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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 29, 2017 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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thousand people have been displaced... and an additional 93-thousand people are living without power. (grant) we also learned today - that two levees in the area have breached... and - the worst is yet to come... as more rain is on its way... and federal officials are estimating that 30-thousand people will ultimately need to stay in shelters and nearly half a million people will need some sort of disaster assistance. today president trump got a first-hand view of the storm's wrath... and he plans to visit louisiana on saturday. but now let's go out to reporter kristen holmes, who is live in richmond, texas... with the latest on the devastating flooding from - now tropical storm harvey. harrowing stories -- karen preston/rescued from floods: he went on a kayak in rising waters, and he went and
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got help.issac sandoval/staying at houston shelter: the boat was small, so they had to take the kids and women first, and they said they'd come back for us. but they never did.amid houston floodwaters, thousands of rescues, but a city still trying to keep up.chief art acevedo/houston police department: don't give up on us. seek the higher ground. we will get to you. harvey's soaking rain is setting records for the continental u- s.south of houston, in brazoria county, a dire alert. the columbia lakes community was part of a mandatory evacuation on sunday, but to anyone left, officials warned, "get out" after a levee breached.voice of judge matt sebesta/brazoria county, tx:the biggest concern is the few folks that may have disregarded our warnings and we don't want anybody hurt. president trump and first lady melania trump arrived in corpus christi -- slammed by harvey's landfall on friday -- for a first-hand look, and to praise ongoing cooperation. president trump: it's a real team. and we want to do it
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better than ever before. meanwhile, the pentagon said the number of national guard troops in texas is going to rise, and they plan for a long effort.major gen. james witham/national guard bureau director of domestic operations: we will be life -- doing life-saving and life- sustaining efforts for a much longer period due to the nature of this storm. (grant) we've seen the devastating images out of texas.. and some of the hundreds of thousands of rescues - that are happening as we speak. and tonight - we are learning about a houston police officer - who was been killed - trying to save others. traffic enforcement officer steve perez - who was 60 years old- had worked for the department for 34 years. police say he perez left home around 4 a-m sunday...he was headed to work when he became trapped in
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his patrol car in rising water. (grant) the chief says... the officer perez's death is hitting the department hard, especially because so many officers are stressed from working non-stop saving lives.
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(vicki) it seems like there is no end in sight for tropical storm harvey. (grant) let's bring in chief meteorologist brittney shipp who is tracking the storm's path. brit? relief from the heat will continue through wednesday as an upper level trough pushes inland across the pacific northwest. this will bring cooler conditions to coastal and valley locations with overnight/morning low clouds. a significant warming trend is forecast to begin on
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thursday and continue through the upcoming weekend with oppressive heat possible for interior and higher elevation locations. (vicki) bay area residents with and without texas roots are leaning in to help out those affected by hurricane harvey. the san francisco chapter of the university of texas alumni association, which is the largest chapter outside of texas, just launched an online facebook fundraising site. all of the proceeds going to local food banks in the gulf coast region which has been hardest hit by the flooding. the chapter
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president says there are a lot of texans here in the bay area who are anxious to help out those who have been forced from their homes in this disaster. that's what i love about texans they're all about action i don't sit on their hands you'll see on the news cast people getting their boats and getting out there to help. that extends here in the bay area to we got a lotta good people here and i don't want to sit on their handsand watch the news all day they do a lot of great things both in our organization and outside of it(vicki) the president of this branch of the texas exes, says they will match every dollar raised up to 25-hundred with their money from their chapter fund as well. (grant) and people all across the bay area and beyond, are helping the people in texas. kron 4's will tran reports now from a lucky store in oakland where folks are collecting money. (grocery worker-would you like to make a donation to the
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victims of texas?)this is what you call a win win situation. buy food for yourself.. help the flood victims in texas (c'dell johnson oakland resident-they're just flooding and i don't think they expected it to be this bad) c'dell johnson came to the lucky store and didn't buy a thing.with her broken leg... she slowly walked in and donated 10 dollarsc'dell johnson/oakland resident--i heard you on the news and i said that's right around the corner. this is the end of the month so i'm broke but i had to. it's awful. you know i saw what's going on in texas and i have relatives in texas and i'm saying what can i do?) lucky says they usually help local victims... like the devastating fires last year that we saw in lake county.but harvey was too big... too devastating... too heartbreaking not to help (nanette miranda/lucky spokeswoman-once in awhile there comes this big disaster and it just breaks your heart watching all the video and pictures coming from texas and we felt it was time to step up) tony garcia works at lucky and was on lunch's it's his wedding anniversayhe says he and his wife wanted to use part of their anniversary money to help the victims(tony garcia/lucky employee-last night me and my wife were talking last night, we need to
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do something and when i found out about this program, i decided to give. everybody needs to give because they need our help seriously)(will tran/oakland- you might ask why donate at the store? why not on line or even on your phone? keep in mind not everyone... like the elderly don't have smartphones.. or access to internet... and for them donating at the register is the only way and the most convienent way. in oakland will tran kron 4 news) (grant) and if you would like to help people affected by harvey... the red cross is raising money. you can text the word "harvey" to the number on your screen... to make a ten dollar donation. we've posted other ways you can donate on our website - kron four dot com (vicki) as people in south texas struggle with hurricane harvey......the people of louisiana are marking a tragic anniversary.. (grant) it was
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twelve years ago today when hurricane katrina made landfall near new orleans.. kron four's catherine heenan is here with some details on how the 2 storms compare.. (catherine) katrina made landfall august 29th, one of the most devastating natural disasters to ever hit the united states... these are some of the scenes of that terrible storm... one big difference -- katrina hit hard and quickly.... as opposed to the lingering wrath of harvey... while a number of people have died in texas -- it's a small fraction of the katrina death toll - of more than 18-hundred people. rainfall is a huge difference.....the maximum rainfall for katrina -- 17 inches. harvey's staggering numbers --- more than 50-inches.. of course the terrible damage and death in the new orleans area wasn't all about rain -- it was aboutthe fact the levy system failed. and while it's too soon to put a grade on the government response to harvey - the katrina disaster created a
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social uproar from a community that felt the response was far too little, too late. here's a quick look at some of the costliest hurricanes in u.s. history. katrina caused 160-billion dollars in damage....most than double 2012's hurricanesandy...which is second at 70 billion. meantime it's already clear that harvey will cause tens of billions of dollars in damages. grant and vicki? (grant) happening tomorrow... an anti- marxist group is calling on conservatives to bring their children to a march on the golden gate bridge. the event called "conservative rustles" is starting at lincoln boulevard and highway 101 at around 9:00 tomorrow morning. organizers say they plan to block traffic on the bridge until the city of san francisco agrees that "antifa" is a terrorist organization. antifa is the "anti-fascist" group that has showed up to counter- protest many right-wing rallies. at times, antifa
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gets voilent. the c-h-p is monitoring the situation. (vicki) the people arrested during the protests in berkeley on sunday appeared in court today. three of the 13 people arrested appeared in a dublin courtroom and are facing multiple charges. the offenses range from violating a local ordinance by covering their face during the assault with a deadly weapon. attorneys say the protesters covered their faces to protect themselves against the police. they say the person accused of assault threw glitter and it landed on an officer. attorneys believe all of the charges are without any merit.
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was injured during an arrest and several others were hit with paint. paramedics treated six people and two were taken to the hospital. (grant) dozens of evacuation orders... in are place. hundreds of recues... are underway. (grant) coming up, a look at how long it will take to recover from tropical storm harvey... plus - the local impact it is having right now here in the bay area. (vicki) then - there's a new threat from north korea tonight. kim jong un calling for more missile launches. the latest on this developing situation. (grant) and we are following breaking butte county.
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breaking news...200 acre wildfire in orvile - butte county.evacuations ordered (grant) the still unfolding disaster in south-east texas is hitting home for people in parts of san jose, who are still recovering from their own flood. kron four's rob fladeboe is live for us now in san jose's 'rock springs' neighborhood... which was under five feet of water last
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winter... rob? (rob live) six months after the flood the cleanup and recovery continues here in rock springs.i spoke with one resident here who says what happened here pales in comparison with what is still happening in south texas. but he has family in houston and says he knows what they are going through. ruben morales/rock springs flood victim"...i get nervous watching it because it brings back memories...."rock springs resident ruben moralesis talking about the on going disaster in south texas. he says it's been hard to watch after what happened here.ruben morales"'s terrible for the little children and the handicapped people, it's just real sad....." morales is among the hundreds of people who whose homes were flooded last winter when rain swollen
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coyote creek jumped it's banks. morales lost everything in his garage.ruben morales"....i was afraid to open the doors and when i did it looked like it had been hot by a tornado..."morales says his heart goes out to the people of south texas. he says his friends and neighbors and indeed even a few strangers stepped up for him when the chip were downruben morales ".....i feel like going over their to help because i got a lot of help when everybody got together here as a community..."morales has relatives in houston. ist cousins. he says they are safe. he says his sister lives in san jose's naglee park and his parents live in lover's lane in hollister, both places also hit by floods. apologizing for getting political at such a time, morales believes there can only be one explanation. ruben morales"'s climate change, the government needs to do something because it's happening...."
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(rob live) six month after the flood, rock springs is still cleaning up. in south texas, it cold take in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news (vicki) tropical storm harvey is impacting thousands of flights nationwide and here in the bay area. two major airports in houston remain closed to commercial flights until further notice. there have been nearly 14-thousand delays and about two-thousand cancellations today. a majority of these flights were headed to, or departing from george bush international airport in houston. travelers at s-f-o talked to kron four about dealing with the delays. one woman headed to mississippi said her houston connection was changed
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to dallas. (vicki) an airline analyst estimates that united airlines could lose 266-million dollars from houston flight cancellations. analysts say the storm could cost southwest 77-million and spirit 11-million dollars. airports in houston are only open to humanitarian flights and recovery efforts. (grant) fema leaders say harvey recovery operations in texas and louisiana could take áyears. they are calling it one of the most devastating áand expensive storms to ever hit the u-s. and when congress heads back to washington next week, lawmakers will likely be called upon to provide billions of dollars in extra storm relief to help with recovery. kron four's anna wiernicki is in washington with more
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--take pkg-anna wiernicki: fema's acting deputy administrator says they are days away from being able to assess the damage, but from what he's seen so far, it's going to be costly.david grant: this will be a long term, very complicated and very expensive recovery process.anna wiernicki: grant says he's already in talks with members of congress on how they are going to pick up the tab.david grantfema acting deputy administratortake cg @ 0:20-0:27we have what is called the disaster relief fund right now we have about 3 billion dollars in that fund for the remainder of the fiscal year, which goes on through the end of september anna wiernicki (stand up) washington correspondenttake cg @ 0:28-0:45but 3 billion dollars likely won't be enough. one report released friday from the analytics firm "corelogic" estimated harvey could cause as much as $40 billion dollars of damage-that would make it one of the costliest hurricanes to ever hit the u-sand it's up to congress to appropriate the additional funds.president donald trump: i think that you're going to see very rapid action from congress, certainly from the president and you're going to get your funding.anna wiernicki: president donald trump seemed confident on monday that congress will pass legislation similar to the hurricane sandy relief bill.that passed congress in 2013 and gave $50 billion dollars to help the
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east coast recover and at the time two of the senators who voted against it- republicans ted cruz and john cornyn, are now the ones who need it.u.s. senator ted cruz-on the phoner-texastake cg @ 1:14-1:25now there were a number of us who were concerned that that particular bill became a $50 billion bill that was filled with pork and unrelated spending that wasn't hurricane reliefanna wiernicki: cruz says he hopes when his colleagues return to washington after august recess they come together to help texans get back on their feet in washington, i'm anna wiernicki. (grant) nearly every texas republican in the house also voted against the 2013 hurricane sandy relief bill. several new york and new jersey lawmakers have spoken out saying they will vote for harvey aid, despite texans not helping them out in 2013. long island republican representative peter king tweeting, "new york won't abandon texas. one bad turn
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doesn't deserve another." (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meterologist brittney shipp.
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(grant) coming up, a good samaritan steps in to help -
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when he witnesses a woman being attacked on bart. hear from that good samaritan... and the changes he would like to see on bart.... in a story you will only see on kron four. (vicki) but first, a family's plea for help - after a woman in the east bay is found dead. the reward - that's now being offered.
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happening now... the family of a woman whose body was found in contra costa county last week is offering a reward for information leading to the killer. the body of 49-year-old aleli avila was found in the small town of byron last tuesday. authorities say her body had been left on a dirt road at a sand mine. avila had told family and friends that she was going to contra costa county. she was missing for four days before her body was found. avila's family is offering a 5,000 dollar reward to help authorities find her killer. they have also started a go-fund-me page to raise money to find her killer. (vicki) and in novato this morning... a tesla plowed
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into a home on woodbridge way. you can see from the picture from the police department it just missed the front door of the house. we are told no one was hurt in this crash. the driver was cooperating with investigators and at this time police say it does not appear as though alcohol or drugs were a factor. (grant) coming up, a new threat from north korea tonight... just one day after the country launched a missile over japan. how the united nations is now responding. (vicki) plus - stories of survival. a look at some of the incredible stories coming out of texas... as tropical storm harvey continues to devastate the area. ,$8drw
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i lost everything, both cars and everything in the house( vicki ) the texas coast is the scene of countless personal dramas as hundreds of thousands of residents face the future with little more than the clothes on their backs. as far as the eye can see, harvey's floodwaters have swallowed up their streets, their homes, their entire lives. it's hard to comprehend how so many have lost so much and so quickly. (grant ) fema estimates that nearly half a million people will be impacted by the hurricane. catherine heenan is here with stories of survival and loss. ( catherine ) the coast guard, border patrol, local police, firefighters ... and private citizens are all
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joined together. they're racing against time and rising floodwaters. natfor many people, the only path to safety is up.more nat helicopter pilots searched flooded neighborhoods for survivors., they're lifesavers. the crews themselves risking thier lives in low visibility. you have multiple aircraft doing he same thing in the same vicinity, right? the biggest issue we have right now is time, getting to everyone we need to get to.citizens are taking action with their own boats. they would be on the second story screaming out at the houston convention center, 9=thousand refugees related stories of survivalhe went on a kayak in rising waters, and he went and got help.and nightmares of frustration:the boat was small, so they had to take the kids and women first, and they said they'd come back for us. but they never the town of katy, one man used an inflatable swan to save himself and his pets.east of houston, baytown flood victims were ferried to safety through
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waist=high water.what do you think about these firefighters getting out here to get to people?i think it's lovely. it's so nice. and such a surprise. we had no idea (chokes up) that we would have that kind of help and support. gratitude also at the houston evavuation center, where one refugee says she feels like she's in the best place in the country. there's all races, all ethnic groups and you know everyone's just helping each other." ( catherine ) many homeowners will face a steep challenge if they want to rebuild.only about one in five has flood insurance. fema has started accepting applications for aid, but fema payments are capped at 33=thousand dollars,. historically, most flood victims get far less, and the checks can take years to arrive. grant? (grant) pastor joel osteen
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has opened his houston megachurch to flood victims. lakewood church came under fire for allegedly closing its doors to people in need. church officials posted on social media that the building was inaccessible due to severe flooding. some people took that as a sign they are not welcome but osteen denied that the church closed its doors...saying lakewood "has never" done so. he says the flood waters receded by this morning... allowing the church to welcome in people in need of shelter. a spokesman said the megachurch can shelter at least several hundred people. it will also serve as a donation center. (vicki) (vicki) japan is
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reacting strongly to the latest of the provocative missile launchesby north korea...(grant) the most recent launch went 'over' japan.... catherine heenan is back with some of the latest reaction... including yet another threat from north korea... (catherine) north korea is gloating....and now kim jung un is calling the latest launch a "prelude" to containing guam. guam, of course - a u.s. territory with military installations. in a first - tuesday north korea fired a midrange ballistic missile designed to carry a nuclear payload -- that flew right over the japanese island of hokkaido.. japan has stepped up training to rapidly respond to military threats... and the news continues to make
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headlines there. warning sirens rang out across northern japan in the early morning tuesday....followed by a broadcast saying that the missile had passed... in the u.s.....president trump says that "all options are on the table".....raising the prospect of a forceful u.s. response.... and tonight the u-n security council again condemned the missile launches. japan's prime minister and trump spoke by phone today.... and great britain has now pledged to join international partners to pressure north koreato stop missile tests.. grant and vicki? . (grant) still ahead... images of heroism - are pouring out of texas... but it's this photo that has now gone viral. tonight - we are hearing from the deputy in this photo... about the meaning behind this picture. (vicki) and next - a 7-year-old girl survives a 100-foot fall... after she's thrown from a bridge. the woman that came to her to her rescue. (grant) north korea's latest missile launch
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jolted the u.s. stock market today... but major indexes pulled back from those early losses and mostly finished higher the dow gaining 57 points. the nasdaq... added 19. and the s&p - rose a little more than 2 points. we'll be right back.
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story of survival out of massachusetts. authorities say a seven-year-old girl was thrown off a bridge, plunged about 100 feet into a lake, but managed to make her way to a home for help.(vicki)
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from our partners at cnn - julie lonchic talked to a good samaritan who helped the child. at four-thirty sunday morning, this woman was a terrified child's lifeline.reporter: "just a very heroic thing that you did."woman:"not at all. not at all. no it's not. she was incredibly brave. i have such great admiration for her, like, honestly."this shrewsbury woman answered her door, and found a soaking wet seven-year-old on the other side.woman:"i've never seen a child behave so responsibly and so well. she was incredible, that's all."a girl who had just survived a hundred-foot fall from this 290 bridge.and then somehow managed to swim the banks of lake quinsigamond, and come to shore looking for all began with a cookout at this worcester house saturday at the child's grandparents' house, and lingered into the wee morning hours.prosecutors say close family friend joshua hubert had been at that cookout, and left in the middle of the night with that seven-year-old, who had been fast asleep on a living room chair.prosecutor:"drove around
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with her. at some point, choked her and threw her off a bridge, where she was able to get out of the water and go to a house that she saw with the lights on."she was bleeding and badly bruised, but alive. prosecutors say the marks on her neck were consistent with strangulation.35-year-old hubert is charged with kidnapping, but additional charges are expected.woman:"i think it's pretty miraculous that she ... the lake's super deep. the fact she swam all that way is pretty amazing." (vicki) the suspect - joshua hubert - is being held without bail pending a hearing. (grant) still ahead - a kron4 exclusive...a good samaritan says he's the latest witness to an attack on bart. what he did to help...and what he says now needs to (grant) a warning for
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commuters who travel across the golden gate bridge. pam moore is in the newsroom with what's coming up on kron 4 news at six. (pam) grant.... this could be a major traffic headache... a group called "conservative rustles" is calling for protesters to meet tomorrow morning... to march
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along the bridge. they say they plan to block traffic. tonight, we will tell you what the group is calling on the city of san francisco to do. plus, we will hear from bridge officials... about how they are planning to deal with the protesters.(pam) we will have that story ... and more on kron 4 news at six. grant back to you. (vicki) a bart rider steps in to help a woman who was being attacked during the morning commute. he spoke exclusively to kron 4's justine waldman about why he thinks bart needs better security on trains. pkgsot this gentleman was basically throwing punches at this womanbart rider johan merritt commutes from millbrae to downtown berkeley for work each weekday.he doesn't want to show his face, but he does what to share what he witnessed.while minding his own business like so many other riders during 7am hour monday a commotion caught his attention.sot she tried to get up and move away from him and he basically chased her around the carsot she started saying something to the effect of get away from mejohan tells me the tensions became turbulent on his train when a man tried to attack a woman for no reason.
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when no one else stepped in to help her.. he and another passenger tried to get in between the two.. to protect her from getting hit.and wished others had had the same reaction to help a fellow rider.sot i just think it was the right thing to do everyone else on the train could have cared less about it and you know this lady could have gotten hurt she was visibly shakenwhen the train stopped at the embarcadero station bart police were waiting.sot when he left the train he was put in handcuffs and he screamed he was going to kill this ladythe whole ordeal lasted less than 30 seconds. but johan says it could have stopped before it started if a bart police patrolled had patrolled the trainsot it would be nice if they had adequate security on these trains especially during these peak commute hoursjustinebart told us this was a minor train delay a person was acting aggressively but did not break any one was taken into custody, there is no investigation and no attempt has been made to retrieve video. live in san francisco justine waldman kron 4 news.
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(vicki) bart told us the man who was acting aggressively - but did not break any laws. bart says no one was taken into custody - there is no investigation into the incident and no attempt has been made to retrieve the video. (vicki) as the rain continues from tropical storm harvey, so do rescue efforts across the state of texas. (grant) in houston alone, police have saved at least 34- hundred people - a number that's expected to rise. the governor has activated the entire texas national guard - roughly 12-thousand troops. officials at the state, county, and local levels are working tirelessly... ...a fact reinforced by a now-viral photo illustrating the massive effort being expended. it shows a deputy -- collapsed against a desk from fatigue - catching a few moments of rest after working a 20-hour shift.
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c-n-n's alisyn camerota spoke to the deputy... about his expericene. camerota: "deputy goerlitz this is the point, you are out there 24 hours finding people in all manners of distress and saving their lives. when you show up, people are stranded in their car, what is the moment like? are these people who thought they weren't going to make it?"robert goerlitz: "it is. to see the look on their faces when they show up and it's scary for us because we don't want to find them in the worst way we could and it's overwhelming to finally see, eight kind of surprising, he's alive! and you see a hand print come up onto the window and get them out of the car and loaded up and they're so thankful that we were coming down the same road." some 17-thousand evacuees have been housed in storm shelters across texas. officials expect that number
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to rise to 30-thousand. (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meterologist brittney shipp.
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(vicki) "oh dear" - take a look at this picture from oakland c-h-p. officers stopped this young deer on the bay bridge this morning for "toll evasion." authorities posted the picture on twitter... joking that she usually pays her tolls but today she was "a buck short."
5:53 pm
it stood there for a few minutes then wandered back into the woods. (grant) coming up, why president trump is threatening to put an end to a program.... that has protected young undocumented immigrants. third graders today. their new gogurt tubes are easy open. and p.e. consists of sitting around on mats. hippies. oh, mom, making them eat their favorite snack in the back seat. whatever happened to "eating at the table?" that's what cup holders are for. the "deferred action for
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5:55 pm
childhood arrivals" or "daca" program... hangs in the balance... as president trump is expected to make a decision soon on whether to keep the program(grant) however, as linda zhang reports... a new survey shows daca - continues to have a positive impact on the lives of young
5:56 pm
immigrants and the economy. kathy hernandez: "i have it in my head like i want to finish fast to be able to get a job fast and to be able to get into it fast." third year hartnell college student kathy hernandez feels like she's racing against time.a group of conservative lawmakers is setting a deadline for u-s attorney general jeff sessions to make a decision on daca, deferred action for childhood a joint letter to sessions, the texas attorney general issued an ultimatum... if the administration doesn't end daca by september 5th, there will be a faceoff in court.kathy hernandez: "for me, it would be the end of it in school."and an end for many daca recipients to be able to contribute to the u.s. economy. in the latest and largest study to date, more than 3,000 of them participated in the survey.patrick o'shea: "5 percent of them who have received daca own their own businesses. when you put it down to 25 years or older, that number goes up to 8 percent, which is above the national number, which is 3 percent."more than 90 percent of those surveyed are currently employed and their average hourly wage doubled after getting daca status... and researchers are hoping the survey numbers can get their message out loud and clear patrick o'shea: "it would be an almost catastrophic idea to eliminate as successful as daca"
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(vicki) that wraps up kron 4 news at 5.(granti) steve aveson and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six. (steve) grant and vicki thank you. next at six... the flood waters in texas keep rising... trapping thousands of people. tonight we will have a live report from texas where the desperate rescue operation is ongoig tonight.(pam) plus a planned protest could snarl traffic at the golden gate bridge. we'll tell you when you might want to avoid driving over the iconic bridge. kron 4 news at six is next.
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( pam ) 'harvey' keeps creating havoc in texas tonight. the number of dead ... climbing. the number of evacuees in shelters ... in the tens of thousands. and the storm has set a record from rainfall. good evening ... i'm pam moore.( steve ) and i'm steve aveson. the storm is relentless... and is slowly moving to the east but dumping tons of rain. over 50- inches have fallen in a houston suburb... that is a record for the continental united states. the rescues are still going on... with houston's police chief saying they've helped over 35-hundred people already. but the department also announced today it lost an officer in the flooding.( pam ) a 34- year police veteran was trying to get to work on sunday ... but could not find a way to get to his station. a search team found his body this morning. several other people are still missing
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... and are presumed dead tonight.( steve ) with safety clearly a concern... houston's mayor just imposed a curfew. people are not suppose to be out on the streets from 10 at night until 5 in the morning. reports are coming in of looting and homes being broken into.( pam ) this all comes as the president visited texas today ... to see the emergency response to this disaster. reporter kristen holmes with our partners at c-n-n is in richmond, texas tonight... that just to the west of houston. kristen what is the latest.
6:01 pm
--reporter pkg-as follows-- harrowing stories --karen preston/rescued from floods: he went on a kayak in rising waters, and he went and got help.issac sandoval/staying at houston shelter: the boat was small, so they had to take the kids and women first, and they said they'd come back for us. but they never did.amid houston floodwaters, thousands of rescues, but a city still trying to keep up.chief art acevedo/houston police department: don't give up on us. seek the higher ground. we will get to you. harvey's soaking rain is setting records for the continental u- s.south of houston, in brazoria county, a dire alert. the columbia lakes community was part of a mandatory evacuation on sunday, but to anyone left, officials warned, "get out" after a levee breached.voice of judge matt sebesta/brazoria county, tx:the biggest concern is the few folks that may have disregarded our warnings and we don't want anybody hurt. president trump and first lady melania trump arrived in
6:02 pm
corpus christi -- slammed by harvey's landfall on friday -- for a first-hand look, and to praise ongoing cooperation. president trump: it's a real team. and we want to do it better than ever before. meanwhile, the pentagon said the number of national guard troops in texas is going to rise, and they plan for a long effort.major gen. james witham/national guard bureau director of domestic operations: we will be life -- doing life-saving and life- sustaining efforts for a much longer period due to the nature of this storm. thousands of people have been rescued in houston from deadly floodwaters caused by hurricane harvey... and the crisis is far from over..... catherine heenan is here with more on the ongoing fight to
6:03 pm
find and rescue victims.. wave after wave of trouble and danger is confronting rescuers in houston........and they're at risk themselves. simply put - there's just no let-up in sight. just one of the many dramatic scenes - customs and border patrol agentswho helped two women who were trapped in floodwaters.. rescuers are working with helicopters and boats -- and are dealing with inundated homes,roads and businesses. crews have rescued more than 35-hundred people in houston alone. and more than 17-thousand people have evacuated to shelters - more than half of them at the houston convention center.....and that number keeps going up. one 80-year-old woman told cnn that there's waist-high water at her house and she lost everything. she was evacuated by boat to a collection point -- and then by helicopter from there. reporter and flood victim - what if they hadn't rescued you? we would have gone to the
6:04 pm
attic, and i don't know what would have happened.they're life savers! houston police chief - don't give up on us. seek higher ground. we will get to you, we have the assets and at every passing hour we have more boats. flood victim - we knew it was gong to be bad but we couldn't have expected all this. when possible.....crews are also grabbing people's pets.some families simply don't want to leave without them. these are dogs and cats that a family near houston were allowed to bring along. crews meantime are using just about any kind of vehicle they can to reach people..some people were rescued today for example -- by dump truck. pam and steve? there are concerns 'harvey' could become one of the costliest storms in history. this data .. all put together by noaa. hurricane katrina in 2005 ... is at the top of the list ... causing 160- billion dollars in damage. today, happens to be the 12th anniversary of that storm making landfall. 'sandy' which slammed the east coast in 2012... cost over 70- billion dollars. hurricane
6:05 pm
'andrew' caused close to 48- billion dollars in damage. rounding out the top five... are hurricanes 'ike' and 'ivan'. we should note... these numbers have been adjusted to take inflation into account.. (pam ) there is a new push tonight here in the bay area... to help the people displaced by hurricane harvey.(steve) kron4's maureen kelly talked to a two people behind two different kinds of fundraisers. ( pam )
6:06 pm
6:07 pm
( pam ) a reminder tonight... if you want to help out with the hurricane harvey relief effort... here is how... the red cross is collecting donations. you can donate through a text message... on the red cross website... or over the phone. there are a lot of options... we have the information on the front of the kron four website. just be sure to click the link to find out how to help. (grant)breaking news... a wildfire is burning out of control near lake oroville tonight...evacuations have been orderedat least 600 acres burned.large plume of smoke
6:08 pm
can be seen from the oroville dam... cloud is even visible in sacramentostarted at about 1-30 p-man evacuation shelter is open an evacuation 1-30 p-mstarted at about sacramentostarted at about 1-30 p-m an evacuation shelter is open
6:09 pm
tonight in oroville a live look outside right now... (steve) as we get our first look at the four zone forecast with chief meteorologist brittney shipp. relief from the heat will continue through wednesday as an upper level trough pushes inland across the pacific northwest. this will bring cooler conditions to coastal and valley locations with overnight/morning low clouds. a significant warming trend is forecast to begin on thursday and continue through the upcoming weekend with oppressive heat possible for interior and higher elevation locations.
6:10 pm
( steve ) a planned protest on the golden gate bridge tomorrow morning could slow down traffic during the morning commute.( pam ) kron 4's justine waldman is watching this story tonight she joins us live now from san francisco.. with what we have learned about the protest plans and what it means for traffic tomorrow. the group that is calling for the protest wants conservatives to come to ..
6:11 pm
what is being billed as.. family friendly, peaceful and loving event.this event does not have permit so bridge officials and the chp are preparing to handle it.the anit-marxist group calling for protest ,says it will start at 9am.with people meeting up at lincoln blvd and 101.and then marching along the golden gate bridge.. blocking traffic.. until the city of san francisco agrees antifa is a terrorist organization.the facebook group that started this all as of now.. did not have any people interested in going.but bridge officals are getting ready. vothe
6:12 pm
chp tells me while everyone has the constitutional right to protest.. accessing highways to do so is against the law and dangerous. again this protest that wants to block traffic supposed to happen at 9am tomorrow. we are watching how this develops tonight and will update on this story tonight on kron 4 news at 8. live in san francisco at the golden gate bridge justine waldman kron 4 news two people taken to the hospital after a car slams into the leasingoffice of a local apartment building a robber shoots his weapon toward his head at point blank rangeand the clerk lives to tell the tale, thousands of residents in san jose know the devastation of flooding. coming up, the echo of the coyote creek disaster from those who were there.
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
some south bay residents are finding it hard to watch the still unfolding hurricane disaster in south texas.(2-shot/pam) kron four's rob fladeboe has some reaction from a san jose resident... who was among the victims of last winter's devastating flood along coyote creek. six months ago sandra moll watched tv coverage of the flood that innundated her own home near williams street park, but seeing what is happening in south texas is
6:16 pm
worse, far worse she says. sandra moll/coyote creek flood victim".....i have an empathy that i have never felt the dept of before because i understand what they are going through but hat what we have experience pales in comparison to what they are going through..."six months ago, sandra moll's home, a block from coyote creek, was under five feet of water. today, the repairs are far from complete but nothing like what lay ahead for houston.sandra moll" will take us months o recover, it will take them years, we had no loss of life, they lost people...." moll showed me the high water marks on her home and pictures of the flood as she recalled watching her furniture and other belongings float away. it was personal, and she can only imagine how the losses must be adding up in harvey;s wake."...yes, it is personal and until you've experience
6:17 pm
seeing all of your possessions and memorabelia and photos being carted out after being underwater for days you cant understand the sense of loss..."on the road to recovery and planning on helping her friends in the houston area, moll says the hardest part of seeing the devastation in south texas, aside from the fact that it reminds her of what happened to her, is that what's happening in texas is still happening.sandra moll" continues in texas, they are going to have more flooding today and tomorrow, we had an end to our experience, i cannot begin to tell you how badly i feel for them..."in san jose rob fgladeboe kron 4 news in the south bay... san jose is taking up a plan to build tiny homes to house the homeless. we first told you about the idea earlier this summer... but it has been met with considerable
6:18 pm
resistance. officials say they are looking at picking two locations in the city. the original plan was to have one tiny house village in each of the city's districts. san jose has about 4- thousand people living on the streets and is looking for innovative ways to house them. so far the tiny home plan is just a proposal and no final decision is expected to come out of today's city council meeting. happening right now. the potential break up of an east bay school district. there is an effort to move some schools out of the mount diablo school district in contra costa county ... to form their own district. those in favor of the move want to create 'the northgate unified school district'. the new district would be in walnut creek... with northgate high school at the center of it. the contra costa county board of education is taking up the matter right now and is expected to vote on it. the secession movement has been heated... with accusations of elitism. at least two people had to be taken to the hospital after a car hit an apartment building in the north bay.
6:19 pm
the santa rosa fire department posted these pictures of the aftermath. it says there was a person inside the leasing office of the complex on burt avenue... and that person was hurt. the driver was also shaken up in the crash. the extent of their injuries are not known and no word tonight on what caused the crash. and in novato this morning... a tesla plowed into a home on woodbridge way. you can see from the picture from the police department it just missed the front door of the house. we are told no one was hurt in this crash. the driver was cooperating with investigators and at this time police say it does not appear as though alcohol or drugs were a factor. ( pam ) hot weather is returning to the bay area this week. in dublin, it was certainly starting to heat up. these kids seem to have the right idea... racing through emerald park. no temperature records were broken, but residents say, they were looking for ways to stay inside and get a break, as the temperatures started to
6:20 pm
climb. < 00 ed dean, enjoying weather in dublin 11 kristin ellis, enjoying weather in dublin "we are going to spend the day in a pool, eating popsicles. 23 carol combs, enjoying weather in dublin "i am shopping, better to be inside the nice air conditioning." > ( pam ) and just wait, later in the week, the temperatures are really supposed to heat up! let's take a look outside right now...(steve) chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now with the four zone forecast.
6:21 pm
relief from the heat will continue through wednesday as an upper level trough pushes inland across the pacific northwest. this will bring cooler conditions to coastal and valley locations with overnight/morning low clouds. a significant warming trend is forecast to begin on thursday and continue through the upcoming weekend with oppressive heat possible for interior and higher elevation locations.
6:22 pm
(( steve on camera / 2 shot ))
6:23 pm
a robber points his weapon and shoots a clerk with hishands raised in the air a point blank range. how he lived totell the tale(( pam vo)) is it the athletic coach, the nobel prize winner or the chancellor?who gets paid the most in the u.c. system?(( steve v.o. ))
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
a florida store clerk is talking about the fact he's glad to be alive... after a masked robber pointed a gun at him and pulled the trigger.. catherine heenan is here with his story - which was caught on camera.. (catherine) security cameras caught part of what happened....the clerk says two men raced inside the store where he was working.... and he immediately knew he might not survive the confrontation...he says he put up his hands and gave the robbers everything...but when they were leaving one of them fired a bullet that narrowly
6:26 pm
missed his head. it happened at a store in riverview, florida. the shaken victim didn't want to give his name or go back on camera...but hetalked about what happened.... store clerk - one guy came first with the gun so i raised my hand and gave him everything. one other guy came with a bag and he took money and cigarettes and other stuff. and they just go very fast. i bless god. we do some religious stuff at home with my wife and kids. i don't know - somebody's blessing works very nicely to me and this saved my life. the two men made a getaway in a silver four door car and police are hoping for some leads from the public....which is why they've released the video. there's actually a bullet hole in the cigarette case that was just behind the clerk...and tonight - there's a reward of three thousand dollars for information leading to an arrest. pam and steve?
6:27 pm
(( pam / two shot / v.o. )) coming up, the highest paid employees in the university ofcalifornia system. does a woman crack the top ten? or eventhe top 20? (( steve / v.o. )) you rarely see mountain lions in california so thesemountain lion cubs are a remarkable sight, where they'refound and will they survive?(( pam / v.o. )) and during a visit to hurricane harvey, president trump promises storm recovery that will make texas better than before.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
(grant)breaking news... a wildfire is burning out of control near lake oroville tonight...evacuations have been orderedat least 600 acres burned. large plume of smoke can be seen from the oroville dam... cloud is even visible in sacramentostarted at about 1-30 p-m an evacuation shelter is open
6:31 pm
tonight in oroville ( pam ) back now to hurricane harvey. president trump is getting a first hand look at the impact of the massive storm.( steve ) the president and the first lady made two stops in texas in the wake of the storm. kron 4's washington correspondent mark meredith says the president might be back in the region in a matter of days. trt: 1:17out: at the white house, i'm mark meredith.nats: "thank you"president trump wants texans to know help is here"this is historic, its epic, but it happened to texas, and texas can handle anything"the president and mrs
6:32 pm
trump are using their visits to corpus christi and austin to reassure americans that the government won't forget those impacted by hurricane harvey. the president spent the day meeting with fema officials but avoided hard hit areas like houston. "it's a real team, we want to do it better than ever before, we want to be looked at in 5 to 10 years this is the way we do it"texas governor greg abbott praised the president's visit as a sign texans can count on the trump administration for help. "we want him to see and understand the enormous challenges that texans have faced and the need for the aide he's providing, he's a champion of texans"the white house is eager to show it's all hands on deck.the heads of several agencies including: fema, homeland security, and housing and urban development joined the president's tour. president trump says this won't be the only trip he's taking down to the gulf coast. the white house is already looking ahead to this weekend and a possible trip to louisiana. the president declared a federal emergency for both louisiana and texas. however it's up to congress to decide how much money to spend on disaster relief. in the meantime, the president is eager to remind texans - their pain and suffering hasn't gone unnoticed. at the white house, i'm mark meredith.
6:33 pm
(steve) the united nations security council strongly condemns north korea's latest missile test and is demanding they stop. this comes as north korea's state media says leader kim jong un is calling for more missile launches into the pacific. north korea launched a missile over japanese air space yesterday. ambassadors from several countries held a closed-door discussion on the next steps to take against north korea. u-s ambassador nikki haley says that something serious has to happen, but did not specify what. (pam) it could soon be easier for citizens to raise new local taxes. the california supreme court made the ruling monday... saying ballot initiatives sponsored by citizens are not subject to the same constraints as tax increases proposed by elected officials. the ruling was based on the courts inperpretation of sections of proposition 218... which was passed in 19-96.
6:34 pm
proposition 218 spells out how local governments may levy new taxes and fees. supporters of the change say citizens are not bound by the same constraints as local government under the proposition. ( steve ) some staggering numbers about the highest paid employees in the university of california system. the top 35 earners across the system last year... all men. at the top of the list are the football coaches and men's basketball coaches at u-c-l-a and u-c berkeley. after that, the rest are doctors with a few exceptions. all of them have salaries topping one-million dollars. the highest being u-c-l-a football coach jim mora at just over 3- point-5 million dollars. interesting the president of the u-c system is a woman... janet napolitano. her salary is about 570-thousand dollars a year. houston natives here in the bay area have been anxiously
6:35 pm
watching the devestation in their home state . you feel a little hopeless there's the san francisco chapter of the texas exesthe university of texas at austin alumni association, which is the largest chapter outisde that state, are pitching in from a distance by just launching an online facebook fundraising site. the staff here at chronicle books will be holding a good old fashioned bake sale the lobby of their 2nd street headquarters thursday from 1130-130which they've been doing for victims of major national diasters around the world since 2010. since the city of san francisco knows first hand the devestation natural diasters can bring, today the mayor put out a special call for people here to help out.he's calling for donations to the greater houston community fund and the houston independent school district foundation which will help purchase clothes and school supplies for students and help in other ways to help families there get back on their feet. you can find links to both those organizaations on our website, maureen kelly kron4 news.
6:36 pm
kron4 news. chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now with another look at the four zone forecast... relief from the heat will continue through wednesday as an upper level trough pushes inland across the pacific northwest. this will bring cooler conditions to coastal and valley locations with overnight/morning low clouds. a significant warming trend is forecast to begin on thursday and continue through the upcoming weekend with oppressive heat possible for interior and higher elevation locations. (( steve / v.o. )) (( steve / v.o. )) in
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
the wild they can be fierce but these baby kittens are generatingnew hope that for mountain lions in california, we'll explain when wecome back.
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. (pam) the names p-59 and
6:41 pm
p-60 may not sound very cute... (steve) but that what these adorable mountain lion kittens are being called. researcher discovered the kittens in the santa monica mountain range. experts say the mother is p-53... and think father may be mountain lion p-12. if so, it would be a case of close inbreeding. researchers say p-12 has mated several times with his own offspring, including the kittens' mother and grandmother this emphasizes the need to provide animals access through the mountain range... expecially a safe passage across highway 101. the 49ers trade one of their veterans......and nike comes out with new kevin drusnt "cupcake" shoes... gary will explain... and have all the sports... coming up
6:42 pm
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6:45 pm
the 49ers have traded a former 2nd round draft picktight end vance mcdonald a round 2 selection in 2013 was dealt to the pittsburgh steelers along with a 5th round pick for a 4th round pick making it obvious the niners were trying to get rid of his 4- million-plus- dollar salarymcdonald caught 24 passes for 4 touchdowns last season but struggled
6:46 pm
with drops this preseason and thoughout his careerhe likely has the inside track for the starting job in pittsburgh who released their starter last season in march(wipe to 49ers defense good sunday) the 49ers defnese looked much improved last sundayrokkie reuben foster set the tone with this hit on the first play from scrimmagethe young 49er defenders made a number of impressive hits during the game but it was the old man navorro bowman who has also shined during the preseason and has looked like his former pro-bowl self49ers defensive coorinator robert saleh was asked if the veteran is still a 4-down player (sot: robert saleh) "oh yeah. he's awesome. every day he impresses me. the way he works, the way he takes care of his body, the way he operates day-to-day. there's a reason why he is who he is and the reason why he's had so much success.
6:47 pm
the raiders first round pick was back at practice todaygareon conley a defensive back was cleared for practice today returning from a shin injury he suffered during mini-camp in juneconley was cleared of sexual assault allegations in ohio about a month ago clearing the way for him to join the raiders for training campmeanwhile derek carr who almost surely won't play the last preseason game thursday at home against
6:48 pm
the seahawks talked about his rookie experience and how he uses it to advise players who are trying to make the roster with a good performance thursday(sot: derek carr) "whatever the situation is i try to give them some peace. a lot of them are stressing out right now just trying to make the team. i know that feeling because they gave me a chance to start the last game my rookie year. and there was a lot to be told based on how i played. so i just encourage these guys just to make the best of it." the sports world continues to do its part
6:49 pm
for victims of tropical storm harveytennessee titans owner amy adams strunk is donating $1 million to houston texans defensive end j.j. watt's drive which will go toward resources for those hit hard by the flooding.strunk is a houston native and still has a home just outside of the city. also houston rockets owner leslie alexander has upped his pledge from $4 million to $10 million! there is no better indication that the warriors are the powerhouse of the nba than this a las vegas sports book is
6:50 pm
taking bets on the dubs chances of making the nba playoffs at 1-to-1,000 odds that means if you bet 1,000- dollars on the warriorsd to make the playoffs and they do you'll win 1-dollar.. to win $100 would require a bet off $100,000 at westgate sports bookwestgate says the warriors
6:51 pm
have the highest price they have ever placed on a favorite to make the playoffs(wipe to durant cupcake shoes) finals mvp kevin durant is not shying away from the "cupcake" moniker oklahoma city thunder fans put on him last season nike released an image of durant's signature shoe today a red and black flyknit shoe with a frosty white sole dubbed the "kdx red velvet." and in the picture of the announcement the shoe is surrounded by red velvet cupcakes.after thunder fans called him a cupcake for leaving opklahoma city for the wariors the team actually had fun with it even wearing cupcake t-shirts ikncluding durant's mom wandathe new red velvet shoe goes on sale friday. (pam) tim cook hitting it big. the huge thank you he is getting from apple ... for the company's success. ( steve ) ( steve ) apple c-e-o tim
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
cook is cashing in big-time because of the cupertino company's performance.( pam ) a regulatory filing reveals apple gave him 89-million dollars worth of stock. in order to get the reward... apple stock had to out- perform more than two- thirds of the companies on the s-and-p 500 companies over the past three years. and apple has clearly done that. but cook cannot pocket all the money... a chunk of it
6:55 pm
must be set aside for taxes. last weather and goodbye.. final look at the weather with chief meteorologist brittney shipp. a full hour of entertainment news is on the 7:00 it's inside edition, followed by entertainment tonight at 7-30. then we're back with kron 4 news at 8:00
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are the streets of houston toxic? >> there is salmonella, e. coli. >> storm over televangelist joel olstein and his 50,000 feet megachurch. >> we will make you feel right at home. >> will he allow the victims of
6:58 pm
hurricane harvey? >> people are fighting for their lives trying to get in here. >> hurricane harvey baby phenomenon. moms going into early labor. >> then first lady melania on her way to texas. heel or high water. look what she changed into when she landed in the disaster zones, sneakers. >> this is for houston. >> i am dreaming of when i get back to houston. >> the outpouring of love for the victims of harvey. >> houston, stay strong and hold on to faith. >> then, a gender reveal party unlike any you have seen. she is having sex soup please. >> we never -- sextuplets. >> we never imagined six. now, "inside edition" with deborah norville. deborah: hello, everybody, and thank you for joining us. down in texas, the focus continues to be on rescuing people caught by the rising floodwaters in the wake of
6:59 pm
hurricane harvey. more than 3500 rescues have taken place so far. but those efforts are being complicated by the now toxic and sometimes dangerous nature of the water. steven fabian has details. >> there are fears of a looming health crisis due to toxic water flooding the streets of houston. that water flooding into homes isn't just rain. it's mixed with sewage and chemicals and bacteria and potentially does. dr. oz told me the water could be dangerous. >> there is a salmonella, e. coli, cholera. they are walking through dirty stuff. >> we have seen the shocking video of so many people walking through the fill at the flood water including this toddler seen wondering all alone. >> where are your parents? >> any open wound with the bacteria in stagnant water, perfect recipe for a bad infection. >> any open wound, the tiniest of cuts. >> a paper cut can give you a life threatening infection if
7:00 pm
it's the wrong bacteria. >> bacteria isn't the only danger. there are alligators. >> one woman shot video of a gator in her backyard. another danger, fire ants. whole colonies are floating around houston. >> a colony of ants floating through the water. >> thousands of being rescued by air and boat. this teenager found himself up to his neck in flood water when he tried to retrieve a kayak. rescuers threw him a rope and thank goodness he was pulled to safety. one mom appealed to help on social media after she was separated from her baby. she said please keep a look fourth my baby. we were separated while evacuating. please. >> a rescue worker saw the appeal and immediately posted a photo of the 8-month-old


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