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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  November 27, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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very romantic. he got on one knee. >> reporter: prince harry told the bbc he proposed to meghan earlier in month on a cozy london night, while the couple cooked dinner. >> she didn't let me finish. then it was, i have the ring. ky give you the ring? she goes, oh, yes, the ring. it was a nice moment. it was just the two of us. think i managed to catch her by surprise as well. >> reporter: the 36-year-old actress confirmed she's putting her career in show business behind her to focus on her new duties as a royal. >> i don't see it as giving anything up. i see it as a change. >> it's a new challenge. >> it's a new chapter, right? >> reporter: before today's interview, harry and meghan made their first appearance together as an officially engaged couple, posing for photographers in the sunken garden at conditionsington palace. >> meghan, how are you feeling? >> can you show us the ring, please? >> reporter: we got the first
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look at the ring. harry designed it himself. >> it's yellow gold. it's her favorite. the diamonds on the side are my mother's jewelry collection. to make sure that she's in on this crazy journey together. the ring, with everything else going on, i'm sure she's -- >> she's with us sflp i'm sure she's with us, jumping up and down somewhere else. >> reporter: and harry's fatherers trins charles is clearly deslighted. >> congratulations. what you to think? >> we're thrilled. for both of them. we hope they'll be very happy indeed, is allky say. >> the family together have been absolutely full of support. >> reporter: meghan will likely be known as her royal highness, the duchess of sussex. here's where they'll be staying. in nottingham cottage on the ground of kensington palace. >> children? >> not currently. no. of course, one step at a time. hopefully, we'll start a fmly in the near future. >> just what kind of wedding
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dress will she wear? >> say yes. >> say yes to the dress. whoo-hoo. >> she looked at a va variety of style for her show. >> we brought so many princess dresses. >> saying her personal style was a lot like rachel. her eye zeal dress would be classic and simple, perhaps with a modern twist. >> it's inspished a lot of things i wear in real life. at this point, i haven't been able to keep any of rachel's clothing. fingers crossed that changes. >> expect the creator of her royal gown to be kept supertop secret. have she could choose a british designer. an american designer who would be championed by the new american member of the royal family. >> nobody knew that kate muddleton was wearing sarah burton for al zan ra mcqueen until she step out of the car. and princess diana's gown was
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kept under lock and key until the public got this first glimpse. white kate and diana are british born. meghan is 100% american. >> l.a. is my home. born and raised there. >> her father was a hollywood lighting director. >> i grew up on the set of "married with chir" every day after school for ten years. it's a perverse place for a girl that went to catholic school to grow up. >> she's going to have to follow the law in terms of becoming a british citizen. there's though special favors for members of the royal family. >> a graduate of northwestern university in illinois, meghan was a serious student. >> i double may jord, theater and international relations. i worked for the u.s. embassy for a bit. >> instead of a career in diplomacy, she chose show business. she was a model on "deal or no deal." >> meghan, open the case. >> she is a gourmet cook. she once taught matt lauer to do
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grilled romaine salad. >> we can take this over the grill. >> these look really nice. they look really good. >> very exciting. >> it is exciting. >> while, harry and meghan haven't announced a date yet. they're making sure the wedding doesn't happen anywhere near the due date of prince william and kate's third child. and kate shows off her growing baby bump at an event on friday. the baby is expected in april. >> i know things are crazy at meghan's ma ha's house. meanwhile, no engagement yet for ben affleck and lindsay shookus. >> are you still eating leftover? leftover turkey? >> i'm sorry? >> good. >> reporter: enjoying their long thanksgiving weekend, ben and his girlfriend, lindsay shookus, got their caffeine fix together in brentwood. the two kept it casual while
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walking to his parked rolls royce. ben and his ex, jennifer garner, have a modern family approach to co-parenting. jen told cam about hosting ben for thanksgiving. >> ben's mom, chris, will be this town. >> yeah, okay. >> and if she and ben will take the kids an just let me cook. it is heaven for me. and "modern family" is exactly how gwyneth paltrow hashtagged this photo. that is her ex-husband, chris martin, and current fiance, brad falchuk. they look completely at ease while enjoying sunday brunch as a consciously blending family unit. now to justin timberlake and jessica biel's date night in beverly hills. >> what's the chance -- >> jessica, how you doing? you look great. >> no super bowl secrets being revealed just yet. the two coordinated in red black, and gray style. the couple's 2-year-old son silas was at home. but earlier that day, he was instrumental in helping justin burn off those extra thanksgiving calories with a set of pushups. >> reporter: with a polite >> one. two. three.
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>> all right. let's not forget to talk about one of my favorite couples. kevin hart and eniko parish. they day bud kenzo. and then, how about this? his first black and white selfie. >> you're never too young for a selfie. tomorrow, we'll have kevin in hawaii. he's promoting his new film and talking baby kenzo, too. let's move on to a baby who is all grown up. reese witherspoon's daughter. >> ava with ex-husband ryan philippe turned 18. she officially debuted on the worldwide stage. >> reporter: with a polite curtsy, ava made her mark in the social circles of paris, leading the first waltz at the annual charity gala "le bal des debutantes." >> i alternate between crying and feeling very proud of the woman she's become. >> reporter: cool mom reese was totally proud mom. she arrived with hubby jim toth, and filmed her mini me being
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escorted by a 19-year-old pro polo player and member of india's royal family. ava's gold giambattista valli haute couture gown with fitted bodice and poofy skirt was perfect for her dance to "la la land's" oscar-winning score. ♪ >> reporter: and when the college-bound high school senior wasn't posing with mom or other debutantes, the teen had a just like us moment, swapping her strappy black heels for some comfy white hotel slippers. >> she's my best friend. we do everything together. it's going to be hard for her to leave. >> yeah, i mean -- >> how does the prom match up to that. >> you don't need a prom after the deb tant ball. up next, behind the scenes of tyra's tiger transformation. did she scare her baby boy. >> he's like, mama, mama. then, harry styles rocks victoria's secret. he reveals his biggest fashion
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influence. you'll never g
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a holiday movie classic gets a new twist. jane crakowski and may ya
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♪ did you miss me? >> tyra banks is back as host of "america's next top model." she left the show in 2015. she'll be front and center for the 24th cycle. which starts next year on vh-1. she does it all the. >> does she get extra hours in day that we don't get? >> i don't know. she never has tark circles. >> top model. america's got talent. and a single mom. she's ferocious. ♪ somewhat the significance of this tiger today? >> i call my fans tigers. with a "y."
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and, the creative director of "paper magazine" he said, girl, i want to turn you into a t-y-g-e-r. >> reporter: this fierce photo shoot by the numbers? one five foot long wig. five different sets of fake nails. and three sets of prosthetics, including teeth and this nose. hundreds of sequins went into this tiger mask. >> i've never done pros thet ix in a glamorous way. however, i have done prosthetics where i was turned into a 350-pound woman. and a man. when they transformed me into a man, i was attracted to myself. i was like, wow, i look kind of hot. >> reporter: tyra's transformation is for "paper" magazine's new "break the internet issue" on stands tomorrow. does your son understand when he sees your photos that it's you? that it's mom? >> my son 100% knows who i am. he goes, mama. >> no way. >> he can tell. or in the same day, i come downstairs with no makeup on and a head rag on, he's like, mama.
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then i get transformed into this. mama. it's like, weird. >> she gave up an update to her sequel to the disney movie with lindsay lohan. she's interested. but nothing has been signed yet. and a new music competition. we're with "the four's" new judge, meghan trainor. which superstar singer just signed on to join her? plus, we're with jennifer hudson before her big christmas performance. is she cooking up a surprise? >> adam and blake don't know nothing about that. i'm sure of it. mm-hmm. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ ♪ bruno mars, 24 karat magic live at the apollo, the first tv
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special for him, airs this wednesday. he performed atop the famous apollo marquee. >> don't forget, bruno rocked the victoria's secret fashion show last year in shanghai. tomorrow, it's harry styles' turn. he reveals style inspiration. >> i think my music and fashion influence was early shania twain. ♪ man i feel like a woman >> she's amazing. >> reporter: now that he mentions it, we can kinda see it. and we know he means it. because we spied harry rocking out to some shania before hitting the runway. >> i've never played a fashion show before. it's a privilege. it's definitely fun to be here. >> reporter: music is a big part of this show. on stage and behind the scenes. it's how angel lily aldridge calms her preshow jitters. the play list?
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it doesn't include hubby caleb followill's band, kings of leon. but her bestie taylor, she's on it. what are you listening to? >> the hamilton sound track. >> really? >> yes. and i'm also listening to miguel's song. and harry styles' song. and i have taylor's album on here. >> reporter: but for fellow angel adriana lima, her backstage ritual hits a personal note. >> it's ofortuna. ♪ this song is so important to me. my first fashion show, i was 15 years old. i walk with the song. to this day, every show that i walk, i listen to this. >> reporter: you know in addition to harry, miguel hits the stage and brings the heat. and leslie odom jr., of "hamilton" fame, also joins the show. the fashion show in shanghai airs tomorrow night on cbs.
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meanwhile, tonight on nbc. a double dose of jennifer hudson. first, on "the voice." and then, a very pentatonix christmas. we're on set with jennifer, the the definition of a working mom. >> one minute, i'm in a chair on "the voice." the next, i'm at my son's school, what's going on. >> reporter: do you walk into school like that? >> yes. and it's not jennifer hudson. it's ma ha hud then. i have to see what is going on with my baby. >> reporter: but her baby, 8-year-old david, is growing up fast. >> he says, mommy, stay inside. i watch him. >> reporter: as for her day job on "the voice "? >> i'm kind of overly passionate about it. don't know if y'all noticed. but i am. turn it off. turn it off. what are you staring at? i ain't never seen nothing like this. oh, well, welcome to j. hud productions. >> reporter: you'll be hearing jennifer tonight after "the voice" on pentatonix's second annual christmas special. i stopped by as she recorded her duet with the a cappella group.
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♪ how great thou art ♪ how great thou art pentatonix and i met at this past summer at an event. we kind of like fell in love with each other. >> when i was a kid, i won a competition to sing with her. the swine flu broke out. they canceled the concert. >> would you ever have pentatonix on "the voice." ? >> oh, my gosh. that would be amazing. adam and blake don't know nothing about that. i'm sure of it. >> let me tell you something. pentatonix live is incredible. you add jennifer hudson into the mix. she's one of those once-in-a-lifetime voices, it goes to another level. >> and we have "american idol" to thank for that. in january, get ready for another music competition show. fox's "the four." battle for stardom.
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>> we can reveal that fergie has signed on to host. h show is loaded with lots of famous faces. >> and only nischelle turner is with "the four's" new judges. including meghan trainor. ♪ if i was you i'd wanna be me too ♪ >> you look ridiculously great. >> my boyfriend and i work out so hard. >> reporter: it's been a hot minute since we've caught up with meghan. she's gone from redhead to blonde. slimd down. she's been dating "spy kids'" star daryl sabara for a year. and she got a new gig alongside republic records exec charlie walk. dj khaled, and diddy. >> he goes head to head with -- "american idol" and "the voice." >> it's a dream of mine to do this. to be a judge on one of these shows and to help the new artists. >> i'm calling it the the four corps. ♪ because you know i'm all about that bass bout that bass ♪
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>> you are mentors. who was a mentor to you? >> j. lo was great. she does everything. sam smith was like, if you can't sing that night, you gotta cancel the show. >> reporter: we goat the exclusive invite inside the first photo shoot with the four. and guess what? dj khaled was this close to being the next judge with these guys. >> khaled was about to pursue something with "american idol." and i said that i'm trying to build a superteam. i said i can't do this. i can't return to tv without you, baby. >> both you all are fathers now. does that go into what kind of judge you're going to be? >> i'm going to give you that good will have. that tough love. that criticism. i'm going to be hard on you. but i'm going to let you off. >> me, i'm going to be everything. everything that's great. tune in, january 4th, on fox. >> i can't wait for this. >> that's going to be fun. coming up, move over kardashians. who is the reality star that
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caused jennifer lawrence to go full fan girl? that's coming up next. next on kron-4 news at
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eight: a series of deadly crashes over the holiday weekend --- one claiming the life of a 10 - year old girl. new concerns for one east bay city after hundreds gather over the weekend for a sideshow. i'm steve aveson i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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sfx: squeak sfx: stair creak
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sfx: clink sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling sfx: slice sfx: gasp sfx: inhale. exhale. sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic scrape sfx: grunt covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care. miss universe is -- south africa. >> demi-league nel-peters won. she plans to spend her year-long
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reign promoting self-defense. >> i was hi jacked and held at gunpoint. ly not be a victim. >> unlike 2015, he announced the correct winner. >> you think it's hard to be a judge, you ought to try hosting this thing. promo considerations provided by -- tomorrow on "e.t." -- why is michael weatherly going wild in the streets of new york? >> i don't mind if i do. all in a day's work. what are you shooting? what you doing there? >> tomorrow on "e.t." tomorrow, the nominations for the 60th annual grammy awards will be announced. we're kicking off our own grammy coverage from our absolute lime green room. it could be a big day for our
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man ed sheeran. he had one of the biggest selling albums of the entire year. >> kevin, such an exciting day. see you tomorrow, keltie. speak of exciting. jennifer slaurns a fan of the housewives series. >> i have to document it. >> lisa's daughter captured the moment. lock at the smile on jennifer's face. looks like she won an oscar. spl so much fun seeing her be so real. and happy birthday to -- >> our director, brian campbell. >> someone we couldn't do without. >> cut to the shot. >> happy, happy birthday brian. >> we love you. bye, everybody. now at eight ... she was a
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good friend with everyonea
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deadly crash takes the life of a ten year old girl in the east bay.... just one of the fatal accidents marring the star of the holiday season, whooshi smelled major gas throughout the whole neighborhood. an explosion and evacuations after a gas line ruptures in san franciscowe are live at the scenewhooshthe survivor of a great white shark attack shows us what happend to him in the waters of monterey bay,whooshwomen going to this national chain of massage parlors say they were the targets of sexual assault"i covered myself and i shouted, 'what? ...and he kept saying i'm sorry. please don't tell anybody, tara. (steve) now at 8. a 10 year old girl died in one of the bay area's many gruesome car crashes over the holiday weekend. thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson. (pam) and i'm pam moore. this fatal accident


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