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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  September 27, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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with janet jackson made headlines after an infamous wardrobe malfunction. the nfl is being tight-lipped about when we will get an official an announcement, telling "e.t." quote, we are not going to speculate on particular artists. ♪ what's this >> reporter: lady gaga's half time set this year was the most watched in super bowl history. and while there's been speculation the coveted gig might go to taylor swift. ♪ look what you made me do >> reporter: adele. ♪ rumor has it >> reporter: or britney. ♪ you make me ooh >> reporter: our source says it's all about justin. ♪ as long as i got my suit and tie ♪ >> reporter: quote, this is who they waned for a long time. he's the guy. >> i love justin. he's a great guy. >> reporter: j.t.'s got a big thumbs up from his pal, tony romo. the former quarterback is now a cbs sports analyst. >> i think if they got justin it would be a home run. he's one of the rare guys everyone thinks is great and he's supertalented. >> i love you, thank you. >> yes, we all love him. he's reportedly releasing a new
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album at the beginning of 2018. so the timing would be perfect. and you know, if there were a super bowl for babies, the kardashians would win that, hands down. especially now that khloe is going to join the club. >> i wonder how tris tan would feel. >> listen, i'm pregnant. >> reporter: she foreshadowed the news. >> tristan and i talk about starting a family. but now knowing that i'm not on birth control is scary. it's a big step. >> reporter: a source close to khloe tells "e.t." she is expecting her first child early next year with cleveland cavalier boyfriend of over a year tristan thompson. that makes three pregnancies right now for the sisters. >> he's cute. >> reporter: "e.t." previously confirmed 20-year-old kylie is having a baby with her boyfriend, rapper travis scott. and kim and kanye are expecting their third baby via a surrogate. also a girl. >> tvland doesn't know the time.
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we can drink at any time. >> reporter: while khloe was happily sipping champagne, the show was taped in april, before the pregnancy. on june 25th, two weeks after the season finalen in e, khloe gave a huge clue. snap-chatted this shot with the caption, quote, dad and mom. and if history was to be repeated, we predict the three sisters will confirm the news themselves at the end of the season 14 premier. they did that on season nine and ten. >> this season on "keeping up with the kardashians" -- >> i'm pregnant. >> i'm pregnant. >> you know, last night's "this us is" justin hartley's character was on the phone with his ex-wife. kevin said this -- >> well, listen, the kardashians are not going anywhere.
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>> promise? >> i promise. they're like gremlins. by next week, there will be a bah zillion more of them. >> they finally give us a clu about the best kept secret in hollywood. how did jack die? >> reporter: the last two minutes of the premier are mind-blowing. what was your reaction when you read it? >> part of it i didn't read because it was omitted from the script. >> reporter: from yours? >> mine. >> reporter: we'll tell you how the crew kept the secret. there were two sets. one built five hours away from hollywood. and mandy filmed the scene just last week and nailed it on the first take. >> i don't want people to be disappointed. it's not the full story. we have 18 episodes to fill that in. >> reporter: what do we need to know when watching season two? >> people seem to pay attention. you'll see things maybe you hadn't seen before.
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pay close attention. i feel like a game of clue. >> reporter: how many tissues have you gone will you? >> a box. i'm more wipe it on my shoulder. >> reporter: how many times have you gasped while reading a script? >> probably three. >> reporter: how many times do people ask wow how jack dies? >> more times than i can't. >> 5 million. >> 4500. a lot. >> 1,075,000. >> reporter: how many times have you almost slipped up? >> zero. >> good job. >> the last two minutes of the show delivered. before that -- this is cameron mathison with the latest on "american idol." talk of an old school comeback? original judge randy jackson. >> he's the dog. he's the o.g. they need the fill those chairs. but is jackson ready?
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the topic of tonight's "know & tell." >> were you surprised to hear jennifer and kelly were headed to the voice? >> no, the voice great show, too. it's not idol. >> reporter: randy has a minireunion with paula. would he ever go back? >> i spent my time on the program. >> would you ev-- >> the pop star got the boot. not the only singer in jeopardy. >> i didn't like it. i didn't like it at all. >> reporter: nick's wife vanessa fared better, playing hurt, and guess what? they weren't actually at odds remembering a relationship milestone. >> gosh. i mean, i couldn't -- i don't know what constituted our first real date. >> i guarantee you he remembers the cherry lounge. >> it wasn't the cherry lounge. it was under bar.
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>> he is right. >> reporter: and finally, "bachelor" arie's off to the races. >> rev up your engines. >> reporter: we spotted the 35-year-old race car driver on his first group date at a demolition derby in california. thanks to those personalized helmets, we're getting intel on his women. at least two are models. chelsea, 29, from maine. and maq, 23, from utah. but tia, 26, from arkansas, is a physical therapist. good to have around if things get dangerous on the track. >> i love that. >> he's doing all right? >> he's going to be all right. another reality check. sharon osbourne is now a house flipper? how about the name of her new tv special, sharon flipping osbourne. -up next, sofia vergara on her husband, joe manganiello. what she did that made her fall in love with her. >> he always tells me you were the first woman that i wnt out with that is really -- really --
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one on one with tom cruise. why he wasn't afraid to show nudity. >> you're cheeky. >> cheeky. there's a loot of mooning going on. >> hold one. but first, david boreanaz got in top navy s.e.a.l. shape for his new series, "seal team." don't expect to see him do all the heavy lifting. especially when there are real-life navy s.e.a.l. consultants and extras on set. >> i wanted to jump off the battleship. go, go! but the real s.e.a.l.s took that over. i said,ky do that. they said, you don't want to. when you hit the water, you pop up. if you don't land right, you can probably break your neck. so i didn't do that.
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♪ the man is in the house again. check out the cast of "family matters." they're back together nearly two decades after they left the air. it's all for entertainment weekly. and on to another family that matter. "modern family." and brooke anderson just got a one on one with sofia vergara in new york. she is not just a pretty face. isn't that right? >> oh, no, no. we're talking beauty and brains. a strong, smart, savvy businesswoman. she's expanding her multimillion-dollar empire. her husband joe manganiello is supersupportive. he loves it. >> he always tells me i'm the first woman he went out with that's independent. i don't need to ask anybody for anything. you want to give it to me, give it to me. but i'm not asking. >> reporter: their two-year anniversary is in november. he still looks at sofia like
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this. and joe also gets to be all proud as his 45-year-old wife strips down, modeling her brand-new underwear line. did joe have any input? >> joe, and not only joe. everyone. i showed my underwear to everyone. >> reporter: i'm sure they liked being a part of it. >> i had to. it was a test. >> reporter: speaking of success. "forbes" just announced its 2017 list of the highest paid tv actresses. for the sixth year in a row, you smoked everybody. you're number one. >> don't believe all the gossip. that's why i'm here. creating a business like this. >> reporter: that business is called eby. and sofia designed it for women of all sizes. e.b.y. tell us what that means? >> it means empowered by you. join you subscribe, you're going to get a pair of underwear. 10% goes to power the women of colombia. >> reporter: sofia got her start as a model. so this is kind of a full circle moment. especially since her handsome son, 25-year-old manolo, is making his move into modeling, as well.
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>> trying to get into the entertainment business. so, you know, every exposure, you know, helps. so go ahead and do it. >> he inherited your amazing genes. sofia said manolo doesn't want to be known as just a model. he's following in his mom's aking footsteps. he has two films coming out next year. >> very talented. mother and son. still ahead, tom cruise's close encounters with fans. how he reacted when some of them took their affection a little too far. and how madonna's 12-year-old son is following in her famous footsteps. >> he's a big fan. he loves music. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ ♪ it would be it would be so nice ♪
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that is madonna's 12-year-old son david banda doing his own car pool karaoke. i love it. sounds good. we were with the material mom last night for the launch of her new skin care line. she said, yep, her kids know now get into the groove. ♪ if we took a holiday >> yeah, well, he's a big fan. not just of me. he's just a -- he loves music. >> reporter: the material mom of six really is just mom at home. in fact, 5-year-old twins estere and stella, whom she adopted from malawi earlier in year, had no idea she was the reigning queen of pop. >> a lot of the kids have seen me in concert. the twins didn't know until today. ♪ come on, girl >> they go to school in lisbon and they say, is your mother madonna? >> reporter: yep, she said
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lisbon. as in portugal. which is where she and her brood are living now. but last night, she was back in new york, first at barney's, where her new mdna skin care line is available. even her kids use it. >> everyone loves the spray. a favorite in the house. a lot of hydration. >> reporter: looks like madonna is living her best life. after the launch, she made another lifelong dream come true at a comedy club, doing a standup act with pal amy schumer. >> i think feeling your best has to do with being happy if your life. i would like the to sleep more. >> i feel you, imagine, right? >> all parents do. one of my favorite things. country music. i should put my southern accent on right now. >> is that it? >> here comes my south carolina self. i love me some thomas rhett. >> i love this picture of thomas and his family at a friend's wedding pip had chance to spend an afternoon with thomas and his wife. the first country artist signed to jay z's rock nation label.
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everything is changed. a newborn. a toddler. and a number none one album, aptly titled "everything changes." ♪ gotta give me some of that my life has changed so much. having two little girls under 2 has been life-aerlting. >> reporter: in may, thomas and his wife, lauren, adopted now 22-month-old willa gray from uganda. and during the year-long ad process, they found out they were pregnant. last month, they welcomed daughter ada james. >> i'm tireder than i have ever been. more tired. i'm getting used to it. >> they joined you on stage. >> my wife hates it. all the people in the front row are looking to the side of the stage. they're not watching the the show. they're waving at my wife. i was like, baby, you have to come out here. she brought willa gray and ada on stage.
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>> reporter: you said willa recognizes your voice on the radio? >> she does. she says, daddy, daddy. it's the sweetest thing in the world. ♪ baby i could die happy man >> reporter: the 27-year-old grammy nominee isn't your typical country singer. you won't catch him wearing a cowboy hat. and he's always loved fashion. so he collaborated on a new clothing line for fans. >> does your stage style differ from your street style? >> a little more cleaned up. a little more fitted. >> reporter: what about the necklace. >> my wife got me this. with our daughters' names. >> reporter: and it look like little willa is taking after her daddy. developing quite the sense of style. >> i'm ruining her already. first thing she gets up, she says, closet. shoe. she picks out what she wants to wear. >> you can see more this friday on certified country on "e.t.'s" youtube channel and the facebook page. carly steele joins us. we go from thomas to tom.
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tom cruise. who knew he's a little bit of an exhibitionist? >> if you were tom cruise, why not? the "american made" star did his own stunts. even when the script call farce little nudity. you're cheeky in the film. >> i'm cheeky period. that's what that character did. he always flashed his wife. there's a lot of mooning going on. >> reporter: tom's a renegade pilot who occasionally drops trou in "american made." and it seems when tom poses with fans in real life, some get a little handsy. people are always asking you for photographs. and, the husbands take photos of you with their wives. a lot of the wives grab your bottom while you're being photographed. >> it does happen. yes. it does happen. occasionally. >> is this legal? >> reporter: sarah wright olsen is tom's on-screen wife. she's married to "ncis los angeles" star eric christian olsen, who just so happens to be a tom cruise superfan.
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i was on the phone with my husband when i got to atlanta for the audition. my phone was ringing. i was like, oh, i don't know in number. he was like, take it, it's probably tom. >> reporter: well, it was. >> i called my husband back. you were right! it was him! i don't know what i said. i kind of blacked out. >> i think blacking out would be most people's reaction if tom calls. what would you do? >> i grabbed his bottom when i met him. kidding! >> i would hang up. somebody's playing a joke. coming up, vin diesel's awkward date-night moment caught by our cameras. next on kron-4 news at eight: on another hot and dry day... a string of fires burn near homes. that has investigators looking into whether they were set on purpose. a police
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confrontation shuts down traffic for hours on interstate 80--- tonight we hear from people who saw the deadly shootout i'm steve aveson. i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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♪ after 11 years, "will & grace" is back tomorrow night. how will the cast celebrate? >> we have to have a viewing party. i bet it will be at sean's house. >> just jack.
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just jack. >> it will be in popcorn and pajamas. >> you to watch yourself every day? >> leave to it mag on the throw shade. >> the show is funny on its own. i don't know that we need taylor swift to come on. ♪ oh, look what you just made me do note. promo considerations provided by -- tomorrow, "will pand grace" before their big return. which star changed the most. and which guest stars you will and won't see. >> i don't know that we need taylor swift to come on or something. tomorrow on "e.t." steven spielberg had the camera turned on him last night with his wife of 25 years, kate capshaw. the oscar-winning director is a
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subject of a new hbo documentary that pulls back the curtain on his oh, so legendary career. >> think about the the movies, "jaws," "e.t." and others. listen to what happened when we asked vin diesel, hey, introduce us to your date. >> um, what was your name again? >> i'm your mom. >> oh. that was embarrassing. that was an embarrassing moment. >> vin was joking, of course. his mom's name is delaura vincent. >> he's a mama's boy at heart. loving every moment there with his mama. now at eight ... there's a fire and my wife says 'by the house, by the house'nerves on edge in a bay area neighborhood after four suspicious fires in a single day.whooshnat gunfirea deadly shootout on i-80 shuts down
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the bay area's busiest freeway at the height of the morning drive .... thousands of commuters gridlocked for hours not what you expected to see on the way to work today?nope whooshsyphilis, gonorrhea and chlymadia,the government says sexually transmitted diseases are at record levels in the u=s.and its not just because people are careless.whooshwhat are you doing?come along lady. the story behind the latest removal of an airline passenger ... and why the woman you see here is now facing criminal charges,you're watching kron four news in prime time. (steve) several (steve) several fires raged inside a san francisco park today. they burned near homes on this hot, dry and windy day.(pam) all the fires were very close to one another leaving fire investigators to question .. if they were intentionally set. (pam) thank you for joining us i'm pam moore. (steve) and i'm steve aveson. kron 4's


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