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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  October 14, 2017 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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ways. >> except i can't sing, dance. >> their first interview togetherle they're madly in love. what's keeping them up at night? >> him sleeping and me going, baby, baby. >> i'm the dolly mama. >> miley's godmother on what she has never done at 71ment then, the 9 to 5 reboot? plus, mark rough low's romance with thor. and -- >> no matter what, it is not good enough. >> this is "entertainment tonight." >> so tune in! >> take a look at all these faces. more than 30 women have come forward publicly to say harvey weinstein sexually harassed or assaulted them. >> now add to that list model turned act tres angie everheart. she explains what happened.
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>> i wake up, and harvey is standing above my bed. and all of a sudden he takes his pants down and starts [ bleep ] and he's blocking the door. >> everhardt told an l.a. radio station weinstein told her not to tell anyone about the incident. the mogul is in arizona right now. he had planned to go to an inpatient treatment center for sex addiction there, but a source tells us he will instead receive treatment at a private arizona residence where therapists will come to him. meanwhile, a lot of people are wondering if weinstein could be charged with a crime. at least 32 women have come forward reportedly claiming they were sexually harassed or assaulted by the mogul. rachel stockman, the editor-in-chief of lawnewz, says charges are possible, but there are a lot of factors at play. >> it's going to depend on where it happened, when it happened, and of course in what state, because different states have different statutes of limitations. >> weinstein's attorney has
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said, any allegations of nonconsensual sex are unequivocally denied by mr. weinstein. oprah addressed the weinstein scandal on facebook, writing, i believe a shift is coming. many in hollywood agree. >> it's been a casting couch town for 100 years, and that has to change. >> i respect any woman who has the courage to come out and say, this happened to me, and i don't want it to happen to anyone else. >> i hope this is a change. i just hope this stops happening and being okay. >> i was really glad that he's being held accountable. >> and more fallout for the mogul -- weinstein's name is being removed from all of the weinstein company's tv shows, including "project runway." you will, however, see harvey's estranged wife, georgina chapman, on "project runway all-stars." the "marchesa" cofounder is a regular judge on the show. she announced on tuesday she's leaving him. >> just to be clear, the new season of "project one way all st stars" was already taped before the scandal. >> let's move on. jennifer aniston has written a lot of zeroes to help victims of the recent hurricanes.
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she just donated $1 million, split between the american red cross and the ricky martin foundation, which is for his native puerto rico. meanwhile, jennifer lopez and alex rodriguez have joined forces to aid those in need. we talked about that, and why they are just so good together, when they sat down for the very first time as a couple. ♪ i didn't see it, but i see it now, i think i love you ♪ >> it's got to be so good how people love you as a couple. >> i think we are very alike in many ways and i think that's what makes it work. i think that's what people respond to. >> we're alike, but i can't sing, dance, and i don't look like her. beside that, we are twins. >> an undeniable chemistry that has now evolved into the ultimate modern family collaboration. >> marc was like, i'm going to
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do a concert down here, and i want you to be a part of it. >> the couple has joined forces with jennifer's ex-husband marc anthony for saturday's celebrity packed disaster relief benefit, "one voice: somos live." >> i called every performer myself. it was a lot of fun to call, you know, gwen stefani or demi lovato or leonardo dicaprio. and go, hey my full-time job is now puerto rico. can you help me out? and i can't even get the sentence out, and they're like, yes. what do you need? >> i've actually seen her nervous and stressed. and super woman never gets stressed. >> what does it look like? what does it look like when j-lo is stressed? >> it looks like this -- him sleeping and me going, baby, baby, baby. i can't sleep. i want it to be right. i know how much the people in puerto rico need it. like, i know firsthand how much they need it. and so i want -- i want it to be good. >> jennifer knows firsthand because her family is from puerto rico. thankfully, her loved ones are safe.
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christina aguilera also raising money for puerto rico. she attended a movie premier of the movie "shine." >> meanwhile, james corden is gearing up for more daddy duty. so how exactly did he break baby number three news to his other kids? topping tonight's "know and tell," corden's family plan. >> how's your wife doing? how are you handling dealing with pregnancy? >> listen, i can't ever talk about how i'm dealing with pregnancy. if i start to say anything is remotely difficult, that would be foolish. she's doing well. she's great. >> julia is due in december, but are their other two kids ready? >> do the others know someone else is coming? >> yeyeah, we told them we were going to have another addition in the exact same place i proposed in london. >> next, mindy kaling's baby news. >> i'm having a girl. >> you're having a girl. >> the 38-year-old revealed the gender to ellen today, but it was her co-star oprah who first spilled the beans about her pregnancy.
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>> she announced it. if anyone was going to announce news about your private life, oprah winfrey is the person. you also can't be like, oprah, zip it. >> yeah, no. >> and finally, prince harry, coming to america. >> can i stay? >> at london's attitude awards, he honored his mom princess diana's work to fight aids. on halloween, he'll attend an obama foundation summit in chicago, the home of girlfriend meghan markle's alma mater northwestern. she wasn't seen last night, but his dapper tux look gave us wedding vibes, and per royal relationship protocol, their recent pda suggests an engagement announcement is imminent. but it likely won't happen before meghan wraps her rumored final season of "suits." >> but that's coming soon. "suits" wraps season 7 next month. keltie knight with me right now. get ready for "dancing with the stars" pro gleb to transform himself into a disney prince on monday night. >> this is not much of a stress, is it?
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i dropped by his rehearsal with his partner sasha. it is disney week. what are you wearing and what are you performing? we're dancing to kiss the girl. ♪ kiss the girl >> "little mermaid," which is super cute. i'm really excited. >> so what's the costume? >> just gleb, prince eric. >> oh. >> naturally. naturally, he's prince. >> and in real life, the "pretty little liars" star is engaged to her own prince charming. >> do we have a date? >> everything is done. i designed my dress in january. i'm not stressed about it at all. >> the 21-year old is shedding for the wedding, and says she's lost more than 15 pounds since joining the show. >> it really is the best workout. i have a lot more energy. i'm feeling great. i'm losing weight, which is awesome, especially for my wedding. >> then you have to go to the boot camp. tell me about gleb's boot camp. >> we used to run together. now sasha just runs.
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>> he reets while i run. >> when sasha started the show, she couldn't do one pushup. >> that's a complete lie. >> maybe one pushup on her knees. now she's doing proper pushup, hands and feet. >> yeah, i feel great. >> she looks incredible. we knead to take a trip to gleb's boot camp. >> coming up -- >> one day, she's like, i'm baby hulk. >> why his kids weren't impressed on the thor set. and his crush an hemsworth. plus, pink on parents pressures and making her
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the edge is opening up about u2 assist struggle tos successes
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>> who says modelling isn't dangerous. that's kate upton tumbling off a rock and into the water during a "sports illustrated" shoot in aruba. thankfully, she was rescued by the crew and came out smiling. >> you know, it's not easy playing a superhero either. but it has its benefits at home. especially if you're hulk. the fact you play the hulk, how does that affect your dad status? i mean your stock has got to go up. >> they're so over me.
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>> are they? >> yeah. but i'm the hulkment i play the hulk. your dad's the hulk! no, they love it. my one daughter is like, i'm the baby hulk. the other one, she was having tough at school, and i said, i hope you dent feel bad about yourself? she was like, no, my dad's the hulk. >> mark and wife sunrise are the parents of three children. they were with him on the set in australia, where the ruffalo kids even got to appear in a scene as background extras. >> how did they do? >> they were like, it was good. i was like you want to do it tomorrow? uh, no. >> one day was enough. >> everyone i invite to set, you can't wait to come to set, and they're there for 20 minutes and they're like, is this what you do all day? oh, my god, it's so tedious. like, yeah, it's tedious for you, not for me. >> the hulk teams up with thor
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for the sequel. mark isn't the only guy who admires him. >> my son s like chris hemsworth, his voice. >> his voice? >> yeah, he's got it all. he's funny, he's beautiful, he's got a great voice, he's talented, he can do drama, he can do comedy, and he's a great surfer. i mean, come on, man. leave a little crumbs for the rest of us mere earthlings. >> mark appeared shirtless in one seen. as a guy, i would be a little intimidated. he was doing pushups and curls beforehand, but really? >> coming up. >> she has 11 cases she's working on. >> stars who married normal people. >> mommy on trying to balance it all. >> she was leak, i never thought i would have to beg you for a cud. >> did that kill you? >> yeah. >> why miley is making dolly blush. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ sweet dreams are made of these ♪ who am i to disagree ♪ check out pink celebrating all things fall last night. she can sing anything. >> so talented. >> her new album is out now.
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she tells nischelle turner she's all too familiar with the struggles of a working mom. >> i want my kids to see what it looks like to have a mom that is a boss. i want to be the best mom in the world. i put way too much pressure on myself. that is how we mom now. it is just never good enough. >> but pink is thankful her rock-star schedule allows her kids, 6-year-old willow and 9-month-old jamison, to travel the world with her. ♪ >> how proud of our mommy are you? how does she have this mom guilt? because look at this little girl who obviously you are her heroine. >> because no matter what, it is just not good enough. >> is she a good big sister? >> she is finally. she likes him. now that he can laugh, she likes him. [ laughing ] >> she thought he was very boring and annoying. at one point she looked at me and said, i never thought i'd have to beg you for a cuddle, with crocodile tears in her eyes. and i was like, oh. >> did that kill you? >> yeah. yep, took about 6 months off my life.
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>> channelling that pain into art, pink's seventh studio album "beautiful trauma" is out today. ♪ beautiful trauma >> "beautiful trauma." i love it, and i need to know where it came from. >> i look at my husband who is this beautiful man who's covered in scars, and every scar is just it's an incredible story of intense trauma that he's survived. >> pink's husband of 11 years is carey hart. carey hart. h e has been her musical muse through thick and thin. ♪ at the same time that i love you, i want to wrap my hands around your neck ♪ >> you said in an article you don't hand your wedding ring back. >> i feel like we have come a long way. i used to throw it. i think i threw it in the pool once, saying to all of his friends, i will never see you again! have a nice life! but he is a good man. >> he is >> and he is super cute.
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>> aw. >> it's a great time for females in music. miley cyrus' new album "younger now" also out, and she got country music legend dolly parton to be on it. so in return, miley paid her godmother the ultimate compliment. >> miley, always just being miley, she recently said, dolly made country music sexual. did you read that? >> no. >> it's hot. >> maybe. back in the day when i would wear my big hair and bobs sticking out, probably. i don't know what she meant, but maybe. i'll take it. >> at 71 years young, dolly isn't slowing down just yet. "rainbowland," recorded with her famous goddaughter, is vintage dolly through and through. ♪ living in a rainbowland ♪ >> it's one song we wrote
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together. she would send me faxes because i'm still an old-timerment >> we say more timeless than old timer. the queen of country recently made headlines when she stepped out on the emmy stage as a presenter with her "9 to 5" co-stars, jane fonda and lily tomlin. >> it led to all the rumors. will there be another movie, could there be a reboot with new women playing your characters. >> they should do that. because if we did it now, it would be more like 95. it would be like the good, the bad, and the ugly. >> now dolly's doing something she's never done before -- releasing her first children's album. proceeds from "i believe in you" will benefit imagination library, her charity that's donated over 100 million books to children in need. ♪ i believe in you >> you have never done a children's book before.
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why is time? why not? >> you never had kids. >> no, when we first got married we thought -- we had names and everything. but as life went on, we never got pregnant. i believe things like that are meant to be, because now all the kids are mine. i'm the bolly mama. >> will you be my dolly mama? >> yes! >> she said yes. i'm getting the paper work together. dolly and her elusive husband carl dean have been married 51 years this year. the secret may be marrying someone outside the industry. it's working for many folks in hollywood starting with its former most eligible bachelor, george clooney. we now think of amal clooney as a glamourous fashion icon, but remember she has a day job as a human rights lawyer. >> the noose around free speech is tightening by the day. >> she has like 11 cases she's
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working on, and she was teaching at columbia. and still she's like, i'd very much like to wear that dress. and it's crazy. >> matt damon met wife luciana when she was a single mom bartending in miami. today they're parents to four girls, and lucy has also become a fashionista. do you have any say in what she gets to wear on the red carpet or does she even consult you? >> no, no, no, that's way above my pay grade. she doesn't want my advice. >> and if "bull" star michael weatherly ever feels under the weather, no worries. his wife bojana is a primary care physician. >> we met, and i just noticed that she wasn't wearing any makeup, her hair was in ponytail, and she was drinking water at a bar, and i thought, who's that? and it turns out she was a medical student. and now she's a doctor and we have two kids. >> "modern family's" julie bowen's husband scott is a real estate investor and software developer. juliana margulies' husband keith is a harvard educated attorney. that came in handy when she played a lawyer on "the good wife." but those racy love scenes with josh charles, she says it was
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all good as far as the spouses were concerned. >> i said to my husband, it's one of those scenes where i don't think you should watch. and he doesn't care. he's like, please i don't care. and he goes, but i'll send sophie flowers. so both partners are on board. it's very sweet. >> that could be a challenge. >> it could be. >> by the way, a couple of other people married to nonhollywood types. chris o'donnell's wife caroline was an elementary school teacher and they have got five kids. ll cool j has kids request his wife when's e-jewelry designer. >> what charlie poout just did on the talk which is never been done before.
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♪ >> "e.t." is behind the scenes of the voice. >> why did you select joe? >> he was a beautiful man. it was purely shadow. >> ♪ time to think about what you want ♪ >> your exclusive sneak peek before the battle round begin. >> that's so cool. >> monday on "e.t." travel consideration provided by -- >> we're going to leave you tonight with charlie puth
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breaking new ground for the talk. >> charlie was the first artist chosen to perform an outdoor concert for "the talk" and we were there. check it out. >> bye, everybody. ♪ you just want attention >> i dont get to play at so many venues. like this where my fans are, just like right in front of me. and you can really, really feel the energy of them. >> listen to his music. i mean, it says it all. it's just he writes great hit songs. >> and you know what it's like? its like when a bee gee and david cassidy and donny osmond rolled up into one person. ♪ you just want attention ♪ >> announcer: these statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or
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prevent any disease. >> hi, and thanks for watching. i'm michael alden. >> and i'm dr. j.j. meier. today we're going to be talking about men's sexual health and performance. our guest today is a former olympic strength and conditioning coach. he has appeared on numerous television and radio programs and has authored several books on health and wellness -- specifically, sexual health. >> recently inducted into the national fitness hall of fame, he believes that sexual performance is suffering because of our stressful lifestyles, our poor diet, and many other factors. he claims that there's an all-natural and simple solution for men of all ages. if you feel that your sexual desire, stamina, and even hardness is not where it should be, if you want to perform better and have more satisfaction... >> in the bedroom. >> ...then you're not going to want to miss this next half an hour. we have a very informative program. so please help us welcome mr. john abdo. john, thanks for being our guest. >> mike, j.j., it's my pleasure. thank you. >> john, you know, we talked about this earlier in the opening. you obviously have a background in health and fitness, in strength training. you've trained olympic athletes.


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