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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 7, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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sounding unsure about a settlement,i always remain hopeful/see if we can get back to workwhooshnew destruction in southern californa as more wildfires explode south of los angeles.25 hundred acres with no containment."whoosheast bay parents react to the possibility that budget shortfalls may force the closure of their children's elementary school .whoosha deadly accident killed her downstairs neighbortonight thhis woman tells kron four about the simple device that saved her and her roommates. and we just installed it in october
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continues to halt services -- like city libraries and even trash service===you can see garbage piling up on some streets(catherine) thank you for joining us i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore.(steve) and i'm steve aveson. the city and the union did return to the bargaining table on thursday for the first time since monday but the union says the city's last best and final offer is offensive kron-4's dan kerman is tracking the strike and joins us live from oakland city hall with the latest oakland strike thursday 120717 8 insertsotwe are not happy at all, the city's approach was offensivean angry reaction from the negotiator representing nearly 3000 striking oakland city workers to the city's latest contract proposal, a last best and final offer which they say offers no room for negotiation ááásot rob szykowny/union negotiator 18-28it is the city's intransigence seen again here tonight , take it or leave it, do you want to compromise with us no, just swallow it and that's the problem and why unfortunately
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we are going to be out tomorrow unless the city does try to re engage with us to try and fix this mess they have created.thursday afternoon striking city workers took to the streets again demanding the city hear their call for a fair contract oakland's mayor appeared cautiously hopeful an hour later when she announced the city had a proposal and the two sides would be returning to the bargaining table ááásot libby schaaf/oakland mayor 52-102of course mydesire is this strike is over and we return to labor peace that our great city workers get back to doing their incredible jobs, but its more important that we keep this organization stable, that we don't put our self in a position where we will have to lay off workers or cut valuable city services in the futurebut the union represening these employees says the city's final offer doesn't address a host of subpar working conditions and while they know it's a final offer, they plan to offer up a counter proposalsotwe're going back to the union hall right now, we will right up a new counter proposal and get
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back to the city has fast as we can and hopefully get people back to work, but right now we're on strike and we're going to stay on strike 139/stay on strike (catherine) the smoke intensifies here in the bay area...the source of that smoke and haze -- the wildfires in southern california -- continue to rage.. we're getting new numbers that paint a tragic picture...439 homes and buildings destroyed in the ventura county fire alone. and today...two new fires
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began . one in riverside county...and one in san diegdo county. grant lodes joins me now...and things are getting a lot worse as we look at this map....?(grant) early this morning there were four l-a and ventura counties. the thomas fire in ventura by far the biggest and most destructive. but now...these two new fires to the riverside and san diego counties... and the new fires are obviously further stretching fire crews...who are already weary after waging intense battles now for more than 72 hours... this is a live look from above... late this morning the lilac fire erupted...along the 15...about 45 miles north of san diego.
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at least 20 homes have been lost and two people suffered burn injuires. the 3,000- acre fire is racing west toward the vista and oceanside areas. there are still three fires burning in los angeles county...and the small one near bel air and the getty center is no longer an imminent threat to property... it's the thomas fire up in ventura county that is the monster here. flames keep devousing land and property... again we just learned that 439 homes and buildings have been destoryed there since monday night...85 others...damaged... as the acreage grows to 115 thousand. the santa ana winds were not as powerful today as was predicted, fortunately, but we're by no means in the clear...the red flag warning keeps getting in efect until sunday night.
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we'll keep you posted..catheirne and steve. thursday...the quiet weather pattern continues across the san francisco bay area and central california coast this afternoon. an upper level ridge remains parked over the west coast, bringing plentiful sunshine and above normal afternoon highs region-wide. visible satellite imagery does show areas of smoke aloft over the central coast this afternoon as winds between 850 and 700 mb (approx 5,000 to 10,000 ft msl) have a southerly component. high temperatures this afternoon will max out in the 60s and 70s across the region with some areas in interior monterey county approaching 80 degrees. this equates to about 6 to 12 degrees above early december climatological normals. (steve) parents at an east bay elementary school are worried that their school
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district will close their school and transfer their kids as part of a plan to meet next year's budget. (catherine) kron 4's gabe slate joins us live in hayward. gabe, what school might be affected? bidwell elementary school on fairway street in hayward that is where parents are worried. at this point the school district is exploring different ideas to help with their budget. even though nothing is for sure. at bidwell parents are on edge they their school could be the first one closed if the district needs to consolidate. ericka novaro has a second grader at bidwill elementary school off fairway street in hayward. she is one of the many parents i spoke with here who has heard the school district is exploring different ideas to help with next years budget. one of those ideas they heard about was the district consolidating
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schools which could lead to the possibility of bidwell being shut down. bidwell has less students than some other nearby schools but ericka says that is one of things that makes it great. melena has a 1st grader here the hayward school district is facing a tough budget next year due to growing retirement contribution rates. there will likely have to be cuts made somewhere they are looking at all possiblities including staffing, slarries, supplies, special progrmas. but no decisions have been made yet. been made yet. decisions have but no progrmas. but no decisions have been made yet.
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(steve) in another east bay school district --- teachers are rallying tonight against what they call "morally wrong" cuts. the oakland unified school district is facing a potential shortfall of 15 million dollars. if that is the case....the district is looking at broad cuts. now teachers are rallying tonight outside the school board meeting. the oakland education association is asking the district limit the cuts to one point two million dollars. the
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board is supposed to make a final vote on the cuts next wednesday. (catherine) happening now... investigators are trying to identify a body found in sunnyvale. this morning a bicyclist reported seeing a body in the water along the san francisco bay trail. a dive team from the sheriff's office removed it....and authorities are working to identify the person. no details have been released yet - including the gender of the person. (catherine) a child has been shot and wounded in oakland.... the little girl was with one of her parents when it happened... it happened on simson street in east oakland just before 9p-m on wednesday. the child was in a car near mills college when a bullet hit her. her family rushed her to the hospital.. (catherine) tonight some of the people who live in that neighborhood are looking for help from police in dealing with what they say is a rise in gun violence... kron4's haaziq madyun has the story. sot
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reveal identity: "i heard about five gunshots. i heard a lot of screaming after it happened">what happened in this neighborhod? a little girl received a non- life-threatening gun shot wound during a shooting wednesday night just before 9pm here on the 6500 block of simson street in east oakland sotconcerned neighbors say gun violence...was...unusual in this once a quiet neighborhood that recently took a turn for the worse when new residents moved onto the block. two people i spoked to asked not
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to reveal their identities oakland police say they have no suspect information nor do they have a suspect vehicle description. investigators say the motive for the shooting is unknown. also unknown is whether or not it was the parent or targeted. sot
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(catherine) to the south bay now where a theater worker has been accused of inappropriately touching two young girls during a production of the nutcracker.
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(steve) as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, morgan hill police have alerted several areatheater and dance groups about the potential for other victims. sergeant troy hoefling/morgan hill police"....his actions are that of a sexual predator...."morgan hill police sergeant troy hoefling is talking about this man, 36 year old kevin cole, of newark, who is accused of touching two girls as they changed costumes backstage during the south valley dance production of the nutcracker being staged here at anne sobrato high school in morgan hill.sgt. troy hoefling/morgan hill policepolice said cole is a sound and lighting contractor who has worked on productions for several morgan hill area theater and dance groups including 'music in motion.," run by michele moyer who has worked
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(catherine) firefighters believe a
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faulty water heater is behind a carbon-monoxide death in san francisco. it happened this morning at a home in the city's bernal heights neighborhood. a tenant called firefighters...after the home's carbon monoxide alarm went off. when crews arrived - they found one man dead..... and four other people suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. kron four talked to a woman who lives in the upstairs unit... (sot) two firefighters were also exposed ...but they're okay...and later went back to work. (catherine) back to work.later went okay...and they're exposed ...but were also firefighters two two firefighters were also exposed ...but they're okay...and later went back to work. (catherine) a warning
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tonight ...after a jump in the number of deadly mushrooms that have been found - sprouting across east bay parks.(steve) park officials warn these mushrooms are so poisonous...they can kill you. they're the death cap and the 'western destroying angel' mushrooms. the death cap usually has a greenish-gray cap...and the 'western destroying angel' has a creamy white cap. the mushrooms can also kill animals. people are being encouraged to keep a close eye on their pets while exploring any east bay parks. now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o.kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp is here now with the forecast thursday...the quiet weather pattern continues across the san francisco bay area and central california coast this afternoon. an upper level ridge remains parked over the west coast, bringing plentiful sunshine and above normal afternoon highs region-wide. visible satellite imagery does show areas of smoke aloft over the central coast this afternoon as winds between 850 and 700 mb (approx 5,000 to 10,000 ft msl) have a southerly component. high temperatures this afternoon will max out in the 60s and 70s across the region with some areas in
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interior monterey county approaching 80 degrees. this equates to about 6 to 12 degrees above early december climatological normals.
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new ahead at 8 flu activity soaring in the united states---the regions seeing an uptick in cases. also....senator al franken bows to increasing pressrue.. his announcement today that he's resigning... and who he was calling out. ((gary sports tease))"coming up a little bit later in this broadcast....a big honor for the stanford star running
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back...we'll tell you about mr. love's hardware...also, if you're into the nba...the two most talked about rookies went head to head...that's coming up...and the usual stuff...49ers, raiders...what's a few minutes..."
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(catherine) senator al franken, democrat of minnesota....announcing his resignation. he's bowing to pressure after being accused of touching women inappropriately. more than 30 democratic senators were among those telling him to quit.. . reporters swarmed franken as he left the
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capitol today. as he announced his resignation today --- franken didn't apologize,... but he did mention the president.. president trump was repeatedly accused of sexual assault during his presidential campaign. franken also mentioned alabama senate candidate roy moore.... who faces accusations that he pursued relationships with teenagers while he was in his 30s. (steve) the house has passed a bill to prevent a government shutdown this week. it's a two week resolution that will keep federal agencies operating through december 22-nd. money for government programs was set to run out at midnight friday it pased in the house with only 14 democrats. that's unusual because these measures usually pass with bipartisan majorities. house minority leader nancy pelosi said democrats planned to oppose the bill due to its lack of funding for their domestic priorities. ahead at eight.. in the fight against raging wildfires --- crews are bringing in a new resource---
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a supertanker. plus... an 11 year old faces a life threatening situation during lunch a school aide stepped in and saved his life. and next. two dogs behind a deadly mauling - are now in animal custody... how they were tracked down. ((steve))here's what we are tracking new tonight at nine... nine
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two dogs suspected of fatally mauling a chihuahua in san francisco's crocker amazon neighborhood last month... are now in the custody of san francisco animal control. (catherine) kron4's maureen kelly reports that people in the neighborhood are relieved to hear that the dogs have been captured... this is video taken of the two pit bulls on the loose right after the attack on novemeber 20th. police say the two dogs ran up to a 52 year old woman walking her chihuahua joey.the woman picked up her dog, and then the two pit bulls jumped on her, knocking her to the ground here on the 600 block of brunswick. they then attacked the smaller dog with such ferocity that the woman was pulled across the pavement as she held on to her dog's leash. the woman's who's son in law took this video to help
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in their capture says he was shocked by what he was bad, a lot of blood and knowing the dogs were tearing apart the dogs it was awful. jowie was rushed to the pet hospital where he died. the owner has flyered the neighborhood looking for information on the whereabouts on the two pit bulls and their owner, who was spotted leaving the scene. the operator of the corner market says jowie's owner adopted him three years ago after the death of her husband and is devestated by the loss.she has no one in her life it's that dog was special to her she doesn't have kids it's like her babythe pit bulls were picked up by an animal control officer today after they were alerted that the two dogs have been in custody of the peninsula humane society sinced the day of the attack after someone reported seeing dogs on the loose.that has dog walkers here relieved.that's good to know, i feel bad for the dogs but something must be done.the dogs will be the subject of a vicious and dangerous dog hearing in the coming weeks. police are looking for help identifying their owner. if he or she does not come forward it's likely the animals will be put down. maureen kelly kron4 news
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(catherine) to southern california now....where new wildfires erupted today. and new evacuations were underway.. you're looking at live pictures right now. fire crews just can't get a break from the fierce santa ana winds.. and they're struggling with 6 major wildfires. at least 20 homes burned in a san diego retirement community -- in what's called the lilac fire. another of the wildfires described as growing dangerously fast. this fire started late this morning... and it's already
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destroyed dozens of buildings.. and has threatened many more. (steve) meanwhile fires are raging in los angeles and ventura counties they're growing in size and all under 30 percent containment at this hour. in just one of them - in ventura county - we're hearing that at least439 homes and other buildings have been destroyed. the wind- whipped blaze has burned nearly 180 square miles there... tonight - fire crews say they've made good progress, but that thousands of homesare still threatened. the thomas fire even shut down part of highway 101 in santa barbara county at one point.. (steve) southern california needs all the help it can get... and a huge help is on its way. as the wildfires burning in southern california continue to grow - the governor's office of emergency services enlisted the help of the global supertanker, a former passenger plane. the tanker is now the world's largest firefighting aircraft. the boeing 747 can carry
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19,200 gallons of retardant. an eleven member crew that has been on standby since wednesday were finally able to head down to southern california thursday afternoon. (steve) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(catherine) kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us with a look ahead thursday...the quiet weather pattern continues across the san francisco bay area and central california coast this afternoon. an upper level ridge remains parked over the west coast, bringing plentiful sunshine and above normal afternoon highs region-wide. visible satellite imagery does show areas of smoke aloft over the central coast this afternoon as winds between 850 and 700 mb (approx 5,000 to 10,000 ft msl) have a southerly component. high temperatures this afternoon will max out in the 60s and 70s across the region with some areas in interior monterey county approaching 80 degrees. this equates to about 6 to 12
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degrees above early december climatological normals.
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(steve) crosswalks are designed to give pedestrians and sometimes bicyclists a safe way to cross busy streets... (catherine) drivers are required to yield...but the pedestrians and bike riders also have to follow certain laws....and use some common sense. i've lived here for 15 year and every day i hear tires screeching people yelling, therehave been car accidents numerous times because the cars not stopping to see the people in the crosswalk that was jessica she is crossing putman blvd. in walnut creek but not in the crosswalk why because she says she feels safer outside the crosswalkin fact here is a woman and a
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child who also preferred to not use the crosswalk this is an interesting crosswalk and to some residents it's also a very dangerous one .. i'll let jessica fill in more of the blanks a lot of the bikers don't even stop for the crosswalk they kind of keep going there are actually stop signs one on both sides for bike riders at the as the cross over from the contra costa canal trail so to prove a prove a point this rider has stopped and is waiting to make sure its safe before crossing then the rider goes but most of the riders simply throw caution to the wind and roll across sometimes without even looking nats: ambiance as it relates to pedestrians the cars drive too fast and they don't stop for the people in fact, i did a quick radar survey and despite the speed being 30 miles per hour i had cars doing 38 and 39 miles per hour and one was caught at 43 jessica had a brilliant idea the get flashing lights at the crosswalk but there is a small problem . you see on the left of the screen is walnut creek and the right is pleasant hill
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when i email pleasant hill to see if we can have something done about the crosswalk they informed me that contacted walnut creek to fund the other half crosswalk and they say they do not have the funds to do so a lighted crosswalk would be an bright idea since at night the crosswalk is invisible at night it atrocious i live here and i know these people are crossing i've seen how they just jet in front of you they don't lights on they don't have reflectors you can't see them you can tell if someone is in the crosswalk based on my observations . i think it's safe to say this crosswalk and the driving, walking and biking habits makes it dangerous on putman blvd. between pleasant hill and walnut creek stanley roberts kron 4 news
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tonight at 9 oh the logos (yes) i don't want to get in to it with the taxis, whenever an app based driver is in service they are required by law to display something called a trade dress but are they we will take a closer look in the next edition of people behaving badly. still ahead at 8. jaw-dropping video at a new jersey mall --what a guard was trying to do when a car started dragging him and next. a woman says her son was suspended for confronting a bully. why school officials say they did it..
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(steve) an arizona mother is outraged after she says her son was suspended when a bully initiated a fight with him. (catherine) school officials at laveen elementary reviewed a video of the fight and decided that both children participated equally...
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the mother, breanna thornton - says this is just the latest example ofa bullying problem that the school knew about. she says her son loves school, and would never have initiated any sort of physical confrontation. "the boy would threaten my son that if he didn't bring bags of chips to school for him, he would beat him up. he was attacked the first time in may." school district officials ay they have ways of handling any bullying problems....but couldn'toffer specifics. now the student who made the honor roll and won the 5th grade spelling bee - is afraid to go back. (steve) new at 8 police say shoplifitng suspects in new jersey dragged a security guard with their rented s-u-v... while trying to escape the scene . take a look. video surveilance cameras caught the trio leaving the parking lot of the shopping center... in a rented white nissan s-u-v...dragging a store security guard as they sped off. the security guard
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...suffered a concussion...but is ok. police say the three suspects ..are all women.. .and stole merchandized fron a lord and taylor department store. new jersey officers are searching for the trio tonight. (catherine) in sports -- stanford star running back, bryce love is honored as one of the best college football players in new york city today. (steve) plus -- giants it's not looking good. according to a report tonight -- marlins slugger and reigning national league m-v-p, giancarlo stanton is not sold in becoming a a giant. our sports director, gary radnich has a full report and all the sports coming up.
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(steve) new tonight at 8. an 11 year old boy in new york is alive tonight thanks to a school aide. (catherine) the woman knew exactly what to do when she saw the boy choking during lunch time in the school cafeteria.(steve) cindy hsu talked to young student and the school aide about those critical moments which saved the boy's life. natsot"i started to choke"a frightening story from 8- year-old joseph elsis who was rushing to finish his hamburger at school last week. joseph elsis, student:"i took too big a bite and started choking. i just ran up to miss josephine like this even though i didn't know that was the sign."josephine catanzaro, school aide:"i just instantly
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grabbed him and gave him a couple heimlich maneuvers it took like 3 or 4 before the food actually came out."joseph elsis, student:"and then i choked it up and it looked like a a big piece of chewed up ham /laughter/."joseph can laugh about it now, but admits he was scared and his mom calls josephine her son's guardian angel.brigida elsis, joseph's mother:"this could have went differently in a blink of an eye i could have lost him and i'm so thankful and happy that josephine was there and that she was trained to save him."cindy hsu, reporting / standup bridge: "there are signs all over the school showing how to perform the heimlich maneuver and josephine had learned it years ago in first aide training." josephine catanzaro, school aide:"you think you're never going to use it. it's s rewarding you saved someone's life it would have been devastating if i wouldn't have been able to."at least 2 staff members are required to be certified in the heimlich, cpr and defibrillator. there are 6 people trained at the louis desario school.joseph bonomi, asst. principal:"we tend to over staff because we have very young population and we like to be safe rather than sorry."josephine showed us what she did.josephine catanzaro, school aide:"so you place your fist between his
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belly button and his rib cage. with my other hand i press inward and do it a couple times until the food is dislodged."joseph says he knows how lucky he is.joseph elsis, student:"she saved my life."reporter: "is that about the best holiday gift you could get?"joseph elsis, student:"yes."josephine has three grown children and says joseph now feels like her little son. (steve) according to henry heimlich's website... a person who is choking only has about four minutes before experiencing asphyxia, brain damage or even death. so quick action is required. doctor heimlich devised the treatment in 19-74.. he died last year at the age of 96.
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the giants might need to move on from giancarlo stanton sooner than expected. according to ken rosenthal of the vertical -- the national league m-v-p is not sold on joining the giants or cardinals. stanton is willing to wait for the dodgers or yankees. the marlins slugger could end up playing in miami for one more season... and then wait for
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los angeles and new york to make a push for him in the offseason. stanford running back bryce love is a finalist for the heisman trophy which will be presented tomorrow in new york citybut tonight love won the "doak walker" award given to the nation's best running back love who accepted the award wearing a crushed velvet cardinal jacket is the 2nd stanford player to win the "doak walker" the other was toby gerhart in 2009love rushed for 1,917 yards and 17 touchdowns despite battling an ankle injury much of the season oklahoma quarterback baker mayfield who is the favorite to win the heisman easily out- pointed love to win the "maxwell award" for player of the year(sot: love) the raiders head to
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arrowhead stadium on sunday to face the chiefs. wide receiver, amari wide receiver, amari cooper... who is still dealing with an ankle injury... missed practice today. khalil mack and raiders defense will have a big test against kansas city. the chiefs are the sixth best offense in the n-f-l. the last time the raiders played them... they scored 30 points. since oakland fired ken norton junior as defensive coordinator the defense a lot better. over the games -- they've forced 3 turnovers... after not the first eleven weeks. raiders acting defensive coordinator, john pagano knows facing chiefs top wide receiver tyreek hill will be a tough test "pray. pray a lot. he's fast and he's fast, and you gotta have what we call, he is a true game wrecker....he's got speed that gets over the top...he's an explosive dynamic player that can change a game, which we've already seen before and we gotta understand that coaching those points of how these guys get down field a certain way, so we gotta do a good job of defending it..."
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after jimmy garropolo's performance against the bears in chicago last sunday everyone is excited for the quarterback's future as a 49ers. they are even starting to compare him to joe montana."i think i've done a pretty good job of that my whole career. i try not to listen to any of the outside stuff. the joe montana comparison, i think it's a little early for those. it's only been one game.we are both italian. so, we have that in common. but, i think it might be a little early. we've got a good thing going right now. we've just got to keep working hard and keep improving every week and keep this thing going in the right direction." for this week's lexus experience amazing ultimate highlight we go international. cristiano ronaldo wins his fifth ballon d'or award today. the award goes to the world's best soccer player....and with his fifth trophy...ronaldo ties lionel messi of argentina as the only two players to receive the honor five times. the portuguese star and messi have
8:51 pm
won it for the last ten years. ben simmons took the first game against lonzo ball round two was
8:52 pm
entire different story. lakers in philly taking on the 76ers -- los angeles came into the game with five straight losses. lakers up by 10 -- simmons... spin move... dunks (simmons: 12 pts, 15 ast, 13 reb) 76ers down by 5 -- joel embiid on brook lopez... lays it up.... lakers were up by 16 at one point (embiid: 33 pts, 6 ast, 7 reb) game tied at 104 -- lonzo drives down the baseline... kicks it out to brandon ingram for a three. (ingram: 21 pts, 6 ast, 7 reb) (lonzo: 10 pts, 8 ast, 8 reb) lakers win 107-104 the warriors have a chance to make history tommorow night against the detroit pistons. they have never won six straight road games in a single trip. today the team practiced at the university of detroit mercy... it's the alma mater of assistant coach, willie green. golden state will face a detroit team that's lost their last four with steph curry being least two weeks -- the warriors will need to rely durant and klay last night against the charlotte hornets -- triple double... rebounds... 10 assists. thompson head coach, steve kerr is expecting the big role against the pistons. "i think the
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continuity of being together for many years now helps in (catherine) still's turning out to be a particularly nasty flu season in some parts of the country.details on which states are being hit hardest... (catherine) sfx: tinny headphone music
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sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant.
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be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. for health insurance starting january 1st, enroll by december 15th. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today. winter is in the air and
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so is flu season - especially in the southern part of the u.s.... the c-d-c says...flu activity...which has been increasing since the start of november, is now higher than usual for this time of year. five children have died, and nearly 600 people have been hospitalized with flu-related illnessessince late november. some of the hardest hit states include - georgia, louisiana, massachusetts and oklahoma. health experts are reminding people to get their flu shots. (catherine) the pantone color institute has revealed its pick for color of the year ---for 20-18.(steve) drumroll--please... it's ultra-violet. pantone says the deep purple hue evokes a counterculture flair, orginality, and visionary thinking. also adding that it is an optimistic color intended to bring "peace and calm" (catherine) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(steve)
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grant lodes is here with what we are working on for kron 4 news at 9. ((grant))that's right catherine and steve....a tragic story out of san man is dead...of apparent carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless and deadly. tonight we talk to authorities about the best places to install carbon monoxide detectors to keep you and your family safe. plus..raging wildfires devour 500 homes in southern california, and tens of thousands are still in danger. where the new fires are popping up, and why crews are having a hard time fighting the flames.((grant))plus...the smoke from those fires, starting to creep into the bay area, forcing officials to issue a spare the air alert. your four zone forecast is coming up.keep it here...kron 4 news at nine is next.
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(grant) a dire situation in southern california as six large wildfires continue to batter the area. thanks for joining i'm grant lodes... (catherine) and i'm
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catherine heenan, in for vicki liviakis.... nearly six- thousand firefighters are taking a beating -- as weather conditions help fuel the flames... and two new fires erupted today... one in riverside county...and one in san diego county.(grant) this is what we know right now...a total of 141-thousand acres have burned. 500 homes have been d 23-thousand more are threatened.... nearly 200- thousand people have been evacuated... reporter omar jimenez is in ventura county where the massive thomas fire continues to burn. from the air -- and the ground -- thousands of firefighters tirelessly work to combat the dangerous fires.cameron carlson: "it was a firestorm. it was crazy"fast moving flames race across hillsides and through neighborhoods consuming everything in it's path."terrible. it's gone." mother nature


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