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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 6, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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expected are expected to come to san francsico this weekend to see this: the navy's blue angels soaring above the bay -- performing precision aerobatic stunts... today was the first of three fleet week air shows. if you're interested in seeing the blue angels this weekend - we have what you need to know. (catherine) fleet week is about more than just airplanes... take a look: the parade of ships kicked off the today's events. the u-s-s essex leading the way... followed by other u-s navy and coast guard ships. kron4's spencer blake is live tonight - spencer a lot of servicemembers in town tonight? yes, and they're having dinner or drinks in so many different places. there are a lot of pepole paying the sailors' tabs for them...and one woman i met...who really took donating to fleet week seriously. these pilots having a drink at 'campus' in the marina district might have no idea that kat anderson and her husband dave just donated five grand to help feed them for
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fleet a burger for a sailor is san francisco fleet week's fundraising campaign that runs all year."it's how we fund our crew barbecue, it funds all the different ways that we feed the troops while they're here, it funds our veterans art exhibit."anderson is from a naval family, and says she simply wants to support sailors."i get so much excitement when i hear the planes come in - esepecially the blue angels."fleet week spends a million or so dollars each year to bring these pilots, sailors, and marines into townnot only so we can see them and their ships and planesbut also so they can take time to enjoy the city. "it's been great. we came down for the airshows as an air show participant, and everybody out in town's been really great and really supportive of the military." check out this family that wanted their picture taken with sailors they ran into at pier 39."it's brand new for me. because where we're from, we're already there, so people don't - they're like, 'thank you for your service,' but it's not as up close and personal. here, it's like hugs, pay for your meal. it's
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great!"military drink specials are everywhereand so are generous people at the bars. "they will not let a sailor or marine go with a check on their table; they will pick them up every single time. and the sailors and marines know it and they love san francisco for that."but few peoplewill drop five thousand dollars to help feed troopslike the andersons did."it's a drop in a bucket compared service men and women do for there's plenty on the agenda for fleet week tomorrow, of course with the big blue angels show as the highlight. live in san francisco, spencer blake, kron four news. (catherine) and our fleet week team coverage continues...(steve) we mentioned today was the first of three fleet week air shows.... kron4's dan kerman was there and has what to expect if you're going this weekend. the blue angels began streaking across bay area skies about 3 friday
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afternoon, in their first of 3 performances.sotsotsotsotan elite group of navy pilots has been flying as the blue angels since 1946 an enthusiastic crowd came to the marina for a front row seat and for many it was not their first time.sotsot the moves were familiar to some but no less exciting. and each and everyone had a favorite sotsotsotsot
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(steve) also tonight we are tracking the fleet week forecast.. i'm here in the weather center with chief meteorologist brittney shipp.
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(steve) kron four is your fleet week station... if you want to avoid the crowds -- kron4 will bring you tomorrow"s blue angels performance live on our air... the show starts at 2:00 p.m. (catherine) happening now: another big bay area event is underway. the hardly strictly bluegrass festival kicked off today at golden gate park. kron4 was there today... some people we talked to say they were a bit anxious about being in a big crowd.. less than a week after the las vegas shooting. the promoters say they've been working closely with police to make sure the festival is safe.
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the festival features 90 musical acts on seven different stages. more than 500-thousand people are expected to attend over the course of the weekend. (steve) also tonight we are tracking developments in the las vegas shooting investigation.. we are learning more about special bullets the killer tried to buy... and the explosives he had in his car. and also -- a san jose native killed in the shooting --- michelle vo is being remembered tonight... more on that in just a monent.(catherine) but first... reporter kyung law has new details that may provide some insight the disturbing planning behind the massacre. five days after sunday's horrific shooting in las vegas- a focus on the explosive material found in the gunman's
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car which contained a suitcase and a duffle bag full of ammunition and 50 pounds of tannerite.kevin mcmahill/las vegas police"i'm sorry to say i don't know what he was going to do with all that tannerite. i wish i did."bomb-sniffing dogs led police to the shooter's car parked at the mandalay bay resort.this youtube demonstration claims to show the power of 30 pounds of tannerite.(nats)a little more than half of what the shooter had stocked.the tannerite may have been used for target practice or placed there with the intent to explode if the car were fired upon.stephen paddock's suite was filled with weapons and extra rounds. but a law enforcement source says he also attempted to purchase tracer ammunition at a recent gun show-only failing because the vendor was sold out. the glowing rounds seen here help to track accuracy in the dark. all, it seems, part of a deadly and premeditated plan. art roderick/cnn law enforcement analyst"you have to think back to this individual's background. he's very organized, he's an accountant and an auditor so he planned this out very well." cnn has learned paddock also booked three separate rooms here at the ogden in las vegas between september 17th and 28th. that same week-more than a hundred thousand of fans attended the life is beautiful festival well within view of those same rooms. art roderick/cnn law enforcement analyst"i think he went there looked at it and eliminated it
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as a possibility."paddock and his girlfriend marilou denley were avid travelers- according to law enforcement sources. they say paddock has taken at least 20 cruises-many to europe with stops in spain, italy, greece, jordan and the united arab emirates. danley accompanying him on at least 9 trips. it was paddock's discussion of travel that his hair dresser recalls most vividly. kallie beig/hairdresser"his girlfriend was with him and again just kind of doing her thing and he sat down and was telling me about her leaving to go to the philippines and he was going to be home alone hanging out for a while by himself."she says that hair cut and conversation was two months ago - indicating just how far back the timeline for this massacre may go.but among investigators frustration mounting a week inkevin mcmahill/las vegas police"we have run down well more than 1,000 leads in this investigation. while some of it has helped create a better profile into the madness of this suspect, we do not still have a clear motive or reason why." (catherine) tracer bullets improve
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accuracy at night -- but they also make it easier to identify where they're coming from. investigators think paddock may have decided not to use them because of that reason... (steve) coming up:you've probably heard of businesses getting hacked... now there's been a data breach at a bay area school.the student information the criminals may have gotten access to... (catherine) then - emotional family members want to know why no criminal charges were filed after their loved one was killed by a security guard. tonight - we have video of the incident....
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(steve) and next:new details on a feud between elementary school kids that may have led to a father being killed... killed... it's time for our fall sale on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort killed... your sleep number setting. does your bed do that? and right now queen sleep number beds start at just $699. save $200. with free home delivery on select beds only during our fall sale. ends monday. (steve) an update now on a
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story we brought you first last night on kron4 news at ten. insults exchanged by first graders at a valljeo elementary school may be the reason why a father is dead. kron4 news has learned that staff at loma vista elementary
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school.. were told that the fatal shooting of a parent stemmed from an incident at school the day before. the violent confrontation happened around 10:15 thursday morning on the 100 block of kemper. kron4's maureen kelly talked to a neighbor - who heard the shot. kids' feud may have sparked murdervallejodelvonte rivers heard the gunfire15-32 premiella kumarvictim's neighbor105-118me118-130 std chalk outlines and bloodstains mark the place where the 51 year old man was fatally shot in front of this house wednesday morning.a neighbor who heard the gunfire says the victim confronted the family at this house over insults directed at the mother of one of the happened with the neighbors and the kids and some of the kids down the street with your mom sucks or your mama jokes and it escalated with the man down the street wanting to fight he ended up getting shotthe victimidentfied by neighbors
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only as keith, a father of four, lived a few homes down from where he died. his mother in law said no one at home wanted to talk to the media. it's unclear whether or not the squabble between the kids originated on here on street.or at loma vista elementray. a source with the vallejo unified school district says employees were informed at an staff meeting thursday that two first graders were called to the office the day before the shooting because of "your mama" insults. a woman who lives across the street from where the killing took place says she'd never the two families argue before, and thinks the whole situation is just are kids but adults and not had they not had they would just have had a fist like this would today so a lesson vallejo police would not that the instigated by a children's citing the investigation.not made an arrest in this yet to release information.maureen kelly kron4 news (steve) tonight a san jose teacher accused of stealing from a mall has been placed on adminstrative leave.... tom tran was taken into custody on campus thursday....
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police say he stole two coach bags from a store at the valley fair mall earlier this year. he is a teacher at mount pleasant high school. the school district says they are waiting on more information before making a decision on his future. (catherine) another big story tonight:california is suing the trump adminstration over newly announced rules on birth control coverage... the new rules give employers more leeway to withhold coverage on religious or moral grounds. it's a major blow to obama care's controversial birth control mandate. the guidelines appear to apply to the hundreds who have sued over the mandate.. policy experts believe the new rules could open the door to many more employers dropping birth control coverage. new tonight at ten: reporter karma dickerson has reaction to the new rules. sot-dr. kathleen rooney, sacramento womenús health-we got another trump iud, put her
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in...thatús how doctor kathleen rooney says she dealt with what she calls a 'run on iuds' after the 2016 election. as her patients, scared of losing the free birth control that came with obamacare, scrambled to get intra uterine devices... a long term... and expensive form of birth control. friday she learned that fear wasnút completely unfounded.sot- dr. kathleen rooney, sacramento womenús health -i am extremely disappointed in our government that they think is allowable. friday the department of health and human services announced businesses with a moral opposition to birth control will be exempt from offering employees health plans that cover the cost of contraception. those employees would have to pay for the cost out of pocket... which depending on the type of birth control could cost hundreds of dollars up front, or about fifty dollars a monthsot- dr.
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kathleen rooney, sacramento womenús- what that leads to is unintended pregnancyhowever the announcement is being applauded by religious freedom advocates like president of the california family council jonathan kellersot-jonathan keller, president council-this only stipulates that people who have a religious and moral objection to certain drugs and devices are not forced by the federal government under crushing fines and penalties to provide those in violation of their beliefs.while a religious exemption for providing employee birth control has been in place since 2014...keller says the expansion of the policy to those with moral objections...such as non-religious pro-life advocates is essentialkeller, president ca family council- just because they do not belong to a worship...they should not be forced to violate their religious have major implications nationally... in 2014... the california doubled down on the obamacare birth control mandate... and free contraception in health plans state law as experts say most california women wouldnút be affected (catherine) according to the lawsuit filed by california:the rules violate the constitution by allowing employers to justify discrimination and to deny
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women equal protection. (steve) a live look outside at san francsico.... heading into the weekend.. there is a lot going on.... fleet week, the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. (catherine) chief meteorologist brittney shipp is here now with what you need to know. general warming trend with dry weather through the end of the week and into the weekend. dry offshore winds will impact some of the higher peaks and ridges off and on again late this week into early next week. slightly cooler weather expected next week.
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(catherine) vigils are being held across california to remember the people who were killed in the las vegas shooting.. kron4's hermela aregawi was in san jose...where friends and family are remembering michelle vo...who grew up there. a san jose community in mourning..remembering michelle vo.. who was killed in sunday's concert in last vegas. diane hawkins/victim's sister it touches my family and i so much because when i first learned of her passing one of the things that came to my mind is tha tshe was so young she didn't get to do anything but looking at this outpouring of support from all over the world and everyone showing her
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love of her, i am so proud o her.the impact that she made and the life that she lef. friends and those who knew of her say vo was genuine and kind to everyone. when i came here my heart was so heavy because even if i don't know her it's heartbreaking what happened and we are just hear to support cathy her sister. addie reyes/knows victim's friends:it's kind of surreal its closest to home because eve if i dont know her personally. seeing that people that know her and someone from san jose, it really could have been any of us anyone that we know. her family says the outpouring of support from around the world is helping them deal with the tragic loss. diane hawkins/victim's sister i have had so many people reach out to me and say you know what i don't know her but reading about her and the life that she lived. i am so inspired and i'm going to do good. ya know im just so proud.they said you don't know who i am but michelle stood up for me when i was in second grade. we were never good friends but i remembered her standing up for me.. that was the type of person she was she was an angel because only an angel could do that. (hermela aregawi)michelle vo was only 32 years old. reporting in san jose hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. (steve) still ahead:we are tracking tropical storm nate.. it's already caused deaths in central america.. we'll show you when and where it's now expected to hit the u-s.
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(catherine) the u-s.expected to hit where it's now you when and we'll show central caused deaths already nate.. it's tropical storm tracking we are still ahead:(steve) worked.where she the salon knew her from the people who from some of we will hear coming up shooting.las vegas killed in the novato mother she is the etcheber.stacee memorial for working on a friends are family and friends are working on a memorial for stacee etcheber. she is the novato mother killed in the las vegas killed in the las vegas shooting.las vegas killed in the novato mother she is the etcheber.stacee memorial for working on a friends are family and tongiht - (catherine) (catherine) tongiht - family and friends are working on a memorial for stacee etcheber. she is the novato mother killed in the las vegas shooting. coming up we will hear from some of the people who knew her from the salon where she worked. (steve) still ahead:we are tracking tropical storm nate.. it's already caused deaths in
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central america.. we'll show you when and where it's now expected to hit the u-s. (catherine) then - starting next week some people's east bay commute could become faster.. but for a price. we have details on the new express lanes..
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(steve) if you're willing to spend some money.. your commute on 680 in the east bay could be shorter starting next week. new express lanes will run from walnut creek to san ramon... and anyone willing to pay will be able to use them. kron 4's camila bernal has what you need to know. driving from san ramon to san francisco can sometimes take about two hours 15: 37 i can't stand being in my car four hours a day sometimeskristina calvert makes the drive daily in her opinion, the afternoon commute is the worst 14:49 it starts at like 2:30 or 3 and it last until 7to alleviate the congestion, the metropolitan transportation division will open an express lane in each direction of
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680-available for anyone who has a fastrack.1:51 as the drivers move in to the express lane that should free up more space in the adjacent mixed flow lanescarpoolers, buses, motorcycles and clean air vehicles will be able to use the express lanes for free if they have a fastrackflex, solo drivers will have to pay a toll 3:12 there's a minimum price of 50 cents for each zone so at the time of lowest demand say 5am anybody traveling through the entire corridor would be paying 1 dollar but as the congestion increases so does the toll price and so far, there is no limit7:44 depending if i'm running late, i mean i'd pay 5 bucks to get there i wouldthe lanes will be open from 5am until 8pm but if they are at capacity, solo drivers will not be allowed to use them4:48 travelers who are moving on the corridor are going to likely reap the biggest benefits on what we call the shoulder of the commute-- that is just before the real peak and just after the real peakbut officials can't promise a dramatic improvement of traffic during the peak hours.16:09 it depends on how frustrated i am probably like 5 bucks a day i would paycamila: the express lanes open on monday at 5am there will be an initial grace period for those who enter the express lane without a fastrak. in san ramon, camila bernal kron 4 news
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(catherine) coming up - the sensitive information belonging to bay area students that may have been leaked after a school data breach. (steve) and next:a family demanding answers -- why no criminal charges? it's after a young father was shot
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and killed by a security guard
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(grant) another big story we're trackng tonight: you've heard about equifax, and target, but now there's been a security breach at a high school on the peninsula. at palo alto high school...the grade point averages, names, and student numbers.... showed up on what the district is calling a rogue website. the website has been shut down and the district is now working to figure out if the breach could be bigger than just the website. the students affected are in grades ten through 12. police are also involved in the investigation. in san jose a woman is dead and a man is hurt after a stabbing this morning it happened in east san jose... on story road near the captiol expressway.. kron four's rob fladeboe has what
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we know tonight about the investigation. for much of the day homicide investigators could be seen coming and going from a home here on the 25-hundred block of story road, a couple of blocks east of jackson. police say about8;40 friday morning, officers responded to a disturbance call. inside the home, now surrounded by orange crime scene tape, they discovered an adult female and an adult male, both suffering from stab wounds. the female victim was pronounced dead at the scene, the male victim was transported to the hospital where he is listed in stable condition. family members waited across the street as homicide investigators gathered evidence and canvassed the neighborhood. it's not clear who called police, whether the man and woman were attacked by an intruder or by someone else. here is san jose police spokeswoman gina tepoorten. officer gina tepoorten/san jose policerob fladeboe/san jose "....this is the 24th homicide insan jose so far this year. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news
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(steve)in oakland a family demands justice after their son was shot dead by a security guard in a seven eleven parking lot two years ago.the guard hasn't faced charges or consequences. (catherine)kron 4's ella sogomonian is live in the newsroom with video of how it all played out.ella - what is the family saying? they can't understand how an ordinary trip to get food ended with a shooting by a guard they believe started the fight over a parking spot. sot: victoria hart, mother of brandon's son// "and i couldn't believe it. at first i thought it was a joke and then i realized its not a joke my son's father is not coming back. my son never got a chance to meet his father.' the father of her
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son is 21-year-old brandon gudino.he was shot and killed by a security guard at this gas station parking lot on international blvd in oakland back in june. (nats: crys, sniffles)brandon's parents look back on his photos to happier times when he was still with them.they are unable to reason with what led up to his death.sot: julio gudino, brandon's dad// "it changes you. it changes everything. you never expect to bury your kid at such a young age. your whole life comes crashing down. and it's worse than a tattoo that marks you for life with this loss." surveillence video shows brandon and his girlfriend t the time coming back to the convenienve store parking lot after getting dinner next door at a food truck when the security guard walks up and waits by their car for them. the two men get into an argument then the security guard punches brandon in the face as his baseball cap gets knocked down.his girlfriend steps in to shout at the guard who then peppersprays her in the face and then sprays brandon in the he gets into a fight with guard and
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somehow ends up without a shirt. you can see them cross the screen from the left to the right corner of where the gas pump.then moments later the guard shoots him dead.the alameda county district attorney's office responded to kron 4 saying they reviewed the evidence and declined to file charges because to do so they must decide if there is proof beyond a resonable doubt that a crime was committed.the family attorney doesn't believe the guard could claim self defense when he seemingly instigated the fight.sot: fulvio cajina, civil rights attorney//"we disagree with the da's office. the video is pretty clear who started it who was the initial aggressor the fight ended when the security guard shot brandon. and at that point it's worth noting that brandon didn't even have a shirt he was unarmed so to use deadly force on a deadly encounter is never justified."but that is up to whether his family will have a chance in court to change the da's mind. in the meantime they honor brandon's memory with his pictures hung up around their oakland home.
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the guard doesn't work for the seven eleven anymore in fact they stopped working with the company he was contracted with altogether.but the family hopes the district attorney's office will review the case again and rule in favor of charging the guard for killing brandon. live in the newsroom ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (catherine) in novato... many people are remembering the life of stacee etcheber, one of the victims killed in the las vegas massacre. (catherine) she was a popular and well-known hairdresser in novato. many of her friends and clients say they can't believe she's gone.. today flowers could be seen inside the saloon that she worked at. one woman who talked to kron-4 says she almost still expects to see stacee... (catherine) friends and clients say a memorial is being planned.. stacee's
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husband is a san francisco police officer, and a devoted mother of two children. (catherine) san francisco's gun violence prevention community held a vigil for las vegas victims, survivors and their loved ones tonight... on the steps of city hall... kron 4's gabe slate was there as they demanded change.. ((pkg)) nats - reading names san francisco's gun violence prevention commmunity started this event by reading the names of the 58 people who were killed in the las shooting on sunday. then they bowed their heads for a moment of a moment of silence reflecting on the tragedy. sot - catherine stefani / moms demand action for gun sense in america /catherine stefani is with moms demand action for gun sense in americashe was one of the several anti-gun violence groups in town here who sent a representative to attend. the san francisco chapter of the brady campaign
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chapter?ms=casfchapter>, organized the event the brady campaign is a national organization dedicated to preventing gun violence. sot - catherine stefani / moms demand action for gun sense in america / this event is part of a nationwide effort to push for "common-sense gun laws. they are not trying to ban guns they want to attack the problem a different way. sot - catherine stefani / moms demand action for gun sense in america / (brittney) i'm chief meteorologist
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brittney shipp..developing tonight -- we are tracking the path of soon to be hurricane nate. it"s already slammed central america... killing 21 people... and now it's projected to hit the u-s gulf coast.this is just some of the devastation in honduras... now let's look at where the storm is now. general warming trend with dry weather through the end of the week and into the weekend. dry offshore winds will impact some of the higher peaks and ridges off and on again late this week into early next week. slightly cooler weather expected next week.
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coming upfleetweek in san francisco nats ambiance if you are planning to attend any of the festivities i'm going to school you on the things you might want to avoid nats: ambiance oh yes and this might be one of them, i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly (grant) breaking news we
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are following - police are investigating a freeway shooting... and the target was a family... it happened in oakland on westbound highway 24 near interstate 980. (steve) here is what we know: a gray sedan pulled up alongside -- then opened fire on a family that was on the freeway.. no one was hit... the family pulled off the freeway and called police. we talked to police about 15 minutes ago they said they were going to stop traffic and search for evidence on highway 24. we have a reporter on the way to the scene.. and we will bring you any
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(steve) and now a look at a fleet week tradition here on kron4...(catherine) stanley roberts hits fisherman's wharf every year....looking for peopledoing things....they probably know they shouldn't be doing.. so you're thinking about hitting up fishermans wharf for any of the fleet week festivities remember to leave your blunts at home while weed is legal in california nats ambiance smoking it in public could set you back a bigface benjamin. that's a 100 bucks in layman's terms ohh look a plane nats: ambiance i love planes where
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was i? oh yea if you're thinking about cutting up be advised there are police everywhere, and they have these bracelet things and are not afraid to use them nats: ambiance even if you play opossum you still many end up at the san francisco police bed and breakfast. this guy thought it was a good idea to toss some jagermister on a security officer .nats: ambiance did i tell you how much i love jets nats: ambiance don't ignore the do not feed the pigeons or feed the birds unless you don't mind them sitting on your car and doing what bird do best besides flying nats: ambiance i highly recommend you take public transportation but if you grad a cab them the cabbie to put down the phone . nats: ambiance remember to walk your bikes at aquatic park ummm walk your bike hey is that the canadian snowbirds and uber and lyft i know how much you love using your park anywhere lights but please find a suitable place to pick up and drop off and now here is what every one has been waiting on the blue angels .. oh let me guess you want to seen them flying and not on golf carts ..oops my bad sounds of jets in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news raiders final injury report came out ahead of sunday's game against baltimore. michael crabtree is expected to play... derek carr is listed as questionable. according to nfl network's ian rapport -- carr could possibly still have a chance to play on sunday. carr practiced for the second straight day... he particapted streaching and throwing drills.
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news roberts kron 4 stanley francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news raiders final injury report came out ahead of sunday's game against baltimore. michael crabtree is expected to play... derek carr is listed as questionable. according to nfl network's ian rapport -- carr could possibly still
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have a chance to play on sunday. carr practiced for the second straight day... he particapted streaching and throwing drills. head coach, jack del rio didn't want to talk about any player injuries during today's presser. as of now... backup, ej manuel is the starter against the ravens it's unlikely the raiders will play carr this week. in the past tony romo and cam newton missed one game with the same injury. it's possible carr could return next week when they face the l- a chargers the nba all star game could be returning to the bay area. the warriors submitted a bid for the all- star chase center in san francisco the team did not release many
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specifics...but did say the bid was submitted for as early as 20-21. the warriors new arena is expected to open in the fall of 20-19. golden state haven't hosted an all star weekend since 2000 the last time it was in san francisco was back in 1967. dodgers and diamondbacks right now... game one... cubs-nationals congressman, steve scalise threw the first pitch... back in june he was shot in the hip at the congressional baseball game. top 8th -- anthony rizzo... single... brings in the third cubs run. (rizzo: 2 hits, 2 rbi) chicago's bullpen got it done... jayson werth pops out... cubs shutdown washington's offense... only allowed 2 hits cubs win 3- nothing... lead series 1-0
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best game so far has been yankees indians game two terry francona and his club had to do some work... after corey klubber earned six runs in 2 2/3 innings. bottom 6th -- yankees up 8-3... francisco lindor hits a grand slam off chad green... cleveland goes on to tie the game in the eighth and force extras. bottom 13th -- the tribe with a runner on second -- yan gomes... walk off single cleveland wins 9-8 greatest comeback in indians postseason history they lead series 2-0 crunch time for usa's men's soccer national team a must win scenario against panama to keep their world cup
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hopes alive. the last time they didn't qualify to the world cup was back in 1986. the americans go to work right away -- 19-year old christian pullisic make it 1-nothing eight minutes into the match. minute 18 -- this time pullisic finds jozy altidore inside the box for the second goal under 20 minutes into the game (altidore: 2 goals) usa win 4-0 need to beat tobago on tuesday to qualify to the 2018 world cup in russia cynthia newsome / reporting:
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"there are a lot of twists and turns when it comes to driving a truck. but once you get the hang of it; you're pretty much on easy street because thse jobs are high paying jobs and more women are climbing into the drivers seat."akia lee is almost ready to take the wheel and drive off into the sunset with class-a commercial drivers license...and a new career. akia lee / student, new reflections technical institure"i've knocked all my tests out of the park with no problem; so as far as being a male dominated industry, i just overlook that and just it's in my heart to do it so ihave no problems with doing it."it's a six week course... 2-weeks of classwork. then--- 4 weeks on the driving range. she already has a job lined up--when she finishes. and she knows...some people will be see a woman truck driver. "i've never met a female drive until i got here."nats"my instructor, one of our instructors is a female and she's taught me a lot."but women are in high-demand. "it's about being more nurturing taking care of the truck, taking care of the route."mark byrd is president
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and ceo of new reflections technical institute. mark byrd / president, new reflections technical institute:"it's transforming the community for people to be able to take care of their families and be able to raise and support their children being able to purchase home, being able to pruchase cars being able to pay for child-care. things that seem pretty remedial for other people is a very serious thing because its changing their lives."and that's the driving-force compelling more women to map out a new direction in their lives.
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-last year, the most difficult obstacle course in the world, mount midoriyama, was meticulously constructed in las vegas, brutal obstacle by brutal obstacle. 100 athletes attempted to conquer it but couldn't defeat the mountain. -oh! and he's out. -this year, the search continues as we travel across the country looking for a champion, all with the same goal -- conquer the qualifying courses and move one step closer to earning a ticket to las vegas for a shot at the grandest and most challenging of all obstacle courses and the $500,000 grand prize. and just maybe, for the first time ever, there will be an american ninja warrior. -the qualifying round of "american ninja warrior" continues here in venice beach, the first


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