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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  December 20, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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♪ tonight -- the new smear campaign against meryl streep as more harvey weinstein al gags emerge. >> he attempted to rape your colleague? >> yes. the perks of being a royal. after their lunch, harry's big promotion. what royal title will meghan t. give me my hug. >> plak wince again. we're behind the scenes of his "voice" victory. then, our ana faris overboard remake. then, is justin tearing selena's family apart. hi her mom is so anti-bieber. as we go inside their on-again, off-again relationship.
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♪ i know you care ♪ and i'll be there this is "entertainment tonight." >> hi, everybody. thanks for joining us. >> let's get to the latest hollywood news in tonight's top story. harv harvey weinstein opposite former assistant is breaking her silence. >> he was a master manipulator. his moods changed quickly. you never now if you were his confidant or going to be creamed at. >> reporter: zelda perkins tell us the bbc she finally quit her job after hat she called a horrifying incident with him in 1998. >> it came to head for you hen he sexually assaulted or attempted rape on your colleague? >> yes. we were at the venice film festival. and, he -- he tried to rape her. the lawyers made it very clear that we didn't have many options. because we hadn't gone to the police when we were in venice.
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we had no physical evidence. and ultimately, it would be too under 25-year-old women's words against harvey weinstein. >> reporter: she says she settled the case for about $168,000. and another weinstein twist. oscar winning actress meryl streep has become the target of street assist who is have been putting up these posters around los angeles. they show an image of streep and weinstein and sarks she knew. they appeared shortly after she said she didn't have any knowledge of weinstein's behavior. she was defending herself after rose mcgou way implied that streep was aware of the behavior. meanwhile, mcgowan just moderated a panel on sexual harassment. >> my beef is really with all the people that are complicit.
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>> reporter: two of the alleged 8 victims talked about weinstein. as of tome, more than 70 women came forward. >> i had a tremendous amount of self-blame until, those women came forward and were published. >> yeah. >> then i kind of, you know, felt like, wow. things are shifting. i can share this experience. >> i stayed silent for a long time because i didn't feel there was a safe environment to be able to -- >> you were right. there wnt. >> reporter: weinstein's rep said in a statement any allegation of nonconsensual sex are unequivocally denied by mr. weinstein. across the pond. meghan markle joined the family for their annual prechristmas lunch. she made it an historic event. meghan arrived in the front seat of a land rover discovery with harry at the wheel. breaking protocol, prince harry's american fiance attended
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what has been in the past a royals only occasion. the royals to be wore a dress there the london based fashion line self-portrait. a modest mid length help dress cost about $400. meghan wore diamond drop earrings and flashed her engagement ring. her makeup was sophisticated with her lips painted a rosie pipg. prince william drove his family to his grand mother's lunchon. pregnant kate rode in front while prince george sat in the car seat in the back along with sister charlotte and their prince harry just got a promotion. the queen named him captain general of the marines. succeeding his 96-year-old grandfather prince philip. after the wedding, the los angeles native could become her royal highness, the dutchess of
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sussex. back here in her tome town, "the voice" crowned a new champion. giving blake bragging rights once again. >> chloe! >> an overjoid gwen stefani celebrated backstage. her three boys. >> give me my hugs. >> reporter: 3-year-old apollo wasn't 100% into it. just like mom and grandpa, both zuma and kingston celebrated. before he became the voice's six-time coaching champ last night, blake was playing up the over big title. today, winner chloe who was knocked off team miley and saved by plak told us hi he was the greatest coach alive. >> he kind of just -- celebrates each artist for who they are. he lets them just do their thing. he says, here you go. i don't understand what you're
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wearing or why your hair is so big, but, i want you to do your thing. ♪ >> reporter: nearly 11 million people watched the 23-year-old rock singer from tennessee join billy idol on stage to belt out his hit for her performance. plak hopes chloe can continue her streak. >> we're all dying to know what you're going to come up with. ♪ got betty dave davis eyes ♪ >> including your coach here. first up in tonight's know & tell -- justin and sell leer that's mama drama getting nastier. yep, after the news that selena's mom, mandy, was hospitalized, the two unfollowed each other on instagram. >> my mom, yeah, she's zoontly challenging me. >> reporter: our source gave us the back story on why mandy is so anti-bieber. we're told that when jelena was
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first dating in 2011, things spiraled out of control. it was a toxic relationship. justin would shower her with attention and then try to make her jealous. ♪ snet. >> reporter: mandy doesn't want justin to unravel selena all over again. if mandy makes selena cheese, she's choose justin. up next, janet back with her ex. they spent the night in the vip section of stk atlanta. an eyewitness tells us the two cuddled and were seen holding hands. a source close the janet says they're not romantically involved. they're the best of friends. both are warm people. it's not unusual they would be hugging or hand holding in public. now, baby news for over have a longoria. pregnant at 42. they're expecting bay be boy this spring. it was a surprise for eva, who had to deny pregnancy rumors
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earlier this year. >> i loved when you went on snap chat and said, it was just cheese, y'all. >> simmer down. simmer down. i have to tell you. all i did was eat cheese. >> so, congratulations are now in order. let's stick with eva news. we were on the set of her new movie, overboard, with anna faris. can it live up to the original? >> you know i was hired to do carpets, right? >> you're fired. >> that's him. >> i have an idea that is poetic. it's justice. >> i placate sullivan. i'm a working single mom. and she tries to do something a little awful. which is sort of kidnap a man who kind of did her wrong. i'm here to pick up my husband. >> you're my wife? >> for better or worse, baby. >> reporter: a complete role reversal from the 1987 classic. "e.t." was on the vancouver set
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where anna told carly that the role reversal made her more comfortable. >> i love it. because this way, nobody has to compete with, the unbelievable performance of goldie hawn and kurt russell. >> i'm poor in. >> yes. >> daddy. >> i'm playing goldie hawn's part. >> that's mexican megastar eugenio. anna said they took that role. >> i want a fake husband. >> what makes her the perfect bff? >> she's amazing. how pretty and smart she is. i love -- i loved getting to know her. -up next, who is the young star spreading her wings, literally, on the red carpet? details on the bold putter fly gown. then, only "e.t." is inside
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"dancing's" live tour rehearsal. why frankie's partner is not joining him. >> it was shocking when she told me. sfljt and when we first met selena gomez. >> i asked my mom if i could be on the tv. i've been here ever since. >> long before bieber, out with a jonas brother causing drama. matt damon and ben affleck are more than just best dooes. they're tenth cousins. jenny and me lisds is a mccarthy are first cousins. and sisters elle and dakota fanning have royal blood and share an ancestor with kate middleton. >> i can't believe all this stuff. we teamed up with 2 and me to learn more about our own family trees. >> i thought it was scottish. i'm 39 pk british. so clearly, guess who is going to the royal wedding? >> i'm going with you. guess who else is british. this is the "it" gift for
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christmas. since i told my family, everybody w
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christian bale talked to uts about learning a native american
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♪ zendaya spreads her wings in this strapless dress at the sydney premier of "the greatest showman." she shows off her the performance skills. speaking of the ballroom, a first in the history of "dancing with the stars." champion jordan fisher and second runner up frankie muniz are joining the pros on tour. never before have they had two stars on the show. cameron mathison got a look behind the scenes as they light up the night. ? this is like catching up with the champs. >> what? >> did you put your mere. >> reporter:ball trophy? >> mine is in any apartment. ? i'm doing renovations.
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mine has found a nest in my bathroom. to keep it safe from -- >> every time you brush your teeth, you're like, i did that. >> reporter: next week, the cast hits the the road for 11 weeks. performing 71 shows across the country. >> three things on tour you must have with you. video game. books. >> he loves games. >> i've got a couple of -- i'm a bit of a robe guy. >> robe. i forget about that. that is so important on tour. >> reporter: frankie will be flying solo without his pro partner. she dropped out of the tour to be with family because her father-in-law is battling cancer. >> it was shocking. i have only ever danced with her. who will be replacing her? there is not specifically one person. i'm dancing with all the girls. going to play the field a little bit. we have a week to learn the entire show. i'm in a total of like, 10 or 11
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dances. i'm doing a bit of hosting. >> you go one, two, three. >> i feel bad people are coming in the first week for my performance. from then on, i'm going to be great. >> give him some time, everybody. give him some time. still ahead, the evolution of selena gomez from barney -- >> barney. purple dinosaur? >> yes. >> to bieber. to overcoming health battles. >> it's just, ugh. then, keith urban is not coming back to "idol." he's judging another singing show. we'll tell you which one. >> i think this is a great idea. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ are you going propose to selena gomez? >> that is justin peesh getting questions about marrying selena since the two rekindled their romance. it's been a big deal for selena. a breakup. a makeup. a live-saving kidney surgery.
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the most followed person on social media is our woman crush wednesday. this is when we first met selena. ♪ ♪ when you're ready i'm from texas. grand prairie, texas. when i was 6 or 7, i asked my mom could i be on tv. i've ben here ever since. ♪ i like to think of something i never thought before snet? what was your first job ever? >> barney. >> barney? big purple dinosaur? >> yes. ♪ bay be slow down the stars where are rr when he first met her, she was at the beginning of her career. this audition tape landed her her first big role. >> why is me always included in we. the only thing we are doing is going to the concert. >> i hear you have a big project coming up? >> yes, a new disney channel show. the wizards of waferly place. i'm playing alex russo. she uses magic to get out of
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situations. >> reporter: she was a child star. not spoiled. her mom, mandy, gave birth to her at 16 and worked three jobs. sacrificing it all for her family. >> i was a teen mom. i was liking okay, i have another person depending on me. i gotta get straight. >> reporter: here's the thing about growing up disney. selena had some pretty sbreing relationships with her fellow disney kids. demi lovato, nick jonas, and miley cyrus. throw in taylor swift. you have one big mess. ♪ ♪ we're one and the same >> reporter: so pay attention. this gets intense. now, in 200, sell lean in and demi were besties. >> what's up? >> this is my best friend in the entire world. z this is my best friend, since we were 7 years old. on barney. >> is the band here? >> not yet. i can't wait to see them. because some day i want to play in the band, too. >> i have such a connection with her.
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she's always there for me. >> reporter: 2008, the two started posting a bunch of vlogs. >> enwants to know what our favorite food is bsh. >> pickles. >> then enter miley. she made fun of the two. >> yo, yo, yo. >> yo, yo, yo. >> get ready to rock 'n' roll. >> get ready to rock. >> reporter: the reason for the feud may be because of a love triangle. back then, both stars had a thing for this guy. ♪ you get jealous >> cyrus, gomez, cyrus, gomez. >> no. >> tell me the trust. >> lies. liza minimnelli back there! >> reporter: selena started dating the jo bro. ♪ now we got problems >> that introduced her to her new bft taylor, who was seeing joe at the same time. demi was not happy. >> trust me. >> taylor.
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♪ now we got bad blood >> reporter: yeah, jealous much. over the next few year, selena and demi followed and unfollowed each other on social media. right now, they seem to have ended their feud. they reunited in late october at the in-style awards. >> a very hard time sometimes for women. all they want is to just pit each other against each other. it's just, oh. ♪ the heart whants what it wants ♪ >> reporter: 201 was beginning of bieber. >> i'm always wanting her to be the best she can be. >> reporter: they would make up and break up several times. they were superprivate. we had our ways of getting selena to talk. >> sit true you're dating justin bieber? ♪ i know you love mow snet ♪ that we're never and i'll be there ♪ baby. justin. bieber. >> reporter: august 016, selena went to rehab. her second time. she spent three months at a
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tennessee medical facility. she was having anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. she gave up her phone for 90 days, did group therapy, and emerged stronger and more confident. >> everything. in my perm life. family, friends. i'm in happy place. it's been good. ♪ can't keep my hands to myself ♪ >> reporter: 2017, a year of new beginnings. her best friend gave her a kidney transplant and saved her life. >> the doctor said 60% of my recovery is mentality. it's inspired me. motivated me. i wanted to get through it in a way where i felt empowered. ♪ when your ready come and get it ♪ >> reporter: in october, after ten moents of dating, selena and the weeknd broke up. then four weeks later, she started exclusively dating the biebs again. she said maybe before it could have been forcing something that one right. but that doesn't mean caring for
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someone ever goes away. >> i like to come at things with my best. that's al i know how to do is to give my best. ♪ >> and selena is just the hardest working. she doesn't get enough credit for that. she works her butt off. and 018 will be another big year for her. she has a brand-new album on the way. she's heading out on the first tour since 2016. now, tomorrow, do you remember when this big screen hunk was a dancing mouseketeer? it's when we first met ryan next on kron-4 news at eight: an east bay city facing a police shortage--- that's forcing them to cut entire departments. a major crime crackdown of a violent street gang...who the f-b-i says terrorized local communities i'm steve aveson i'm vicki liviakis the news -- at eight -- is next.
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police say they are critically short of personnel ... entire departments may have to be closed down.whooshfbi agents bust what they call a brazen gang of murderers that has terrorized eastern contra costa county for decades.whoosh seven thousand passengers flying in and out every hour. we are live at s=f=o on one of
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the year's busiest travel days. whooshas soon as she walks in the room she ights up, the patient lights upthe "dog=tor" is on duty... canine companions helping to heal patients at east bay hospitals (steve) kron 4 talks directly with the berkeley police chief about a crisis facing the department. (steve) good evening i am steve aveson.(vicki) and i am vicki liviakis in for pam moore. the department is suspending units, eliminating departments and desperately trying to keep officers on the force. (steve) kron 4's justine waldman is live at berkeley police for us tonight,what did the chief say this staffing issue would have on public safety? a staffing shortage here at


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