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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  December 15, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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♪ nbc under fire after the matt lauer scandal. are they doing enough to protect the woman who first reported him. >> there's a hunt underway to find out who she is. prince harry and meghan's wedding date reveal. what is prompting a royal security shakeup. and intense training for the bride to be. >> it will show her now behave during a hostage situation. plus, as fans line up for "the last jedi." is daisy ridley quitting "star wars." >> i'm hoping she has the heart to forgive me. >> what keb hart is saying now ability cheating on his wife. we're with the cast of "a christmas story" live as they work out the kings. >> well, moat of them. >> let's hope that doesn't happen on the night. this is "entertainment tonight."
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why is the accuser matt lauer now saying she lives in constant fear? >> there is new fallout tonight as the "today" show tackles the scab dal head on. >> hey, matt, are the allegations true? >> there's a hunt inds way to find out who she is. >> reporter: appearing on the today though this morning, the anonymous accuser whose complaint took down matt lauer now accuses the network of not doing enough to protect her identity. >> they have duty to maintain confidentiality. they know at they have done. they need to stop. >> reporter: the lawyer could not reveal specifics of how nbc may have compromised his client's anonymity. a spokesperson for nbc tells "e.t." quote, the net work has protected the employee's anonymity all along and will continue to do so. >> she does live in constant fear that people are going to track her down. and think that's going to have a
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chilling effect on other women who might want to come forward. >> reporter: lauer's lates 'kaiser has chosen to reveal herself. a former production assistant on "today" tells "e.t." the decision was in fear partially because of being outed. the media was coming for me. i decided to stop protecting him, blaming myself, and allowing fear to hold me hostage. she accuses power of abuse of power in 2000, when, at 24 years old, she says they engaged in a one month long affair. neither nbc or lauer have commented. in 2009, lawyer did not join his colleagues in taping messages of support when she was inducted into temple university's media hall of fame. >> addie is a delightful young woman. >>ky think of in one more deserving to be inducted into the hall of fame. more fallout for another big star. dustin hoffman. more women have come forward with dishing claims of being
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harassed by the two-time oscar winner. playwright cori thomas tells "variety" that when she was 16 and a friend of one of hoffman's daughters, the actor exposed himself to her in a hotel room. the other two women say that during the production of 1987's "ishtar," hoffman groped them against their will. two other accusers came forward yesterday, to the hollywood reporter, which now makes a total of eight women who claim they were sexually harassed or awe salted by hoffman. last week, katherine rossetter wrote in "the hollywood reporter" that hoffman repeatedly groped her when they worked together on broadway. she said it was quote a horrific, demoralizing, and abusive experience that the hands, literally, of one of my acting idols. you may recall last month, anna graham hunter ams claimed hoffman sexually harassed her in 1985 when she was a 17-year-old intern on the set of the tv movie "death of a salesman." hoffman denies the allegations
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saying they're not reflective of who i am. as for the other accusations. hoffman did not reply to our request for comment. but his attorney's described some of the other claims at defamatory falsehoods. "last week tonight" host john oliver grilled the actor about hunter's allegations. >> do you believe this stuff that you read? >> i believe what she wrote, yes. >> why? >> because there's no point in her lying. >> well, there is a point in her not bringing this up for 40 years. >> really? >> oh, dustin. >> let's just move on. you may want to circle may 19th on your calendar. do you know why? >> i'm going to circle it. yes, i know. >> that's the day prince harry and meghan markle say i do. >> we have new details about security. >> reporter: harry was without meghan as he, william, and kate attended a memorial service for victims of london's grenfell tower fire.
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adele and actress carey mulligan were also there to mourn the 71 people who died back in june. ♪ no doubt there was massive security at the church, per royal family protocol. concerns grew after terror threats were reported against little prince george. >> it's first to say that due to the terrorism threats in the uk, this security of the royal family has increased. >> reporter: before meghan and harry walk down the aisle, they are expected to undergo survival training with the special air service, which is an elite division of the british army. >> they'll have a live range that they call the killing house. i know that princess diana and charles went to the killing house. they were shown the live hostage situation. they took part in the training themselves. >> reporter: alex bomberg, a former army vet and kensington palace aide says killing house training involves how to the deal with potential active shooting sif weighses.
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>> it will be real. it will be a lot of flashes and bangs. adrenaline. it will show her how to behave in a hostage situation. hostage rescue. on to something fun. don't forget that harry and william are playing stormtroopers in "star wars: the last jedi" which just opened today. so many fans are camping out at the famous chinese theet, the lapd added officers to keep everybody safe. carly steele is with the cast, including daisy ridley. is she hanging up her light saber? >> you almost broke the internet when you said you're going to be stepping away from rey at the end of the trilogy. >> misquoted. >> let's clear it up. >> firstly, that was at the end of a very long day at the end of a very long shoot. we were talking about where the trilogy is going.
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all i said was, as far as i know from when i signed on, i signed on to 7, 8, and 9. >> you would be open to do it? >> in my mind, that's where the story ends. a trilogy is a beginning, a middle, and an end. i don't know beyond that. >> rey's confrontation with luke is one of the most anticipated moments to watch. john boyega says to expect a fast start. it hits the the ground running. >> kylo ren in defense of rey, he got his back slashed. he wakes up in recovery with rey on his mind. but he's still filled with that moment. >> reporter: another thing to watch, carrie fisher's final "star wars" appearance. look for a farewell to the princess. what is your favorite memory of carrie? >> we had such a passionate relationship? we were mad for each other. then we were mad at each other.
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and not speaking. we reached a point in our lives where there was a real comfort zone. she could relax around me because she knew who i was. she knew that i hadn't changed in all those years. i wasn't trying to angling to get something out of her. >> mark also said he could make carrie laugh and she loved it. look at this. just hours before the movie opened, carrie's brother, todd, paid tribute to her with a black that reads, we love you, carrie. >> and we do, too. what about this one? did james corden pay tribute to beyonce when e named his newborn daughter? topping tonight's "know & tell" is the name game. >> the doctor asked for a name. i don't know why i said it. i said we're going to call her beyonce. my wife did not think that was funny. ♪ girls run the world >> reporter: mrs. carter's effort on corden's new bundle of
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joy. he returned to his show last night. his wife, julia, and the baby, are doing fine. but they're still on the search for her name. next, kevin hart's confession. >> what was your thinking earlier this year when you got caught cheating in vegas? it's irresponsible. >> it's beyond irresponsible. there's though way around it the. best way to do it is ard it right on. >> reporter: and hart did just that, owning his cheating mistakes. the new dad to baby kenzo kept the conversation real yesterday on the radio shoe, the breakfast club. >> i'm hoping she has a heart to forgive me and understand this is not going to be a recurring thing. >> i was listening to this. i couldn't believe it. he just kept going and going and saying more and more. >> he went there, didn't he? >> he sure did. he gave us all the answers we wanted. still ahead -- can't wait. we're behind the scenes of
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"roseanne." new shots and how they're dealing with both returning beckys. there's not lying shooting a movie in real time. >> is the pressure of live tv getting to the casts? and
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jessica chastain talked to et about her recent golden globe nomination at the premier of her new
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♪ ♪ that is simply beautiful. ed sheeran recruited andrea bocelli for a new version. he has one he did with beyonce, the version of "perfect" it just hit number one on the billboard top 100 charts. >> anything ed does is number
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one. this sunday we get to see a new take on a classic movie, as "a christmas story" becomes a live musical on fox. just 48 hours away. as carly steele found out, things happen. >> they're all so nice. i'm so excited. >> oh. let's hope that doesn't happen on the night. hey, nobody got hurt here. it does mean anything can happen. what you most nervous about? >> sing. yeah, singing. >> action. ♪ somewhere hovering over indiana ♪ >> reporter: while the kids don't seem nervous, but at three hours long, the show has narrater matthew broderick on edge. >> it's like shooting a movie in real time. >> reporter: the reimagining of the movie has andy playing ralphie parker. >> reporter: his parents are may ya rudolph and from episodes, chris diamondtopoulos.
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>> i think they preverbed so many things. >> reporter: like the inunanimous leg lamp. and this moment with a flag pole. >> did you know how they did it? >> they had a hole. and a vook qume underneath. when he stuck his tongue through the hole, hit -- >> pay ya's four kids makes her a natural for the role. >> part of the logic of it was like, she's a mom. that would be good to have her. >> reporter: she's got this. sh she's got this. >> reporter: on screen and off. had you seen the movie as you were growing up? >> i was grown up. i'm pretty old. still ahead. >> it's like a time machine. >> everything you need to know about the "roseanne yts reboot. and this is catherine zeta-jones. and this is catherine zeta-jones playing a character on drugs. >> calm down! >> inside her terrifying transformation. >> i have a kilo on me right
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to learn more. ♪ every person in the city has a gun at my head. calm down? >> that is an exclusive look at catherine zeta-jones totally losing it in a lifetime movie. it airs20th. >> it looks fascinated. i'm excited about this. the return of "roseanne." ♪ what doesn't kill us is making us stronger ♪ >> head to was the final day of the reboot. shots show this 65th birthday party for roseanne. >> i'm reallying willing forward to it. it's been so fun already. >> reporter: who is returning? in addition to roseanne, sara gilbert is back. >> oh, what a time we had.
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>> back from the dead, john good mn. >> sit a rewind? >> you'll have to un in and see. >> oh, come on. >> reporter: the beckys are both back. lecy joranson and sarah chaling. >> the whole cast is back. >> reporter: that including laurie metcalf. and friend san tra bern hard. >> it's going to be so great. >> reporter: johnny galecki returns as david. >> i was so excited to see everyone in the same room for the first time in 21 years. >> this is crust the best. >> every dae tail. the carpet. the tchotchkes on the win doe sill. >> yeah. like that. >> reporter: it's amazing how they have gotten everybody back together. let's move from a tv show to a highly anticipated movie. let's join carly steele in new york. you were in d.c. hanging with three of hollywood's most power ffl people. >> meryl streep, tom hanks, and director steven spielberg.
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they've joined forces on "the post." also on meryl's mind, how the women coming forward with changing things. >> it's a unique moment for those of us old enough to remember first wave of feminism and when we really thought the world was going to change overnight. >> reporter: in the movie, based on the true story of the the pentagon paper, meryl plays kay graham. "washington post" publisher. >> they're in charge of having a woman in charge of the paper. >> thank you for your frankness. >> reporter: now, today, we're still dealing with the issues. it's so relevant. >> exactly. i think meryl has so many moments in the movie that i know almost every woman has experienced at some point in her professional career. is there let's go our jobs opinion find those pages. >> reporter: hanks plays ben bradley. racing to break a huge story. revealing the truth about the vietnam war. >> do you have the papers?
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>> not yet. >> reporter: meryl's next project. the sequel to 2008's "mama mia." ♪ how can i resist you >> will you do a duet with cher? >> we did many duets. but they were at the bar. ♪ i don't wanna let you go >> i would have loved to have seen that. that could have been a movie by hits. >> an interesting movie. >> "the post" opens the first awards show of the new year. the palm springs international film festival. >> our very own mary hart will host the event. it will honor some old and new school stars including wonder woman. gal gadot is kicking off the new year as the festival's rising star award winner. past winners include jennifer lawrence and alicia vikander.
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we know the festival does major fore shadowing. >> i made you a champion. and you hate me for it. >> reporter: allison janney's performance in "i,tonya" is already getting buzz. >> i'm very, very excited and thrilled. >> reporter: also being honored at the exhibit, jez ka chastain, gary oldman. and mary j. blige for her breakout performance in "mud bound." >> i don't want you working for them. >> i won't be working for them. i'll be working for us. i was prepare frd this character sin i was a child. my mom sent me down south every summer. >> reporter: she follows in the footsteps of prior winwinners. others include sam rockwell and saoirse roanen, from lady bird. >> i feel like everything we did clicked into place.
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>> reporter: and 2018 is shaping up to be a big year for the shape of water. >> nothing out of the ordinary. >> the unlikely love story between a mute janitor and an awe quautic creature just received golden globe nominations. last year, the vanguard award went to "la la land." >> what did she say? >> she's saying thank you. two more stars to note. holly hunt ler be honored with the career achievement award. and willem dafoe is getting the icon award. next weerk, we won nor ryan gosling. he's not the only one. all next week, we're going to show you when we first met the stars. ♪ >> i'm ryan gosling. you're watching "e.t." >> this is destiny hope, we call her miley. >> i'm not afraid of nothing. i've never been one to fall in
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love with actors. >> he's like, brad pitt. anyone's going the fall in love with brad pitt. you, who's going to fall in love with you? mean. >> okay, okay. >> get me in good, yeah. >> we're breaking up. >> you better not write songs about this. looij, oh, i won't. and then i do. ♪ give me give me give me eyes on me ♪ next on kron-4 news at
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eight: san francisco's aquatic park... closed after a sea lion attacks a swimmer for the second straight why are the massive mammals attacking?an expert weighs in. plus...firefighters on high alert this weekend as breezy conditions and low humidity increase the fire danger across the bay area.your four zone forecast is coming up. i'm steve aveson i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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♪ it's "e.t." >> this is "e.t." >> whoa! "e.t." >> this is the best time of my life. >> oh, wow. >> nobody knows hollywood like "entertainment tonight." >> you would like to see something amazing that no one's seen?
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>> bigger. better. and before everyone else. >> i love you. you love me. >> now, "e.t." is everywhere you go. >> meghan. selfie. one, two, three. >> on instagram, facebook, and twitter. event ept begins and ends with "e.t." promo considerations provided by -- will you -- >> i'm actually married. >> oh, i don't care. >> that is country star thomas rhett aippearing on "the ranch." don't forget to tune in to the 40th annual kennedy center honors. l.l. cool j, gloria estefan and
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tap tap tap now at eight ... don't go in the water .... a popular san francisco swimming spot ... closed after a second sea lion attack sends another bather to the hospitalwhoosh in the east bay, the search is on for a pair of sophisticated thieves stealing credit card information from gas station customers.whoosh find out why police are warning patrons of starbucks and other coffee shops. a crime we may not have seen a year ago, but now we're seeing an increase.whoosh if you spend a lot of time on facebook ... you might want to hear why the social media site now says all that scrolling may alter your brain


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