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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  October 28, 2017 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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tonight -- >> hollywood after harvey. >> we are here! we will not go away! >> how the actresses ho brought weinstein down are rising up to bring change. >> we're definitely at a tipping point. then, simon cowell rushed to the hospital. >> how are you doing? >> and selena gomez in tears. her first interview about the kidney transplant that saved her life. >> i don't think what we went through was easy. ♪ are you ready for it taylor swift afs new music video. the secret messages. and the ex she's taking aim at now. who's our next contestant on "the price is right." ? >> come on down. >> i was freaking out. >> only we're behind the scenes at "the bad moms" take over "the price is right." this is "entertainment tonight." the avalanche of women who have come forward against harvey
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weinstein all began when rose mcgowan sounded off against the movie mogul. >> today, rose delivered her first public speech on the issue of sexual assault. it was an astonishing display of fire and emotion as rose fights to change hollywood. >> we are pure. we are strong! we are brave! and rewill fight! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: rose mcgowan raised her the fist in the air and called for the entertainment industry to clean house. >> we are here. we will not go away! >> reporter: the actress, best known for her roles in "charmed" and "scream" -- kicked off the women's convention in detroit. rose was among the women cited in an explosive "new york times" story earlier this month as having settled sexual harassment claims against weinstein. and then, two weeks ago, she claimed on twitter that weinstein raped her. >> the triggering has been insane. the monster's face everywhere. my nightmare.
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>> reporter: weinstein quote une quifly denies accusations of unconsensual sex. >> reporter: actress ashley judd was presented the truth to power award by the women's media center. oscar winner jane fonda is one of the center's co-founders. >> this terrible scandal with harvey weinstein is getting so much attention. i believe it's actually shifted things. i feel things are different. >> my name is rose mcdpou wan, and i am brave and i am you! >> she is so brave. she must feel a sense of relief. she says she has been silenced for 0 years. >> good for her. i'm so glad so many people are stepping forward. moving on to pair of star who is had a couple of health scares. selena gomez opened up for the first time since she underwent a life-saving kidney transplant. meanwhile, simon cowell was
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rushed to the e.r. after an zent in his home. >> how are you doing, sinl? >> reporter: that's simon back at his london home this afternoon, giving a thumbs up. just hours earlier, a scary scene. we're told the 58-year-old was carried out on a stretcher in a neck brace after falling down a flight of stairs. a source close to cowell tells "e.t." simon had not been feeling well. went downstairs to get milk. as he went upstairs, he fainted and fell down the stairs. >> reporter: "e.t." has been inside cowell's three-story london home. we're told his girlfriend, lauren silverman was in new york when today's incident happened. but it's believed their son, eric, a 3-year-old, was inside the home along with some staff. >> you going to be okay? and now, selena gomez's story. >> i don't think what we went through was easy. >> reporter: in an exclusive
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airing monday and tuesday on "today," a tearful selena details her life saving kidney transplant surgery alongside her donor and friend, france ya race -- francia raisa. >> reporter: in may, she underwent surgery. a source tells "e.t." she and francia waited to do an interview until they healed and could do the story on their terms. two days ago, selena dropped her new album, "wolves." the latin name for wolf is lupus. could taylor's new video be about her new man? >> they're loving this. the song is called "ready for it." the answer is, yes, taylor, we are. ♪ ♪ are you ready for it >> reporter: ready to take on
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herself in the most epic of ways. ♪ ♪ are you ready for it ♪ >> reporter: swifties can't stop talking about her skin-tight cyborg silhouette. it's an electrifying look which seems to be inspired by scarlett johansson's character in the sci-fi thriller "ghost in the shell." ♪ in the middle of the night in my dreams ♪ ♪ you should see the things we do ♪ >> reporter: on instagram, taylor posted behind the scenes photos of what is actually a fully covered latex body soout. and then her boyfriend, of eight months, joe alwyn. in the first scene, check out the graffiti. the 89 wez a year she was born. the '91 in yellow could be a reference to joe's birth year. then there's her excalvin harris. the vishls of these lightning
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bolts are a literal interpretation of the lyrics she co-wrote to his song this is what you came for. >> reporter: the overall message, taylor is breaking free. this time, she's at it alone. defeating her toughest enemy yet, herself. ♪ are you ready for it >> and taylor, just appreciation from one woman to another. you're giving body in that body suit. her new album, "reputation" comes out november 10th. she gave her fans a sneak peek. a secret listening session at her nashville home. the fans left with a parting gift. so cool. >> and by the way, speaking of giving, i love beyonce. she helped so many people in need. you know where she got that spirit from, her mama, tina. i saw it firsthand when the family was in houston. lending hand to the hurricane harvey victims. now, tina has another project. i had to pay her a visit to talk about that and the gorgeous new
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grandbabies. >> they're doing great. they're so much fun. it's so cute. i can hardly take it. i'm telling you. >> reporter: andky only imagine how good blue is as a big sister. have she's such a good big sear. >> reporter: tina's totally enjoying her second act in life with husband of two years, actor richard lawson. they first met when tina was still married to her first husband. and pregnant with beyonce. >> look at them. look at these two. look at these two. now, they're partnering up in another way. bringing the arts to underprivileged kids. what will happen in here? >> theater, music. dance, comedy. whatever is in our hearts a desire. this place being a community center. when my kids were fwroeing up, there was a community spernt they wouldn't be who they are today if they had not had that center to go and do all forms of art. you know. >> reporter: mama knowles has the support of her famous
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daughters. >> if my kids had their way, i wouldn't be on any social media. >> do they hate it? >> they hate it. >> do you know you're live? >> walking down the street. >> and i'm like, huh? i don't know how i did that. >> i love her. people love her ore social media. she has over 1 million followers to prove it. just keep on, miss tina. keep on. let's talk "dancing with the stars." victoria and val found themselves in jeopardy this week. for her, making it each week is a huge victory. >> it's hard to wrap your head around the fact that she's succeeding on this show. she still has no feeling in her legs after being paralyzed for ten years. with two dances to perform on monday, rehearsals are all the more challenging. >> it's kind of like driving a car blindfolded with your hand off the steering wheel. >> the scariest thing for me is if her leg starts to spasm and
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goes exorcist. just goes the other way. >> reporter: val's also looking out for the 23-year-old outside the ballroom. >> she wants to go the halloween parties together. i haven't seen this much cleave vaj in awhile. >> he's protective. >> i'm protective. >>. >> reporter: are the suitors coming after you? >> it's been interesting. >> a celebrity. no comment. >> reporter: meanwhile, val is partnered up with troupe dancer jenna johnson. he's not quite ready to put a ring on it. >> i don't feel the pressure. i feel excited. i can't wait to be a father. i would love to have kids. >> i was thinking it might be a jenna-val holiday engagement? >> the holiday season is sacred. >> like spring. >> maybe. >> keep me posted.
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>> i love them together. >> can you imagine the first dance at his wedding. up next, a rare interview with wynonna rider. >> wow, that's crazy. >> what she's saying about doing a "betlegeuse" sequel. and then, our julia roberts 50th birthday flash back. our time on set with julia 50th birthday flash back. our time on set with julia before "pretty woman" fame. want to remove stubborn makeup in a snap? 50th birthday flash back. garnier micellar cleansing water for waterproof makeup fame. is up to the challenge. garnier micelles act like a magnet. to gently remove stubborn makeup. with no harsh rubbing. in just one step. perfect for sensitive skin. micellar cleansing water from garnier.
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we're getting an new song, jigsaw. the star talked about relaunching the franchise.
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music]
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♪ we're working on it. where everybody wants to do it. so we're kicking around ideas. and there's a lot of great momentum so my fingers are crossed that it will happen. >> us, too. big little lies david e. kelley giving us a glimmer of hope for a second season. he was honored by the ol hly
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wood foreign press as a tv game changer. here's a tv show that changed the game for me. stranger things. i love this show. it's timely back. "e.t." online was with the cast. including wynonna ryder and a nearly unrecognizable millie bobby brown. >> we waned to do something crazy and creative. we accomplished that. >> reporter: the 13-year-old rocked a mature long and straight style. her kark's shaved scalp is replaced by curly locks for season two. >> i think the story line is funny. i'm excited for it. >> reporter: stranger things is one of netflix's most streamed throws. the young stars got a big raise for season two. they got a bonus and we hear they make $30,000 an episode. >> freedom. i can talk about. >> reporter: two more seasons are planned after this one. what's the best way to enjoy the nine new episodes?
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>> how should the fans bin tj season? >> i think there should be food. >> candy is always a good choice. sugar keeps you going. >> it's very dangerous, binging. i'm very guilty of it. >> reporter: wynonna ryder returns as will's mom. can you believe it's been nearly 30 years since she said this famous word. >> beetle juice. >> it's showtime. >> wow, that's crazy. >> could we see you appear in the sequel? >> i don't know. that keeps coming up. we'll see. >> so that's great news for beertjous fans. for stranger things fans, let the binging begin. come on now. we got our halloween costumes ready to go. locked in. >> what are you talking about. i wear this all the time. this strange thing. you like it? >> you look great. >> i only had time to put on one sock, though. >> what? >> still ahead. julia roberts turns 50. we'll celebrating her milestone
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birthday with a look back at her very first "e.t." interview at age 21. >> whatever happens happens. i'm the same as i was before. theen, mila, kristen, kathryn. we're behind the scenes as the "bad moms" take over "the price is right. zblt . >> i had an out of body experience. closed captions provided by --
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i would do it pretty fast. >> do it. [ screaming ] >> i don't know that i could do that. the ladies of "a bad moms christmas" finding out what is in the box. that's crazy. >> it's a little crazy. i would like to see you play that game. >> not a shot. camer cameron spent a lot of time with these ladies. they're game. >> that includes living out their childhood fantasies. >> mila kunis, kristen bell and kathryn hahn in your new convertible. >> reporter: hey, bad moms, come on down! look how excited you are getting from the name tags even. >> i'm saving this forever. >> so much energy in here. everyone is freaking out. >> for the record, i was 1414.
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i said i learned english by watching "price is right. >>". >> i had an out of body experience. this is amazing. my 9-year-old self was like, ah! >> reporter: monday on cbs, the three "bad moms" are living their dream by being spokesmodels for the day. ask you all for techniques i witnessed firsthand. showing off the prizes. >> great prize worth $12,172! >> if you could teach me. you had some nice -- >> i did. >> gentle. >> a jazz hand every now and again. don't overuse it. >> sprinkle it. sprinkle it in. >> $10,000, $10,000. $10,000. [ screaming pchld. >> they were great, man. they added energy. they were superfun. had just the right attitude for "the price is right." >> reporter: the audience was treated to an advanced screening of the movie where the three deal with all that holiday stress and pressure.
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and the stars loved helping contestants play the game. >> wasn't this amazing. >> it was for me. and i did nothing. >> i'm still like, what just happen snd this was incredible. >> not only having a blast. durable commercial breaks, they would test themselves out on the games. they killed it. cleaned up. >> having fun. well, somebody we almost feel is like our best girlfriend, julia roberts. of course. she turns 50 tomorrow. can you believe it? we're celebrating this pretty woman by flashing back to her very first "e.t." interview. >> whatever happens happens. i'm just the same as i was before i made "mystic pizza." before it came out. >> reporter: julia was just 21 and "mystic pizza" was the girl from georgia's first big hit. >> 160 bucks. are you out of your mind? >> i'm going to return it. after i've worn it. >> reporter: in this dinner scene, that's a very young matt damon. on the set, the cast and crew planned a surprise for julia's 20th birthday.
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>> while we were shooting a scene, the camera was on me, they all broke out in a song. upon action, they sang happy birthday to me. much to my surprise. >> reporter: a year later, we were on the set for her first starring role in a little film called "pretty woman." >> whose is that? what is that? she's a prostitute. you know, essentially. well, mom. it's a disney movie. oh! >> reporter: julia quickly became one of the highest paid actresses in hollywood. and was awarded the best actress oscar in 2001 for "erin brockovich." >> it was all kind of a dream, a mystery, and a wonderful -- push-up bra, let's be honest. >> reporter: over the years, we've seen julia transform her looks. but she's always had that megawatt smile. she married cinematographer danny moder in 2002 and together, they're the parents of three kids. i heard you said you're trying to do just one role a year because you enjoy your time as
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mama. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> really? >> how does that feel? >> correct. >> that's the perfect answer. it is. fitting that next week, we're with julia as she promotes her 50th film, wonder. speaking of wonder, this week, on "the voice" it was a win on team miley on the itunes charts. >> yes, my team. addison and her partner's song entered the top 100. meanwhile, cyndi is still making music today. our correspondent was in the studio with the '80s pop icon who is still showing her true color. ♪ girls just wanna have, that's all they really want ♪ >> reporter: at 64, cyndi still having fun rocking that pink hair. is there a typical day in the life of sicyndi lauper?
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>> yes, because my dog, gordy, likes to eat at 8:00. ♪ if you're lost and you look and you will find mow ♪ >> reporter: but what you might not know, this woman who was born to stand out, was once hiding a health issue. >> i had psoriasis. i was very, very sick. >> reporter: now, she's teamed up with novartis helping others with the disease through their see me to know campaign. >> to hear their stories. how they dealt with it. you're not alone. you don't have to be invisible. ♪ hope is what you came for i'm not writing a song called "hope." i'm not doing that. the first thing i did, i wrote a song called "hope." you gotta give people hope. >> reporter: so what's next for cyndi? she's bringing "working girl" to broadway, designing her own clothing line. and keeping her health a priority. >> i work out. you have to exercise. i want to be fit. and strong. >> we love her so much and wish her the best. >> yeah. >> absolutely. >> 100%.
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are country song chris lane and tori kelly music's new it couple? that's next.
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a true force of nature. just like you. burt's bees. ♪ love so soft kelly clarkson is going from pop to soulful on her new album. >> all the singers that influenced me. i wanted to make an album that aretha would make now. or mariah. or whitney. >> i hear happiness. how does it feel to be in that place? >> i'm at an amazing point in my life. >> what does this new "voice" coach think about the new "american idol" team? that's monday on "e.t." promo considerations provided by --
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well, before we go, country cutie chris lane takes tori kelly home the meet the parents. >> it's all for chris' new music video, take back home, girl. >> bye, everybody. ght now, it's. a paid presentation from meaningful beauty by cindy crawford. (female announcer) with special appearances from some of your tv favorites sharing their number one skin saving secrets. (male announcer) plus, a stunning before and after story from today's special guest, lori loughlin. (female announcer) at age 52, the star of full house and much more says her skin seems to be looking not older but younger thanks to friend and supermodel cindy crawford.


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