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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 9, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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so many people out here tonight have a great time for an even greater cause. thousands showed up not just because of the amazing line-up that was offered here.. but because it's supporting a cause that is now so close to the hearts of man bay area residents. concert has been going strong for about three hours now.a lot of california grown artists donating their services..metallica of course.. and raphael sadiq who is from oakland.. and kicked off the show at 6.dead and company, dave matthews.the concert put on to raise money for fire victims.. and to honor first responders.. who were given free tickets for the between sets.. several big name atheltes including joe
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montana and barry bonds honor some of those heroes. and remembered those who lost their lives in the fires.we spoke with people who came down from the sacramento area.. from san well as those from the heart of the devastation about what this coming together means to them. rich sedgwick/sheriff and concert (pam) it could take years for some people to restore their lives... to what they knew before the fires. tonight there are many efforts underway to help provide some relief to the north bay firestorm victims. some big and some small.... but all are appreciated.. kron4's charles clifford is
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live tonight from santa rosa.. where one restaurant is doing what it can to help.. charles? (pam) last week, kron-4
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viewers responded in a big way to help victims of the firestorm . our viewers donated more than 272-thousand dollars to help the victims. 238-thousand dollars of donations came from calls during our 'live' telethon with the salvation army.. the rest through contributions made on kron four would like to thank everyone who donated. (steve) tonight we are tracking one more round of rain headed for the bay area. this is a live look at san
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francsisco -- a break from the wet weather today. i'm here with chief meteorologist brittney shipp -- what's ahead for tomorrow? tomorrow? for what's ahead brittney shipp -- meteorologist chief i'm here with lingering showers will remain possible over the region today with another weak system dropping into the north bay overnight producing additional rainfall. drying conditions return region-wide on friday and saturday with seasonable temperatures. another system will bring rain to portions of the region sunday night into monday.
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(steve) make sure you have the kron-4 mobile app to track the storm... . we'll also keep you updated on breaking news when it happens in your neighborhood through push alerts. (pam) another big story has been more than 26- years since the deadly 'oakland' firestorm... 25- people were killed and hundreds of homes were destroyed ... and now, with the latest firestorm in the north bay..alameda county is taking action ... there is now a new alert system ... to warn people when a disaster strikes.. kron 4's gabe slate shows us how it works. (steve) new at 10. san francisco... has suspended the entertainment permit of an excelsior
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district bar...where a deadly shooting occured in may. the suspension will last 30 the request of the district supervisor. la oficina...located on missions street... was the scene of a shooting that killed 30-year- old alvaro palma. security guard david sanches ...was arrested and charged for the shooting. he remains in custody tonight with bail set at $10 million on charges.
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(steve) new at 10. san francisco... has suspended the entertainment permit of an excelsior district bar...where a deadly shooting occured in may. the suspension will last 30 the request of the district supervisor. la oficina...located on missions street... was the scene of a shooting that killed 30-year- old alvaro palma. security guard david sanches ...was arrested and charged for the shooting. he remains in custody tonight with bail set
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at $10 million on charges.
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stewart when stweart fired. the geney-montez family complained the video was released to the public before they had a chance to see it... a video they say clearly speaks for itself. (grant) santa clara police said they agree with the da's findings. and in a text message, a spokesman for the da's office said that " any contact with law enforcement that ends in a death is a tragedy." .. (pam) defense attorneys rested their case today.... in the trial of the man accused of killing kate steinle in san francisco. jose garcia zarate is accused of murdering steinle along pier- 14 back in 20-15. prosecutors have not presented
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a motive for the shooting... and are not required to prove that zarate 'meant' to kill steinle. however, prosecutors áareá required to prove that he fired the gun intentionally. defense attorneys argue that the shooting was an accident.... they say, it happened after zarate found and picked up the gun on the pier. that weapon had been stolen from a u-s bureau of land management ranger, several days earlier. (steve) a group of south bay car enthusiasts are taking matters into their own hands. they say they're tired of side shows creating a bad name for them all... kron4's ali reid has more on what they are doing from san jose. (pam) coming up 'new' at ten:a
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hit-and-run ... like you have probably never seen before .... why the pedestrian in this case is actually the one in trouble.. and ánotá the driver.. (steve) then - comedian louis c-k is the latest star facing disturbing allegations... tonight - what five women are now accusing him of.... (pam) and next:police say, these teens are doing a whole lot more than just playing around.. the crime they say this video proves...
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happening now:campbell police want your help to trackdown these teenagers.. police say the teens are police say the teens are burglary suspects -- and are even seen carrying the stolen items in this new video. kron4's haaziq madyun has the details on the alleged crimes. you are looking at surveillance video of a group of teenagers suspected of being involved in a pair of residential burglaries here on el patio court in cambell. burglaries are not unusual in the south bay town but the large number of possible suspects, seven, that is a bit of a surprise says campbell police captain gary bergsot the burglaries took
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place back on monday october 30th at around 10am. investigators say residential surveillance cameras in the area shows one of the teenagers holding a key piece of evidencesot campbell police say the teens are likely local, randomnly chose to burglarize the two homes, which sit side by side on the quiet block, investigators have limited descriptions of the possible suspects other than what you see heresotif you think you recognize someone in these videos campbell police would like to hear from cambell haaziq madyun kron4news
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(steve) also happening now: danville police are are looking for these three people connected to a car burglary. ut burglary happened on october 20th in the fountain springs area of danville.they suspected thieves were last seen last on surveillance walking into a nordstrom rack in concord. (grant) some new video tonight... showing a very unusual type of hit-and-run... typically when a car hits a pedestrian it's the driver who might speed away...and police want to find that person...but not in this case... we want to warn you some viewers may find the video disturbing.. this happened in bellvue all starts with a teen boy standing at a street corner... he goes into a three point stance like he is getting ready for a race....he takes off full speed across a very busy street - and runs right into a
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tesla s-u-v that was going 35 miles per hour.. the teen got up and took off ...but he caused some major damage to the side of the tesla.... we'll play it one more time and slow it down just a little... now police want to find this teen because they say he broke the law... according to police anyone involved in a colission that causes damage to a vehicle... is required to stop and exchange information -- even pedestrians. (pam) a season of disastrous hurricanes has ended ... but a new report says, millions of americans are at still at risk of losing their homes to flooding. the danger is global warming. the real estate database zillow= dot= com says, entire coastal communities, from coronado to miami beach, will be wiped out if the
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oceans rise by six - feet. as kron4's catherine heenan shows us, the east coast is in the greatest peril. sfxmiami, new york, tampa, fort myers and boston.zillow says those five metropolitan areas have the most to lose from a six=foot seal level will suffer the worst, with nearly half a million homes underwater, including more than 80 percent of miami beach ... total loss more than 200=billion dollars. in the new york city area, including long island, 180=thousand homes, 123=billion dollar loss. nationwide, zillow estimates that one point nine million homes could be underwater within a few decades ... those homes worth nearly one trillion on the west coast, southern californa will suffer the most costly losses:45=hundred homes worth more than seven and a half billion dollars in newport
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beach.coronado in san diego county, more than two billion. huntington beach, just a bit less.and malibu, where just 247 homes are in peril ... their total value is more than one billion.for unexplained reasons, the zillow report does not mention the bay area. but other scientists have predicted that a six=foot ocean rise will turn parts of richmond into an island and flood the sacramento valley. ( steve ) live look outside tonight (pam )brittney is here .. she has the four zone forecast... lingering showers will remain possible over the region today with another weak system dropping into the north bay overnight producing additional rainfall. drying conditions return region-wide
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on friday and saturday with seasonable temperatures. another system will bring rain to portions of the region sunday night into monday.
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(steve) still ahead:why the california n-double-a-c-p california n-why the california n-double-a-c-p says it's time to get rid of the national anthem. (pam) but first..explosive allegations against an already controversial republican senate nominee... accusations involving a 14- year-old girl..
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sexual harassment in hollywood.... the new york times reports, five women are now accusing comedian louis c-k of sexual misconduct in work- related situations. the allegations involve c-k touching himself inappropriately, in front of the women... or asking them if he could do so. one of the accusers says, it happened while they were working on "the chris rock show" in the late 1990's. c-k's publicist says, the comedian will not respond. tonight's premier of his new movie called - "i love you, daddy" was canceled, as has an appearance by c-k on "the late show with stephen colbert." (steve) explosive new allegations about inappropriate sexual encounters - detailed in a washington post report -- about the republican u.s. senate candidate in alabama -- roy moore. there has been a lot of reaction today from capitol hill -- as well as from moore himself. reporter kristen holmes has the latest from washington.
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sen richard shelby /-r- alabama: if the revelations-- if that's true-- then i don't believe there'd be any place for him in the us senate.sen. john thune/-r- south dakota: the allegations if true to me means he needs to step aside sen luther strange/-r- alabama: it's very very disturbing what i've read about republican lawmakers reacting to explosive allegations against their u.s. senate nominee in alabama--roy moore after a damning washington post report alleging that while in his thirties---moore initiated a sexual encounter with a fourteen year old-- as well as pursued three young women between the ages of sixteen and eighteen.moore responding on twitter-- blasting the quote liberal media lapdogs-- and indicating he would not be dropping out of the race "we are in the midst of a spiritual battle with those who want to silence our message...our children and grandchildren's futures are on the line. so rest assured - i will never give up the fight!" the special election for now attorney general jeff sessions open senate seat is just weeks away. and according to alabama state officials-- there is no process in place to replace
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moore on the ballot should he decide drop out or have his nomination withdrawn by the state republican party. john merrill/al secretary of state: the code in the constitution are very clear about his candidacy and that is that judge moore will remain on that balllot as the republican nominee.democrats now closely eyeing the once seemingly unattainable washington, i'm kristen holmes. (pam) coming up -- if you have a kid -- they probably have one... but tonight, there is a serious health concern being raised about certain 'fidget spinners' sold at target. (steve) then - how music star taylor swift is going after the northern california blogger who claims her lyrics are tied white supremacy... (pam) and next:another bay area school district's drinking water ..... undergoing lead testing.. tonight - what parents need to know to get access to the results..
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oooooooo... awwwwww... yummmm... denny's new holiday pancakes are delicious. you guys can have some if you want. order now at denny' tap water is being tested
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for lead at all schools in the oakland unified district.(pam) kron4's maureen kelly reports... testing kicked off today at five schools... including one, where lead contamination was found earlier this year. water coming from some drinking fountains and faucets
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at mccymond's high school is being tested for the second time this year. that's after elevated lead levels were found at this location and 9 other schools by tests conducted by the school district.a district spokesperson says the good news is , the containmentation has been isolated to the fixtures the exposure to students was's not in the pipes which so would it means is that when you run the water for even a few seconds out of what it one of these water fountain heads or possibly a fossett basically all that lead is gone, it clears out that's how that works.most of the problem fixtures have been removed and replaced.and those that havent' been this cafeteria faucet you see covered by a trash bag, are out of commission.the district has also put out water machines out in the hallway at mcclymonds were staff and students can fill east bay mud officals will conduct their own independent tests. they're kind of giving us asecond doctors opinion of our water and it's really going to provide better peace of mind for our students parents and staffnews that their tap water will be getting a little bit more scrutiny is going down easy with the mcclmond's
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social worker.i mean that use a sense of security to the staff students and the community additional supports are here and that way we know for definite sure you know everything will be ok(maureen) in addition to mcclymonds high lead testing was also completed today at bella vista allendale and chabot elementary schools as well as bridges academy those test results are expected back sometime next week maureen kelly kron4 news (steve) the oakland unified school district has already conducted lead testing at roughly 70 of their 82 schools. we have the results of those tests posted on our website, kron4-dot-com. (pam) a safety alert for parents tonight... after a new study reveals high levels of lead .. in 'fidget spinners'. the non=profit group- the cal-p-i-r-g education fund... tested two 'fidget spinners' sold at target stores. this is one of them. their lab results
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showed... the products contained lead levels more than 3- hundred times higher than the federal limit. the group says, it alerted target and the toy's manufacturer-- bull's eye toy. but claim, both responded by saying, a 'fidget spinner' is technically 'not' a children's toy ... and therefore not subject to legal limits for lead. they cited the consumer product safety commission ... which reiterated that 'fidget spinners' are not classified as toys. (steve) another big story tonight...there is an ongoing hunt in the north bay .... for any 'fake contractors' - who might be trying to exploit fire victims... state authorities want to be sure that those who have lost homes and other property -- aren't victimized yet again. they want people to realize that at a time like this - when there's lots of money to be made after a disaster -- not everyone who offers help is legitimate. to get the word out..workers from the the contractors state license board are putting up signs in the burned out neighborhoods of the north bay..
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stephens - state licensing board - there's all kinds of schemes these guys try. you know, most of these people are victimized,they're completely shocked and stunned. they've lost everything. these charlatans come in from out of town or wherever and offer to take all their debris away, to clean up their lot. they offer to give them back their lives and that's what they really want. people don't know - they don't know that they should check and see if these guys are properly licensed. even if they are a licensed contractor.>(steve) he says people should always be suspicious and ask lots of questions...they should ask to get a contractor's license number - which can then be checked. all contractors are required to wear a small pocket license card - and you can also ask to see that. to do contract work in a declared disaster area without a license is a felony. (pam) rising above challenging times... despite
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the north bay firestorm severely damaging their santa rosa high school... the cardinal newman football team has made it to the playoffs. even though, at least one hundred students and staff members lost their homes in the firestorm... kron 4's terisa estacio reports... for many right now.. the focus is on football. practice was cold and wet and not on their home turf but no one here seemed to mindnikko player, lost his home. yeah, we don't mindsince the tubbs fire erupted burning down half of cardinal newman high school plus thousands of homes including those of 10 players on the football team - the 2018 season has not been an easy one.kyle. i watched my home burn down.and it wasn't just players, but coaches that lost everythinglynn meister, coach. it is gone, but you must have a good attitude. yet - with the team scoring a seat in the first round of the playoffs - come friday night, it has certainly boosted the spirits of everyone.paul , coach it has really helped. football and playing together has united us during this tough time. win or lose it doesn't take away the pain
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felt by many of the players. will player yeah, it has been tough, emotionalbut a win and an advance and even a chance at the state championship would certainly feel great. nikko. i am optimisticterisa estaciokick off for the game friday against kennedy highschool of fremont is and the game is being held at santa rosa high school.
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(steve)in national news.. for the first time since announcing in september....tha t former n-f-l star aaron hernandez had c-t-e... a boston university doctor has shared the specific findings from his brain autopsy. the doctor and her team have examined more than 100 former n-f-l players' brains for the neuro-degenerative disease. they found his c-t-e... was one of the worst cases they've seen in someone so young. the 27-years-old hanged himself in prison in april....while serving a murder sentence. he was found to have had stage three c-t-e. the doctor pointed out the parts of his brain most affected by the disease included areas that controlled memory, judgment and emotion. but she she can't say for
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sure whether his behavior was a result of c-t-e. (pam) o.j simpson was kicked out of a las vegas hotel... for reportedly being drunk and unruly... t-m-z reports, last night, simpson became disruptive at a bar located at the cosmopolitan hotel.. the report says, simpson got angry at hotel staffers... causing glasses to break at the bar. security showed up and removed him from the hotel simpson cooperated with authorities... still.. we are told he has been permanently banned from the cosmopolitan hotel.. (steve) an attorney for taylor swift has reportedlysent a cease and desist email to a sacramento blogger. as reporter eric rucker reports.. the pop superstar says the blogger tried to connect her music to white supremacy. (steve) that was eric rucker
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reporting... (grant) happening now:the california n-double-a-c-p says the national anthem is racist... and should be replaced. the group's president says the n-f-l protests prompted her to analyze the lyrics of the song. and she discovered a reference to slaves in the "star spangled banner" deep in a verse... that we don't typically sing. the lyric goes: "no refuge could save the hireling and slave from
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the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave." n-double-a-c-p officials believes that celebrates the deaths of slaves who fought for freedom. (grant) huffman supports replacing the national anthem with a new one that she says should support all of our values. . (pam) coming up new at ten:a lot of people are paying the price for the north bay firestorm... even those who do not live the burn area.. after the break: stanley roberts shows us how he was able to help a woman who hit a roadblock with a planned move...
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(pam) new at ten:a solano county resident caught in a consumer dilemma. (steve ) not a north bay fire victim .. but is being asked to pay the price a higher price for renting a truck.stanley roberts looks in to the problem nats: sound keyboards this is lisa reed from vallejo and she had a problem. she was moving from vallejo to napa. the key word has had a problem allow lisa to explain i went on the budget truck rentals website to reserve a truck for our move lisa was able to reserve the truck online for 222 dollars and some change. she
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even had a confirmation number. however when it came time to move she received a phone call from the rental company letting me know that they didn't have a truck available for me anymore because they had a low inventory due to the fires, and i wasn't happy with that i asked them to try and find me truck somewhere else. they told me that they couldn't, there were no trucks for me. her move date was set in stone. but she says when she tried to rebook online the price unfortunately was slightly different. let's just say more than lisa could lisa came up with a plan that in her mind she thought was totally doable. she contacted the rental company's inventory manager i offered some solutions for him, i told him that you know my dad lives over on the coast he could pick up a truck on the peninsula or on the coast if you have one available over there as long as you guys waive the mileage for us since we're having to drive further to napa with the truck
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but they never got back to her. so when all else failed you reached out to me because i want your help (laughter) because im hoping you can help me figure this all out and help me get a truck at a fair i headed straight to vallejo to check with the moving truck rental company in question the manager who did not want to go on camera says it is just a case of supply and demandnats: ambiance i had an idea, across the street from this budget is a u-haul, and after taking to the manager. nigel singh. i found a way for lisa to complete her move so lisa what's going on? so umm they are helping me out with a round trip it's a smaller truck but they are going to include an 100 milesbasically, lisa got a 17 foot u-haul truck for about 140dollars including insurance oh u-haul added one hundred free miles are you happy now lisa, i am happy i really appreciate your help and u-hauls willingness to help me as well i called lisa about a week after her move. she told me she made the move on the scheduled date and all is well thank you, nigel and u-haul for stepping up and helping vallejo stanley roberts kron 4 news
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cowboys star running back, ezekiel elliott's six game suspension is back on. the second circuit has denied elliot request for injuction... terminating his stay from earlier this month. he will start his suspension this sunday against the falcons. elliott's next court hearing is scheduled for december first... meaning he won't be allowed to play for the next four games. this could affect the raiders playoff hopes... as of now, be allowed to play until week 16... a week after playing oakland. but if the players association are able to win the appeal... he could return by a week before
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playing the raiders. oakland has 27th ranked defense against the rush, while third best rushing offense down in santa clara... the jimmy garoppolo watch continues... c-j beathard will start this week against the 1-8 new york giants. this week the 49ers rookie has taken about 85-percent of the snaps. kyle shanahan says he like the progress garoppolo has made this week... but doesn't want to rush the former patriots quaterback to take the field. shanahan believes jimmy g will be on the field rather than later. everyone wants to see garoppolo... that even his wife has been putting pressure on him. as for the rest of the n-f-c west. seattle travel to the desert to take on the cardinals. the seahawks playing without earl thomas
10:48 pm
due to injury... have now lost richard sherman for the rest of year. the pro bowl cornerback ruptured his achillies in the third quarter seattle up 15-10... russell wilson... had one of those plays... that if you root for seattle your happy... but if not you hate it. he scrambles... makes something out of nothing... doug baldwin makes the catch... takes it 54 yards... inside the cardinals five yard line. next play -- wilson goes to jimmy graham for his second touchdown of the game seattle wins 22-16... improve to 6-3 (2nd in division)
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the giants had a terrible year, but their core... is at least still winning. buster posey wins a silver slugger... it's the fourth time he's won it. the silver slugger award is the top offensive award in mlb. on tuesday, brandon crawford won his third straight gold glove the u-s men's national soccer team will not be in russia this summer for the world cup but that is not stopping adidas from unvieling the official match ball. the ball will be called... telstar 18. the design is honoring homage to the classic white and black balls used in the 1970 and 1974 world cup finals. adidas is selling the ball for 165 dollars
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stores.- chase is also giving customers a hundred fifty bucks after you spend five hundred the first three months. "it's more of a nice thing to have when you've got that maybe unexpected trip and you can throw it on points and not put a big dent on your budget."
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but great things happen in new york city's war on crime the worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the major case squad. these are their stories. you couldn't wait ten minutes to sell this place out from under me. she's barely in her grave. i didn't sell the house. mom did last fall. what? who's going to buy this dump? some developer's putting up offices. she got a good deal. oh, this is perfect. you know, you're really something, you know that? you never come out to see her, and you're going to stand there and complain that she sold the house so she could have a little something to live on? i'm upset, okay? i just buried my mother. what is it, ricky? you get kicked out of your apartment again?


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