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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  September 28, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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8 year old mariah davis was last seen by her family was last seen mariah davis 8 year old 8 year old mariah davis was last seen by her family at a picnic on saturday. her mom spoke with her by phone weesday morning and says he was in good spirits and looking for a new job.but for two nights they haven't heard from her since.sot: alfreda james, mother// "where's my daughter i dont know where my daughter is? i dont know." contra costa county sheriff's investigators are looking for davis after a missing persons report was filed with them. her mom says detectives found her phone last ping from la pinata restaurant in san leandro on wednesday where she was allegedly seen on surveillence video leaving with hre ex boyfriend around 2 in the afternoon getting into her grey 2005 nissan altima. sot: phyllis james, aunt// "we dont know if she was carjacked her phones not working or off or we don't know what the case is but it's not good we're all worried."davis's mom says authorities came to her door thursday morning around midnight to let her know police tried to stop the car her daughter was driving that night in richmond but a male driver left the car and got away and her daugther was no where to be found. richmond richmond police are following up with the drivershe reported the car
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stolen and her daughter missing after that incident. they're hoping whoever saw davis or knows of her whereabouts calls in richmond ellas ogomonian kron 4 news. ((vicki/quadbox)) ((vicki/quadbox) ((vicki/quadbox) ((vicki/quadbox))for a second straight day...protests across the country by people opposed to brett kavanaugh's supreme court nomination.this was the scene in la, austin texas, portland maine and philadelphia.many taking place in front of the offices of senators on the judiciary committee.the protesters also urged people to get out and vote in the upcoming midterm elections in november. (grant) this comes as there is now a delay in a full senate vote on the
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confirmation of supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. president trump ordered the fbi to "conduct a supplemental investigation" into sexual assault allegations against kavanaugh. it comes after a stunning turn- of-events that followed testimony of kavanaugh and his accuser only the day earlier. from our partners at c- n-n reporter phil mattingly tells us how it all happened. tonight, republican senator jeff flake - pivoting.sen. jeff flake, (r) judiciary committee: "i will only be comfortable moving on the floor until the fbi has done more investigation than they have already. it may not take them a week. i understand that some of these witnesses may not want to discuss anything further. but i think we owe them due diligenc"...telling colleagues he will áonlyá support kavanaugh's nomination on thsenate floor ... if ... the floor votes are delayed, and a one week fbi probe into assault allegations is commenced.sen. jeff flake, (r) judiciary committee: "the democrats who have been i think justifiably uncomfortable moving ahead, could publicly in an effort to bring this country together, say that we would feel better. i'm not expecting them to vote yes, but not to complain that an fbi investigation has not occurred."that pronouncement coming after more than an hour of dramatic - and secret - closed-door talks between flake and the panel's democrats - starting
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right here as flake departed the hearing room, in order to meet with delaware democrat chris coons - who later praised flake's move.sen. chris coons, (d) judiciary committee: "it is my hope that we could work together on a bipartisan basis to diligently pursue an fbi investigation within the next week - not for the purpose of delay, but for the purpose of investigating further either allegations made by dr. ford or others, with the goal towards demonstrating a bipartisan commitment to diligently investigating these allegations. thank you mr. chairman. thank you senator flake."moments later, committee chairman chuck grassley called for a vote.nats kavanaugh's nomination moving to the floor of the senate along party lines. the whole affair a stunning turn - given flake just a few hours prior, announced he would vote to confirm kavanaugh, and the first floor votes scheduled to take place saturday. but in between that statement ... those secret conversations and the committee vote - this: nats: "look at me when i'm talking to you. you're telling me that my assault doesn't matter. that what happened to me doesn't matter and that you're going to let people who do these things into power - that's what you're telling me, when you vote for him. don't look away from me, look at me and tell me that it doesn't matter what happened to me." flake ... cornered in an elevator by a woman who said she was a sexual assault survivor - something that made him visibly shaken when he entered the hearing room, and throughout the meeting.sen. jeff flake, (r) judiciary committee: "this country's being ripped apart here and we've got to make sure that we do due diligence." (vicki) (vicki) president
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trump says, he found christine blasey ford to be a "very credible witness" . and called her testimony "compelling".. but he equally touted judge kavanaugh for his adamant denial before the senate judiciary committee. (vicki) country.>(vicki) the president went on to call dr. ford a good person.... earlier this week - for the first time - he indicated he'd be opento replacing kavanaugh but wanted to hear the testimony first.. but now he's saying that he's 'not' considering a replacement.. (vicki)the fbi investigation will delay the nomination a week.. but what difference can a week really make? (grant) kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke to a former fbi agent about that... and is here with
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us now.. hermela, what can we expect? (hermela aregawi)according to former fbi agent rick smith.. we shouldn't expect any groundbreaking information to come out. he says.. it's an old case.. there's not a lot of people to interview..and so he tells me.. in a week, the story will look a lot like what it does today. history unfolds.. as the fbi is thurst into the center of a controversial supreme court nomination... and the me too movement..the case.. dr. christine blasey ford versus judge brett says.. when they were in high school.. the nominee pushed her into a room.. pinned her to a bed, tried to take her clothes off.. and then put his hand over her mouth to keep her from yelling.he says... it never happened. the fbi has been given a week to investigate the case... but is that enough time?rick smith/former fbi agentthat's enough time, there's 56 field offices, 63 legal ataches foreign offices, and you've got 13,000 agent. this is the biggest thing in the country right now, they'll get it done. but what are the chances the agency will uncover new information that will dramatically change the narrative?rick smith/former fbi agentit's a 36 year old case. there's not that many people involved that will testify or can be identified and it's old, so to expect to get a lot of evidentiary
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information or corroborating evidence difficult to imagine that happening. this investigation satisfies some requirement based on where they are right now, they're kind of stuck and so if that's accomplished and you can move forward and vote based on what's uncovered and not uncovered. i think we're very likely to end up where we are right now at the end of this background because of the time that has passed. it's a long time ago and that's why there are statue of limitations because of the time that passes. people's memory changes. you don't recollect stuff.but the fbi has a key witness, that they refused to subpoena ahead of thisweek's hearings. ford says.. kavanaugh's friend mark judge was in the room during the assault. through his lawyer.. judge now says.. he is willing to cooperate with the investigation. rick smith/former fbi agentwhat develops out of a case is witness testimony which would allow for one side to be more believable than the other. who knows what's going to happen but if people have already testified or provided statements indicating they weren't there. so it's hard to believe that it will be that much different than it is right now. right now. different than it is be that much believe that it will be that much different than it is right now. right now. different than it is right now.
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(grant) (grant) the folks at the national sexual assault hotline are reporting... they fielded way more calls than normal during the kavanaugh hearing-- saying calls went up 200 percent compared to a typical day.... the recent surge in calls started before doctor ford's public testimony. (vicki) our coverage on the controversial kavanaugh hearings continues at kron-4 dot com. there you can
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watch the elevator confrontation between protesters and arizona senator jeff flake. and find the testimony from christine blasey- ford and brett kavanaugh... as well as the national sexual assault hotline information as well. all at kron-4 dot com. lawrence karnow: it was much cooler around the bay area today with highs in the 70s inland and bay and 50s and at the coast. it will be partly cloudy tonight with increasing low clouds and fog. its all quiet on the doppler now but that will change this weekend. on the satellite you can see the low pressure center that is moving closer to the bay area. we will seen increasing clouds on saturday leading to a slight chance of a few showers on saturday and sunday morning. highs will again be cool over the weekend with 70s inland and 50s and 60s at the coast. it will be slightly warmer on sunday with a little more sunshine. another storm heads our way late monday to bring another chance of rain on monday night and tuesday. much warmer weather with offshore winds is likely late
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next week. (grant) in the north bay -- police in the north (grant) (grant) in the north bay -- police are looking for the person responsible for sickening 18 people in a pepper spray attack in vallejo. we first reported this as breaking news last night on kron4 news at five. we now know what the suspect looks like... thanks to this survallience photo. the attack was at a walgreens store on springs road in vallejo. 2 store employees were taken to the hospital. more than a dozen other people were also treated at the scene.employees say a car drove up... a person walked inside... and pepper-sprayed a woman who works at the store. a second employee was also hit with the spray while trying to help her. if you recognize the person in the police.
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(vicki) we continue to follow repair efforts at the salesforce transit center. construction of a temporary fix to the salesforce transit center could begin as early as tomorrow. as you know earlier this week cracks were discovered in two support beams forcii the shutdown of the brand new transit center. today -- repairs crews at the salesforce transit center spent another day surveying the area above fremont street where two cracked support beams were found earlier in the week . repair crews say steel support structures will be anchored in the middle of fremont street to rise up into the deck to relieve stress on the cracked beams. the the materials for the shoring up process could be arriving as early as saturday. but remember -- the actual construction work will take a week at least. that means
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the stretch of fremont street won't reopen until next friday. (grant) we all know video games can be addictive... but why some medical experts claim one video game is just as bad as heroin... (vicki) plus yet another threat made to a bay area high school... during homecoming weekend.... and now police are investigating... (grant) and up next...a woman in the north bay says she was held captive and escaped from her captor.... now the suspect is behind bars...the charges he's facing tonight... ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present. the north bay ... held captive
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in an apartment -- narrowly escapes her attacker... who she says threatened her with a knife .... and attempted to rape her.(grant) the terrifying encounter happened in rohnert park -- where kron four's philippe djegal reports... the suspect was taken into custody. (philippe) a 25-year-old woman tells the rohnert park department of public safety that when she stopped by this apartment on joanne court late wednesday night... she intended only to pick-up some school books she loaned to a 25-year-old acquaintance of hers -- sergio heredia- trujillo. instead, she says heredia-trujillo threatened her with a knife, pulled her pants down and ripped off her underwear... before attempting to rape her. no name/neighbor- "i'm not used to this and so it was scary because everybody was alseep." the victim called 9-1-1 more than five hours after the ordeal started... she was able to escape the apartment after alledging heredia-trujillo also bit and choked her... telling her to stay quiet, or else he'd kill her. the woman tells investigators she knocked on her neighbor's doors for help
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but no one initially answered... until someone finally let her in to call police.pujjal khanal/neighbor- "it's very unfortunate what happened." not everyone heard the woman's pleas for name/neighbor- "i'm a light sleeper, and i didn't hear any noise at all before that. before the police and all that. i didn't hear any noises -- i didn't hear anything. anything out of the ordinary." the d-p-s says heredia-trujillo lives here, but is not on the lease. a neighbor says he was arrested in the grass outside the apartment. police later discovered six cars in the area with smashed windows... and, broken glass in heredia- trujillio's pockets. the d-p-s believes he was intoxicated and under the influence of alcohol at the name/neighbor- "in that situation, i wouldn't come to this situation, go up with a person that you don't really know. or, even if you know, if you know that person, and you know that can be trouble, you wouldn't go." heredia-trujillo is being held at the sonoma county jail. his bail set at 50-thousand dollars. he was booked on a list of charges... including assault with intent to commit rape, assault with a deadly weapon... kidnapping, false imprisonment and sexual battery. in rohnert park, philippe djegal, kron four news.
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(grant) executives at facebook say, nearly 50- million users were exposed in an attack this week. the breach exploited facebook's "view- as" feature, which lets user's view their page the way other people on facebook would see it. exploiting the feature gave attackers the ability to potentially take control of the accounts. facebook says, it does not know who the hackers are or where they were based. according to the company, the issue has been fixed and reported to the f-b-i. it is not clear yet if exposed user information was actually accessed. to deal with
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the issue... facebook reset some logins. so 90- million people have been logged out... and will have to log in again. facebook is saying there is no need for users to reset passwords. (vicki) federal regulators are suing tesla c-e-o elon musk for securities fraud. in august, musk rocked wall street with a series of tweets saying he could take the publicly traded tesla private. he laid out details, including pricing...and said funding had already been secured. the securities and exchange commission filed a lawsuit claiming that musk was lying. they're trying to remove him as c-e-o of tesla for the alleged misconduct.. musk is calling the s-e-c action unjustified. (vicki) in the east bay, police in dublin are investigating a possible threat at dublin high school. the school district says someone threatened to harm students there next monday... kron 4's charles clifford was in dublin and has details. well, this is homecoming weekend here at dublin high school and the
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school district is taking this threat a note sent to parents and posted on the dublin school disrict website, the district says that "an anonymous threat has been found at dublin high school indicating an intention to harm students on oct. 1. " on friday, the school district told kron 4 that they havno reason to believe the threat is credible but they aren't taking any chances. school officials reached out to the dublin police department and officers were on campus friday. the district also says that addtional police presence will continue through at least monday.dublin police are investgating but so far it's uknown who made the threat or why.natson campus friday, classses went on as ususal. parents waiting to pick up there kids after school said they had heard about the threat. claire lucero says the note was alarming.sotoh, i'm worried. ever since we got that news it makes me nervous.soti thought it was kind of scary.kimberly mentink has a daughter at dublin high. she says they sat down and talked about the threat friday morning.sotwe talked about that there was a threat made about possible harm. to keep your eyes open and be aware of your surroundings. if you see something unusual say something about it.both claire and kimberly say that while it's unlikely that the threat is real, the school and authorities have to act as if it is.sotwe have to give everything that comes in like this credibility. we have to take it seriously.sotyeah, we have to take it seriously. anyone with information is asked to contact the dublin police department. in dublin charles clifford kron 4 news.
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(grant) in the east bay... in the east (grant) in the east bay... kids...going to school to be enlightened... but being left in the dark. that's been the case at irvington high school in fremont...after a car accident knocked out power at the school yesterday. since then...students have been learning in relative darkness. on the sylabus...classic chalk boards and old school hand writing
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assignments. despite the black out....staff and students are making the best of it. (sot) school school school leaders expect the power will be fully restored by the morning bell on monday. (grant) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence lawrence karnow: it was much cooler around the bay area today with highs in the 70s inland and bay and 50s and at the coast. it will be partly cloudy tonight with increasing low clouds and fog. its all quiet
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on the doppler now but that will change this weekend. on the satellite you can see the low pressure center that is moving closer to the bay area. we will seen increasing clouds on saturday leading to a slight chance of a few showers on saturday and sunday morning. highs will again be cool over the weekend with 70s inland and 50s and 60s at the coast. it will be slightly warmer on sunday with a little more sunshine. another storm heads our way late monday to bring another chance of rain on monday night and tuesday. much warmer weather with offshore winds is likely late next week.
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bridal shop suddenly shuts down with out notice... and now many brides are scrambling to figure out what happened to their dresses... (grant) plus, right after the's that time of year again... end of summer car deals.. we'll have the pros and cons of buying a new car this fall... new tonight at ten...police are new tonight at ten...police are on the hunt for several men seen breaking into cars in one bay area neighborhood.authorities released this surveillance video hoping someone can identify them.that tonight at ten.
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(grant) four your money tonight... ads for deals on cars are everywhere at this time of year.(vicki) but does that mean it's the right time for you to buy a car? for starters, keep in mind that those models you're seeing marked down on ads...are technically already a year old. consumer reports says that generally the older, cheaper models may be good for people who expect to hang onto the vehicle for a long time. or for drivers who put a lot of miles on a
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car, like 15,000 a year or more. but if having the very latest style in a car is important to you -- you may want to wait until next year to buy the new model. experts say a year old model... could show its age.... if the model has had a big redesign. (grant) sears suffered another blow today, when the company's stock fell below one dollar for the first time ever. the retail giant's share price dropped as much as 15 percent to 85 cents in midday trading. with prices that low, nasdaq could de-list the company, though that wouldn't happen until next year at the earliest. friday's drop below the dollar mark came after the company's c-e-o issued a dire warning earlier this week....stating the company is running out of time and cash, and has to restructure and urgently cut its debt. there's a 134 million dollar debt payment due october 15th, and the company must convince lenders it has enough cash in reserve by monday. (vicki) and jetblue.. is
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following the lead of larger offering a stripped down ticket...with fewer options than regular economy fares. the airline says customers who take the cheapest fare...might have to accept limits on when they board...their seat...and wheter they can change or cancel a reservation. the new fare class with take effect sometime next year. the big airlines like delta and american... introduced basic economy to compete with discount carriers like spirit airlines. (vicki) ahead at nine...caught on camera-- three hooded men pulling a three-year-old girl away from her father....and then shooting the dad in the leg... what police believe is behind the act of violence... (grant) plus... a mother claims her daughter was denied medical service... all because the staff didn't believe the young girl was really her daughter... and she says it was because the color of her skin... (vicki) and up next a disturbing story out of the south bay.. a stepfather accused of killed his stepdaughter... the piece of evidence found in her fit bit that linked him to the crime...
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t.
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california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. (vicki) now at 9:30... san
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jose police have arrested 90- year-old anthony aiello on suspicion of murdering his stepdaughter karen navarra ... in her home on terra noble way. (grant) police say it was information they found on the victim's 'fit-bit' that led to an arrest.. kron four's gabe slate has the story.. taped to the door 1057 terra noble way in san jose is the red paper notice of an animal seizure from the home the reason listed "the owner deceased". this is where police say on september 13th they responded to a welfare check in request and found 67-year-old karen navarra dead, at first it appeared to be a suicide she had a knife
9:32 pm
in her hand and wounds in several places on her body, but after an autopsy was performed, karen navarra's death was ruled a homicide navarra had suffered multiple skull fractures which were "inconsistent with being self- inflicted or accidental,"stand up - police say information gathered from a wearable tech device and video images captured by nearby surveillance camera provided the crack in the case. detectives used data collected by karen navarra's fitbit, a fitbit similar to this one, to determine when her heart stopped beating.investigators say that information combined with video surveillance footage lead to the arrest of karen's killer. anthony aiello , karen's 90-year-old stepfather. investigators say video captured shows anthony aiello enters house, soon after the fit bit recorded karen's heartbeat rapidly accelerating before suddenly stopping altogether. san jose police arrested anthony aeillo for suspicion of murder. he is being held without bail in the santa clara county jail, his next court appearance is oct. 4th. i spoke with several neighbors on the block, who didn't want to do an official interview on camera, but wanted to express their condolences to karen's family, and they wanted to express the shock they felt that this happened in their normally quiet safe neighborhood in san jose gabe slate kron 4 news. (grant) tonight... (grant) (grant) tonight...
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more arrests in the wide- ranging case... involving 'snatch and grab' thefts ... at some 50 apple stores up and down the state. police have just made two more arrests...and we're getting our first look at the suspects. all young guys...some of them...high school age. the youngest is 18...the oldest is 23. these are 10 of the 17 suspects. they have been booked into the alameda county jail. just over the last month...there were crimes in santa rosa, emeryville, and corte madera. one other person was arrested as well... and is being held in sonoma county. police say they're not done yet... they have warrants out for 6 other suspected said to
9:34 pm
be involved in this criminal ring which stole about a million dollars worth of apple products. (vicki) in san bruno -- officers arrested four people involved in car break-ins near the tanforan mall. this is a map to give you a better idea of where this was happening. police reports say the group was believed to be preparing to break into cars sitting in the parking lot. when officers arrived -- they found the suspects in a stolen car with no license plates... officers also found a broken window. all four suspects were arrested for burglary... possession of a stolen vehicle... possession of burglary tools and conspiracy. (grant) angry brides in stockton say they are out thousands of dollars because of the sudden and unannounced closure of a popular bridal shop... and even a former employee says she quit because the place just stopped paying her... reporter kay recede spoke to two women who want to know what happened to their dresses. ((pkg))the sign points to the entrancebut the bars on the windows of stockton's maxine's
9:35 pm
bridal is a heartbreaking sight for customers such as jaynie wright(jaynie wright, customer)"oh holy err what do i do now? what do i do?" wright's son is getting married in octoberat 6 feet tall she thought finding a dress would be impossible until she saw this 50 dollar beauty last month(jaynie)"i got an off-the-rack dress that fit like a glove that was in right the in color which you know, i thought the stars had all aligned and god said here you go."a nearby business owner fox40 spoke to says the bridal shop was cleared out and closed up on the first. (wright)"what do you do now? if you're a bride and you're wedding's in two weeks, what do you do?"that's the exact same question another customer has the woman - who asked not to identify her - says her baby sister is getting married in just two weeks.they paid 4- thousand dollars for the dream dress - she says a former manager would only apologize (woman)"my sister said that's not a word, 'sorry', i'm your customer. i'm getting married, i'm the bride, i need this done."they also paid for bridesmaids and flower girl dresses.(woman)"i don't know what to do now. i'm so mad." according to court documents fox40 obtained leopoldo uruttia - the owner of three years-- has been evictedhe owes more than 87-hundred dollars in rent(kay recede)"we got his phone number from two sources - the man who answered our call repeatedly said 'i don't know'"wright says she trusted maxine's. she bought her own wedding dress from them decades ago (wright)"i didn't have a thought about giving them my money and not taking my dress, they've been in business forever."now out cash and a dress - she'll scramble but she says she'll be ok(wright)"i'll be just fine but what about the brides?"in stockton kr
9:36 pm
(vicki) a morgan hill high school football team is forced to start the season away from home after the field was vandalized. it happened at ann sobrato high school after
9:37 pm
someone left left the field open overnight so portable stands could be brought in, but vandals took advantage. tire marks show they did several donuts on the field. the morgan hill school district superintendent says reparir crews filled most of the deep ruts, but they decided to move the game due to safety concerns. as the district and police look for the people who did this, grounds crews will be working to get this fixed in time for the homecoming game next weekend. (lawrence bay area weather) (sports tease) just around the corner in sports, the 49ers... rallying around cj beathard, who's ready to fill the shoes of jimmy g. hear from the new niners qb1.
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are set and we know where the a's will start the postseason. a yankees win over the red sox tonight means the green and gold...are going to the bronx wednesday for the wildcard game. so at this point, oakland just trying to
9:41 pm
finish the regular season healthy. a's in southern california. . at last check-- score is...7-nothing angels. angels...with a pair of 2-run homers from taylor ward and mike trout. full highlights later tonight. moving over to the 49ers, the 2018 edition of the cj beathard experience about to get underway this weekend. beathard...running the show this week following jimmy garoppolo's devastating acl tear last sunday in kansas city. san francisco...con tinuining it's road slate this weekend against the l-a chargers. looking back to last season... beathard's stats aren't spectacular, went 1-and-5 in 6 games.... but the 49ers love his toughness...considering he held up after getting sacked 19 times. this time around, cj...poised to not take as many hits and get the offense going. just try to get the ball out of my hands quicker. i thin we've got a lot better team than we did last year. i really like the group that we have and obviously doing what i can do to get the ball out of my hands quicker and making reads quicker. as a whole team, everyone, the o-line, receivers, running backs,
9:42 pm
everyone can add their part to help that." moving on over to the raiders, the team prepping for the cleveland browns. baker mayfield is not the only intriguing storyline... hue jackson, is coming back to the coliseum... the former head coach of the silver and black in the 2011 season.. he led the team to an 8-and-8 mark in his lone year in oakland.. he and gruden first worked together at pacific university back in the 1980s... and both have fond memories of their time together. ""well, it didn't start off very well. we got beat i think 57-0 by auburn, 37-0 i think by pitt and we got clobbered by arizona. it wasn't very good. (laughter) then they dropped football. i could say it wasn't the greatest, but it was a lot of fun.""he taught me football, we used to argue everyday, so i know him extremely well and he's extremely competitive, he doesn't like losing, no more than i didn't like losing so trust me he's going to get his football team ready and we got to be ready to play. coming up coming up on kron4 sports
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at 10, those full a's highlights... and also, the giants hosting the dodgers with an opportunity to ruin l-a's playoff hopes. see what happened tonight at at&t. until then, more news after the break.
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(grant) new at was supposed to be a routine visit to a medical clinic. but for one maryland mother, it was anything but...she says the staff didn't believe the child with her - was her daughter... because her daughter is black and she's white... reporter carl willis has the story. as if a mid-week visit to the urgent care wasn't bad enough, karen dresser says matters were made much worse.karen dresser, mother: "at first ii was just numb. i was in
9:46 pm
disbelief actually..."she says her 12 year old daughter was denied treatment at this patient first in waldorf because workers there didn't believe she was the child's see dresser is white - her adoptive daughter is black.karen dresser, mother: "we are a family in every sense of the word and for somebody just to make the assumption that we weren't is hurtful."dresser was so stunned that she went to facebook and posted a question, to see if any other mothers were turned away, or asked to produce guardianship papers during a visit to the clinic.karen dresser, mother: "and by the time i was home, i had lots of people saying no never never never. so i know it was a color issue."'seven on your side' took the concern to richmond-based patient a statement they wrote quote - "during registration, if a minor patient is accompanied by an adult who states that they are the patient's parent, we take them at their word. if the adult states that they are the child's guardian, we require documentation to confirm that before the patient can be registered."but dresser says she insisted that she was the child's mother.she ys workers need to be better trained on how to handle these kinds of situations.karen dresser, mother: "i think people out there need to understand that families come in all shapes and sizes, and that it's important to respect all families."
9:47 pm
(grant) dresser says she wrote the clinic's corporate office a letter, and did receive an apology. (vicki) caught on camera - three hooded men pulling a three year old girl from her father on a new york city street then shooting the dad in the leg. the men ran away, leaving the girl and her wounded father behind. the father was taken to a hospital in stable condition. and the little girl was not physically hurt. (vicki) the father was arrested at the hospital for drug possession. police say they suspect the shooting was drug related. and officer are still looking for three men involved... (grant) a sacramento woman and her two grandchildren are
9:48 pm
lucky to be alive after a driver forced their car off the road...and it caught fire. (grant) it was on interstate 80 in sacramento. another driver...a good samaratin... noticed flames...shooting out from under the woman's car. and that is when kenneth knox knew he had to take action. there was a three year old and a five year old strapped in the back seat. knox says he did what he felt he had to do...get them out of there. kenneth knox/motorist"i go to hold the baby and carry him back to the ambulance. boy, it hit me hard." (grant) chp says if you are driving and smell smoke, pull over, just to be safe.
9:49 pm
lawrence karnow: it was much cooler around the bay area today with highs in the 70s inland and bay and 50s and at the coast. it will be partly cloudy tonight with increasing low clouds and fog. its all quiet on the doppler now but that will change this weekend. on the satellite you can see the low pressure center that is moving closer to the bay area. we will seen increasing clouds on saturday leading to a slight chance of a few showers on saturday and sunday morning. highs will again be cool over the weekend with 70s inland and 50s and 60s at the coast. it will be slightly warmer on sunday with a little more sunshine. another storm heads our way late monday to bring another chance of rain on monday night and tuesday. much warmer weather with offshore winds is likely late next ek.
9:50 pm
(vicki) 4 your health tonight... medical experts say video games like the popular one called "fortnite" can be as addictive as heroin.... (grant) they even say it can get in the way of your child's brain development. health experts say the thing about these games is it gets the kids dopamine systems involved-- and it releases addictive chemicals which is very similar to a drug addiction. it literally causes cravings they can't live without it and they just get obsessed with it... many of the kids tested were tenange boys... one for example admitted that he continued to play fortnite evam as a tornado swept through his neighborhood and only when power lines started coming down did his family members push him off the game and riushed him to shelter... (vicki) american teenagers experimenting with pot aren't just smoking it any more -
9:51 pm
they're also eating and vaping the drug...that's according to a new study from researchers at university of southern california... they say in california 62 percent of teens have used pot in mutilbe forms...and nationwide about a quarter of high school seniors use marijuana... and researchers warn sweet candy edibles like laced lollipops, gummy bears are driving kids to try the drug earlier because it seems less scary... (grant) a test that nearly half a million teens took back in 1960 may now predict the risk of alzheimer's disease... and reasearchers say this discovery was just as accident as they were testing the mental fitness of high school students... the study is the first to link cognitive tests from one's adolescence, to their medicare records concerning alzheimer's and related diseases when researchers looked over their 1960 test results, they found that the men who scored lower in mechanical reasoning and the women who scored lower in memory for words-- both had
9:52 pm
higher odds of having developed these diseases... and a low percentage of these men and women had developed alzheimer's or related diseases. (vicki) up next...a baby boomer delight: hundreds of vintage lunchboxes featuring the heroes of their childhood, comic books, tv shows, cartoon strips, movies and more are up for sale... how much they are going for... this is customizable streaming tv for your family. ...whatever size. it's saving money with flexible channel packs. live tv and the latest shows to stream. and all your streaming apps in one place - even netflix. this is how xfinity makes life. simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet and tv for just $34.99 a month for 12 months and customize by adding flexible channel packs. click, call or visit a store today. (grant) bay area's own tom
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hanks wants to be your neighbor.(vicki) sony pictures released a photo showing the actor portraying children's television personality fred rogers for a new film. hanks sports the trademark cardigan and sneakers the host slipped into at the beginning of each episode during 31 seasons of "mister rogers' neighborhood." the new movie is slated for release next october. fred rogers died in 2003... his legacy sparked renewed interest this year thanks to the critically acclaimed documentary "won't you be my neighbor." (grant) from the original superman to the fonz... to the king of the wild frontier himself, davy crockett and the whole "happy days" family... one man from cincinnati has a major collection of vintage lunchboxes... and he's put hundreds of them on sale.... right now j. louis karp is auctioing 250 of them until
9:56 pm
september 30th... and get this he's planning on auctioning off another 200 more...before the christmas holidays... bids for some of the old metal lunchboxes start at 20 bucks each and go up from there to 225 each to 500 a lunchbox... the money gathered will benefit younger generations of the owner's family. (grant) that wraps (grant) family. (grant) that wraps up kron 4 news at nine...(vicki) but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. pam moore and catherine heenan are here with kron 4 news at ten....ladies? (pam) thank you grant and vicki.... next at ten... the brett kavanaugh confirmation vote, delayed once again president trump ordering the f-b-i to investigate sexual assault claims brought forward by doctor christine blasey ford. the deadline.... one week. we hear from a former f-b-i agent ... about what it will take.. to look into an
9:57 pm
encounter that happened decades ago.that's next in a live report. also - new at 10... surveillance video captures several hooded men breaking into cars in one bay area neighborhood. now police are hoping you can help identify them.(pam) and a local family, desperate for answers, after an 18 year old woman goes missing.their plea for help... next in a live report.(catherine) don't go away... hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break.break. after the starts right
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
i was sexually assaulted and no one believed me, i didn't tell anyone and youre telling all woman that they dont matter that they should just stay quiet because if they tell you want happened to him you are going to ignore them thats what happened to me and that what youre telling all woman in america that they dont matter and they should just stay quiet because youre going to help that man get to a position of power anyway. (pam) now at ten: fast- moving and highly
10:00 pm
charged debate again today over judge brett kavanaugh's nomination to the supreme court.. and the allegations of sexual assault brought against him by a number of women... good evening im pam moore. (catherine) and i'm catherine heenan in for ken wayne. shortly before that dramatic confrontation....arizona senator jeff flake had said he'd be supporting judge kavanaugh's nomination. but afterthe face-off with protestors....he said he'd do so onlywith an important condition.. (pam) hours later he called for a pause on the vote.. and asked that president trump recommend an f-b-i investigation. (catherine) as phil mattingly explains the president 'did' order the f-b-i to do just that. tonight, republican senator jeff flake - pivoting.sen. jeff flake, (r) judiciary committee: "i will only be comfortable moving on the floor until the fbi has done more investigation than they have already. it may not take them a week. i understand that some of these witnesses may not want to discuss anything further. but i think we owe them due diligence."...telling colleagues he will áonlyá support kavanaugh's mi


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