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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 30, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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someone like beyonce to turn to in a time of need and knowing she is ready to step up? >> she is one of the most generous people that i know, and just she is going to lend that platform of hers to help the needy any day of the week and i love her for it. >> an dra bullock is donating $1 million, and yesterday in los angeles, reese witherspoon wore this texas pride spin. at the premiere of her new movie, she told cam ran there's one item survivors need. >> driepers are not provided by a lot of relief rz tos and if if you could send those, incredible. >> and an inspiring moment of hope. >> the moment that got me was singing and knowing she is from houston. ♪ >> this contestant survived a tragic plane crash, and sang "by
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the grace of god." ♪ >> i want people to know that no matter how much life tries to push you down and keep you down, not only you can get back onnure feet, but you can survive. >> as many as you know, joel osteen opened the doors to lakewood's church to people for the storm yesterday. today he appeared on all the morning shows defending himself against critics who said he waited too long to help. >> you have some explaining to do. >> does this look flooded? >> on sunday, about 24 hours after the deadly storm reached is city, a post from the 16,000-seat venue stated it was "inaccessible due to severe flooding." pictures the houston megachurch provided do appear to show some water inside the building. >> early on, this building was on the verge of flooding. >> but video captured from the outside on both monday and early yesterday morning, before the lakewood church opened to
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evacuees shows a relatively dry environment. >> the video seemed to show there was no flooding at the church. why was it not opened immediately? >> none of that is true. it was flooding and it would have been a safety concern. people that run this building, they can't get to the facility. the city runs the shelters. we could have been a shelter from day one if they wanted that. >> critics point out several other places of worship, a hotel next door and even a few area mattress stores all opened their doors to the needy at least one day before osteen did, prompting many harsh memes. >> if you let social media run your life and your ministry, you will never do anything. everybody has critics. >> the church is now accepting piles of donations and many evacuees some of whom are receiving medical care. joel, who went on a media blitz defending the church's timing, seems to have no regrets. >> i dont know that we would've opened any sooner. the notion we're gonna turn people away, that's just such a false narrative of people that don't like us to begin with.
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>> tomorrow, we will be in houston on the ground to show you how some of those celebrity donations are helping those who need it most. now to taylor swift, and what more could we possibly learn about her "look what you made me do" music video? well, a lot, starting with her bathtub of bling. ♪ look what you made me do i don't like your perfect crime ♪ >> that is $10 million worth of real neil lane jewels taylor's sitting in. this snake ring appears to be the same one zoe saldana wore to the 2013 oscars. oh, and how'd they pull off mummy taylor's look? it was the same makeup artist behind ryan reynolds' "deadpool." >> because she is dead. ♪ >> it took five days to shoot the music video. they started planning in january and shot last may. the nod to hiddleswift, with these t-shirts, well, that was a total surprise. >> i just want you to know that is the first and only time you're ever going to see me in a crop top. i had no idea that's what i was going to be wearing. >> taylor's backup dancer todrick hall told "e.t."
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online's denny directo, swift came prepared. this was her first major choreographed dance scene. >> we have had a lot of experience, taylor and i, dancing at the club, so i knew she had what it took, but we didn't film it that many times. she just killed it. >> taylor pulled out all the original outfits to recreate her personas. "shake it off's" ballerina, the ringmaster from her "red" tour, even the silver sequin gown she wore when kanye stole the mic at the vmas. the styles are all on display at the taylor swift experience. traveling exhibit. >> i would very much like to be collu excluded from this narrative. chris pratt and anna faris, are they making a last ditch effort to save their marriage? tonight, the pratts' number one priority. >> with a source telling the
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algs magazine, the therapy won't likely change the status of their separation, they hope therapy will give them too manies to co-parent jack. and one week after chrissy teigen revealed to "cosmo" she is abstaining from alcohol after admitting she was drinking too much. husband john legend tells the same outlet how much he supports her decision. quote, when she was thinking about how she wanted to drink less, we talked about it. i want her to be happy and to live the fullest, most awesome life she can. >> a little boy is next for sure. >> is it really? >> i don't know for sure, but we have one on ice. >> even though they struggle with fertility, john also tells the magazine, quote, ivf brought us luna, and hopefully a few more awesome kids too. ♪ >> now to josh and fergie's baby axl who celebrated his 4th birthday with an adorable father son dance-off. the kid has moves like his mama, breakdancing, and even doing the worm. josh captioned the video, quote,
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i can't think of a better way to celebrate a 4th difrt. happy birthday axlito. >> adorable. >> my god. love that. speaking of mini-me's, reese witherspoon made it a mother-daughter date night with ava last night. cameron mathison, you were at reese's "home again" premiere. >> i was, and it was an emotional night for reese for many reasons starting with ava's birthday milestone. >> i want to start with you posing with your beautiful daughter first on the red carpet. she is going to be 18 in a couple of days. >> yeah. i'm in shock. i'm also crying and feeling proud of the woman she has become. it's really fun. >> for the premiere reese rocked a red, $2,200 dress by roland moret while ava opted for black and white animal print mini. but they were totally twinning with their poses on the carpet. one leg crossed in front of the other. >> there's no question how much she is watching you through all this. >> it's sweet. she is my best friend. we do everything together.
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it's going to be hard for her to leave. i have a whole year. >> in her new romantic comedy, "home again," reese plays a newly single mom who lets three hot younger guys move into her guest house. >> you're acting weird. oh, my god. >> 12-year-old lola flanery and 8-year-old eden grace redfield play her adorable daughters. but for eden last night's premiere didn't exactly live up to the hype. >> how are you feeling? >> well, i find it hard because all of the cameras have lights on them and they all flash at you and you try not to blink, but it hurts your eyes. >> how did you get ready for tonight? >> i curled my hair slightly. my mom wanted to. i hated the curling iron. >> i love her. i love her. >> welcome to hollywood, right? it's so hard. >> no kidding. >> back a to the reese for a second. i asked her about the instagram photo with "the mindy project" script and she confirmed that yes, she has a cameo on the last season.
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coming up, voice initiation. >> congratulations on winning the voice uk, we're in the united states of america now. >> how the other coaches are keeping her on her toes. >> i'll keep my mouth shut. plus pink, why things weren't always so picture perfect for the couple of 11 years. >> it ain't easy, but we do it. closed captioning provided by --
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charlie sheen stars in "911," and we're told about his personal connection to the
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drop that ball! >> well, the secret is officially out. proper property brother, drew scott, will join last year's champ, emma slater, in the "dancing with the stars" ballroom. meanwhile it's no secret who's joining "the voice" this season. >> that would be grammy and oscar winner, jennifer hudson. she just shot this '70s action promo with her fellow coaches, but what do they think of the j-hud addition? check their emojis. >> the feeling i got when i found out jennifer hudson is going to be a coach on the voice, hallelujah. jennifer hudson! >> j-hud joins miley, who's returning for her season, and longtime frenemies, adam and blake, who have been on the show for all 12. >> what was the feeling i got when i found out i was joining "the voice"? these teeth are not big enough. ahh! >> jennifer is awesome, this brand new energy. she is the only coach on "the voice" that has an oscar. i want one. ♪
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>> we got no chance. >> it's important to me because the contestants want to win, and i want to win for them. >> jennifer already has a big win under her belt. she was the champ on last season of "the voice uk," beating out her fellow coaches including gwen stefani's ex, gavin rossdale. gwen isn't on this season, but jennifer can expect some tough competition from her boyfriend, and five-time winner, blake shelton. >> congratulations on winning "the voice uk." >> thank you. >> we're in the united states of america now. >> when i hear one of blake's jokes, i'm going to keep my mouth shut. >> the most fun for me, is just trying to make those other coaches look or feel stupid. that makes me happy. >> that's my shirt. not my shirt. >> as your coach, i will never run across the room, grab your collar to see if you are wearing my clothing. still ahead, our exclusive with kaley cuoco spilling a big
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bang secret? >> oh, oh. and princes william and harry pay tribute to their mother. plus, pink's adorable moment with her kids. >> they would like the know what you thought of mommy's performance today. not very impressed by me.
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will you marry me? >> will amy say yes? you'll have to find out when "the big bang theory" returns september 25th on cbs. nischelle turner here with me now. you were exclusively with kaley cuoco.
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will we have a big bang wedding? >> all signs point to maybe. it's a tease. come on. kaley cuoco and her boyfriend have been going strong. >> you look great honey. i love you. i love you. >> >> living her best life. that's kaley with her love, pro equestrian karl cook on vacay in the australian outback this summer. >> i feel very lucky, and they are wonderful people, so that was amazing. >> seriously, we love this relationship. horses, dogs and an adorable sense of humor. >> stop filming me! >> let's see what you are doing, baby. >> also giving us some real goals, the 31-year-old hot yoga devotee's abs for days. we see this body. is this the yoga body? >> this is the yoga body, and the yoga hurt shoulder. >> what did you do?
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>> from yoga. i have to take a week off. >> now kaley's commitment to healthy living has her hosting an event for panera bread. >> they brought out this cup that has the amount of calories every drink, these iced teas you have. i can't believe you came today. i really appreciate it. >> listen, okay. >> i know you will have my back. it's awesome. >> but getting back to that "big bang" cliffhanger -- >> are we going to have a wedding? >> i hope so. >> at least an engagement. >> you guys are in -- everything that you want to happen in the opening will happen. i'll tell you that. >> that's right, cally. you know you are our girl. let's talk about pink, okay? everybody is talking about her inspiring speech to her daughter, willow, at the vmas. here's what we learned. clearly, it's family first in the hart household. ♪ >> how proud of your mommy are you? >> very. >> you, my darling girl are beautiful. >> pink's empowering love letter to 6-year-old daughter, willow, and seeing their affectionate
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bond in the audience was everything. >> oh, god, you're getting heavy. >> willow's first "e.t." red carpet interview was at the 2016 "alice through the looking glass" premiere. >> they would like to know what you thought of mommy's performance today. >> it was good. >> it was good? like awesome good or, like, kind of good? >> awesome good. >> oh. >> it's clear. pink's priority is cultivating willow's self-confidence and independence. >> not very impressed by me, which i like. you can do it yourself. why would you be impressed? ♪ >> pink and husband of 11 years, carey hart, also have a very giggly 8-month-old son, jameson. this summer, pink shared their life on the road as she toured the festival circuit. >> did your tooth fall out? >> no. >> how much do you want bet? do you want to bet the money? >> no. ♪
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>> but this picture perfect family unit did not come without a fight. ♪ sometimes i want to slap you in your whole face ♪ >> pink proposed to the motocross racer in 2005. they married the next year, but in 2008, they split up for nearly a year. ♪ i want to hug you i want to wrap my hands around your neck ♪ >> after reconciling and becoming parents, pink wrote one of the realest songs about marriage, "true love." ♪ i really hate you so much i think it must be true love ♪ >> i feel like you have fought for each other. you earned each other. >> we fight for each other. we fight each other, and it's a mixed bag. >> that's the love though, right? >> you're right. it ain't easy, be you we do it. >> that's what we love about them though. they tell you the truth. now pink has even more to celebrate. her music sales -- yeah. they have gone up 70% after her vma performance. switching gears now. tomorrow will mark the 20th an versery of
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princess diana's death. as rare footage of her visit to the u.s. weeks before the paris tragedy emerges, today her sons pay tribute to her at the palace she called home. >> today in rainy london, william, kate and harry visited the sunken garden at kensington palace, which was created to honor diana's memory. the redesigned garden is filled with many of diana's favorite white flowers which represent some of the famous outfits she liked to wear. the prince has wanted to create a memorial for their mother that was created with living things. >> all i want to do is try and fill the holes that my mother has left, and between myself and william and everybody else that's in those privileged positions, to try make a difference. >> friday night on nbc, the princes share their feelings about the day they laid her to rest. >> i just kept thinking about what she would want and you know she'd be proud of harry and i to be able to go through it and effectively she was there with us.
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i felt like she was almost walking along beside us to get us through. >> today william and harry also visited the makeshift memorial fans have created outside the palace gates. the scene is reminiscent of what the palace looked like in the days following her passing. >> diana, this way please! >> and this is newly uncovered footage of diana in new york just a couple of months before her death, wearing a stunning beaded cocktail dress. she actually stopped to sign autographs for a fan. >> princess diana how is new york? >> wonderful as ever. >> "e.t." was there that day as diana attended a charity auction of some of her favorite dresses. smiling and laughing that summer evening, no one could have predicted that just over two months later, she would be gone. >> and as for the actual anniversary tomorrow, well, the palace tells us that was the only planned engagement for the princes and nothing else has been announced. >> they have grown into two fine men. coming up, tonemy romo on
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his new gig, and his newborn. can he handle both? our interview with the cowboys next on kron-4 news at eight: a northern california police force... is in mourning officer, killed in the line of duty, two others are sent to the, what we are learning about the fallen, rescue missions continue in the wake of hurricane harvey.this, as the death toll climb to more than two dozen.we're tracking the storm..which is finally starting to weaken.i'm steve aveson i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is
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well, before we go, are you ready for football? >> you better believe it. >> well, the new season kicks off next week, and the nfl on cbs and thursday night football have the game broadcast pool. >> including cowboy turned analyst, tonemy romo. >> we like that. bye, everybody. >> they said, let's do it for the first run or the game. i don't know what a tell straighter is, or where do i stand? what do i do with my hands? you don't know what to do with anything. >> no doubt he'll get the hang of things, and he is excited at the rumors of his buddy, justin timb timberlake take over the super bowl halftime show. >> i love justin. >> not only does toenny have a new job, but he also just we brand new baby boy. >> it's super chiexciting moouk. my third boy. building my own basketball team here. i'm getting
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now at eight ... the wild gun motel battle that left a sheriff's deputy dead and two officers wounded... that story still developing in sacramento tonight.whoosha texas man escapes death by the slimmest of margins ... one of the amazing survival stories in the wake of hurricane harvey. whoosharmed but no longer dangerous ... richmond police say they've busted a gang responsible for crimes up and down the east bay.their violence marked some of the most egregious criminal acts that we've seen in the bay area in quite some timewhoosh and, he told friends he was being bullied by other students ... and school counselors wen't details about this week's deadly library shooting in new mexico .. on kron four news in prime time. (pam) a series of shootouts in sacramento ... has left one deputy dead... and two c-h-p officers injured. thanks for joining us, i'm pam moore.(steve) and i'm steve aveson.


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