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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 26, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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♪ as katy perry takes the stage at the vmas -- ♪ >> is taylor stealing her thunder again? ♪ >> calling out her enemies, she's on blast. ♪ >> we cracked the code to her new song. >> then is kevin hart a cheater? >> hart, hart? >> how he's firing back at his ex-wife's new claims. plus, royal interviews unlike any you've ever seen. >> i wouldn't let it break me. >> for the first time, the princes fire back at the photographers who watched their mother die. >> she was very much still alive in the back seat. then? >> i got drunk, i'm on the floor. >> chrissy teigen's alcohol confession. >> i got blasted. >> why she is getting real about
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crossing the line. plus "dancing with the stars" never before seen video of whitney houston and shania twain i can't believe it. >> on the screen with john travolta. >> oh, no. now, this is "entertainment tonight." this weekend is all about the vmas, and we've been behind the scenes all week as press kick into high gear for the big show. nominee katy perry is hosting and her rival taylor swift is also nominated, and taylor's reputation for driving her fans wild was in full effect. >>. ♪ oh, look what you made me do >> late thursday night taylor dropped the first single off her new album. it is call "look what you made me do," and in the first line she takes aim at enemy number one, kim-ye ♪ i don't like your lips ♪ don't like your jilted
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>> and here it is, the giant tilted stage can ya' used during his tour where night after night he sang the lyrics that offended taylor. >> me and taylor -- >> what! >> it doesn't stop there. remember the phone conversation kanye secretly recorded and kim released on snapchat? that's never happening again ♪ i'm sorry, the old taylor can't come to the phone right now ♪ ♪ why ♪ oh ♪ because she's dead >> taylor herself helped produce the lyric video and dropped hints of what the music video will look like, which conveniently debuts at the vmas. a car crash as her ponytail swings amid shipyards of grass, a snake by her handled, wearing three snake rings, biting jewelry, and a team of half-dressed men behind her. a very different look from the girl squad she had in "bad
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blood." ♪ oh, don't think katie gets off on stage ♪ i don't like you >> remember, their feud started when katie -- taylor accused katie of stealing backup dancer. tweeted, watch out for regina george in sheep's clothing. taylor's track has the same exact beat as this theme in the movie. ♪ look what you made me do >> oh, it is so on with these too. >> is there anybody you would not ever write about? >> no, not really. >> that's what taylor told us back in 2012, and looks like those fueleeuds are perfect inspiration for her new music. ♪ look what you made me do leading up to this weekend's vmas, taylor and katy perry would squash their beef in front of everybody on stage.
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it was actually news to katie. >> is there a possibility of doing a duet with taylor swift this sunday? >> listen, i would like for the beef to end. i would love to take it off the barbecue. >> thursday katie released her "swish swish" music video. some see it as response to taylor's bad blood ♪ >> so no surprise when talking with sirius xm the morning match-up, katie made it seem like a vma duet is unlikely. >> i'm down but haven't heard anything of it. >> katie is hosting the show and talked strategy with ryan seacrest. >> i have a lot of beautiful outfits and will keep the show moving because we know it can be a three-hour-plus show. >> katie with plans to rely on humor. >> i'm going to laugh the whole way through. maybe i have one joke up my sleeve. >> in addition to hosting, katie is up for five awards and also will perform. back to katie's new video and it is a dig at taylor's bad blood
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model squad. katie is captain of a team of misfits including glee's jenna, and they go up against goliath and, spoiler alert -- ♪ >> katie wins. the 32-year-old pop star is a busy woman, and with preliminary american idol auditions under way, next month she will hit the road as a judge. but alongside who? abc has yet to choose. >> my dream people would be rihanna and tim mcgraw. >> talking to idol host, katie updated her dream team. >> i'm really pulling for lionel. he's young, he's fresh, he's cool, he's hip. >> as we've been saying, she is hosting and performing at vmas, but what else is planned for the big show? here is what to expect. >> taylor debuting any of her new album "reputation" on the vma stage? >> right now there's nothing happening right now. so there's -- you know, we
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certainly are aware of all of the rumors flying around. >> the body language of executive producer derek english says so much. swift is not confirmed, but if she shows expect drama ♪ don't be afraid >> ex-boyfriend calvin harris and perpetual frenemy are nominated for their collaboration. what if they win? ♪ i knew you were trouble when you walked in ♪ >> look what happened when her other ex, harry styles, took the stage in 2013. >> new york -- >> we all suspect host katy perry to perform the taylor distrack, swish swish near the top of the show. another performance sure to be epic, van guard award recipient. ♪ show me, are you just getting by ♪ >> the performance will be epic. taking it to a new level. >> expect nine other
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performances including kendricks lamar and a dnc duet with rod stewart. ♪ if you want my body >> expect big things from 30 seconds to mars. the band's oscar-winning front man jay leto. >> we're doing something never been done before. keep your fingers and toes an anything else you can cross, cross 'em because it will be difficult to pull off. >> oh, yeah, it is going to be good. you know he will be front and center for all of the action on the red carpet. tune in monday to see a full wrap up. let's talk kevin hart. a month after addressing rumors he cheated on his pregnant wife, he went on defense yet again. >> all i do is laugh, man. >> that's kevin's response to the new cheating allegation. his pregnant wife and his ex-wife at war after niko posted this anniversary message. eight years together, one year married, forever to go.
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problem is eight years ago kevin was still married to teray, but let's be clear the two were separated but technically not officially divorced. >> my ex-wife, i was very real about what i did. that's the hardest part. >> ruined my marriage. that's a lie, i cheated. let's talk about it, figure it out. don't judge me. cheating was not the problem. lying about cheating was a problem. >> aniko explained in a deleted post saying, their marriage was broken before i came into the picture. they were separated, living in separate homes. i was never a secret but it has been a sore spot for her. >> it hurts my kids have to be around a woman who broke up my marriage. i'm not putting it just on her because it takes two. >> the new headlines come barely one month after this grainy video of kevin in a car with a mystery woman surfaced. many thought he cheated back then too, but he told "e.t." it
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is untrue. next turning into cold, hard cash. >> material boy. >> that is coming in a stand-upset near you. from stand up to getting down, this week we got a look at "dancing with the stars." it is about dancing, but a lot of tap dancing about who will hit the floor for season 25. here is what we know. >> if they wanted me to, i totally would. i hope i wouldn't embarrass myself. >> that's playing coy with "e.t." earlier. we have learned the wwe wrestler signed up for the season, and we have heard property brothers drew scott is on board. as for the pros? well -- ♪ >> max, cheetah and uncle val are coming back. cheetah has plans to bring baby shy around. >> shy is older now. i would love to have him onset more. last time he was just so young. >> also big news. >> congratulations mark.
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back on "dancing with the stars." i can't wait to see what my best friend comes up with. >> derek huff had nothing but love for mark who took off two seasons to star on broadway. mark debated the decision for a few months. >> if they ask you to come back dancing, would you do it? >> i don't know. i don't know, man. >> ultimately he said yes because he missed his friends. joins familiar faces including chyna, autumn, whitney, lind aand emma slater. not on the list, emma's fiance. no world on why, but he tweeted a sad face thursday morning. possibly taking his spot? >> guys, it is the most exciting thing in the world. >> 23-year-old alan thurston, a long-time troop member and stepped up when max was injured to dance with heather morris. he told us this spring he was hoping for pro status. >> knock on wood. i hope this next season in my time. >> we learned one more pro will be announced with celebs next
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month. heard that lyrics will go to two-time winner cheryl. >> if some capacity, for sure. >> season 25 getting ready to kick off. cannot wait for that. premieres on abc cement septemb. >> on the way, reese witherspoon's new movie. plus, shania twain tells us about the on-screen make out with john travolta. whitney houston never before seen pictures. >> have to ask, is dating on your mind at all? >> is tarek moussa seein comfortable you are in it. so find a venus smooth that contours to curves,
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on. begin with tarek inviting us inside his two-year-old birthday's bash. >> will christina be here today? >> unfortunately, she will not be here. i thought it would be better if we stay separated today. >> he is living the single dad life since filing for divorce from christina in january after seven years of marriage. for son's birthday, he did what any dad would do, throw a monster truck theme party. >> we decided to do separate things with braden this year to make it more comfortable for everybody involved. >> christina filed her response. >> yes. >> how did you feel about that? >> part of the process. >> how do you hope things get resolved? >> eventually we will get divorced, work together and coparent and live a great life. >> despite the split, they continue to work together on their series. what drew them apart? >> i feel one of the problems we
9:15 pm
were having was communication. things happened so faps. it was back to back to back, and we slowly started separating. >> i have to ask, is dating on your mind at all? >> yeah, i'm dating. nothing serious or exclusive, but i'm dating, yeah. >> tarek is working on a new book and tells us it will get pretty personal, but the priority always will be the couple's two kids, braden and taylor, who turns seven next month. >> for this party i hired glittery and stylish event. they did an awesome job and i'm hiring them for my daughter's birthday also. going through something like this makes you focus on what is important in life. >> incredibly important to focus on the kids at a time like this. christina is also moving on, but is she headed for another big show? >> have you ever been approached about being on ""the real housewives of orange county"? >> yes, i have. >> would you do it? right now i'm focusing on "flip or flop" and my seminar company and those two keep me pretty
9:16 pm
busy. >> is it completely out of the realm of possible or never say never? >> i guess never say never. we'll see. >> kristina recently filed for joint custody of the kids. even after a very public split, the "flip or flop" couple manages to work together on season seven. together they amassed a net worth of $8 million. >> i look atu and tarek and think it is starting to seem like a really good split because you've been working together so much. >> i think for us, we met at work and so we're used to working together and, honestly, i think it comes really easy to us. we're both good at different things involving house flipping, and -- and he's here. i'm kidding. >> right now, tarek is paying a reported $15,000 a month to aren't this newly-renovated bachelor pad in newport beach. christina continues to live in
9:17 pm
the $3 million house they once shared. daughter's room. brayden's space. the dining road. this used to be tarek's man cave. >> what's been the hardest part of the last year? >> being separated from the kids. we have 50/50, so the nights i don't have the kids it can be hard. now i think it's been about 14 months, and for the fast knew months taylor hasn't asked when we're getting back together. she used to ask a lot. >> how did you ask that question when she asked? >> i would just say, you know, mommy and daddy, we still love you and, you know, we'll always be here for you and always be friends, but it is just, you know, better for us to live apart. >> do you think about ever having more kids? >> no. >> christina, who posed for "good" tells "e.t." she is looking to move forward about with her life.
9:18 pm
she is dating a 55-year-old businessman and has advice for all of the women out there. >> going through all of this, what have you learned about yourself? >> it is my life and i need to do what i'm comfortable with. i need to move forward and be happy because we have one shot at it, so might as well make the best of it. >> that's all you can do, christina. good for you. straight ahead, look out hollywood. hear what host stephen colbert is planning for tv's biggest night. >> got my pants. >> and reese witherspoon after "big little lies" behind the scene of her new movie role. then royal interviews unlike any you have ever seen. >> i wouldn't let it break me. >> for the first time, the princes fire back at the photographers who watched their mother die. >> she was very mu this is the new comfort food.
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that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein, and 26 vitamins and minerals... for the strength and energy, to get back to doing what you love. ensure, always be you. ♪ monday on "e.t." ♪ >> taylor versus katie after the vmas. what's fuelling the feud now? then reese's younger man. her new cougar role and why she
9:21 pm
and general aniston are becoming journalists. plus, this reunion tour. we're backstage in england. >> that was -- >> that's monday. welcome back. thursday marks the 20th anniversary since princess diana's tragic death and now her sons, prince william and harry, are opening up like never before. hear why harry feels the paparazzi are to blame for the loss of his mother. >> i think one of the hardest things to come to terms with is the fact that the people that chased her into the tunnel were the same people that were taking photographs of her while she was still dying on the back seat of the car. and william and i know that, we've been told it numerous times by people that know that was the case. she had had a closed severe head injury but still very much alive on the back seat. those people that caused the accident, instead of helping were taking photographs of her dying on the back seat.
9:22 pm
and then those photographs made their way back to -- to news desks in this country. >> prince harry and his brother prince william are candid and emotional in the new documentary "diana, seven days" which airs september 1st on nbc. the smithsonian channel is airing two specials, one includes anal sills of the worldwide phenomenon with players speaking out for the first time. it start with prince charles admitting adultery. >> cheated and broken. >> just as the interview was airing, diana familiar usually stole the prince's thunder arriving at a high profile event wearing this stunning black mini dress. >> it was absolutely the most manipulative, magnificent. you know, the way she walked so slowly, the way she worked both sides of the crowd. >> amidst all of the drama surrounding the an verary of his mother's death, his focus is simple. the impact much his mother's
9:23 pm
legacy. >> when you have something so traumatic as the death of your mother at 15, it will either make or break you and i wouldn't let it break me. i wanted it to make me. i wanted her to be proud of the person i would become. >> and there is no doubt that she would be proud of both of her sons. william and harry will pay tribute to their mom on the eve of the 20th anniversary of her death by visiting diana's memorial garden at her old home, kensington palace. let's switch gears and talk about the emmys, three weeks away. late show host stephen colbert emceeing the show and up for awards himself. if he wins two, he will make history. we got a look at how see fen is gearing up for the big moment. >> hi, i'm stephen colbert, hosting the 2017 emmys award. >> the host of the telecast previously won nine emmys for his work on the colbert report and the daily show. >> we're very happy i imagine. are we happy? >> yes! >> stephen has been shooting
9:24 pm
promos for the awards and you just know he will bring that famous wit to his opening monologue. >> you know, there's been a lot of hacking this year. so to ensure that the winners remain top secret, i'm had my assistant place all of the envelops in this giant safe. you okay in there? >> no. >> only a couple more weeks. >> we just hope he avoids a wardrobe malfunction. >> anybody seen my tuxedo? never mind, i know where i left it. there we go. okay. who has got my pants. >> fingers crossed for stephen on emmy night, coming on september 17th on cbs. also for this star, reese witherspoon, she and her fellow leading ladies from big little lies are all nominated. reese killed it on the small screen in a pretty dark drama but now going back to her roots on the big screen in a remembom comedy. we have your first look. >> it is my birthday. >> it is about love, family and
9:25 pm
friendship and how all of those things can take so many different forms. >> she is a single mom of two who finds herself in a romance with a much younger guy. >> i'm old enough to drink alcohol. >> me too. obviously. real it back to normal. >> i did. but only because i was doing a load. >> reese's hook up harry and his pals, all aspiring film makers, end up moving into her guest house. >> she starts at the beginning very nervous, very insecure, a little bit lost, and she is sort of finding herself in her own way through a great healing relationship with harry, where he's just very kind to her and makes her feel desired and wanted. >> you know i'm 40, right? >> i know that. >> harry is played by 26-year-old pico alexander. they try to keep their romance under wraps which gets trickier once her estranged husband comes
9:26 pm
back. >> did you find out about your place. >> when is it again? >> next friday. >> she has become more of a centered person who doesn't know where she is going in life, but she definitely feels better about the beginning of a new journey. up next, chrissy teigen's alcohol confession. >> i got blasted. >> why she is getting real about crossing the line. >> oh. >> plus, we will be behind the scenes as victoria's secret cast's newest angel. >> can they handle those thigh-high stilettos. >> closed captioning provided by -- >> heartburn doesn't mean i take a break. it means i take rolaids. >> goes to work instantly for powerful relief for your worst heartburn. after comparing the ingredients of a lot of puppy foods, i chose blue buffalo. it was simple. arnie is family so i'm going to field him like family with blue when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums chewy bites.
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9:30 pm
odds. it started after heshe posted ts anniversary message, eight years together, one year married, forever to go. problem is eight years ago kevin was still married although declared the two were separated, but they weren't officially divorced. number four, dancing's casting news. we hear that property brothers drew scott and wwe wrestler nicky bella have signed up for season 25 of the show. >> if they ever wanted me to, i think i totally would. i hope i wouldn't embarrass myself. >> number three, john and kate's custody dispute. officers tell "e.t." they got into a lengthy fight at this pennsylvania orthodontist's office once featured on the show. the actors were arguing over who had custody that day. police say it involved one of their 13-year-old daughters that would be alexis, lea or hanna, but tell us no one was arrested but kate was "escorted out of
9:31 pm
the building" and "the daughter did go home with the father after she expressed that was her design." number two, will katie and taylor bury the hatchet this sunday at the vmas? >> is there a possibility of doing a duet with taylor this sunday? >> i would love for the beef to end, to take it off the barbecue. >> she just released her swish-swish music video. taylor's new music is the number one story this week ♪ look what you made me do >> swift just dropped "look what you made me do" taking aim at kim-yay. ♪ i didn't like your little games ♪ ♪ don't like you stilted >> here is a giant tilted stage from kanye's tour. remember the phone conversation kanye recorded and then kim released on snapchat? yeah, that's never happening again. ♪ i'm sorry ♪ the old taylor can't come to
9:32 pm
the phone right now ♪ ♪ why ♪ owes, because she's dead >> go to for the latest. also this week chrissy teigen made a candid confess. she declared she needs fixing when it comes to her love for alcohol. ♪ >> the super model who built a brand around drinking and good times is getting real about the effect chol has halcohol has ha life. she says, i was point black drinking too much. in the candid new interview, she says she has a history of alcohol abuse in her family and she's the type of person that can't just have one drink. quote, i got used to being in hair and makeup and having a glass of wine, then that glass of wine would carry over into me having one before the award show and then a bunch at the awards show. >> i'm on the floor and john's in charge of taking my jewelry
9:33 pm
off. >> this was krissy after the grammys with husband john legend. >> thank you. ow! >> yeah, i don't know what happened, but, yeah, sorry. i was totally sober. >> teigen also says she is taking a number of medications for postpartum depression and anxiety which "alcohol is like the least thing that helped." the 31-year-old model has appeared in ads for captain morgan and stella artois. she says as a celebrity alcohol is always readily available. although teigen stopped short of saying she is quitting drinking completely, sounds like she is considering it. quote, i used to think it was nutty to have to go totally sober, but now i get it. i don't want to be that person. i have to fix myself. she's very outspoken about everything, but by speaking out about this she will help so many. good for you, chrissy. now, for models gearing up for their close-ups.
9:34 pm
i'm talking about ladies set to strut theirs for the secret fashion show. it doesn't tape until later this fall but we're going inside the casting. >> my biggest piece of advice to an upcoming model would be not to be afraid to be yourself. >> chin up. >> strong walk, an amazing personality. a good sense of humor. >> veterans angel martha hunt and jasmine tell us the must-do rules of winging it. >> you walk. >> this is my very first time. i'm so nervous but excited. ♪ >> there was no lack of confidence inside the make-shift casting cat walk. >> make sure your skin is on sleek, nails on sleek. >> but there are rules. models have to wear little to no makeup. >> you're wearing makeup? >> no. it is very natural. >> all of the ladies have to wear identical black lingerie and hold walk steady in sky-high
9:35 pm
stilettos. this is the last round of call-backs before november's show, and it is the same process we saw gigi hadid go through back in 2015. no word yet if gigi's sister bella or kendall jenner are returning again, but "e.t." cob firmed that adriana and rosy will. also hoping to come back, model stallone who went a little rogue dancing with bruno marls last year. >> we were dancing together. afterwards i was thinking it could have ended badly. this heels were this high. >> coming up, never-before-seen footage of whitney houston and what the houston family told us about a new look into whitney's life. plus the trials and triumphs of jerry lewis. >>
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9:37 pm
9:38 pm
♪ this is not your hotel. this is our hotel. i said let's sell it. >> welcome back. this week hollywood was mourning the locals of humanitarian and comedy genius jerry lewis who passed away last sunday at the age of 91. now we look back at our time with the bona fide comedy king. ♪ >> to look at the world through a child's eyes is the biggest
9:39 pm
key to everything i have ever done. >> his acting and comedy career span eight decades. but to many he will be most remembered for his annual labor day telethon for the muscular dystrophy association. >> i think you're so adorable. >> praise for his comedy, he was also known for sometimes being difficult. in late 2016 he did an awkward interview with a hollywood reporter. he seemed annoyed at the questions and gave brief answers. >> do you have a favorite story about like dean or frank sinatra or somebody that you work with, you know, over the years, that you would like to share? >> no. >> not at all? >> none. >> ironically, the very first time he spoke to "e.t." in 1981, he actually joked about passing away. >> when i croak, i'm not interested in the dinner or the wake. i don't want you all to go dancing that evening. oh, this is in honor of the old man. i want to hear it now. while i can enjoy it.
9:40 pm
>> his first taste of fame came in the 1940s with his partnership with dean martin. dean was the handsome straight man and jerry the slapstick clown. >> jujutsu. isn't that good? >> i was on that stage 60% of the time stunned at watching the magic that he fed me, for me to spring from. >> but the two had a bitter breakup in 1956 when they went out to pursue solo careers. jerry headlined classic comedies like "cinder fellow" and "the nutty professor." >> class dismissed. >> he often direct his own movies and in 1982 proved he could act in dramatic roles like the king of comedy opposite robert de niro. >> i have a life. >> i have a life too. >> that's not my responsibility. >> one of the most memorable
9:41 pm
moments from his telethon was when frank situate knnatra surpm by bringing dean martin on stage. they hadn't seen each other in decades. >> would you send my friend out, please? >> his cause of death was heart failure. in his later years he fought an addiction to pain killers and a serious lung condition. the steroid medication made him bloated and he considered suicide. >> the pain i was living with became so excruciating that there's no way to express it. the first thing i did when it got that bad was i put the gun on the table. i have to figure out how i'm going to do this. then i said, no, i can't do that. >> this is jerry lewis! >> in 2009 he was presented with an academy award for his charitable work. a man who helped countless others, jerry once told us he saw his own life as a blessing and he was grateful for every
9:42 pm
single day. >> i am always thankful for the very same thing, and that was that i got up this morning and i'm thankful for god that there is the possibility that i'll be up tomorrow morning. can't beat that. ♪ >> jerry will certainly be miss. now, this was a tough week because we lost another comedy legend, dick gregory. he was a comedian, health advocate, civil rights activist who used hum user to address social injustice around the world. he once said he wanted to be remembered as a turtle, hard on the outside, soft on the inside and willing to stick his neck out. dick gregory was 84. still to come -- >> it doesn't change a thing, does it? >> revelations from a new whitney houston documentary. bobbie's cheating. with a woman. never before seen footage of her
9:43 pm
private life. our exclusive interview with a very single jared leto. >> if you're out there, don't be shy. >> still looking. >> plus shania twain on her career comeback and her biggest regret. >> i couldn't believe it. >> that's ahead. but first, this weekend in the "entertainment tonight," which actress's father was a cast member on the series? chris hines, our answer is next. first, l.l. cool j is making waefls. check out the "ncis" l.a. star in the surf with a spear gun in hand. >> there's a lot of crazy stuff going on in the show. i don't want to give anything away. but suffice it to say sam is a former navy seal and back to old tricks. >> back onset for season nine. even though he is a major hollywood star now, the rapper hasn't forsaken his roots. he was all smiles, hanging with the 13th annual jumping ball
9:44 pm
community camp in his native queens. >> yes, i want to give these kids an opportunity to be really great and to hone their skills, and eventually i want to add literacy to it. i want to help the community to be better and to dream more. ♪ >> i remember being a little kid, getting chased out of this park, you know. i mean i got a lot of memories. >> he's come a long way since then. in december l.l. will be the first solo rapper given a kennedy center honor. >> i'm just glad they're celebrating hip-hop culture and prestige creams not living up to the hype? olay regenersit shatters the competition big hype. big price. big deal. olay regenerist hydrates skin better than creams costing over $100, $200 and even $400. for skin that looks younger than it should. fact check this ad in good housekeeping. olay regenerist. ageless. now, boost your regimen with olay regenerist concentrate.
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♪ and i ♪ >> she's been gone five years, but a new whitney houston documentary hit the air with an intimate and at times painful portrayal of her struggles, along with never-before-seen tour footage. the title "whitney can i be me" alluding to the fact sadly she never could. >> whitney houston died from a broken heart. >> she never had that belief she was this amazing person. >> this is a raw, unsensored portrait of the late superstar. >> success doesn't change a thing, does it? >> whitney, can i be me, spans the rumor she had a relationship with her assist and and that bobbie brown's cheating devastated her. >> bobby is messing around with
9:48 pm
somebody else. ♪ >> here at "e.t." we spent 28 years covering her career and her first "e.t." interview in 1984, the 21-year-old had yet to become a household name and told us about the day she told her mother sydney she wanted to be a star. >> i said, i want to be a singer. she said, you want to be a singer, you really do? i said, yeah, i do. she said, okay, let's go. she took me by my hand. i had nothing to prove, i gave myself and that's it. that's all i have to give. ♪ >> as her career took off, she once confided to "e.t." she became exhausted by the pressures of stardom. >> there is no way to prepare for that. you prepare as you go along. i didn't know it would happen to me. >> on the show time special, her friends say it was fame that ultimately led to the tragic end of her life.
9:49 pm
>> i will always say that was the downfall of whitney. the longer she stayed in it, the harder it was to get out ♪ i will be free >> now, a source close to the houston family told "e.t." while it is an unauthorized documentary, the estate has their own documentary coming out next year. they say it will be a no-holds-barred look into her life. let's move on and talk about another big name in music. shania twain. tickets went on for her 2018 tour. it will be the first time in years she hit the road. she talks about her new music and out life ♪ somebody's about to get good >> that's shania's new release. recognize that number? she wore it 18 years ago in this iconic music video
9:50 pm
♪ i feel like a woman >> is that the actual original outfit? >> it is the original clothes. >> you still fit in it beautifully. how do you do it, shania? >> not exactly the way i used to fit into it, but i fit into it. i was like, oh, i can't believe it. it was just fun ♪ life's about >> yes, fun is something shania is having a lot of these days. she is getting ready to drop her first album in 15 years and head back on the road. at 51, the singer who once thought she would never sing again because of vocal problems says she has one career regret. >> prince actually contact oakland you and -- contacted you and wanted to be your producer. >> he was the first producer to call me and talk about getting started with a new album. at that time i didn't have the confidence. i didn't do it. imagine. that's ridiculous. i was still -- i was in too much -- i didn't have songs ready ♪ from this moment
9:51 pm
♪ as long as i live >> shania's also set to make her big screen debut with close friend john travolta, in a zoo car racing movie "trading pink" which is due out next year. >> i'm his girlfriend in the movie. >> how did it come about? >> i sent him the album. he heard the music and he loved it. about a month later i get a mail, do you want to do a movie? i would love you to do this part. >> do you have love scenes with john? do you get to kiss john? >> yes. >> you do? >> yes. >> at least he can coach you on that part. are you going to do more acting in the future? >> i would love to. >> so you're enjoying it? >> i'm so loving it. yeah. it is a totally new discovery for me. >> who knows, a whole new career at the age of 51. good for you, shania. this guy has done that too. he has new music as well, jared leto. the 30 seconds to mars front
9:52 pm
released a new single. keltie knight was invited into the studio to talk about acting and love. >> it looks like a mess. >> tuesday was a new day. it marks release of their first single in four years called "walk on water." >> have you been paying attention to the reaction today? >> not everything because that's a good way to end up in the hospital. that's right next to googling yourself. >> we asked how much he has changed since first day in the band to now. fans are still insatiable. >> people climb the fence to your house and sleeping in your bed and you have to have them removed by security. >> despite all of that, jared made this my so-called life confession. >> do you watch the old episodes on haul owe and netflix? >> i don't. >> you have so much in your career, do you think about becoming a husband, having kids? >> it would be fantastic to have kids. you never know. you may get the knock at the door one day and say, hey,
9:53 pm
jared, surprise, guess what. and then that would be fun too. >> sounds like an open invite, ladies. jared is single but here is a tip. he likes his hugs to be a full body kbrals. >> you see how she did that? >> i wanted to make sure -- >> it was to the side. oh, jesus. there we go. >> just kidding. >> last time keltie goes in for a side hug. jared's hug was part of his response to one of his former my so-called life costars. wilson who played rookie on the show told us jared gives the best hugs. >> i mess you and love you and so proud of you. >> wilson, i love you. and right back after ah. >> a lot
9:54 pm
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travel consideration provided by -- >> it is summer's last splash but the beginning of big savings at ashley home stores' labor day event. jump into savings up to 30% or get 60 months no interest on new tiles for every room of your home. ashley home store, this is home. lots in store with birthdays this weekend. macaulay caulk in37. melissa mccarthy. 47. take a final look at your choices. which star struck actor's father was a cast member on the '70s tv series "chips?" that is chris, 37 this weekend. chris's father played commanding
9:57 pm
officer joseph ka trar katie versus katie after the vmas. what's fuelling the feud. then reese's younger man. her new cougar role and why she and jen aniston are becoming journalists plus. >> this is a story. >> with this reunion tour, backstage in england. >> we're almost out of time this weekend. for the late breaking hollywood moves, go to our web site et sfwlnch check out the video. it has quite a few voices on it. carmelo cabrero. it balances between a little boy's day dream and reality has racked up more than 35 million youtube views. enjoy the rest of your weekend, everybody. ♪ you don't know better ♪ you did say ♪ what you did ♪ yeah, you don't know better
9:58 pm
♪ say that better ♪ for the ones that don't know better ♪ ♪ they that know you better ♪ maybe i know you better ♪ ♪ maybe i know you better ♪ maybe i know you better ♪ i know, know, know better ♪
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(jr stone) mayor ed lee adressing the city after hundreds gathered throughout san francisco in a march against hate.(justine) this came after a free speech group planned a rally at crissy fields. "patriot prayer" organizers say it was a rally pleading for unity... they canceled out of fear of violence breaking out. good evening i'm justine waldman.(jr stone) and i'm j-r stone. we have complete team coverage of the rallies around the bay area tonight.(take doubleboxáá our team coverage on today's demonstrations in san francisco continues at civic center plaza. kron four's


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