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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 4, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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800-thousand dreamers could lose protection from deportation. california leads the country in the number of daca recipients. there are approxmately 223-thousand "dreamers" in the golden state. followed by texas, illiniois, new york and florida.(pam) tonight .. california's senators are promising to do what they can to help the 'dreamers'... supporting legislation that would give dreamers a chance to legally stay in the u-s. senator dianne feinstein tweeted: congress must act to protect daca recipients. i'm ready to vote "yes" on the dream act! and senator kamala harris also -- demanded a vote on the dream act... tweeting " there is nothing crueler than deporting kids who grew up in america .... back to a country they don't even know."(steve) some had hoped the presdient would ánotá end daca.. since he has softened on the issue -- since taking office.. during the election campaign - he said he would end it.. but more recently - his tone changed...(steve) tomorrow's announcement -
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- comes as attorneys general in these ten states are demanding an end to daca... threatening legal action after if the presidnet does not end the program by tomorrow. some states vowing to fight for daca... the attorneys general in new york and washington are also threatening legal action.. áifá the president does decide to end the program. (pam) new tonight at ten: a bay area dreamer is fighting to keep daca alive ... in a petition penned to u-s attorney general jeff sessions. kron 4's ella sogomonian .. in san jose with the brazillian immigrant who calls herself 'american' first. sot: ella sogomonian, san jose// "well it's story we keep hearing amanda is yet another dreamer who has only called the us home. but with daca now on the chopping block she is standing up for her rights and those of others by launching a petition."like any other bay area teen- amanda de castro finished school, got
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her first car, and went off to college. the difference is she did it all as an undocumented immigrant thanks to the protection provided by daca - the deferred action for childhood arrivals program. sot: amanda de castro/ dreamer// "daca really gave m the opportunity to chase my dreams and go to school."an opportunity that president donald trump may 5 years old amanda's parents moved her out from brazil and in to the east bay town of hercules where's she's been ever since. but right now daca is the only legal paperwork allowing her to stay.sot: amanda de castro/ dreamer// "i can't imagine having to drop out of college, leave everything i have here. and i don't even know where i would start over there."a meeting to renew her daca paperwork is this tuesday - the same day the president is expected to make an announcement to phase out the program within the next 6 months.sot: amanda de castro/ dreamer// "so i was feeling extra nervous about it tomorrow."(nats: typing) amanda's channeling those nerves into action by taking matters in to her own hands and launching an online petition to keep daca alive called "bay area defending
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daca now!"sot: amanda de castro/ dreamer// "it's something that benefits me as a person but i think doesn't get in the way of anybody else's life so i wish people would reflect what are you really doing, what's the goal here?"she's already reached a goal of at least 100 signatures but the support keeps growing. the petition will be sent to attorney general jeff sessions.but until a final decision is made - the future of about 800 thousand daca recipients along with amanda's - remains unpredictable.sot: ella sogomonian, san jose// "although the next few years are uncertain amanda, inspired by her own plight and that of her family, plans to pursue a career in immigration law. in san jose ella sogomonian kron 4 news." (pam) san francisco mayor ed lee is weighing in on the impending daca decision ... putting out this statement today. quote.. "their families fled to america from war- torn countries and dire economic straits...
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because they saw this country as a place of refuge and hope. to punish them for seeking a better life is unconscionably cruel." unconscionablbetter life is unconscionably cruel." (steve) here is a breakdown of exactly what daca is... and what it does. people eligible for daca arrived in the u-s before they turned 16. they must have lived here since june 15th 2007... and they cannot be over the age of 31 as of june 15th 2012. also -- they must have no felony convictions. if a daca application is approved: recipients can obtain valid drivers licenses, enroll in college, legally secure jobs. but --- it does ánotá give "dreamers" path to become u-s citizens or permanent residents. (steve) the big unknown tonight -- is what exactly will happen to the nearly 800- thousand people in the daca program if it ends. kron4's spencer blake talked to an immigration attorney and asked about what could happen.
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(looklive)here on the u-c berkeley campus, there are plenty of students who were born in other countries, but only know the u-s as home.if deferred action for childhood arrivals comes to an end, there's already a protest planned here for tuesday.(pkg) if daca comes to an end, attorney jesse lloyd doesn't think many of his clients will be surprised, but"a lot of them are concerned they're going to lose their jobs. a lot of them are concerned if they don't have something else, they're going to end up getting removed."deportation. splitting up a family. these fears are real for daca recipients."it's been really deflating to see the furor in people's eyes."that's why the protection exists in the first place.the general idea of deferred action for undocumented immigrants has been around in government for decades."what has been unique about daca is it has specifically targeted a very large group and a lot of these people had no other benefits. so it's been incredibly helpful to them."incredibly
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helpful, and also incredibly temporary.daca was designed to tide us over until we get a more permanent government solution, or a dream act, as you may have heard it called. it's likely the six month window we're expecting to hear about from president trump on tuesday will give congress some time to pass firm legislation on the issue."i think it's gonna be a possibility. i think the question's gonna be, 'at what cost?' i think it's very unlikely there will simply be a dream act as a stand-alone." lloyd expects republicans to throw additional provisions into a dream act bill - like funding for a border wall, or a cut in overall immigration in coming years. as for what happens if daca ádoes end on tuesday?there may be some small comfort in knowing the timetable. "so someone who's never been in removal proceedings before, wouldn't get deported immediately." (looklive)lloyd is confident of that, because immigrants would still have the right to fight those removal proceedings if they start, and that's a legal process which could take berkeley, spencer blake, kron four news. (steve) attorney general jeff sessions is expected to announce the president's decision on daca tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. we are also expecting rallies against the decision around the bay area.
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we will bring you the latest on air -- and through the kron4 mobile app. (pam) tonight, fire crews in gilroy are trying to contain a wildfire... it started last night -- after days of record - breaking heat. the fire has burned 100- acres.. and is 10- percent contained. it is burning near ballybunion drive ... and the fire is now being called the "bally fire." the fire is in steep terrain ... above multi- million dollar homes near the eagle ridge golf course in west gilroy. people who live nearby are being advised to keep windows shut and stay inside because of the smoke. kron 4's j-r stone is live in gilroy tonight with the latest.. j.r? flames shooting into the air in gilroy near the eagle ridge
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community. this is viewer video shot on sunday night by a neighbor who was in her backyard when the fire started. sot heard two pops and saw some kids and the next thing the hill was on fire.mary porcari says it actually sounded like fireworks and she soon saw those kids running away. one even told her he didn't do it. within minutes of whatever the sounds were.this is what could be seen.sot initially it was pretty hairy because it advanced up the ridge line pretty fast.firefighters spent monday fighting the flames from both the air and the ground. helicopters and planes were used to dump water and fire retardent on the hot spots. the flames have moved farther from homes but there is still lots of smoke coming from the hundred acres that have burned. no structures have burned but one firefighter was injured when he fell. he should be okay and that's good news to those living here.sot fireman as they came we probably had 200 that came up the first two hours. it was really assuring that those things they stopped
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and were able to stop the advancement and it didn't come downhill.we have a magnificent crew and thank you thank you thank you for all the work that you guys have done you have been amazing. (steve) i'm here in the kron4 weather center with meteorologist lawrence karnow.. we've seen record breaking heat -- and now a fire ... what's ahead?
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lawrence karnow: plenty of clouds swept across our skies today and we even had some rain too. highs were much cooler with the warmest locations in the 70s. doppler radar is picking up the subtropical showers as they swept north through the bay area. it wasn't much but it was enough to get the windshield wipers going in some spots. there's still a chance we could see a few more showers and even an isolated thunderstorm tonight. hurricane irma has strengthened to a category 4 storm. the latest track brings it toward florida this weekend. you can see the clouds in the pacific from former tropical storm lydia. it helped to cool our temperatures and bring the showers but it also made it feel muggy on this labor day. highs tomorrow around the state will be cooler but still hot in the central valley. and watch out for thunderstorms in the sierra. around the bay we will see partly cloudy skies. there's still a slight chance of a few isolated showers in the morning before partial clearing in the afternoon. highs will be in the 80s inland, 70s and 80s around the bay, and 60s at the coast. more fog and cooler temperatures are expected midweek before clearing out and warming up next weekend.
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(pam) coming up -- we are just over a week away from the possible unveiling of a new i-phone..... but will the expected features be worth the expected price tag? (steve) then -- you've probably seen this online...a nurse -- roughed up and arrested -- just for doing her job... tonight -- the changes she hopes the viral video will lead to... (pam) and texas cleans up from a major hurricane... we are tracking another monster storm .... and it could hit florida.
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(steve) developing tonight:hurricane irma has intensified into to a category four storm... irma is packing winds of 130 miles- per-hour... and is moving west toward the caribbean at 13 miles-per-hour. but questions remain on what impact irma will have on the u-s mainland.florida governor rick scott has declared a state of emergency ahead of the storm. more on hurricane irma ahead..but first -- the latest on the damage caused by hurricane harvey in southeast texas.... at least 59 people have died since the storm hit.tonight -- insured flooding victims will be able to get aid financial relief a
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little bit faster. reporter omar jimenez is tracking developments. while most businesses in houston are expected to reopen by tuesday, as the city dries out...there's still a long way to beaumont texasresidents are still struggling with supplies of drinking water. federal officials now say people there will have to boil what they use for up to a month.senator john cornynhouse majority leader kevin mccarthyand congressman randy weber were briefed on the situation there monday.rep. kevin mccarthy/ (r) majority leader: every step of the way, we'll make sure we are here for the state of texasand while they stopped in texasthey'll be involved in the fight for funding in washington.sen. john cornyn/ (r) texas: it's going to be
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important for congressman mccarthy, congressman weber and i and the entire texas delegation to pull together to get the relief from the federal government that texans so, so deserve."the white house is asking for nearly eight billion dollars in disaster reliefas congress returns to washington on tuesday. meanwhile, florida officials are keeping a close eye on hurricane irma, churning in the atlantic ocean. and though it's still unclear which path the category four storm will ultimately take, residents aren't taking any chances. resident sot: "we're gonna get something, so better to be safe than sorry."in kingwood texas, i'm omar jimenez. (pam) here in the bay area....
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a task force of firefighters and first responders has returned home ... after spending 10- days helping hurricane victims in texas. kron 4' charles clifford is live tonight in oakland with details. charles, we understand there is a possiblity this same team could be redeployed if hurricane irma makes landfall? well, the task force arrived here in oakland about 7 oclock this evening and they are happy to be home but if hurrican irma becomes a problem they might have to pick up there gear and go back to work. natsmonday evening, 47 members of the oakland urban search and rescue task force 4 team touched down at oakland international.sotim happy to be home, yes.dr. marisha chilcott is task force 4's team physician. she says the scope of the devastation in texas is stunning.sotchilcott says her primary job was to care for the task force's medical needs and help
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hurricane victims.sotmarisha says that as they were leaving texas tethe flood waters were receding but it will take a long time for the victims to rebuild their lives.sotchilcot plans on resting up for a few days and then getting ready to redeploy if hurricane irma makes landfall. soti'm ready to go back yes. back live, there are still 26 members of the team who are actually driving back equipment from texas. they are expected to arrive later this oakland, charles clifford kron 4 news. (steve) and two bay area
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kids have found their own special way to help the victims of hurricane harvey. ava and aaron jenson found some items they could part with... made some lemonade... and set up a table in hopes of raising some money. the nine and 11 year old siblings don't know anyone in houston... but wanted to make a difference. they cleaned out their rooms... gathering books, toys and more to sell. their table got a lot of action... some people didn't even buy anything... they just wanted to drop off a few dollars.(sot) (ava jensen/raising money for harvey victims): "well they're just kids, and they're kids like us and if this happened to us we would want other people to help us too."(steve) by days end they raised over 100-dollars... making the sale a huge success. all the money will be donated to the red cross. the sale was 100-percent their idea... done with the support of their
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parents.. (steve) and if you would like to help the victims of hurricane harvey... you can donate to the salvation army. just text the word "storm" to the number on your screen "51-555". you can also long onto our website kron four-dot-com for more information. (pam) a live look outside over san francisco tonight... finally.. cooler temperatures .. (steve)meterologist lawrence karnow has the weather for the week. lawrence karnow: plenty of clouds swept across our skies today and we even had some rain too. highs were much cooler with the warmest locations in the 70s. doppler radar is picking up the subtropical showers as they swept north through the bay area. it wasn't much but it was enough to get the windshield wipers going in
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some spots. there's still a chance we could see a few more showers and even an isolated thunderstorm tonight. hurricane irma has strengthened to a category 4 storm. the latest track brings it toward florida this weekend. you can see the clouds in the pacific from former tropical storm lydia. it helped to cool our temperatures and bring the showers but it also made it feel muggy on this labor day. highs tomorrow around the state will be cooler but still hot in the central valley. and watch out for thunderstorms in the sierra. around the bay we will see partly cloudy skies. there's still a slight chance of a few isolated showers in the morning before partial clearing in the afternoon. highs will be in the 80s inland, 70s and 80s around the bay, and 60s at the coast. more fog and cooler temperatures are expected midweek before clearing out and warming up next weekend.
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(steve) coming up new at ten:on this labor day -- the new push to prevent robots from replacing some workers in california. (pam) and next:a new i-phone unveiling expected next week.. and it marks a milestone: 10- years since
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the first one.tonight -- just how much it might cost. this is the new comfort food.
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grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms
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simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. the new tenth anniversary iphone will be unveiled in one week at apple's new headquarters "apple park". or as it's been dubed "the space=ship". with all the new bells and whistles the device is expected to feature analysts are predicting the new iphone will start at one thousand dollars and go up from there depending on the model and storage. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate asked faithful iphone upgraders if they would shell out a grand for the hot new phone.. that is a lot of money. i could buy a macbook for that. my work pays for my phone so no i would not pay that for a personal phone. reporter gabe
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slate says: i visited an apple store to talk to faithful iphone users about if they would shell out $1,000 for the new iphone. sound from iphone users in rapid concurrent: yes i will probably get sucked in. the macbook is $1000 so choosing between the computer and a phone.. i would choose the computer. no i would use that money to get a ticket out of the united states. the new iphone is expected to feature a much higher resolution oled display. it will likely have new security unlocking features like facial recognition. apple is late to the game of wireless charging so this should be the year that they build that into the iphonethis would allow you to set your iphone on a charge pad at home and not have plug anything in. earlier in the summer apple showed off a preview of their new operating system for iphones coming out this fall ios 11 in their preview they were showing off a lot of augmented reality apps and uses. to pull that
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off this new phone may have new hardware more cameras to better dish up smooth impressive a=r experiences as always apple is holding their cards close to their chest they have not revealed what this special 10th anniversary iphone will feature that they are unveiling on september 12th in san francisco gabe slate kron 4 news (pam) coming up:a woman shot and killed -- and the suspect is only 15 -years old.. tonight - what we know about the teen arrested in tracy. (steve) but first -- the united states accusing north korea of "begging for war".we are tracking worldwide reaction -- after north korea's weekend nuclear test. korea's weekend nuclear test. been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready.
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the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪
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and his nuclear threats show that he is begging for war. "> (steve) developing tonight: north korea triggers an emergency meeting of the u=n security council... it's after a nuclear teset -- and reports of imminent new missile launches. the bay area is now within range of north korea's most powerful missile. that nation has reportedly developed a hydrogen bomb .... capable of leveling an entire city.
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and tonight.... neither north korea nor president trump is showing signs of backing down, potentially leaving millions of lives at risk. natmost of those lives are in south korea.seoul, the capital, is just 35 miles from the demilitarized zone, well within range of north korean artillery.a shadow of war hangs over the late=summer crowds.this man says, "we are the ones dealing with this directly, ... if there's war it will be on this peninsula." "war is never something the united states wants. we don't want it now, but our country's patience is not unlimited."u=n ambassador nikki haley spoke 24 hours after president trump left the door open to force. "mr. president, will you attack north korea?" "we'll see." over the weekend north korea 's successfully tested what it says was its first hydrogen bomb, five times more powerful than any earlier nuclear test. north korea says it is
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responding to provocations in the south,natamerican and south korean jets have been carrying out mock attacks, with b-1 bombers making the 4=thousand mile round trip from guam.natat dawn today, south korea began conducting its own military exercises. fighter bombers launched cruise missiles capable of reaching north korea's nuclear test sites.and south korean army troops fired off salvos of ballistic missiles.natwhile both sides flex their military muscles, south korea's leader is calling for more dialogue with the north,that drew a surprising rebuke from president trump on twitter.he wrote, "south korea is finding, as i have told them, that their talk of appeasement with north korea will not work, they only understand one thing!" (pam) china is pushing back
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against president trump's threat of a military response... china says, it will never allow the korean peninsula to fall into chaos and war. á(steve) another big story tonight: oakland was the scene of two major labor day rallies...including a march to city hall. the san francisco labor council joined forces with the alameda labor council, community activists and union members... they're all demanding an increase in the minimum wage and the right to form a union... kron4's haaziq madyun was with the marchers earlier today and has this report. it is labor day in oakland and among those rallying for workers rights here at frank ogawa plaza are employees from tesla motorsso...tesla workers do not have a union?"no they do not"what's up with that?
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also at this labor day rally is billionaire philanthropist and possible 2018 california senate candidate tom steyer who supports increasing the minimum wage to $15-dollars minimum wage in the state of california is $10-dollars and 50-cents. the federal minimum wage is even lower...$7-dollars and 25- cents. one of the counter arguments to raising the minimum wage is the impact it will have on the cost of goods and services. civil rights attorney pamela price disagrees
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and you pay a fair wage">there was a good cross section of the economic spectrum here at this rally...all united in their effort to support american workers on this labor oakalnd haaziq madyun kron4news (steve) similar rallies were held across the state... right now the california minimum wage is now ten-dollars and 50- cents... that's if you have 26 or more employees. it's only ten-dollars if there are fewer... this is a list of bay area cities and their minimum wages. san francisco - 14 dollars. oakland - 12-dollars and 86- cents. san jose - 12 dollars. and san mateo with 12-dollars. ( pam) new tonight at 10. a san francisco supervisor is proposing a statewide tax on robots ... that would replace humans at jobs. jane kim ... the city supervisor who is pushing the tax ... says, it is important to think now ... about how people will earn a living... as more jobs are lost to automation. some
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bay area tech companies... like "knightscope" ... are currently using robots to patrol parking lots and walkways. while many people find the little robots "charming"... some city officials believe that public sidewalks... should be soley for people. (steve) more bay area news: tongiht police have arrested a man they say exposed himself to a child. it happened around eight last night in concord . a resident called authorities to report that his children said a man exposed himself to them. that resident sent his kids safely back in their home...then followed the suspect and called 9-1-1. once at the scene officers arrested the suspect...who's name has not yet been released tonight. (steve police say a 23-year-old woman was killed in tracy over the weeked...officers believe a 15- year-old boy was the gunman. a neighbor says the teenage usually a sweet kid. reporter kay recede has more. the tragedy that unfolded in this tracy home is a shooting that neighbor rose says --
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could have been prevented (rose, neighbor)"he just got mixed in with the wrong crowd i met him when he first moved in here he was very, very sweet. he had a really good heart."rose -- who asked us not to share her last name -- says the 15 year old boy suspected of gunning down a 23 year old woman in this house on dronero way in tracy was a helpful, sweet kid.(rose)"he's sweet, he was even helpful. if he saw me out here mowing the lawn, he'd run over and help me."rose says the boy had been living in the home for about a year... she adds he was looking for friends(rose)"he was just trying really hard to make some friends. i noticed that some questionable people started coming over the longer he lived here."investigators with the tracy police department says their officers got a call on saturday night that a woman had been shot.two minutes later -- she was pronounced dead... she had been shot once.neighbors say this is uncharacteristic for this part of the city.(martin garcia, neighbor)"it makes me be more alert.. you know what's going on be more vigilant. "investigators say the victim and the suspect knew each other -- but did not say for rose, she hopes the teen suspect gets the help
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he needs(rose)"instead of going to prison and rotting for the rest of his life that he can have a future still. " (steve) that was kay recede reporting. the teen was booked into san joaquin juvenile hall...investigator will not release his identity...becuase he is a minor. (pam) updating our wildfire coverage.. fire officials in los angeles say, the 'la tuna' fire -- which started friday -- is no longer considered an active blaze. however, that could change -- depending on the speed and direction of the winds. governor jerry brown declared a state of emergency for los angeles county yesterday... but rain and cooler weather have since been helping out fire crews. more than 7- thousand acres have burned - making this one of the biggest fires los angeles has ever seen. four people have been injured - including minor burns and severe dehydration. some homes have also been destroyed. (pam) it is not just
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california dealing with major wildfires tonight.... in orgegon -- homes and cars have been covered with ashes from a big fire near cascade locks. dozens of hikers had to be rescued yesterday.. reporter -- katherine kisiel has their story. woman:"all ten of us are on the bus, oh yeah.. relief." it's the news they've been waiting for.woman:"i can't wait to give you a hug, okay, be strong okay, you're almost there."family and friends learn their loved ones are just minutes away--nat sound: the hikers are weary... but glad to be"she just said she's glad to see me." noah brown and his high school friends were among the 153 hikers stranded in the gorge overnight.. with little food or water.many had just hiked to punchbowl falls for an afternoon swim.. when a wildfire changed their plans. tony szymczak:"we turned a corner and there it was.. up in flames."tony szymczak says they were on their way back to their car, but the fire made the trail impassable.he says is was a little tricky getting to a clearing for the night. tony szymczak:"having 153 people all moving at the same time on a cliff, you know, there's a lot that could go wrong and thankfully nothing did."many hikers tell us it
10:39 pm
got very cold.hiker:"the worst part was sleeping honestly. i did not sleep at all."our k2 director aisha woodburn also got caught in the fire.she says she and her friends huddled together.. just to stay warm.aisha woodburn:"i'm just happy to be back, probably take off work tomorrow." nat sound:"you have an excuse for tomorrow, get home safe, thanks man." (pam) authorities believe a firework may have sparked the wildfire. they say, the suspect is a minor -- who is cooperating with authorities. (steve) the utah nurse who was violently arrested after refusing to take a blood sample in now speaking out. nurse alex wubbles was following the law and hospital policy when she refused to take a blood sample from an
10:40 pm
unconscious patient-- who was not a suspect. wubbles says decided to release the video because she felt the chief of police didn't understand the seriousness of the situation. the chief admits it wasn't until he saw the video that he realized how serious it was and how his officers actions were inappropriate. wubble says she is considering legal action, but is also working on improving ties between police and health care workers. (alex wubbels/nurse arrested in dispute with police): "currently my mission is to re- educate. as officers and as health care workers, we have to work together on behalf of our citizens, our fellow -- our friends, our people, the people that we live with -- and if we are going to have that dialogue and we're going to be able to have that teamwork and camaraderie we have to be able to come to the table and have appropriate dialogue." the c-e-o of the hospital says officers will now only interact with hospital supervisors... and not in patient-care areas. the police department has publically apologized to
10:41 pm
wubble... and the officer has been placed on full administrative leave pending a criminal investigation. (mark) coming up, wild day in baseball... as the giants and a's find depressing ways to lose. we'll have the highlights... plus show you how one man put on a home run party down in l-a. also, the raiders may have to say goodbye to a fan favorite and reliable franchise player. details ahead. (lawrence)from record heat to showers today, what can we expect for the rest of the week. we'll talk about it next.
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while fans welcome las vegas' yet-to-be-named soccer team to the pro sports portfolio... civic leaders continue to see dollar signs.ricki barlow/las vegas city councilman: "this is going to be a great amenity to the cashman field center, in the city of las vegas." mayor carolyn goodman says this caps off an 18-year quest by her and her husband... to bring a pro franchise to the city -- and spur economic redevelopment around it.mayor carolyn goodman/las vegas: "the developers additionally are going to go ahead with major mixed-use development." the united soccer league team is the third pro franchise to commit to southern nevada in the past few years. we've also picked up half of the "big-4" leagues in town... with the n-h-l's vegas golden knights and the n-f-l's oakland raiders... scheduled to kick off the 2020 season as the las vegas raiders.those projects... combined with upcoming hotel rennovations and an expansion of the convention center... mean
10:45 pm
thousands of jobs for the recovering construction industry.tommy white/laborers local 872: "i'd say a good 10 years, it looks like there's about $15 billion dollars worth of work out there."that includes re-vamping cashman field."we're really looking forward to redoing some new work on cashman brian sandoval/(r) nevada: i think it's going to go a big way in revitalizing this part of town. (pam ) at least for the immediate future - we have only one planet to call home. so we don't want to treat it "badly"...(steve) basically, on ocean beach in san francisco, what that means is, either you are part of the solution ... or you are part of the pollution.
10:46 pm
if you are planing to visit ocean beach in san francisco, there is something you need to put it plain and simple bring some shoes.. i'm not kiddingnats: ambiance because the beach is filthy .. you'll find things from baby diapers to wine bottles most of the trash is concentrated around the fire pits this is more than littering this really dumping junk visitors are only permitted to burn firewood from march 1 till the end of october. the wood should not contain nails . because rusty nails and bare feet don't mix nats ambiance the national parks service ask that you pack it in and pack it out
10:47 pm
which simply means what every you bring to the beach, take it with you when you leave however there are somethings that should never be brought in with you .. glass and alcohol are never permitted . but looking at the mess in the sand not many people care nats: ambiance i was curious what people thought about the trash . this crowd gathered around one of the fire pits are forign exchange students, i ending up talking to anna from russa i think this is terrible that people leave their trash on the beach, because particles of plastic can get int the ocean and be like be like thrown by the
10:48 pm
weather so like fish and othere sea animals can eat it kathleen was out for her daily walk it's always a little bit of a shock after the weekend whan you come back im usually here during the week assnd see how much people leave behind and just oh ok you dropped a can and you know you went on your way but just full on garbage left everywhere. this surfer is visiting ocean beach for the first time the aesthetic enjoyment of this place contigent upon it being clean, i mean it's a natural enviorment where birds are here you know sealife is here we have this trash eventually it mightget blow out to sea it just ruins our aesthetic enjoyment of this placebut there is a way you can help. because the beach patrol cant handle all this trash on there own . in fact they are lifeguards, they have bigger issues to deal with the national park service offers a volunteer program you don't have to sign up you just have to this time of year in baseball is known as the stretch run....where teams make a push for the postseason. but when you are a team that's 32-games below 500 like the giants, there's no need to think about the playoffs. instead, the concern is just getting through the season. --the giants...facing the rockies in colorado. --top 4th-- even at 2 d.j. lemahieu single up the middle... chad bettis scores... 3-2 rockies.
10:49 pm
--in the sixth, giants down one.. joe panik comes through. drops one in center... span comes homes to tie it at 3. --in the 9th, things got miserable. . 3-alll. leadoff hitter charlie blackmon high fly to left-center... mac williamsson and denard span playing too deep... mac can't make the catch... blackmon to 2nd with a double --then, bases loaded... 2 outs...just awful. cory gearrin walks carlos gonzales... blackmon scores on the "walk off walk" bruce bochy... can only sit and watch. giants lose 4-3. life not any better for the a' they entered today on a six-game losing streak. --it's off to the coliseum.... where the crowd is dealing with all sorts of elements. --bottom 9th-- 9-7 angels. runner on...matt olson takes advantage of his moment. opposite field jack to left. that makes it 9-all.
10:50 pm
time for bonus baseball. ---in the 11th, two on and the angels pounce. cole kalhoun...frozen rope down the right field line into the corner. two runs come home. la leads 11-9 --home half of the frame, a's need a play. khris davis..can't deliver. 4-6-3 to end it. halos win 11-9... and the oakland losing streak continues. to the nfl-- the raiders open the season sunday in tennessee... and they may be without their longest tenured player. according to an espn report that broke this afternoon, sebastian janikowski and the team.. in a contract stalemate as the two sides can't agree on a deal. the 39-year-old is supposedly due 4-million dollars if he is still on the roster on saturday. the team has asked him to re-structure his contract, but he has turned them down. seabass had played 268-games with the team....the most in franchise history. the raiders have
10:51 pm
reportedly worked out other kickers, in the event a deal does not work out. finally, the dodgers learned a serious lesson tonight. don't pitch to j-d martinez. what a night for the diamondbacks rightfielder.. he went yard once, then again then again, then again. four home runs for he becomes the 18th-player in major league history with four jacks. he also the 3rd player in baseball history to hit four home runs off of four different pitchers. thanks mark... we'll take a last look at weather after the break.
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(lawrence)from record heat to showers today, what can we expect for the rest of the week. we'll talk about it next. lawrence karnow: plenty of clouds swept across our skies
10:55 pm
today and we even had some rain too. highs were much cooler with the warmest locations in the 70s. doppler radar is picking up the subtropical showers as they swept north through the bay area. it wasn't much but it was enough to get the windshield wipers going in some spots. there's still a chance we could see a few more showers and even an isolated thunderstorm tonight. hurricane irma has strengthened to a category 4 storm. the latest track brings it toward florida this weekend. you can see the clouds in the pacific from former tropical storm lydia. i
10:56 pm
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