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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  September 13, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> reporter: 20 minutes before going live, oprah instagrammed the power player first row. it included tom hanks, george clooney, and gwen stefani. who hugged her telethon neighbor, julia roberts. and it sure looked like new dad george was showing off the twins to tom and wife rita. ♪ stand by me >> reporter: down south in nashville, blake shelton and usher performed a powerful duet of "stand by me." >> as mothers, all we want is to keep our children safe. >> reporter: nicole kidman and reese witherspoon manned the phones alongside luke bryan, tim mcgraw, and his wife, faith hill. >> leo! >> reporter: in new york city, our camera captured a sea of stars arriving, including leonardo dicaprio and jamie foxx. >> tonight, we want to help. >> reporter: afterwards, ryan seacrest told us what it was like taking all those calls. >> it's great. talking to fantastic people across the country, all calling in to denate. it's really cool. >> indeed, it was.
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a lot of love in the room last night. let's move on to jennifer lawrence. whenever jen goes, seems like our cameron mathison is sure to follow. i'm freaked out by previews of this movie. >> yeah, her new movie, "mother," is not for the feint of heart. i can tell you that firsthand. it's true when it comes to her own family. >> i'm nervous. i have one brother that i know is going to walk out. he can't watch willy wonka because of the oompa-loompas. he can't watch the trailer. oh, you scared me. >> reporter: jennifer knows just how her brother feels. even she freaked out the first time she saw her disturbing new thriller about a marriage jolted by uninvited house guests. >> does he know you have a wife? >> reporter: and when she was making the movie, she shook off its creepy intensity binging on "keeping up with the kardashians" in a private tent.
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why not a requests -- "housewives" tent? >> i feel like if i walked into a tent of the "housewives," i would be like, god, luanne, what are you doing? >> reporter: opening in theaters friday, the movie was directed by jennifer's boyfriend of one year, oscar nominee darren aronofsky, who sweetly calls her the michael jordan of acting. who would you compare him to? >> i don't know athletes. who is a scrawny -- who is a scrawny adorable athlete. >> i want a reality star. you know reality tv. >> that's not fair. most reality tv stars are mentally compromised. >> she said it, not me. i'll be with her again at the "mother" premier. let's keep moving. angelina jolie. angie and her kids were everywhere at the toronto film festival. she's pulling now punches about
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life after splitting from brad. so, you don't like angelina? well, she doesn't really care. quote, i never expect to be the one that everybody understands or likes, and that's okay. because i know who i am and the kids know who i am. the 42-year-old single mom of six gives two new interviews -- "the new york times" and "people" magazine. topic number one? life after brad with the kids. calling them the best friends i've ever had, angie seems to take a subtle swipe at her ex, saying, nobody in my life has ever stood by me more. the six are home-schooled, learning arabic, sign language, and physics. maddox has his pilot's license and can now fly solo. and turns out the kids want angie to do an action movie. knox even offered to help. he said, mom, i can train you. i can help you run, do pushups. as for shiloh, well, remember this story brad told oprah in 2008. >> right now, shi is in this thing. she only wants to be called john.
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john -- would you like orange juice? no! >> reporter: angie revealed she calls the 11-year-old simply shi now. as for the family's future, she says they are no longer on lockdown. she'll return to acting and they'll travel. quote, i think they're itching to get out in the world again. well angelina has her hands full. meanwhile, a troubling scare for the royal family. a 40-year-old woman was arrested after she allegedly gained access to prince george's school in london. the4-year-old wasn't harmed. the palace is aware of the the incident but cannot comment. >> sounds terrifying. george reportedly has two security team members of his own. hopefully, he'll always be safe. let's switch gears to new york fashion week. katie holmes has been enjoying it solo. her man has his eyes set on another pretty lady, his daughter. >> it means a lot. to see your daughter out there doing her thing, you know, looking pretty.
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>> reporter: the proud papa cheered on 23-year-old daughter corinne as she worked the runway at the sherri hill show. and was clearly ready to celebrate. >> going crazy. >> reporter: demi moore was also at new york fashion week cheering on her daughters. 23-year-old tallulah designed a backdrop for the alice and olivia show. 26-year-old scout performed for the crowd. and now, to the west coast, where j. lo spent quality time with a-rod's daughters in beverly hills. alex told us his girls are superclose with his girlfriend of eight months. >> my girls adore jennifer. she's a great role model. they want to do exactly what jennifer does. >> reporter: clearly. check out the matching outfits. j. lo was totally twinning with 12-year-old natasha in denim, white tees, and gucci sneakers. >> i'm the luckiest father in the world to be able to expose my beautiful daughters to someone as brilliant as jennifer. >> think they're in love? sticking with star parents.
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serene in williams just bay dued her baby girl. >> we're living the hospital after six, seven days. we have a lot of complications but look who we got. >> reporter: alexis olympia ohanian jr. made her social media debut today, when ma many serena posted this sweet video diary. >> i felt you kick yesterday. it's amazing. what do you think of your room, baby? >> i like it a lot. >> reporter: little alexis, who is almost 2 weeks old, is named after her daddy. serena's fiance and reddit co-founder alexis ohanian. >> your dad's a real nerd. >> reporter: now we know serena was making the video when she accidentally snap chatted this pic, unwittingly announcing her pregnancy. alexis is already social media savvy. she's got her own instagram account and goes by olympia. >> you got a baby girl. >> that was darling. adorable. olympia works. i love the name. considering mom has won four olympic gold medals. >> wait until she takes olympia to the australian open.
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mama's going to be on the tennis court. one more star baby still ahead. maks and peta's photo shoot with famous baby photograph eer anne geddes. >> he was holding my legs. >> she was screaming at me, don't look down. don't look down. i'm like, i'm not trying to, trust me. and cocaine confessions. what maureen mccormack is revealing to "e.t." about the lowest point of her addiction. first, aaron carter's drug test results. >> cocaine was negative. meth was negative. >> reporter: aaron went on "the doctors" after telling us he wanted to combat what he calls false rumors that he's a drug addict. >> strap me up. ask me if i've smoked meth, crack. >> reporter: the 29-year-old admits to taking prescription drugs. sometimes without a doctor's consent. >> i find myself getting them off the the street. >> aaron is being prescribed medications that caused his
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sister's death. i don't know that aaron quite grasps that the same thing could happen to him. >> reporter: in a two-part interview, aaron tells travis stork about the loss of his sister and father, enduring body-shaming and reveals, at 5'11", he's only 115 pounds. >> of every test you had done, what was the most you were afraid of? >> hiv. because i'm so skinny. >> reporter: tomorrow on the show, aaron gets his hiv test results.
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♪ that's the way we all became the brady bunch ♪ >> somewhere, some place right now, "the brady bunch" is still on tv. 48 years after it debuted. maureen mccormack, who portrayed marcia brady was the all-american girl. offscreen, life was squit different. >> she's reveling more about her
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past problems and struggles with drugs only to "e.t." >> i struggled with drug addiction for, gosh, six, seven years. >> reporter: maureen was hooked on cocaine in the years following her success on "the brady bunch" where she played the iconic marcia. >> when i thing about having a chance to go out with a guy like him, i feel fantastic. >> reporter: but in her 20s, maureen says she fell into a hard-core hollywood party scene, and her habit affected her performance on some post "brady" roles. >> there were some where i was really high. and, um -- it was bad. >> reporter: she's been married to husband michael cummings for 32 years. but she was still abusing cocaine when they first met. >> when we first got together, i was still dabbling. and he said, you know, it's either me or that. take it or i'm out of here. >> reporter: the 61-year-old says she had many low points during here addiction, but one really hit hard. >> my father saying that he was
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going to turn me in to the police. i am so lucky to be here. alive. >> reporter: she and michael attended a benefit for the brent shapiro foundation for drug prevention. maureen competed last year on "dancing with the stars." and now feels she can inspire others who struggle with addiction. >> i've been sober now for 35 years. and my life has never been so good. >> love that. >> i know. i'm really glad she's using her struggles at a platform to teach other people. >> every time i see her, i still think, marcia brady. still ahead, the fabulous life of britney spears. you won't believe the outrageous amount of money she spends on hair, nail, clothes, massages. and kelly clarkson reveals why she chose to be a judge on the voice rather than american idol. >> it did look bad.
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[ laughter ] >> i mean, there is nothing better than the sound of baby's giggles. that is maks and peta's son shai. only "e.t." was invited to the photography session with anne geddes. the parents tell me how life has changed. has the baby brought out the real softy in him? >> i fell in love with him because he's a softy any way. but i think shai has softened him. >> oh, good boy. >> the second he was born, i called mom and apologized for not calling her back once in awhile. and things of that nature. i look at him, i'm going the be heart broken if i dial his
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number and he's not picking up and i know for a fact that he can. oh, i'll call him back. his heart will break. hello. >> reporter: maybe the start of the modeling career. >> talking about how we don't want to exploit our kid. he's seven months, we're taking him to a photo shoot. so there you go. >> reporter: with this sweet kiss on the cheek, it's clear maks was meant to be little shai's daddy. and he's a devoted husband, too. check out what happened in the delivery room with peta. >> he was holding my legs. i mean -- >> she was screaming at me, don't look down. don't look down. i was like, i'm not trying to, trust me. >> reporter: have you become more attracted to each other now that you have baby together. now that you see each other as parents? >> i thought you were hot before. >> but am i hotter now? >> every day. >> reporter: good answer. >> look at you. >> reporter: this photo shoot with famed photographer anne geddes was six months in the making. anne flew to l.a. from australia to make it happen. she called shai her little sausage. but maks and peta might be surprised to know, anne knew
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nothing about their hit show. >> i haven't watched it. >> reporter: you haven't? >> i'm going to now. >> reporter: maybe you'll be on it yourself one day. >> uh, no. that will never happen. >> reporter: shai is in the gym with his mom and dad. getting them ready for their return to season 25 of "dancing with the stars." maks has been paired with vanessa lachey. and peta's with vanessa's husband, nick. but peta told me she originally had her eye on someone else. >> maybe john stamos. >> reporter: wait, is that a little jealousy. >> not jealousy. >> it reminds me of you, actually. >> oh, good taste. >> good save. >> i'm buying that one. that was the first time i have ever seen maks a little bit jealous. oh, my. tomorrow, "e.t." is first inside the husbands versus wives ballroom rehearsals. let the battle begin. keltie knight.
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>> it's on. not the only "dancing" news. julianne hough is out as judge. maybe she wants to enjoy her newly wed status. let's move on to britney spears now. you ever wonder what a pop star spends her millions on? well, now, we know. ♪ you want a hot body >> i think a good facial is amazing to feel empowered by. my main thing is to enjoy life. >> reporter: and the numbers don't lie because, at 35 years old, britney is living her best life. according to financial papers obtained by "e.t." britney spent more than $10.9 million in 2016. some of the biggest expenses? over $122,000 on massages, grooming, and nails. just under 70 grand on wardrobe. and around $25,000 on hair and makeup. while her little dog can be seen in the background of her at-home workouts. when she's away? it costs roughly $30,000 for their care. that's more than twice the
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average cost of college tuition in california. ♪ i want to >> reporter: last weekend, britney spent the day at disneyland with her 23-year-old boyfriend sam asghari and two sons, sean and jaden. and last year, she spent over $59,000 on personal travel. ♪ ♪ i needed you >> reporter: but brit can also be just like us. shopping at attainable stores like target. and despite earning just under $16 million in 2016, she spent just $5070 on gifts. brit brit. so frugal. kelly clarkson is the gift that keeps on giving. now, her new gig on "the voice" doesn't start until next spring. but the competition between her and blake shelton is already heating up over gwen. >> she's the nicest human ever. you can meet her once sh and
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you're close to her. she's the nicest unever. >> reporter: it seems mr. shelton isn't the only one in love with ms. stefani. kelly and blake are close because her husband, brandon blackstock, is blake's manager. and now gwen is part of their posse. >> i always get on to text chains with them. gwen is sweet and starts this sweet, positive text. and blake and i take it somewhere else. >> reporter: in a radio interview with 103.5 ktu in new york, she reveals why she chose to be a coach on "the voice." instead of joining the revival of "american idol" where she was the very first winner. >> kelly clarkson. >> i love the show. i came from there. i was already talking to "the voice" before they approached me. and then put it out in the news. and it looked like i was mean. that wasn't fair. i didn't know you consider coming back. >> reporter: the mother of two little ones who has guest
7:56 pm
coached on the show in the past loved that the voice is in california. >> i got the see the blind audition. i love your voice. "american idol" they travel. i'm excited about the button. ♪ >> i'm going to call it right now. she won "idol." she will win the voice. >> she's a coach. >> she can win. >> she knows. >> all right. all right. next on kron-4 news at eight: for a 2nd straight day ... people in one bay area community are told do not drink, bathe, cook or wash anything with the tap water. a live report on when crews expect get the problem fixed. plus..breaking newspresident trump strikes a deal on immigration with the top two ádemocrats in congress.what the agreements means for nearly a million dreamers...and the border wall. i'm steve aveson i'm pam moore. the news -- at
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eight -- is next.
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promo considerations provided by -- before we go, we all know there is no arguing in judge judy's courtroom. she has the final word. >> she always has the final word. here's the deal. she just made a generous donation to the sheindlin forum at usc. is she becoming great debater? >> i'm not in the debate business. i'm in the judgment business. it's much easier than being in the debate business. >> i won't debate that. bye, everybody. now at eight ... that water
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crisis in the east bay: residents told they can't drink or use tap water for the next month.they said not to brush our teeth with it and take showers and we've been doing that since saturdaywhoosh attempted murder charges filed against this woman because of what she did to her newborn in the restroom of this ,mcdonalds.whooshnatnata close call in san francisco ... a driver has to be extracted from his car after a tree topples on top of him.whoosh good samaritans are being credited for helping out 67=year=old woman after she was attacked by a is heartbreaking what happened, but heartening to have community step in now police are hoping the community will step in and community will hoping the now police are step in have community but heartening to what happened, heartbreaking it is stranger.attacked by a she was (steve) now at 8. as pallettes of water are brought in to alameda point. the east bay city meets with neighbors -- where for a second night people are being warned don't drink, bathe, cook or wash anything with the water.(steve)


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