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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  October 12, 2017 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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( james ) ( james ) flames are forcing more evacuations in sonoma. neighbors had to leave the area around sonoma square. the north bay fires are only getting worse as firefighters struggle with containment. this is video from the journey's end mobile home park in santa rosa. it is destroyed.( darya ) here is what we know right now about the fires burning in napa and sonoma counties. the death toll is now up to 23.
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285 people are still unaccounted for this morning.( james ) this is kron news. >> the video you are seeing is the mobile home park. that and many other neighborhoods were destroyed. so far the count is 3500 homes and businesses destroyed in these fires. in all of northern california. 170,000 acres have burned. napa is under threat. this is a look at the new evacuation area. it is voluntary right now. this is newly instituted. is a
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voluntary evacuation at this point. the perimeter is the fire. that is the area in red. this advisory extends to the south down along highway 12 and east out to solana county. it includes hagan road, first avenue, third avenue, colesville road. part of east avenue, terrace drive and people east of the silverado trail. that runs along the line. now is the time to get ready to read. like to this is why. this is fresh video from 4 am this morning. the fire started whipping up again in the hills above napa. will is there. he is changed locations a couple of times. where are you now works >> we may have to move soon.
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we are closer to the fire. we drove up anderson road off of 221. we have been holding this shot all morning. at one point it was really orange and tall. a look like it is moving away from us again and heading toward the canyon direction. it is smoldering. what has changed, it is smoky. breathing has gotten much more difficult. we will zoom in and show you the hillside. there are cars driving along the frontage road. these are vineyard workers. they are trying to get as close as they can to see if they need to evacuate or do anything to save some of these plants and crops. this is their livelihood. right now, you can see the vineyard is okay. i'm not exactly sure of the name of the vineyard. look at the leaves.
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they were talking about the wind. that could be a huge problem overnight. it might be in some other locations. right here, you can see the leaves are pretty much that he. there is a thick smoke, like a blanket took it feels like monday morning, a blanket of smoke sitting right on top of us. we have huge flames that we saw pop-up every now and then. it looks like it is marching through the hillside. i have seen some fire trucks up in that direction trying to maintain the line and watch it. it is moving in that direction towards american canyon. we are chasing the fires ourselves. we have moved 4 to 5 miles in about two hours. that is my unprofessional opinion. that is how we are moving and chasing this fire. the next time you see us we
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will be in another location to get a different advantage point in this area it is not densely populated. there are some tail lights over there. there are some workers. they appear to be vineyard workers trying to find out what needs to be done. there are some structures on this vineyard. there are some small buildings and outhouses. those structures seem to be okay for now is ashley with the wind not blowing in our direction to carry those embers. >> if you need to move again, we want to show an interactive map with your live shot if you need to move, we will put a video up in the box. >> what i did to point out is that will is looking at the southern edge of the atlas fire. he is looking across to the areas in red. that is the bottom tip. he said that is what is moving.
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because he is saying that is moving away from the fire, that does not mean that napa is out of the threat. you can see the atlas fire ringing around downtown napa. it is burning in the direction of the city square. we want to keep you tuned to kron 4. when he said it was moving toward american canyon, that other side is where people have gone to. american canyon high school is one of the newest evacuation centers. we are telling people right now that there are advisories to evacuate over there in the fairfield area. we can put those up on the screen as well as you go closer to the golf horse.
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>> exactly. there is a golf course community near cordelia. we're talking about areas to the west of interstate 80. green valley, the green valley country club and a lot of residential areas around there. also closer toward fairfield proper. they are under mandatory evacuations. we have to be careful with how this fire is moving. it is all driven by the wind. the wind is strong today. >> do we want to take a look at the new evacuation area? >> for santa rosa? >> yes. these areas were under mandatory evacuations yesterday. it is this blue part in the middle. they are telling these people to be ready to go next. >> we just heard from a deputy from the sheriff's office saying you need to he that
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warning. pitcher bags packed and be ready to go. they don't know how much time they have. they will come in and say, now is the time to get out. >> that is the case -- was a case in fairfield. they have told these people that they should be ready. it is an advisory. be prepared to go. that means if you can go somewhere, just pack up and go. those are called advisories. >> we also want to show you video. your mobile app will be great. >> any new information we get from press conferences. they have them during the afternoon. we will send that out in the form of alerts. if you have our mobile app downloaded, you will get them immediately. donald trump people want to say wait i want to see that myth -- map again.
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take the mobile apps and you can have time to surf around and see exactly what neighborhood you are concerned about. >> we also have that on >> when we were talking to the deputy he was talking about sonoma square. you may have heard reports of mandatory evacuations there. we have been reporting it is voluntary and that is the case. the fire is getting close. be ready. >> people tell other people and then they tell someone else and i don't want to put you at ease. the reason they came knocking is because they want you to be ready. have a go back. when it is mandatory, if it is, you can leave immediately. that is what happens in parts of sonoma county this morning. >> the air quality has also been bad.
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that is all around the wine country and the bay area. schools have been affected by this. sports practices have been canceled. we have a list of school districts where they have closed quality. >> it is an impressive list. a lot of schools have closed. look at this. and tiac, pittsburgh, vacaville, schools are closed and a lot of laces. districts and colleges as well. symone was they didn't university, there is too much smoke. they won't have classes at cal state. madonna's college, same thing. with the smoke, it is now not just the athletics. you just don't need to be out. >> the way we will get relief is a double edged sword.
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we need the wind. the problem is, that becomes a problem for the firefighters. >> i have not heard anybody complain. we have smoke to deal with. it is bad to brief. they are dealing with the loss of lives and property further to the north. that's take a look at the smoke . >> good morning. we will start with pictures, live shots now that we have the sun up look at the haze that is with us on the gold great -- gate bridge. this looks like a scene from mars. it is a spare the air day. it is very unhealthy air in the north day. you want to limit outdoor activities. the wind will help.
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it will pick up a little bit at the surface and more so as the morning progresses. in a bit i will show you a little bit on the progression of the winds. the dry air will continue to affect us. a look at a area traffic right now how are we doing? >> not so good for people going into san francisco. we have a hotspot and a motorcycle accident west bound west of the tunnel. that is after treasure island on the suspension span. the two left lanes are close. a major accident here, a motorcyclist ran into the back of a big rig. into the maze you are at 30 minutes and growing. it will be a slow ride. consider taking bart instead. this popped up as a traffic hazard.
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it could be anything, a stall or an object. it is impacting your ride. traffic is crawling. leave as early as you can. 21 minutes from the tolls out to 101. we will have more coming up after the break. stay with us. and people all over the
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bay area have seen s we are taking a look at the bay area bridges to show you the air quality and to say we have and monitoring these shots. the golden gate bridge, we saw a dozen or so cop cars heading to the fire area. we have seen fire engines. mutual aid continues to come in to help with those fires. >> here, we have's muggy conditions out there. it is the
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smoke hanging low. it is not been enough to interrupt flights. it good, we will let you know if that happens. the smoky conditions are being seen across the bay area.>> it is terrible. >> it is at dangerous levels if you have any breathing conditions. >> we talked about schools canceling classes. >> right. >> we're live at the raceway. people chose to go to this area so they could be in their own tent or rv. >> you can see this. some people are sleeping in their cars. not only are people here at the campground for the raceway, there are people on the track as well. they are sleeping in vehicles there. at the campground there are about 100 people and rvs. many
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more cars are in the area as well. people are showing up as we speak. 50 acres here. the raceway is open to evacuees of the fire. there is room for 2000 rvs. that is what they get here on eight busy -- busy weekend for the raceway. people are happy to be able to bring their rvs here and their pets. they can bring something from home. they feel more comfortable in their rvs than having to go to a hotel. we spoke with someone early this morning about the benefits of being able to bring his rv. he said it was the second time he evacuated the first time he went to a motel, this time he packed up his rv. let go you can leave at any time. we were ready to leave for about two days. we had time to get it set up
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and loaded up. we can leave anytime and go anywhere.>> does it make it more comfortable to be able to have your rv? >> yes. we can help others and feed others out of it.>> mike, who you just heard from evacuated from glenallen. reporter: he was the eighth rv to get here. there are over 100 rvs here. he told us that a restaurant came here and fed everyone that was here last night. definitely, the community is reaching out to help these evacuees. >> let's continue our team coverage. our next stop is the town of sonoma. that is where we had that advisory that people need to be ready to go at a moments notice.
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reporter: good morning. i am on seventh street a couple of miles from the square. i spoke to a sheriff deputy. he said this neighborhood is mandatory. people must evacuate. this neighborhood is being told to evacuate. they are not being allowed to come back into the neighborhood. they are being told to go to the high school. they say that is the safest lace to be. they are telling you to go to the high school if you have no place else to go. i talked to a person who had to evacuate monday. she was telling me that she does not know if her helmet is standing. she is seen people volunteering and giving everything to those in need. take a listen. >> just to see the fabric of this community. people are showing up with donations and to help. i am told the lake wales das
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locals had to be -- locals had to be evacuated. it is scary and hard and unnerving but there is something you can do. >> she was telling me that they need more help at the high school. she said as more people had to evacuate, the volunteers had to leave work she was putting out that message and asking people if they could volunteer to go to the high school. a lot of help is still needed. there is a mandatory evacuation. the fire is spreading quickly. they don't know how quick or how close they can get. >> to re-iterate, what street and where in the neighborhood are you? >> i am on seventh street and castle road.
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it has a couple of miles from the square. it was in the visor he advised -- evacuation. and i asked the sheriff. he said as far as he no it was mandatory. we are very close to the square. >> okay. we will sort that out to be sure. if so, that would be mandatory in that of advisory. >> thank you so much for that. >> let's go to dave. he has been tracking the wind, that has been the big worry, the wind. >> yes. that will continue this morning and the air is dry. that doesn't help lower air polity. here's the shot from live shot. there is a haze extending into the east bay. the golden gate bridge looks like it is an overcast day. we don't have any wind. the general pattern is a
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northerly flow coming from the north and northeast. the red flag warning will be with us until 5 pm. i have been watching local stations and the wind is continuing. that should drop to the surface. what happened overnight is the winds were aloft. they will subside from the surface this afternoon. as we go into the evening the wind is not as intense. then, friday night and saturday morning, boom. the wind will become more elevated. the national weather service has come through with the weather watch. the other factor is dry air. there are embers flying. they are flying into dry air.
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solano county as well, it looks like i this evening, the marine layer is trying to sneak into sonoma county. that takes us into friday morning. it looks like another dry day on friday to repeat into saturday morning. we continue on with the bad air quality. today, unhealthy air in the north bay. everybody else will experience unhealthy air as well. that will spread it into the east bay tonight and into tomorrow going forward. we're talking about upper 70s and 79 for napa. not a big temperature change until this morning. what is happening in traffic? not so good for people trying to get into san francisco. we had a motorcycle accident where a rider ran into the back
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of a big rig. dish -- this traffic cleared. backed up through the tunnel and down through the tolls. it is a heavy ride. 25 to 30 minutes to fremont street. we have a stalled west bound vehicle. major delays here at marina. it is 27 minutes to make it into northbay. i keep double checking to see if i missed anything. we have slowed traffic on the golden gate south bound into san francisco. nothing is reported at the toll plaza. 29 minutes and growing to make your way into san francisco. ( james ) the wildfires in
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california only getting worse ers go with the wildfires continuing to burn out of control, we are showing you some damage. this fire destroyed the journeys and mobile home park. the fire is growing and merging. fires have converged and become one. there are many buyers earning. to keep track of that, there are 23 boarded, confirmed fatalities. that includes the sonoma valley area. 285 people are reported missing and unaccounted for. their friends and family can't get a hold of them. maybe they lost cell phone communication. they are trying to sort out
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where those people are. the evacuations continue. we see that number going up because more people are being evacuated from homes and businesses under threat. we know that 3500 homes and businesses have been burn. northern california has burned 170,000 acres at this point. >> thank you for joining us work let's go to the map. napa is where we have do evacuation orders underway. this is an advisory. voluntary evacuation for areas that you see in that zone that have the diagonal lines. you need to be ready to evacuate at any moment. in red, that is the alice fire. you can see it is coming close to the town of napa. evacuation areas stretch south down along highway 12 out to the county line. it includes hagan road, first
7:31 am
avenue, third avenue, part of east avenue, terrace drive and people in that area, you need to be ready to go as soon as the deputy tells you it is time. >> those are the advisories. here is another voluntary evacuation zone to add in santa rosa. take a look at the map. you can see the new area is in blue. that is a voluntary evacuation area. the areas in red, those are mandatory evacuation areas that we have been telling you about. that blue area is new. sometimes it is hard to know if you are street is or is not in any evacuation area. go to our mobile app if you have questions about certain streets within various towns. i will throw out cloverdale as
7:32 am
an example. some of the towns and streets have been evacuated. go to our website, 11, you can search your town and your street so you can see who is under evacuation. >> we have one more map to show you. this is in fairfield. the areas in yellow, closer toward fairfield on the west side of 80, those are mandatory evacuation areas. that little bit that you see in orange, that is voluntary but it could change. the ready to go. >> paddle on a has no evacuations. it is a major area. people are concerned if they are next. you are not next right now. there is not even a pack order.
7:33 am
keep checking our website and mobile app if you are concerned. the website is >> it is hard to breathe. for some it is dangerous. traffic cameras showed the same scenario. the more out in the distance, it gets hazy. health advisories are in effect and bare the air has been issued. -- spare the air has been issued. >> look at the bay bridge shot you can see the glow and haze. this is the view from the golden gate bridge. look at the wind happening locally. the wind is out of the north. they settle into pockets. because of that, temperatures
7:34 am
went into a free fall. dry air tends to do that. that will be with us all day today. a red flag warning is in place until 5 pm. these will be affected by a weather watch. this will be because of the wind and dry conditions. 41 for napa. 45 four novato. a drop in wind will do it for us. the next 8 hours, 64 at 11:00. at 3 pm, 74. the wind is light. the topography of a local area can impact the win. it can be from the north or -- but it can hit a wind or hill and get sent in another
7:35 am
direction. let's look at traffic right now. >> we had a motorcycle accident on the bay bridge west of treasure island. that cleared that the bridge is a hotspot. it is heavier than normal heading into san francisco. it is creeping. your backed up. the east shore freeway and 580 is backed up as well. you are averaging 22 to 25 minutes to work your way over to fremont street. the bridge is heavier than normal. 32 minutes. there is a stall. ch b is trying to get it out of the way. that is putting more pressure on 580 took extra heavy there. i talked to the told -- toll sergeant to see if i missed
7:36 am
anything. they double checked the cameras. they did not see anything. they were wondering why it was so crowded this morning. nothing going on but it is packed across the bridge. it is merging onto doyle, extra heavy. 32 minutes there. >> >> as evacuations continue because of the firestorms, we're seeing more and more people being forced to leave their homes. we're live at the sonoma county raceway. they have opened that up. if you want to camp there, they can go there. you are seeing people waking up this morning and telling you their stories? >> they are. they are telling me about how relieved they are to be able to come here. they feel more comfortable here
7:37 am
in their rvs and tents. they appreciate the evacuation center but they want to keep that for people that really needed and don't have an rv or a way to stay out in this area. people are sleeping in their cars here. the campground is opened to evacuees. this campground can hold 2000 rvs. right now there are about 100 there is definitely plenty of room. people told me that they are relieved because they could bring their -- pets. the first time he went to an rv because he did not have everything he needed for his rv. he came back and rent the rest of the day and part of the next day packing and getting everything ready. he knew that when he could leave he left in his rv.
7:38 am
he came here. he said he was the eight person to get in here. there are over 100 rvs here now. there are cars and tents as well. i spoke to a lot of people sleeping in their cars. the racetrack is open. there are several people in their cars there as well. the community is really reaching out to people. several restaurants came and served dinner to people. i'm being told that there are other restaurants that came out here yesterday and started beating people here at the campground. a lot of people are reaching out. people here are saying this is much more comfortable because they can be with other people that are evacuated as well and keep up-to-date. there watching the news and the app and seeing what it is safe to come home. they said the air quality is here -- better here than where
7:39 am
they were.>> as we head to a quick commercial break, we want to share with you some arrow footage. this is the fire that is burning in napa county. the smoke is billowing into the sky. this is some of that fire that will had force in his live report since we came on the air at 4 am. the air attack can resume now that the sun is up. hopefully they will bring those aircraft back into play. >> it is hard to believe on day for that we are bringing -- looking at -- four that we are looking at the same air quality. count on us to be specific
7:40 am
about what you are looking at. we have all the burden areas and evacuation maps. stay with us. we will be right back.
7:41 am
here is aeri we are back. the take a look at some of the area will video that has come in. this is overhead in santa rosa. the scene, i can't be specific with the neighborhood. it looks like the coffee park
7:42 am
neighborhood. they have that giant part of green in the center. they have all these houses. >> coffee park was a big development. they saw whole blocks wiped out. i am sure that is one of the highlights of the video we have to show you. you can see the trees that have been charred. people can go back and see if their home is there are not. you have to see it from this. they are saving lives and trying to stop the fire from advancing. look at how it is advancing. not slow down. containment is almost nothing on almost all of these fires. >> we have continuing coverage,'s they tuned.
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we talked about how this fire continues to advance. this morning, we saw it flare up in napa. this is off of highway 221 and anderson road. will was there. it lit up these sky and started moving again. this be specific. this is the southern edge of the alice fire. that is where will was this morning. you have moved locations? >> you are at a water treatment plant? >> absolutely. this is off of kirkland ranch road. it is about four miles from the last time you saw me which was
7:46 am
off of anderson road. we are chasing the fire. this structure is a must protect area. firefighters are on top of this road. this is a treatment facility. this is the biggest treatment facility. this is part of the infrastructure. it cannot go. it treats about 25 million gallons of water every day. this applies -- supplies drinking water, water to the fire department for the hydrants so they can fight the fire. they are here, they have circled it on top of the hill side. there watching the lames. i said doesn't it look like it is okay k? >> we will zoom in and you can see, it seems to be moving away.
7:47 am
you might be able to see some of the flames. they are worried, the fire is moving everywhere. the winds can pick up and come over here. that is why we sol firefighters coming and going from this direction. we will try to zoom in. this is definitely where they drew the line in the sand. they want to protect us at all costs if they possibly can. this is a vital area and facility for the firefighting efforts. they rely on this so heavily for drinking water. imagine losing this facility. they know the ridgeline is very dry. the wind is not whipping around. it does not like a storm.
7:48 am
it is always present. it is hard to make out on television the depth of this. if you had to walk from this facility straight up, it may be one mile. is not too far from this location. it does not take much to lift these embers and start a fire in this facility. >> look at that wall of flames. that is amazing. they're working 24 hours a day, around the clock fire crews are out there, they work 24 seven. -- >> it is hard to care for these people who have been evacuated. the list of cities goes on and
7:49 am
on. we are at the salvation army. one group that is trying to get money and donation to help the people displaced>> where do your efforts stand? where do you need the most help? >> we are doing a couple thousand meals each day each time, the funds collected go directly there. we are working with whatever shelters they have open. we help serve food and water. when families need clothing, we are here. >> is the best thing to find our local salvation army and donate stuff? it or is it better for monetary donations? >> right now monetary. afterwards we will assess what is needed most. we are unable to
7:50 am
accept donations as things change and develop each hour. we don't want to overfill ourselves with donation that we can't distribute. >> okay. give cash or check or credit card. the salvation army is overwhelmed and they want to get help to people and by what they need. we talked about people manning the stony circle. >> what is the easiest way for people to donate money? >> go to our website. that would probably be the easiest way. 100% of that days locally when we receive it through our website. like the one we talked to you about the stony location, that office, the person manning
7:51 am
it was homeless. he was driven from his home and sleeping on the floor while he was taking donations for the salvation army.>> right. they are committed to the cause. he is running food to the various sites. we are able to get them in a hotel. they are coming back in. they're unsure about their home. they are still committed to serving the people in the community. >> it is good to know they are in a hotel now. the salvation army, the red cross is another way that you can donate. there are different ways. united way is another place to go to give. we have the information on the screen for some of the places that are except help. >> thank you for joining us. if you need more information on
7:52 am
evacuations and where you can go to get help, there is the information number on your screen. it is also the number the people have been using to try to find family and friends and report that. >> another thing is, if you have clothing or diapers or water and stuff like that, i can't get it to the salvation army and i can't go to santa rosa, the marin marine club is closer. it is that drakes landing. it is right off the highway. they are doing a collection of essentials. they will truck it up tomorrow. you have to get there by tomorrow at noon. all day today you can go there and give them the stuff that you would like to donate.>> they have a few
7:53 am
trucks going up there. that is far better than the stream of cars going up there. we are going to take a quick break and we will be back with more coverage in just a minute.>> ( darya ) one of the
7:54 am
7:55 am
welcome back. we have our extended team coverage of the fires burning in the north bay. this is some of the damage.
7:56 am
coffee park was hard-hit. this neighborhood was decimated by the inferno that whipped through on monday. those fires are spreading this morning. we have fresh video. we solve the glow and the flames in the darkness. napa is one of those areas that people are concerned about. it has a voluntary evacuation zone. the fire in the hills, that you see year, some of those flames are moving in the direction of napa. that is why they in the student that voluntary evacuation. we will get more detail about where that area is. you will need to know about this so you can get your bags packed and be ready to go. >> we talked about that ready area near fairfield. a lot of people lived there. it is densely populated.
7:57 am
some of the fire was growing in that area. we will sort that out for you. we will show you where this fire continues to spread. it is buyers. we will show you where all these fires are burning. more than 100 70 thousand acres. we will be right back. ( james )
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
the hills are not protecting you. they are on fire. there are more evacuation orders and more looks at the destruction done so far by the firestorm that started sunday night. this was one of the mobile home parks that was ripped apart by fire monday. this is the journeys and mobile
8:01 am
home park. santa rosa took a lot of destruction. we have widespread fire burning through the north they this morning. let's bring you up to his need related to the north a firestorm. 23 people have been officially confirmed dead in this fire. that number is up yesterday. 285 people are unaccounted for. we hope that that number will go down. hopefully those people will be found safe and sound later today. >> you can see why the number of homes and businesses has gone up, 3500 is the name or the last number four structures destroyed. they are expecting way more than that.
8:02 am
more than 100,000 acres burned in our a hair -- our area. if you look statewide, the entire northern california, all those fires at up to 170,000 acres we're seeing the fires grow and keeping track of that for you.>> that get right to what you need to know at the moment. this is the situation in napa. we have new evacuation areas this is a map showing you the area affected. look at the diagonal lines, that is the zone we are talking about. you need to be ready to go. have your bags packed. the perimeter of the alice fire is to your east. the evacuation advisory extends south down along highway 12 and east to the county line. it includes hager road, first avenue, third avenue, part of
8:03 am
east avenue, terrace drive and people living east along the silverado trail. you are at more risk. you need to be prepared to get out. >> all right. we want to go to napa. we are talking about evacuation of that -- orders. they are concerned about one area that could earn. they are protecting this area where the water plant is. this supplies the people of napa. >> this must not fall according to the people at the treatment facility. it provides 25 million gallons of water. this is at jamison county. they have basically drawn a line in the sand. nothing should fall. this one is very important though. these
8:04 am
people, the fire is on the hillside. we have been chasing it all morning. you have been referencing that video that we shot at about 4 am. that was about seven miles from this location off of kaiser road. it has been moving along the ridge side. it is not being stopped. the sun is up now. maybe they will start doing air drops near this location. they have many water treatment facilities. this is the biggest for the city of napa. there is a person at the gate. they have many more people on the top of the hill. they have storage tanks with drinkable water. this is the place where it provides infrastructure not just during firefighter efforts, but year-round. they do not want to lose this.
8:05 am
so many people are coming and going as far as firefighters and people who work here. this is off of kirkland ranch road and highway 12. this is a secure facility. the gate are here and there is another gate at the top of the hill. i asked them why they were filled will -- fearful -- fearful, the grass area is dried. you never know is what they said. they don't want this to get any closer to this vital structure. >> the one truck you saw this
8:06 am
morning. that was one that one was -- that one was from hayward, wasn't it? >> yes. i saw san bernardino and san francisco. it is mutual aid. they have brothers and sisters that they can call into help the fire is so massive that this is probably the biggest fire they have ever seen. if it is not the biggest, it is right up there. we continue to see fire truck for in here. the national guard is also here
8:07 am
to help. we carried it live yesterday. yesterday he said this is no longer a battle, it is a war. >> while we are here, let's show you the map. will is located on the napa river. is looking out toward the flames behind him. that is the southern edge of the much larger alice wyatt -- fire. -- atlas fire.
8:08 am
>> could go to one of the many evacuation center set up. in this case, a lot of people are going to go to the sonoma raceway. if you have a car or rv or jet, they have opened that up. during race days you see almost a little city pop-up with rvs. it looks like that is happening today. >> reporter: during race day, a lot of times people camp out here. it holds up to 2000 rvs. we have about 100 here now, not including the cars or tends that you can see behind me. -- tense that you can see
8:09 am
behind me. we spoke to a man. he said it is a big relief to be able to bring your rv and family. he said it feels more like home. the racetrack is filled with cars. people are sleeping in their cars because they want to keep the shelters open for people who really need them. we keep seeing people taking their dogs for a walk i have a man here with me. i caught him while he was walking. you came here. you have an rv here? >> yes. we came in yesterday. we evacuated from north sonoma.
8:10 am
how does it feel to be able to bring your rv here instead of going to a shelter.>> i love having my rv i didn't want it and my house to burn. >> reporter: what did you back up? clothes, food, and our dog. >> i see a lot of dogs out here. people are happy that they can bring their pets here. >> i was told that people came here yesterday, restaurants to offer dinner? >> my wife works at a restaurant. they brought food for anyone who needed it. >> they were feeding people? >> it is a store. they made
8:11 am
some food for us though. how many rvs were here when you got here? >> over half of what we have now. i got here yesterday afternoon. i have been watching the fire from my house. it got too scary, so we left. the radio station cut out so we are not getting anything. i can get my tv to work. >> that is what i am hearing. i hear him, i don't know if it is despair or if he is giving up or more amped up. what is that what are his feelings? where you are going into day for -- four reporter: is that giving
8:12 am
you more anxiety, not knowing? >> i have not been able to get any information. i just asked people 2s9njr0@6cj& >> you have cell service? >> she is checking right now. i don't have any information right now. the go you don't know the status of your home? >> i'm hoping everything is fine but it was getting scary. >> my name is frank leo. >> thank you so much. >> it is not uncommon to hear that. a lot of people said they have not heard a lot. they don't know what is going on. i was stopped a couple of times and people are asking me about the fire. it is hard to tell them what areas because there are so many that are on fire. >> right hook every day i want to say progress, it is the opposite.
8:13 am
it just keeps growing. the containment is next to nothing. it is wearing on people. it is terrible to report bad news. we will have all of the details that they were asking lydia for , we will have that all. we are focusing all of our attention on to those fires. we have to take a quick break here stay with us.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
with the fire line advancing this morning, this video was shot within the last couple of hours. this is what it looked like in the darkness. we are seeing the effects of the fire and the smoke coming from it. there are reasons that these people have no school. they have been driven from their homes. thousands have been told to evacuate or be ready. the fire is nowhere near some of the school. >> the smoke is to late for that. thank you for joining us this morning. a lot of parents are concerned about the health and welfare of their children, we will want to hear the information that you have for us. what is the status with the schools today. >> the school district, all of these schools are closed this
8:17 am
morning. we made that decision yesterday as the air quality continued to deteriorate. we want to make sure that families had an opportunity to take whatever steps they felt were necessary to ensure the safety and health of their children. time to how many students in your district? >> we have about 29,000 students at 54 schools. >> that is a lot of families that have to make plans for care of those kids. when will they expect a decision made about tomorrow if they are trying to work out work schedules and things like that. >> we want to make that decision as soon as possible today. if the weather situation and air quality situation has changed without our knowledge, we want to be ache -- able to make the decision to have
8:18 am
school tomorrow. education is important. missing a few days could impact the release in the summer as well. it is important to make sure that our students get the education that they need. >> what do you think of the air quality? you have been out of the, haven't you? >> i have. it is not good. are district has had varying levels of smoke and particulate matter. there is ash falling from the sky. we want to make sure that our students and their families can protect themselves. >> do your schools have air recirculation? in my house i don't work otherwise, they might be better off in school. as soon as you go off -- outside, you can smell it. >> that was one of the reasons
8:19 am
we wanted to keep students in school as long as possible. we are at the point where the bay area quality management district pushes the air quality index into unhealthy levels and at the point where we have ash falling from the sky, we went families to have the read them to leave the area or take whatever steps they feel are best for their families. we did take that into consideration. it was not an easy decision to make to close schools. >> have you ever seen anything like this and this long? >> no. in other wildfires, a few years ago, the school districts had something similar take place. in the oakland hills fire a few years ago in oak one, we had
8:20 am
that. it did not affect our school district in the same manner. >> i'm glad we have someone to ask this question too. one school in that fire burned to the ground. what kind of lands are in place if you have something like that were school burns down? do they get redistributed to other schools or the year? >> cardinal newman is a private school. their diocese would have to make arrangements for that. our school district has 54 schools. if something happened to 1 or 2, i would hope we would be able to absorb those teachers and students., cardinal newman is a
8:21 am
private school. it has its own set of regulations and procedures. >> okay. >> that is a lot to figure out a lot of displaced people. people are out of work and out of homes because of the north a fire storms. we will be back with continuing coverage in just a few minutes.>> (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head t to your neiborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
8:22 am
flip your thinking about buying your next one. oh, you yeah!ht butch. (butch growls at man) he's looking at me right now, isn't he? yup. (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs) (vo) you can never have too many faithful companions. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. ( darya )( james ) lets
8:23 am
check weather and traffic... we are back. we want to get you updated on weather and traffic as you head out the door. i know it is smoky. we just had that conversation with some school districts. >> we will show you some pictures. here's alcatraz island. you can see it is covered by smoke. the smoke has and going from the fires down to the south. it is expected to spray over the east bay. here is the golden gate bridge.
8:24 am
you can see the haze. it is a spare theater -- the air day. what are winds doing? >> they are from the north. they are single digits now. the wind will not be much of an issue. it is dry air that will remain with us. we are looking ahead to friday night as a new problem. >> how is traffic holding? >> i am tracking a major delay. there's a fatal accident. a train struck a pedestrian out near the lawrence station. this is a major delay. it is a person that was stuck -- struck on the track. it is unclear if other trains are moving through the area. the bay bridge is jammed. 26th
8:25 am
minute to get across the bay. a crash on six 80 in alamo. it is conquered -- it is crawling from concord to danville. we will return after the break. you could save energy by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california. the wildfires in
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
the north a fire storms continue to cause devastation and they continue to spread. these -- this is a look at some neighborhoods that were destroyed. we are in day four. this mobile -- mobile home park burnt to the ground. the death toll has gone up from all of the fires. 23 confirmed fatalities. that is expected to grow. 285 people are missing. that number is growing because the number of evacuations are growing and is -- it is hard to get in touch with family and friends. we are hoping that number can be reduced by checking in with
8:29 am
safe and this number continues to rise york >> 3500 homes and businesses have been destroyed. >> the fire is growing. it is burned 170,000 acres. with containment -- containment numbers down at about 2%, more will be evacuated. we're going to take a look at some new evacuations and voluntary evacuation areas right now. >> let's start off in napa. there is a zone that has been cordoned off. that is the area within diagonal lines. it is up against the fire. bordering downtown napa, you need to be ready to go. have your bags packed.
8:30 am
there is an advisory that x tends south down highway 12. it is bordered on the east side by the fire. the voluntary evacuation includes hagan road, first and third avenues, combs bill road, terrace drive, and along the eastern hills, the silverado trail, anyone there needs to be ready to go. >> here's the reason why. we have new video in this morning showing you this fire advancing. will was one of the first two noticed these new fires. he was along south highway 221. he looked up and saw the flames. they exploded. they were moving quickly. >> it really was. it was fueled by wind this
8:31 am
morning. he was looking at the southern tip of the alice fire. it is burning toward napa and out toward cordelia. there are communities that are under voluntary and mandatory evacuation zones. it will go a little bit out of order but since we are talking about the loan the county, let's bring up that map. >> these people have been told to get ready? >> is that right? >> it is a mix. >> the areas in yellow, those impact fairfield. then there is a small area in armitage -- orange, that is voluntary>> those yellow areas are be prepared. that is where they say, if you have someplace to go and you are packed, go. >> another area that had an
8:32 am
advisory was the sonoma square. that was brand-new as of yesterday. they went home to home in the square and told people, be ready to leave. they looked up and have seen a lot of this traction just a couple of miles up the square. >> joining us on the phone is mark, i know you are going through a tough time. what is the update? >> how is your home? >> hello. well we have not slept in four days. my home is still's standing so far. we have the nuns fire coming down from the north. so, it has been a roller coaster. we thought we were fine after tuesday morning. then everything flared up again.
8:33 am
so i am staying with for families york we are about 1.5 miles south of my home. we were hosing down the house. cal fire was out back. my friend was on his tractor and we were hoping to clear fire lines. we were watching the wind and the flame on top of the ridge. thankfully, it did not come down to where we are. we were watching the wind. we had hoses on the house. we moved everything out of the house and then moved everything back on tuesday. no one has been allowed to my house. we have been out since monday morning. it is been so touch and go. you get hopeful that things are getting better and then the
8:34 am
flames and winds pick up. it has been four days of helping friends and neighbors and getting people to safety. it has been a real whirlwind. >> that is the thing. when you evacuated it was something where you have a minute or two. it's 2:00 in the morning. people seem to be getting more morning. they have go bags ready. >> you know, at least now there is more personnel around. when the first -- at the first of the fires, it was hard for emergency personnel to get everybody noticed. the winds are changing direction. we saw a lot of people leaving last night. the roads were jammed. hopefully the town is still
8:35 am
standing this morning. there is still ash coming down and it is tough to brief. it has been tough to see people lose their homes. we have people we know up in santa rosa that have lost their homes. it has been difficult. you can't sleep. >> we wonder about this. we hear people -- stories from people like you. at one point do you say, we are out here hosing things down. we see smoke, we can barely breathe, we can see the fire, when you say let's get out of this house as well? >> we asked ourselves that a lot last night. we had to emergency routes of evacuation. we are watching the wind last night. it did not materialize as much.
8:36 am
we were keeping a close eye on it. when do walk away? it is a difficult decision to make. if there isn't -- a mandatory evacuation, you would have to leave. we want to help this friend as long as no one was in real danger. we have friends who thought their homes were safe and then they were not safe again. it is a roller coaster. things get better and maybe your house will be fined and then the wind shifts and you worry all over again. >> what a roller coaster ride. i am sure if you are sleeping at all, you sleep with one eye open. mark, you are like so many other people out there.
8:37 am
these are families being uprooted from their homes. you have a wife at a young son. how are they holding up next how is your son seeing his parents as stressed as they are. >> the kids are resilient. we're trying to -- we have had them helping us with things. there is a lot of stress that will show itself in the months to come. >> tell us about that.. is going to be so much rebuilding. in an active fire situation, i don't think i have ever seen anything, we are on day four. there is pretty much know containment. i was looking at the oakland fire storm which hit over a weekend. it is very similar. it was fast-moving. it burned 1500 acres and killed 25 people.
8:38 am
we are already looking at topping that with the number of homes and the number of acres and i'm originally, there will probably be more facilities work it is not the kind of disaster that hit you and leaves. we are still in the middle of it. >> i know. normally when we cover these big fires, it is one major incident. this seems to be four or five things happening at once. there are so many areas affected and so many people. the fact that we are still in the middle of this, it seems like yesterday it was three in the morning that i was waking my family and we were hopping in our cars and rushing out of the neighborhood because there was fire on the ridge. i have not slept now for four days.
8:39 am
it is hard to believe that we are all still dealing with this. >> we are glad to hear that your home is okay for the moment. i am so sorry about all of your friends and to hear these stories and the uncertainty. thank you for updating us. we have all been concerned. thank you for basically reporting. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> that is the cardinal rule. you don't become the story. everybody is a part of the story. everybody knows somebody or is one or 2 degrees away from somebody who is incredibly impacted by the fires. that is all we are focusing on. we will be back with the very latest in just a few minutes. a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken.
8:40 am
california grown with no antibiotics ever. jackbreak up your breakfast routine with your choice of two grilled pockets filled with either ham or sausage. both made with freshly cracked eggs and two melty cheeses. all jam packed into a warm, grilled flour tortilla. so give your tired old breakfast a wake-up call. try jack's breakfast pockets for just two bucks. but you'd better hurry, because if you snooze, you'll lose out on this deal. come try jack's breakfast pockets, each for just two bucks. only from jack in the box. new fire this morning in napa.
8:41 am
here's some of the newest
8:42 am
video they came in early this morning. there were evacuation orders in napa. when he looked to his east, to the south of the city, he saw flames on the hillside. that is when he stopped and captured this video. this is what he has been reporting on all morning long. the hill was an inferno. that is one of the stories we have been following, one of the many angles to the many fires across the north bay. we have the damage that is still being quantified in santa rosa. >> right. they have no exact count. more than 3500 structures have gone up in flames. neighborhoods here are decimated by the inferno that
8:43 am
ripped through sunday night into monday morning. we are on day 4. these fires in northern california have grown to more than 100 70,000 acres. look at the fire lines. this is one of many. fires are burning on every front , all over the north day. so many friends that they have gotten help from neighboring states and more than 8000 troops on hand ready to battle these plans -- flames. >> we have more to update you on. stay tuned. we will be right back in just a minute. ( james ) now we
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
let's update you quickly on where the fires are burning right now. right now, we are looking at the tubs fire. it is burning north of santa rosa and extending to calistoga. that is critically large. it is 27,000 acres. we are hoping for an update from sonoma county this morning. that shouldn't be in about 45 minutes. we will get updated on new numbers there. >> we have dedicated more crews and airtime than any other
8:47 am
station. we do urge you to state tuned. we always give you the latest information as it comes in. you can also get information on our website at then, on the left-hand side, we were the 1st to bring you this at 4 am as we saw the glow in the distance. that fire continues to burn out of control. we have crews in napa and sonoma counties as well. let's keep going over the maps so we can see the areas that have burned so far. what you have is a ring of fires encircling the north end of the valley. that may go in order from left to right. you have a small fire out there on the left of the screen, that is 400 73 acres it is the
8:48 am
presley fire. the adobe fire is 9000 acres in size. then, as we move to the right, you have a combination, to fires that have emerged. the nuns fire and the north some fire. those have merged and are growing this morning. >> that is the one that mark is keeping an eye on. >> they have not slept, they are watching the wind. indeed, those combined. >> that is the fire he said he had a couple of friends lose their home in. >> on the hillside, we have of fire burning down into the sonoma valley. that is also a group of fires that he is watching closely. >> then we have changed the video to show you how dry the foliage is. the firefight from above, but -- cal fire made it clear that
8:49 am
they are hitting this hard on the ground and in the air. they will be up again today dropping huge amounts of water and fire retardant. >> their firefighting efforts are 24 hours. they work well into the night. we saw evidence of that. that is in atlas. look how big that is. 43,000 acres. that could also be updated. in about 10 minutes there will be an updated>> it could be bigger. >> we are not seeing much movement on containment because of the wind and so many fires burning on so many different fronts. so, they are not doing much as far as containment. they continued to attack this. they are doing a great job at keeping the destruction down as far as lives and homes. they are trying to save lives
8:50 am
and homes. that is their focus. >> we have fire personnel and police responding from all around the bay area. those that are not in the north bay are responding and doing what they can in their local communities. we have a south san francisco police officer on the phone with us. you have a donation drive going on right now>> yes. we do. >> tell us, how can people help out a lot of people want to help . we put a posting out yesterday on our social media link. we are telling local residents that if they want to contribute,
8:51 am
they can drop off items at the police department. our staff will coordinate with the red cross and identify locations to drop off in north bay. that will take lace tomorrow. we are planning on getting the final donations together here then we can drop off the stuff identified by the red cross. >> are you taking monetary donations as well? >> we are not accepting monetary donations, only goods the community has been doing more than we expected which is amazing. we have tons of stuff, clothing and all sorts of personal
8:52 am
hygiene items. all that kind of stuff, food for pets. mainly what we are looking for is stuff that can be used, not so much the clothing, water, diapers, baby formula and those sorts of things? >> do you know anybody that are affected by this? there are so many, especially share -- sheriff deputies that work here but live up there. >> we do have some close connections. i have some family members affected by it. fortunately, they have not lost their homes. they have been evacuated.
8:53 am
it is terrible all around. >> thank you so much. we appreciate you and all you do. now, we can help the victims of the north they fires. they are going to head out the stuff, drive it out tomorrow.>> soap bring your stuff by 10 am tomorrow. and they will give it out to the red cross. they are not taking money. the red cross is. let's go back to this graphic>> these are salvation -- the salvation army. they need money. that is to give money. the red cross and the salvation army would rather have money. one place that is similar to the police, where they are accepting good is off of highway 101 in marin. tomorrow, they will be driving
8:54 am
those up >> be back with more team coverage in just a few minutes. i love my kids. my kids. my job. taking care of everybody. everyday. my mom. my kids. my job. yes. when i'm at work. when i'm at home. i could just really use some help sometimes. hey we hear you. that's why aarp helps family caregivers... with connections to experts and resources like our prepare to care guide. because we get it. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". get your free guide at
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( darya ) we are continuing to follow breaking news out of the north bay. force -- thousands were forced from their homes. we will have the latest numbers for you in just minutes. stay with us. oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. look how much coffee's in here? fresh coffee. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me? do you wear this every day? everyday. i'd never take it off. are you ready to say goodbye to it? go! go! ta da! a terrarium. that's it. we brewed the love, right guys? (all) yes. we brewed the love, right guys?
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9:00 am
this is the bay area's news station, kron4 starts now with breaking news. >> this is the worse thing i've ever been through. i've been through earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, blackouts. this was so scary, flames engulfing you. and now you cannot breathe. >> and it is not over yet. we are looking at the damage in santa rosa. these fires continue to burn out of control in the north bay on day four of the north bay
9:01 am
fire storms. good morning. i am darya folsom and i am james fletcher . these fires are far from over as darya said . containment is still only down at 1%. the death toll has climbed to 23. the number of people unaccounted for is sitting at 285. hopefully that number will go down as evacuees get in contact with families and friends.>> right now 3500 homes and businesses have been destroyed. over 170,000 acres have burned throughout california. now this is a map of napa. this is the latest evacuation advisory area. everybody inside the zone is
9:02 am
told to get their bags ready. be ready to leave with only a moments notice. the atlas fire is on the right, the area in pink. some streets impacted extend south down along highway 12. those roads include 1st and third avenue, part of east avenue, terrace drive and along the east you have the silverado trail. >> yes including highway 221. now let's go live to will tran who is live in napa.>> reporter: i am at kirkland ranch road near the water
9:03 am
treatment facility. they treat about 25 million gallons of water here every day . it supplies water to napa and american canyon. this is their largest facility. you can see smoke on the ridgeline. this is bringing in more and more smoke. breathing has become difficult in the last hour. you can smell the intensity of the smoke in the air. here is the facility. a lot of dry vegetation surrounding it. they hope the embers did not come over in this direction. they do have fire trucks another firefighters in those white bands sitting on the outside of the facility making sure that if anything happens, they are ready to pounce on it.
9:04 am
this is a very important infrastructure . it supplies water for firefighting efforts. if this goes up, many firefighting efforts will be hampered and drinking water will be gone. that is why the firefighters have spent the night at the jamison canyon water treatment facility. as far as the fire, we did show you the ridgeline. i was eight miles away from this location off of to 21 and kaiser road when the fire marched down the hillside into the ravine. we have been chasing it all morning. i can see pops of flames in the area. -->> [ overlapping speakers ]
9:05 am
the official press conference is getting underway. i would like to welcome you all to the napa county sheriff's office for our first briefing of the day, our fourth briefing of the week. today is thursday, october 12. we are providing updates on the fire specifically in napa county. today is a different day. and it is a good day for us. life safety is our priority and today fire crews are making progress. we are beginning to contain this fire now. that is the story of the day in napa county. to touch on that i would like to invite you to listen to chief barry bearman.>> good
9:06 am
morning. the good news really is the wind event that was predicted to blow through the night did not materialize to quite the level predicted. that gave us a better opportunity with these fires. we are still under red flag conditions with low humidity today. however, the winds are predicted to diminish throughout the day. we did make good progress yesterday. we also have many challenges with fire growth in different directions. we have a threat that is continuing in multiple areas and threatening multiple structures. we have issued more mandatory evacuations yesterday in the sonoma county area. we are addressing problems. additional resources are coming in and that is starting to give
9:07 am
us the upper hand, allowing us to switch over from structure defense and protection of lives to starting containment. we still have to remember our number one priority is taking care of the lives of the public and making sure that their property is safe. as more and more resources come in we will get more and more containment on these fires. we hope the weather will continue to cooperate for us so we can make good progress. thank you.>> good morning i am chris childs. i would like to report that chp resources continue to come in from all over california. your chp continues to work diligently to provide safety to
9:08 am
the people of napa county and the roadways. i want to remind people that closures are hard closures. people are not being allowed back in. there is critical safety personnel that needs to get through. we have powerlines down. we asked the public to respect our road closures. i want to remind the public to take your pets with you if you can when evacuating and make sure that you have your medications as well. finally, i want to remind everyone we are working closely with the sheriff's office and all of the critical public safety personnel. we are proud to say that we work great as a team. we are using social media to get the word out. please use those resources to get the most recent updates from the highway patrol and the
9:09 am
other agencies. thank you. >> good morning i am the napa county sheriff. i want to thank the agencies an outpouring of resources that will give us the ability today to begin doing escorts for those with critical needs. we will be starting those -- we are starting them actually right now at the intersection of silverado trail and monticello road beginning at 9:00 a.m. this morning. thank you. >> at this time, we will give you an update on each of the individual fires from our
9:10 am
supervisors. >> thank you for being here this morning i am diane dylan, supervisor for district three, the northern half of the county. here to talk about the tubbs fire which started adjacent to calistoga and spread over into santa rosa. i am joined by the mayor. the tubbs fire is now over 34,000 acres burned. the most recent area is in northern napa county. it is 10% contained. we are not out of danger with regard to the tubbs fire.>> i am the mayor of the city of calistoga, chris canning.
9:11 am
the entire city is under a mandatory evacuation. we have been since yesterday. i am happy to report, no fire activity inside the city limits of calistoga. with that said, we are facing a very serious condition. the fire is coming closer to the city limits. we have incredible first responders in calistoga and mutual aid coming from around the state. our friends to the south have been fantastic as well as the mutual aid support we are getting from law enforcement. this is a mandatory evacuation. your presence in calistoga is not welcomed if you are not a
9:12 am
first responder. your choice to stay, the few of those that did, will not be given life safety support on -- support. you are on your own. please keep us in your thoughts. for those from calistoga that are scattered around, stay strong. thank you.>> my name is ryan gregory from district to. -- district 2. we have two fires, the first is the partrick fire in napa with 2% containment. the nuns fire is at 14,000 acres. both of these fires are very close to each other.
9:13 am
by tomorrow we believe they will be connected. yesterday the fire chief and i went up to the area. i saw a few things that reminded me of why it is so important that we can't go in until it is safe. we saw power poles burned all the way down to the bottom. trees burning that fall down. that is why it is not safe to go back there. bear with us as we continue to fight this fire and get people back home . it will take a while. thank you for your patients.>>
9:14 am
i am from the 4th district and i want to give you an update on the atlas peak fire, 43,000 acres burned at 3% containment. we are actively fighting this fire. there is a lot of devastation out there. because of the good work of the sheriff's department and pg&e and cal fire we are beginning to discuss when people can go back to their homes. we are having active discussions. more good news to hopefully come shortly. a wonderful team working here. very much appreciated. people are working hard for you. many people are still at the shelters.
9:15 am
we have established an account for donations. i want to stress how generous this community is. this community comes together in many ways. if you can visit the community website for donations we appreciate it.>> thank you. i have some news on the advisory evacuations. this is the area and it is as a result of the atlas peak fire. everything east of highway 121 from monticello road, everything east of silverado trail between sanctus and saw school, this is all following
9:16 am
highway 121 coming down, and everything east of highway 129. everything north of jamison canyon between highway 12 and the napa solano county line. and advisory evacuation is a warning to let you know you are in an area that if the fire conditions change rapidly, you could have a hard time evacuating. what we have done is put suitcases in our car. we suggest you do the same and be ready to go when evacuation orders come. all mandatory evacuations are still in place. we had 658 people staying in
9:17 am
evacuation centers last night. the napa valley college gym is a center and still operating. the community college library parking lot for people over the hill from us here. and the american canyon high school in the city of american canyon opened up because of the need of the evacuation from calistoga. animals are being taken care of at the solano county fairgrounds in vallejo is
9:18 am
taking large animals. household pets are being taken at the animal shelter. a lot of the evacuation centers have hats -- are working with pets as well. finally, i want to reiterate for today, be safe and well. . this is the best way to get yourself listed as a person who is looking for somebody. or somebody who wants to report that they are safe. keep utilizing . thank you. >> at this time we continue to
9:19 am
have power outages the napa county, 5400 residents were without power as of wednesday. we are working closely with cal fire and pg&e. pg&e is on the scene. they have now restored power to 25,000 residents. in the coming days they will continue to deploy their crews to the area. they expect a 800 member crew team including a coming from southern california. stay tuned for more information on that. this information is always changing. it is favorable now for the atlas fire. we remain vigilant when it comes to calistoga. we thank all of our media partners today. today at 4 bm we will host a --
9:20 am
p.m. we will host a community meeting. at 2425 jefferson street in napa. you do not need to come down to the auditorium to be aware of this information. it will be on facebook live. we will stream it. i trust that our local radio station will broadcast it as well. we do not what you being on the roadways if you need -- don't need to be on the roads. at 6 p.m. we will have a spanish speaking community meeting at st. john's the baptist church.
9:21 am
that will only be in spanish. napa valley continues to relay information through our website, facebook and twitter. we are also on mark danon horny -- nixle . we want you to be involved with that. we are continuing to coordinate through our media partners. we thank you all for being here. we do ask napa county employees to continue to check in with their supervisors . it is very heartening to see the tremendous amount of support
9:22 am
and mutual aid we have received. on behalf of napa county we are grateful for the cooperation. as you can see behind me, all of our mayors are together. we are responding together as napa. we could not do this without the tremendous report of our state and federal representatives. we have the lieutenant governor here and governor thompson. they will tell you about the federal aid coming our way. >> thank you very much. i am very heartened to be at the fairgrounds this morning for the briefing by cal fire.
9:23 am
make no mistake about it, we have a professional team working, 500 to 1000 firefighters. they were ready to get out and work. we have fire units from all 58 counties. i am appreciative of -- we also have the california national guard here in full force. i am appreciative of our lieutenant governor for being here today. we are vigilant moving forward to support everybody in this endeavor. thank you.>> i am mike thompson, the congressman from this district. thank you bill and the lieutenant governor for the
9:24 am
help you are providing. i want to give you an update about resources coming into the area. 900 additional firefighters are coming in with the combined efforts in sonoma and lake county. also 123 additional fire engines coming to respond. bill mentioned the mutual aid among the state. there is also tremendous mutual aid across the country. from the beginning we have had units here from nevada and arizona. we were also told yesterday we will be joined by units from washington and oregon. five minutes after hearing that, we sought two washington units driving down the road. we have mutual aid coming from southern states as well.
9:25 am
the department of defense is doing an inventory to figure out what sort of resources they can provide. once that is figured out, they will be used as needed. there is also international mutual aid. people coming in from canada and australia to assist with this fire. in addition, i want to publicly thank our congressional leaders, senator feinstein is on her way here. she is been on the phone numerous times with me trying to figure out how she can help. that is the same with democratic leader nancy pelosi. we will be seeing this effort come to fruition today. the house will be passing the emergency supplemental
9:26 am
legislation and that will bring $1 billion for these issues. money will be passed along for fema relief for people in our country. it is with a close eye that we will look at those votes. thank you very much. to the residents of napa county, the world loves you and support is on the way. keep cheering for your fire crews and law enforcement, road crews, pg&e and all that work to get is back online. we are in this together. you are well supported has is evident here today. we will get through this
9:27 am
together. we will have better days coming, for sure. at this time we will take questions. >> we saw fire personnel trying to tap into fire hydrants and there was no water earlier.>> the only thing i can speak to is we have had some damage at some of our water facilities, at least one for sure. we do have storage tanks of water. if the pump is down or electricity is down, that could cause an issue. i had not heard about this
9:28 am
particular issue occurring.>> the silverado country club neighborhood, when can residents go back?>> we always want people back onto their properties when it is safe to do so . it needs to be safe and secure. that plan is being evaluated hourly. we hope to have some updates for you soon but that will be forthcoming. we want to get people back in and that is in progress right now. >> how big a factor is fatigue for the firefighters?>> it is a serious factor. we are finding people on the
9:29 am
line that have been staying at work day after day. we are identifying them and getting relief to them. people have been on the fire for three days and they don't want to leave because there is still work to do. public service employees work that way. they are here to help. we are getting those people rested.>> [ indiscernible -- multiple speakers ] >> today we have concerns about shifting fire and we are concerned about the tubbs fire . it is a significant concern because it could threaten to come back into calistoga.
9:30 am
we have the same thing going on in napa county. the biggest threat is the east said. in sonoma county, we have fires approaching numerous communities. we are working on structure defense. it is a matter of what part of what fire do we have concerns during what part of the day. all fires get investigated. these fires are being investigated. i have not heard any reports of what the cause was. this is obviously significant. the cause will come out for all of these fires eventually.
9:31 am
they are all being investigated now. i have not heard a single word about a cause as of yet.>> do you have any reports of missing people? >> i would defer to the sheriff for that answer.>> yes. we are checking with families and friends and exploring missing persons. unfortunately people take off and go to a place of safety without checking in. and that means we don't have a way of finding them. >> the website to register is
9:32 am
www.tran35.>> what can you tell us about the pressley fire in sonoma ? [ indiscernible -- multiple speakers ]>> that is one of the numerous fires. it is a small fire. presley and adobe have not combined over there yet. other fires have combined. until they are contained they will all be a problem. we are trying to prioritize transmission lines and everything right now.>> you are
9:33 am
talking about escorting people in, what would qualify someone for that.>> many people want to go in and check on those that have stayed. also to retrieve medication and check on animals. people also have business needs and there are several wineries in the area. i also want to be specific. this includes areas here. this does not include the city of calistoga. there are no escorts going back into calistoga.>> this concludes our press conference for today. stay tuned for the press conference tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. and to the residents of napa be
9:34 am
safe and we love you very much. again that website is to check in.>> all of the fires have grown. we are at 2%-3% containment. >> the largest containment number is for the tubbs fire but it also grew by 10,000 acres. these are pictures of all the fires that they talked about. we will have updated numbers coming up throughout the remainder of our extended special coverage. t's always leap over look. now over later. and pause. not even in your vocabulary. so when a cold sore tingle strikes you act on it. only abreva can heal a cold sore in as little as two and a half days when used at the first sign.
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(voand exceptional customerity pre-ownservice,les... head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one.
9:37 am
we just got the live update from the fires to the north. now almost 200,000 acres have burned. this is the fourth day of the fires.>> this is looking down into san francisco. look at all of that smoke. we do want calm winds for the firefighting effort but that means the smoke won't be going anywhere. >> this is a shot from berkeley. there is a pretty good line right about here. the air rises and gets trapped. that is because above it the air is warming up.
9:38 am
and it becomes really dry above us. we are not out of the woods as far as the air quality. smoke from the fires bringing this over us. it is stock . it is very unhealthy in the north bay. the future cast winds, not much this afternoon. friday into saturday, we have this uptick happening across napa county.>> [ overlapping speakers ] another press conference happening now. the area has to be safe for us
9:39 am
to get in. we have active fire zones it will be a slow process. we are using search and rescue team members and we have cadaver dogs that can send bodies and help us find people. identification will be hard. so far in the recoveries we found bodies almost completely intact and others that were nothing more than ashen bones. we id those cases through medical devices left from a surgery. i am sorry to have to tell you that but that is what we are facing with this fire.
9:40 am
that is why identification may take a long time and some of the cases. what i can tell you is that we will do everything in our power to locate missing people. and i promise you we will handle the remains with care and get the remains back to their loved ones. i will now take questions.>> [ indiscernible -- low volume ]>> as far as i am concerned the reports and messaging that has gone out has been fine.>> [ indiscernible -- low volume ]>>
9:41 am
we have a global briefing coming up at 1:00. our job is that safety, evacuation. i will be at that 1:00 briefing. we are part of the unified command of fire. many people are involved in this. other questions?>> powerlines being down [ indiscernible ].>>
9:42 am
i do not know what sparked the fires. >> [ indiscernible -- low volume ]>> everything at the jail is working fine. the gas is back on. >> how many people are working on the recovery phase?>> i am not sure how many people or cadaver dogs. there are 30 people working on it and 10 from our agency and 10 from another agency, that's what i know. the current missing persons report is 900. the number found safe is 437
9:43 am
and outstanding is for 63. -- 463. we have been trying to eliminate the duplicates. that is why the numbers fluctuate. so keep that in mind as i talk about these numbers. >> [ indiscernible -- low volume ]>> if people cannot go into their area it is because it is unsafe. the message is if there are
9:44 am
police blocking your street, don't go home, whether you are in an evacuation zone or not. >> [ indiscernible -- low volume ] >> i don't understand the question. we are not listing missing people right now. we are just working those cases. we will notify the families 1st and then we will released the names publicly. this will take a long time.>> [ indiscernible -- low volume ]>> my numbers are estimates. i was at the fire camp last night and i was impressed with the number of engines, people, supplies, and equipment.
9:45 am
very impressed with the work they are doing. on the law enforcement side, there are 436 national guard troops in sonoma county right now, roughly 100 deputy sheriffs from this agency on the street, over 200 other law enforcement agencies working on the street right now. it takes another 300 behind them to come out tonight. so hundreds and hundreds of law enforcement around the area. i want to thank everybody that is assisting, i cannot list them all. the southern part of the state is preparing to send people as people get worn out. i have no concerns about the mutual aid and assistance we are getting.
9:46 am
i met with the director last night and he offered anything we need. the ray of sunshine is the amount of assistance and resources coming into this county. >> what are some of the erroneous reports coming out? >> i think erroneous reports are part of our life now because of information going 1 million ways at once. my answer is to go to the sonoma county facebook page. that way you get correct information. >> do you expect the death toll to increase? >> i would be unrealistic if i
9:47 am
did not. >> have you heard anything about looting? >> thankfully, very few calls about that. we are up to five people as of last night. >> [ indiscernible -- low volume ] my friend was outside last night and we had an issue
9:48 am
with people. luckily they ran off. >> the goal is to patrol everywhere. there are evacuation advisories in place and we are keeping an eye on those areas as well. i have no idea when people will be able to get back into their homes. we are still fighting these fires. the firefighters have jobs to do. we will not let people back into their neighborhoods. -- into their neighborhoods when there is a job to do.
9:49 am
>> [ indiscernible -- low volume ]>> we need to respect the loved ones of the families and the dead. we will not be taking pictures of that, that is way too sensitive. we have a job to do. and that is safety. taking pictures of the dead will not assist that. i am not going to answer any more of your questions. sorry. >> [ indiscernible -- low volume ] >> the issue right now is still life safety and getting people out where they need to be evacuated from.
9:50 am
last night we did not have any evacuations. i have no information about additional evacuations today. i should be getting more information about that at 1:00 from cal fire today. >> the fire base camp is at the sonoma county fairgrounds. thank you for coming. the 23
9:51 am
deaths confirmed and 14 of them are from sonoma county. he talked about the difficulty of identifying those victims. some victims were cremated in the fire that came through these towns in sonoma county. >> in those cases he said there will be forensic work that needs to be done. we will take a quick break. ch. break up your breakfast routine with your choice of two grilled pockets filled with either ham or sausage. both made with freshly cracked eggs and two melty cheeses. all jam packed into a warm, grilled flour tortilla. so give your tired old breakfast a wake-up call. try jack's breakfast pockets for just two bucks. but you'd better hurry, because if you snooze, you'll lose out on this deal. come try jack's breakfast pockets,
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it is 9:53 right now. we continue our team coverage of the fires in the north bay. this is the bay area bridge and the golden gate bridge. you can see this thick smog and smoke from the fires.>> this fire -- actually all of these fires have put up enough smoke in the air to equal all of the exhaust that every truck and car puts out across the state. look at these pictures looking over san francisco.>> the smoke
9:55 am
is worse today it seems like. we are not getting very much wind now, dave. >> that is right. we had an inversion factor monday morning. that is because the air gets warmer as it goes above us like today. all of this pollution stays at the ground. and it gets stuck. as a result we have the continuation of very unhealthy air in the north bay and elsewhere around the bay. this will start spraying to the east. the winds are expected to subside this evening but they
9:56 am
will pick up again by friday evening. >> thank you, dave. this is the fresh video into kron4 . >> we received an update about half an hour ago and they said they have over 600 people from the napa valley in evacuation centers this morning. they also have a pg&e base camp set up in napa and they have 800 people working from across the state that have come in to help. they are trying to put out natural gas that is flaring from these homesites.>> that is what they were concerned about when this was going into the santa rosa area near that
9:57 am
hospital. the mobile home park burned down. over 3500 buildings, businesses and homes have been burned. we will be right back after this break. who are these people?
9:58 am
9:59 am
the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. welcome words from officials... who
10:00 am
for the first time say they are making progress on containing the fire. this morning the flames are forcing more evacuations in sonoma. neighbors had to leave the area around sonoma square. and the fires flared up again in napa this morning. ( darya ) here is what we know right now about the fires burning in napa and sonoma counties. the death toll is now up to 24. 463 people are still unaccounted for this morning.( james ) >> 463 are unaccounted for. that's up from 285 that we began the day with during our 4:00 a.m. broadcast, these numbers just comingn


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