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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 25, 2017 1:30am-1:57am PDT

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. tonight, we're court sooitd for katy perry'sed bad blood reitle. how she is taking on taylor swift. is and how taylor is taking on kim and kanye. ♪ then, lady gaga's secret project revealed. what you never knew about her behind-the-scenes struggle. plus, "dancing with the stars" scoop. the two familiar faces heading back to the ballroom. then, j-lo and a-rod's sexy workout. the secret weapon behind britney's body transformation, and celine dion. can't stop singing. ♪ i'm free, free falling
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now for august 24, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." taylor swift versus katy perry. who will come out on top of this so-called bad blood battle roil? >> does it seem taylor is doing everything she can to outshine katy's big vma weekend? but today, new shots fired by the pair. ♪ i got your number >> i love her and i want the best for her, and i think she is a fantastic song writer. >> yet the mutually beneficial bad blood publicity of the taylor/katy feud seems to be one perry just can't quit. ♪ >> releasing the video for her supposed taylor diss track "swish swish" 16 hours after taylor announced she's releasing a new single tonight, it's game on. ♪ swish swish >> in the video, katy references her 2014 "mean girl" tweet that called taylor a, quote, regina george in sheep's clothing.
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a wolf in sheep's clothing happens to be to posing team's mascot. ♪ >> and perhaps making a satirical dig at taylor's "bad blood' model squad, katy is the captain of a team of misfits, including "glee's" jenna ushkowitz " and "stranger things" co-star gaten matarazzo. they go up against goliath, and spoiler alert -- katy wins. and she is about to cap off an epic month of publicity. sunday, she'll host the mtv video music awards. and with preliminary "american idol" auditions already under way, next month she'll hit the road as a judge, but alongside who? abc has yet to choose. >> my dream people would be rihanna and, like, tim mcgraw. katy just updated her team dream with "idol" host, ryan seacrest. >> i'm pulling for lionel. and also, he is cool and hip,
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he's charlie poout. >> they happen to be the rumored front runners, so maybe that's a clue. speaking of clue, taylor swift is dropping a whole bunch of them about her new music, but it's the cover of her new album, "reputation." ♪ >> is taylor about to blast kim and kanye on her new album? ♪ don't say i didn't warn ya >> the swifties say yes, and point to clues all over taylor's just-released cover art. first, that medieval looking "font." check this out -- taylor's typeface appears almost identical to the style kanye used for the merchandise for his "life of pablo" tour. second, the cover photo. it's a bold, new look for taylor, and the slicked back hair sure looks like kim's style, and by the way, the image was snapped by two of kim's favorite photographers. and then there's tay-tay's
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comfy, oversized sweater? i mean it sure looks like something that could be from kanye's "yeezy" fashion line. there's also a possible kim connection to taylor's instagram page which i dominated by this threatening snake-like creature. swift was branded a snake online after her tiff with i kim and kanye over the famous lyricsen. >> i feel like me and taylor might have had sex. >> she posted these emojis on national snake day and seem to be intended for taylor. we may know more after taylor's new single drops late tonight. the music video is rumored to be debuting at the video music awards. >> life continues to be inspiration, and i think you have to live a life in order to be inspired by that life. >> is there anybody you would ever not write about? >> no. not really. >> taylor will inspire you, but if you cross her, look out. more messages from superstars. lady gaga posted this video
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revealing a very personal surprise. ♪ gaga just posted this behind-the-scenes footage now part of her upcoming documentary. >> what was it like being suspended? >> i made a decision a month ago, i was going to do it, and i went for it. >> but what 111 million tv viewers didn't see? her health struggles leading up to the epic halftime performance. >> let's try to get out of this intense pain. >> in "gaga: five foot two" coming to netflix, mother monster details her treatments for both physical pain -- >> just try to get the muscles to re-educate. >> and psychological pain. you can hear her break down in this clip. >> all these people will leave, right? >> last year, gaga and fiance taylor kinney broke off their five-year relationship. in her new film, the 31-year-old tearfully tells designer friend, brandon maxwell, she's lonely.
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>> i'm alone, brandon. every night, i go from everyone touching me all day and talking at me all day to total silence. ♪ >> also in the film, premiering at this year's toronto international film festival, gaga mentions her rumored rival. >> madonna. i admired her always. and i still admire her. no matter what she might think of me. >> what do you think about lady gaga? >> it feels reducktive. >> the only thing that bothers me about her -- >> that clip cuts out before we get the answer. turning now to season 25 of "dancing with the stars," and it's official. newlyweds and newly parents, maks and peta are back. >> they are all coming back, and peta has plans to bring the baby around too. >> he is older now, and i would love to have him on the set more. he was so young last year. >> congratulations, mark ballas on "dancing with the stars."
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i can't wait to see what my best frond comes up with. >> mark ballas, two-time champ, after taking two seasons off to star in "jersey boys on broadway," the newlywed is back. seemed unsure when we asked him back in april. >> would you do it? >> i don't know. i don't know yet, man. >> he ultimately said yes because he missed his friends. he'll join familiar faces including, sharna, artem, gleb, keo whitney and lindsay. but her fiance, sasha farber, will be watching from the sidelines this season. >> most exciting thing in the world. >> the 23-year-old alan bersen. he stepped up when maks got injured to dance. he was hoping for pro status. >> knock on wood, i hope next season i did my time. >> tonight, we have learned one more pro will be announced with the celebs next month. our "dancing" tour says that
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spot will go to two of time winner, cheryl burke. >> in some capacity for sure. >> one person not dancing with any pro, bachelorette rachel lindsay. a source tells us it won't be likely she will be on the show becausest to sad music and sit the corner by myself so i can be emotional. >> he's exhausting to play, i can tell you that much. >> it goes back to the script, the words. those are the things that win an actor over every single time. >> our marriage wasn't perfect, it's true, and your father wasn't perfect either. but he was pretty damn close. up next -- reese witherspoon caught between a younger man and her estranged husband. we are on the set of her sexy, new romantic comedy. >> e oh, god. then britney spears' body transformation from this to this, and we'll tell you how she did it. and channing tatum reveals the cool proposal joke
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now channing tatum on the cruel joke he played on his wife, jenna. >> when i proposed to my wife, i did something cruel because i thought she was oopt me, and i told her i never wanted to get married and try to throw her off. i don't believe in the institution of marriage, and i don't think i ever want to get married ever. and she basically just broke
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down crying. >> channing dropped that gem on a bbc radio show, and added he proposed soon after because the prank went so far. >> i can't imagine. >> that was bad. all right. well, moving onto oscar winner reese witherspoon. her upcoming comedy is about what happens after happily ever after ends, and we have your first look. >> we have been separated for five months. girls, it's my birthday. >> it's about love and family and friendship, and how all of those things can take so many different forms. >> reese is alice, a single mom of two two finds herself in a romance with a much younger guy. >> by the way, i'm definitely old enough to drink alcohol. >> me too. obviously. >> i just reel it back to normal. >> did you wash these? >> i did, but only because i was doing a load, and -- >> reese's hookup? her pals, end up moving into her
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dp guest house. >> she starts very nervous, and insecure. very lost, and she is finding herself in her own way through a healing relationship with harry where he is just very kind to her and makes her feel desired and wanted. >> harry is played by 26-year-old nico alexander, and they tried to keep the romance under wraps which gets even trickier once her estranged husband comes back. >> tell dad about your play? >> friday? >> she has become more of a centered person who she doesn't know where she is going in life, but she definitely feels better about the beginning of a new journey. still ahead -- ♪ >> britney spears' transformation. her four rules to getting a body like this. and inside j-lo and a-rod's intense workout. this pushout is not so intense for jennifer, but how the couple is getting closer than ever.
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and celine dion on her new job, fashion designer? >> i want you to buy a bag. and then cameron's prime time faceoff with former n-sync stars? >> he will be our anchor. >> you skipped leg day, didn't you? >> yeah. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ demi lovato with her eye on the prize, her new album out
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soon. >> love her voice. another person that can sing, celine dion. this time it's not her music, but her handbags that had canada's honorary queen holding court. ♪ >> thousands packed a montreal street as celine returned to her hometown and broke into a mini concert. ♪ shine bright like a diamond ♪ shine bright like a diamond >> making an appearance at a department store to launch her line of bags and accessories, she put on quite the hard sell. >> i'm going to be straight forward right now. get a bag. >> some of the proceeds went to a children's charity, and we're glad celine's entering the world of fashion as a designer herself, but not giving up her day job. ♪ and i can't even help you to find one that you will never sleep away ♪ >> i love it when she sings when
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she talks. nischelle turner back with me now. >> hello. >> let's talk about a couple who is nearly six months into their romance and still hitting a high note. j-lo and a-rod. >> i love love. and it seems for these two, the couple who works out together, stays together. >> that's how you do a push up j-rod style. yesterday's workout was just another example of how in sync these two are. kinda makes you wonder if we'll be hearing wedding bells any time soon? a source tells "e.t." j-rod is "solid and happier than ever" and that those in j-lo's inner definitely sees marriage to potential here. a-rod and his fly girl were hanging out late into last night on her "shades of blue" set, cuddling up and taking selfies. our source tells us, "j-lo loves that they have so much in common." they're both super busy parents but spend a lot of time with family. even at work, just listen to a-rod's daughter, natasha, talking about her hangouts with j-lo. >> i love being on set, but i
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don't watch "shades of blue." >> you're not allowed to. not yet. >> but i love vegas. ladies and gentlemen, i give you britney spears. and we are breaking down britney's very hot workout rules. ♪ >> the 35-year-old mom of two is officially the transformation. i mean can you believe this was her just two years ago and here she is now? ♪ hit me baby one more time >> how'd she do it? well, britney's a fan of yoga, crunches, weights and running. ♪ slave for you >> but, we won't bury the lead. we don't think it's a coincidence that her boyfriend of nearly nine months, 23-year-old sam asghari, is a hot model and personal trainer. can you say fitness inspiration? ♪ if i said i want your body now, would you hold it against me ♪ >> brit's hot body rules seem to be, one, take it outside.
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she posted this sweat session in the backyard of her $9 million l.a. estate. two, it's all about the abs. britney does planks, crunches on a ball and doesn't forget to focus on flexibility. ♪ you're toxic >> rule three, reward yourself. brit showed off this new outfit during her vegas show, and she flaunts the results of her hard work, making her hallway her own personal runway. ♪ oops i did it again >> the last rule, give yourself a break. we love these posts, "feed me tacos and tell me i'm pretty." and, "my swimsuit told me to go to the gym today, but my sweat pants were like, nah girl you're good." >> the sweats are right, britney. you definitely are good. tomorrow ninety, britney is in sin city for her show. can i take you back to 1976? one of the most popular shows was "battle of the network stars." 41 years later, the show returns
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this summer and our cameron mattson has strained nonstop, so he dominates the competition. >> the battle has begun. >> he goes under. >> on the red team joining cam, kelly osbourne, "the real's" adrienne houghton and former n-sync-er's lance bass and joey fatone. >> that was amazing! you were fantastic. >> so you two go way back. do you think that gives us team red, a little bit of an edge? i feel chemistry. >> i feel so confident, not at all. >> i would say not at all because since we have known each other for this long, i know how bad he is. >> and i know how bad he is, too. >> their competition? on the blue team, denise richards, joely fisher, troy gentile from "the goldbergs" and former "love boat" co-stars ted lange and jill whelan. >> you both did this show in the original format back in the day. >> we're the only two who were
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old enough to have done it the first time. >> cam went head to head with the 69-year-old ted in the swimming relay. >> i saw you out there, and when you took off your shirt, i had to take off my shirt. >> you have to take your shirt off, dude? seriously, bro? look at that. you don't got this, baby. six pack of love right here. >> over eight hours, the celebes competed in nine events, from kayaking to tennis, swimming, soccer -- >> ow. that really hurt. >> basketball, running and golf. >> i think i should just close my eyes. >> if you hit me with your eyes close -- >> i won't beat you with my eyes open. >> at times, the competition was tense. but in the end, it all came down to the tug-of war. >> look how good we're going to be at the tug of war. he will be our anchor. can you show off these legs. >> it's the only muscle i have. >> you skipped leg day, didn't you? >> i don't even skip leg day,
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and it's, like, sad. >> easy, joey. if you keep messing with cam, i'll have him take his shirt off again. he is never missing ab day. coming up, remembering the actor, jay thomas. that is next.
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