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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  August 23, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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a new manufactored home to the family. that should be ready for them in two to three months. su is vietnamese like the victim's and their families. he said when he met with the family who lost their home he realized that a monetary donation wasn't going to do it. ---todd su/donating home :28/out this familyi realized what my mother always said to mealways remember where you came from and how you're supported through the community. so knowing that and unfortunately i lost my mother three weeks ago so i know she'd be proud that we were able to help this family. i'm told there will be a service here tomorrow and cleanup should start later this week. i talked with the victim's family members. you'll hear what they had to say tonight at 10. live in san jose j.r. stone kron 4 news.
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(vicki) el cerrito police are looking a man they say tried to sexually assault a woman yesterday. it happened around 6-45 last night on stockton avenue and balra drive. according to police... the suspect grabbed the woman and tried to assault her. that's when the woman screamed... scaring the suspect... who then took off on foot. this is a picture of the man from surveillance video. police say neighbors heard her scream and saw the man run out of the area. authorities say the suspect was gone by the time police arrived. if you have any information on this crime... please contact el cerrito police. (grant) oakland police are asking for your they try to solve a double homicide that happened last august. today oakland detectives
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called on the help find the killers of 22- year-old terrence mc-crary and 20-year-old craig fletcher- cooks. both men were shot to death last year at a party on 15th street in downtown oakland. investigators say the shooting started after fletcher-cooks tried to protect his girlfriend from 4-men who started harassing her. police say there were about 300 people at the party.... and someone saw something... a third victim was critically injured during in the shooting... but survived. oakland police and crime stoppers are offering a $25-thousand-dollars reward for information leading to an arrest. (vicki) a bart train operator is recovering from head injuries... after she was attacked by a passenger at the dublin-pleasanton bart station.(grant) and, as kron four's philippe djegal reports... that passenger has now been banned from bart. the attack happened just after 11 o'clock tuesday night. bart says as a train
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operator here at the dublin- pleasanton station was walking up and down an out-of-service train, conducting a sweep... she noticed 30-year-old myron mixon, of oakland sleeping in a seat. when the operator tried to wake mixon up... bart says he punched the operator... a woman... who fell and hit her head.jim allison/bart- "the safety of our riders, the general public and our employees, is our top priority -- everything else is second." bart police officers were able to track mixon down. he was placed under arrest and issued a prohibition order, says bart spokesperson jim allsion.jim allison/bart- "since about four years ago, we've been using prohibition orders in certain cases to ban people from 30 days to a year, depending upon the offense. uh, so that they don't return to bart and they don't, uh, create problems again and again." an assault on a bart employee is also punishable by up to three years in state prison and or a 10-thousand dollar fine. the train operator was taken to a hospital for treatment. as for mixon... he's been booked on battery charges at the santa rita jail. his bail is set at 25-thousand dollars. and, he is due in
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court thursday. in pleasanton, philippe djegal, kron four news. (vicki)contvo the national parks service has given the green-light and granted a permit for the patriot prayer rally - that's scheduled for this weekend at san francisco's crissy field. the parks service says it is honoring the group's first amendment right to express their opinions ánon-violently. kron four's dan kerman is at crissy field with how the city is preparing for this weekend rally... to prevent any violence from breaking out. sf on crissy field permit 0823179pkgsotdon't engage these folks. there's always a chance that we don't know what will occurdespite objections from the city the u.s. park service says patriot prayer can hold a rally at crissy field saturday afternoonsot ed lee/san francisco mayor 15-22this is not a welcomed permit that they are issuing, we do not welcome thisin a statement the park service said its law enforcement
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branch believes "issuing a permit will increase their ability to ensure public safety." not so says the mayor and he is encourgaing counter demonstrators to avoid going toe to toe with the group at crissy fieldsothonor our request and to not dignify people coming here under the guise of patriot and prayer words to preach violence and hatred and incite violence. that is their purpose in a concession to the city, the park service has agreed to ban all weapons in the rally area sot bill scott/san francisco police chief 100-105what we need thepublic to know is they are not allowed to bring handguns into this areathe list of banned items goes well beyond firearms also banned ammunition, large backpacks, explosives, helmets, pepper spray, sticks, toy guns, weapons of any kind, and any other items determined to be potential safety hazardssot there will be checkpoint and we will screen for weaponssan francisco police chief bill scott would not say if there would be metal detectors at crissy field entry points, but said san francisco police will have major presence to keep the peace.sot there's a lot of good things coming into the san francisco rally. i'm extremely excited about iton his facebook page joey gibson of patriot prayer posted "constitution prevails, permit has been granted."sot joey gibson/patriot prayer 147-157 they're taking the security very serious. there will be
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large, a huge separation between protesters and supporters, so that is good standup dan kerman/sf 158-210 that patriot prayer rally getting underway at 2pm on saturday.. counter demonstration sponsored by the city both friday at noon and saturday afternoon. at crissy field dan kerman kron 4 news. 213/std (grant) just across the bay... berkeley is also bracing for an alt-right rally... and counter protests
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this weekend. the "no to marxism in america" rally is scheduled for sunday. at the martin luther king junior civic center park starting at 1:00 in the afternoon. a counter protest is scheduled earlier that day at u-c berkeley's crescent lawn....that is just a few blocks away from the alt-right rally. berkeley has seen a few voilent demonstrations this year, like this one in in april...between president trump's supporters and anti-trump protesters. city officials, congresswoman barbara lee and others are urging ácounter-protesters to stay away avoid violence...but they're aware that people on both sides may very well show up despite that request. (vicki) president trump is on his way back to the nation's capitol after making a trip out west. the president called for national unity during an event in reno, nevada today. this comes less than 24 hours after a fiery campaign-style speech in phoenix. president trump spoke to veterans at the american legion national convention today. he also signed a bill...streamlining
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the veteran's disability claims process. during his speech, the president discussed the military's diversity...and that people throughout the nation should try to emulate their behavior. this was a drastically different tone than his speech yesterday in phoenix. president trump threatened to shut down the government if congress does not pay for his proposed border wall. he also attacked the removal of confederate statues, saying it is taking america's culture and history away. president trump blamed the media for the backlash over his past statements about the deadly violence in charlottesville.
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speier - blasting president trumptoday in an interview at kron4...with our own catherine heenan.(grant) representative speier is also calling the president "unhinged" -- insisting that a never-used mechanism of the 25th amendment... now be invoked... to throw him out of office. it's likely that will not be easy to do....but speier says it's something her colleagues should be talking about... congresswoman jackie speier - many of my colleagues both republicans and democrats, feel very strongly that the president is ill-equipped to do the job. but no one is willing to come forward and say it. so i guess i'm the little child saying that the emperor has no clothes.but we have to start this conversation. we either have to make sure that the people around him will rein him in..and he cannot call out kim jung un and talk about fire and fury and not expect has to learn to use diplomacy. (grant) if the 25th amendment
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is invoked...the vice- president and the cabinet would step in to take over president trump's responsibilities. you can hear all of catherine's conversation with the congresswoman on our website - kron four dot com... speier talked about topics ranging from the noise problem at s-f-o -- to the weekend alt right rallies planned for the bay area. not expecting much change in weather conditions heading into thursday as temperatures remain slightly below seasonal averages with overnight and morning low clouds. a warming trend will then begin friday and extended into early next week as high pressure builds over the region. by sunday and monday, very warm to hot daytime temperatures will be possible across inland areas.
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(grant) coming up on kron4 news at nine... fire crews on high alert in the sierra tonight... as they monitor wildfires... the unusual weather patterns people in the area are already seeing and why it could spark more wildfires...(vicki) plus... more hate flyers popping up in one east bay community... find out what a person found written on a sticker at a synagogue... (grant) and demonstrators gather outside the n-f-l headquarters in new york to support colin kaepernick...
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hear why many say he is being pushed out... kron4 news at nine continues on prime time...
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...wants a meeting with nfl commissioner roger goodell discuss the fate of colin kaepernick. the association wants to discuss first amendment rights surrounding the former niners quarterback ... "kaep" of course, chose not to stand for the national anthem last year to protest the treatment of people of color, particularly by police. the n-double- a-c-p claims because kap hasn't been signed by a team this year...the league is black-balling him, and making an example out of the quarterback. (grant) and tonight protesters gathered in new york...outside n-f-l headquarters-- lending their support to quarterback colin kaepernick. they, like the n-double-a-c-p...want a team to give kap a chance at making a roster.
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(grant) today kaepernick's foundation revealed he has just given away another 100-thousand he works his way to one million. that's the amount he pledged to give to organizations that promote equality and social justice. to date, he's given away 800- thousand dollars. (grant) and one of the biggest legends in sports history is coming to kaepernick's defense... tonight hank aaron, who many believe is baseball's home run king...says the former niners q-b is "getting a raw deal" and called on an nfl team to give him "a chance to do his thing." hammerin hank
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aaron said he experienced intense racism in the mid 70's...when he passed babe ruth as the all-time home run leader. (vicki) in the east bay... police are investigating another hate crime aimed at the jewish community. a synagogue in piedmont found messages of hate on the front of their building. the messages were put on the front glass sign at the kehilla community synagogue last thursday. the executive director at the synagogue says it included racist messages towards black people. he says despite the hateful messasges, he plans to continue to focus on the synagogue's fight for racial and social justice. (vicki) police are looking at surveillance images from around the area to track down whoever did this. in the meantime, you can expect to see extra police patrols around the synagogue. (vicki) this is the third
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hate crime in the east bay this past week... earlier this week we told you about hate fliers on a street in alameda. fliers with swastikas were found at a sidewalk on sherman street on sunday. they also showed a woman wearing a hijab with a threatening message. and last week, vandals smashed windows at temple israel in alameda. police have not yet made any arrests in these incidents. (grant) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero...(vicki) joining us now is chief meteorologist brittney shipp... not expecting much change in weather conditions heading into thursday as temperatures remain slightly below seasonal averages with overnight and morning low clouds. a warming trend will then begin friday and extended into early next week as high pressure builds over the region. by sunday and monday, very warm to hot daytime temperatures will be possible across inland areas.
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(grant) hundreds of lightning strikes have firefighters in california's high sierra keeping a close watch for isolated wildfires. reporter dennis shanahan shows us the unpredictable weather in the tahoe area. time-lapse video of storm clouds billowing over the high sierra is fascinating to watch from a distance.but you do not want to be outside underneath
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one of these with nowhere to take shelter, as we saw over the weekend in this video showing boaters on lake tahoe dealing with golf-ball sized hail.some tourists we met at emerald bay told us thunderstorms made for difficult afternoon driving. nats:'i stuck my hand it. it was so hard that it felt like hail but it looked like rain.' 'scary to drive through?''oh yeah.'these tuesday thunderstorms produced hundreds of lightning strikes throughout the sierra, especially near the california- nevada border raising fire concerns.battalion chief jim drennan/ south lake tahoe fire and rescue:'obviously california has had a very active fire season.'battalion chief jim drennan of south lake tahoe fire and rescue says we've been fortunate with most of this summer's thunderstorms.battalion chief jim drennan/ south lake tahoe fire and rescue:"this year it's been more wetting rains lately. we haven't had a lot of dry lightning." unfortunately these tuesday storms did produce some dry lightning.while we were speaking with battalion chief drennan, firefighters just over the ridge were dealing with a series of suspected lightning-related fires in western nevada.battalion chief jim drennan/ south lake tahoe fire and rescue:"we may be
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sending an engine down there shortly. so i may have to cut this short."one fire just south of spooner summit was very small.helicopters were dropping water on it.another threatened businesses in carson city earlier in the day, but firefighters knocked it down quickly.and to the east of carson city, a massive smoke plume is rising from an unpopulated desert wildland area. and even though there were no fires reported in the mountains closer to lake tahoe, firefighters say lightning could hit a tree today, but start a wildfire much later.battalion chief jim drennan/ south lake tahoe fire and rescue:"days and days really, because they can just kind of smolder in the duff. and so because of that we can see a fire start up long after the storm came through." (grant) dennis shanahan reporting. while most of california is no longer experiencing drought conditions, fire officials are warning people ahead of the upcoming labor day weekend. they are asking people to be cautious and safe... because things are warm and dry out there. (vicki) still ahead... a woman steals 18 bottles of liquor by stashing it in a unique place... and it was all
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caught on camera... and amazon is getting into the education industry... the new tool that helps kids in grade school with writing skills... new tonight at ten....san francisco's crissy field likely to be the scene of the latest showdown between the alt right...and counter protesters...tonight meet a bay area rapper scheduled to perform at the patriot prayer rally.find out why he says he's not being used as a political pawn.that's tonight on kron 4 news at ten.
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tonight in 4 your money... you could make an argument...there's nothing as exciting as having your first baby... also nothing as expensive as bringing a kid into this crazy world.(vicki) budgeting for child care
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should start even before your bundle of joy arrives. experts recommend taking the time to research child care. talk to your employer-- they may have programs to help find child care. maybe even subsidize or discount care from certain providers. consider splitting the cost of a caregiver through a nanny share. don't forget to check out churches and other local non-profits. they may offer day care for less than the cost of private child care businesses. (grant) as your kids grow... so do their education needs. the tech industry is begining to venture into the field of education. amazon reveals its "ten-marks writing" program. it's a tool that helps design elementary writing curriculum. the program includes writing exercises, lesson plans and assignments, and a digital assistant to give personalized feedback to students. the tool costs four dollars per student per year. (vicki) as amazon makes its way into new industries... walmart and google are teaming up to compete with the
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e-commerce giant's shipping industry. shoppers will be able to order hundreds-of- thousands of products from walmart by voice using "google assistant." that's the program that runs "google home"... similar to amazon's "alexa." "google assistant" can also be downloaded to your phones. the idea hinges on the idea that busy shoppers will let artificial intelligence organize their shopping carts for them. (grant) still ahead ahead on kron4 news at nine... it's the most famous house in america and tonight we're getting a behind the scenes look as the white house at officials reveal new renovations...(vicki) plus... a dog goes missing from a pet grooming salon. how the dog managed to get loose... coming up... (grant)topvo and after the break... more statues coming under fire tonight... find out why some people in the south bay christopher columbus statue taken down...
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two huge confederate statues in charlottesville, virginia are now covered with black tarps. city leaders decided to cover the monuments of robert e. lee and stonewall jackson. they say the move is meant to signal a city in mourning...after the death of heather heyer...(grant) the 32-year-old was killed earlier this month when a car plowed into a crowd of demonstrators... who gathered to oppose a rally of white supremacists... and other right-wing organizations. charlottesville city council members say that despite calls for the statues to be removed,
9:30 pm
the courts won't currently allow it... because of an injunction. the tarps will remain on the statues until further notice. (vicki) back here in the bay area... activists are taking aim at the statue of another controversial american historical figure. (grant) this time it's christopher columbus... and the battleground is city hall in san jose. kron four's rob fladeboe is in san jose with details on what's going on. jose villarreal/san jose brown beretsjose villarreal of the san jose activist group brown berets says that christopher columbuswas more villian than hero and that this statue of the italian explorer ought to be removed from the lobby of city hall as soon as possible. jose villarreal/brown berets "...having this statue at city hall is akin to having a statue of hitler in jerusalem, it's unbelievable.....the brown berets say that columbus was guilty of genocide and enslaved indigenous people and his statue should not occupy such a prominent public place. defenders say columbus was far from perfect, but he advanced technology and contributed to the founding of america nonetheless. leave well enough alone says dave persinski of the italian-
9:31 pm
american heritage association. dave persinksi/italian- american heritage assoc. "....we have a statue of quetzaquatl in our saint james park and at the same time columbus was exploring the new world the aztecs were enslaving people too so where does it end..."it seems like we've been here before. another columbus critic once attacked the statue with a sledge hammer. now, sounding a theme that has led to the removal of several civil war era statues from public property across the country, more than 1000 people have signed the brown beret's on-line petition calling for the removal of this statue. jose villarreal".....they go hand in hand, whether it's here in or in charlottsville, all injustice is bound together and it's the duty of every person in every country to speak out and take action against injustice and that's what were doing here in san jose...."
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(grant) an oakland woman has filed a complaint with the california veterinary medical board after her dog went missing from a pet grooming salon. it happened at "after hours grooming" on park boulevard around 4:30 friday afternoon. the groomer says she believes that the one year old yorkshire terrier named saucey slipped out of her restaint, jumped off the grooming table and escaped thru a small hole in a door. saucey's owner and her family confronted the groomer today about the disapperance and because they feel she
9:33 pm
hasn't helped look for the dog. they say saucey is like a member of their family. (grant) the pet groomer says she has had other people looking for the dog, rather than herself. she says because she's been threatened on social media about the dog's disapperance she has had other people looking for the dog, rather than herself. saucey's owner is offering a five-thousand dollar reward for her return. (vicki) new tonight at nine.... the white house is unveiling new renovations to the oval office and west wing. kron 4's washington correspondent mark meredith is at the white house with a
9:34 pm
behind the scenes look at how the project came about. it's the lobby where america's most powerful politicians wait. and today it's got a cleaner, brighter, new look. the white house is showing off its refreshed west wing lobby. in the roosevelt room, there's new carpet, furniture, and perhaps most noticeably: two new giant gold colored american eagleswhite house media affairs director helen aguirre fairs."its once again a confirmation that where we are is such a special place, and the white house is the people's house, and everyday we're very conscious of that" staffers tell us they can also feel a difference, thanks to new air conditioning. government officials say the old system was well beyond its life cycle.these renovations, while years in the making, are not cheap.the general services administration tells us the carpet replacement alone - cost just over one million dollars. but it's the room with the least amount of changes that's getting the most attention.the oval office now sports new wallpaper.the gold stripes of the obama-era are gone.white house officials say president trump picked the new design. it comes from york wall coverings in york, pennsylvania.we spoke to the company's president by phone.
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"so we actually interrupted we were doing, we located the cylinders, we basically had less than 24 hours turn around, same day we basically printed the stuff and hand delivered it"president trump is expected to make more changes, including a new rug, later.but staffers say they're thrilled with the improvements they've seen so the white house, i'm mark meredith. (grant) a high school student in milwaukee was arrested after beating up his teacher during class.(vicki) the attack...was captured on cellphone video...take a look. "damn!"(grant) the student was arrested at school later that day. milwaukee public schools says they cannot comment further on what happened... because it is a police matter...
9:36 pm
police say the case against the teen should be handed over to prosecutors as soon as possible. he could be charged with battery to a school district official. (vicki) shocking new surveillance video shows a brazen female shoplifter stashing 18 liquor bottles in her purse, pants and bra. police in louisiana...are trying to identify this woman, who they say only paid for one bottle. the video shows the woman casually walking out out of the store where she appears to smile and laugh. officers say several other people are involved. police are now offering three-hundred dollars for information on the woman or anyone else in the video.
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. this is the new comfort food. grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. for years espn has been the
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unchallnged sports bible but in recent years they let go of most of the creative high priced talent on their sportsdcanter shows...last week the created quite a storm when a fantasy football drfat plpacedan all white audience bidding on black athletes..the apprarance was that of a slave auctionthe latest announcer robert lee has been removed from broadcasting the university of virginias first football game next month because he has the same name as conderate general robert e. lee. the recent tragdy in the school city of charlottesville triggered by the white supremacit....left espn in their words to remove the
9:40 pm
broscaster becausde of the coincidence of his name. certaionly i'm in no position to question....a ntework that has been so successfulm throigh the years...tion evo..........confidence.but to remove this innocent bystander simply because he has the same name as a cobdfederate general in the 1800's speaks to running scared. if you are lucky enouigh to work in this profession you realize the only way to be successful is with backing from your owners and management. this young guy is in no position to question what happned but as espn continjues to read opinions about how their studio shows have become a cookie cutter..non innovative play it safe entity....they might want to think about robert lee taken off a broscast because his employers appear to have lost their
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coming up(are you serious) you understand about the new legislation that is being passed in hawaii about texting and being on your phone while you walking in a crosswalk i warned you and now there is an announcement my announcement is this stanley roberts thank you very much nope that's not it..ill explain in the next edition of people behaving badly
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county supervisor is crediting stanley roberts for helping the county push for a new state law ((vicki)) people glued to their phones while walking down the street...could soon be a crime. and it's all because of what stanley captured with his
9:44 pm
camera... there is a problem in the bay area, and it has to so with distracted walking which is anything that takes you eyes off your surroundings like recording video in a crosswalk excuse me my name is officer mckenna im with the broadmoor police department so you understand that being on your phone can you step on the sidewalk so you're not in the middle of the roadway (are you serious) so you understand about the new legislation that is being passed in hawaii right about texting and being on your phone while you walking in a crosswalk so it's distracting the bigger point is you gotta pay attention to the cars (when you're crossing the street?) it's not illegal in californa its just something to keep in mind thank youi warned you that on day a law banning distracted walking might be coming to california so here's san mateo county supervisor david canepa
9:45 pm
my announcement is this stanley roberts thank you very much . wait that's not the announcement . here the deal we met in broadmore village an unincorporated section of san mateo county which is inside daly city at 87th street and village lane an area where when school is in session .it's a dime short of chaos.. wheather it kids crossing the street how was your summer .or the dreaded anti ticket lights you know why i'm stopping you? you had your park anywhere lights on just because you put your hazards on doesn't mean you can obstruck the flow of traffic where with this kind of problems everyone needs to pay attention . let's try the supervisor again we're doing a resolution which controls the vehicle code to move forward with legislation to ban distracted walking to make a long story it could become illegal to text and walk in
9:46 pm
california just like in honolulu . so all the people texting and crossing the street on el camino real and b streetreally quick i noticed you were on your phone the entire time while crossing the street you're aware of the new law in hawaii right where you cant walk and text and be on your phone (wait, that seriously) those conversation could come with tickets .but want do bay area peeps think about that i think that's good because a lot of people are distracted when they are walking . even the supervisor admits being distracted. i've done it myself when you get so caught up in this message whether its from your wife whether it's a business, text, what ever it is of if its just having fun on facebook so it can happen to anyone even an elected official remember you heard if first on kron 4.if you're going to behaving badly just remember it can cost you your life or it can cost you an injury in broadmoor village stanley roberts kron 4 news (vicki) new at 9. more children and teens are likely to be categorized as having abnormally high blood pressure. that's according to the american academy of pediatrics. almost four percent of children and adolescents in the u.s have abnormally high blood pressure...but experts say it could be even more common... as elevated blood pressure readings... often go undetected. doctors say poor diet and decreased physical activity...
9:47 pm
are behind the spike. (grant) and men who take or have taken high doeses of certian vitamins ..have a higher risk of lung cancer. and the association was highest among current smokers. the study by the ohio state university college of medicine... found a 40 percent increased risk of lung cancer among men taking high doses of vitamin b-six or b-twelve vitamins. however... current male smokers taking these supplements ...actually have triple the risk of lung cancer. doctors are currently figuring out why these vitamins can mke you more susceptible to lung cancer...however they say smoking plays a major factor...and that can be prevented. not expecting much change in weather conditions heading
9:48 pm
into thursday as temperatures remain slightly below seasonal averages with overnight and morning low clouds. a warming trend will then begin friday and extended into early next week as high pressure builds over the region. by sunday and monday, very warm to hot daytime temperatures will be possible across inland areas.
9:49 pm
(vicki) now time for the feel good story of the night.... a wisconsin couple is celebrating more than seven decades of marriage. (grant) marge and wally engel tied the knot in 1940. reporter courtney terlecki explains how the couple literally 'fell' in love. laughter fills the room.marge engel: can't give up on those things, gotta keep the comedy
9:50 pm
going, kid one marge and wally engel celebrate 77's just another year.together. marge engel: sometimes we sit there, just sit in our rocking chairs, one falls asleep then the other one takes their turn falling asleep, but we have our was winter 1938 i was on my skis and i was going to make it down the hill. the two quite literallyi always laugh when i tell this. fell in love.marge engel: he had his hand stretched out straight like that, and i thought, that doesn't look really good, but he'll pull his hand in when i got down there... he clocked me, and i fell in the snowbank at his feet so from then on he had to take care of me.and since then....we just enjoyed each other, enjoyed one another's company, we hardly ever went places without each other. three kids... and a handful of grandchildren later.marriage isn't just a bed of roses... their key to still filling the room with laughtersounds so have differences, but you make the best of it, and you learn to put a zipper on your mouth sometimes... you can't be right all the time... learn to be quiet.and while some of their favorite pastimes may be a bit harder. dance, we danced every weekend. they rarely feel their age. "god blessed us with a good life, good health."
9:51 pm
(vicki) next month, wally will have another reason to celebrate. (grant) he will turn 102 years old. (vicki) after the break... many people are getting ready for the big game of thrones' finale.... find out how arby's can help you feel like you're back in medevil times... we'll explain... next
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get ready game of thrones' fans... "winter is coming"... the season finale is this sunday and this episode with be about an hour and 30-minutes long...(grant) and arby's restaurant has come up with a way to savor sunday's season-finale with a medieval themed menu item.... (vicki) "turkey is coming".... arby's is offering
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a smoked turkey leg, which looks similar to the kind sold at theme parks. the turkey leg is "seasoned with salt and brown sugar, smoked and slow-roasted to perfection." it's only being sold in nine cities around the u-s -- and one of them is in los angeles... (grant) in case you haven't checked your powerball tickets... here are the winning numbers.... six-seven-16-23-26-and the powerball number is "four"... three powerball tickets in california matched 5 of 6 numbers-- one in daly city, milpitas and newport beach, no jackpot winners in the golden state though... tonight's powerball jackpot is the second largest in the game's esimated $700 million dollars the cash pay-out would be some 443-point-three million dollars. (vicki) and take a look at this amazing video... lightning strikes the one world trade center in new york
9:56 pm
last night.... no one was injured but it was a great sight to see... (grant) that's it for kron 4 news at nine...but our prime time coverage continues at the top of the hour.(vicki) steve aveson join us now with what's coming up on kron 4 news at ten...steve? ((steve))that's right vicki and grant...san francisco's crissy field...will soon be the epicenter in the clash of ideas between the far right and counter protesters.the entire san francisco police force will be on duty...just in case the event turns at ten...we talk to business owners who are shutting their doors before the protesters come to town.a live report from crissy passengers to the rescue! dramatic video of the moment several people managed to stop a train at the civic center station, after someone fell on the tracks.((steve))hour three of kron 4's prime time local news is just minutes away.keep it right here...
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(steve) despite opposition from san francisco's mayor and other city leaders...the national park service officially approved the permit for a right wing rally this weekend at crissy field. now the city, residents and businesses are bracing for the turn violent. good evening i'm steve aveson.(grant) and i'm grant lodes in for pam moore. the alt right patriot prayer rally is set for 2:00 p-m saturday. counter protests are expected. so why the permit was issued? the park service released a statement saying in part its law enforcement branch believes "issuing a permit will increase their ability to ensure public safety."(steve) one of the organizers of the rally responded on facebook... posting: "constitution prevails, permit has been granted." he also posted a video -- praising what he
10:00 pm
says are some of the security plans. (steve) there are some conditions to the permit... all weapons will be banned from the rally area. that includes guns, ammo, explosives, helmets, pepperspray, sticks and anything else deemed to be a safety hazard.(grant) san francisco police say they've canceled all time off for saturday. new tonight at ten: we visited crissy field -- to find out how people in the area are getting ready for saturday's rally. kron4's charles clifford is live.... charles? well, crissy field is a great park but there are also quite a few business along here and saturday's tend to be their busiest day. unfortuantly, because of the free speech rally and the counter protest scheduled for this saturday most of the businsses here at crissy field and in the presidio will be closed. the national park service says it is not requiring


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