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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 6, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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time to come out"out" (jr stone) if you were in san francisco today... fleet week wizzed right over your head. chances are you could hear the roar and see the high-flying spectacle no matter where you were..whether you were inland or near the water. thanks for joins us tonight at 8. i'm j.r. stone.(justine) and i'm justine waldman. one of the best viewing spots for fleet week is - marina green. kron 4's gayle ong has reaction from fleet week fans ... and joins us live in san francisco.
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the sounds of roaring engines in the city never gets old..i grew up watching the air show at marina was quite a sight and the weather today could not be more perfect. the 38th annual fleet week air show brought thousands of people to marina green park saturday..the event featured thrilling stunts from top pilotsand angels in the sky san francisco fleet week is famous for the blue angels air shows but they're not the only high-flying spectacle in town..the event also featured high performance bi-planes.. among oracle..and lucas oil..i got to ride with pilot michael wiskus earlier this he is making his way by the golden gate bridge and back up to the sky..for some, the air show is a family tradition..william maltaz, a u-s- army veteran brought his grandchildren..for others it's making a return..some prefered to be away from the crowds.. but no matter where you were -- stunning performances in the bay for the grand finale -a trail of smoke - colored red white and blue honoring the men and women who served the u-s armed forces. amazing show and incredibly many people i spoke with said traffic was not an issue getting there,you have another
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day to see the show again in san francisco gayle ong kron 4 news
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(justine) many would agree.... the blue angels are the stars of fleet week. their screech through the sky.. is remarkable.(jrs) ... this is one of the more iconic shots. the blue angels... bursting through the sky... right over the golden gate bridge. past all the people at marina green... and the boats on the water. what a sight!
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(jrs) happening now... a redflag warning across the bay area.. the national weather service says.. this season's strongest offshore wind event will develop tonight and continue through monday morning.(justine) a combination of factors that will create conditions ripe for a fire. kron 4's hermela aregawi is in the east bay where firefighters are preparing for what might come. she joins us live in oakland she joins us live in oakland with details.. hermela, what are they doing? (hermela)(hermela aregawi)this is really about preventing a massive fire.. by being as prepared as possible. there are five teams of firefighters from the east bay.. that are meeting in pleasanton right now. it's a group of 22 of them. and they are fully prepared with engines and ther resources to deploy to anywhere in the area where a fire might have started. this is what they are calling prepositioning. it's a precaution they are taking after last year's north bay fires.the state put aside some money for exactly this kind of thing.éaccording to the national weather service, the redflag warning is the strongest wind event we've had this fall. high winds, low humidity and warm daytime
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temperatures create a potential for fire.but as the chief here tells me.. they are ready.christopher landry/chief, oakland fire departmentit's all about preparedness. when they form up, we have those fine engines available. we are first getting on the same communication plan so we are all communicating and we are ready to respond to any emergency. all angencies in the area know that these resources are available to them in the event that that incident occurs. we are prepositining resources throughout the region so that we are better prepared to respond to those emergencies we found that if we are better prepared we have additional resources. we can mitigate those emergencies when they are in their small or incipient phase.(hermela aregawi)the redflag warning starts tonight at 11 and goes through monday morning at 9. these strike teams may stick around until then or even longer depending on weather conditions. reporting live in oakland hermela aregawi kron 4 news.
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(hermela) (justine) thank you hermela. we have team coverage of the red flag warnings for you tonight.(jrs) we are joined by meterologist mabrisa rodriguez with more on what we can expect now that we are in the peak of fire season. northerly winds will be the main concern over the next 48 hours in the bay area. strong winds increase significantly this evening and during the overnight hours across the north bay mountains, the east bay hills, the diablo range. high fire danger concerns increase tonight through monday because of warm, dry and gusty winds. expect dry
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and warmer conditions during the next couple of days, widespread 70s along the coast and 80s inland. a cool sea breeze will return tuesday and continue through the latter part of the work week, bringing more seasonal weather.
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(justine) monday marks the one year anniversary of the night several wildfires broke out in the north bay destroying many communities. but it did not destroy their spirits.(jrs) today, people still recovering from those deadly and devastating events... got together at a park heavily damaged by the fires, but one that is slowly coming back to life. kron four's philippe djegal reports from sonoma county -- where a community has healed together. (philippe) a year ago...
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this wasn't possible. a community gathering at shiloh ranch regional park in windsor... with kids running around -- and, creating art. the park was leveled during the tubbs fire that also caused more than a billion dollars in damages, killing almost two dozen people... and, destroyed thousands of homes.celeste decker/neighbor- "it is regrowing. you know, i spend a lot of time in this park, because it's near my home and having seen it gone from ash and trees falling to now green and it looks really nice. so, it's nice to be able to come out here together."nats- "how was that?" celeste decker's twins met fire fighters who helped save their home less than a mile and a half away from the park, and thank them for their efforts. celeste decker/neighbor- "we were quarter of a mile from the edge. we left at 2 a.m. in the dark with no power and smoke in the air in our pajamas." sonoma county regional parks hosted this community healing event to give neighbors a chance to swap horror stories and also celebrate their resilience. bethany facendini/sonoma county regional parks- "and, it's a reflection of how not only the landscape recovering through the seasons, but we are also doing our own healing and recovering." peter phibbes is an artist-in- residence at the paradise ridge winery in santa rosa, which burned down during the fires.peter phibbes/artist- "i've been going around to all these people that lost everything. maybe they have a burnt tree left over that are going to get cut up. instead,
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i turn it into a scultpure. it helps my healing even though i didn't lose a home, i lost all my materials and tools -- whatever. i'm not six feet under. i'm alive. everyday's the best day ever. so, if i could help these people out heal as well, this whole thing comes full-circle." the healing process continues with every passing day... and, that'll be the case long after the one-year anniversary. still requiring the heroic mindset and actions that have inspired this community to rebuild. in sonoma county, philippe djegal, kron four news. "he's just an extraordinary person, a great, great talent. i person, a great, extraordinary "he's just an "he's just an extraordinary person, a great, great talent. i think he's going to make us all very proud."(justine)
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kavanaugh has been confirmed. but not everyone is happy with the senate vote outcome. (jrs) and while we love watching the blue angels and other planes do tricks in the skies for fleet week... what if you got a chance to fly with them? we sent our gayle ong up in the sky to fly with team lucas oil. see if she was able to keep her cool right after the break. (justine) blue angels.... in formation with color smoke! more fleet week fun right here on this isn't just any long-distance relationship. this is long distance with the best wifi experience plus the most free shows to stream. and with savings on wireless, this is a relationship with more money
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to spend on the important things. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet for just $29.99 a month for 12 months, and ask how you can save when you include xfinity mobile with your internet. click, call or visit a store today. (jrs) we are back...
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continuing with our fleet week coverage...this year kron4's gayle ong had a flight to remember.(justine) from flips and dips... to barrel rolls... gayle just got the ride of her life with lucas the ride of her life with lucas oil. and get this... she had to do it twice... because during her first flight.. they forgot to turn the camera on! so for her second flight... she sure enjoyed it!
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it!sure enjoyed flight... she second so for her camera on! to turn the they forgot flight..her first because during to do it twice... this... she had and get with lucas the ride of her gayle just got barrel rolls... and dips... to barrel rolls... gayle just got life with lucas oil. and get this... she had to do it twice... because during her first flight.. they forgot to turn the camera on!second flight... she sure enjoyed it! (jr stone) back by (jr stone) (jr stone) back by popular
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demand... justine and her team oracle flight. back... because i requested it! if you missed it....enjoy. "ahhhh!!"(justine) last year during fleet last year (justine) "ahhhh!!" "ahhhh!!" (justine) last year during fleet week.. i took a ride on the team oracle stunt plane with pilot sean tucker. watching it again is making
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watching it again is making me feel sick again. but it was awesome and an experience i will never forget. activites during fleet week including tours of us navy ships docked at piers along the embarcadero. (justine) kron 4's sara stinson joined hundreds of others aboard and has details from the ship.
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in the navy.">hundreds of people toured to navy ship from the ground level to the top flight deck.and it's quite a hike walking up the steep hallways. the only way to grasp how big and loud the ship is, is to experience it for yourself.people touring got to see the various military vehicles, equipement and even the intensive care unit.cosmo walrath is from the bay area and gerw up enjoying fleet week, but it's extra meaninful this year now that he's apart of the navy.
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outside at the golden gate bridge where we saw the blue angels performing earlier today.(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa
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rodriguez joins us now and we still have two more days of fleet week are they going to be as beautiful as today? . . northerly winds will be the main concern over the next 48 hours in the bay area. strong winds increase significantly this evening and during the overnight hours across the north bay mountains, the east bay hills, the diablo range. high fire danger concerns increase tonight through monday because of warm, dry and gusty winds. expect dry and warmer conditions during the next couple of days, widespread 70s along the coast and 80s inland. a cool sea breeze will return tuesday and continue through the latter part of the work week, bringing more seasonal weather. (jrs) fleet week still has one day day left..still has one fleet week (jrs)
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weather.seasonal weather.
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(jrs) fleet week still has one day day left.. but don't make it a travel headache! we'll tell you the best ways you can see all the action that the blue angels have to offer. (adlib) (adlib)(justine) blue
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angels do a slow push shot. fleet week! fleet week!
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(jrs) there are there are several big events going on here in the bay area this weekend including fleet week with a performance by the blue angels. ( jrs) the hardly stricktly blue grass festival is in golden gate park. there is also castro street fair. and the 150th italian heritage and pride parade in north beach.(justine) san francisco is a popular place to be this weekend! kron4's maureen
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kelly explains the traffic hurdles people coming in and out of the city will have to deal with. hellman hollow was already crowded early friday afternoon with people rocking out here at the eclectic music festival .... it's hardly strictly bluegrass.....featuring a variety of acts spread over the six stages and three days is there a greater place to get together for free than quarter of a million people of your friends to see great music the bay area sky is the stage where the blue angels will perform.....with estimated one million expected to come witness their amazing aerobatics.but those travelling have a few extra hurdles do deal with including the traffic mess caused by the transbay center's cracked beams that has fremont street closed between mission and complicated by the overnight closure of first street. that confluence of events has the san francisco department of emergency management tweeting out a warning for people attending either big event to give themselves extra time....and take public transporation if possible. but one form of public transit is adding it's own wrinkle to this. caltrain is closing down it's two san francisco stops north of bayshore on weekends through spring of next year so they can do work inside four of their tunnels to get ready for electification. their goal is for 75% of it's fleet to be electic trains by 2022...which will be faster, able to carry more passenger on top of being
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greener. a bus bridge will carry passengers in to the 22nd street and 4th and king stops..but some passengers wonder why now? (bob bullock, rode in for fleet week)they chose this weekend to close caltrain so you have to take a bus into from bayshore...nah they could have taken any other weekend but this one. (dan liberman, caltrain ultimately there is no good weekend to close down caltrain there's always a lot of stuff going on. the real goal is to get done by the time the giants season starts because there is ceratinly a lot of demand on our weekend trains. that said the bus bridge is still going to get people up here and you can do to our website and see other transit options if that makes things easier for you.whether you are headed to the city for the roar of the blue angels....or the sweet sounds of hardly strictly bluegrass.... leave early. maureen kelly kron4 news.
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"you know what we just completed an amazing trip." (justine) fiery first lady. the question one reporter asked the first lady is sick of.. and it caused her to give the media a piece of her mind. the one thing melania trump wants you to pay attention to. (jrs) tired of complaining. the way one group of democrats in the bay area say they are taking action and plan to fight the republican majority. protests erupted throughout the country when the senated confirmed senated when the the country throughout erupted protests erupted throughout the country when the senated confirmed supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. one woman climbed the top of a statue outside where he was being sworne in. we have more details on just how close the vote came in just two minutes.
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it's time for sleep number's fall sale on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, during our fall sale weekend special, the queen sleep number 360 c2 smart bed is only $899. plus, free home delivery. ends monday. "the nomination of brett
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kavanaugh to be a justice of the supreme court of the
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united states is confirmed." (justine) judge kavanaugh was confirmed by the senate on today by a 50-48 vote. (justine) senators voteed this afternoon -- narrowly confirming president trump's second nominee to the nation's highest court.(jrs) natasha chen is in washington with a look at where we stand. nat: shame on you! shame on you!after weeks of turbulent debate --vice president mike pence: "on this vote, the ayes are 50, the nay's are 48"the us senate has confirmed brett kavanaugh as justice of the supreme courtin the hours before the vote -- anti- and pro-kavanaugh rallies erupted in washington.nat "we do not consent"president trump tweeted about pro-kavanaugh demonstrations --calling a 'women for kavanaugh' rally a quote, "beautiful thing to see" only two senators crossing party state democrat joe manchin of west virginia -
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representing a state that voted overwhelmingly for then- candidate trump in 2016 --and moderate republican senator lisa murkowski of alaska.sen. lisa murkowski: "i could not conclude that he is the right person for the court."but enough senators are behind kavanaugh -- despite the tumultuous battle fueled by allegations of sexual assault from christine blasey ford... accusations he's denied.a critical swing vote in favor of kavanaugh coming from maine's susan collinssen. susan collins: "i do not believe that these charges can fairly prevent judge kavanaugh from serving on the court." months of fiery public debate coming to an end - leaving some senators worried about the message this sends to survivors of sexual assault. sen. cory booker: "this body has had a test, and we are failing that test."in washington, i'm natasha chen (justine) speaking to reporters today... first lady melania trump said she believes brett kavanaugh is highly qualified for the job as a supreme court justice -- and she is glad both he and
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christine blasey ford were heard. when asked, she wouldn't say whether she believed ford's allegations.(justine) first lady melania trump is on her way home after touring egypt. but while she was doing that same interview in front of the sphinx a reporter asked her what she was wearing and the first lady gave her a piece of her mind.
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abroad. (jrs) heated democrats are 'protesting' at a phone bank in san francisco this weekend as they try to secure votes for the midterm election come november...(justine) ...volunteers there are encouraging people to get out and vote in hopes of flipping the house. kron 4's ella sogomonian is at headquaters in the castro... sot: ella sogomonian, @ellasogomonian// "following the confirmation of brett kavanaugh to the supreme court dissappointed democrats instead of agonizing are organizing here at the nancy pelosi red to blue headquarters in san francisco calling and texting doing everything they can to reach registered voters in swing districts to make sure they come out for the midterm elections."(nats: phone call) impassioned volunteers are on a mission to remind registered democrats the importance of voting come november.on saturday more than 50 of them donated their time to try and take back the call and text at a time.sot: ben delk, volunteer// "my values and the values of many people i know are equality and human rights. it's very clear that progressive candidates support those. those are women lgbtq people who are differently abled and people of all races. those are the values i stand for and those are the values the democratic party stands for as well."after brett kavanaugh was sworn in to the supreme court many felt further defeated going up against a republican controlled house and
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they turned to their motto: don't agonize, organize.sot: adama iwu, we said enough cofounder // "everybody knew that today was going to be tough and instead of sitting at home with my feelings which is kind of i wanted to do i decided i was going to to make a difference to move us forward bilingual democrats at the phone bank made calls in both english and spanish to broaden their reach.they invite voters on the other line to upcoming town halls, discuss issues that matter to them and explain where democrats up for office in those districts stand.sot: christine pelosi, we said enough general counsel// "we think what we really need to do is make a change in leadership from republican to democrat. and more improtant from people who ignore survivors to people who support survivors." the goal is to flip congress and give the control back to the democrats.sot: ella sogomonian, @ellasogomonian// "volunteers will gather here seven days a week sunday through friday from noon to 8 pm and saturdays starting at 10am. in san francisco ella sogomonian kron 4 news."
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(jrs) tomorrow is the last day of blue angels show this year! if you are planning on enjoying fleet week while you are out on the bay... the u.s. coast guard has several recommendations you should be aware of...(justine) kron4's haaziq madyun tells us how to stay safe while enjoying fleet week. before you take your water vessel out on the bay to enjoy 2018 fleet week check out these important tips from the u.s. coast guardsotsomething else you want to look out for fleet week are these special
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event buoy that you see here behind me. notice that they are painted yellow representing caution and stay outside of a coast guard regulated areasoton yerba buena island haaziq madyun kron4news (jrs) (jrs) (jrs) talk about a tough
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break. one fan totally gets soaked with beer at an a's game and his team loses. how this surprised fan came out the winner. (mabrisa)i have your forecast coming up a bit later on... (adlib) (adlib)(justine) blue angels roar past alcatraz. fleet week!
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(justine) fleet week fun! here is a look at the blue
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angels..(jr stone)-adlib over video-show on sunday 12-4pm -clips on (jrs)okay the (jrs) (jrs)okay the niners only have one win on the season but their quarterback says he thinks they're a playoff team. up next we'll talk about their upcoming talk about up next we'll playoff team. they're a says he thinks quarterback but their on the season have one win niners only okay the (jrs)
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(jrs)okay the niners only have one win on the season but their quarterback says he thinks they're a playoff team. up next we'll talk about their upcoming game tomorrow at levi's. (jrs) twitter to the rescue. after one
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dedicated a's fan gets soaked in beer at a game.... the a's go on a hunt to find him and we speak to fan in the now viral video. (jrs) a tough loss for a's
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fans a few nights ago ...but an even tougher night for one fan who left yankee stadium soaked!(justine) but as kron4's michelle kingston reports, he didn't cry over the spilled beer .. instead, he got a couple free ones. (mk)ánatsáyou know what they say ... there's no crying in baseball.but for oakland a's fan john spencer -- there's also no crying when your team loses and you get a beer thrown at you by a yankees fan. john spencer, oakland a's fan "bleachers, enemy territory, wild card play off game, definitely a recipe for a
8:46 pm
potential disaster."and that's exactly what happened at the bottom of the sixth inning for this oakland nativejohn spencer, oakland a's fan"i was just like surprised and appalled and looking around like, 'really guys? you're going to throw a beer at me when i am losing 6-0 too?'"the beer thrower and his friend posted the video online ... and it went viral overnight. the oakland a's posted it on twitter -- hoping to find spencer ... and they did!and now spencer is getting a care package and tickets to a game back here in the bay next season..and he even got an apology and a couple free beers from the guy who splashed him at the game.john spencer, oakland a's fan"they reached out to me and were like this is crazy this video is going viral they were like yo we're sorry about this we'd like to take you out for drinks and apologize."john spencer, oakland a's fan"so was it worth it? i think it was worth it because i went home that night and i still was like man i had a great time i met other as fans and a bunch of yankees fans, i went there to support my team yes i got covered in beer but even regardless of what happened the next day and the day after it was worth it just to support my team."spreading love and not beer ... in oakland michelle kingston kron 4 news (justine) (justine) taking a live
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look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. . . . northerly winds will be the main concern over the next 48 hours in the bay area. strong winds increase significantly this evening and during the overnight hours across the north bay mountains, the east bay hills, the diablo range. high fire danger concerns increase tonight through
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monday because of warm, dry and gusty winds. expect dry and warmer conditions during the next couple of days, widespread 70s along the coast and 80s inland. a cool sea breeze will return tuesday and continue through the latter part of the work week, bringing more seasonal weather. (j.r.)we are now less than 24 hours away from nfl football week from nfl hours away less than 24 we are now (j.r.) weather.
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(j.r.)we are now less than 24 hours away from nfl football week 5 and we start tonight with the oakland raiders. the silver and black will be down in so-cal taking on the los angeles chargers. still
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sounds weird saying that. the raiders won their first game of the year last week and a win on sunday would show people that they are building something. a loss would show them it's likely to be a very long season. here are some things to keep in mind when we talk raiders. marshawn lynch had perhaps his best game in the silver and black uniform last week. look for the raiders to keep going to him. jon gruden says we just keep feeding him skittles. also look at the raiders defense in the second half. they have given up 20 or more points in each of the 2nd halfs of their first four games. one of just two teams to do that in nfl history. and watch out for philip rivers, the chargers are 16 and 9 when he starts for them against the raiders. kickoff starts at 1:05 sunday. (j.r.) the san francisco 49ers will be in action at levi's stadium against arizona on sunday. the two teams are a combined 1 and 7 on the
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season. i checked stubhub prices and as of saturday afternoon....cheapest ticket was 30 bucks to go to the game. obviously jimmy garoppolo is out for the season with an acl injury. c.j. beathard will be at the helm again sunday. he said this week, "there is no doubt in my mind that we can make the playoffs." a lot of 49ers fans might already be counting them out but beathard played hard last week and with a lot of guys injured he stood in there and threw for about 300 yards. here's something to keep in mind over the past three seasons the niners have lost six straight games to the cardinals. also matt brieda is the nfl's third leading rusher this season and he was given the ball just 9 times last week and thrown at three times. look for him to be more involved. also keep in mind the niners may be without their starting cornerbacks which include richard sherman. we shall see. kickoff starts at 1:25 sunday. (j.r.) baseball playoffs underway....unfortunatley no more athletics and no giants.
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a's didn't win the division because of this team. the houston astros. taking on the indians. cleveland got a jump on things early today though. francisco lindor. good bye, good day, see yaaaa that ball is gone. indians up 1 to nothing. houston we have a problem. marwin gonzalez says it's okay. i got this...doubles to right field. two runners are coming around. two runs would score. 2 to 1 houston with the lead. to the seventh we go. alex the plate and he says good bye. houston goes on to win this game 3 to 1. they now take a two to zero lead in the five game series. (j.r.)now to the upset of the now to the (j.r.)now to the
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. (anchor) we have breaking
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news...(anchor) we now want to sendthings over to .... (reporter)
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the 49ers use one word to describe their new starting quarterback..tough.... cj beathard is fighting through the adversity -- even as the niners let one slip away last sunday....--and the injuries continue to plague this team... its the unfortunate part that comes with the game...can the 49ers find a way to respond...they will need that toughness this week as the cardinals come to town for division matchup.. it's time for the red and gold zone yes...we are back here at levi's stadium....welcome in , i'm your host, kim smith... now the 49ers are still searching for their next win...but it doesn't help when the injuries just continue to pile up... we'll take a look at more key losses this week... but first-- it was cj beathard's turn to take the reigns and try and lead


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