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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 23, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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(jrstone) now at 10 -- senator dianne feinstein is seeking "immediate postponement" of any further action on brett kavanaugh's nomination to the supreme court amid a new report of alleged sexual misconduct. (jrstone) she released a statement saying in part -- "i also ask that the newest allegations of sexual misconduct be referred to the fbi for investigation, and that you join our request for the white house to direct the fbi to investigate the allegations." good evening, i'm j-r stone. justine waldman has the night off. the white house and kavanaugh denied the allegation today... calling it a "smear" campaign. the new yorker reported that deborah ramirez, now 53-years-old... attended yale
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with kavanaugh and says he exposed himself to her at a dorm party in the early 1980s. according to the new yorker, ramirez was initially reluctant to come forward, in part, because her memory contained gaps. meanwhile, bay area congresswoman anna eshoo says she was the first to hear ford's story. rep anna eshoo(d) california --sot--believed her.">told her that i believed her.">
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to testifying about her allegation of sexual assault. (jrstone)tonight thousands of supporters and friends of ford held what they call a "belive christine candle light vigil" this happened in palo alto and just wrapped up. that's where we find kron 4's hermela aregawi.. who spoke to friends of ford. hermela, what are they telling you tonight? (hermela aregawi) it's cleared out now.. just a few organizers and friends of ford left cleaning upby the looks of it hard to believe there was just 2-3 thousand people out here.. some friends and colleauges of ford.. the rest supporters. anng behind ford specifically.. but also more broadly standing behind sexual assault survivors. the even tonight was dubbed. " believe christine candle light vigil". let me get out of the way so you guys can see what's going on here...supporters tell me... they see ford's
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story as part of the me too movement. and they say that movement is not just about bringing sexual assaults to light.. but also about supporting the people that are brave enough to do that. and they tell me they believe fighting back against the bullying of victims especially by those in power is a part of that. we spoke with some close friends of ford.. let's take a listen to what they had to say. (hermela aregawi)also happening tonight some alumnae from ford's high school in maryland.. are organizing events like this one in other cities.. they're doing this inew york city, washington dc.. and chicago reporting live in palo alto hermlea aregawi kron 4 news (jrstone) a close call for
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people who live in the east bay tonight... after a brush fire breaks out near homes.. and residents are forced to evacuate. kron 4's ella sogomonian joins us live from san ramon tonight with. ella, what does the situation look like out there this evening? the wind was a challenge here today because the fire was able to spread more quickly but lucky for this neighborhood the fire department is just down the street. a grass fire erupted be san ramon just before 4 o clock sunday night.nearly 10 homes were evacuated on estancia court that sat vulnerable at the base of that hill.rick lalli got a call from his wife who said she could hear the fire crackling nearby...sot: rick lalli,
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evacuated//"she was worried so i told everybody get a bag ready and grab the valuables, well not vaulables but all your documents and some food because you always regret it when you don't have that ready."the fire was knocked down in 45 minutes because the fire department credits the neighborhood for cutting back the brush which was one of the list of things that worked in their favor.sot: battallion chief dan mcnamara, san ramon valley fire district// "having the fire station right down the street, having multiple calls with good access to information, and having a good defensible space was a good recipe for success."but the chief says crews faced a challenge with wind reaching 25 miles per hour on top of the the flames were moving as fast downhill as they were uphill. the fire was contained at 7 acres and its cause is being investigated. live in san ramon ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (jrstone) firefighters are scrambling to contain the charlie fire. the fast- moving brush fire broke out
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this afternoon in castaic, which is just north of los angeles. it scorched over 33-hundred acres since yesterday. and as of tonight, it had grown to at least three thousand acres...with only 10 percent containment. evacuations are in place for nearby neighborhoods. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. (jr stone) and a brush fire is burning right now in the south bay. it's happening off quimby road and borden drive in east san jose. so far the fire has burned 30 acres, and it is 50-percent contained. if we get an update on this fire during this newscast we will bring it to you. high pressure will begin to build over the bay area through the first part of the week, resulting in a warming & drying trend. daytime highs to start the work week will be 5-10 degrees warmer, expect 60s-70s along the coast with 80s-90s inland. dry offshore winds at times will bring increased fire weather
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concerns, especially for the north bay hills tonight into tuesday. temperatures are forecast to cool late in the week with the potential for unsettled weather conditions during the upcoming weekend. (jr stone) a big story tonight... we are hearing from the victim in a freeway
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shooting on interstate 9-80 in oakland. the man was injured by shattered glass after someone opened fire just before 8 on friday night. you can see the injuries on his chin and behind his ear. the shooting it happened while the man was driving in eastbound direction-- just before interstate 5-80. he was watching a dog-- who was also injured. he says he was driving to walnut creek to return the dog to it's owner, and tonight we have learned that the dog has passed away. (jr stone) right now, (jr stone) right now, police are working on a description of the suspect and the vehicle.
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(jr stone) a tough day for 49ers fans... not only did the team lose to the kansas city chiefs but they lost their q-b. jimmy garoppolo left with what appeared to be a major injury. kron 4's jason dumas is kron 4's kron 4's jason dumas is here ... jason, what are the niners saying about this tonight? jasonnot only did the niners drop to 1-2 on the season....but it's looking like they will not have jimmy garropolo for the rest of the year.......>jimmy g hurt his left knee on a scramble late in the fourth quarter...and it did not look good.....> the 49ers fear the worst --- that it's a torn acl.....>if you look at the can see that left knee buckle just as jimmy planted the leg to make a cut.....>of course...garrapolo just signed a five year deal with the niners back in february with 100 million gurunteed.....>if
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the initial reports are correct....we won't see jimmy again this season....>and was a dejected niners locker room after the game.....>(sot) "anytime you lose your starting quaterback, i mean it's, anyone, it is a big deal. it was when we lost our starting running back too.obviously, feel for him personally, i know how disappointed he is haven't got a chance to see him yet. but i feel for him." "yeah i mean i saw him out on the field obviously that he got hurt and on the sideline i heard he got carted off and then came to the locker room saw him and a we'll wait on images tomorrow, but a you know anytime it is non-contact knee injuries it's not good so just feel for him. jasonwe should know for sure the entext of that knee injury tomorrow by mid-day.....>of course we will keep you all of you at home updated....>online at and on twitter at jdumasreports....> (jrstone) coming up -- police in oakland had a busy night cracking down on this
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massive sideshow. details when we come back. (jrstone) plus -- another apple store it again with another burglary... the video -- when we come back.
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♪ when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪ (jrstone) the oakland police department cracked down on a sideshow overnight that led to a number of arrests and nearly a 100 vehicles towed. take a look at this chopper
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video just sent to us from c-h- p. you can see how massive this crowd was... and it wasn't easy for police to shut this down... two officers were assaulted during the arrest of two people. this all went down between 1-30 and 5 sunday morning .... at the 880 off ramp that funnels into the high street area. kron 4's ali reid has the details. put together a specific detail for the illegal side showboth spectators and participants were warned to dispersetowed about 85 vehiclesnumber of citations2 arrestsmatter of public safety2 officers assaulted880 off ramp that funnels into high street area between 1-30 and 5 sunday mornignconstruction in the area will begin soon, but councilman noelle gallo who covers that dt says they'll just find someplace else to do sideshows
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(jrstone) porsche announced today that it's getting rid of diesel cars. the news comes five months after senior manager at porsche in germany was arrested in gged by porsche's parent company, volkswagen. porsche said its focus porsche volkswagen.electric."
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(jrstone) porsche announced today that it's getting rid of diesel cars. the news comes five months after senior manager at porsche in germany was arrested in connection with an investigation into diesel emissions rigged by porsche's parent company, volkswagen. porsche said its focus now will be on hybrid and electric technology. the company also mentioned in a news release that there's a shrinking diesel market. diesel has never been a major part of porsche's portfolio. in 2017, it made up just 12- percent of its global sales. in a statement, the company
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said quote "by 2025, every second new porsche vehicle could have an electric drive -- either hybrid or purely electric." (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez. high pressure will begin to build over the bay area through the first part of the week, resulting in a warming & drying trend. daytime highs to start the work week will be 5-10 degrees warmer, expect 60s-70s along the coast with 80s-90s inland. dry offshore winds at times will bring increased fire weather concerns, especially for the north bay hills tonight into tuesday. temperatures are forecast to cool late in the week with the potential for unsettled weather conditions
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during the upcoming weekend. (jrstone) (jrstone)
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the national guard handed out thousands of hot plates to residents impacted by last week's gas explosions in massachusetts. the september 13th blasts left one person dead - and about 25
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people injured. it destroyed dozens of homes and businesses.... and left thousands without natural gas service. columbia gas said it aims to have gas service restored by november 19th. (jrstone) electric scooters have been a hot button issue here in the bay area and beyond... find out why one city banned them from a popular event today... when we come back. (jrstone) and next... an east bay neighborhood plaqued by drugs and alcohol abuse .. now gives way to music and community gatherings.. coming up.. the latest on a major community makeover .. (jrstone) a former east
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bay liquor store, once the
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hub for drugs and crime, is now the scene of a major neighborhood makeover... kron4's haaziq madyun has more. (pkg)san pablo between 34th & 35th street is ground zero for s-p-a-r-k, the san pablo area revitalization collaborative in west oakland. the oakland landmark california hotel is spark's revitalization center piecesotpumping new life into the san pablo corrodore is the non-profit east bay asian local development corporation which now owns the hotel and the blue bird liquor store right next doorsot
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and fantastic negrito"> nats/musicsotfantastic negrito's business partner, field, explains why it was important for the grammy award winning artist put his creative workspace west oakland sotsot the california hotel is also home to the oakland public conservatory of music. field says black ball universe will also be the home some special music workshopssot officials here say the anticipate the vision for the property to complete by january west oakland haaziq madyun kron4news
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(jrstone) and -- deputy attorney general rod rosenstein is accused of suggesting to remove president trump from office. why the president's allies are urging him áát senstein over th up next -- matthew mueller -- the man behind the bizarre kidnapping case in vallejo -- that shocked the nation... is sharing his side of the story tonight. kron 4's gayle ong joins us live in the newsroom with that story , (mabrisa)a look at your forecast coming up...
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(jrstone) it was a bizarre kidnapping case in vallejo -- that shocked the nation... and now the man convicted in federal court in the "kidnapping-for-ransom case" -- will get the chance to question his victims as he represents himself in a court of law.kron 4's gayle ong spoke to him from jail toinght and joins us live in the newsroom.gayle. matthew muller is currently serving 40 years at the solano county jail.tonight he is sharing his side of the story.. speaking to us from jail.. matthew muller - is the man convicted in federal court in the "kidnapping-for-ransom case" -- in 20-15, muller broke in and attacked denise huskins and aaron quinn in his vallejo homemuller sexually assaulted huskins and released her two days later outside her family's home in southern
10:30 pm muller - a disbarred harvard-trained attorney will get the chance to question his victims in court this weekhe says he cannot give much details about the case but we can expect to hear all about it in court muller says his goal is to go forward with the process that will be fair and just with everybody.. muller tells me another reason
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he's going through this process iss wife.. meantime a preliminary hearing court date is scheduled for tuesday - four days before the couple's in the newsroom, gayle ong kron 4 news. (jrstone) the president's allies are urging him not to fire deputy attorney general rod rosenstein... voices on capitol hill warn it could complicate the confirmation of brett kavanaugh -- the embattled supreme court nominee accused of sexual assault. kavanaugh's accuser is scheduled to testify on thursday. david daniel has a look at where we stand ahead of this busy week. top gop brass are urging president trump to keep his number two at the justice department.sen. lindsey graham / -r- south carolina: "he shouldn't fire rosenstein, unless you believe rosenstein is lying. he said he did not do the things alleged"on friday, the new york times
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reported that deputy attorney general rod rosenstein suggested wearing a wire and recruiting cabinet members to invoke the 25th amendment -- a move that could remove president trump from office. rosenstein denied the allegations -- and others familiar with the 20-17 conversations say rosenstein wasn't being serious about wearing a wire and that his comment was sarcastic.still, people familiar with the conversations say president trump contemplated firing rosenstein.he complained about some members of his justice department at a rally friday. president donald trump: "there's a lingering stench and we're gonna get rid of that too."allies are warning that firing rosenstein could complicate the 20-18 midterms and the confirmation proceedings for the president's embattled supreme court nominee, brett kavanaugh. christine blasey ford accuses kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her in the 19-80s -- an accusation he strongly denies.but democratic members of the judiciary committee want to hear ford's side -- after late-night talks, she's agreed to testify at a hearing expected this week.sen. dick durbin / -d- illinois: "if one republican senator should
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decide that dr. ford's allegations, assertions, are they are serious, big difference in brett i'm david daniel (live) taking a live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero.... (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez. high pressure will high pressure will begin to build over the bay area through the first part of the week, resulting in a warming & drying trend. daytime highs to start the work week will be 5-10 degrees warmer, expect 60s-70s along the coast with 80s-90s inland. dry offshore winds at times will bring increased fire weather especial north bay hills tonight into tuesday. temperatures are forecast to cool late in the week with the potential for
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unsettled weather conditions during the upcoming weekend.
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people filled the streets of san jose today for "viva calle". it's the annual street fair that invites everyone to walk and bike along route towards downtown. but this year - the city banned electronic scooters from the event. kron 4's sara stinson has the details on the ban. thousands of people walked, biked, skate boarded and yes
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rode e-scooters during the viva calle sunday.even though the city asked everyone to not to ride these electronic scooters on the route of the street fair.that's because the city of san jose has not formally adopted a policy on officials say if people cause accidents with the scooters then it could cause them to form a more restrictive policy.before jumping on a bird or lime - you must agree to safety requirements such as wearing a helmet, but people routinely break those man hopes san jose officials create a policy that will hold riders responsible.
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(jrstone) new at ten tonight -- police are investigating a burglary at the santa rosa plaza mall. it happened late last month... but this video was just released. police say three males wearing hoodies entered the apple store and ran away with more than 35-hundred dollars worth of electronics. this theft was similar to several apple store thefts throughout northern california. tonight police are asking anyone witnessed this theft to please contact the santa rosa police property crimes investigative team. investigators are looking for cell phone video, photographs or any other information leading the identification of these thieves. (jrstone) still ahead tonight -- actor bill cosby is going to soon find out the fate of his future. details on how many years he could spend behind bars. in sports... the oakland raiders were in miami this morning...looking for their first win against the dolphins. jason has details...and all the sports
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may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. (jr)it's been a long day for
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niners fans --- the status of jimmy garropolo is still unknown...but there was still a game so let's re-visit those highlights....> the battle between two of the more intriging qb's in the nfl.....jmmmy g and the red hot patrick mahomes...>first quarter....the chiefs already up 7-0....kareem hunt punches it in from one yard out . score:14-nothing chiefs. however the niners heat up..that's an 11 yard touchdown catch from y to marquise goodwin...nice dance but fourth quarer.......jimmy g on the
10:45 pm
scramble....keep an eye on his left knee....does not look good....he gets carted off and would not return....killing any chance for a the niners fall to the the cheifs....> final: 38-27 kansas city chiefs (jason) things are equally bad with the raiders --- they are healthier than the niners but they still can't seem to get out of their own way.....>today they took on the dolphins....> jon gruden....searching for his first win as the head coach of the oakland raiders. 2nd quarter: ryan tannehill goes up top to kenny stills...with the 34 yard touchdown pass. score: tied at 7.4th about a little razzle dazzle....jakeem grant gets the dolphins.carr...with a chance to take the lead...but the pass is intercepted by xavien
10:46 pm
howard...uh ohhh...the raiders would go on to lose the game. final:28-20 dolphins the a's haven't been to the post-season since 2014.....> today they had a chance to stamp to their ticket at the coliseum against minnesota....> things did not get off to a good start for of the first....jake cave takes trevor cahill on a ride to deep center for a two run homerun to get the twins on the board....>bottom of the second....the a's cut the lead in half....matt olson gets all of that one....his 28th of the's a 2-1 game.....> twins get some great defense from a former giant....ehirey adrianza makes the nice barehanded grab and throw to get out of the inning....and it's still a 2-1 game.....>top of the's 3-1 twins and adrianza doing it on
10:47 pm
offense now....drills one to's an rbi double as he hustles into's 4-1 twins.....>more from adrianza in the 5th...again with the glove... diving stop to rob matt chapman of a hit...that starts the 5-4-3 double play to end the inning...>final: 5-1 twins (jason) giants cardinals... let's make this quick... san francisco trying to get one win in their 3-game series in st. louis... 6th inning... already 4-0 cardinals.. jose martinez with a shot into the left- centerfield gap... it goes all the way to the wall... 2 runs score... 6-0 cardinals 8th inning... 7-2 st. louis... matt carperter... the long blast to right... that one is gome... 2-run homer... his 36 th of the seasonfinal-9-2 cardinalsfinal-9-2 season final-9-2 cardinals (jrstone) intense moments caught on camera showing a camera caught on moments intense moments caught on camer and hitting an alleged groper through a new york subway station. valerie castro
10:48 pm
reports. chantal castanon is the woman you see in this video chasing a man through the subway station at forty second street and grand central terminal. chantal castanon / chased groper:"it just so happened so fast. when i actually saw it i was like wow, i can't even believe i actually did that. i didn't even think about it." she says what the man did to her moments before sent her into a fury. so angry she says she had to fight back. chantal castanon / chased groper:"i felt the rage coming from my stomach like i was that like what did he just do to me? did he really just touch me like that?didn't even care, just like, walked off like it was nothing."castanon was headed home for the day aug around 2:00 in afternoon. she was walking down the stairs to catch the 4 train when the man walking up the stairs grabbed her behind. chantal castanon / chased groper:"really quickly it happened but he's just like grabbed my whole buttocks."the surveillance video captured her reaction, running after the man hitting him several times. chantal castanon / chased groper:"i was just like you know what? you're not touching me like that and
10:49 pm
getting away with it."he actually kept apologizing but it did nothing to quell her anger. chantal castanon / chased groper:"he was just like, i'm sorry and i'm sorry and for every sorry i just kept hitting him, he just kept outraging me like how could you apologize to me after something you just did?" eventually the man got away, surely never expecting the reaction he got.castanon hopes by telling her story someone will turn him in. chantal castanon / chased groper:"i just want him caught because you don't know who he did it to or potentially do it to and it has to stop." (jrstone) that was valerie castro reporting. (jrstone) and cody wilson, the creator of the world's first fully printed 3-d gun -- is back in the u-s after he was arrested in taiwan friday. authorities say the 30-year-old was harris county j early this morning. he is being held on 150-thousand dollar bond and it isn't clear if he has an attorney yet. wilson was yet. wilson was accused of sexually assaulting a minor in texas. (jr stone) the weekend
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box office race really wasn't fair: the winning film had magic the winning film had magic on its side. here's david daniel with the weekend top five. a sixth straight top five finish for "crazy rich asians," which ran its domestic total to 159-million dollars with a six-and-a-half million dollar weekend. "the predator" fell from first to fourth place on ticket sales of eight-point-seven million. "the nun" dropped a spot to third, earning 10-point-three million dollars.(nat-camera shutter)"did you just take my picture? erase it.""i guess i'm probably not kind of the person you're normally friends with.""oh, you do not want to be friends with me, trust me." "a simple favor" rose to second place in its second weekend, taking in 10- point-four million dollars. "that's a lot of clocks." "well, what constitutes a lot is really a matter of personal taste. for me, it's a perfect amount of clocks."the weekend's longest title was also its biggest movie! "the house with a clock in its walls" debuted at number one, opening with 26-point-nine million dollars. in hollywood, i'm david daniel. (jr stone) happening
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tomorrow... bill cosby will be back in a norristown, pennsylvania court for sentencing on his conviction of sexual assault. cosby faces up to ten years in prison for each of the three counts against him -- but the judge could impose a longer or shorter sentence. the 81-year old actor was found guilty of sexually assaulting andrea constand in his home near philadelphia in 2004. some legal experts have said they don't think cosby will spend any time behind bars. cosby's defense team is expected to appeal the guilty verdict and the judge could allow cosby to remain on house arrest until the appeal is resolved. (jrstone) up next -- a major change in television news in saudi arabia. after the break -- we'll take a look at it's first ever female news anchor! keep it here.
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a saudi national anchorwoman is the first female news anchor in the history... of the main state-owned saudi tv to present the key newscast. video aired on state tv shows the anchor woman sitting next to her colleague in presenting the news. traditionally, men dominated hard news casts in saudi arabia, while female presenters focused more on soft morning newscasts.
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