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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 21, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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president's new policy in afghanistan.reaction to the announcement just a two hours ago.whoosh"what are we looking at?"a jaw=dropping solar eclipse lives up to its hype... and if you didn't wear those protective glasses, you might want to hear what we found out,whooshthousands of alt=right supporters invited to san francisco's crissy field this weekend.tonight what city officials are doing to keep it from turning in to another charlottesville whoosh parents in one east bay community are frustrated with local school's setting this city back in every directionyou're watching kron four news in prime time. (steve) president trump outlining his plan for america's longest war. and it may include more troops on the ground in afghanistan.(steve) thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson.(pam) and i'm pam moore. the
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president spoke just two hours ago. we brought his speech to you live here on kron-4. in his address to the nation, he talked, not only about fighting terrorism abroad, but about healing wounds at home ... a statement which come in the wake of the recent racial violence in charlottesville, virginia.
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(steve) the president went on to say american military will no longer try to
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rebuild afghanistan in our image...saying quote "those days are over" following president trump's speech. the - former chair of the state party gop tom del beccaro joined us in our studio to talk about the president's plan and avoiding specifics about his strategy (steve) in conclusion..president
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trump warned he was not offering a blank check of u-s support -- he insisted afghanistan will have to continue to show strides toward addressing persistent issues like corruption. (pam) if you were not able to watch the president's speech live here on kron-4. you can watch the entire speech at kron-4 dot com. we also have our political analyst's reaction on our website. and stay connected on breaking news developments as they happen... with our free mobile app.
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(steve) our other big story tonight. the nation turns their eyes to the sky. as a total solar eclipse crosses the united states.(pam) from coast to coast .... millions of people went outside to watch it happen. darkness turned to light for people in the 'path of totality'. a cruise ship in the atlantic ocean captured that moment ... as people took pictures with their phones. in portland, oregon, the sun appeared pink during the eclipse. and a spectacular view from casper, wyoming. (steve) vicki liviakis is here to begin our coverage of what tuned out to be a surprisingly emotional day for many americans. (vicki) yeah it's surprising how many people said they were touched by the first solar eclipse to cross the country in a century. the seventy=mile wide path of midmorning darkness took three hours to move from oregon to to south carolina. nattaiko drummers warmed up
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the crowd in salem, truth, the celestial show didn't need any hype;natwhat are we looking atdarkness returned just a few hours after was the most spectacular two minutes of our's something i'll never see portland, tinfoil hats set the denver, it was paper idaho, eclipse tsotchkes .and across the country, priceless memories "we don't have a lot of chances to see things like this. this is a once in a lifetime.""why i come from france to see only one minute -- the circle."hopkinsville, kentucky, had the longest totality ... a full three minutes of darkness.the eclipse moved west to east at different speeds ... 24=hundred mles an hour on the west coast, slowing to 14=hundred over kentucky and then speeding up again over south carolina."the whole sun was covered by the moon and then it went really dark and then uncovered. that was just really amazing"i think it's actually a good moment for the country. we've had such bad news the last couple weeks. just to have a moment where we can talk about something celestial, something universal, something quasi scientific-spiritual -- i think that's a good thing. it's a nice thing to share for a minute. coast to coast, crowds came together.very emotional. got very choked up. was it worth the trip?was it worth the almost eight hour drive? i'd do it again tomorrow.
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(steve) new at 8 millions had their eyes to the sky to see the solar eclipse. but let's be honest, not everyone had on those special solar glasses needed to protect their eyes.(pam) so .... what will happen now, if you ignored all the warnings kron 4's justine waldman looked into this today she is here now with the answer... justine.. (justine) this photo of president trump briefly looking at the eclpise without glasses made the rounds today. so, if you did take a quick peak at the sun you are not alone.. but damage done by staring at the sun... is irrevesible.
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(justine) other optometrists i spoke with today told me... they were getting a lot of calls into their offices from people concerned about burning their eyes... after looking at the eclipse. if you wake up tomorrow and notice blurred vision or perception problems... call your eye doctor and make an appointment to get checked out. (steve) in some parts of the bay area --- fog and clouds threateend to spoil the eclipse. but not for this viewing party behind the fremont library about 150 people gathered to gaze at the eclipse. for two hours prior -- they lined up to get a pair of glasses. the library gave out about four hundred pairs. but some watched with homemade devices.
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it was the first eclipse for some people on hand...and they say it did not disappoint. (pam) people living and working in san francisco's potrero hill.... were among the lucky ones who got to see the eclipse. a break in the fog let those folks with glasses watch the partial eclipse. others used a colander.. in order to see crescent shaped shadows. all were in awe of the special experience-- saying, they felt lucky to be able to watch.. (steve) from outer space to the friendly skies... we are getting a look at how the eclipse looked if you "áweren'tá on the ground..(pam) about 100- lucky people got a closer look at the eclipse from 35-thousand feet up. alaska airlines chartered a special flight... off the coast of oregon for the event. scientists, journalists, and two lucky contest winners watched from their airplane seats. one father on the flight with his twin daughters said, watching it was like seeing the sun set and rise.. all within three- minutes.
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(steve) and from space nasa captured some spectacular shots. this satelitte video shows the moon's shadow as it moved across the country. and the silhouette of the international space station could be seen during a partial eclipse in wyoming. there is a crew of six onboard the i-s-s. including three nasa astronauts. they tweeted out this photo saying millions saw the eclipse -- but only six people saw the umbra or moon's shadow over the u-s from space today. (pam) all morning we brought you live coverage of the total eclipse... and you can re-live the moments of the eclipse ... at kron-4 dot com .. and on our free mobile app. there you can see views from the 'path of totality' across the nation. and find a viewer gallery of pictures taken in the bay area. ahead at eight.. a bay area rapper found on the ground... after being shot several times. what police are saying tonight about the shooting. plus.
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east bay parents rally in the streets. demanding action be taken now to tackle an overcrowding problem in classrooms. and next. as san francisco braces for a potential alt-right rally this coming weekend... authorities also have a plan to counter that rally.
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away from a so called freedom rally at crissy field which city officials say is sponsored by the alt-right. (pam) and while the u.s. park service still has not made a final decision about issuing the group called - "patriot prayer" ... a permit... san francisco is still making plans for counter protests, which are slated for another location.(steve) kron 4's dan kerman is live tonight at san francisco's civic center with more on the city's plans. in hopes of preventing a repeat of the charlottesville clash between white supremacists and their opponents the city of san francisco is planning to host
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two counter protests at civic center plaza, more than 4 miles away from patriot prayers crissy field rally that's set for saturday afternoon.sot ed lee/san francisco mayor 17-27we think that will help by not engaging and therefore dignifying the patriot movements and their hate message and their violent message. we think that's the best alternative.monday the mayor met behind closed doors with a cross section of san francisco leaders as well as event organizers. the plans call for a political rally friday at noon on the steps of city hall so residents can speak out on the issues of race and hate. saturday at noon more of a family event... titled san francisco peacefully unites against white nationalists.sot (lee) for people who want to express alternative principles, inclusion love, all the values that are valuable and reflect san francisco values.sot megan rohrer/pastor, grace lutheran church 102-112the day will
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begin with music and no political rallies a place that's safe for kids and there will be lots of events around the space.while this event and other are set for the civic center, there are still at least two groups that plan to show up at crissy field and face off against hate groups saying "the time for passive tolerance is over."san francisco's police chief has been advising the national park service about ways to keep the crissy field event safe should they issue final approval. sot (lee)the foremost condition on any permit if they are insistent on issuing one is no weapons concealed or otherwise.
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(pam) oakland rapper -- charles williams-- known as "keak da sneak"-- is in stable condition after being shot early this morning. it happened around 5-30-this morning ... at a gas station on carlson boulevard and imperial avenue, in richmond. police say, they found the 39-year-old rapper on the ground front of the gas station suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. williams was taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery. authorities believe williams was targeted. police are reviewing surveillance video from the area. no information about the suspect has been released. (steve) the man who police say shot and killed an off-duty oakland firefighter last week has officially been charged. oliver junio is accused of fatally shooting 30- year-old jake walter and injuring another off-duty officer. the shooting happened in downtown san jose near 9-th and taylor streets-- at the gordon biersch brewery.
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junio has been charged with one count of murder and two counts of attempted murder. he is expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow - kron four news will be there and will have updates tomorrow night at five. now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o.(steve) kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp is here now with the forecast cooler than average temperatures, especially inland, will persist through midweek with low clouds in the overnight and early morning near the coast and in the valleys. an inland warming trend is then likely late in the week and into the upcoming weekend as high pressure builds back over the region.
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new ahead at 8, hear from a passenger on board a flight where a man tried to open a plane door mid-flight. (pam) and next. caltrans is speeding up demolition of the old bay bridge. how the accelerated timeline will impact your traffic commute. ((gary sports tease)) ((steve)) here's what we are tracking new tonight at nine...people are celebrating today's eclipse in all kids of ways.
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perhaps none as this. the eclipse-themed "baby buntings"...and the new born who will always remember this day because of the name her parents gave her.that's new tonight on kron 4 news at nine.
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date for removing the remaining foundations of the old eastern span of the bay bridge... is being moved up to this coming november.(pam) a move cal-trans engineers say, will save the project $10- million dollars. cal-trans says.. it will also reduce the chances of potential harmful impacts on the environment. but it may affect traffic. kron4's haaziq madyun has the story.
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caltrans engineers are accelerating the anticipated completion of removing the remaining 13 marine foundations of the east span of the old bay bridgethis is caltrans demolition emplosion animation. bay bridge chief engineer brian mahoney says the previous small scale demolitons went so well, the demolition group was given the green light to step up the pace of removing the foundations caltrans department manager of the project says speeding up will not increase the odds of harming marine life in the bay stefan galvez/caltrans: "we also work very closely with the marine mammal center and they take reports of any stranded seals and none of it was reportedhowever the demoltion schedule will impact the flow of traffic on the bay bridge with the chp using rolling traffic stopsthe pedestrain and bike path will also be impacted. it will be closed for a full week prior to each of the six implosionsthat first closure of the bike path will start the week of august 27. followed by closures every other week until the final implosion on saturday november 11 that is barring any set backs
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sunday">in oakland haaziq madyun kron4news (steve) johnson and johnson will pay a california woman more than 400-million dollars to settle a claim that the talc their baby powder caused her overian cancer. the 63 year old woman developed cancer after using the baby power since she was 11. she testified that had there been a warning on the product. she would have
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stopped using it. the company has no legal obligation to put such a label on its product. johnson and johnson will appeal the jury's decision. thousands of similar cases are going through the courts right now. and back in 20-12, a jury in saint louis orded 110- million dollars be paid to a woman who got ovarian cancer after also using the talcum powder. ahead at eight.. the lone fugitive in a terrorist cell .... shot to death by police how spanish police tracked him down. plus. the secret service has already blown through its annual budget. why it's costing more to protect president trump. and next. parents and students fed up with overcrowding at an east bay high school. and demanding action be taken now ((brittney tease))i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp. coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break.
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upset in one east bay school district because of overcrowding.... and hundreds are planning to protest at a school board meeting tomorrow. (steve 2sh kron 4's gabe slate met with the district to find out what they doing about packed schools. nats - rally parents took the streets on sunday in dublin to protest overcrowding at the high school. nats - rally dublin high school is up to just under 2800 kids. and it's projected there will be atleaset 5,000 high school students by 2024. parents i spoke with during monday afternoon pick up here told me they want another high school now. sound from raymond / parent of dublin high school student - " it's the one bad thing about this city.. one high school"raymond has a freshman here and he hopes by time his other two other daughters get to high school the overcrowding issue will be solved. sound from raymond / parent of dublin high school student - " once they get a 2nd school everyone will be happy"sound from michelle mcdonald / dublin unified school district "dublin one of fastest growing cities in california" michelle mcdonald is with the dublin unified school district she says relief is on the way sound from michelle mcdonald / dublin unified school district " we are building a new k-8th grade that opens next fall.. that will help take
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pressure off "in the summer of 2016 the city passed bond measure which gave the school district $283 million dollars to help with expansion. the district plans to build a new high school. but parents here feel like it's taking to long sound from raymond / parent of dublin high school student - " it feels like nothing happens.. they have been talking about this for years" i spoke with the parents behind this webstie and group dubliners united who are pushing for this second high school to come sooner than later. they said they plan to have hundreds of parents show up to protest the school board meeting tuesday night in dublin michelle says the district is committed to building a new high school and they welcome parents to the meeting sound from raymond / parent of dublin high school student - " so at tomorrow's meeting the board of trustees is going to sort out a budget and figure things out.. and they are also going to make decisions on allocations of bond money.. but a new high school has always been a priority and don't see that changing. " in dublin gabe slate kron 4 news.
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(pam) coming up on the 'new' kron four news at 9 tonight.. we will hear more from students attending dublin high... about the problems overcrowding causes in their day-to-day routine at school. that's tonight on kron-4 news at 9. (pam) a big story we are following tonight... spanish police say, the suspected driver of the van in the deadly barcelona terror attacks... has been shot and killed.(steve) police say 22-year-old younes abuyaaqoub (uh boy uh cube) plowed through pedestrians on the las ramblas promenade last thursday, killing 13 people. (steve) after an international manhunt-- two officers found abuyaaqoub hiding in a vineyard outside barcelona. authorities say when the officers asked abuyaaqoub for
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identification... the suspect flashed what turned out to be a fake suicide belt. that's when the officers opened fire. catalonia authorities say all 12 members of the extremist cell responsible for the terror attack have all been accounted for. eight of those members have been killed. (steve) the secret service has already blown through it's annual budget.(pam) and that may mean some agents will be working overtime without pay -- unless congress steps in to meet the shortfall. as it stands right now, in 8 months, president trump is now on pace to surpass president obama's spending on travel .... for his entire eight- years in office.. that could be because president trumps' details are taxing the secret service in unique ways. for example, instead of going to camp david -- where military security is already in place... the president frequently goes to the resorts he the trump's have a large family-- 18 members in all-- they travel often, and need protection wherever they go.
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(steve) turning now to our four zone forecasta live look outside at the golden gate bridge.(pam) our chief meteorologist brittney shipp is standing by with a warming trend that is heading our way cooler than average temperatures, especially inland, will persist through midweek with low clouds in the overnight and early morning near the coast and in the valleys. an inland warming trend is then likely late in the week and into the upcoming weekend as high pressure builds back over the region. still ahead at 8. and next. a passenger tries to open an airplane's exit door mid-flight. other passengers describe the chaos and how they safely. got to the ground
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still ahead at 8. what new mothers should hear about a new study on putting your baby to sleep and next. a passenger tries
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to open an airplane's exit door .... mid-flight. other passengers describe the chaos ... and how they safely got to the ground tonight at 9 where's your glasses (we don't have it) ha (we don't have the glasses just sun glasses) you know you can't just use sunglasses (where going to do the selfie) we spend some time in foster city and actually try to help some people see the eclipse safelyohhh look in the next edition of people behaving badly
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(pam) a man tried to open an exit door in mid- air..... on an american airlines flight saturday. the alleged perpetrator was stopped... and later detained at minneapolis - saint paul airport. reporter jeff wagner tells us how the airline was able to handle the situation. natsot: airportnavigating through the airport can sometimes feel like an
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adventure.but frequent flyer richard munassi will tell you it's a lot calmer on land... than what he experienced saturday in the sky.natsot: plane take off richard munassi, witness:"there was a lot of yelling and screaming. i thought perhaps two of the passengers maybe got into a fist fight."the scuffle he says he heard was actually passengers trying to stop this man in sunglasses from opening an exit door mid-flight - as the airplane was descending. richard munassi, witness:"and it wasn't immediately after letting us know we were in descent it was a couple of minutes afterward so he had a plan to open that door as we were getting close to the ground."other witnesses say this man in the purple shirt was one of the passengers who subdued the man who was reaching for the door handle - until flight attendants were able to help.reporter: "how do you feel the fight attendants, american and police handled it?"richard munassi, witness: "very smooth. i think american airlines did a great job with especially the pilot of the plane, kind of keeping everything in order and keeping everyone calm."munassi says the pilot quickly landed the plane.richard munassi, witness:"everyone was dead quiet on the flight. you could cut the tension with a knife." and once safely on ground, several officers escorted the man off the flight. richard munassi, witness:"dead quiet the whole time, no emotion in his face."roughly 24 hours later, munassi was back at msp, ready to hop on another plane like he does so often. and despite what happened during his last flight - he's carrying no concerns on board with him.richard munassi, witness:"honestly i'm just happy i'm here today and nothing happened to our flight. i'm happy to be here."
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(pam) an airport spokesperson says, the investigation was handed over to the f-b-i. the bureau has not released more information so far. the incident happened on a flight from los angeles to minneapolis - saint paul. (pam) in sports... the best two coaches in pro and college football.... make it clear they have little interest in the solar eclispe...(steve)... and the a's are in charm city...but the orioles were not too charming... gary has the highlights... and all the sports... coming up
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did he slide around the tag?... no!... he is out at the plate 1-0 a'sbottom 5th/ 2-1 oriolesjonathan schoop lines one all the way out for a 3-run home run off chris smoth 5-1 orioles(schoop: 27th home run)1 pitching change and 2 pitches later adam jones goes deep off ryan dull back-to-back homers for the oriores 6-1 balitmore (jones: 4-for-4, 2 home runs) final: 7-3 oriolesboog powell (came over in yonder alonso trade) ht his 1st major leaue homerun for the a's meanwhile the giants in action at home against the milwaukee brewersright now... the little league world series in williamsport, pennsylvania
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the players taking in the eclipse with their special glasses before the gameand this is unusualgreat lakes pitcher jack jones breaks the camera behind home plate on a warmup throwtake another look as the kid from grosse point, michigan smashes the lenseand jones' team went on to beat a team from italy 11-7 basketball hall of famer and oakland native gary payton was asked today about kevin durant saying he would not visit a trump white house and if he would go if invited today payton gave his answer whilte he signed autographs and took selfies with fans "right now? probably i wuoldn't. probably i wouldn't. but you know, it's just like he's saying, it's like what he's saying, he don;t like who's in office, so that's his choice.i went through the bush era, so i'm good. i wish i could have gone to the obama era, but i didn't (laughter). it is what is is" "did you have a beer with bush?""no i didn't. i damn sure didn't
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(laughter)" alabama begins #1 in the country in both the a-p and coach's college football polls and 14th in both polls are david shaw and the stanford cardinal. last year the cardinal went 10-3 beating north carolina in the sun bowl they finished 12th in both pollsrounding out the top 5 in both polls are ohio st., florida st., usc and defeding national champ clemson
8:49 pm
alabama football coach nick saban and patriots football coach bill belichick you wouldn't figure to be into the solar eclipsebut the media still asked them about it anyway with expected answers "we'll set it up so if the players want to get some sunglasses and go out there and look at it i guess they can that's not something that i'm really focused on right now. the weather channel every day," the coach said saturday after a scrimmage at bryant-denny stadium. "they're already saying what it's going to look like in every city in america. so what's going to be significant?"are you an eclipse guy? i mean doesn;t this interest you at all?""uhhhmmm... i mean that's great. (laughter)" and tiger woodsreportedly has
8:50 pm
threatened to sue the website "celeb jihad" if it doesn't remove the graphic selfies of the golfer that appeared on the site. several celebrities were hacked and had nude pictures appear on the website including skier lindsey vonn who previously dated woods. woods and vonn dated for nearly three years before splitting up in 2015. back issues have kept woods out of action for most of the 2017 season.
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coming up next at 8 it's been expert advice about newborn sleep for years --- however nearly half of parents ignore it. and it could be dangerous for their baby,
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(pam) for nearly a quarter- century, experts have been advising parents to put newborns to sleep on their backs.(steve) according to the c-d-c -- it reduces the chances of sudden infant death syndrome and other sleep- related deaths like suffocation. in a study published today in the medical journal pediatrics -- after a years-long effort to raise awareness, turns out only about half of mothers in the u-s follow the advice all the time. the two main critiques of back sleep were the fear that the baby might choke and that it's less comfortable than having them sleep on their stomachs, however since the back-sleep campaign started --- sids deaths have dropped by half.
8:55 pm
(pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(steve) but the news in prime time continues with grant lodes and vicki liviakis, here with what's next on kron 4 news at 9. ((grant))that's right guys.... it's the nation's longest war...and the u-s has a new military strategy in afghanistan...((vicki)) president trump..making it official in a speech to the nation we carried live right here on kron 4.coming up...his plan to go after terrorists, which countries he's calling on to step up...and new tonight, what members of the afghan community here in the bay area have to say about the tonight at nine.messages of hate littered around one bay area police are investigating.we talk to a man who stubbled upon a disturbing flyer near his home.a live report is just minutes away. ((vicki))keep it right here..kron 4 news in primetime continues at the top of the hour. last weather and goodbye
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several military goals in afghanistan....calling isis and the taliban.. "terrorists, thugs, criminals, predators" and "losers." thanks for joining us on kron4 news at nine in primetime.. i'm vicki liviakis (grant) and i'm grant lodes. the president wrapped up his speech about three hours ago. we brought you his speech live right here on kron 4. without going into specifics, president trump recommitted the u-s to the 16-year war..reversing his call for a speedy exit.((grant))from our partners at cnn... emily schmidt break it down for us from washington. we are not nation-building again, we are killing his most signifigant national security speech to date president donald trump sought to define why his presidential plan for us involvement in afghanistan differed from his calls as candidate to leave the country. "my original instinct was to pull out, and historically i like following my instincts, but all of my life i heard that decisions are much different when you sit behind the desk in the oval office."trump laid out goals for us involvement --


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