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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 23, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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says are some of the security plans. (steve) there are some conditions to the permit... all weapons will be banned from the rally area. that includes guns, ammo, explosives, helmets, pepperspray, sticks and anything else deemed to be a safety hazard.(grant) san francisco police say they've canceled all time off for saturday. new tonight at ten: we visited crissy field -- to find out how people in the area are getting ready for saturday's rally. kron4's charles clifford is live.... charles? well, crissy field is a great park but there are also quite a few business along here and saturday's tend to be their busiest day. unfortuantly, because of the free speech rally and the counter protest scheduled for this saturday most of the businsses here at crissy field and in the presidio will be closed. the national park service says it is not requiring businesses
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in the presidio to close during saturday's free speech rally but most are choosing to do so anyway.. . citing safety concerns.sotwe didn't feel it appropriate to be open on that day.mike bacigalubi is a supervisor at house of air, an indoor trampoline park. he says when word got out about the rally and counter protests, customers started cancelling reservations.sotas soon as word got around that the rally was coming all of our reservations started dropping like flies. we have no business coming in that day. it's altogether easier to just shut it door, roaring mouse cycles will also be closed saturday. it's normally their busiest day of the week, but manager rodrigo lobos says they've decided that staying open just isn't worth it. sotfor us it's more of safety reason. idon't think the police or anyone else could ensure the safety of the employees so just to be away and closed would be a safe bet.sotdespite their concerns, everyone i spoke to on wednesday said they hope things will be peaceful this weekend.sotno one gets hurt.sot i hope no one gets hurt and no violence is the best thing. finally, several shops also
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told me they are worried about vandalism and plan to barricade their windows and doors and lock down merchandise. in san francisco, charles clifford, kron 4 news. (grant) and keep it here - this weekend we will have full coverage of the right wing rallies planned in the bay area. saturday is the patriot prayer rally.. then on sunday there is a "no to marxism in america" rally planned in berkeley's martin luther king junior civic center park counter protests are expected at both rallies. (steve) president trump back in washington d.c. tonight.. earlier today he gave a speech in reno... as reporter karma dickerson shows us.. just one day after his angry rally in phoenix -- president trump called for national healing. (grant) tonight a generous
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stranger has come forward to help a family torn apart by a fire. it was one week ago an uncle and two girls were killed in a san jose mobile home fire. now -- a man is donating a new home to the family. kron'4s j-r stone talked to the donor today.. why did the man decide to do this. (j.r.)someone in the community saw what happened. met with the family and realized they needed more than just money. sottears from the mother of ten year old thao-uyen. a young girl who was killed in this san jose fire along with two othersincluding her best friend linda. her brother, who wasn't home at the time of the fire, says the last week has been tough. he still remembers when he first arrived back home after the fire.sotwhile those in the
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community have brought items to remember those losttodd su did something unique. he is the ceo of advantage homes and decided to donate a manufactored home.sot thao-uyen's family, who doesn't speak english, says they are greatful for everyone in the community. thankful for the new home that will be built and thankful for other money that has come in and will go towards funeral and cleanup costs. su, who is vietnamese like the victims, says he feels for the families involved here.sot(j.r.)the family says thank you to those who donated but they will not be accepting anymore after tonight. a service will be held here tomorrow and cleanup here should start later this week. cause of this fire is still under investigation. live in san jose, j.r. stone kron 4 news. (steve)(steve) a family... demanding
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answers tonight. a woman is dead after police say her
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former lover told investigators he beat her -- and thought he may have killed her. now the sonoma county family is wondering why the suspect was even out on the street in the first place. as kron4's terisa estacio explains -- the man had just got out of jail for a previous domestic violence arrest. (estacio reporting) 2 08 i want justice for my family - and for my daughters. gerardo lopez says his ex-wife veronica ramierez was a devoted parent and now his two teenage daughters you see here in this picture are without their loving mother. and he adds, it all could have been prevented. this is suspect nery isreal estrada. he was arrested back on august 2 on domestic abuse charges for allegedly striking ramierez. in custody, his fingerprints flagged him as an undocumented person who had been deported before to guatalama in 2008. federal immigration officials contacted sonoma officials and requested they be notified if he posted bail. this is sonoma county sheriffs spokesperson sgt. spencer crumb. sgt. spencer crumb, sonoma county sheriff's dept. "we notified the victim, then ice and then when his bail was
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verified he was released. again, that was on august 2, then this past friday, 2 weeks later, estrada went to the santa rosa police department and turned himself in reportedly confessing that in a heated argument with ramierez he had killed her. they found her body in her apartment. lopez. if they had waited a few more hours, my exwife would be still alive, but they did not do their job. in a statement to kron four news - immigration officials say they were not given enough notice to collect estrada and that is why they did not pick him up. 6:24 sonoma co. there is no legal justification to hold someone after they have made bail.
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not expecting much change in weather conditions heading into thursday as temperatures remain slightly below seasonal averages with overnight and morning low clouds. a warming
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trend will then begin friday and extended into early next week as high pressure region. by sunday and warm to hot temperatures will be possible across inland areas. (steve) this just in -- we know at least one person hit the 700 million dollar powerball jackpot.the winning numbers were... six-seven-16-23-26-and the powerball number is "four"... at least two tickets in the bay area matched five out of six numbers -- one in daly city and one in milpitas. (grant) coming up new at ten:just released video showing the moments bart passengers rallied together to save a man on the tracks. (steve) then - also new at ten:the bay area rapper set to perform at the patriot prayer rally. why he says he participating in the right wing demonstration. (grant) and next: the latest message of hate found in an east bay community.
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what was found at a
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tonight there is concern among the jewish community is the east bay. for the second time in a week a hateful message was found... this time at a synagogue in piedmont. as kron4's justine wadlman reports -- some believe it's related to the upcoming alt-right rally. the hate speech stickers are long gone.. and their message is not sticking eithersot they were 2 inches tall and 3
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inches wide and there were three of themthey were found on the front glass sign at kehilla community synagogue on grand aveune last thursday.sot the first one said marxism is murder and our understanding is that is some of the langue being used for the rallies in berkeley on sundayexecutive director michael saxe-taller tells me the other stickers said racist things about black people.and that the stickers appeared to share the hate spread by white supremacist and have no place on his synagogue's front steps.sot it is disturbing to see but it reminded me there are a lot of people out there who are pretty confused.kehilla is a proudly progressive congregation.a rainbow pride flag waves out front.and artwork representing black lives matter is on display in the lobby.kehilla is not worried about 3 small stickers .. instead it will focus on its continued fight for racial and social justice.sot we are most concerned about the bigger issues and that is what we put our attention too more than this manifestation of the bigger issues tag police are investigating what
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happened here as a hate crime. and are increasing patrols around the piedmont justine waldman kron 4 news (steve) earlier this week we told you about hate fliers on a street in alameda. fliers with swastikas were found at a sidewalk on sherman street on sunday. they also showed a woman wearing a hijab with a threatening message. last week, vandals smashed windows at temple israel in alameda. police have not yet made any arrests in these incidents. grant) el cerrito police are on the hunt for a man they say tried to sexually assault a woman yesterday. now they have released surveillance pictures of the suspect. it happened around 6-45 last night on stockton avenue and balra drive. according to police... the suspect grabbed the woman and tried to assault her. that's when the woman screamed... scaring the suspect... who ran away. police say neighbors heard her scream and saw the man take
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off. he was gone by the time police got there. if you have any information on this crime... you're asked to contact el cerrito police. (grant) u-c berkeley police are also searching for a suspect... they say last wednesday around six pm-- this man was seen in the university's gym...stealing several cell phones and wallets. police say when a gym employee confronted the man... he threatened that employee with a gun. fearing for her safety... the employee let the suspect leave the building. the suspect was last seen on bancroft way. he is described as a middle-age man wearing an atlanta braves cap, a blue plaid flannel shirt, dark jeans and white sneakers. (steve) a warning for bart riders tonight....after a train operator is attacked by a passenger the latest incident occurred last night at the dublin-pleasanton bart station. police say the operator woke the sleeping passenger up...and asked him to leave an out-of-service
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train. that's when things took a turn for the worst. bart says 30-year-old myron mixon punched the operator. the woman was treated at a hospital for head injuries. mixon was later arrested...and is banned from all bart stations. (sot) jim allison/bart- "thanks to assemblymember bill quirk, that law which was due to expire in december, has been established on a permanent basis for bart and some other transit agencies." bart says, mixon's ban could last anywhere from 30- days to a year. in addition to jail time, he may also be fined up to 10- thousand dollars for assaulting a bart employee. mixon is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. (grant) more than one -thousand people in the south bay have signed an online petition calling for the removal of a christopher columbus statue. the statue currently stands inside san jose's city hall. those behind the petition argue, columbus was guilty
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of genocide and enslaved indigenous people ... and should not occupy such a prominent place on public property. san jose city councilman robert perales is said to be drafting a memo... suggesting a possible re- location of the statue. (grant)".....they go hand in hand, whether it's here in or in charlottsville, all injustice is bound together and it's the duty of every person in every country to speak out and take action against injustice and that's what were doing here in san jose...." san jose city councilman robert perales is said to be drafting a memo... suggesting a possible re-location of the statue. (steve) live look outside at san francisco. chief meteorologist brittney shipp
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is here with the foreacst. not expecting much change in weather conditions heading into thursday as temperatures remain slightly below seasonal averages with overnight and morning low clouds. a warming trend will then begin friday and extended into early next week as high pressure builds over the region. by sunday and monday, very warm to hot daytime temperatures will be possible across inland areas.
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(steve) still ahead: we all know
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you shouldn't text and drive - - but how about text and walk? details on the local effort to make it illegal. (grant) but first..a bay area woman takes her dog to the groomer... and then learns -- they lost the dog. our cameras were rolling when she confronts the business owner to find out what happened.
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nt) new video just into the kron four news room. the quick thinking of bart commuters helped save a man's life who went onto the trackway....for unknown reasons. this happened
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monday afternoon at the civic center bart station. people immediately started waving to alert the operator of the oncoming train. the train operator hit the emergency button, and stopped several car lengths from where the man was on the trackway. officers detained the man who was given a psyclological evaluation. (steve) tonight the owner of a dog that went missing after a trip to a bay area pet groomer is offering a reward to help get the dog back. (grant) kron4's maureen kelly was there today -- as the dog owner and her family got into a heated confrontation with the oakland groomer... over the dog's groomer... oakland with the confrontation with the oakland groomer... over the dog's disappearance. we felt you were very uncompassionate to us and our dog. you were careless with our dogit wasn't careless.the woman on the left hand side of the screen is the owner of after hours grooming on park blvd in oakland. that's where
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this one year old yorkshire terrier named saucey was dropped off last friday..the last time anyone has seen her. your dog jumped off the table she back out the news the table and jumped off the table and ranthe ownerwho is disabled and says saucey was her therapy dog..i actually did think something horrible happened to her the dog just don't disappearthe dog owner and her family brought some of saucey's siblings to the shop where they confronted the groomer.angry about the dog's disapperance and because they feel she hasn't been looking hard enough for the missing had no compassion.i did you just didn't see my compassion how do you know? you don't know me you don't know how i'm hurting you don't anisah zaid says she's had other people looking for the dog and has been afraid to go out and do it herself because she's been getting threats on social media as the story of the dog's disapperence has gone viral. she believes the dog squeezed thru this small hole in a door of her shopwhich as you can see has since been was an honest accident that has never happened to me before and you can believe it i'm very very sorryin the end the pet owner's pastor got the groomer
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to agree to pay for more fliers and to help them distribute them.the state of california doesn't require dog groomers to be liscenced but saucey's family has filed a complaint with california's veternary medical board. maureen kelly kron4 news. (steve) coming up:the new effort to crack a cold case double homicide in the east bay. how police want you to help. (grant) then - an espn broadcaster pulled from calling a university of virginia...all because he shares a name with a confederate general. we have reaction. ♪
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grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. (( grant )) despite
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resistance from local leaders, two rallies organized by conservative groupswill be allowed to go forward this weekend. so who's behind the effort? steve aveson did a little digging today and spoke with one of the leaders. (( steve )) turns out both the freedom rally on saturday and the "no to marxism" rally on sunday in berkeley are being organized by an ad hoc group of leaders acrossthe country. one of them is
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this man, ansen hatcher, a former marine living in idaho whodecided to help after seeing violence take place at other rallies. ansen is a married father living in idaho who says, the symbols of hate and division like the nazi flag and weapons are not what this weekend's gatheringis about and they're discouraging people from bringing that to these events. (( steve )) ansen hatchett lives in idaho. he says he's against marxism and communism and served as amarine to preserve freedom. he decided to help organizethese rallies after seeing the violence at recent rallies that he believesdoes
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not represent the free speech values he supports. (grant) new tonight at ten: we are hearing from a bay area rapper who will be preforming at the patriot prayer rally. reporter lonnie wong talked him about why he'll be at the right wing rally. ..montrell harris, who goes by work dirty, spent over a decade developing a rap following, on the club scene at concertsand creating albums centered around his hard scrabble life on the streets of vallejo.his invitation to perform at the patriot prayer rally in san francisco was an effort to display the event's diversity with an urban artist who has some name recognition in the bay areabut he says he's not being used as a token. invites conflict, intended or the seattle patriot
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prayer charlottesville, with mostly counter dirty says he knows plenty people of all races who are supportersmistakethe rapper says politics is not his thingafter all music is first and foremost about entertainment.still, he says a bit of controversy isn't going to keep him from performing work dirty is is well aware fo the highly charged rally might create, but he's hoping for a peaceful event
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(grant) san francisco political leaders are promoting counter demonstration s on friday and saturday near civic center...miles away from the patriot prayer event at crissy field. (steve) another big story tonight: oakland police are asking for your help to solve a double homicide that happened last august. today oakland police homicide detectives called on the community... to help find the killers of 22-year-old terrence mc-crary and 20- year-old craig fletcher-cooks. both men were shot to death last year at a party on 15th street in downtown oakland. investigators say the shooting started after fletcher-cooks tried to protect his girlfriend from
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4-men who started harrassing her. (steve) a third victim was critically injured during in the shooting... but survived. oakland police and crime stoppers are offering a $25-thousand-dollars reward for information leading to an arrest. (grant) an e-s-p-n broadcaster is taken off university of virginia game...all because of his name. broadcaster robert lee is
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not working the university's season opener because of recent violence in charlottesville. plans to remove a statue of confederate general robert e lee led to a protest in charlottesville. an e-s-p-n spokesperson says the decision was made - quote- "simply because of the coincidence of his name." an administrator at the academy of art in san francisco says the company's decision is ridiculous. (grant) lee has been moved to
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another college football game in pittsburgh. the company says is is a shame that this is even a topic of conversation. coming up(are you serious) you understand about the new legislation that is being passed in hawaii about texting and being on your phone while you walking in a crosswalk i warned you and now there is an announcement my announcement is this stanley roberts thank you very much nope that's not it..ill explain in the next edition of people behaving badly (grant) but first...a california school principal accused of threatening to call immigration officers on a student. tonight why that may have been a violation of the law.
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(steve) in southern california... a lawsuit filed yesterday claims a former school principle threatened to call immigration officers on a mother and babysitter. reporter randy paige has more on the reaction that the threat sparked through the school. according to the united states supreme court---every public school is a sanctuary for undocumented immigrant children. in 1982 the court ruled children can't be denied an education based on their immigration status.this lawsuit filed against the pasadena unified school district, claims that constitutionally-guaranteed promise was broken... when a former principal at madison elementary school, juan ruelas threatened to turn in a mother from one family and a babysitter from another... to immigration agents.natsot in spanish when i opened the door, she says, he threatened to call immigration on me.eva
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del rio allowed us to use her name, but not show her face-- she is one of the plaintiffs named in the lawsuit, brought by maldef-- an immigrants rights organization.thomas saenz, maldef general counsel: the threat that these parents received was that ice would be contacted and brought to the school or would be specifically directed those individuals for enforcement action./butted/the real impact not only it scares the parents it scares kids who are aware enough to know what's going on and they have to go to that school every day. we spoke to a fifth grade student who broke into tears when speaking about the fear her parents could be taken away from her. student: my mom and my dad are from mexico so like, i wouldn't see them anymore. reporter: and did you ever hear of people saying that kind of stuff at the school? student: yea reporter: really? student: and its really scary. the pasadena school district released a statement saying they have long-standing policies that provide students with a safe and supportive
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environment. according to the school district-- parents and families are always welcome. (grant) the issue of immigration in california and across the nation.. continues to be a sensitive one .. house democratic leader nancy pelosi is not holding back on her criticism of the president and his policies on the matter. this morning, in our studios ... our pam moore sat down one-on-one with congresswoman pelosi and talked about the problems confronting the nation. on the issue of immigration ... she was very clear about her focus.
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dreamers and we want they to be able to stay. but the idea that we shouldn't has.... the answer is comprehensive reform which by the way, in a bi- partisan way in the senate both democrats and republicans came together with a comprehensive immigration bill. the speaker of the house would not bring the bill to the floor. so there are republicans who support comprehensive immigration reform.">(grant) minority leader pelosi also talked about the recent protests that have turned violent and placed blame squarely on president trump. to see the pam's entire interview with congresswoman pelosi .. go to our website... kron-4-dot-com. com.kron-4-dot-website... to our n pelosi .. go congresswoma interview with pam's entire to see the trump.squarely on placed blame violent and have turned protests that recent about the also talked leader pelosi minority (grant) reform.">immigration comprehensive support republicans who there are republicans who support comprehensive immigration reform.">(grant)reform.">
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immigration comprehensive immigration reform.">(grant) immigration comprehensive reform.">(grant) minority leader pelosi also talked about the recent protests that have turned violent and placed blame squarely on president trump. to see the pam's entire interview with congresswoman pelosi .. go to our website... kron-4-dot-com. (( grant 2-shot )) most often the subjects in our "people behaving badly segment" are those who refuse to follow the written laws of the land. .(( steve )) but sometimes stanley finds people who just aren't practicing common sense. and when lots of people are doing doesn't make it right... it gets the attention of stanley roberts,and local lawmakers. there is a problem in the bay area, and it has to so with distracted walking which is anything that takes you eyes off your surroundings like recording video in a crosswalk excuse me my name is officer mckenna im with the broadmoor police department so you understand that being on your phone can you step on the
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sidewalk so you're not in the middle of the roadway (are you serious) so you understand about the new legislation that is being passed in hawaii right about texting and being on your phone while you walking in a crosswalk so it's distracting the bigger point is you gotta pay attention to the cars (when you're crossing the street?) it's not illegal in californa its just something to keep in mind thank youi warned you that on day a law banning distracted walking might be coming to california so here's san mateo county supervisor david canepa my announcement is this stanley roberts thank you very much . wait that's not the announcement . here the deal we met in broadmore village an unincorporated section of san mateo county which is inside daly city at 87th street and village lane an area where when school is in session .it's a dime short of chaos.. wheather it kids
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crossing the street how was your summer .or the dreaded anti ticket lights you know why i'm stopping you? you had your park anywhere lights on just because you put your hazards on doesn't mean you can obstruck the flow of traffic where with this kind of problems everyone needs to pay attention . let's try the supervisor again we're doing a resolution which controls the vehicle code to move forward with legislation to ban distracted walking to make a long story it could become illegal to text and walk in california just like in honolulu . so all the people texting and crossing the street on el camino real and b streetreally quick i noticed you were on your phone the entire time while crossing the street you're aware of the new law in hawaii right where you cant walk and text and be on your phone (wait, that seriously) those conversation could come with tickets .but want do bay area peeps think about that i think that's good because a lot of people are distracted when they are walking . even the supervisor admits being distracted. i've done it myself when you get so caught up in this message whether its from your wife whether it's a business, text, what ever it is of if its just
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having fun on facebook so it can happen to anyone even an elected official remember you heard if first on kron 4.if you're going to behaving badly just remember it can cost you your life or it can cost you an injury in broadmoor village stanley roberts kron 4 news dodgers pticher rich hill one ofthose former a'spitching a perfect game retired 21 straight hitter into the 8th inningin the 8th hill gets a great diving stop by chase utley hill still has a perfect game through 8 innings but the score is tied at 0-0an error in the 9th ended the perfecto but the no hitter was still going in the 10th whenjosh harrison ruined to no-no and won the game with a walk-off home runhill who threw 99 pitches loses 1-0 despite pitching a no-hitter for 9 inningshe is the first pitcher since pedro martinez in 1995 to take a no-hitter into extra inningsin 1959 the
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pirates harvey haddix took a perfect game into the 13th inning before losing the game giants trying to take 2-of-3 games from the brewersbrewers fan with cheesehead sitting with giants fanstop 2ndmatt moore was dealing today enduces the 6-4-3 double play to end the inning(moore: 6 ip, 5 hits, 1 run, 6 k's)bottom 7th 1-1 tiejarrett parker checks swings and hits a dribbler down the 3rd base line just fair denard span and gorkys hernandez score on a very weird double 3-1 giants bruce bochy looks somewhat amused at the good fortune final: 4-2 giants the a's traded rajai davis to the boston red sox today as
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for the game let's get right to itbottom 12th/ tied 7-7 manny machado hits his 2nd walk off home run of the orioles home stand this one off simon castromachado is mobbed at the plate by his teammates then afterwards he get not only one pie in the second pie in the face in celebrationnote: orioles closer zach britton's league record of converting saves was ended in the a's scoered the game and send it to final: 8-7 orioles (12 one of the all-time greats in any sportformer home run king hank aaron said he thinks colin kaepernick is "getting a raw deal" and called on an nfl team to give him "a chance to do his thing."kaepernick has yet to be singed to an nfl team after a season in which he refused to stand for the national anthem in what he called a protest against
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oppression of people of color. the baltimore ravens and seattle seahawks both have looked into signing offseason. with the ravens owner reportedly deciding against it because of the controversey pro bowl left tackle donald penn ended his 26-day holdout and reported to the oakland raiders today. while it was unclear whether penn had received a new contract he took the practice field to cheers and handshakes from his teammates.penn is due to make $5.8 million this season mst of the top left tackles in the nfl make $8-11 million(wipe to reaiders defensive concerns) not expecting much change in weather conditions heading into thursday as heading conditions weather much change in not expecting not expecting much change in weather conditions heading into thursday as temperatures remain slightly below seasonal averages with overnight and morning low clouds. a warming trend will then begin friday and extended into early next week as high pressure builds over the region. by sunday and monday, very warm to hot daytime temperatures will be possible across inland areas. this is the new comfort food.
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grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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