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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  August 8, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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anyone agree today. does anyone agree on a solution here? (j.r.)everyone has their own ideas on what will keep everyone safe. there are some similar ones though and we can't forget that right now bart police department employees are working at emergency staffing levels. that means patrol officers, community officers, and dispatchers are currently working six day, 10 hour shifts. some believe that more officers need to be hired. the challenge there is that bart officers start at a considerably lower rate than other departments which makes finding and hiring officers hard. this is all why the bay area council group that represents around 300 major businesses in the bay area would like to see mutual aid used. meaning bart police would patrol trains and police from local departments in cities where there are bart stations.that we think a mutual aid situation could
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provide getting more officers into the stations and around the stations and could really show passengers on bart that bart takes their safety seriously and also shows criminals this is not a place for you. as to how much a plan like that would cost it is unlcear. at least one board member we talked with earlier this week said she wasn't against the idea for the short term but didn't speak to it on the long term.(j.r.)i did talk with riders today to get their thoughts. we've also talked with those on the bart board of directors. you'll hear what they had to say tonight at 10. live in san francisco, j.r. stone kron 4 news. (vicki) a call for help is coming from the c-e-o of a prominent public- policy advoca
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bay area to help bart fight violent crime. the ceo of the bay area council -- jim wonderman -- is calling for regional mutual aid from bay area law enforcement to help provide public safety on bart. offcials at bart say their officers already operate mutual aid with local law enforcement. the union that represent's bart officers are also not interested in the idea. the sheriff of alameda county says policing public transit involves special training.sheriff greg ahern/alameda county: "it sounds very simple and maybe we could learn that, and i'm sure we could but it takes time. it's not like we show up tomorrow and we are bart officers, just like bart officers aren't going to show up to our jail and be jail officers, so it's a little complicated." bart's general manager will be presenting a newly proposed safety and security plan tomorrow at a bart board meeting. (grant) bart police are searching for a suspect in yet another assault... this one happened on the platform at the richmond station last saturday. police are looking for a man who they say assaulted a passenger... causing serious injuries. the condition of the victim is still unknown. after
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several assaults at various bart locations... the general manager of bart is preparing to present a new safety plan to the board tomorrow. the plan proposes hiring more officers to patrol bart stations. in the mean time.. please call bart police if you see this man. (vicki) the man accused of starting california's holy fire in orange county is behind bars. investigators say the accused arsonist forest clark's lives in the rugged canyon where the fire started. the 51-year-old construction worker is being held on a million dollars bail. as of right now 62- hundred acres have burned and it is only five-percent contained... investigators say witnesses and physical evidence linked him to the fire. clark will be in court thursday... if he's convicted he could spend the rest of his life in prison. (gra) firefighters are gaining some ground on california's largest wildfire tonight- the mendocino complex fire. but containment is not expected until at least
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september. here are the latest numbers tonight.... the pair of fires have now burned more than 302- thousand acres. the ranch fire alone is at more than 253- thousand acres it is 46 percent contained. the river fire has burned more than 48-thousand acres. it is 81 percent contained. the fires have destroyed 119 homes. another 9-thousand structures are threatened. kron4's gayle ong is live in lake county where some evacuees are being allowed to return home tonight gayle?
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(vicki) adding to the problems associated with the fires.. dozens of people are ásická at one of the evacuation centers in lake county. lower lake high school had a norovirus outbreak overnight -- a highly
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contagious stomach flu. as kron4's michelle kingston explains -- evacuees were urged to wash their hands and stay away from those who are sick. (mk)michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"the shelter here at lower lake high school has been open for about a week with more than 100 people here just last night, but i'm happy to report that today, a lot of people have left, able to go back to their homes which is a relief especially after the norovirus hit the shelter last night."rhonda morrill, evacuee "i was worried i was going to get sick being that close quarters."lower lake high school -- empty today ... with volunteers sweeping the floors and packing up the cots ... after the norovirus broke out overnight ... with dozens of people falling ill.rhonda morrill, evacuee"no privacy and being right next to people and you know, worried about getting sick and constantly washing your hands."these signs plastered all over the shelter ... urging people to wash their hands.people who were showing symptoms of the
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virus were grouped together, away from others ... and were also given separate bathroom facilities.this common stomach flu is highly contagious and spreads quickly in settings just like this where people are in close contact with each other.larry dietz, red cross volunteer"the county, public health, the red cross medical team nurses and the school administration all worked together to mitigate the cause and make sure anybody who was suffering got the proper treatment."today -- many people are returning home rhonda morrill, evacuee"a relief! for sure a relief. ya i can't wait to go home."but thankful to have had a place to stayjohn fielhauer, evacuee "it's been pretty good. the food is good, housing is good, showers great. couldn't ask for more."michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"people who have stayed here over the week, signing their names around this heart, thanking lower lake high school for being their refuge from the fire. in lower lake, michelle kingston, kron4news."
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(vicki) another spare the air alert has been issued for the bay area tomorrow... the reason, ongoing air pollution issues related to wildfire smoke and smog from vehicles. (grant) this makes the sixth 'spare the air' alert this summer in the bay area. kron 4's gabe slate reports. sound from - tom flannigan - bay area air quality management district we are staying really bad air quality out there if you seen it or smell it you should go in your home.tom flannigan with the bay area air quality management district says see if you see it, smell it it's bad and you shouldn't breath it in. sound from - tom flannigan - bay area air quality management district "these are tiny little particles that get in our lungs in damage us "and tom flannigan says, the same goes for pets.. bring them indoors if the smokey skies have reached your neighborhood. and flanigan says this advice goes double for children kids have developing lungs and can be more impacted by poor air quality.i asked about the masks? should we be wearing
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them ? sound from - tom flannigan - bay area air quality management district there is a significant create completely breathable air are complicated if you are in the area the bay area right now is experiencing a one two punch of poor air quality the smoke from the wildfires and summer smog car pollution. sound from - tom flannigan - bay area air quality management district the hot inland temperatures locked in exhaust from cars, this makes it worse. last year during the north bay fires the air quality got so bad people in san francisco and along the coast were wearing masks.. i asked if that is where we are headed in the next few days or weeks? sound from - tom flannigan - bay area air quality management district what year was the ford pay fires that was some of that should not repeat because those players for a lot closer than these current ones. when wildfires are in progress the bay area air quality management district says it's critical that people do their part when the spare the air alert goes out. sound from - tom flannigan - bay area air quality management district anything you can do to help burning fires,,,,,, carpool help air quality in our region.
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(grant) region. quality in our region.
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(grant) coming up....a controversy brewing over jack in the box's new ad about teryaki bowls...why some call it offensive... (vicki) plus... a mountain lion spotted in a quiet neighborhood on the peninsula... tonight we hear from concerned residents... (grant)topvo and after the break... former standford swimmer's request for a new trial... has been denied ...tonight... we chat with the man who spear-headed the effort to recall the judge in the case.
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(vicki) an appeals court has upheld brock turner's rape conviction.. rejecting the former standford swimmer's request for a new trial. tonight.. we have reaction from the law professor who spearheaded his judge's recall after national outrage over what many saw as a lenient setnence. kron 4's with t
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(grant) san francisco police are looking for a hit and run driver who left a pedestrian in life-threatening condition. it happened around 1-30 saturday morning in the city's richmond district. police say a 54 year old man was hit while crossing the street at second and geary. the victim is still hospitalized tonight with critical injuries. the only description of a suspect vehicle is a dark-colored sedan likely with front end damage. (vicki) staff at a fairfield business tonight - dealing with a rash of vandalism to several of their
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trucks. it happened at tomson cabinetry on west texas street. a surveillance picture shows a man in a red hat - tagging the trucks around three o clock this morning. fairfield police say they believe this recent tagging could be gang arrests have been made. (grant) in san mateo, neighbors on a quiet street got an unexpected visitor early this morning. a mountain lion was captured on surveillance video along hobart ave. kron 4's charles clifford talked to people...who are on high alert tonight. the san mateo police department says that on wednesday they recieved a call from a neighbor along hobart avenue saying that his spotted a mountain lion prowling around his home around midnight. this is video of the big cat in the driveway and this angle is from the backyard.police searched the area but couldn't find any trace of the cat. along hobart, neigbhors were surpirsed that the predator had passed through. bruce fowler lives across the street, he says their motion detecting lights were turning off and on early wednesday
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morning. sotand they have been going off unexpectedly. so maybe the animal was over here. he also says they've never seen a mountain lion here before.sotdeer and raccoons are about the biggest we get over here typically.although the mountain lion wasn't acting aggressively, police are asking that neighbors take some basic precautions just in case. they advise keeping a close watch on small children and pets when hiking and avoid areas where mountain lions are active. they also say that if you see a mountain lion, don't run. face it, make noise, and throw rocks. bruce, who has a dog, says they're going change up their routine just to be safe.sotoh yeah. we won't let our dog out at all make sure the doggy door is closed up. not taking any chances at all.finally mountain lions are most active at dusk, dawn and at san mateo, charles clifford kron 4 news. (grant)
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(grant) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow...
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ambiance:but some people have found a way to cheat the system using the very same item that the city issues to pay for parking i'll explain in the next edition of people badly (vicki)topvo(vicki)topvo and after the break...back-to- school spending is expected to reach nearly 83-billion dollars this year... but just what are parents buying and what will be their biggest expense, we'll explain next...
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(vicki) 4 your money tonight.... the back-to-school shopping season is in full swing. and this year is expected to be one of the highest spending years on record. (grant) mary moloney has a closer look at what most people are spending. back-to-school shopping has many families feeling the heat. according to the national retail federation--total spending for k-12 and college is expected to reach nearly 83-billion dollars this year. katherine cullen, national retail federation: "this time around we're seeing spending is going to be very strong. it's actually going to be the third highest in the survey's history."according to this year's survey, families can expect to spend around $680 dollars on back-to-school. that's about $236 on clothing, $187 for electronics, and $138 on shoes.and $122 for supplies like notebooks, pencils, and backpacks. for college students-- electronics will be their biggest expense.... followed by clothing and furnishings. most families will shop at departme "we're seeing a lot of retailers offer buy on line
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pick up in store. or curb-side pickup. or 2-day delivery. so people can get the items they need, as quickly as they want." and a surprise finding in the survey--this year, teenagers and pre-teens are likely to spend some of their own money. katherine cullen, national retail federation: "what we hear from parents is that they're expecting their kids to not only contribute some of their own money to back to school, but also really going to be influencing what their parents buy."i'm mary moloney. (vicki) ahead at nine... new york is now the first city to put a cap on uber and lyft drivers... find out what that could mean for drivers here in the bay area... (grant) plus...great white sharks are noting new to a marine biologist... but he's never had one tracking him. we'll show you his frightening brush with an apex predator.
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(vicki) and two people arrested... after an attack on a sihk man... tonight we've learned one of the suspects... is the son of a bay area police chief. this is not a bed. it's a high-tech revolution in sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart bed.
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it intelligently senses your movement and automatically adjusts on each side to keep you both comfortable. and snoring? how smart is that? smarter sleep. to help you lose your dad bod, train for that marathon, and wake up with the patience of a saint. the new sleep number 360 smart bed, from $999. smarter sleep will change your life. (vicki) now at 9:30....
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arrests have been made... in the latest attack on a sikh man in the central valley....this time in a neighborhood in manteca. and one of the men arrested-- is the son of the union city police chief....(vicki) the incident was caught on surveillance video...(grant) and this attack comes just
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days after another sikh man was attacked in stanislaus county... in the town of keyes. reporter kay recede spoke to the victims family about the arrest.... 71-year-old sikh man sahib singh natt is still in hurting... still fearful after he was kicked and spat on monday morning(manjeet singh virk son-in-law)"yeah, everybodyús scared. everybodyús scared, you know, me, everybody."but there's a slight sense of relief... as he and his family members have just learned his suspected attackers are now behind bars (manjeet)"the news is really good, the manteca police do really good job."the manteca police department reports they've arrested a 16-year-old boy and 18 year old tyrone mcallister in modesto wednesday morningofficers say mcallister is the son of union city police chief darryl mcallister(sergeant steve schluer, spokesman, manteca police department) "relationship there has nothing to do with this case. the family is devastated by the actions of their estranged son who they havenút seen in
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several months."investigators say this home surveillance video of the attack helped identify the duo... (sergeant) "outlandish and uncalled for and it really brought together the community."on monday -- the man seen kicking natt -- is wearing what appears to be a 'new religion' brand hoodie... tyrone was pictured in a similar outfit on social mediainvestigators say they also got help from the mcallisters(sergeant steve schluer, spokesman, manteca police department)"the family has ben in constant contact with our investigators and assisted greatly with this investigation."both suspects are facing attempted robbery... elder abuse and assault with a deadly weapon charges -- investigataors say they may also be facing hate crime charges(manjeet)"that is a hate crime"although natt's family says he will no longer go on his morning walks around greystone park... the family is touched by the community's involvement(manjeet)"you help us a lot and thatús a really good for us, too, and thatús why they catch maybe sooner." (grant) that was kay recede reporting...(vicki) here is more of what union city police chief' had to say about the incident... posting a statement on facebook saying: "words can barely describe how embarrassed,
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dejected, and hurt my wife, daughters, and i feel right now. violence and hatred is not what we have taught our children; intolerance for others is not even in our vocabulary, let alone our values. crime has never been an element of our household, our values, nor the character to our values, nor the character to which we hold ourselves." (grant) this week loved ones remember the life of bay area musician dave deporis. (grant) friends describe him as a free- spirited...loving singer- songwriter. deporis was killed a year ago this week... he was at a north oakland cafe on telegraph near 42nd when someone stole his laptop. he gave chase, grabbed s r chase, grabbed he gave chase, grabbed on to the suspect's car and ended up dying after being dragged by that car. friends have launched a website for deporis and plan to release an album by the end of the year. (sot) ...and so it's just been kind of a fun thing to do to help keep his name and his memory alive and to finish what he was so passionate about. at the time of deporis's murder
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police released this security cam video of a person of interest.. so far no one has come forward and a year later the homicide year later the forward and a one has come forward and a year later the homicide remains unsolved (vicki) residents in a south bay neighborhood are fed up with a homeless encampment's drug use, paraphernalia, and trash near their homes. the coyote creek neighborhood association near blossom hill road and highway 101 report a growing encampment between the freeway sound wall and their backyards. they report finding trash and drug parapehnalia in the streets and allege that packages are disappearing from door steps. one resident believes the encampment is a potential health hazard. (vicki) a spokesman for caltrans
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says the camp is on their radar and work to clean it up could begin as soon as late nextweek. (grant) hundreds of migrant children remain in custody, separated from their families, because the u-s deported the parents without their children. the department of homeland security is having difficulty locating the parents. anna wiernicki reports the immigration advocates are not happy and they're pushing back. (pkg) sanaa abrar: in one word it's sickeninganna wiernicki: sanaa abrar with "united we dream" says the trump administration ripped hundreds of migrant families apart, so it is their responsbility to get them back together.sanaa abrar advocacy director at united we dream take cg @ 0:10-0:22the government itself who has had the authority throughout this whole process, that could in one snap of a finger end the zero tolerance border policy, which it could have done these past few months and still hasn't.anna wiernicki:> instead of tracking down the deported parents of the more
9:34 pm
than 400 migrant children still in u-s custody, abrar says the government is trying to pass the responsibility to immigrant rights groups.sanaa abrar: i think it is pretty unacceptable that they are putting it on advocates to do the work.anna wiernicki (stand up)@annaewiernickitake cg @ 0:38-0:48in a court filing government lawyers suggested that advocacy groups, like the american civil liberties union, use their lawyers, networks and volunteers to reunite the families.anna wiernicki: the aclu fired back saying the government "must bear the ultimate burden of finding the parents", not private entities.but tom jawetz with the center for american progress isn't confident the white house will follow through.tom jawetz center for american progress take cg @ 0:59-1:06i don't have any faith whatsoever in the trump administration or the people in charge of these policies to put these families back together anna wiernic: s r no reunification plan, but the judge ordered the administration information on deported parents they track down by august washington, i'm anna wiernicki. (vicki) more disturbing details are coming out from court documents about the new mexico compound discovered by police. prosecutors say the father arrested at the compound was training children to commit school shootings.
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the documents accused siraj wahhaj of conducting weapons training at the site. a defense attorney for wahhaj is questioning the credibility of that claim. 11 children were found in filthy conditions at the desert compound authorities have also found the remains of a small child but they have not yet been identified. (vicki) new york city is cracking down on the number of rideshare drivers in the city. their city council voted to freeze on new licenses for uber, lyft and oher ride- sharing vehicles. officials say the freeze will be effect while new york considers a solution to the growing number of drivers using ride-sharing apps. about 80-thousand ride-hailing cars cuby comparison the city has about 14-thousand yellow cabs. (grant) the freeze is seen as a win for city taxi drivers who say their business has been devastated by ride-sharing companies. new york is also the first major u-s city to impose such a cap.(vicki) so the big
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question now is could a rideshare cap happen here in the bay area? kron 4's justine waldman looks into that for us tonight. they are not hard to spot -ride share cars picking up and dropping off passengers. 45,-thousand 000 uber and lyft drivers operate in san francisco, that estimate comes from a 2017 san francisco treasurer's office report.with the new york city council approving a one-year halt new rideshare drivers. the news made people question if california should also put on the brakes?sot "i would say not more, because it is so crowded but not less because public transportation is really bad."many believe rideshare cars bring more congestion, more pollution and with a saturation of drivers, they make less money sot "there are so many of them it feels like it is a problem maybe there is a balance that needs to be struck."that same treasure report noted that rideshares made 170,000 vehicle trips within san francisco, which is about 12 times the number of taxi trips. sot "maybe do based on how many ubers are on the road based on the population of the city."people against the nyc halt believe the cap would mean longer wait times and higher fares.the new regulation, does not reduce the number of cars - it only
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prohibits the licensing of new ones. sot there are other means to get around but that is someone's job livelyhoodthe california public utilities commission regulates ride sharing services in the state. and as of now, it is unclear if any proposal to cap licensing of rideshares is being considered. in san francisco justine waldman kron 4 news. (lawrence bay (gary sports tease)
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the internet has made hosting a nightly sports show a little longer can you just give scores and let a coach talk for two better be funny, angry or crazy or you are dead...with that in mind..herre are a trio of crazy sports. the first looks like ping-pong... or table tennis... but with your head... instead of using paddles the players hit a much larger players hit a much larger ball with their heads back and forth.... predictably it is officially called... "head ping-pong"
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how about his one... it's called "bossa-ball"... but it basically looks like volleyball using trampolines... except players can also kick the ball in a kind of karate style of flipping then kicking... advocates says it combines volleyball... soccer... and gymnastics finally... we end with something a little more traditional... team dodge- ball... but listen to how excited the announcers get... "time is ticking away. oh my gosh. putting a nail in the coffin. and malaysia goes on. malaysia goes on. shocked!!!"
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shocked!!!" and that and that was only the semi-finals!... in fact one of our interns asked earlier tonight... "did malaysia go all the way?"... unfortunately after their upset of top-seeded england... malaysia went down big to austria... this in fact was the dodge ball world cup... and was played... you ready for this?... in madison square garden others sports featured on espn-2 include... light saber fighting... chess-boxing (yes they play chess... then fight a round)... and a 7-on-7 tag game called "kabaddi" a'-dodgers are playing it tighty.....back in our next hour..
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people are always looking for ways to beat the system.(grant) and parking meter cheaters are all over san francisco. .. package you are looking at a san francisco parking meter through the lens of a go pro 6 black camera i want you to look into the coin slot if you look closely you might notice there is some form of obstruction as we wait for this guy to remove his bike on a meter in mission street look at this meter it looks like a was a paper has been stuck into the coin slot . the meter is flashing yellow ambiance: a meter that has sufficient money flashes green, and the meter that flashes red means the meter has expired so paper wads in the meter disables the meter so they can park forever so they thinkbut wait there's more. look at this the card
9:46 pm
walking to his car was worried that i was parking enforcement so he moves his car you see some people have figured out that if jam the card into the meter, it will disable the meter and again you get to park for free nats: ambiance parking enforcement when they see a meter flashing yellow they know it has been either disabled or malfunctionwhen that happen parking enforcement starts chalking tires because despite the meter disabled you only get to park at normal time limit nats: ambiance it use to be that people would place a bag on the meter, in this case it's a recyclable bagsthis meter has plastic wrapped around it and the meter is flashing yellow it there's a will there's a way for cheat the system ambiance there may be hundreds of meters disabled around san francisco and someone had to come out and fix everyone in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news (grant) (grant) fast food chain
9:47 pm
jack in the box is pushing the envelope with a new advertising campaign... and some people are calling it sexually charged...and offensive.(grant) as you can (grant) as you can see the ad features the chain's mascot... jack...promoting the restaurant's new teriyaki bowls. but every time someone says the word "bowls" -- they're clearly hinting at a man's private parts... not food... even with the product placement of the bowls... the company defended the commercial saying the intention is not to diminish
9:48 pm
the importance of the me-too movement or sexual harassment. executives say they are just reflecting the playful sense of humor that has long been a part of their brand. no word yet if they will be removing the ad. (vicki) caught on camera -- a boston father comes to his daughter's rescue -- when two robbers broke into the family business. as his truck pulls up, horn blaring, 62 year old danny morris jumps out, baseball bat in hand his daughter dawn -- alone in the back of the store making donuts just before five o clock saturday morning. that's when two robbers smashed the store's front door and broke in. that alleged thief identified as thien (teen) nguyen...and nguyen was in court today being arraigned. also in court today, dawn and her mom alina, watching the whole thing. (vicki) scary moments for a nevada trooper monday. a hit-and-run driver side-swiped him -- and nearly took off his patrol car door. you can see it happen just seconds after he opens the door.
9:49 pm
the driver didn't stop. but... thanks to an anonymous tip... police were able to later track the person down. the woman was given numerous citations... including driving without a valid license and a hit-and-run. fortunately... the trooper was not hurt. (grant) new tonight at nine... the sight of a shark alone is enough to frighten the average person. but coming into close contact with one -- well that's something that most hope just happens in movies. that's exactly what happened when a marine biologist had a jaws-like encounter with a great white shark. take a look.(grant) shark (grant)man!"> of the water. man!">(grant) shark expert and senior marine scientist greg skomal tracks sharks off of cape cod
9:50 pm
in massachusetts but he's never had one tracking him. and what makes this encounter even more unusual is that the great white shark just lunged out of the water at skomal... giving some the impression that he annoyed it somehow. but skomal says he really doesn't know why the sharked jumped out thinking he or the boat just might have scared it... he says this is a rare occurrence -- and he now has another behavior to research about... lawrence karnow: there was plenty of smoke in our skies to make for another day of hazy sunshine. it was also hot inland with highs in the 90s but cool fog and 60s at the coast. a developed over the southern deserts of california as the monsoon returns. on the satellite you can see as high pressure returns from the desert southwest. tomorrow will be the hottest day of the week with some highs near 100 degrees inland but cool 50s and 60s at the coast. temperatures will begin to
9:51 pm
cool begin on friday and the skies should improve as the smoke moves east. the perseid meteor shower reaches its peak this weekend but we will see some fog. temperatures will be warm but remain below average next week.
9:52 pm
(vicki) after the break... i'll show you where you can find a taste of healthy and hearty dishes at a family owned restaurant in the east bay.
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(grant) every town seems
9:55 pm
to have one... a family-owned restaurant that serves up good food and good times.(vicki) tonight on dine and dish - i take you to such a place in walnut creek - called sunrise bistro. and there's a special twist - a story i did long ago about a guy we interviewed here at kron affectionately called "g.i. joe." serving up locals since 1981, sunrise bistro is one of the last standing family owned eateries in bustling walnut creek. cindy is the mom who started it all. and joe is her son...who is happy to let cindy do the talking. we met joe back in 2003 when he was one of the first marines to go into the iraq war. we called him g.i. joe. he returned safe and sound and now runs sunrise bistro. it's still a family operation. cousin tay is the chef. pete runs catering. scott here's been eating here nearly every day since he was a teen. the food is both healthy and hearty. ample servings of everything from fruit salads and green salads and sauteed veggies - to blue berry pancakes. burgers are a big crowd pleaser. and you
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can order your eggs to pick up if you like. (vicki) if you have a if you (vicki)(vicki) if you have a
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restaurant, cafe or bar that you would like to see featured on 'dine and dish... send an email to dine and dish at kron 4 dot com .... or fill out the submission form on our website. you can also check out our 'dine and dish' facebook page. (grant) that wraps up kron 4 news at nine...(vicki) but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. pam moore and ken wayne are here with kron 4 news at ten....guys? (pam) thank you grant and vicki.... next at ten... the bart police union is rejecting calls for bay area police agencies to help patrol trains, platforms and parking lots. tomorrow, bart police will present their own safety plan to the board of directors.find out what passengers think needs to be done.... next in a live report. plus. a dis discovery in the north bay authorities are trying to track down the person who left a dead dog in a backpack on the side of the road.(pam) and a norovirus outbreak at a wildfire evacuation center.
9:58 pm
what's being done to make sure it does not spread.(ken) don't go away...hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break. (pam) (pam) now at
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ten: for the sixth time this year, a spare the air alert has been declared until tomorrow in the bay area. (ken) it is due to the ongoing air pollution from wildfire smoke that you can see in this video. (pam) the bay area air quality management district determined... there is an unhealthy level of smoke in the bay area air. good evening im pam moore. (ken) and im ken wayne. on spare the air days people are outdoors in the early morning hours and to stay inside if possible with windows and doors closed until pollution levels subside. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with more on the most effected areas... and when we will see some relief.


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