amazing. >> whose interview is this anyway? >> sorry. >> this is not the first time we've seen inside casa gerber. the couple gave mary hart a tour of the ocean front property in 2014. >> as our kids have gotten older, it's even greater to have all this. because they love having their friends over. >> crawford's office is coffered with photos of her, and maybe the best thing we learned from her session, well, how to take the perfect selfie. >> don't put your chin up. keep your hips to the side. and smile. >> chin up, what? so easy. it's so natural. by the way, speaking of stars and their model offspring, this week lifetime premiered a new reality tv series about celebrity kids who are growing up supermodel. we talked to the gang who have some very famous last names. >> so nervous, my hands are
9:36 pm
sweating. the air conditioning blowing on my armpits. >> ricky schroder's little girls are all grown up and molling now. >> my mom always taught us to be kind and to treat everybody well. and our dad told us to work hard. so i think a combination of their two advices. >> growing up super model followed the schroders and a group of celebrity kids trying to kick start their modeling careers. no topics are offlimits including ricky's divorce from his wife of nearly 24 years. >> very scary. your most personal problems to whole world that is going to be watching that was nerve-racking. >> when my hair isn't done, no makeup, i feel like steven seagal. and when i do my makeup, i feel more glam like kelly, i tried to keep my daughter away from the business. >> kelly lebrock and steven seagal's daughter grew up with her mom without a tv and out of the spotlight. >> my relationship with my d.a. dad unfortunately isn't the
9:37 pm
best. he is not going to be so thrilled to hear that. >> other hollywood heirs include boxer oscar de la hoya's daughter and supermodel beverly pea's daughter. with that many famous families in within place, there is bound to be drama. but it's not coming from the kids. >> i think my mom accidentally started. >> attacked me. >> 100% the parents. >> it just gets so good, you guys. >> you can check out new episodes of "growing up supermodel" wednesdayed on lifetime. sometimtill to come, prince diana in her own words. five suicide attempts as she struggles with bulimia. the secret tape news revealed. and one-on-one with priscilla presley on the 40th anniversary of elvis' death. how his grandkids are celebrating his legacy. >> now t
9:38 pm
9:39 pm
9:40 pm
welcome back, everybody. i am in memphis, tennessee at elvis' beloved graceland. this week marks the 40th anniversary of the king's death, and his ex, priscilla presley is honoring his legacy in a big way. and we got the exclusive. >> never thought he would pass. just never, ever had that in my mind. >> elvis was just 42 when he passed away in the home he loved. >> and it's still, it's still unbelievable. >> it is. >> because it was so much a part of our lives, my life. and my daughter's life. and everyone around him.
9:41 pm
>> priscilla and elvis' daughter lisa marie helped mourners light their candles at the candlelight vigil by the king's grave site. lisa marie was with her son benjamin who looks a lot like his grandfather and her 8-year-old granddaughters. >> now they hear in songs, oh, that's elvis, that's elvis. i love that song. >> today graceland is a successful museum. but when elvis died, his estate was in financial trouble. it was priscilla who decided to preserve his legacy. so he always had this dream? >> to keep graceland, absolutely. and what when i was told that we couldn't afford the taxes in state, and that we should probably sell it, i said there is no way we're going to do that. they said that elvis would be forgotten in six months. so i then had to roll up my sleeves and go on a path of my own to start finding help to keep it. >> a private man when he was home in memphis, these rare movies of his daily life are
9:42 pm
treasured by his family. do you ever just go back and look and say oh, i forgot than. >> i do. but we didn't really have that many. because home movies, he had given me a camera. and he didn't really like pictures taken, because so many people would take pictures of him. we didn't have social media. we didn't have selfies. can't even imagine elvis doing a selfie. it's not like him. >> and priscilla is involved in the show elvis live in concert where fans to gte to see him projected on a screen accompany bade orchestra. it's a 12-city tour and wraps this weekend in ft. lauderdale. now to 20th anniversary of princess diana's death. a new documentary aired recently heard recordings of diana from journalist andrew morton's best-selling book. here is diana in her own words. >> realize that the individual who is crucifying herself inside. >> diana secretly recorded the
9:43 pm
tapes in kensington palace in 1991, six years before her tragic death in a car crash. interviewed by a trusted friend, it's a raw confessional on her struggles with bulimia, postpartum depression, crippling anxiety, her five suicide attempts, even the isolation she felt on william's christening day. >> it's all excited around me. thence pictures of somebody, bulimia, everything was out of control. >> very ghostly in a way. it's very poignant to hear the voice from the grave of this sad, deeply unhappy young woman. >> he sat me down and will you marry me. >> at the time the tapes were made, the world still believed in her storybook marriage to prince charles. diana was in cries. charles was in love with another woman, camilla parker-bowles, remarried in 2005. >> i heard him on the telephone, whatever happen, i'll always love you. and i told him -- >> when she married prince
9:44 pm
charles, she really thought she was marrying the fairy tale prince who was going to protect her forever. he was in love with somebody else, and the family was very unnourishing and very cold. >> tina brown wrote the forward to the documentary companion book, which aired mondayed on nat geo, "diana in her own words" is truly that. no other interviews, no narration, just the princess of wales telling her side of the story. >> i think the tape reminded me again of how much she has been through and how painful it had all been for her, actually. >> well, the fascination with the people's princess will continue all month long with six upcoming specials stateside alone. on the way, in the kitchen with gordon ramsey. how the swearing chef gets around the sensors. >> we know that you can get a little heated, gordon. then guy fieri takes us on the road. the new show with his family packed into an rv. >> now we go to commercial.
9:45 pm
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>> in the other, diddy. what has these two friends facing off in the ring? >> diddy and i have always had this competitive thing. plus ll cool j gaves us the scoop on his spin-off show. and an exclusive. tareq takes us inside his son's birthday party. monday on "e.t." now jennifer lawrence wants to have wine with you. >> it will be great. we'll hang out. drink some wine. maybe we'll call your ex. maybe we'll call my ex. >> drunk dialling with an oscar winner? not quite. the invitation extended on j-law's 27th birthday is through a charity fundraiser. >> i know what you're thinking. you probably can't tell the difference between a review of a great wine and a review of one of your movies. and that's rude, and weirdly really specific. >> well, since it is her favorite beverage, bring on the drinking games. >> full bodied, strongly grounded, simply sensational. i hope that's about a cabernet and not my breast.
9:49 pm
no? it wasn't about -- somebody called me full bodied? it's a movie review about "joy." i guess that's nice. >> a nice way of putting it. >> majestic and intent without being loud. that's definitely not me. i'd say that's a sauvignon. i'm an alcoholic! >> still charming as ever, she is the girl you want to hang with. >> classy and generous while remaining elegant and subtle. me! [ buzzer ] i'm a little relieved if it had dinged, i would have seemed like a real jackass. serious? one more time [ bleep ] goodbye. >> and this is the magic of chef gordon ramsey on "held's kitchen." now he is hosting a show called the f word. and that show is live. no do-overs. so how in the world does gordon curb all that cursing?
9:50 pm
well, nischelle turner got in ramsey's kitchen for this exclusive. >> how do you not have the sensors going bananas on the f word? because it's live. and we know you can get a little heated, gordon. >> doesn't even look like a [ bleep ] potato. rubbery. come here, call ought a ticket. >> i get straight to the point. with the kids have to be more careful around that point. so what do i do? when a naughty word comes out, we have alternatives. >> ooh imgoing to eat my words. it's delicious. >> gordon was around plenty of kids while cooking for them at jessica biel's hollywood restaurant oh fudge. the father of four was a natural with them and with me as we whipped up something sweet. >> when everybody else, turkish and cool came from. matilda has her own now. to be honest, do i cook at home? not when you have four amazing chef there's doing that for you. >> well, one of gordon's day
9:51 pm
jobs master chef junior just got him an emmy nomination. so who better to ask for some cooking advice. >> say i want to impress a fellow. >> right. >> or you want to impress your wife, what is that go-to meal? >> when you eat on a date for the first time, you're looking in each other's guys. you don't want to negotiate a big mouth of food. something with finesse. >> that's what i have been doing wrong. >> giving that tomahawk with a the bone-in rib eye and they run for the hills. delicate, dainty, light portions. >> delicate, dainty and light. all right. well, this guy definitely doesn't follow that rule, guy fieri. for ten years he has been crisscrossing the country in a sports car to hunt for some of the best meals on diner, drive-ins and dives. now he is changing things up a little and is bringing his whole family along for the ride in a very appropriate vehicle. only our nischelle turner got to climb aboard. >> we're here in california in guy fieri's rv. >> 5200 miles of asphalt from
9:52 pm
sonoma, california, to miami, florida in this 42-foot posh custom cruiser, complete with marble countertop, a ceiling fan, and a full-sized shower. >> it has a really nice bathroom. it's got a full fridge. >> this is nicer than my fridge at home, just so you know. >> if you don't have the locks on it, everything opens. >> the nice digs made the four-week family road trip a little easier for wife laurie and hunter and ryder to say yes to. >> so did he have to talk you into this, or were you all for it? >> okay. >> now we go to commercial. >> i wanted to go to yellowst e yellowstone. and he is hey, how about we turn this into a whole film production. oh, so not only are we not going to yellowstone, we're going in the opposite direction. >> holy-moly. >> the whole inspiration for the
9:53 pm
trip was a road trip i did with my parents. we tell story after story after story about that trip. i always had it in me i wanted to take my kids and do this. the entire trip i'm going to teach that kid to cook. >> do you like to cook? >> yeah. i don't do it as much as he does, but i'm definitely learning. i love it. >> they make plenty of stops along the way. >> y'all hungry? >> and barbecue on an epic scale. >> look at that setup. >> it really puts you together with your family. and you get to see things you haven't seen. >> from here. >> that's nuts. >> now guy and his son hunter went to extremes on this trip. i want you to check them out skydiving in texas. bucket list, 13,000 feet, 138 miles per hour
9:54 pm
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promo considerations provided by -- look at all those stars celebrating birthdays this weekend. john stamos is 54. demi lovato is celebrating her 25th birthday. amy adams, 43. also want you to take one final look at your choices. which "friends" star was a top ranked tennis player? that is matthew perry, who is 48 this weekend.
9:57 pm
monday an "e.t." exclusive. in this corner, mark wahlberg. in the other, diddy. what has these two friends facing off in the ring? >> diddy and i have always had this competitive thing. plus ll cool j gives us the scoop on his lip-synch battle spin-off show. and a flip or flop exclusive. tareq takes us inside his son's birthday party. monday on "e.t." okay. we're almost out of time this weekend. but for all the late-breaking hollywood news, check out okay. before we go, check out the new video from pink for her new song what about us off her upcoming album beautiful trauma out in october. next weekend on the 27th, pink will perform at the mtv vmas. well-deserved. enjoy the rest of your weekend. goodbye. ♪
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(justine) now at ten. bullying at school. one east bay teenager tells kron 4 news... when school starts on monday... she will have to face the classmates who sent her anti-semetic text messages. (justine) good evening, and thanks for joining us tonight at 10... i'm justine waldman. (jr stone) and i'm jr stone. an east bay family, says their daugther has received anti-semetic text messages from classmates. and that the alameda unified school district is not doing enough to protect their daughter. (justine) tonight kron 4's ella sogomonian is live at alameda high where this happened. ella what are the parents demanding? .


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