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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 31, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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telethon which raised more than $4 million. >> telethons, concerts, everything, needs to keep going for a very long time. >> now another celebrity getting involved is oprah winfrey. she made a generous donation to the red cross today. we are standing outside lakewood church, and you see the folks lining up to get aid right now. this is the home for pastor, joel osteen, and we are the only show that was invited inside the doors, and we had to ask him point-blank, did he wait too long to start delivering aid? >> there was a gentleman who posted a video, put his camera up to the video saying that there's no water in here. why aren't the doors open? i can't get in. >> it depends on what day that is. that street could flood, and in 14 hours, it can be down. >> where was the flooding inside? >> it was 1 foot from coming over the flood wall. >> we toured joel's 16,000-seat megachurch which started accepting evacuees on tuesday. they have taken in 400 people and counting, but that doesn't
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stop the online shaming. >> people say, critics forced him to. what do you say about that? >> i don't really think about it. we did the right thing. >> this seats what? 16,000 people? why wouldn't you bring people in here? why wouldn't you open this up? >> right now, we'll take as many as we can, and we're happy to do it if we need to do it now. >> across from the church, this hotel housed evacuees from day one, but a nearby starbucks was closed due to water damage. joel says the city never asked lakewood to be a shelter. >> should you have prepared for this situation? >> had we have known it was going to be this huge of a flood, we would have prepared sooner, but even our volunteers and our staff couldn't get to the building. >> last night, lakewood held its first service since the storm, and joel became emotional as he paid tribute to the victims. this morning, people on foot and in cars lined up to get essentials. lakewood is accepting donations from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. they especially need baby products. in hindsight would you have opened this place up and put 700 beds? knowing what you know now,
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>> i would have put staff in here before the storm hit. got beds, and do everything we could to prepare to help. >> pastor osteen tried to focus on the future. he is going to dedicate 12 members of his staff to focusing on the victims of harvey. not only helping them get the essentials they need, but also helping them financially. we never had that one, okay? >> that's happening right there. bachelor nation in shock, and awe today after corinne and demario clearly put the scandal in paradise behind them. >> clearly. "e.t." online's lauren zima with corinne today, and she got to the bottom of their late nightclub reunion. >> what was that like to see him? >> i'm glad i got to see him, and be our normal self. >> did you text him? >> we did. >> corinne and demario were out having drinks last night with the rest of the "paradise" cast and corinne wrapping her legs
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around demario, reminiscent of the infamous pool incident that shut down production for the first time in "bachelor" history. >> why did you do that for so long? why did you want to? >> it was private, and i told him last night, you ran to the media, and i'm mad at you. he said, i ran to the media after your statement came out. i wanted to handle it privately. >> at the core of the misconduct allegations, an unnamed producer who felt things had gotten out of hand, corinne and demario were both cleared of any wrongdoing. so what really happened? corinne says drinking while on prescription drugs led to a blackout. >> you feel like that producer's intentions were good? >> yes. yes, of course. after the fact, i guess i was expressing that i didn't even remember talking to demario. that's when they were, like, okay. this is -- we got to do something about this. >> what is next for you? >> still working on my book. it's actually coming together amazing. and i'm working on some scripted
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tv stuff. >> and lauren did ask corinne about her love life, and corinne told her, finally for once, i'm single. let's switch gears now. since princess diana's tragic today officially marks 20 years since princess diana's tragic death. while her sons are marking the occasion in private, the public is paying tribute to the woman who will forever be the people's princess. >> today in paris, at the site of diana's fatal car crash, and in london at kensington palace where she lived, mourners laid flowers in her memory. 20 years ago, in the days following diana's death, the british people were grieving, and eager to hear from their queen. our mark steines was there. >> here at buckingham palace, people have gathered outside the gates to catch a glimpse of the queen and hear her message, per hapts the most important message of her 45-year reign. >> we are trying to help william and harry come to terms with the devastating loss that they and
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the rest of us have suffered. >> the spotlight turns on the boy who could be king. >> tomorrow on nbc, prince william reflects on the day he and his brother had to walk behind their mother's casket. >> both our parents brought us up to understand as best we can, that there is this responsibility that, you know, you have to do things you don't want to do, but i have to say whenever it comes to that person, it goes to another level of duty, you know? i just kept thinking about what she would want, and if she was there with us. it felt like she was walking alongside us to get us through. >> i'll never forget that smile. let's move onto gwyneth paltrow uncensored. she is moving on about an ex-fiance, whose name rhymes with pad brit.
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topping tonight's exes edition of "know and tell," gwyneth gets real. >> throwing it back to brad using very colorful language about their 1997 split -- in an interview with "girl boss radio," gwyneth says she has learned a lot and is in a great place with boyfriend of three years, brad falchuk. and perhaps taking a page from gwyneth's conscious uncoupling philosophy with ex-husband, chris martin, it's reported lady gaga still talks or texts ex-fiance, taylor kinney, every single day. ♪ you and me could write a bad romance ♪ >> kinney was snapped friday at gaga's chicago concert, and being amicable exes doesn't seem to bother current boyfriend, agent christian carino. last night in manhattan, the two enjoyed a date night on her day off. now to green bay packers quarterback, aaron rodgers, who's opening up about his high profile split from actress olivia munn nearly five months ago. he tells "espn magazine" fame did place a, quote, increased strain on their relationship, which was difficult.
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>> the mvp of the week, and they want to take pictures of his girlfriend. >> yeah. look at her. she is incredible. >> he's also slamming the critics who suggested olivia negatively affected his game saying, quote, they're such misogynists. up next, reese witherspoon dishes on a second season of "big little lies," and the real reason she risks everything to step behind the camera. >> i called the h.r. i'm not doing this. then what prized possession of marilyn monroe's does mariah keep in her closet? we're inside her private quarters with her kids. >> that's dem babies. and why kate hudson is
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she did nearly all her own stunts for a thriller, unlocked, and
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to opening night of the venice film festival. matt there to promote his upcoming film, "downsizing," and his other movie, "suburbicon," with george clooney. we will be with both of them tomorrow. meanwhile cameron mathison here now with another movie star, reese witherspoon. >> i like that. >> we're talking about another movie starring reese withersp n witherspoon. >> we are. yeah, reese dropped by chelsea handler's show to promote her new film, "home again," and her big little breakout hit. >> people liked it on top of that. i can't believe people liked it because we were having so much fun and enjoying ourselves. except for the part where the guy gets murdered. >> reese is nominated for two emmys for the hbo thriller, one for lead actress, and another for her role as an executive producer. so how does she feel about possibly returning for season two? >> i would love to do it again, yeah. but we don't have any ideas or anything, so -- >> come up with something quickly. >> hit me up on the twitter, you know. >> in the meantime reese is busy with another project, a new series with jennifer anniston that's about morning tv. the pair actually shared screen time back in 2000 when reese
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guest starred as jen's little sister on "friends." both are executive producing the new show, and reese explains why she got into producing in the first place. >> i read one of the worst scripts in my entire life, and it was so bad, and the woman was so bad opposite this medicomedi and i said, i'm not doing this. i said, i need to start making movies because this is not worth women's talent. >> boom. by the way, her movie, "home again," is out september 8th. we'll show you the celebs, and how they get rid of sell lite, and why it has victoria's secret models shining up. and emma stone on her most challenging role yet. >> i did a lot of weight lifting. >> on her battle of the sexes tennis movie. and then inside mariah carey's massive closet. >> darling.
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>> with designer dresses, bags, lingerie and so many shoes. which ones are her favorite? >> these are the only shoes that matter. closed captioning provided by --
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i feel like mariah carey. ♪ i'm so into you >> you just got to love you kate hudson. the mom of two clearly having a good time, shooting her cosmopolitan magazine cover. >> she sounded amazing. >> she has a great voice. >> can she say she has a cloz it like her? mariah carey is taking her inside other treasure trove of love. >> we are in my closet right now in my new apartment. i don't think i did it intentionally, but there probably is a sense of drama and a sense of graddure. >> with custom made gold leaf and white wooden floors, mariah's massive closet sits inside her 12,000-square foot tribeca penthouse. >> i have a lot of different
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dresses positioned just because they're there. >> lining the walls from floor to ceiling, color coordinated rows of her signature stilettos. but -- >> all right here's the only shoes that matter. i don't know. i can't even believe these are my shoes. whatever. >> mariah's collection of lingerie is also impressive. so much so, it has it's own closet insider her closet. >> i walk around in more of, like, a slip dress with a robe over it, and bustiers and stuff. >> other hidden treasures? a 1960s compact from marilyn monroe which mimi bought at auction for $34,000. this pink birkin bag, a gift from boxing champ, floyd mayweather. and lots of shades. >> i try to see what works on my face because i have chipmunk cheeks. >> the diva's domain isn't off limits for twins roc and roe. in fact, the 6-year-olds already have an appreciation for the finer things. >> man, don't put that thing on
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my nice suit. >> do you know the name of the designer, rocky? >> it's balmain. >> that's dem babies. >> teaching them babies early. that's what she is doing. i don't know about y'all, but i want to see more of this, and if you do too, go see the video on now to the victoria's secret fashion show. it airs november 28th on cbs, and this year it will head to shanghai, china. but who won't be there? >> kendall jenner. she's reportedly out because of her gig with la perla, but familiar angel faces, karlie kloss and candice swanepoel, will be back, and lais ribeiro too. >> speaking of lais, what does she do the get into angel form? well, it's a new hollywood treatment that claims to get those catwalk problem areas runway ready. >> other people have cell lite because you're working out and eating healthy and then binging, and it's just not a constant
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lifestyle. there's no photoshop, no air brush. if you have any imperfections, they are going to show. this treatment, like, definitely tightens it up and makes it simple. so i love it. >> it feels like a hot stone massage. costs between $100 and $200. it can be done on your lunch break. and after about six sessions, bye-bye, cellulite? sign us up. >> you can do it on the back of the thigh, front of the thigh, the buttocks. >> it's called vela-shape. model brooks nader who's working her first new york fashion week, comes here to erase spa to prepare. >> not only is it infusing heat, we're vacuuming and causing strainage, and it's a trifecta treatment for cellulite. >> other celeb clientele includes serena williams and lala anthony, but does it all sound too good to be true? well, there is a down side. >> obviously, if you leave here and you go on a cola and chi
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to toes binge, all the cellulite will come back. >> there you go. moving on now to the "crazy, stupid, love" reunion between steve carrell and emma stone, but this time, they're not playing father and daughter. >> no. definitely not. they're taking on real-life tennis rivals, bobby riggs and billie jean king. remember that from back in the day? >> i do. >> they are taking the ultimate "battle of the sexes" from the court to the big screen. >> ladies and gentleman, billie jean king. >> the movie is the story of 1973's epic tennis match between king, who was then 40, and former champ, riggs, who was 55. emma gained 15 pounds of muscle to play the tennis icon. >> i did a lot of weight lifting and fitness and just kind of studying her way of being physically. i mean this is probably the most physical role that i have done in certain ways. >> there she is. billie jean king.
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>> i thought we were doing a table read, and she started working out. and she said, oh, my god. i'm just so hungry all the time. >> i'm going to put the show back in show business. >> the publicity-loving riggs hyped the event by proclaiming that men were better athletes than women. >> i love fit fez in the bedroom and in the kitchen. >> a lot would be made about him being just a sexist pig, and people were so outraged, but you knew it was just an act. you knew he was just trying to get people riled up, and that was part of his charm. >> i'm the champ. how can i lose? >> because dinosaurs can't play tennis? >> billie jean visited the set of the movie, and the real life live primetime event was watched by 90 million people. >> i think until very recently it was the most viewed sporting event in history. >> i'm done talking. let's play. >> in case you didn't know,
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billie jean actually won that match, and i'm thinking that we should do a modern day version of that. serena williams versus -- >> mcenroe. remember what he said about serena how she would not be ranked anywhere near the top in the men's circuit? >> i like it. listen up, taylor swift. kim kardashian west's throwback thursday that could put their bad blood to rest. that's next. next on kron-4 news at eight: the heat wave begins... temperatures spike across the bay area... and it is only going to get hotter. meteorologist brittney shipp has your sizzling forecast. we'll also explain why its so smoky suspect accused of killing a sacramento county sheriff's deputy, is from the bay area. what we're learning about his previous run-ins with the law. i'm steve aveson i'm pam moore... the news -- at eight -- is next.
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travel consideration prov e provided by -- before we go, would you believe it wasn't always bad blood between taylor swift and kim kardashian west? >> i know. it's hard to believe, right? in fact, it's true. kim told us back in 2009, she was tay tay's biggest fan and she had the playlist to prove it. >> number one song on my ipad, taylor swift's "love story." i love taylor swift. i'm the biggest taylor swift fan, and watching her on twitter. i just signed up for twitter, and i'm watching you, taylor. >> i love that song, too. >> how things have changed. >> bye, everybody. >> goo
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now at eight ... you think it was hot today ... this weekend the temperatures are expected to be downright dangerouswhat you need to know about the labor day heat wave,whooshnot only are we dealing with the heat tonight... but the haze. smoke is filling the bay area air... you might be surprised at where it's coming from. whooshsigns of the times ... pump prices soaring as the texas flooding chokes off the nation's gasoline supply"over 30% of the production is offline>"whooshin georgia, a police officer tries to reassure a nervous driver.what he told her cost him his job. you're watching kron four news in prime time. (steve) smoky skies, rising temperatures, and fire danger. a heat wave moves into the bay area...and it is already breaking-records. (steve) thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson. (pam) and i'm pam moore. we will see triple digits over the next few days... creating dangerously hot condit


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