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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  December 13, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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♪ tonight -- make lg markle continues to jazz up the royal family. >> i just see it as a change. >> challenging tradition. breaking protocol. what she's doing this christmas that kate never dared to do. >> an added member of family. then john stamos baby news. >> if i don't have a kid soon, i'm going the explode. >> what he's saying about becoming a first-time dad at 54. the rock gets his star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> what do mom my and daddy say? >> i you. >> i love you. >> we open it up. it's $1 million. >> why clooney gave suitcases of cash to friends. and -- ♪ snet. >> "the pitch perfect" stars gone wild. ♪ i like big butts and i cannot lie ♪ this is "entertainment
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tonight." what is year it's been for meghan markle. she got edge gauged to a prince. she was the second most googled person on the the planet behind matt lauer. she's closing out the year with a royal christmas celebration. >> and meghan and prince harry won't tie the knot until may. she's shaking up how things are done in the royal family. the news of meghan's invitation is a huge change this royal tradition. the palace confirmed today, quote, you can expect to see the duke and duchess of cambridge, prince harry and miss markle at sandringham on christmas day. royal expert katie nichol says the inveation is unpres denned. >> it's always been the case the the h the past that only murrayed couples attend chris mat at sandringham. she'll be the first in being a
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royal fiance at christmas dinner. >> this was the queen and her family leaving church this 2010. kate middleton did not attend that year. >> it wouldn't have been protocol for kate to have gone. yes, they were engaged. but she had always made it clear she wanted to spend her last christmas before she got married with her own family. >> reporter: but there kate was the following year in 2011 after she married into the family. yesterday, kate showed off her growing baby bump while handing out gifts to children in london. lat last night, after william and harry attended the premier for "star wars" the two were seen heading back to kensington palace. "star wars" stars gwendoline christie and laura dern were at an afterparty. >> everyone wants to see inside real palace. >> a good reason prince harry
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and meghan are wait until may to say i do. they don't want to steal the spot light from the birth of prince william and kate's first child who is due in april. >> just when i thought i wouldn't get more excited for baby news, this happened. john stamoss' house is going to be fuller. >> it would be a tragedy if i didn't have children, think. if i don't have a kid soon, i'm going to explode. is there well, john got the good news he's been waiting for. this morning, the 54-year-old dad to be tweeted i can't stop crying. in october, stamos got engaged. he said, the pregnancy happened. and i said, i better have a ring on her finger. and i wanted to marry her any way. i called her parents to ask. and it was like, you better. he says he's going to be a fun dad. you like are the ultimate uncle jesse. you love the the kids back in
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the day. >> hey! there's my favorite family units! >> now you won't stop posing with the kids on this set i can't believe you have -- >> i'm the baby whisperer. i have some weird thing i can get them to stop crying. i can get them to talk. >> he's amazing. amazing with children. the twins that play our children now on fuller house. >> cuteness has arooifrd. and i also bought the babies. >> they come out. they're shy. he gets them laughing. they light up. >> he's a natural. is there he is. that buyby will spend a lot of time at disneyland. more baby news. it's a girl for james corden and his wife, julia. both she and her mother are doing great. we can't stop smiles. they were at the hospital when harry styles was filling in on the late late show. >> i was just at the hospital. before i came to fill in. and, she looks a lot like james.
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[ laughter ] mainly because james looks like a giant baby. >> but a very, very cute baby. >> the cutest. well, continuing our baby theme. george and mail clooney had twin this is year. and george just went the extra yard to make sure that if those babies started to cry, well, it wouldn't bother anyone around them. >> we're still getting used to having human beings in our lives. two little human beings we're responsible for. >> reporter: "e.t." learned the clooney's brought gifts to airline passengers. he gave everyone in first class noise canceling headphones bearing the logo of his tequila company and this note that said, our twins just discovered squawking. quentin tarantino made use of the the gift. but the 6-month-olds behaved. >> he's a thug already. just sits, he eats like this. >> and talk about generous.
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george's business partner, rande gerber recently revealed clooney held a dinner 2013 to give a huge gift. >> sitting in tront of us is a black bag. and george says, listen, i want you guys to know how much you have meant to me. i came to l.a. i slept on your couch. open your suitcases. >> one year to the day before marrying amal, the oscar winner, who would later sell casamigos was paying his buddies back, big-time. >> we opened it up. and it's $1 million. in $20 bills. every one of us. 14 of us got a million dollars. >> wow. rande told george he didn't want to ache that money because he didn't need it. george said if rande doesn't take it, nobody gets it. he said yes. he donated the money to charity.
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how cool. >> i could have taken half of that off your hands. other big stars got rich today. rich with nominations for a screen actor's guild award. niecy nash and olivia munn get the award for best announcing duo. >> benedict cumberbatch. sherlock, the lying detective. was that too dramatic? >> i'm going to step it up. i'm going to give to it you guys. >> okay. >> reporter: taking what is usual lay laundry list of nominees read from a teleprompter and making it their own. >> origin is the new black. >> i need the niecy and olivia show in my life. >> i need it in my life. >> reporter: they met for the first time this morning. they said it was spontaneous to go off script. >> "black-ish". >> you could have pointed to me.
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>> then that's all the press would be about that si pointed to you. if "fresh off the boat" comes up, don't point at me. >> reporter: they're setting the tone for what will be a celebration of women in hollywood when the s.a.g. awards broadcasts live on tnt and tbs. all 13 acting awards will be presented by women. the nominees in the various categories include nicole kidman, reese witherspoon. laura dern. allison janney. and mary j. blige. kristen bell is the first ever s.a.g. awards host. she said the pressure is on. >> i'm so nervous. the stakes are high, i guess, being the first person ever. you have other people to look to if row do a different awards show. >> reporter: it's the first time kevin spacey has not been nominated as an actor in house of cards. he was fired last month for allegations of sexual misconduct. robin wright is recognized. >> she should have gotten
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nominated. i'm superexcited for her to hold down that show on her own. >> yeah, amen. get in the awards show mood tonight. "will & grace's" eric mccormack and debra messing host a show tonight. including julia roberts looking back at her bold fashion statement in 1990. that bold armani suit. >> they tailered it for me. i was glad i got the chance to be myself. >> and up next, ryan gosling's secret from the set of his new movie. why he's rocking a buzz cut and a bathrobe. then, replacing kevin spacey. how the stars of the new thriller "all the money in the world" pulled it off in just ten days. >> how much would you pay to release your grandson if not $17 million? >> nothing. >> nothing? . but first, there's a wedding in the works for candace
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cameron-bure. >> matt asked me to marry him. i said yes. >> reporter: on the original full house we watched her grow up. now she's a single mom raising her kids. and the whole gang, minus the olsens, are part of the series. they traveled together for japan for another wedding. steve and c.j. are getting hitch at a koi pond. things don't go as planned. >> oh, my gosh. >> be careful. >> shooting on location, the cast found out just how popular their show is. >> they tell us stories about how they've grown up learning english. they cry when they see us. it's the
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natalie portman stars in the thriller "annihilation." we have a first look at the new scene. >>
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♪ that is ryan gosling
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sporting a buzz cut and a bathrobe. he wasn't home. ryan was on set playing famed astronaut neil armstrong in the upcoming movie, quirs man. have he's shooting in atlanta. it's 36. he couldn't dress warm. the scene takes place in the summer. he had a hot water bottle hidden under his robe. >> i of that. that's a simple solution. here's one that is tougher." all the money in the world" wrapped shooting days before the kevin spacey sexual harassment scandal broke. producers replaced him. enter christopher plummer. >> i'm excited i was able to do it. i didn't think i was going to. >> reporter: it took ten days to reshoot the scenes. the price tag, a reported $10 million. >> how much would you pay to release your grandson if not $17 million? >> nothing. >> how much would you pay to
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release your grandson? >> nothing. >> reporter: based on a true story, christopher took over as the billionaire founder of getty oil. mark wahlberg is his head of security. >> their only code is profit and loss. >> all my scenes are with him, practically. he's very good. i was very anxious to work with him. >> out of the the way. out of the way. >> reporter: when filming first began, mark had five days to prepare after wrapping "daddy's home." >> i was surprised. it wasn't the price i normally get to play. no guns. no teddy bears. i didn't beat anybody up either. which was nice. >> $17 million to release him. >> i don't have any money. >> get it from your father. he has all the money this the world. >> reporter: michelle will jams the boy's mother. >> i heard riddy scott. after that, i didn't need to hear much else. it happened that a great script
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came along with it. it was an instantaneous yes. set my boy free. >> if i start paying randsomes, i'll have 14 kidnapped grandchildren. >> i remember when this happened. he's not in the movie, john paul getty iii, his son, balthazar is an actor in hollywood. he had a part recently in twin peaks. still ahead -- >> this is what it all means. >> duane johnson brings everyone to tears. what he's telling "e.t." about his emotional day. >> it's a full circle moment. then, inside the "pitch perfect 3" premier. what the bellas told us about a fourth movie. >> we just announced it. weave announced it now, haven't we? >> on "entertainment tonight." closed captioning provided by --
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♪ "entertainment tonight" >> i think we just got or new jingle. that was anna camp and skylar ast irk n. that had to be a lot of fun. >> it wouldn't be a "pitch perfect" premier without singing. last night, the barden bellas. >> reporter: just full of surprises. if you had to sing a couple of bars of the song that sum up the epic scale of this premier, what would it be? >> what's a song about massive? ♪ i like big butts an i cannot lie ♪ i've shut down hollywood boulevard. >> reporter: music was on the mind of the bellas. i asked for celebrity impressions. i had no idea what i was going to get into. ♪ do you believe in life after love ♪ ♪ when ever we're meant to be
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together i'll be there and you'll be here ♪ >> you have to shake the hips. ♪ a guy like you should wear >> reporter: than camp's trumpet impression opens "pitch perfect. jts. >> i have one of kristen stewart. i've done it to her. it's like -- i just -- um, i don't, man, i -- um, and, um -- >> i -- uh -- you know -- i don't know. it's not even -- >> spot on, right? it's still up in the air if we'll see the bellas in another pitch perfect sequel. who is likely to spearhead the campaign for a fourth film? >> probably rebel. >> fat amy. we have announced it now, haven't we? >> she's kidding. i would totally pay to see a new movie. >> i love her. she's so great.
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i don't know how you find the time. you're everywhere. today, she was with another huge star. dua dwayne johnson. >> she starring in "jumanji, welcome to the jungle" he turned the walk of fame into the rock of fame. is there well this is what it all means. >> reporter: holding his adorable daughter, jasmine, he thanked his family and his girlfriend who is pregnant with his third child. >> i'm here because of everyone around me. the family, the partner, my babies. >> reporter: you brought your daughter up for the moment. you get major cool dad points. >> i'll take the points where i can. because i have three girls now. and estrogen all around me. >> reporter: jack black turns out to support. dwayne's other co-star, kevin hart is in new york getting ready to host "snl." >> my heart genuinely is with
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this guy. he's a friend fop see him happy makes me happy, man. >> reporter: it's a well zerved honor. dwayne's movies have made more than $2.8 million u.s. at the box office. >> it's an amazing day. the energy was phenomenal. >> such a nice family moment. his daughter is so cute. jasmine. >> how adorable. dwayne is expecting baby number three. "bachelorette" favorite ally fedotowsky is pregnant with her second child. today we had the big reveal. >> are you ready to see your nursery? >> we're so ready. >> all right. let's go. >> oh, my gosh. it's so cute. >> mission accomplished. baby maverick is due in january. his nursery is ready just in the nick of time. rebecca and greg, we're not so sure how ready they are for
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parenthood. >> adventure awaits. >> yes, definitely. >> not only for maverick. >> this is for us. >> this is so cute. >> so nice. >> it's beautiful. of course greg is going to be doing 90% of the diaper changes. 100%. let's just say. and of course, stst stocked with diapers. >> oh, look, they're pampers swad lers. we use them in the hospital. it lets us know when the baby is wet. we don't have to disturb them when they're sleeping. they're so cool. >> everything else is available at target. anyone can get for their gift registry. you know, you have all the beautiful stuff now that maverick has the wonderful place the to grow up in. >> we feel so lucky. it's such a beautiful room. >> i think he's lucky. he's got great parents. >> thank you. >> yay. congratulatio congratulations. when we come back, carolling with an "e.t." icon.
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wait until you see how mary hart is spreading the holiday spirit. it's like we have never seen next on kron-4 news at eight:save our schools!that's the message from hundreds of parents in the school board decides how to overcome a nine million dollar budget shortfall.we're live tonight with reaction on this heated debate.lawmakers in the nation's capitol..striking a deal on comprehensive tax reform.we'll break down what that means for your locally. i'm steve aveson i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next. sorry. i can't make it.
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tomorrow on "e.t." our luke bryan exclusive. we're with him at his album release party. >> did you all rsvp? >> yes, i did. to the vip section. >> sounds like a rap song. spl he's talking anniversary celebrations. >> i just sent two dozen roses the hotel room. >> and his signature stage move. >> i don't want to thrust too much. it could send shock waives. promo considerses provided by --
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well, before we go here at "e.t." we're all about spreading holiday cheer. >> yeah, even if it means we're going spread some to the paparazzi. that's what "e.t." legend mary hart did last night. is there if you sing in harmony, i will join you. ♪ happy holidays happy holidays happy holidays happy holidays from me to you ♪ ♪ you're really doing it well >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i feel like i need to join in. >> i love -- >> there's something about mary. >> i love that bert stuck his head in there. mary is the greatest of all time.
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>> bye, everybody. >> that's why we call her g.o.a.t.
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(steve) parents pack an oakland school board meeting. where a vote on budget cuts could happen tonight. the district was initially facing a shortfall of 15 point one million dollars...(steve) and that could have a big impact on beloved school programs. good evening i'm steve aveson.(pam) and i'm pam moore. kron-4's ali reid is at the meeting tonight... she joins us live from oakland --- ali - what are parents saying tonight? it's been a contentious meeting. right now is the comment period where folks can go up and state their case as to why the board should not make the proposed cuts or if


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