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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  October 11, 2017 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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♪ tonight, gwyneth paltrow. new allegations against harvey wine strin. how brad pitt confronted the movie mogul and the major starring slamming him today. then, tears in the ballroom. >> it was like a pressure cooker. >> and our sneak peek of sylvester stallone. >> sly, sly is good. think chris hemsworth is in good shape? yes! >> wait until oyou see what his wife can do. how jimmy fallon's kids know
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how to get their point across to dad. >> where did you get those knives? the weinstein scandal continues to deeple every day now. oscar winners, angelina jolie and gwyneth paltrow say they were bothered by wine steen. weinstein harassed her when she was22. she had just signed up for a star-making part in the movie "emma" and was meeting with him in his hotel room. he put his hands on her. quote, i was a kid. i was signed up. i was petrified. according to the time, she refused his advances and told her boyfriend at the time, brad pitt. "e.t." learned that pitt confronted weinstein and told him repeatedly it better never happen again.
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brad's ex also tales the paper weinstein made unwanted advances toward her in the late '90s which she rejected. quote, i had a bad experience with him in my youth. as a result, chose never to work with him again. and warned others when they did. more bombshells today. a ke tailed report, adding new claims that weinstein raped three women. incluzing ace ya argento. she tweeted a scene she said was similar to what she experienced the. >> you know what would be great? if you give me a massage. >> reporter: his reps said any allegations of nonconsensual experiences are denied. oscar winner mira sorvino said he harassed her when she
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was promoting a movie. >> it's a travesty that this sort of behavior is normized and accepted for decades in this industry. >> reporter: there was a flood of condemnation by former colleagues. george clooney called his actions quote indefensible. actress jennifer lawrence said this kind of abuse sin excusable and absolutely upsetting. ben affleck called the behavior completely unacceptable. and matt damon did a lengthy interview saying i would never, ever, ever try to kill a story like that. we don't expect to hear further from harvey weinstein anymore soon. his rep says he's taking the time to focus on his family, getting counseling, and rebuilding his life. harvey has two young children with his wife georgina chapman of the popular marchesa fashion label. kevin? moving on to "dancing with
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the stars." we warned you last night's show would be a tear jerker. it was. there was a lot of buzz and the rekrunon of maks and vanessa. ♪ >> i like to see you back together again. you're going good? >> i'm so excited about next week because it's disney. >> reporter: that would be vanessa dancing around my question about working through their rumored behind-the-scenes feud. >> he's a great teacher. and i listen as a student because this is not something i do. >> mama's here. >> reporter: vanessa's most memorable year is 2017. nine months ago, she gave birth prematurely to their third son, phoenix. >> my water broke. i was 29 weeks. >> i think, as man, you -- you want to believe you can protect your kids. protect your wife. >> reporter: nick's most memorable year was 2011, when he married vanessa. >> she was my soul mate. my life partner. >> reporter: even with that emotional leadup, nick and peta ended up at the bottom of the
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leader board. again. >> it's getting old. i'm done with this in jeopardy thing. >> reporter: ultimately, retired nba star derek fisher was sent home. many stars broke down. >> you're not man if you haven't cried. >> reporter: drew scott focused on making it on tv. his twin made an appearance. >> i'm in way over my head. this is 6'5" almost times two. they look-a-like. >> we'll help you. hold on a second. >> oh, my gosh. they're really strong. >> go, property brothers, my pals. the theme of next week is disney. hopefully, we'll hear "let it go." . love was what "star wars" fans were feeling last night after seeing the the new trailer. >> reporter: kate hudson was freaking out when she saw it. and the trailer gave us a good look at carrie fisher in her
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final "star wars" movie. >> it's hard to accept, you know. i still think of her in the present tense. >> it's wonderful and very sad to see the footage. you're like, oh, this was this incredible thing we did together. she's not there to enjoy it with us. something has always been there. >> reporter: the movie picks up where the last one left off with daisy ridley's character of rey meeting with luke skywalker on a remote island where she develops her powers. >> i need someone. to show me my place in all this. >> reporter: how different is this for you this time having been through it? >> the it's weird. i should feel like i know what i'm doing. i'm still like, oh, my god. and second time, i was like, owe, my gosh, i now know what rey means to people. it's exciting, too. >> you can expect to see a lot of daisy ridley before "the last
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jedi." she stars alongside johnny depp out november 10th movie murder on the orient express. sunday night, former yankees star alex rodriguez joins the "shark tank." >> j. lo's buddy, you're late. >> reporter: a-rod arrived solo to craig's west hollywood 30 minutes late. after a two-hour dinner, the couple of eight months left together through the back door. >> hey, jennifer. how are you? >> reporter: on sunday, the entrepreneur will make his debut as a guest shark on "shark tank." and only "e.t." was behind the scenes. >> i've been a fan of the show since day one. i use these opportunities to teach my daughters lessons. >> reporter: worth an estimated $480 million, the 42-year-old is raising 12-year-old natasha and 9-year-old ella to be minimoguls. >> my daughters, we pretend. they go up on the the rug.
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they make a presentation. and we either, you know, get in or get out. i'm interested, mark, if you're interested. when i drive my daughters to school, i try to teach them one business lesson. i can't say they're enjoying it. they're learning. >> reporter: a-rod says his girls are also learning a lot from j. lo. >> jennifer is one of the most brilliant business minds i have ever met. she's the role model. >> man, he loves her. and loves to talk about her. they're the perfect power cup toll model after. big tv news tonight. "this is us" returns. keltie is here with a sneak peek. >> are we emotionally ready to sit down and watch this tonight? >> get the tissues out. >> chrissy metz looked very calm. it's a whel other story tonight. topping tonight's tv "know & tell" chrissy's rocky introduction. >> my sister kate. >> pleasure, plr to meet you. >> sylvester stallone. >> sly, sly is good.
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>> okay. he came in the makeup trailer. he's talking and making jokes. >> reporter: chrissy can thank tv dad milo ventimiglia for sly's casting, after milo phoned in a favor from his former "rocky balboa" co-star. >> for him to respond, and be like, yeah, i totally want to be there, it was great. >> every champion was once a contender and refuse to give up. >> not so bad. >> we'll see what happens. see if ke we can get him to do more. next, must-see tv. harry connick jr.'s return to "will & grace." >> how heavy was that sedation? because i feel like my ex-husband is standing right there. >> thursday, grace's ex, leo, is back. but are they rekindling a romance? >> who cheated? >> he did. >> seriously, that was a shot in the dark. >> can there be a happy ending? >> who knows? >> i hope so. that's up to the writers. put in a good word for me. and finally, "ncis" gets spooky. >> detective higgins met a ghost. >> reporter: tonight, the gang uncovers new evidence from a
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decade-old murder. it's the first episode since pauley perrette announced she's leaving after this season. >> i like a boss who sticks up for his people. >> reporter: and next week, new female energy when maria bello joins the cast. >> i think you like having me around. >> i'll take all the girl power i can get. >> i just saw pauley earlier this week. she's doing fantastic. up next, kate middleton's first public event since announcing baby number three. plus, mila kunis dishes on her romantic dinner dates. and chris hemsworth on his her romantic dinner dates. and chris hemsworth on his secret to looking so sexy give it a drink! l'oreal's hydra genius daily liquid care. our first liquid moisturizer with aloe water. absorbs instantly, for 72 hours of hydration. skin's quenched. looks fresh. hydra genius with aloe water. by l'oreal paris.
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beyonce's mom helped raise awareness for habitat for humanity at the
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♪ that is prince william and kate middleton attending their first engagement together since they told the world baby number three is on the way. >> i kept looking for the bump. it was hard to see. kate helicopter her hand the in front of her tummy. she's suffering from extreme morning sickness. >> since we're talking about kids, mila kunis opened up about hers, including the challenges of being a working mom. >> i think i'm a little bit less stressed over what to anticipate. you're still stressed out. the guilt of leaving your kids.
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you know they'll be okay. i've done it once. >> reporter: she makes it look so easy. but turns out, mila's just like every other mom. trying to balance work and life with two little ones. except when this mom goes to work, the kids go with her. the whole family was in atlanta. we caught up with her there. >> i can write a book on all kid-friendly activities anywhere in the world. we used to be like, what's the coolest club. now i'm like, let me tell you about the zoo in atlanta. i had to enlist help. e work full time. my husband work full time. we needed help. >> reporter: we're loving her honesty. mila graces the cover of "marie claire's" latest issue, on stands next week, where she dishes some more on mommyhood. >> i will never throw out my sweat pants. i have about 100 pair. i do love me a good pair of sweat pants. my' deal dinner party guest list? my husband.
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i'll take my husband. a nice romantic dipper. it's been awhile. >> aw. she also says that they all have public library cards because the family visits the library everywhere they go. how cool is that? >> that's cool. they probably have books to send back. >> are you saying they keep them out overdue. i think they get them in on time. still ahead -- >> we got together. fell in love. my career happened. >> chris hemsworth on balancing work and family time. stories from the sexy superhero that will make you love him more. and jimmy fallon on his relationship with justin timberlake. the story behind this video. >> go biker! closed captioning provided by --
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sfoet ♪ the most handsome face in show business. >> chris just called me a handsome face on camera. >> it's hard to answer question, i get lost in your beauty. >> oh, my gosh. i feel your pain, chris hemsworth. sometimes kevin frazier, i look at you i get so lost in your beauty. i don't know where to go next. i don't know -- >> i want to admit that -- i was fixated with how big chris hemsworth's arms were in this movie. he was in crazy shape. as cameron found out, the real
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strong man in the family is the woman who runs the show, his wife, elsa. sfwlo. >> reporter: you were posting those great shots of you holding her. and she holding you back on the beach. how long could she hold you? >> pretty good. she's pretty strong. >> reporter: i'll say. elsa pataky has written a book on fitness, so she is no slouch in the gym. >> she outdoes me. in the gym. we do boxing. she goes 12, 15 rounds on the pads. i go about four. >> reporter: but when they're not sweating it out, chris and his wife of nearly seven years, with their three kids, obviously cherish their life together. what was it that made you realize how important it was to make time to be with your wife, with your family? >> we got together. we fell in love. then my career happened. and it was -- all-consuming. and i think once i sort of felt like, oh, okay. i might work again, i started to relax a bit. and then went, oh, geez. what is more important about life? any wife and my kids and my wife
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in particular who sacrificed everything to let me chase this crazy dream. >> reporter: chris isn't so lucky in "thor ragnarok" when cate blanchett, the goddess of death, hits town. >> prior to work withing with her was like, yes, bring it on. i meet her, it's like, oh, my god, it's kacate blanchett. >> you were nervous? >> yes. >> this movie has a ton of action. it's laugh out loud funny at times. speaking of funny, cameron caught up with man who makes us laugh for a living. jimmy fallon. he has a new children's book out, everything is mama. you would think in a house hold of females, fallon is the odd man out. think again. >> reporter: describe yourself as dad. are one of your daughters more like you? >> the 4-year-old listens to me. don't touch that. hot. okay. we're good. the baby, i go, franny, stay here. okay. i turn around, she has two nooifs. i go, where did you get those?
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i got on amazon. i go, you're on my amazon account. i got a prime. that's a good deal. >> reporter: 4-year-old winnie and 2-year-old franny are clearly adorable handfuls that don't blink twice watching daddy do his "tonight show" thing. >> doing an impression of a 15-year-old girl. it's like, yeah, that's what dad does. >> reporter: the girls are also the inspiration behind his second children's book, "everything is mama." gotta do your voices. can you give us a sample of the voices? >> hey! it's a hard, hard, mama. good or bad. i'll let mom do it. it's one of the the voices. feel the feel. >> feel the feel. >> feel the feel. that's what this is about. >> reporter: jimmy also feels for the parents who want to keep bedtime routines quick. >> the book is short enough that you can read the book and just get the hell out of the bedroom. >> i want to ask you about your
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epic bromance with justin timberlake. what make him the perfect bro mans? >> he's a good guy. very creative. i got a tandem bike for my birthday. we never use it. justin comes over, he goes, let's go. i'll go ride it. i said, you want the go bro biking? he go, bro biking, let's do it. bro biking! >> bro biking! >> we just tour around. two knows what will happen. > >> when justin timberlake comes by the house. cameron asked jimmy about the rumors that j.t. is performing at the super bowl. he side-stepped it. >> will' n sync be there? we could all use r & r in our lives. we teamed up for secrets resorts
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for the ultimate date-cation. woe, we just arrived at the property. i'm here with my favorite celebrity, my amazing husband. we're going check out everything we're going experience this week. you ready? thank you so much. thank you. let's check it out. cheers. we couldn't wait to take in all of the unlimited luxury at the adults only resort, which started with a tour of the four different pools on the property, the beautiful beaches, and of course, the amazing suite we would be calling home all week. ♪ it's so incredible. chris, look at the balcony. we ended our day with a stunning sunset overlooking the resort. moving the only sec reet i checking in. please take me back right now. you'll see more from our getaway next tuesday. >> how did you get this gig? >> i don't know. i'm lucky. >> okay. we got someone else who wants to get away for an
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entirely different reason. what is me hind this halloween fright night? this is crazy. >> it is. find out, next. >> i hate anything scary.
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buckle up. sfoet ♪ ♪ and i'm moving my hand like yeah ♪ >> miley cyrus brings the party to car pool karaoke. ♪ there's a party in the usa >> it's per first time riding shotgun with corden. >> your tongue made less of an appearance. >> and things get sticky. >> great, this is wonderful. "e.t." is behind the scenes with what you didn't see tomorrow.
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promo considerations provided by -- so, you have seen jessica ross playing emma stone's roommate in "la laland." >> now, soap real life scares with "e.t." online. want to see? >> oh. [ screaming ] >> right out of jessica's movie. and their part of halloween or roy fight at universal studios halle wood. >> having anyone chase after you at breakneck speed is completely terrifying.
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