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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 4, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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the mass killer stephen paddock as a kind, caring and quiet man.. that as police say they are ánotá ruling out he had an accomplice.. good evening i'm steve aveson. (catherine) and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. also tonight: a new timeline.... las vegas police are now detailing just how much time passed between the first shots.. and when swat members breached the killer's high-rise hotel room... we also have new information about the gunman's final stand as police closed in.. all this as president trump visited las vegas to pay his respects. he met with shooting survivors and first responders... the president calling the shooter "sick and demented". reporter omar jimenez is live in las vegas tracking developments. new video from the las vegas massacre
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shows confusion among concert goers.then panic -- as a barrage of bullets shower down from the sky.investigators call the gunman disturbed and dangerous.but the motive for the mass murder remains a mystery.sheriff joseph lombardo/ las vegas metropolitan police: "usually there's telltale signs associated with these type of actions, reclusive, a plethora of thing associated with this mind set and we have not found that yet"what investigators did discover -- less than two weeks ago -- the gunman rented a room in las vegas -- during another music festival.sheriff joseph lombardo/ las vegas metropolitan police: "there's people that know this individual there's people that can help us understand this individual."the fbi spoke with his girlfriend who -- in a statement read by her attorney says -- she is devastated by the violence.matt lombard/attorney for shooter's girlfriend: "it never occurred to me in any way whatsoever that he was planning violence against anyone."while investigators work -- president trump and the first lady visited victims of the crime to offer their sympathy and support.president trump: we will all have to wrestle with the horror of what has
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unfolded this week. but we will struggle through it together. we will endure the pain together, and we will overcome together as americans."together as overcome together as americans." (grant) at least three of 58 people killed sunday... are connected to the bay area.
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one of them is stacee etcheber. a gufund me page has been setup to collect donations for her family. the novato woman was a mother of two young kids, and a wife to a san francisco police officer. she leaves behind a ten- year-old son and a thirteen- year-old daughter. so far, more than 160-thousand dollars has been raised.. . (grant) also tonight.. we are learning the heartbreaking details of another bay area woman's final moments. san jose native michelle vo was a new fan of country music... and decided to attend her first country music festival on her own. she met a man there named kody robertson from ohio... when michelle was hit by gunfire.. that man stuck by her side to the end. today kody shared his story with michelle's older sister.
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(grant) the third victim from the bay area is denise cohen. she's from san ramon.. she posted photos of her weekend vegas trip on facebook... even writing about the great time she was having with her boyfriend at the jason aldean concert. (steve) among the people that made it out of the concert alive... two north bay couples that found
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themselves right near the stage when the gunfire broke out...(catherine) kron 4's dan kerman has their story of survival... (catherine) (catherine) survival... their story of kerman has kron 4's dan (catherine) broke out... the gunfire stage when right near the themselves that
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found bay couples two north alive... the concert made it out of people that among the (steve)
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(catherine) we're hearing more of the terrifying stories of survival from las vegas. coming up -this group of bay area friends will share how they escaped alive. (catherine) also tonight.. we'll go in-depth on the difference between semi- automatic and fully automatic assault rifles.. and how it's easy and sometimes legal -- to go from one to the other. (steve) happening now:the cold play concert should be wrapping up at levi's stadium.. since the band is up against a 10:00 p-m curfew... and they were denied an you can imagine -- security was out in force today after the las vegas shooting.. kron4's charles clifford was there.. natsthrough out the day wednesday and into the evening hours, security was very tight in and around levis' stadium.
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natspolice from several local departments kept a watchfull eye as people arrived at the concert. security guards with the stadium were also spread out watching for problems. for security reasons, authorities are not saying exactly how many officers and guards are here tonight. sources have told kron 4 that there are also spotters on several of the tall buildings around levis stadium.goers we talked to said they appreciated the extra security. sotafter an event, security is usually heightened, so it's probably safer that normal. these coldplay fans also said they didn't want to let the tragic events of this past weekend to deter them from coming tonight.soti think if you live in fear it's not really going to do anything for you. it's just a matter of praying and being aware. i wasn't really concerned about it. i don think it has made me more heightened of my awareness. of course you never know what's going to happen.
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(catherine) a robbery warning tonight.. thieves are targeting people in coffee shops... now police in alameda are asking for your help in identifying some of the suspects who stole laptops and smart-phones. kron4's gabe slate has what you need to know tonight. if you recognize either one of these males believed to be in their teens or young 20's let alameda police know they are looking for them.on september 4th they did a snatch a grab of a laptop inside this starbucks on blanding avenue in is the part of the video where they ran out with the laptop.10 minutes later that same day again in broad day light the duo enters a different starbucks in alameda off park street and does the same thing. this time each grabbing a laptop and running out. there has been 11 snatch and grab thefts of smartphones or laptops in
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alameda over the last few months. the last two taking place last night first at 7p at this pete's at 1901 webster in alameda where a laptop was stolen, and then 30 minutes later just a block away it happened again at this starbucks at 720 atlantic. police say the descriptions given by witnesses vary.. it may be the same people or group pulling off these crimes or it could be all different arrest has been made from a prior incident and they are hoping by releasing this surveillance video they will get more leads.police here are going undercover posing as cafe siting laptop users in hopes of catching the snatch and grab criminals. sound from john, pete's coffee customer -" this is a safe area"john sits and works on his notebook everyday here at the pete's off webster in alameda where the latest laptop theft took place.he says these snatch and grabs won't stop him from continuing to come here and work.sound from john, pete's coffee customer -" you have to live your life and keep doing what you need to do"
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general warming trend with dry weather through the end of the week. dry offshore winds will impact some of the higher peaks and ridges off and on again late this week into early next week.
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(steve) coming up:a popular tourist destiantion suddenly closes near fisherman's wharf.. tonight - we talk to former employees of the rain forest cafe. (cathrine) also ahead:a new way to deal with people who are drunk in public... instead of jail -- the new alternative place they'll be brought, to sober up... (steve) and next:an east bay mom outraged over a school policy.. she says it left her daughter -- who had just been harrassed -- with no one to turn to for help.
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(steve) only on kron-4... after a second incident in two weeks at an east bay middle school. at least one parent says administrators are ánotá doing enough to protect their children.this time.. a mom says her daughter was in need of help -- and was locked out of school before the day was over. kron 4's hermela aregawi has the story from dallas ranch middle school in antioch, (hermela aregawi)the parent i talked to tells me it was sometime around 1:30 this afternoon.. so most kids were still on she's upset that school officials refused to let her daughter into the bulding after she was harrassed. parents and students say the school bell had just rung. anochiko justin/studentit was a short
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wednesday so we got out of class a little bit earlier than normal and then the bell rings. everyone just comes out of their class. there has to be about over 200 students coming out of class at once. yokisho justin says a classmate threw water drenching her daughter... but a school official refused to let her daughter into the building when she asked for help. yoshiko justin/parent approaching the school i see that my daughter was being consolsed with her friends. i see that she looked upset. i see that she's drenched and covered with water. i go to the office and true enough there is a staff member blocking the door, shooing students away. parents say this is particularly concerning because last week, a student was brutally attacked,.. after a teacher left the classroom. yoshiko justin/parent: i said you are really locking the door with a key. like these students out here. things are going on. clowning are coming and scaring children. there was someone being beat down last week. and you are locking the door and these kids are on your premises... if something was too happen. they need to be able to come into the office. that's their safety haven. that's where they need to be. (hermela aregawi)we reached out to the school about the incident..and the
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attack from last week. we've yet to hear back.reporting in antioch, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. (grant) another big story we're tracking tonight: a desperate plea...from police and family members...after a murder in san francisco one year ago...has not been solved. 26-year-old john sanyaolu, from stockton, was killed outside the end-up nightclub at sixth and harrison streets last october. the soma shootingwhich also injured two of his male family membersfollowed an argument with other people inside the clubthat involved some of sanyaolu's female friends. a press event was held today...asking witnesses to come forward. police do not have solid descriptions of the suspects...but are confident that people saw what happened and are just not
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talking. (catherine) instead of being hauled off to jail... people picked up for being drunk in public can now be taken to a new "sobering center" in san jose. kron4's rob fladeboe has look at the facility - and the reasoning behind it. until today, people who are picked up for being drunk in public end up here, in the already over crowded county jail. but now, if not suspected or connected with a crime, they might end up here at the mission street sobering center where they can do just that, get sober and some help into the bargain.toni tullies/behavioral health services"...currently, what often happens is the police often pick them up and take them to the emergency room, depending on their behavior this would allow them to avoid jail, avoid emergency services and just get what they need...."what they need, at least for starters, is a place to sleep it off. here, public
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enebriates can get something to eat, get sober and be assessed regarding their mental health status, and get referred to treatment services as needed. toni tullies " tea, something to eat and drink, hot showers,a real comfortable recliner and then 8-12 hour slater they can walk out the door and they can talk to somebody who can connect them with more services..." managed through a contract with horizon services, the soberng center is expected to eliminate unnecessary paramedic trips, free up space in the jails and emergency rooms and improve public safety by freeing up law enforcement resources. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news (steve) live look outside at san francsico tonight... (catherine) chief meteorologist brittney shipp is here with the forecast.
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general warming trend with dry weather through the end of the week. dry offshore winds will impact some of the higher peaks and ridges off and on again late this week into early next week. (catherine) still ahead - new at ten
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- illegal pot grow? or religious right? we'll hear from the leader of a california rasta-farian church - now behind bars. (steve) but first..we look into the sudden closure of the rainforest cafe. in san francsico. and hear from some longtime employees.. (catherine)
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you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. two restaurants on san francisco's popular fisherman's wharf have closed in less than two months. the latest -- just this past weekend. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and joins us live.. j.r. you talked with an employee who had worked at rainforest cafe.? rainforest cafe in san francisco's fisherman's wharfclosedjoe's crab shack.also in the
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wharf.closed.two chains gone.clara brado learned of the news saturday after working almost 17 years at rainforest cafe.sotbrado showed up to work saturday and learned that that would be her last day. while many might be angry she's doing her best to stay positive.sotrainforest cafe is just the latest chain to close along the wharf. joe's crab shack also closed in august. you might not know it though because the lights are still on. fooling would be patrons.sotrainforest cafe says their landlord opted not to renew their lease resulting in it's closure. the joe's crab shack chain has been going through bankrupcy and dozens of locations went dark in august.sotclara couldn't speak to joe's but says her coworkers at rainforest cafe were like family and she's forever thankful for that.sot
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(steve) coming up:the east bay native being hailed a hero for his actions in las vegas.. how he risked his life to save somone else.. (catherine) and next - new at ten:we go in-depth on just how easy and legal it is -- to modify an assault rifle to shoot faster.. also - what lawmakers are now trying to do about it.
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(steve) the las vegas massacre has brought a lot of attention to the differences between semi-automatic rifles and fully-automatic rifles.. (catherine) as reporter drew griffin found out.. it's actually surprisingly easy and legal in some cases to go from one to the other. the difference between a semi- automatic, one-shot-at-a-time assault rifle...natsand this, a fully automatic assault rifle is stunning.natsdrew griffin/ reporting:"holy smokes"grady judd/ polk county florida sheriff:"90 rounds in seconds."drew griffin/ reporting:"9.43 seconds and 90 rounds. that is unbelievable." polk county florida sheriff grady judd says this kind of firepower is not only available, but what you see here, these legal 100 round
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canisters was taken right off his streets, from drug dealers. drew griffin/ reporting: "that's 290 rounds right here." grady judd/ polk county florida sheriff:"290 rounds right here, and you can literally shoot these as quick as you can pull the trigger one time."the massive magazines, legal.the parts to turn a a semi-automatic weapon into a fully automatic rifle, also legal.grady judd/ polk county florida sheriff:"this is pieces of what makes it a fully automatic firearm. interestingly enough, you can buy this online."and the las vegas shooter may have used another modification. this is a slide stock.perfectly legal, after-market component. according to the manufacturers video, its easy to assemble on an assault rifle, and the results, though technically do not make a machine gun, ask yourself if you can tell the difference.the slide stock is legal to buy and to use.former atf agent sam rabadi calls it a 'work around' of the gun laws...not a loophole.that may make no sense to you, this will make even less sense. kits you can buy, online, to turn a semi-automatic rifle
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into a fully automatic weapon. legal to buy, yet illegal to actually use.sam rabadi/ former atf special agent:"the conversion kit itself is legal but when you use it to convert a rifle into a fully automatic, obviously that makes it an illegal firearm. rabadi says the las vegas shooter may have used both, and firing from the 32nd story into a huge crowd, needed little training, if any, to kill so many.drew griffin, cnn winter haven, florida. (catherine) senator dianne feinstein says her own daughter was
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planning on going to the concert where the las vegas massacre happened... she decided against it at the last minute. today - the senator talked about that - while introducing new legislation to ban bump stocks like the one we just showed you.. ... (catherine) twenty-six of the senator's democratic colleagues... are on board with the proposal. but the measure has no formal republican support. (steve) we are hearing from two fremont couples who survived the las vegas shoting. they were celebrating wedding anniversaries...
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today they shared with kron4's terisa estacio - what got them through the terrifying experience. one of the members of this group i spoke with today is a fire fighter earlier this afternoon, i sat down with fire fighter david eastin and his wife and friends they told me they started planning back in may to celebrate their wedding aniversiares together.. but never did they think this would happen.this is the happy group a short time before the gun fire started raining down on them - killing and injuring people so close to them. britni eastin. we like to do things together, but this i never thought would be one of them. the couples have been friends for awhile. their anniversaires days apart. they both hae children the same ages. also along that night was jacquelines brother who had begged to tag along as you can hear and see in this video - as shots ran out, people were running wildly. the couples got separated, but were both determined to make it out alive. david easton. we just ran. jacqueline. we did what ever we could, i saw people falling, smoke rising from the bullets. now sitting together they are trying to
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take it all in and deal with the trauma of it all. but a feeling of gratitude is something they all are embracing. we all feel lucky and fortunate. they say not going to busy places for awhile. they say not going to busy places for awhile.
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(catherine) a former bay area resident is being credited with saving the life of a man wounded during sunday's shooting massacre in las vegas his name is james larson...and he rushed to help a man who was wounded.. larson grew up in concord, graduated from ygnacio valley high school in 2006. his grandmother still lives in the east bay, and didn't want to talk on camera - but told kron4 that she's proud of what her grandson did. his long time neighbor says she feels the same way...
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former high school teachers also said they're very proud of him... (steve) police held a mock terror attack at san francisco international airport. they say this training is especially important after what happened in las vegas on sunday night. emergency responders shut down part of the baggage claim area in terminal one. they simulated every possible scenario in the event of a terror attack at the airport. the federal government requires airports to do the drills once very three years. but s-f-o chooses to them every year. travelers say they're glad the airport takes the drills so seriously. (catherine) the founder of
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a rastafarian church has been arrested for illegally growing marijuana. reporter rowena shaddox met with the leader - who's complaining of discrimination.. (heidi lepp/head of sugarleaf rastafarian church): "it's just retaliatory and vindictive, and discriminatory. they're not respecting our rastafarian faith." heidi lepp is in custody at the sacramento county jail, after she says yuba county law enforcement wrongfully arrested her and 17 others for illegally growing marijuana, conspiracy and sales, from a dozen of sites of the sugarleaf rastafarian church.(eddy lepp/heidi's husband): "these charges against heidi and the other members of the churches are just completely and absolutely ludicrous.we showed heidi a list of those arrested and the addresses where the raids too place on tuesday."i'm heartbroken for all those families and all those people and all those churches."she confirmed that the suspects are members of the church.the yuba sheriff's dept. with help from several other agencies served search warrants to 12
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locations in yuba and sacramento counties, destroying 1,500 marijuana plants that investigators say were illegally grown for sales. "these people are being charged with conspiring. the only thing we conspired to do was worship our creator.""and it is no illegal for us as a church to use our land in the way we want."heidi says all the cannabis is circulated amongst the various churches in five counties statewide, and ánot sold for sale in the open market."we worship god's creation. our cannabis is god's creation. it's a gift to us.""what the government agencies are doing is completely and totally illegal. and she has case law, the constitution and a whole bunch of other very real, very truthful facts that verify and uphold her position."officers destroyed 1,500 plants during yesterday's raids. "it's like losing a child. losing the life. it's like losing a mother or a father.""you don't know how much this hurts." heidi says the rasta church has been persecuted for years and yesterday's huge raid hasn't diminished her sprit to fight."i'm not ever gonna give up on this. this is what i was called to do by my creator. i'm going to do anything i can to help these people.""they will have to kill us to get us to stop. injustice at any level is wrong." (catherine) heidi's husband has also spent time in jail on marijuana related charges.
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(grant) a big story we're tracking tonight: o.j. simpson says "nothing has changed" in his life during the nine years he spent behind bars. the 70-year-old is the same ole juice...according to the san francisco native. simpson spoke with reporters while the suv he was riding in was refueling at a nevada gas station. reporters asked where he was headed...he said... none of your business. he's one parole for a 2008 armed robbery and kidnapping case. after arriving at a temporary residence, simpson was seen with an i-phone...and practicing his putting. golf is one of the things he plans to do with his time now that he's a free man again. coming up so you cannot leave you are out of service for 8 hours we look at a google bus driver who might in fact be a time traveler, and yes i call it a google bus because it has google written all over it i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly
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aspiring filmmakers ... if you're filming an armed robbery scene, make sure you inform local authorities. one film crew learned the hard way after a scary brush with police... take a look... (steve) a police confrontation in indiana unfolded like something out of a movie...
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probably because ... it was áásupposed to be a movie.. but police and nearby businesses in the area weren't notified... it all started a masked man with a gun was spotted outside a bar ... police responded and didn't take any chances, ordering the man to hit the ground until they can check out the scene. the man was an actor filming a robbery scene... the gun was a prop... and he was filming the movie with a local production crew. the actor will not face any charges. luckily, no one was hurt... (catherine) commuter buses constantly travel from san francisco to silicon valley... transporting workers to major tech companies. (steve) it's important that the bus drivers follow the rules of the road of course... but from time to time police find a driver who's cutting corners... (catherine) and when that happens... you already know who is on it... at a california highway patrol
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pop up commercial inspection stations, all types of vehicles get waived in like this tractor which turned out to be a city of sunnyvale vehicle nats: ambiance so a santa clara count sheriff deputy who is also working the inspection station has a chat with the driver since there are no plates on the tractor it needs to be on a flatbed nats: ambiance this big rig had some issues that need to be corrected for the truck could take off if appears that the nut has come loose off the u-bolt that holds the air tank now you know the danger of that right absolutely what is it the air line could come off and i could lose all air pressure in the truck and that could be a major issue however, let's look at this google bus, i call it that because it actually has google written all over it .but it's actually contracted to transport google employees it was waved into the checkpoint; officers noticed one of the compartment doors was missing
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according to the driver the door fell off on the freeway nats: ambiance but there was a bigger issue discovered listen in this is a traffic ticket for falsifying your driving records so you have to have this accurate and this is all falsified the driver had a valid drivers license and insurance so that wasn't the issue but it would seem the driver is a time traveler because his drivers log was filled out for a week in advance that's a big no no bus drivers are required to have at a minimum 8 hours of rest between jobs let's listen to the chp anyone that driving passenger carrying vehicle such as a bus, if you present a false record of duty status your our of service for 8 consecutive hours so unfortunately you are going to have to get in touch with your employer let him know that he needs another driver out here to operate the vehicle this rule is to prevent bus drivers from falling asleep at the
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wheel especially while carrying passengers so you cannot leave you are out of service for 8 hours for the record other buses that were checked did not have the same problem i tried to get the sharks opening their season against the philadelphia flyerspeter deboer and company at the sharks tank1st period/ 2-1 flyerskevin lablanc scores on the power play his 2nd goal of the game 2-2 tie2nd period/ 2-2 tiewayne simmonds deflects it past martin jones 3-2 flyers3rd period/ 3-2 flyerslogan couture turns on the red light to tie it back up 3-3later in the 3rd simmonds scores his 2nd goal to put philly up for god 4-3 flyers they scored again late on an empty-netterfinal: 5-3 flyersformer shark patrick marlaeu patrick marlaeu scored twice in his
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debut with the toronto maple leafs leafs beat the winnipeg hets 7-2 national league wild card game colorado rockies at the arizona diamondbacksrandy johnsonthe "big unit" in attendance at chase field bottom 7th d'backs 6-0 lead trimmed to 6-5relief pitcher archie bradley drives one to the wall in left-center field 2 runs score bradley into 3rd base with a triple 8-5 diamondbacksback-to-back home runs get the rockies back to within a run botom 8tha.j. pollack goes the opposite way to right-center field it's another 2-run triple 10-7 d'backschampagne celebration for the d'backs as they mpove on to play the dodgers in the division seriesfinal: 11-8
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division series final: 11-8 diamondbacks the raiders a 2 1/2 -point favorite at home versus the baltimore ravens sunday without derek carr jack del rio in a good mood depite lposing his starting quarterback at least two weeks e.j. manuel will be carr's replacment until he returns he was 11-17 for 106 yards after carr left the broncos game last sunday but through a crucial interception at the endmanuel is a former starter with the buffalo bills he says carr is supporting him al the way(sot: e.j. manuel) "yeah, derek is awesome, man. since monday or tuesday, once we found out that i would be playing this week, he's been there the whole time. like i said, we pretty much get here at the same time. we eat breakfast together. we work out together, all that kind of stuff. everything has been the
10:49 pm
same, he's just not playing this week. obviously, we wanted derek to play because he's our starter, but when the opportunity calls, you have to be ready to go out there and handle your business. . i'm not necessarily looking for a second chance because i'm on the team right now. i want to go out here and help our team win. that's the main thing i'm looking forward to." the annual nba general manager survey is out and the warriors are breaking records 93 percent of the league's general managers picked golden state to win it's 2nd straight nba title and 3rd in 4 yearsin the 16-year history of the survey no team has been as overwhelming a favorite to win the championship as this year's warriors.the cavaliers got the other seven percent of
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the last year's survey 69 percent of the gms who responded picked the warriors to win it all.the oddsmakers have the warriors currently at 5/8 favorites with cleveland in second at 9/2. these are google's flagship smartphones.the pixel 2 and pixel 2 xl.both show off the company's android operating system.the phones are water resistant -- pack a powerful rear camera -- and have o-l-e-d screens and fingerprint sensors.the new pixels include access to the
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lens feature -- within the google photos app. if you point the phone's camera on something like a sign or an animal -- lens will give relevant information like phone numbers or a dog's breed. the pixel will feature a portrait mode.and does not have a headphone jack.also new -- pixel buds which are átechnicallyá wireless headphones.but the buds are connected with a string.the headphones will be able to translate 40 languages via google translate -- in almost real time -- using built in microphones.but the buds only work with the clips is a small camera for people who don't want to press will detect something it thinks is worth recording -- and take still pics or silent videos.also -- google's home now has a mini and max version.if you want any of these products -- you won't have to wait long.most will be available this month.
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general warming trend with dry weather through the end of the week. dry offshore winds will impact some of the higher peaks and ridges off and on again late this week into early next week. week. next
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i'm natalie morales.
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and i'm craig melvin. and this is dateline on mynetworktv. and the city." - which one was she? - carrie. josh mankiewicz: the organizer. everybody's friend. natalie morales: but tv fantasy turned real life mystery when the friend everyone loved was murdered. couldn't believe it. there's somebody out there that did this to her. natalie morales: stabbed to death in a luxury million-dollar home. shocked the officers that were investigating it. natalie morales: there were plenty of possible leads-- the boyfriend. i texted her, "are you ok?" natalie morales: and the ex. josh mankiewicz: are you involved? natalie morales: and two curious, big money clients. what happened inside that house? i saw a few people in the front entrance way. natalie morales: "dateline's" own unsolved case squad takes on the crime.


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