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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  August 30, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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vicki liviakis.(grant) and i'm grant lodes. tonight, harvey has been downgraded to a tropical depression. but don't let that weaker term fool you. the death toll from the storm that initially made landfall on friday...has risen to 31.(vicki) 30-thousand people have fled to shelters and 50-thousand homes are damaged or destroyed. shelters are filling up across texas. c-n-n's kristen homes is live in houston with more on the deadly flooding.
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(vicki) if you would like to help people affected by harvey... you can text
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the word "harvey" to the number on your screen... 90-999 to make a te-n dollar donation to the red cross. we have posted other ways you can donate on our website, kron four dot com. look for the link .. near top of the home page. .a significant warming trend is then forecast to begin tomorrow and continue into the upcoming weekend with oppressive heat likely for interior and higher elevation locations, especially on friday and saturday. hot weather will even make it to the coast on saturday
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(grant) one deputy is dead and two c-h-p officers are injured after a series of shootouts in sacramento.(vicki) police have arrested at least three people in connection with the shooting. pam moore is here with more about the deputy who was killed....and new information about the suspected shooter. pam? (pam) 52-year-old bob french was killed in the shooting earlier today. he had been with the sacramento sheriff's department for more than two -decades... he is survived by his children, grand- children, and girlfriend. the incident started as an investigation into a suspected car theft ring. investigators
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checking into those vehicle thefts... arrested a couple of suspects after a brief chase this morning that ended in elk grove... then the officers returned to a ramada inn near interstate 80... after learning a stolen car ring was allegedly being run out of a hotel room there.that's when someone inside the room opened fire..wounding to chp officers. the suspect then tried to take off..and that's when he shot and killed deputy bob french.sheriff scott jones: "he was a dedicated patrol deputy who trained other people, a go to guy, very respected. don't know if he returned fire, but the gun the suspect used was a high powered assault style rifle." the gunman managed to get into
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a car and tried to escape. however, he did not get very far... crashing and getting into another gun battle with law enforcement. this time he was hit and taken into custody.((pam/flashcam vo)) the two wounded c-h-p officers are expected to survive. the suspect is in critical condition (grant) new at nine... police in the north bay are looking for a woman who they say...stabbed a man at a senior housing complex.(vicki) it happened early yesterday morning at the rotary manor senior community. that is near the corner of fifth avenue and eye street. (grant)(doubleboxáá kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and joins us live tonight. j.r. how is the victim doing? (j.r.)well after talking with some of those who live here it appears he's back home but still recovering after this wild scenario. and police now need your help in catching the suspect.this is a picture of
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that suspect. her name is unique lashonda gaimes. she is 26 years old and has previously lived in pittsburg and san rafael. police believe she stabbed the 66 year old victim in the face, neck, head, and chest here at the rotary manor senior community. another resident here heard the man yelling and called police. police say gaimes left this area on a bus and was las seen at the del norte el cerrito bart station. neighbors we talked received a note today from management basically saying it was a private situation and that things are going to be okay. we talked with some of those residents and asked what they saw yesterday morning.all i saw was a body on a gurney being wheeled out. i didn't read anything in the newspaper but i read the paper under my door and it was really scaryyeah.still a number of unanswered questions tonight. we don't know if the victim and suspect are related or if they are friends.
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(grant) thousands of dollars were stolen from the manager of a 7-11 store monday night... it happened so fast she had no time to react. the manager had just left the store and was headed to the bank to make that day's deposit. but on her way to the bank she was rear-ended. the woman got out of her car... the man yanked her phone out of her hand... he then grabbed the bank
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deposit bag off her front seat, got back in his car and took off. authorities say the two suspects had cased the convenient store earlier that day... and knew exactly what they were doing. (sgt. brian philip/palo alto police): "obviously the suspects watched her so they knew what they were looking for. in this particular case, it was readily available inside the car and that's what he did. he reached in a grabbed." security cameras caught one of the suspects... who walked through the store at one point. police also got a picture of the suspect's car... a sliver sedan with a yellow paper plate. authorities are now looking for the two suspects. (grant) police in richmond say seven gang members have been arrested ..after an 18 month investigation into a bay area crime spree. and these guys allegedly weren't voilent to settle drug issues...or turf wars...police say they were randomly tormenting the public. the gang called "swerve team"... is being linked with three murders and 14 attempted
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murders. they are also connected with an armed home invasion, several armed robberies , burglaries and even car jackings. police say these young men are armed...and extremely dangerous. (sot) "they're only motive was just to inflict violence violence and inflict fear across several communities and today, it's a large law-enforcement effort to squash that violence" police say one gang member is being sought tonight. each of the seven suspect currently in custody. is being held on 24 million dollars bail. san francisco police need your help tonight... in locating a sexual assault suspect. back in june of last year... officers say 37- year-old adrian hernandez- vasquz sexually assaulted a victim in the pandhandle area near golden park.. police say the suspect and victim met socially prior to the assault. a one million dollar arrest warrant has been issued for hernandez-vasquez. have any information on this
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case...if so...the san francisco police department would like to hear from you. (vicki) take a look at this new video of a hate crime in the east bay... it shows someone throwing rocks at a jewish temple in alameda. the attack happened back on august 17 at temple israel. the man dressed in all black...walks through the parking lot and make his way to the temple doors. at some point along the way... he grabbed a large rock. he then throws the rock at the glass doors...and later picks up more rocks and throws them at the windows. multiple agencies are involved in the investigation including the f- b-i. the alameda police department says it is posting the video... hoping someone will recognize the man. (grant) amber cummings, the self described "transgender-patriot" says she plans to return to berkeley this weekend. cummings made the announcement at a park in antioch earlier today. she is the one who organized... then later
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cancelled a "no to marxism in america" rally. it was scheduled for this past sunday at martin luther king junior civic center park in berkeley. she cancelled the event due to safety concerns after the city of berkeley denied her event permit request. still, thousands of counter anti-fascist protestors showed up, and berkeley police made 13 arrests on sunday. amber cummings/organizer- "these people are crazy. everybody is a nazi to them, ok. everybody's a fascist to them. the truth about these people are is they're violent marxists that run around with masks lie this and they're allowed to attack the people." (grant) cummings says she will be at civic center park in berkeley at 1:00 saturday afternoon and intends to deliver a speech. she says she doesn't want anyone to show up for it though... instead, she asks that people tune in on facebook live. (vicki) coming up... some california mayors are calling the housing shortage the biggest problem facing cities in the state. hear what mayors in the bay area are saying needs to be done to help fix the problem.(grant)
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plus... a warning if you are traveling this weekend... it is going to be tough to get around parts of the bay area. we'll show you some of the closures up ahead. (vicki) and... it is expected to get dangerously hot around the bay area... we have complete team coverage of the high heat after the break.
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jack: you're welcome. vo: the new smoky jack burger combo for just $4.99. vo: only at jack in the box. welcome back to kron four news at nine.... we are taking a live look outside at the embarcadero in san francisco...(vicki) it may be cool now, but it's going to be dangerously hot in the bay area the next couple days. (áátripleboxáá we have complete team coverage on the high heat. meteorologist brittney ship breaks down the high temperatures around the bay area. and kron four's charles clifford is live in livermore with more on how people are preparing for the heat. well, right not i'm in livermore where it was actually pretty nice out
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today. but that won't last long this area is expected to hit triple digits in the days to come, now livermore, pleaston, dublin. these folks are used to hot summer temperatures but 110 or hotter is pretty brutal. if you don't have air conditioning out here or don't want to stay home there are a few great spots to cool off. shadow cliffs over in pleasanton are a good place to go swimming. there's also a great fountain here in livermore. . that's where i found a family this afternoon that just moved to livermore from indiana a few days ago.. they are about to get there first taste of california summer. now coming up on kron 4 news at ten, we are going to talk to a few more people about what they are planning to do to stay cool during this heat wave. in livermore, charles clifford kron 4 news (grant) temperatures are expected to get dangerously hot around the bay area... here to take (grant) temperatures are
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expected to get dangerously hot around the bay area... here to take a closer look is chief meteorologist brittney shipp. .a significant warming trend is then forecast to begin tomorrow and continue into the upcoming weekend with oppressive heat likely for interior and higher elevation locations, especially on friday and saturday. hot weather will even make it to the coast on saturday
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(grant) big city mayors in the bay area and throughout the state are urging lawmakers to address the state's housing
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crisis. mayors ed lee, libby schaaf and sam liccardo spoke in sacramento today to discuss more affordable housing across the state. mayors around the state want the housing package to give cities more power to address the crisis and to subsidize more housing for low-income people. this comes as lawmakers are set to vote on a package of bills to tackle the problem. this includes a four-billion dollar housing bond, regulatory reform, and a fee on real estate transaction documents. (vicki) tonight president trump is calling on congress to rewrite the nation's tax laws. but the president is getting mixed reviews over his new push for tax reform.(grant) kron 4's washington correspondent mark meredith takes a closer look at the reaction from lawmakers. president trump says americans are in desperate need of tax cuts. "if we want to renew our
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prosperity, and restore opportunity, then we have to reduce the tax burden on our workers"but almost instantly critics blasted the president's latest legislative push. new york senator and minority leader chuck schumer. "we believe that tax reform should not increase the tax burden on the middle class and there shouldn't be any tax cut for the 1 percent of americans. period."this month schumer and other senate democrats sent the president this it, they say they're open to working on a bi-partisan tax reform package. but today oregon senator ron wyden tweeted, it may already be too late."the only thing you are surrendering to with this tax "plan" is big special interests"but some wonder if the same congress that couldn't repeal obamacare has even a chance of passing tax reform we asked ohio senator rob portman about the odds earlier this month, he says he thinks it's possible."there's most agreement in the
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republican family about tax reform, then there is about health care, there's support to fix the broken tax code" congress will have the chance to take up the tax debate when it washington next the white house, i'm mark meredith. (grant) coming up.... more rescues are underway following the deadly storms that hit texas.... hear how bay area volunteers are helping people impacted by hurricane harvey.(vicki) and after the break... we'll look at the economic impact that hurricane harvey is having on prices at the pump.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month.
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no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. (vicki) tonight in four your money.... hurricane harvey is having a major impact on the nation's economy. (grant) the storm is
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causing prices at the pump to go up around the country. the nation's largest refinery is shutting down. it could take weeks before the energy sector in southwest texas is back to normal. the region accounts for about three precent of the u-s economy. damage estimates are soaring... economists say the storm and flooding could knock a fraction of a point off national economic growth in the third quarter. (vicki) uber's new c-e-o met with his staff for the first time today. dara khosrowshahi is the new head of the san francisco based company company. he ran the international travel company, "expedia," for the past 12 years. co-founder travis kalanick resigned from the position back in june as uber faced complaints of sexism and harassment. kalanick still serves on the board. (grant) ford and domino's pizza are teaming up to test "driverless" pizza delivery cars. instead of a person walking the pie to your
9:25 pm have to go outside and get it. dominos gives you a special code when you order...which you later use to unlock the rear window of the car. the specially- designed ford fusion comes with a built-in oven to keep your pizza warm. but you won't see a driverless pizza delivery in the bay area just yet.... the companies are testing out the car in ann arbor, michigan over the next five weeks. (vicki) still ahead... a wildfire is threatening homes in northern california.... we'll show you who police believe started the fire.(grant) and... people in texas are hit with another storm earlier today.... we'll hear from more people who had to be rescued from their home in texas after the break.
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grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. (vicki) we are hearing from more people who were rescued from their home after hurricane harvey hit texas.... countless more people are still awaiting rescue.(grant) earlier today....the storm moved ashore for a second time....bringing a new wave of misery. "somebody gave me a ride on a boat and it just breaks my heart."traumatized residents resscued from a port arthur nursing home.a volunteer flotilla ferried them to
9:29 pm
safety."there's no way in or out of this facility unless it's a boat. air is not possible. vehicles are not possible."in a facebook post the port arthur's mayor wrote: "our whole city is underwater right now but we are coming!" the city was slammed with 20 inches of rain overnight.the city's own emergency center was itself flooded.... evacuees were forced to evacuated again,one couple had only a plastic garbage bag to protect their newborn nearby beaumont, a volunteer rescue team tossed a lifeline tossed to a man struggling in the fast moving water.his car was swept away.he and a passenger were rescued after spending five hours in the water.natin houston, dramatic pictures of ordinary people putting themselves in harm's way ... forming a human chain to pull an elderly man from his submerged s=u=v. natthe new york air national guard pulled a mother and her young baby to safety.nearly 10=thousand people have been saved from the rising water in
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houston alone."we had situations of rescuing people out of attics, people with medical conditions, elderly people, all different types of situations, with animals, kids, babies.""never thought in my life it would happen to us.""i had to grab my baby, diapers, what i could ... ... and hope that we could be picked up." "when we were on that roof sunday and water was coming in so fast...and then we got rescued on that bridge. they (grant) it's all hands on deck at the american red cross. thousands of volunteers are on the ground in south texas and more are on the way. red cross volunteers in the bay area are on stand by because of the coming heat wave and threat of wildfires... but they will be deployed to south texas sooner or later. in the meantime-- the red cross is using social media and other digital platforms to help with disaster relief. cynthia shaw is among scores of people who are providing digital
9:31 pm
support. (cynthia shaw/red cross): " we have people who are helping the local teams on the ground monitor their social media profiles and responding to the many messages and tweets and making sure that accurate and timely information gets to the people who need it...." thousands of red cross volunteers already on the ground in the disaster zone. like troops on the front line, they are only as good as their supply lines and support staff back home reinforcements are waiting for the call. (vicki) if you would like to help people affected by harvey... you can text the word "harvey" to the number on your screen... 90-999 to make a te-n dollar donation to the red cross. we have posted other ways you can donate on our website, kron four dot com. look for the link .. near top of the home page. (vicki) an out of control wildfire is threatening several homes in northern california... and one person has been arrested ... suspected of starting it. the 'ponderosa fire' ... ballooned overnight.. and people are being told to
9:32 pm
evacuate. it has grown to 31-hundred acres ... and is burning to the northwest of forbestown. that is not far from the oroville dam. about 500- structures are threatened at this hour in the forbestown area at least ten homes have been destroyed and five others damaged. the flames have also wiped out several other buildings. firefighters are dealing with rugged terrain as they try to get control of the fire.(sot) 29-year john ballenger of now in police custody... he is accused of recklessly starting a campfire outside a designated campground. right now - there is 10-percent containment on this fire. nearly one thousand fire fighters are on scene...fighting the flames tonight. (grant) it is going to be harder than usual to get around the bay area this holiday weekend... the lake merritt bart station is closed this weekend through the end of monday as bart
9:33 pm
crews repair and rebuild parts of the track. and part of the bay bridge will be closed saturday. the closure not only affects auto traffic.but also the pedistrian and bike bath on the bay bridge.. and that is where our gabe slate talked to upset biciclysts. "i love this bike path i get to ride on a bridge, it's so cool" cj came here today hoping to do her ride on the bay bridge bike path but it's closed now until sunday. the bay bridge on this saturday will also close to car traffic for 30 minutes sometime between 10am and noon in the eastbound direction. so that's coming from san franciso heading into oakland this closure is related to demolition work caltrans will be doing removing parts of the eastern span of the old bay bridge.. this is the first of many closersfrom now until early november every other saturday this stretch of the bay bridge will go through the same type of closure.. for 30 min. in the east direction sometime between 10am and noon. and on those saturdays the bike path will be closed for
9:34 pm
the entire day.cyclists i talked to said that is going to bum out a lot of people sound from cj / bay bridge bicycle path rider "it's jammed on saturday so many people" sound from armon / bay bridge bicycle path rider" this will effect a lot of people" and this holiday weekend lake merrit bart station in downtown oakland will close at the end of friday night and remain closed until tuesday morning.
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(grant) health officials approve a first of its kind type of cancer treatment. we'll explain how it can help kids with cancer.(brittney) plus... (gary) and... the tragedy which has
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overtaken the city of houston has off course affected the sports really who
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cares if an nfl exhbition game was cancelled or the texas rangers had to relocate a baseball game to florida... no we are talking about how ther athletes have stepped up big time. "i've upped the goal to $10 million because everything's bigger in texas and why not shoot for $10 million." now i hear people say if i was making millions i'd contribute big checks like the athletes..but the bottom line here is that with all the angry people on social media and all the fake tough guys on sports talk radio...we generally only hear about the bad things that go on off the field... sure young athletes making big money... can be self absored...hey people in our business better have big egos... you have to do something to be something... but when it comes to serious issues that affect the community you are seeing what j.j. watt did...houston newcomer chris paul has become involved...athletes coast to
9:39 pm
coast are stepping up and for once we want to acknowledge that lebron james and his fellow stars have big big hearts. to this day i remember when when the bay bridge collapsed during the 89 world series....dave stewart of the a's out their every day bringing food and supplies to th3 fire fighters and those in need... sure the media seems to concentrate on how much the atletes make..a fracus here and their at a gentlemans club....but at the end of the day the real champions on the field are champions off the field as well... at 10:45...we are getting vcloser to the end for the giantds and a's...and another athlete sticks up for kapepernick.
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cops pulling over drivers in either los altos hills, saratoga or cupertino you weren't seeing things (vicki) it was a 5 hour traffic crackdown and guess who was there traffic officers from different cities in santa clara count y hit the streets looking for all forms of bad behavior from everything from drivers to pedestrians and anything in between nats: ambiance for instance, see this black mercedes making a turn into homestead school in
9:43 pm
cupertino from the outside lane that a big no-no, the driver should have waited in line like everyone so sgt gonzalez from the santa clara county sheriffs office will have a chat with him when you were coming this way and you made the right turn what lane were you in and big rigs drivers not following the seatbelt law do you wear your seat belt normally there was also a truck checkpoint where trucks were given the once over for safety this truck and trailer was taken out of service because the driver while he had a license it wasn't the right type.sir where out here doing truck inspections today do you have your drivers license, registrations, and insurance as you may well know school is back in session and during the first month it can be chaotic .this driver was stopped outside kennedy middle school so when you came out of driver way school right here tere's a sign posted it's a right turn only between 7 and 9 in the
9:44 pm
morning the reason why you had to wait for so long you were blocking .. you did see it that big sign posted right there in the entrance at one point a resident flagged us down éa few more minutes and it will be almost to that corner and then they will be turning around in the middle of the street this is her complaint as parents drop off there kids they make a u-turn which by it self is not illegal unless there a another car approaching less that 200 feet away sir the reason why i stopped you when you made the u-turn there, remember the u turn . no english and then just outside apple on de anza pedestrians ignoring the don't' walk signals . this is grup of people crossing against the light everybody here from the grey jacket everyone stopped were issued tickets for ignoring a pedestrian signal . well almost everyone . this guy sorta slipped through the cracks heard mentality you see the group going there will be more crackdowns in santa clara county so my suggestion always follow the rules . then you won't have anything to worry about in santa clara county stanley roberts kron 4 news .a significant warming trend is then forecast to begin tomorrow and continue into the upcoming weekend with
9:45 pm
oppressive heat likely for interior and higher elevation locations, especially on friday and saturday. hot weather will even make it to the coast on saturday
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(grant) more mixed messaging from the trump white house, when it comes to north korea. the president tweeted this morning... that "talking is not the answer," while his defense secretary says... the u-s will never be out of diplomatic solutions. (vicki) this, after the u-s conducted a successful intercept test near hawaii. karin caifa has the latest, from washington. on the heels of a missile launch that north korea's state media boasted was a
9:48 pm
"prelude to containing' the u-s territory of guam -- president trump signaled wednesday, he's tired of talk -- tweeting --the u.s. has been talking to north korea, and paying them extortion money, for 25 years. talking is not the answer!trump's response to north korea's latest launch -- which was condemned by the u-n security council -- seems to split with his defense chief, and his top diplomat.appearing with his south korean counterpart wednesday --defense secretary james mattis was asked if the u-s was out of diplomatic means to deal with pyongyang. mattis said -- never.james mattis/ defense secretary: no, we are never out of diplomatic solutions, we continue to work together and the minister and i share a responsibility to provide for the protection of our nations, our populations and our interests.mattis' remarks -- at odds with the president, but in line with the approach secretary of state rex tillerson described in a sunday interview with fox news. rex tillerson / secretary of state/fox news: we're going to continue our peaceful pressure campaign as i have described it, working with allies, working with china as well to see if we can
9:49 pm
bring the regime in pyongyang to the negotiating table.the white house says president trump spoke with japanese prime minister shinzo abe wednesday -- their second conversation since north korea's missile launch monday. meanwhile, the u-s missile defense agency says the u-s conducted a successful test intercept of a medium-range ballistic missile, over hawaii. in washington, i'm karin caifa. (vlv) tonight in for your health... a first of its kind type of cancer treatment is approved by the f-d-a. (grant) health officials announced the approval of a leukemia treatment that it considers to be the first gene therapy cleared for the u-s market. the treatment, "kymriah," is an additional option for patients who haven't had success with first-line drugs. it contains a patient's own, genetically modified immune cells -- reprogrammed to recognize and kill the cancer. the drug is aimed at treating relapses in b-cell acute leukemia, the most
9:50 pm
common type of cancer among children. however - the treatment costs 475-thousand dollars... but drug maker novartis says patients who don't respond after a month won't be charged. (vicki) plus... we are learning about more ways to lose weight...and keep it off. to achieve your weight loss consistent. that is according to a new study published in the journal "obesity." researchers found that people who quickly lost weight struggled to keep the weight off. people who slowly lost weight -- and made sustainable changes to their lifestyle -- were able to keep the pounds off -- after a year. researchers recommend you keep a schedule for eating and prep food for the week. (grant) the average age of a man becoming a father is older than ever before. the average age of a father of a new born in the u-s went up
9:51 pm
from 27 to nearly 31 years old....between 19-72 to 20-15. that is according to a stanford university study. it also found that over the study period, new dads who are 40 or older... doubled. researchers say the age gap between moms and dads is also narrowing. (grant) the chicago police superintendent had a successful kidney transplant today. he received the kidney from his son.(vicki) the two had simultaneous
9:52 pm
surgeries at rush university medical center. eddit johnson was reluctant to seek out donors earlier this year when his doctors told him his kidneys were functioning at under 10 percent capacity. but that process turned out not to be necessary when his son volunteered and turned out to be a match.(sot) "i'm proud of him for stepping up, but, you know, i tell you this, the whole journey to this point, especially in the last few months, is not really about eddie johnson. it's about shining a spotlight on organ donation, period, but i'm proud of him because it's a decision that he made on his own." johnson found out that he had an inflammatory kidney issue more than 30 years ago - when he was first applying to be a police officer. at the time, doctors thought his kidneys wouldn't last more than five years. (grant) coming up... see how muscians are paying tribute to the people deadling with deadly storms in texas. that is after the break.
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(vicki) coldplay payed tribute to the victims in texas.... they were scheduled to perform in houston last week, but were forced to cancel as hurricane harvey approached. on monday night in miami, they performed a new song they
9:56 pm
wrote for the flooded city. the band says it was a one-time performance only and that they will never play the song again. (grant) and take a look at this... spiderman paid a visit to a houston shelter. shelter organizers say a lot of families left their homes to escape harvey without anything to keep the kids distracted. that means children there could use items such as toys, books... and friendly web-slingers. (grant) that's it for kron 4 news at nine...but our prime time coverage continues at the top of the hour.(vickii)pam moore and steve aveson join us now with what's coming up on kron 4 news at ten...guys? ((pam)) that's right vicki and grant... get ready for a heatwave! scorching temperatures on the way for much of the bay area over the next few days. some places could get as hot as 110- degrees.... or more! kron 4's charles
9:57 pm
clifford is live in one of those locations tonight ...he will have a live report- coming up. plus chief meteorologist brittney shipp will have your four- zone've seen the devastation in texas. families forced to flee their homes as flood waters rushed in.tonight we talk to one san francisco man whose family had to leave with only their clothes on their he's on a mission to get supplies to those who need it most. ((steve))be sure to keep it right here...((pam)) kron 4's primetime news coverage continues ... at the top of the hour. (pam) get ready for a heat
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
wave. the major warmup starts tomorrow... and by friday -- tempeatures could climb as high as 113 degrees in the east bay.(steve) this is a live picture from san franfrancisco interantional airport... the temperatures in the fifties there right now... enjoy that cool weather because there won't be much relief ahead -- even at night.
10:00 pm
tonight -- we are tracking exactly what you can expect in your neighborhood. good evening i'm steve aveson.(pam) and i'm pam moore... we are also tracking some of ways to stay safe in the heat. more on that ahead..(steve) first let's get to cheif meteorologist brittney shipp... in the weather center. (brittney)


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