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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  October 13, 2017 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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tonight, harvey weinstein in seconds rehab? >> i'm not doing okayment i got to get help. >> what we just learned about his treatment. why the nypd is now involved and the new a list actresses speaking out. >> then -- >> beyonce's fierce new music video with her mini mes. >> i went on a bender. >> demi lovato on her addiction and how she stayed clean. >> i feel like a their miss at times. hove over, "carpool karaoke" -- >> i think i got my wish list, which pokemon is this. >> inside the new show pitting
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stars against stars. >> it's all right. we're dropping mike on "entertainment tonight." >> kate beckinsale joins the list of ever growing women sharing her story of an inappropriate with harvey weinstein. >> he's under investigation by police in new york and london. meanwhile, weinstein had plenty to say when he faced the cameras before he headed out of town. >> guys, i'm not doing okay. i'm trying. i got to get help. we all make mistakes. second chance, i hope. >> weinstein spoke publicly for the first time since the sexual harassment scandal broke. >> i'm hanging in -- i'm trying my best. >> the 65-year-old was at his daughter's house yesterday afternoon before taking this private jet to arizona. >> get some help, man. >> that's where weinstein had planned to go to an inpatient treatment center for sex rehab, but a source tells us today that's not happening. instead, weinstein will receive
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treatment at a private arizona residence where therapists will come to him. meanwhile, kate beckinsale is the latest actress to speak out about weinstein's startling behavior. she says that when she was 17, she was told to go to weinstein's london hotel room where he opened the door in his bathrobe. she writes, after declining alcohol and announcing that i had school in the morning, i left, uneasy but unscathed. a few years later he asked me if he had tried anything with me in that first meeting. i realized he couldn't remember if he had assaulted me or not. so far, by our count, at least 30 women have come forward publicly to say that weinstein sexually harassed or assaulted them. after "the new york times" broke the story, weinstein's lawyer called the reporting saturated with false and defamatory statements. "e.t." has confirmed that both london's scotland yard and the nypd have launched investigations into allegations against the producer. and look at this -- "time"
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magazine, out tomorrow, with the headline "producer. predator. pariah." today actor ryan gosling weighed in, tweeting, i'm deeply disappointed in myself for being so oblivious to these devastating experiences of sexual harassment and abuse. a lot of young women in hollywood are hoping the attention will lead to change. >> i think that it's very important that people speak up, >> so many woman are so bravely coming forward. i think the culture has to change. >> now an academy of motion picture arts and sciences is holding a meeting. to breech academy of film is tv already suspended his membership. >> beyonce dropped her new video. a youthful twist to her global girl power track. ♪ im-a keep running 'cause a winner don't quit on themselves ♪ freedom freedom
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♪ i can't move >> an empowering reimagination of beyonce's anthem, "freedom." ♪ i break chains all by myself >> the video was released on "international day of the girl." it features fierce young females from around the globe lipsyncing to beyonce's battle cry. ♪ i'm-a wade, i'm-a wade through the water ♪ >> hoping to raise awareness for issues like domestic violence, human trafficking, and lack of education, the video benefits beyonce and salma hayek's "chime for change" initiative. >> it's all about women and independence, and it's called independent woman, as a matter of fact. ♪ all the women independent >> beyonce is coming up on two decades of writing girl-power anthems. ♪ who run the world >> her lyrics have evolved from her perspective as a single lady ♪ if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it ♪ >> to now, as a wife and mother. blue ivy actually appeared in the original video for "freedom." beyonce did not appear in the new version, but today she released these confident new photos. it's been nearly four months since giving birth to twins sir and rumi.
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>> beyonce's good friend gwyneth paltrow also celebrating international day of the girl, posting a shot with 13-year-old daughter apple, writing quote, everything i do in my life, i do for this girl, and her brother. very sweet. >> keltie knight joining me. another woman all about her kids angelina jolie. >> yeah, but angelina was flying solo last night. but there was a silver lining topping tonight's "know and tell" -- angie and j-law's oscar collision. a beaming jolie nailed the flowing poncho look supporting the makers of the documentary "faces places," but was she upstaged by j-law? check out her custom made $2,300 l. wells wedding dress. >> she and boyfriend, director darren aronofksy, have been dating for just over a year. and while jennifer looked the part of a blushing bride, no ring on that finger yet. margot robbie, hollywood's newest chameleon. >> i've been wearing '90s like sort of style all the time lately. >> stuninning in vintage versace
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from the '90s last night, margot's been living through many decades, transforming into both tonya harding and queen elizabeth i for upcoming films. her latest role? playing the wife of winnie the pooh author, a. a. milne in "goodbye, christopher robin." >> she wasn't so well documented a. a. milne was, so i felt like i have a lot of liberties. >> pooh's vice is honey. what is margot's? >> probably burgers. or ice cream. i don't know it's like a constant battle. >> finally, is beiber quitting music for movies? >> he wanted advice for the movie industry. >> i don't know who said that, that's some weird story that they made up. we just hung out. ♪ >> at last night's premiere for "the meyerowitz stories" starring adam sandler and dustin hoffman, sandler did confirm he and justin recently had dinner together. >> your stock must have went up as a dad. >> that was a good thing at home. but he's a great kid. he's funny as hell. ♪ despacito >> favorite justin bieber song? >> who is he?
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>> ooh! >> is that wrong i put him on the spot like that? >> a little bit, but i liked it. >> the american music awards definitely know who justin bieber is. >> they scored four nominations, including one for despacito. their sunday november 9th on abc. >> jordan fisher just drop adpe new song, but he's already a smash hit on "dancing with the stars." >> jordan and lindsay are at the top of the leaderboard with the highest score of the season. and carly steel joined their celebration. >> first ten of the season! >> that's pretty good. i'm not going lie. pretty cool to see that. >> disney week's a big one so tell us -- break it down, lindsay. >> we are doing a foxtrot to jordan's song from moana. i'm very excited. he did a version of "you're welcome" with lin-manuel miranda.
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♪ you're welcome >> must have some meaning for you. >> constant for jordan fisher, for me, is that i am a massive fan of disney. i have a peter pan tat tee on my arm. on my shoulder. >> it's peter pan. >> i am thrilled about the night. >> you guys don't have any days off. any injuries so far? >> no. yeah. >> we both get sick. i was a gymnast for a long time, for a decade, and i have destroyed my hips. i've got tendinitis, i've got a bad right knee, a bad shoulder. >> you wouldn't be able to tell by how this 23-year-old dancing in this just released music video for his song "mess." >> i cannot believe you have all those injuries. you cannot tell. i'm shocked. >> good. >> we try to hide them.
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>> we do we do. you should see me get out of my car. it's not pretty. >> jordan also says on top of all the rehearsals, he also goes to a physical therapist three to four times a week. >> he told me he had no injuries. >> coming up, our thursday throe bag with viola davis. >> looked like cleo pat ra on stair roids. >> then, why miley's covered in pup puppies. >> then james corden on baby number three and how demi lovato is helping drug addicts. >> i started out a patient there. i use the color that protects as it colors. excellence haircolor by l'oréal. with pro-keratine complex rich, radiant color and it cares for my hair. no color protects better. or covers gray better. so much care in one little box. excellence crème from l'oréal paris.
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professor mars den in the wonder women, luke evans
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>> i hate being a failure. >> okay, but isn't losing your license because you took a drink worse? >> that's a sneak peek at tonight's "how to get away with murder" on abc. jimmy smits ramping up the drama. >> but we're going to take you back to 1996, because that's when viola davis guest starred on jimmy's hit show, "nypd blue." and there is actually still one thing about that appearance that makes viola blue. >> oh, my god. are you serious? >> the other cop, she was in on it >> i don't know who thought of putting that wig on my head. it looked like cleopatra on steroids. i mean, that is a mess.
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but i remember that day perfectly because i thought i had made it. i literally had a whole conversation with dennis franz. i didn't interact with jimmy at all. i'm sure that if i saw him, i'm sure i froze up. he's a cutie pie. >> viola's finally getting her chance to work alongside sexy smits. he's playing her therapist. >> i'm participating. >> you're hiding, for two sessions now. >> there's a scene that we were shooting, i know a couple episodes ago, where i was thinking, who are you? what are you going to come up with? you're going to pull some kind of dirty rabbit out of the hat. >> the show is notorious for its shocking reveals and keeping it's plot twists secret from the cast. >> you do a read through, and you're like, oh, my god, oh, my god. especially the sex scenes, that's always the most shocking part. >> but the 52-year-old tv veteran says she's just lucky the show's still going strong. >> before this, i was the failed tv pilot queen.
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i did so many tv pilots that made it on the air, was cut after two episodes, four episodes. and, um, i just got to the point of saying -- you know, four seasons with "how to get away with murder" is more than i could ever even hope for. >> she can also hope for a grammy. she has ego, the status. coming up -- >> this is the only way i do interviews these days. >> miley's puppy love and what she's begging her phenomenon say for. plus, demi in tears. >> i lay it all out on the line. >> james corden dropping the mike. >> no one the more shocked than i. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ how good was that, right? lineal richie, kenny rogers singing "lady." that was in 2012. >> lionel is returning the favor. she joined the all-star tribute, all infor kenny rock 'n' rollers. it's in nashville. dolly parton and reba mcentire
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will be there. >> the next country edition of "carpool karaoke." speaking of that, you were with the man that could make that happen -- james corden. >> he is everywhere. he's got another spinoff in the works, "drop the mic" from his popular late night segment. last night, we talked about the show, his rap skills and his ever-expanding family. even though it's the third time around, james is in awe of wife julia. >> i just spoke to her. she's getting in the bath. and to think she's getting in the bath with a human being in her stomach and we're going to meet and we're going to fall in love with it, it's all too much for me. >> and if he wasn't busy enough, he's an executive producer on the new tbs show "drop the mic," where celebs face-off in a rap battle of insults. james takes on nicole richie. >> i asked about nicole, and i think i got my wish, but answer me one question -- which pokemon is this? >> you know something, james? you really are the worst. and i liked your show better when jimmy fallon did it first. >> how do you do all this? >> i don't know. i don't know. it's as mystifying to me as it is to anyone else.
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trust me, no one is more shocked than i. >> "the big bang theory's" kunal nayar and mayim bialik also have a go at it. >> it's my pal mayim. isn't that awesome? she's the former child star who never quite blossomed. >> also on tbs, snoop dogg is hosting a revival of the classic game show "the joker's wild." it features guest stars like michael strahan, who's also an executive producer. >> identify the dance he's doing. roll the clip. >> do you think people are ready for this? >> no. but you know i am always -- i am the unexpected. i get you ready when you not ready. >> and i couldn't leave james without a rap challenge. >> so tbs, and its alright 'cause we'll drop the mike on "entertainment tonight." >> boom! i love that dude. by the way, this week, "carpool karaoke" with james and miley had already been viewed more than 400 million times online. >> it seems like miss miley is everywhere these days promoting her new album "younger now."
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and miley isn't one to shy away from the tough questions and that's especially true when puppies are involved. >> no, don't do this to me. you are just the sweetest. my little puppy. okay, i cant. this is the worst way to have me do an interview. >> miley's right at home, surrounded by a bunch of rambunctious puppies, while trying to answer questions from fans for buzzfeed. >> that's my shirt. what advice would you give your 14-year-old self? never google yourself. i read one time that if you trust and love your decisions, the less you care what other people think about them. >> the 24-year old's always been a big animal lover. >> hi, sammy. >> right now she practically has her own petting zoo with seven dogs, four cats, and three pigs. and she's so attached to her pets, she's skipping out on touring because she doesn't want to leave her pigs at home. ♪ >> i treat them better than my
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own family members. >> next week, "the voice" coach is teaming up with her dad billy ray, who's a mentor for her all female team. >> he brought tears. he's always had the gift of knowing what someone needs to hear. >> so what would miley do if she weren't a singer? >> this, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365. i have to keep the angel. but liam would be so mad. look at you. come on. send to liam. send to liam. please, please. just the little one that's chilling. >> cutest thing i have ever seen. >> i have a feeling they have a new puppy. >> now to your exclusive sit-down with demi lovato. >> i love this woman so much. she is the epitome of confidence these days. and her new youtube documentary "simply complicated" proves she's sorry, not sorry for the journey that got her there. ♪ baby i'm sorry, not sorry >> i just feel like i have a bigger purpose than just singing, and i want to make sure that i use what i have for good.
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>> everything happened so fast. >> demi's new doc is real and raw. >> i'm coming up on five and a half years of sobriety. it's so weird to talk about this on camera. >> seven minutes in, you look at the camera and you say, i was seventeen the first time i tried cocaine and i loved it. how did you find that bravery in yourself? >> when i said that and i looked in the camera and said i loved it, that's the type of honesty that people need to hear in order to protect themselves from possibly going down that road, because drugs and alcohol is so tempting. i went on a bender of two months where i was using daily. i want to prevent my fans from going through the things that i went through. i'm on a journey to discover what it's like to be free of all demons. >> demi is so passionate about helping others live a better life, she's now co-owner of the treatment center she credits with getting her sober. >> i actually was in cast
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centers when i went to sober living, so i started out as a patient there and i now co-own it, so it's kind of come full circle. i feel kind of like a therapist at times, and it's really cool. that i get to be hands on, and i get to be totally honest with these people and help them out in the best way i possibly can. >> and if life gets a little complicated, demi's found the perfect retreat. >> i do have a huge love for brazilian jiu-jitsu. it's like -- it's a new passion of mine. >> do you think you can tap out nick jonas? >> yes, absolutely. >> 100%? >> 100%. >> hilarious. i asked her ant her ex, and could they get back together. she said, you never know. still hope for them. our interview with rock star mama tomorrow, pink. >> i want my kids to see what it looks like to have a mom that's a boss. >> pink telling it like it is on motherhood. >> i would love to get rid of
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some of the mom guilt. no matter what, it's not good enough. that's how we mom now. >> what about marriage? >> i'm hoping carriy asks me for a date soon. >> find out why she never wants to be the queen of pop. >> not going happen.
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"e.t.'s" with dolly parton, talking goddaughter miley. >> she recently said, dolly made country music sexual. [ laughs ] >> find out what the country queen is doing for the first time at age 71. >> it's about time, don't you think? ♪ >> and is she planning another
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"9 to 5" with jane fonda and lily tomlin? >> could there be a reboot with new women playing your characters? >> it'd be like "the good, the bad, and the ugly." >> tomorrow on "e.t." travel consideration provided by -- is. >> before we go, a tune in alertment don't miss the run down with robin thede. >> she is a smart and funny, funny lady. here's what you should expect from her twist on the late night game. >> sketches, music, special guests, and free cocoa butter for everybody. >> your dream guest on the show? >> beyonce. >> isn't she everybody's? >> there's no question. beyonce answer is the -- that's my heart, and it's true. and i'm a bit of a stalker.
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