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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 12, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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victims tonight. >> reporter: well, fire officials and the sheriff's office told us it has been a grueling few days and a sad few days as they discover the boyd of loved ones who have been reported missing. the search it has been very challenging, because the fire is still raging. homes are too hot to search. even when they know there is likely someone in the home, they have to wait for the house to cool dune and go in and search. we have the names of 10 of the 17 people in socal -- sonoma county who are dead. karen come weres, lynn anderson powell. arthur as the minute grant. sowiko grant, and then donna may halber. valerie lynn everybody's of
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santa rosa. -- evans of santa rosa, and veronica elizabeth mccombs of santa rosa. the sheriff said identify something of these victims was very challenging, because in some cases, there wasn't much left of their remains. let's take a lesson. >> some of these remains are actually intact bodies, much easier to identify and get things from. some of them are merely ashes and bones, and we may never get truly confirmative identification on ashes. cremated, you can't get i.d. we were able to get identification in some of those cases by medical devices. a hip implant, for example, has serial number on it. so we actually did in that this case. two of the identifications were done by medical devices or implants. two were done through dental records. one was done through
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difficultinging tattoos. others were by fingerprints, so they were combined with information from family members. most of the victims were found in their homes. one was found by the car. the youngest person on the list was 57. most of those who died are elderly. the sheriff also reiterated this to us tonight, if you have reported someone missing and you have found them, please let the sheriff's office know. they are likely dedicated resources to find a person, and obviously if they've already been found, it's taking away resources from those who need it most. >> thank you for that report.
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mandatory evacuation order verse expanded in eastern sonoma valley. >> this is north of east napa street from 4th street, east to the end of east napa street. tonight a lot of uncertainty in sonoma about what happens next. kron 4's danny freeman is near sonoma plaza. what is the feeling out there tonight, danny? >> reporter: hey, guys. the feeling has been melancholy a lot of the day. but we want to show you something didn't tonight. we're here at a tavern where the mood is a little more festive. it's not closed down, they are still serving pints, and you can find camaraderie and good company at the bar, but outside of the bar, there are many questions. the city of sonoma, empty. the smell of smoke is still in the air. earlier jeff stewart told us he had to evacuate his home in
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sonoma due to the fires and asked perhaps the most difficult question. >> what would you -- if it really happened to you, what would be the first thing you would take, you know? there's so much there that means so much. >> reporter: many searching for that answer across northern california. thousands of homes burned to the ground. helicopters circled to the east of the city today, and many roads heading north of sonoma were blocked off. we're standing just outside downtown sonoma. miles away from that city center smoke is still coming out of the scorched earth of these fires. while downtown was largely empty -- >> and the wine tasting rooms would be full. >> reporter: a busy see at sonoma high school, where neighbors helped evacuate neighbors. >> you put out there to people that you need something, and they come here in droves with it. >> reporter: this man has not
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seen his house since monday morning and doesn't know if it's still standing. >> it's a waiting game, you know. you can't go to work, and everybody is -- it's not fun. it's not fun. you try to do what you can. you evacuate who you can. i got my parents out yesterday afternoon, and a lot of people are evacuating. a lot of friends, and i know at least a dozen people that lost their homes already, and it's something you don't it would not really live there. >> reporter: another bright spot in the city of sonoma, the historic hotel sonoma down the street managed to continue their nightly tradition of having a wine hour. it's a bit of calm and normalcy amongst the chaos out here. >> thursday night sustain until sonoma square, but this is not something people want to regularly see, the entire city
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of catherine under manda -- calistoga under mandatory evacuation. >> and a fire is burning on the ridge top above mason road. >> the voluntary evacuation in the city's east ridge neighborhood has been gown graded to an advisory. that means residents are free to return home, but need to be ready to leave if necessary. does the situation seem to be settling down from where you stand? >> reporter: well, where we're at right now, it is good right here. there's no wind right now. it's quiet. we're about three miles from the fire, the atlas peak fires. i'm in fairfield county, where
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chp has closed these roads down. but, yeah, there is good news. went from zero percent containment yesterday to 7% today. if you want to take a look at this video of them fighting the fire hard today. so it has not gotten worse. they have stopped it. they are trying to keep it from turning into a santa rosa situation, where it just comes blazing in. taylor a big city, a lot of businesses and -- fairfield is a big city, a lot of businesses and homes. but they have begun making process on the fire. but they want people to be ready. everybody in fairfield needs to have a go bag packed with their medicine, money, clothes, because we're still on alert. as f the winds kicked up, we could be right back into a -- more of a panic mode where we
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were 48 hours ago, 24 thundershowers ago, where all of a sudden out of anywhere anyone could be evacuated. listen to the sound from cal fire. they don't want people to think, oh, we're hearing percent contained numbers and think you're going to get home soon if you've been evacuated. they want everyone to know this is geek long fight. so let's hear from them. >> it's not safe yet to let the public back in those areas. the fire moved so rapidly, we still are experiencing trees falling, power lines burned, that are still falling, and all of those risks, it's not tenable yet to allow the public to go back in, especially with the fact we still have active fire that with anticipated winds that could still materialize over the next couple of days, could still get out of control. and the worst things that could happen would be for us to allow people to go back in, only to have to turn back around and evacuate you again. there are going to be a lot of
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fire activity, planes and helicopters in the air for quite some time to come. this is going to be a long fight to put this fire out in that rugged steep terrain that is up in those hills. >> that was kind of a harsh reality check. really excited we're hearing some containment, 7% tonight, and i think through the weekend, in the winds don't pick one that number will continue to grow, but they're saying you have to really be patient and still be on alert, don't let your guard down, because things could change. so keep that in mind. and then one other thing for fairfield residents and in that county, they will come to neighborhoods knock on doors, talking through the louders of their patrol cars, and wake you up, if you do need to evacuate, so you can, you know, count on that. in fairfield, back to you guys. >> gabe, thank you so much for that. now let's get a closer look
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at exactly where the wildfires are burning and the areas rich are under evacuation orders. grant is standing by in our newsroom with that grant? >> let's start right where gabe was. cal fire has updated the fire lines, and where areas have burned and how close they tore populated areas. we can zoom in right here. gabe was in the city of fairfield, which you see right here, and this atlas fire that started in napa andbe moved into solano county, and he -- and moved into solano county. so a lot of folks live in here, so no doubt there is concern. there are four main locations tonight that cal fire crews are focusing on, up in lake county, you have middleton. here you have geyserville up along 101. you don't want this fire, the pocket fire to creep down in there. and as we zoom back into the bay area proper, this is the fire that is threatening
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calistoga tonight. you saw the flames burning along highway 29. that was right along here. this fire line probably has crept a little bit closer to the highway. cal fire not updating this real- time, obviously, their resources are stretched thin. and the final location of the four that is getting a lot of attention from cal fire tonight, sonoma. those mandatory evacuations from the eastern portion of the city. this is where danny freeman was, in the historic plaza, and you can see so close to these areas, which are under mandatory evacuation orders. we'll stay on top of this story throughout the despite break in as updates warrant. >> we'll be right back -- throughout the night, and break in as updates warrant. >> we'll be right back. (steve) the north bay firestorm has forced a lot
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ple from their welcome back to kron 4. fires haves for add lot of people to leave their homes. many staying in shelters. >> the sonoma raceway is opening its doors to evacuees, and it means a lot to the people there.
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dan joins us live at the raceway. dan, bring us up to date. >> reporter: well, one thing we can tell you is the air is much fresher and cleaner here than it was in downtown sonoma when i was there last night. people here appreciate that. many of them left their homes, not just because of the advisory evacuation orders, or the mandatory evacuation orders, but also because of the thick smoke that was too hard to breathe. they're they say they can get some peace as they wait to find out if their homes survived. >> we are from glen ellen. >> reporter: people from all over sonoma county have been spending the day and night at sonoma raceway. there's no one on the track, though. these are evacuees from the fire storm who have taken up residence in the raceways rv parking lot. >> the wind comes up, you don't know where the fires are going to go. >> reporter: the extended families, parents, kids,
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grandparents, aunts, uncles, and their families and their pets. not only dogs, but chickens, too. >> just so we can all be together with all of our animals. that wouldn't have been possible without sonoma raceway. >> reporter: sonoma raceway canceled seven days of events and opened up their facilities. >> we're part of the community. >> reporter: of it seem -- we're part of the community, so it seemed natural. >> we feel safe here, and we can breathe the air. >> reporter: molly and her son stopped by around dinnertime with some home-made food and drinks for the evacuees. >> we knew people were catching up here, and we thought a warm meal would be welcome, so we just came up. >> reporter: some of these evacuees had the chance to
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check on their homes. and while they are still standing, evacuation orders remain in place. that's why they're spending another uneasy night at sonoma raceway. now, the folks here at sonoma raceway say they will leave this rv park open at least through monday and possibly longer for the evacuees. guy fieriri, the famous chef, showed up to help. he lives in the area. he brought in an oven and a smoker. he was cooking meat and making mac and cheese and other click acies for the evacuates and first responders. >> he didn't want any attention, but he couldn't turn down an opportunity to chat
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with stanley there, because he considers stanley extra special. the red cross is accepting do nations to help fire victims. simple, you just text red cross 90999, make as 10 donation. give up the star backs for the next couple of -- starbucks for the next couple of days. we're 96 hours into this, and wind continues to be a problem. >> and we still have that red flag warning. >> that's right. we had one that expired at 5:00, and now another one has been issued tomorrow, going into effect at 5:00 p.m., lasting until saturday at 71 p.m. wind speeds 15 to 30 miles per hour, potentially gusting up to 45 miles per hour. this means dry conditions, relative humidity will drop to 10 to 20%. ooling trend and
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potential for light precipitation arrives mid/late next week. what -- would so we're talking 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning on saturday is when the wind speeds will are stronger. right now, though, wind speeds just breezy through most of the day on friday. the advisory goes into everything at 5:00 p.m. and then we'll be look at wind gusts closer to 30, 40 miles per hour, sustained until about 10:00, so for that 12-hour period, that's when we'll see the gusty winds right over the fire area, and then things will call down again. that red flag warning should expire by 7 1:00 p.m. and then calmer winds to start on friday, and the red flag warning back in effect by 5:00, with the strongest wind speeds expected really early saturday morning, and then a warming trend is in store for us
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heading into the weekend. coming up, we'll talk more about your air quality issues. there have been so many heros in this north bay firestorm. >> that includes a whole bunch of doctors and nurses in santa rosa. they had tried to evacuate everybody on sunday night, but one nurse lost just about everything, but that has not stopped her from helping others. >> it's so much area, and so many people have been displaced, and have faced tragedy, that it's almost unreal. >> reporter: but it is real. the damage, the disaster, and the pain. i wouldn't say julane simpson is if good spirits. she's just strong. and she has to be. she has no choice. this is the first time she's returned to what is left of her home at the journey's end mobile home park, just a block or two away from the hospital where the works as a registered
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nurse. sunday night, she was caring for sick patients in the experiencive care unit. >> and then one of the nurses came up to me and put her arm around me and said i'm sorry, but your home is not going to make it, and i looked at her and i thought, what is she talking about? because i just live right there. so i went to the window, and i saw that the complex there was engulfed. >> reporter: but as you can see here, she kept working, caring for her patients, helping them evacuate. she went back home briefly before it melted, to grab her nursing documents, and then returned to the hospital where she finished up her shift. >> we were busy, because our patients were very sick. >> reporter: she moved back here in december as a renter and then about three weeks ago, she bought the house. it's where she intended on settling doug with her new husband, who is supposed to move in from indiana this week. those plans have now changed. >> my focus is on work, and, you know, things have changed a lot.
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at this point, there's not really any thought on what the plan is for me, because right now we're still working. >> reporter: since monday, she has been working at the hospital in san rafael. one of her managers has opened up their home to her while she rides this disaster out. friends have set up a fund- raising page for her on she is not asking for help, but can certainly use it. >> i can't think about myself right now. i just need to keep working, so that's the priority. work has always been a priority for me, so my emotions go on the back burner and really is for myself not to think about them, and i just work. >> reporter: she'll continue caring for others, and sometime down the road refocus on herself. compelled by her strength that she hopes will enshear the journey's end isn't the end of her journey. >> good truck her. well, air --
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>> god luck to her. -- >> good luck to her. >> coming up, you're going to hear about the health effects of the old, the young, and everyone in between from the smoke, and whether you might need one of those masks&that so many are wearing. (steve) at this point... no
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e with the battle against the flames so fierce, at this point, we're not focusing on what started the deadly northern california fires, but people are interested. >> yeah. tonight investigators are beginning to look into whether or not a downed power line or a blown transformer could be to blame. >> we're investigating the fires, and there's a lot of discussion, a lot of things in papers, last rumors. investigators are going to right to the cause and areas where these fires started. >> hazardous conditions off a transformer explosion. >> reporter: a series of emergency calls to dispatchers and responses from firefighters
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in sonoma county sunday night leaves no doubt down power lines and low transformers were a concern amongst the high winds. in a statement today, a pg&e spokesperson said they are focusing on safety and restoring service, and won't speculate about a fire cause. >> pg&e has to guard against some of these things even before coming to into the season, and now we're see if they did. >> reporter: he received millions in damages for victims of the san bruno gas explosion which killed 8, and through butte fire which killed two and burned 70,000 acres in 2015. campora said pg&e does have a rigorous safety program in place. >> but they don't pay attention
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to whether it's being applied, and don't follow through to make sure it's being applied, and that's the history of pg&e that i know having been involved in them for fires and explosions since 2008. >> well, cal fire, sonoma, napa, they've all got their own specific arson squads and will get to the bottom of this in time. when we come back, we'll look at the latest numbers coming out of the firestorm.
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news: the sonoma county has now we follow this breaking news. the sonoma county sheriff has now positively identified 10 vick anyone else the north bay storm. these victims range in age from 57 to 95 years old, and this is some of the devastation in santa rosa. we just learned the containment on the atlas fire burning in napa and sonoma county has risen of so slightly to 7%. >> we'll take that slight
10:31 pm
improvement for now. more than 3500 homes and businesses have been destroyed. we learned today that 2800 of the homes lost were in santa rosa. right now, more than 400 people are still missing in sonoma county alone, and more than 191,000 acres have have burned state -- have burned statewide. that number also could rise. >> there are now no evacuation orders in the city of napa. >> and that news meant that some residents were able to return to their homes tonight. kron 4's charles clifford has details on that. >> reporter: on thursday afternoon, residents who live to the east of napa were allowed to return home. what they found was a smoky landscape where most homes are still standing, but there is a swath of destruction from the
10:32 pm
atlas fire that has charred numerous acres of land, farm land, and vines, and also destroyed many homes. on thursday afternoon, i spoke to several neighbors here whose homes were okay, but their friends, family, and neighbors did not do so well, and they say the loss and the destruction in their community has been devastating. >> it's been a total nightmare. i know more friends who i'm worried about that i haven't spoken to yet that i'm fearful their homes are gone, too. >> it's kind of unreal. i knew what to expect. i had been here a few days ago to check on the neighbors' properties, but this is insane. >> reporter: authorities are still asking folks to be careful, because there could be downed power lines, hot spots from the fire. there could be trees that were damaged, or buildings that were damaged that could still pose a ovechkinard, and are asking people to respect the road closures and some of the signage put up for safety
10:33 pm
reasons around their neighborhood. >> thanks, charles. now a closer look at exactly where the wildfires are burning tonight and the areas do that remain under evacuation. grant is on top of that, standing by in the newsroom. grant? >> yeah, steve, we'll go back to where charles clifford just was in the napa area, because some good news to report tonight. some of the man-to-man -- mandatory executive order -- mandatory evacuations have been listed. the silverado country club, residents in that area are allowed to go home. that's also the case for monticel park, as well as the avenues, and including the areas west of silverado trail,
10:34 pm
between hard are hardman avenue, and highway 28 up here to the north. so all of the area west of silverado trail between hardman and 128, those folks, as of tonight, are allowed to go back home. that mandatory evacuation has been lifted. so we are slowly getting bits and pieces of good news, as reinforcements arrive, and as crews continue to start to make progress on the series of fires still burning in the north bay. steve, pam, back to you guys. in the face of mandatory evacuations, almost everyone in calistoga has heeded warnings about officials saying you have to get out of the way of the oncome be tubbs fire, but not everybody is -- oncoming tubbs fire, but not everybody is leaving. >> spencer, why are they saying that they're staying? >> reporter: you know, that's
10:35 pm
a good question, especially because the tubbs fire is about a quarter mile away from highway 29, four miles north of calistoga, but still, i did find some people who think that that's still not close enough to need to leave. i was drive around town today, and greg winter was out watering his property, right out there in front. he knows how close the fire is, but he says there are a couple of things that keep him from leaving. one, he's worried, because his family has been owned for a few generations, and also has a lot of animals. put most no n calistoga aren't thinking that way here. the main street makes it look like ghost town. so i asked winter when we le evacuate. supply think if i see rolling embers and we're pitting stuff out, we're going to roll, we're going to get out of here. >> reporter: how soon do you think that will somebody supply don't think we're ever going to see it. i think it's overhyped. >> reporter: that's one machine's opinion, of course. even so, he said he and his
10:36 pm
girlfriend took turns sleeping if two-hour shifts last night so one could keep an eye out for flames. i met another couple who wasn't planning on living either. he mentioned a cat at home. but they do realize it's a risk, and both families i talked to said they are packed up and ready to go when that time comes. we at ktvu are not recommending you -- at cons are not recommending that you -- kron 4 are not recommending that you stay. >> 2800 homes lost in that area. that is not overhype. >> no, not at all.
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let's break down the wind for you. tonight and tomorrow. calmer locations. many areas in single digit. as we approach friday night, 11:00, that's when we start to see our wind gusts choicer to 40 miles per hour. once this starts at 11:00, this is going to keep going. take a look at the timestamps. there's our wind speeds, at least until 11:00 a.m. so that's about 12 hours of really strong wind speeds moving close to 40 miles per hour, especially in our napa county and sonoma county hills. those will be our main concerns. by saturday, 11:00 p.m., the red flag warning does expire. we expect the wind speeds to line on little bit into saturday evening and saturday night. red flag warning back in effect. it starts friday, 5:00 p.m., until saturday, 11:00 p.m. we expect strong wind speeds, up to 45 miles per hour.
10:38 pm
dry conditions, humidity 10 to 20%, and dry air will move in. highest threat napa county, and sonoma county hills. tomorrow napa 79, and 67 in san francisco. so it will be a mild day for us. and your seven-day forecast actually shows a chance of showers back in the forecast. that's going to be next thursday. cooler temperatures are expected, as well, but bimoist of next week, but we do have a warming trend as we go right into the weekend. still smoky skies and poor air quality expected. we'll talk more about that coming up in just a bit. >> crews are still searching for bodies in the homes which have been ravagedpy the firestorm. in santa rosa today, we found this crew at work. they are using cadaver dogs and imaging equipment as they dig through the debris looking for bodies. many of the homes they are searching have been turned into piles of ash.
10:39 pm
it is a slow and deliberate process. they are being very thorough. >> so we go to the scene very meticulously probing it, because these houses do have basements, some of them, and we don't want our people to fall through. and we also bring our cadaver dogs to the search. we have houses that have been reduced to two or three inches high stills, so we don't know what's underneath that or what hot spots there are. so we use athermal -- use athermal imager to look for hot spots before we start searching. >> officials are expecting the number of dead to rise, but they are also finding more and more people, as well. take a look at this. a fire wiped out two santa rosa police cruisers. officers were performing rescue operations at the time.
10:40 pm
they bailed from these vehicles. thankfully, they are fine. >> geyserville is another north bay town where the flames have been roaring tonight. people there have been put on notice they need to be ready to evacuate. the town filled with vineyards and expensive homes, and practically vacant. fortunately, expected winds from the north didn't materialize to the degree that people feared, prompts firefighters to take quick advantage. >> we have optimal conditions today. we want to get some good containment lines. >> the firefighters we spoke on to the front lines said this is by far the toughest fire season they have seen in 20 years. >> when we come back, a look at the air quality issues affecting all of us around the bay area. >> y, affecting your family -- yeah, affecting your family, affecting people on thing field. we'll be right back.
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easy on the wallet and the eyes, nest thermostat e. e is for everyone. (steve) as the atlas fire
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took off this morning on the ridgeline near jamieson family scrambled to fight for their lives. the fire remains a menance tonight - firefighters still struggling to gain some control. (pam) kron four's terisa estacio has the story of one family's nerve- wracking night. i'm here on this ridgeline, just off of mason road, and that is between napa county, which is right behind me, and then fairfield, in sonoma county is just down the way. it's -- solano county is just down the way. it's been a different day for many people in this area. as the atlas fire grew, ken started getting extremely worried. >> we stayed up all night watching the fire come over the ridge, about 4:00 this morning, it started to flame up and come
10:44 pm
over the ridge, and then we decided it was time to take off. >> reporter: he and his family sprang into action. there was a lot to do. the family's home and vineyard has been around for 35 years. >> you're just worried about getting everything you need to get, and getting out and trying to control what you can around here. we took hoses and sprayed down all of the buildings in an attempt to keep them wet. >> reporter: they shared this photo of daybreak with the fire just over the ridge in jameson canyon. >> we went through the house and took the picture off the walls. >> reporter: thankfully the family said just as they were about to flee, thinking they could do nothing else, helicopters came charging in. >> appreciative of the firefighters, the job they're doing, and knew they would get it out. they stuck to it and did a good job. haven't did you ever get
10:45 pm
nervous? >> absolutely. who wouldn't. >> we're here. we're standing. we'll be back. surviving. >> reporter: the family also shared this picture with me, showing their resolve and strength during these difficult times, and as night fell, the at place fire behind me is still burning out of control here nhl solano county. it was another hazy day around the bay area because of all of the wildfire smoke. >> i went outside, thought i was going to run. i went about two blocks and came back in. you could chew the smoke. that's how bad it was. >> you know you're not supposed to be out there. >> i know, somebody else told me that. who could that have been? >> and tomorrow not a good day either. today was one of the worst days. heading into tomorrow goes from very unhealthy, dropping down to unhealthy, and this applies to the entire region. so we have a spare the air alert in effect tomorrow and
10:46 pm
into the weekend. so, again, unhealthy. by the weekend, it will be unhealthy for sensitive groups, those who suffer from asthma, bronchitis, lung disease, you'll want to be help careful -- you'll want to be careful. things will start to improve next week, though. in fact, we even have a chance of showers back in the forecast. but for tonight, poor air quality, and wind speeds will go down a little bit heading into friday. britt is really good about tells us what is going on up in the skies. but walled what should you dune the ground? we spoke to a doctor from ucsf who is an equity period of time on such matters -- an ex- picture on such matters.
10:47 pm
>> i think it's a tough time for young children, the determinely north korea and hogan with breathing and lung -- the elderly, and those with asthma, breathing, and lung problems. i noticed some of the city workers were wearing the n95 masks on the way to work today. if a person needs to be outdoors, especially if they're active, they should be wear a mask in these conditions, and the one to wear is that n95 mask. somewhere written on the mask, it will say n59. and -- n95. and it's a form fitting mask, and it fits on tightly, and takes out a lot of that smoky smell. and then breathing into it, it's a little bit difficult to breathe through it. and you know you have a nice
10:48 pm
snug fit. >> the air quality also affecting sports teams. >> it is. gary here now, and he tells us about the chances of whether or not the raiders are going to move their home game this sunday. >> here we go. raiders for the second day in a row did not have a full practice. they, as pam said, on sunday, they are hosting the 7:25 game against the los angeles chargers. that's michael crabtree, number 15. he wore a mask, along with one of their backup players, name of isaac whitney. now, the nfl has been kicking around backup plans, maybe levi stadium in santa clara. possibly the chargers returning to san diego at callcom. their mayor said the team is welcome. they'll have to make that decision by tomorrow, though, to get everything in place, and light now, again, if you have to project, it looks like they'll be in oakland come
10:49 pm
sunday. >> definitely the air quality, it would do some things to you if you're not in the right mindset of practicing in it and playing in it, and, you know, i'm praying for all of the victims out there who are struggling. as of right now, we have to prepare like we're preparing for sunday, and if there are any changes in the schedule, we'll prepare for that, but we have a job to do at the end of the day. meanwhile, the 49ers had no problem with air quality this week. their practices went on as scheduled. the team left today for washington d.c. sunday morning, our time, they play the washington redskins. meanwhile, the warriors, their season begins on tuesday. thompson and the fellows thinking about the tragedy in santa rosa, and, of course, the entire north bay. >> i want to say one thing to all of the families affected by
10:50 pm
this fire, and these fires, which are terrible. life is what's important. know there's been some deaths, and it's just really tragic, and us players will do something about it when things calm down, but it suks, and our thoughts and prayers with all of the families affected, because that's no fun, and that's just a terrible situation. >> all right. the high school board goes this way. of course the kids at cardinal newman, their season is over. the entire school wiped out by the fire. the sonoma county league, they've canceled all games this weekend, marin county athletic league canceling games. richmond, they've canceled their games. down in san jose, the blossom valley athletic league has canceled all 12 of their
10:51 pm
contests. baseball tonight, cubs beat washington 9-8. cubs go on to play the dodgers for the national league title. sharks beat buffalo to win their first game of the year. nfl, philadelphia beat carolina. >> thank you, gary. when we come back, some guys fighting the fire who didn't lose everything, especially the most important thing.
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lost santa rosa has lost so much, including a fire house in the firestorm. firefighters say parts of the building were supposed to with stand high fire temperatures, but it turns out that was not the indicates. >> today, the firefighters return and found total devastation, but they were looking for some important items, hoping they would find them in the ash. >> reporter: if you go to fire station 5 in santa rosa, you'll see the american flag still flying. however, the station didn't do so well. but we were hoping it survived, knowing it had a pretty good fire protection system and a lot of cleared space, but this fire was something like we've never seen before. >> they returned to the station to look for some very important items. >> we came up to a fire house that we lost that night, and looking for one of the moist important things we could find, and that's our badge.
10:55 pm
means a lot to us. the badge and the flag were the two things we wanted to find, and we found them both, and we're looking for a total of 9 of these for the guys. everybody lost a lot of their homes and property and belongings, and in many cases people lost their lives, and we lost the firehouse, but if we can get one little piece that we can hold on to that reminds us of how hard we worked to get that, it means a lot. >> that's amazing is that, you know, ten cars out in the parking lot survived, and the building that's not supposed to burn went to the ground. >> reporter: irony. >> yeah. and you'll dig through this looking for little things that really don't mean -- they're just symbols. >> reporter: as for what was left of the fire station, they returned one of the badges to one of the firefighters. >> take a look at that, huh? >> that's pretty awesome. >> this is one thing you can hold on to.
10:56 pm
>> hey, mike. >> how are you? >> we got your badge back. >> got my badge back. >> how do you feel? >> ike i'm going to disneyland. >> there were five badges lost in total. five were recovered. with all of that, they know they must go on. they took down old glory, and put a fresh one, which is now flying above the station. lots more coming up. we're going to start up at 11:00 in just a couple of seconds. oh, you brought butch.
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(steve) tonight the sonoma county sheriff has identified ten people killed in the north
11:00 pm
bay fi they have positively identified 10 more people killed in the north bay firestorm. in total, there have been 31 deaths so far. 400 people are still missing in sonoma county alone. and this is the devastation in one neighborhood of santa rosa. >> the danger remains high tonight. fairfield and napa are being threatened by the atlas fire. sonoma and calistoga threatened by the tubbs fire. in fact, those are just 2 of 27 fires burning in california. 191,000 acres have been scorched so far. hello, everybody. i'm pam moore. >> kron 4 was at the sonoma county sheriff's briefing. we lived a lot about the victims. what can you share? >> well, right now the majority of those reported missing have been found. initially, it was 1100, 745 of those people have been located safely. unfortunately, tho


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