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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 28, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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unfolding in houston tonight ... "there are so many heroes in houston who literally saved the lives of their fellow texans // texans helping texans. that is what we do as a state.a citizen's navy mobilizes as rising floodwaters drive tens of thousands of people out of their homes and onto their roofs.we've been sitting there waiting for somebody to come by and help us (steve) thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson. (vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis. tonight we start with the devastation in texas. where water rescues are underway right now. no indication rising water will stop anytime soon.(steve) kristen holmes is live in sugarland texas..about 20 miles east of houston where forecasters say, more rain is coming.
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we're trying to save people's lives, we're trying to make sure they have a place to live, safe water to drink, sewage, electricity and the like, but this is going to be a long challenge."as the waters continue to rise, so does the death toll. well over twenty inches of rain have fallen in texas since harvey made landfall late friday, and there are no signs of it letting up any time of the state could receive up to 50 inches of rain by mid week... and eighteen counties have been declared federal disasters.thousands have been driven from their homes, and many more are trapped, waiting for helpreporter:"what did you just go through back there?" flood victim: "hell."governor abbott has deployed every member of the texas national guard to help with search and greg abbott/ -r- texas: "we are still involved in the search and rescue process. the goal is still protecting and preserving life and rescuing every person that we can find."president donald trump, who is set to tour some of the devastated areas tuesday, praised texans for their resilience during this "historic" storm.president donald trump: "i think that
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you're going to see very rapid action from congress, certainly from the president and you're going to get your funding... we think you're going to have what you need and it's going to go fast." in sugar land, texas, i'm kristen holmes, reporting.> (steve) staying on our top story. amid devastation --- are acts of heroism. not only from first responders. but everyday citizens. grant lodes is tracking some of those stories. (grant) when the storm hit --- these neighbors answered the call. coming to the aid of strangers. one of those heroes ---
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is this man ---will bradley. bradley says he started to get emails early sunday. from neighbors trapped in their homes. he says there was a sense of panic among some of the neighbors - -many who are elderly.
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inundated by floodwaters. first responders have rescued more than 3 thousand people in houston alone. some who are stranded on rooftops like you see here. others have to be carried out of their homes -- like this man in rockport texas. governor greg abbott says it's impossible to state how many heroes are out there helping strangers. abbott says it's "texans helping texans, that is what we do as a state, and i don't think anybody does it better." (grant) not only in texas -- but all over the country an outpouring of support for flood victims. vicki is here with how california and the bay area... are helping out. (vicki) yeah grant --- the california air national guard is deploying to texas. roughly 90 men and women from the 129-th rescue loaded
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up combat planes this afternoon. they could be gone anywhere from one week to four months. their mission is to help those stranded by the flooding. the national guard will survey flood areas by helicopter. some of those getting on the planes are members of the guardian angel para-rescue men.
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90-999 to make a ten dollar donation to the red cross we've posted other ways you can donate on our website - kron four dot com (steve) new tonight at 8 seeing the images coming out of houston are hard to watch(vicki) it's even harder to watch if you have family and friends who live there and are currently fighting for their life and belongings. (steve) kron 4's gabe slate joins us live from the east bay where he talked to a woman who recently moved here from houston. (vicki)but first he is going to walk us through a couple ways you can help the people in need.. i'm in alameda at a lucky supermarket. they are taking donations for the red cross. at any lucky supermarket around the bay area you can donate with cash or credit at the registers. you can also do that at any starbucks in the bay area. 100% of the donations go to help the people who have been affected by hurricane harvey. i met with a walnut creek woman who is from houston and has
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friends and family in there. she said it's been unbearable watching this disaster unfold.
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houston that are flooding.. have never flooded before. that this event has really shocked the locals there.. and they need our help sound from dana manley / from houston where hurricane hitthey told them not to evacuate, they evacuated us for rita and it was a disaster.. everyone stuck on the highway so know one expected this these people will need everything.. they have lost everything.. they will need water, clothes, food they can't drink the tap water everything is lost.. > (vicki) (vicki) thank you gabe.
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our coverage of the devastating storm in texas continues at kron-4 dot com. there you can find more of the dramatic pictures of the flooding aftermath. and find out more about how to help. all at kron4 dot com (steve) here in the bay area. we are seeing triple digit heat. it got up to one hundred and nine in livermore today. as kids flocked to a water splash pad to cool down.(vicki) we are all hoping it will cool down. kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp
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is here now with how long we expect this heat to last. (vicki)
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heat to last.we expect this with how long is here now brittney shipp meteorologist chief meteorologist brittney shipp is here now we expect this heat to last. (vicki) another big story we are tracking 13 people were arrested and another six were injured in demonstrations yesterday in berkeley. the suspects were arrested on a variety of charges... including assault with a deadly weapon. an officer was injured during one arrest...and several officers were hit with flying paint. six people were injured and treated by paramedics. these are pictures of the suspects arrested so far. many of the people on your screen...have re-ignited the debate over ensuring free speech...while protecting public safety. supporters of president trump and other politically conservative activists complained their free speech rights were blocked by liberal politicians... and they claim, incited left-wing extremists...who vowed to violently disrupt their planned rallies in berkeley. ahead at eight.. a south bay homeless camp forced to clear out..but for a reason you might not expect.
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plus. as amazon moves in---whole foods prices drop. what items are seeing big cuts starting today. and next. a woman being attacked on bart train... tonight and only on kron-4 we talk to the good samaritan who jumped into action...what he says happened next.
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new tonight at 8. we are learning more about what caused a delay on bart during this morning's commute. (steve) it was described to us as "police activity" and that is how we reported in during the kron 4 morning news today. kron 4's justine waldman spoke exclusively to a man who say what caused the delays she joins us live at the embarcadero bart station in san francisco. justine, he told you there was a fighthow was he involved? he told me he had to step in to help a woman who was being
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attacked on his bart train this morning.and he now wants to see better security on trains.because he says if he hadn't stepped in who knows how bad it could have gotten. he told me he had to step in to help a woman who was being attacked on his bart train this morning.and he now wants to see better security on trains.because he says if he hadn't stepped in who knows how bad it could have gotten. pkgsot this gentleman was basically throwing punches at this womanbart rider johan merritt commutes from millbrae to downtown berkeley for work each weekday.he doesn't want to show his face, but he does what to share what he witnessed.while minding his own business like so many other riders during 7am hour monday a commotion caught his attention.sot she tried to get up and move away from him and he basically chased her around the carsot she started saying something to the effect of get away from mejohan tells me the tensions became turbulent on his train when a man tried to attack a woman for no reason. when no one else stepped in to help her.. he and another
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passenger tried to get in between the two.. to protect her from getting hit.and wished others had had the same reaction to help a fellow rider.sot i just think it was the right thing to do everyone else on the train could have cared less about it and you know this lady could have gotten hurt she was visibly shakenwhen the train stopped at the embarcadero station bart police were waiting.sot when he left the train he was put in handcuffs and he screamed he was going to kill this ladythe whole ordeal lasted less than 30 seconds. but johan says it could have stopped before it started if a bart police patrolled had patrolled the trainsot it would be nice if they had adequate security on these trains especially during these peak commute hoursjustinebart told us this was a minor train delay a person was acting aggressively but did not break any one was taken into custody, there is no investigation and no attempt has been made to retrieve video. live in san francisco justine waldman kron 4 news. bart told us this was a minor train delay a person was acting aggressively but did not break any one was taken into custody, there is no investigation and no attempt has been made to retrieve in san francisco justine waldman kron 4 news.
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(steve) in the south bay-- crews have begun to exterminate dozens of invasive species along coyote creek in the name of flood control. (vicki) those weeds were part of the problem when the creek flooded last winter. kron four's rob fladeboe tells us how this flood is likely going to result in more homeless people wandering the streets... looking for a new place to stay. now abandoned, this is one of several camps where the homeless have actually been living inside huge clumps of the bamboo like reeds that proliferate along coyote creek. now those camps are beingswept as the city of san jose and the santa clara valley water district have undertaken an ambitous effort to do away with the stuff. jennifer codianne/santa cara valley water dist."'s an invasive species that grows well in disturbed soils and thrives near water. it's important to remove it so we can restore the natural eco system that should function there...."there's some irony in the fact that the homeless
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have returned to the same waterfront camps from which they were chased during the february floods, which were made worse by the giant reeds. advocates for the homeless acknowledge the need to do away with the invasive species but lament there will soon be fewer places for them to find shelter.pastor scott wagers/homeless advocate "...... they do, but homelessness in this town is an on going situation that is tantamount to a natural disaster in itself, they are living every day like people who are displaced in a natural disaster...."as in previous sweeps, the occupants of this camp were given 72 hours notice before crews arrive to take it down and clear the way for the removal of the giant reeds. it's thought that cutting or moving or disturbing disturbing the soil around the giant reeds may be helping them to spread. but one formeroccupant said it's as if the homeless are being treated like an invasive species.jim turner/homless ".....i have to pack up my camp and push it around on a dolly all day and then i'll be right back here again tonight....."rob fladeboe/san jose' this case the sweeps won't at the end of the week. they are to continue over the course of the next four months until theéis stuff is eradicated from about 18 acres of stream front from oakland road north to chessington avenue. in san
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jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news (steve) another big story we are tracking tonight... the u-s defense department is confirming that a north korean missile... flew over japan. south korea says the missile was fired into the sea of japan. the missile reportedly - did not cause any damage. it is the second time in three days north korea has conducted missile tests. and it all comes just weeks after a tense standoff with president trump where north korea threatened the u-s territory of guam. japan's prime minister plans to call for an urgent meeting in the u-n..and strongly demand increasing pressure against north korea. now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o.kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney
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shipp is here now with the forecast new ahead at 8, shocking at 8, new ahead forecastwith the is here now brittney shipp meteorologist kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp with the forecast
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new ahead at 8, shocking video as a police officer pushes a woman to the ground. what they say she did to another officer moments before the confrontation. (vicki) and next. more than one trillion dollars. that's the national student loan debt in america. and experts warn --- it
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could soon impact everyone. ((gary sports tease))coming up alittle bit later in this broadcast. if your a giant fan and care to dream on gaincarlo stanton. also if you had trouble picking up the fight in california on saturday night you can join a lawsuiá l le you know what going on there. and of course real world stuff, real world stuff, impacting the sports going on in affecting sports as we know it. later in sports as we know it. later in this broadcast. ((steve)) here's what we are tracking new tonight at nine..... ...tonight at nine
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new tonight at 8 . a new report shows crushing student loan debt is not just a problem for young people. (vicki) the consumer financial protection bureau says more older americans are struggling with student loan debt.our washington correspondent jessica smith has the story.
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retirement, going into fixed income or seeing their income decrease.jessica smith, reporting: not only are more older americans taking on debt -- they're struggling to pay it back. the cfpb says 45 states saw a spike in the number of older borrowers who are at least 3 months behind on their payments.seth frotman, cfpb: borrowers are being pushed into poverty, being pushed further into poverty -- having critical retirement savings eaten into. as national student loan debt reaches 1.3 trillion dollars, the cfpb warns this is a problem that could impact everyone.seth frotman, cfpb: we really hope this report is a wake up call for policy makers, borrowers, to understand that we're on the cusp of what we're concerned is a washington, i'm jessica smith.> ahead at eight.. president trump defends the controversial pardoning of sheriff arpaio. why he says he did it in the middle of a hurricane disaster. plus it's just got cheaper to shop at whole foods. the price cuts amazon made at your local store today. and next. rescues underway as tropical storm
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harvey brings more rain to texas. as many as half a million people are affected. we take a closer look at some of their stories.
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and right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. "i've been trying to call fema and the coast guard. a lot of people weren't prepared for the storm." "i mean, i knew it was going to be bad, but not to this extent."(vick)houston, in the grips of a historic catastrophe tonight.(vicki)
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the nation's fourth largest city is reeling as floodwaters forces tens of thousands to flee their homes.( steve ) at least nine people are confirmed dead ... including a woman killed when a tree fell on her mobile home..already, fema is estimating that more people will be affected by harvey than by katrina in 2005 ... nearly half a million in all.and behind each of those numbers, a story of heartbreak and loss. mos: i just lost everything i've worked for. everything. right now, we are actually trapped in our street. we cannot leave, we cannot move. "so you were pulled off your rooftop.?"huffman:"yes. into a boat. yes. that's how high the water is." natestimates are the texas coast has absorbed fifteen trillion gallons of water since friday.that's enough to cover the entire state of california to a depth of five and a half inches."it was over five feet in our house. we barely made it out. "mind blowing. i didn't realize it was this bad."some areas could get fifty inches of rain by the end of the week. fema's resources have been overwhelmed.
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administrator> "you could not draw this forecast up. you could not dream this forecast up."houston's mayor says more than two thousand victims have been rescued ... some by coast guard helicopters."we did a helicopter, we did a boat and it was ridiculous."nat countless others have been saved by private citizens, using airboats, skiffs and even jet this houston suburb, house after house of stranded residents appealed for help.this woman's family family spent a terrifying night huddled in the rain on the hood of their car until a good samaritan came along. "thank god for his deliverance,"two evacuation centers are near capacity tonight, with 5=thousand officials expect that number to increase exponentially."we are going to have to leave the water is getting too high"a devastating decision today to open the floodgates at two dams in west houston, .the mayor says otherwise the situation would be exponentially worse. downstream, water poured into neighborhoods that had escaped the worst of the flooding. 'gotta go, water's coming up
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pretty fast,"residents forced to flee as houston's agony claimed more homes."they've given us no time so we're out." governor greg abbott praised the federal response, and warned texans that the crisis was not over, "there is a reality that we have to come to grips with. and that is that we are just beginning the process of responding to this storm." (vicki)president trump will get a firsthand look at the devastation tomorrow.he's due to fly into corpus christi just before noon local time. (steve) harvey isn't done yet. more rain could hit texas in the coming days.(vicki) kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now with a look at the texas
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forecast. .after another day of hot inland conditions, a slight cooling trend is forecast to spread inland tuesday and wednesday as high pressure briefly weakens across the region. this too will lead to an increase in overnight/morning low clouds and patchy fog along the coast and in the adjacent valleys. another warming trend is likely late in the week and into the labor day holiday weekend with hot conditions returning to the interior. (steve) and if you would like to
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help people affected by harvey... you can text the word "harvey" to the number on your screen... 90-999 to make a ten dollar donation to the red cross we've posted other ways you can donate on our website - kron four dot com (vicki) the president is defending his controverisal pardon of arizona sheriff joe arpaio. he said the timing of that announcement, last friday night as the hurricane was making landfall...was intended to draw more attention. the presdient said: "i assumed the ratings would be far higher than they would be normally." arpaio faced a possible jail sentence for ignoring a court order... to stop racially profiling minorities. (steve) amazon is expected to finalize its take over of whole foods and the
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company says you will notice lower food prices starting today. kron-four's lydia pantazes reports now from the whole foods in walnut creek to show us what it means for customers. if you ever gone into whole foods and thought, some of these items are a bit overpriced, today, some of that will change.items that will be marked down on monday include organic avocados, organic brown eggs, organic salmon, almond butter, organic apples and organic rotisserie chicken. amazon said it'll keep the markdowns coming, and that amazon prime members will get additional discounts at whole foods.that's good news for people have criticized the grocery store's high prices. its prices even sparked a legal controversy in 2015 when new york city's department of consumer affairs accused whole foods of "systematic overcharging for pre-packaged foods," like sliced fruit and sandwiches. the chain paid $500,000 in fines to settle the matter. the city's inspectors called it the worst case of mislabeling they had
8:37 pm
seen in their careers.some other updates amazon says it has in store are:amazon lockers will pop up in select stores, that's where customers can pick up or send returns back items purchased on foods-brand products will now be available through and other prime platforms, such as prime now, the same-day delivery service available in some store's brands include the whole foods label, 365, whole paws and whole catch.reporting live in walnut creek, lydia pantazes kron4 news. still ahead at 8. as cities across the u-s take down confederate monument., one state just put one up. and next. a woman --shoved to the ground by an officer what police said led up to the tense confrontation.
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an altercation with a police officer has gone viral -- and it has sparked an internal investigation at the omaha police department.(vicki) the incident happened on sunday around two in the morning. this cell phone video shows an officer shoving a woman to the ground. according to the person who videotaped the whole thing -- the woman's boyfriend got kicked out of a bar after starting a fight. when police arrived -- they told her to stay back, but she would not leave. that allegedly led to her grabbing an officer -- which is why the other officer pushed her. a witness who saw it all unfold says he believes this is not a case of excessive force. it's unclear if anyone was arrested after the incident. (vicki) while many cities across the u-s are taking down confederate monuments... a new one was unveiled in alabama over the weekend.(steve) the monument was displayed in front of more than 500 people at confederate veterans memorial park. the park's owner--david coggins--- says there are no white supremacists in his organization. he says he did have concerns about the timing of the unveiling... - but this had been planned in
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advance. coggins said quote " this is for whites, blacks, the indians, all that fought in the confederacy." a group of women against the monument called it "it's a reminder of terror and intimidation". in sports... tropical storm harvey forces a couple of houston-based pro teams to scramble for alternative venues...... and could the giants be going after the most prolific slugger in baseball?... gary has the details... and all the sports... coming up
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harvey costs seen at catastrophic levels with many uninsured . . . hurricane harvey's second act across southern texas is turning into an economic catastrophe -- with damages likely to stretch into tens of billions of dollars and an unusually large share of victims lacking adequate insurance. harvey's cost could mount to $30 billion when including the impact of relentless flooding on the labor force, power grid, transportation and other elements that support the region's energy sector.
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that would place it among the top eight hurricanes to ever strike the whole foods' lower prices will affect you . . . don't expect bargains galore -- at least, not yet -- as amazon takes over whole foods market, but price cuts starting today on some key items will certainly make for a nice start. amazon says it is going to slash the price on a basket of items ranging from organic fuji apples to "responsibly-farmed" tilapia, but hasn't specified by how much. yet the idea that the upscale natural-foods- oriented chain with an outsized reputation for hefty price tags -- remember its derisive moniker: "whole paycheck" -- is charging less has consumers and the grocery industry consider the impact this price-trimming will have on pocketbooks, shopping patterns and competitors. competitors.patterns and shopping pocketbooks, shopping patterns and competitors. competitors.patterns and
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shopping pocketbooks, will have on price-trimming impact this consider the impact this price-trimming will have on pocketbooks, shopping patterns and competitors. the devestation of tropical storm "harvey" has had an impact obviously a much less serious one one the local sports teamsthe houston astros scheduled to host the rangers will end up playing theior series at the tampa bay rays' tropicana field the teams couldn't agree on a scenario fr a series swap and play the games in the rangers' stadium near dallas so both
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teams play in floridaand the nfl's houston texans will play their final pre-season game thursday night against the dallas cowboys in the cowboy's at&t stadium after being forced out of houton's nrg stadium the site of the last super bowlhouston rockets owner leslie alexander has donated $4 million to the hurricane harvey relief fund. johnny cueto indicated today that he will likely not opt out of his contract and return to the giants next season... if so they'll be paying him 79- million-dollars for next season...meanwhile down in san diego...(wipe to giants want stanton)
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their are rumblings the marlins may want to deal slugger giancarlo stantonand the giants are reportedly showing the most interest in a potential trade according to reportsthe giants, cardinals, rangers and phillies have all called the marlins recently to remind the club of their interest.stanton just became the fastest player to hit 50 home runs in a season since barry bonds in 2001the 27-year- old stanton has 10 years and $285 million left on his contract. showtime is in trouble over streaming video of saturday's mayweather-mcgregor fight customers are suing showtime
8:49 pm
saying the stereaming video of the fight on their home computers they purchsed for $99.99 was marred by pauses and interruptionscollege basketball announcer divk vitale was one customer who couldn't watch the fight because his streaming video kept pausing or cutting out showtime confirmed they will refund fans who purchased the ppv and had problems with the stream ahmad brooks who the 49ers
8:50 pm
released friday is already talking to another teambrooks is flying to green bay monday to meet with the packers according to nfl network.ahmad brooks who the 49ers released friday is already talking to another teambrooks is flying to green bay monday to meet with the packers according to nfl network.the 33-year-old brooks lost the position battle to 23-year-old eli harold.brooks was a 2-time 2nd-team all-pro selection during his nine seasons with the 49ers. he made the pro bowl during the 2013 season. and was the longest tenured player on the 49ers defense before his release the biggest takaway from the raiders pre-
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season game last saturday derek carr is looking very sharpmarshawn lynch yes he sat again during the national anthem and played sparingly but the story was carr who completed 13 of 17 passes for 144 yards and 2 touchdowns thursday is the final preseason game at home against the tennessee titans coach jack del rio said don't expect to see many of the starters the 4th preseason game is all about evaluating the backups(sot: del rio) "this is the time of the year, 4th preseason game, typically is a light load for a large number of the we'll get our last look on guys we need to make decisions on. so that's really what this last game
8:52 pm
ends up being about." first round of the us open venus williams enters arthur ashe stadium the 37-year-old 9th seed shooks off a mid-match lapse to improve to 19-0 in the open's first round picked up a 6-3, 3-6, 6-2 victory over viktoria kuzmova if williams call win the tournament she would move to #1 in the world in the wta rankings sister serena is not playing because she is pregnant
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it's like something out of a movie. when two women dressed as nuns...try to rob a bank. what they got away with
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(steve) updating our big story tonight. massive
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flooding in texas as tropical storm harvey keeps pounding the region. at least nine people are confirmed dead. and thousands are still trapped. waiting to be rescued. more than 3-thousand have been rescued so far--- and that's just in houston. the president will visit the state tomorrow (vicki) in pennsylvania-- two woman dressed as nuns tried to rob a bank.(steve) one of the woman did pull a gun... but before police got to the bank -- both suspects were out the door and took off without getting any cash the two women were caught on camera. police believe a teller pulled an alarm that spooked them. the robbers are described as two hispanic women. . around 5 feet tall with medium build. it's unclear if the suspects got
8:57 pm
away in a vehicle or on foot. the f-b-i is investigating. (steve) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8. grant lodes joins vicki now with a look at what we're working on for kron 4 ((grant))that's right steve... we've seen the devastation in the floodwaters from harvey continue to rise. ((vicki))coast guard units from the bay area and elsewhere in california have been deployed to help with the rescue effortsnew tonight at'll hear more about what those crews will be doing...and for how long.we've got a live report....coming up in just new at nine...the berkeley college republicans, and antifa sound off on yesterday's violent protests. find out who both sides are blaming for the chaos...and when the two groups could meet up again.((grant))that, plus meteorolgist brittney shipp has your scorching 4 zone forecast.((vicki))keep it right here...kron 4 news at nine starts right after the break. swollen rivers in east texas
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aren't expected to crest until
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later this week, and federal officials are already predicting the deadly tropical storm harvey will drive 30,000 people into shelters and spur 450,000 victims to seek some sort of disaster assistance. now parts of louisiana are expected to get up to 15 inches of rain in the next few days. and yet, forecasters say, more rain is coming. lots more. good evening i'm vicki liviakis. i'm grant lodes. from our partners at cnn- kristen holmes joins us live now from sugar land texas with more on the devestation. --reporter pkg-as follows--


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