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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 11, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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catastrophic event. >> the deadly north bay fire storm growing in size and spreading fast. fires threatening thousands of homes and forcing new evacuations. >> i did not grab anything, seconds could have made the difference between life and death. >> tonight, dangerous gusty winds could fan the flames of already raging wild fires. >> thank you for joining us tonight. i am program -- pam moore. >> the toll of the destruction is rising, the fires are among the deadliest in california history killing 23 people and burning thousands of acres, destroying homes and businesses, firefighters top priority remains protecting lives and property, that includes finding people who are
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not accounted for. in sonoma, to 85 people have not been found. our coverage begins with justine is santa rosa. give us the latest please. >> reporter: we know that in the state right now there are 22 wild fires that are burning but the ones that are getting the priority are the ones in napa and sonoma because they have the greatest risk to people and property. i want to bring in cal fire, who is going to tell us about the fire fight happening this evening. >> we are running a 24 hour operation, the challenges that we are facing today are the terrain and the wind event that is taking place later this evening. >> reporter: the cal fire chief said one of the biggest concerns he was having was that the wind are changing.
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that's causing more evacuations tonight. which way are the winds blowing and is that something that is going to change and help you guys. >> when it comes to fire fighting, sometimes you know which directions the winds are coming but that can change on you, the crews have been given instructions to keep good situational awareness, the winds can change momentum at any time. >> reporter: airplanes and helicopters cannot fly at night. we saw a 747 dropping flame retardant on the fire, can that happen tomorrow based on the wind conditions. >> wind is not a factor when you fly, but if you cannot see you cannot fly. today we got eight planes and helicopters up tomorrow. we anticipate doing that tomorrow. >> reporter: there are a lot of
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people that have been evacuated. some people in santa rosa and the coffey park neighborhood were able to go in to see if anything was left and maybe try to save some things but they were taken out and evacuated again because of the winds. people want to know when they can see what is left of their home. can i give them a time line on that? >> unfortunately i cannot be specific as to when they will take place, we want to get people back to their homes but there are hazards that might exist in neighborhoods like power lines being down, maybe there is a gas leak, also trees and debris will prevent people from going in there in a safe fashion. going in will not happen until we can mitigate the problems. >> reporter: in sonoma 285 people are missing, tonight we learned 285 people are missing.
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that's more of a sheriffs office job but what can you tell us about what is going to be done to find those people and reunite them with their family. >> that's a responsibility of law enforcement. in regards to the people that are missing, they could be unaccounted for or with their loved ones, law enforcement has not tracked them down but we are hopeful that we can account for all of those folks. >> reporter: with the fire fight that is happening now, i know you guys are exhausted but how can everyone keep going, the fire is at 0% containment. >> the first firefighters worked for 36 to 44 hours with additional resources coming in. now they get a break, they go offline for 24 hours, they can
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eat and get showers and rest. then we rotate other personnel. >> this is the question everyone wants to know, do you know what caused the fire. >> we do not. obviously is under investigation. >> thank you, we appreciate your time tonight. you guys are busy. >> that's the latest. we will have another report coming up at 9:00 and 10:00. we will continue to bring you the latest information from here. >> thank you, the fire continues to push forward and it's prompting dozens of new mandatory evacuations in other parts. authorities are issuing advisory evacuations, grant has a closer look. he is in the news room with the latest on that, grant? >> as you reported in the last ñwe just got a new ee evacuation advisory for the city of napa. for the first time throughout the whole stretch of fire
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horror, we have the cities, parts of the cities of napa and sonoma that are under evacuation advisories, the city of snappa, it's a large area in the southern portion of napa. it does not include downtown napa but you can see from the cal fire map, you have this large swath of fire here, then in the middle of it is the southern portion of napa. the area north of jameson canyon road, highway 12 and the napa/solano county line. we have specifics on that advisory on our website, if you want you can see the streets that they lister, it's not a mandatory evacuation, you need to be ready according to officials. this is the atlas peak fire
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it's threatening the western part of forfield. the fire could be pushing this way, that's the fear as the red flag warning start this evening. we have some mandatory evacuation orders for the whole city of calistoga up here. also geyserville. a lot going on. there is a lot more advisories, i just wanted to give you the latest information. the sonoma area, the city of sonoma, north of downtown including hot springs, there is an evacuation advisory, look at all of the fire, it's just surrounding so many different areas, that's the concern. we continue to track this story throughout the night. >> thank you, grant. as we have been telling you, there are mandatory evacuations driving people from their homes
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this calistoga. the whole city is being told to get out. >> we are live where the residents have been evacuated. jeff, it's a ghost town route now, right? >> reporter: it definitely is, we have seen dozens of people leaving town tonight in packed cars with their belongings and their animals. they have seen the devastation across northern california and napa. is a traumatic experience, i spoke to a family that lost two homes. small flames still burn in the after math of the atlas fire, several homes are decimated at loma vista drive. >> some stuff survived, all of the metal but everything else is gone. >> this couple moved into this home 20 years ago, this is the
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central stairway, behind me, a large back yard with a pool to the far right. everything is completely destroyed except the sign c;xnp their last name at the entrance, bonni's daughter moved across the street. >> they get time with grandma and grandpa, there is a lot of memories here. >> the atlas fire also destroyed her daughter's home. neighboring properties suffered the same fate. now all that the family have are memories without homes to return to. >> we are homeless. we have the clothes we wore out of the house that's it. we have no clothes. i had three closets full of clothes, now i have a pair of pajamas. >> just imagine you are living in a home for 40 years and all
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of a sudden its erased by mother nature. i was contacted by many people that wanted to check on their houses, i checked but sadly no good news to share, hopefully the people of calistoga do not have to experience that. >> do i know whether or not the smoke is getting thicker in your area, we see emergency crews behind you. >> yes, you see behind me, it was smokier and hazier today. there was ash falling earlier. it depends on the wind. cal fire officials said that's a factor in how these wild fires move. so we have to see about that. i can tell you at this gas station we are at, we saw crews coming out with snacks and multiple energy drinks, that is the what the night is going to
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be like, is going to be busy and they have to headache sure that everyone is evacuated. >> thank you. the nuns fire is also a big concern for firefighters tonight as it burns near homes. jr is following the flames tonight in the oakmont neighborhood of santa rosa, he joins us live much you have been there a couple of nights. what is it like this evening? >> reporter: still smoky out here, i want to get straight at that the fact that at this point we have one home that is confirmed destroyed. that's the one that we knew about in the late evening. people said they heard of two to five. right now we have just confirmed one home destroyed. i just talked with firefighters in this area who said no homes were destroyed in the observing mopt area, that's good news. i want to jump on the other
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side of the area to show you what was a fire line in the distance. i hope you can see it, it's gotten darker out. you can see the glow in the disstance, ever so slightly. when i spoke with the firefighters in the last hour, they said they spent the daylighting back fires near the homes, they are hoping that will help but at this point the fire has not come far down the hill in most of the area in oakmont. just one confirmed home that was lost, that happened yesterday. i have been all over the county in this area, can you see area on the hillside near one of the wineries on the hillside. you see the flames shooting
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into the air, firefighters were keeping on eye on this area. you see the massive flames, then the trees, they webt -- wept up in flames, some of the embers have spread to the roadways in the area, in this next video you can see the firefighters fighting the flames alongside of the roadway, i talked with some of those fies, they said in that case, they were flagged down by someone who lives in that home. they pulled out and put out a number of fires on the side of that property. it was good that they were there, they actually ran out of water. they refilled and came back and put it out. there are a lot of firefighters in the area monitoring the situation. again out here live in the oakmont area, i know it's dark
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but these are the hills above the oakmont area, there are thousands of homes here. at this point in the night. on wednesday evening, we have confirmation of just one home being destroyed. that was yesterday up on trail ridge. any other homes have not been confirmed destroyed at this point. >> thank you, jr. small victory tonight (pam) our breaking news
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continues now in the north our breaking news continues in the north bay, look at this picture, you know someone's life is wrapped up in all of the rubble. many people are finding themselves homeless including
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those that lived in a mobile home park in santa rosa, matt is live there in santa rosa. >> it's devastating to talk to people that lost everything, we are in coffey park, the fire moved through here, many of the homes are charred. not far from here we saw a mobile home park off mendocino. the fire ripped through it monday morning. someone died inside of one of the mobile homes. this man saw the flames coming towards his mobile home. he grabbed a fire hose and helped save 40 emotional homes from burning. >> i was not losing my home if ki stop it. we stewed down here for three
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hours, those fies are the heros. -- i can stop it. >> we started down here for three hours, those guys are the heros. >> reporter: many people that i talked to tonight are worried about the wind. report living from santa rosa, this is kron four news. in downtown sonoma, people from sonoma square north are being told to pack up and leave. right now that's an advisory warning, we are live near the square, you spoke to several people before they fot out of town. >> it's an advisory measure but people have seen what happened in the other areas of the bay area, people had a minutes notice here. they had a few hours notice when sheriffs officials went
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around town. people took advantage and packed up and got out. >> they said we should evacuate north of east napa. >> people started to pack up what was important. >> we brought some animals and my kids. >> reporter: bay area police officers were on foot going door too door to make sure that everyone was alerted. >> we are walking down the street in sonoma, knocking on doors and talking to community members, letting them know that the fire is heading this way and will be here in a few hours. >> reporter: most of the people thought or hoped that sonoma was out of harms way. >> i thought we were okay, we thought that the hills were going to protect us but the
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wind come up at any time. >> reporter: as people evacuated in the distance, a bulldozer dug a containment line. >> i am trying to remain calm, it's terrifying. >> reporter: we are live outside of sonoma square, at this point, the square is empty, just a few people walking around. we smell thick smoke but in the distance we are not seeing any orange glow, the concern is that the fire will come from the north into downtown sonoma but at this point that's not happening. 24 evacuation centers have opened for people forced out of their homes. >> donations have been pouring in. >> reporter: in american canyon, there are hundreds of volunteers at american canyon
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high school receiving donations from the public. people have been driving up and dropping off supplies, water, diapers food and toys for kids. so far, as of 7:00 this evening, there is only a dozen people here. they are expecting quite a few people from the calistoga area to arrive. those people have until five chalk to leave their homes in calistoga, volunteers expect more people to arrive. i spoke to a few people who said they are undocumented workers who are afraid to go to the shelters because they do not have papers. the staff here said everyone is welcome. >> we welcome everyone here. no identification is required. there is no requirement of residency or anything else. no reason to be out in the cold. >> the staff has also set up cots in case people need to
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spend the night. there is also medical professionals here in case anyone needs help. >> thank you. major concern tonight for firefighters. brittney shipp is tracking the potentially dangerous shifting wind conditions. >> throughout most of the evening the winds were out of the north and north west just recently it switched to the north east which could have prompted the evacuation for parts of napa. a lot of times fire systems make their own wind directions and wind speeds fnlt the latest information that we are getting is that the wind is coming from the east. the atlas fire is also to the east. it's burned 42,000-acres. the wind is coming in from the east. if that happens, the concern is
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for downtown nap avment as we look, you can -- napa. as wie look, you can see that the wind is shifting at 2:00 a.m. -- we look, you can see that wind is shifting at 2:00 a.m. we have the evacuation orders in effect. tomorrow the wind is going to be shifting, out of the north for a few hours and then out of the west for a few hours, we are going to keep an eye onwhat is going on. but the breaking news is that the wind direction has shifted to out of the east. the situation is more dangerous for folks that live in napa. the wind is blowing everything to the west. that's the new concern, we will keep you updated if the wind shifts again. >> coming up, people are lining up to be escorted by the police
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to see if their homes are standing. we go along with one family. next, wine country being hit hard by the fires, we look at the impacts on the wineries
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at stanford health care, we can now use a blood sample to detect lung cancer. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. (steve) our breaking news
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continues with this .. the region affected by the wildfires is home to more than a thousand wineries. in mendocino the ineyards our breaking news continues with this, the region effected by the fires is home to more than 1,000 winiers, many suffered serious losses as a result of the fires. in sonoma wine is a billion dollars industry. some wineries are devastated by the fires. wiet rock and william hill -- white rock and william hills winery were effected.
8:27 pm
at peak ridge, the vineyards survived but the winery itself, about to celebrate its 40th anniversary was burned to the ground of the it was a popular venue for weddings gut bsh but now it's gone -- but now it's gone. coming up, hot shot firefighters on the front lines in solano county, they are battling the atlas fire, we are going to check in with this elite team. >> we have a live report coming up from solano county where people are getting ready to be evacuated
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this is the bay area news station, kron starts right now. >> welcome back to the mandatory coverage.
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mandatory evacuations are underway now. the total destruction is rising. here's where we stand tonight. >> the fires are among the deadliest in california's history. so far, 23 people have been killed by the fires. 170,000 acres have burned. all of the wildfires, 100,000 acres ear -- here and destroying 3500 homes and businesses. that number is one that officials call conservative. it is likely to climb. fire officials say, the top priority is protecting lives and property. that includes, finding people who are still unaccounted for. in sonoma county alone, there are still 285 people not accounted for. >> here is a look at the wildfire numbers.
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the atlas has burned the most at this point, 42,000 acres. it is a burning in two different counties. we are seeing some containment of the fires. the tubs fire has burned more than 27,000 acres is at least 10% contained. the atlas buyers are at 3% contained. the partridge fire is at 2% contained. the atlas fire has moved into a solano county. it is close to fairfield. >> that was not an issue earlier. this also has officials warning people to be ready to leave. we are in the system valley road area and fairfield. how close is the fire getting? >> it is about three miles out of fairfield. let me step out and show you where we are at, we are at rock mill road in fairfield. we have both of the roads closed at the i -- i-80 interstate. there trying to keep the fire from reaching businesses and
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homes. let's roll the video, and show you what they have going for voluntary evacuations. they are calling these advisory evacuation areas in fairfield. one is the east ridge neighborhood. the other is the resident east of i-80. be prepared to be evacuated. they are not telling people they have to evacuate. but they are telling people to have their go bags ready in case the wind it does not go along with what we need. have your medicine, have your pets, have your clothes. be ready to go. >> there is no school in this district tomorrow or friday. they have canceled that. the two evacuation centers that they have set up is at the fairfield high school and the allen writ sports complex. that is if people want to get ahead of the evacuation. if they are working -- worried
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or uncomfortable. they don't want to go to sleep and not know what's happening. they can go to the evacuation centers in fairfield. is the fairfield high school or the allen writ sports complex. they have base and are taking people in. basically, we are as close to the front line is we can get. it is about three miles away. residents who are not quite ready to evacuate, they want to see what is going on and speak to the media and law enforcement, we will give you a sense of the feeling people have out here. >> it happens to somebody else. it happens in other places, not here. we are not used to it. >> here's a quick thing to share with you, to let people know the vibe. people are confused. they are not used to this happening around here. this is not wildfire country here in fairfield.
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they are stunned and waiting to see what happens next. most people are getting ready to go somewhere. people are going for a long weekend and get out of here. we will keep you updated through the weekend. it has been 72 hours census all continued. the fires continue to prompt mandatory evacuations. and other places, we have evacuation advisories. we want to look at another mandatory evacuation. >> this one is very close to downtown sonoma. this one is mandatory. you have to leave now. take a look at the map. i will dial you down to street level. do you see the two big fires on the right? this is the norb and fires.
8:35 pm
these have conversed. a downtown sonoma, right here, we will zoom in. do you see the square right here? just a couple of streets over, the roads we are talking about, mandatory evacuations. at castle road, north of the rally road. castle road, as it extends over here close to the buena vista winery. seventh street east north. this is seventh street eat, -- east right here. these two streets have been listed by the sonoma county sheriff's office as under mandatory evacuation orders right now. seventh treat each -- east, and then castle road north. we have the information on our website right now. if you need to reference and share it, these are not advisories, this is a mandatory evacuation order. we will send it back to you. the news is not good, especially from the wind coming from the east. you can picture it blowing is fire closer and closer.
8:36 pm
these were last updated a while ago. they're not giving any -- and exact representation right now. the fire has gotten much closer to the downtown sonoma area. these two roads right here need to leave right now. >> let's check in right now on our forecast. >> we are tracking a specific advisory right now. >> the reason why we are now seeing the a mandatory evacuation in sonoma is due to the shift in the wind direction. previously we saw the wind speeds coming from the north. sometimes it was coming from the south. within the last 30 minutes, the wind direction is coming in from the east. you can see why that is a big deal. you can see that the fire is off to the east of napa. if you have the wind blowing from the east to the west, it will blow the flames over napa.
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this is true even with the partridge fire. sonoma is just to the west. we have wind blowing from the east to west. it is possible that we will see some of the flames pushing it directly towards sonoma. the question is, how long are we going to see the wind speeds of moving out of the east? i will back this map up a little bit. you can see the time-lapse. this is right in the corner of your screen. this is where we are right now. at near napa, this arrow, everything is coming from the east. what we will see by 11:00, out of the north, once it shifts it will stay out of the north. but the windspeed will stay strong. but this will help us move the flames away from pushing them directly into the napa or sonoma region. will talk about the red flag warning which will stay in effect until thursday at 5 pm. >> through the night, we have
8:38 pm
some remarkable video that tells the beginning of the story. how did we get here almost 72 hours ago? sonoma county sheriff's were driving right through the flames as they began. >> a line of families are waiting for a ride from police, so they can check on their homes. their story had, we are back in a couple of minutes. (steve) in napa county...
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some in napa county, some evacuees were given a brief moment to go toward their homes today. kron 4 is a visiting the area with one resident anxious to see if his house was still there. >> near a police barricade on this street, the line to catch a ride with law enforcement to check on the cars -- homes a grew larger. >> retired architect bob
8:41 pm
nichols stood in line with his girlfriend and caretaker, struggling to find the words for how he felt. he did not know if his home was still up or had burned to the ground. >> is impossible to decide what it is. >> so much of napa county has been leveled. several cars and other vehicles along soda canyon road were destroyed. this neighbor lost a lot. it appears that the house and pool are still intact. as bob nichol and family were escorted of the mountain, fear of the worst creeped into their minds. they passed by burns out -- burned out fields and structures. >> i expected the worst but prayed for the best. >> unfortunately, by the time they reached the house, it was still there. despite being made of wood, there was no damage. >> i don't have to rebuild it. >> the hall may still be in jeopardy yet.
8:42 pm
a spot fire grew quickly when we arrived at bob nichols home. it grew in the stored -- short the time we played -- stayed at his home. >> it is time to go. >> that is part of the reality on the ground here. the situations are changing on a minute by minute basis. in napa county, kron 4 news. >> we are seeing dramatic video from the nights the fire broke out. this was shot by a sheriff's deputy who was driving through the fire zone. a look at this video. you can see how intense the flames are, as they destroy everything in their path. one building after another, tree -- one tree after another. he is trying to drive to safety. this is just one of the wildfires that devastated the northbay. some of these spots were up to 79 miles per hour with the low
8:43 pm
humidity fueling the fire. there's no rain in the forecast for the next seven days. we continue our coverage of the catastrophic northbay wildfires, as they continue to burn. air quality is getting worse for the entire bay area. all of the counties are putting out health alerts. schools are shutting down. >> fighting the blaze, you will meet in the lead firefighting group who put themselves on the line. we are back, in just a minute. . if we can do that, imagine what we can do for varicose veins. and if we can precisely treat eye cancer with minimal damage to the rest of the eye, imagine what we can do for glaucoma, even cataracts. if we can use dna to diagnose the rarest of diseases, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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in fairfield, scores of firefighters have been working all around the clock since the first flames that kicked up on sunday night. that includes an elite team of firefighters called hotshots.>> we connected with one team as they are working on a strategy to save as many homes as they could. >> they have spent an intense battle going on, firefighters are actively trying to put out the atlas fire. right now, i'm at the intersection of rockville road. this is what i have found. just
8:46 pm
past the roadblock on wednesday morning. hot, scorching, dangerous flames devouring the side of the road. i certainly did not stay long. on the side, there was more flames. they were fighting the good fight. this is all part of the atlas fire. this fire is fierce and stubborn. it is not going away easily. >> have you ever seen fire like this for? >> no, i have been doing is 30 years. >> i caught up with the captain and his crew, an assortment of firefighters from all over the bay area. >> it is -- what is the challenge today? >> we are expecting the wind going out 30-40 miles per hour. >> as i interviewed the captain, air tankers and helicopters worked at a frantic pace. the predicted wind was a
8:47 pm
problem for the air assault. >> when they drop, the drop gets dissipated by the wind. is >> it does not go where it's supposed to? >> correct. the fires continuing to spread, defying everyone to stop it. >> what are you going to do to save the properties? >> structure protection. we go out and evaluate all of the structures. we do what is called, a bump and run. we go to one house, take care of it, and move onto the next one. >> you are looking for a defensive space? >> we triage, it is hard to say, some houses we can to defend. >> they say that the team is tired but determined to see it through. >> the strike team has been going for three days straight with almost no rest.
8:48 pm
we got a little rest last night. we are ready to go. it could be another three days, who knows. we are good to go until it's gone. >> as you heard, all of the firefighters say that they are committed to seeing this through. there asking everyone, if you get the evacuation order, please, please go. they are trying to do everything they can to save homes and lives. they need your help. in fairfield, this is teresa, kron 4. >> they are the best of the best. the sheriff's office has received 530 reports of persons missing. at 285 are still unaccounted for tonight. >> there is good news, 245 people have been found. that includes a 78-year-old man from a mobile home park in santa rosa. this is his picture. the family of diego says they have been searching high and low for the 78-year-old family member. they called shelters and >> centers as far north as cloverdale.
8:49 pm
he was staying at a friend's home the entire time. he does not speak english. he does not have a cell phone. that made it difficult for him to reach out to his loved ones. he is a. >> we have more on the story that we brought you last night. linda tunis his family has confirmed that she died in the fire. her remains were found at the journeys and mobile home park early this morning. her daughter, jessica reported her missing yesterday. she told kron 4 that she called her early monday morning. she says that her home was on fire and that she was trapped inside. she says, that is when the phone line went dead. >> the family of christina hansen has confirmed that she is lost. the wheelchair-bound woman was reported missing after her home was destroyed in the fire. she was in the house and did not make it out. her father is in the hospital,
8:50 pm
he is struggling with third- degree burns. >> we have breaking news coverage of the deadly north buyers. the smoke is affecting air quality in the bay area. you can see how extensive it is. this is a video on the right of a chp helicopter. the smoke is so bad, it can be seen from space. >> the heavy smoke has several bay area county putting out health alerts. they have close to schools in some cases. daniel has been standing in that haze all day. how is it at night? >> it may be night, because the sun is a block and you can samish smoke is in the air. there is smoke in the air. over the last hour, look at the ash that has been falling. we have been standing here for a number of hours. the amazing thing is, people are still out here, running and jogging, skateboarding and walking their dogs. you can see a gentleman getting his exercise, undeterred by the level of harmful air in san
8:51 pm
francisco. as we said, we have seen and heard calls from viewers all day saying that the air quality is bad. they are reporting that kids are being told to stay inside the classrooms. the number of school districts that are already saying that school is out for tomorrow. we came up from fresno today, i want to share that, you could see the smoke and ash well along the sides coming up towards san francisco and the bay. i've never seen that before. we are on the bay bridge earlier. now comments beautifully lit up as it always is at night. earlier, we saw people driving along that bay bridge into san francisco wearing the protective masks. you see the for -- reported in firefighters where as they try to stay protective -- protected from the air quality. do not be fooled by the fact that night has fallen. guys, back to you. >> thank you for the update.
8:52 pm
there is still so much to be concerned about as it pertains to the air around the bay area. >> the fight continues. we will be back with more after this.>> as the wildfires continue northbay counties, kron 4 news will continue with regular updates. we will interrupt programming as it is needed. stay online with and the kron 4 mobile app. (steve) the extremely poor
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air quality has prompted many schools in the north bay to cancel classe extremely poor air quality is having an effect on so many people. many schools in the northbay have just canceled classes in martinez. many schools will be closed tomorrow. they will monitor conditions tomorrow to determine if they should extend this closure through friday as well.
8:55 pm
classes have also been canceled all the way until tuesday in some schools. classes at sonoma state university, cal state, they are all canceled through sunday. >> we have been talking about there being more air support today. they kept a pilot from being able to go up above the smoke. it was not safe for them. that's beginning to change. hopefully it will help accelerate their ability to knockdown these flames. >> we have a new concerned, the shifting wind direction around the fire, what we are dealing with in the neck -- within the last 30 minutes, we have advisory evacuations for part of napa. we have seen the wind direction shift out of the east at about six miles per hour. we have the easterly wind directions off to the east. it is blowing toward the west.
8:56 pm
some of the flames could go right into downtown napa. we have the concern for part of sonoma. parts of the area are now under a mandatory evacuation. within the last 10 minutes or so, it looks like they are coming back in from the north. that is still not great for sonoma, because the fires are burning to the north and east of that area. as we go into the rest of tonight, there is a possibility for the next two hours to see the wind direction move out of the east. after 11 pm, it should switch to a more northerly direction. that should help out napa under the advisory evacuations. the models are showing that this will stay out of the north through the rest of tonight and into tomorrow. it will be shifting to the north and west. this is just a changing situation. we keep trying to update the wind direction as it continues
8:57 pm
to shift. that determines which way the fire and flames are going to be blowing and who needs to evacuate. tonight will be a rough night. we have a red flag warning in effect. the humidity will go down. we will see the window speed gusts up to 45 miles per hour. we will have more details coming up in just a bit. >> thank you for that. we will stay in touch with you. we will be on the air through 11:30 tonight. >> we will make some project different process. there are new mandatory evacuations in this tonight. the wine country inferno is continuing to grow. >> will be back with more news, after this break. ♪ because everyone likes easy. sure do. because everyone is on the go. because we all like to save energy, but sometimes we slip up. reaching up. ssssh! because sometimes we want it cool at night, then toasty in the mornings. introducing the easy to use, energy saving,
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adjustable from everywhere, easy on the wallet and the eyes, nest thermostat e. e is for everyone.
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fires, burning in there are over 22 major fires burning in california primarily in eight counties here in california.
9:00 pm
these fires are burning in and around through developed communities. this is a serious, critical, catastrophic event. struck out the firestorm is continuing to burn out of control tonight drop parts of the north bay causing destruction in the northbay. the massive wildfires are spreading fast. the wind conditions are shifting within the last half hour or so. these flames are already raging. now they are going in unexpected directions. thank you for joining us. tonight, we start kron4's coverage with justine rama she is live in santa rosa. she is tracking the deadly wildfires. what do we know tonight. >> reporter: we know that the weather isno


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