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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  November 14, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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at a shelter housing evacuees...(grant) thanks for joining us, im grant lodes...(vicki) and im vicki liviakis... the death toll rises once again as fire experts say this is now the deadliest wildfire in last 100 years... here is what we know at this hour.... eight more human remains were found today. now 56 people are confirmed dead in the camp wildfire. and almost 9-thousand homes have been destroyed. while the total number of structures burned tops 10 thousand. tonight the fire has burned 138 thousand acres. and is 35 percent contained.(grant) we have team coverage tonight... chief meteorlogist is tracking how all that smoke from up north is pouring into the bay area... kron4's alecia reid is live in livermore where air quality conditions are deplorable. and we start with kron4 gayle ong... who is live in chico... where there is a norovirus outbreak at an evacuation shelter...
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gayle? (grant) the butte county sheriff has released a list of people who are missing from the camp fire. (vicki) gayle?shelter... evacuation shelter... gayle?
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sheriff has released a list of people who are missing from the camp fire. (vicki) it includes 103 names - with people ranging in age from their 30's to 90's. reporter charmaine nero talked to some people who havent seen their neighbor since the camp fire broke out... (chrissy kavanaugh, missing neighbor)'- heús about 5ú7 160 lbs, he didnút really have any hair left.'chrissy kavanaugh
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describes her elderly neighbor - 84-year old james kinner - one of dozens of camp fire victims still listed as missing. ((chrissy)' we went to tell him what was going on but he didnút want to leave.' (charmaine)'burned cars and homes are seen completely destroyed on this property where neighbors say 84-year old james kinner lived.' chrissy and her family tell me they narrowly escaped the camp fire - that left their home in ruins - but desperately tried to get their neighbor to join them. but this family says the 84-year old had a tough time walking on his own.(neighbor, no cg)'i would walk him 25 feet and he couldnút talk for 3 minutes after''he was just so far out of breath walking.' a heartbreaking moment - when their neighbor refused to leave. (neighbor) 'you can just look i in his eyes and read it, 'itús just his time go..'despite the damage - his neighbors say theyúre keeping up hope he made it out of this pile of rubble - alive. (chrissy)'if he was rescued iúm thinking he could possibly be in a hospital.'(chrissy) 'but if anyone has any information that would be great.'
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(grant) we've posted that missing persons list on kron-4-dot-com. authorities say some of the people may be in shelters - and just may not be in contact with family members. so they are asking people to take a look let them know if you have spoken to anyone on the list. (vicki) governor brown toured the devastation in butte county today... along with federal emergency officials... u.s. secretary of interior ryan zinke and the head of fema... joined jerry brown today as the governor announced an executive order to cut red tape and streamline recovery efforts in butte county. both zinke and brown sending a joint message that now is not the time to point fingers at who is responsible for the camp-fire... refusing to comment on p-g&e's potential culpability. instead, today was about sending a unified message od support and
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help, as these seasoned officials were taken aback by the horror of the deadliest and most destructive fire in state history. (vicki) reacting to (vicki) bring about.">this kind can bring about.">(vicki) reacting to president trump's weekend tweet which did not acknowledge the victims but blamed california's fires on forestry mis-management, and included a threat to with-hold federal funds... secretary zinke says trump is pledging his full support to california...noting that this is not just a state issue, it's not not a federal issue, this is an american issue of managing our forests. we all want healthy forests. (grant) six people have been arrested on suspicion of looting homes that people evacuated in butte county.
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the sheriff's office says deputies found two men hiding inside home in the town of paradise with a handgun and drugs monday. deputies also found an atv, an ar-15 rifle and tools the men are suspected of stealing. and two other men were arrested yesterday with a laptop computer that allegedly didn't belong to them. a few hours later, two more people were arrested after they were spotted in a motorhome reported stolen in the neighboring town of magalia. (vicki) he thought he had put his fire fighting days behind him... but as the flames of the camp fire closed in on his home in paradise... a retired east contra costa fire captain jumped back into action.(grant) kron 4's (grant) kron 4's justine waldman has the story of how he saved his almost 90 year old neighbors life.. and ran inside to get her medication. retirement .. should not look like this....after 30 years as a fire captain in contra costa county, john foster and his wife moved from brentwood to paradise in july.but the camp
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fire destroyed their dreams. tree smoke nats "it's swirling."as the wall of smoke moved closer to his home in el dorado mobile estatesjohn knew even with his decades of fire fighting experiece - he would not be able to save his own home.sot i knew that it was a fire to make history that was from years of going on strike teams and seeing the smoke i knew it was one to be recong withcar smoke nats "spot fire here it is not good we are going to lose our homejohn recorded a few videos as he evacuated...knowing nothing would ever be the nats "these were all homes here"while driving out, he says he saw his 89 year old neighbor standing outside her burning home...clutching her dog and he rescued her, putting her in his car.. likely saving her life.sot it is the only thing to do not because i am a fire fighter i would hope any human would do the same thingthe retirement life john and his wife planned for... will be different now. but it will still happen in paradise.sot it is the place that i want to be and i am not going to let a fire chase me outsubecause they had just moved to paradise this summer. the family did not have home insurance.a fundraising page is set up to help the retired fire captain and his wife get back on their feet.i'm justine waldman kron 4 news.
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(grant) kron4 and our parent company-- nexstar media group... have partnered to help the fire victims in butte county. if you would like to help those affected by the 'camp fire'... the american red cross is accepting donations. you can check kron for details. (vicki) in southern california -- search dogs uncovered a third body in the woolsey fire zone-- that is
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burning in both los angeles and ventura counties. two bodies were found earlier, burned to death in a car in malibu... it has burned over 98-thousand acres, and it is now 52 percent contained. over 500 structures have been destroyed, while another 57,000 are threatened. while firefighters from multiple agencies fight the blaze, mandatory evacuations are in place throughout both counties (grant) smoke from the wildfires has been spreading all over the bay area. and in some places like livermore... the air quality index is off the charts... and is almost to the point of being hazardous... kron 4's alecia reid joins us live from downtown livermore tonight ... are people being cautious? the air out here is thick ... and although there are a number of people walking around with masks .... most are not.pkgit's a normal night
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in downtown lirmore ... except for the terrible air's really bad. it's been really smoky and nasty all dayedward jones jackson junior has been riding around with his mask on. he and his children all have asthma.none of us flared up for a while. laytely everybody been flaring up. i had to call my doctors today to get some ashma pumps. i asked for a 6 psck of asthma pumpsin the valley ... the air quality levels were the worst in's an extremely unhealthy level of air quality at this point. the eqi is from 0-100. purple is the highest stge and it's unhealthy. at red you should be wearing a mask. at purple you probably shoudnt be going outsidebob villano and his daughter alicia are being cautious.even if it doesn't do anything, jsut having it on for a peace of mind is better than nothing they noticed the air never eased up.when the sun was setting i said you can look right at it becasue theres so much haze it blocks out the hazards of the sunif you are breathing in the polluted air-- health officials urge that you contact your doctor
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if you have any of the following symptomsshortness of breath, eye irritation, skin irritation, chest pain, these are the sypmtoms oxygen isn't being delivered to the organs that need itstandupdoctors urge now is a great time to limit air exposure. also close windows ... and dont turn on any ventilation system that brings outside air in. reporting live from livermore ... ar ... kron 4 news. ... kron 4 news.
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a montage of images, put together by nasa, showing the progression of the smoke from the camp fire. images were taken between november 7 and november 12 lawrence karnow: very bad smoke swept back into the bay area today making for some very poor air quality. its extremely poor in livermore and the trivalley. tonight hazy skies will continue with cold temperatures. lows will be in the 30s and 40s. high pressure will bring more offshore winds tomorrow with unhealthy air. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s and low 70s. air quality will slowly improve this weekend and should be much better next week. (grant) at kron-4 dot com. there
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you can see interactive maps showing the damage. plus ....a photo gallery showing the fire's path. and how you can help victims. all at kron-4 dot com. (grant) police are investigating a bizarre story... after a man used a meat cleaver... and a pole to attack a couple in their home. tonight the suspect is still on the loose... and the whole thing was caught on camera... (vicki) plus... cash toll plaza may soon be a thing of the past as there is a plan underway to consider just keeping automated tolls... details ahead. (grant) up next... a mysterious case out of the south bay... as police are searching for a man who disappeared at monday's niners game.
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(grant) another big story we're following tonight... a mysterious disappearance is puzzling police in the south bay.. they are searching for a washington state man who went missing on monday. as kron for's rob fladeboe tells us, ian powers vanished during the 49ers game at levis stadium..
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the missing man is 32 year old ian powers, of spokane, washington. this is a clip of powers attending the 49ers game monday with his girlfriend and her two kids. powers has not been seen since he went to the bathroom during the 4th quarter says the girl friend, chelsea robbins. chelsea robbins/missing man's girlfriend " doesn't make any sense, he was drinking before the gme but he
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wouldn't just disappear like that and not call or check on me and the kids to make sure we made it back to the car..." santa clara police spent the day searching for powers in parking lots, a nearby golf course, waterways and other areas around levi's stadium. cell phone activity suggest powers lastknown location was near great america parkway and tasman drive. captain wahid kaezem/santa clara police ".....we've done an exhaustive search of his financial, e mail and social media accounts and have not seen any unusual activity so we are just reallybaffled at this point and are very concerned for his well being..."powers girlfriend says they were en route to los angles after visiting family in the bay area. as she joined the search for (vicki) some major changes could be coming to toll plazas at the bay area's seven bridges. today the bay area toll authority advanced a plan that would remove all cash toll plazas... tranportation officials say some of the benefits of cash free tolls would improve traffic flow at the plazas, reduce emissions, and protect toll workers. as for the bay bridge... that would be the last of the seven bridges to have it's toll plaza come down because of the volume of
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traffic.. there are also hundreds of toll takers that would be need to be retrained... but this is not a done deal... the metropolitan transportation commission has to give it's green light before this becomes a reality... (vicki) imagine.. just giving birth and your newborn stops breathing... now an east bay police officer is being called a hero for saving the life of that child... (grant) he sprang into action to help out the desperate mother... as kron 4's haaziq maduyn reports... the officer says, he had to act fast. (pkg)you are looking at body worn camera video of a life or death situation involving a childnats/officer gregory palomo/oakland police department "flipped the baby over with the baby's head right here and then just gentle pats on the back"> oakland police officer gregory palomo is demonstrating how he used c-p-r to save the life of a new born child. it happened around 3:22pm tuesday. the baby's mother had just given birth in this vehicle parked outside a motel on 6th street.
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officer palomo was on patrol when received a call regarding a woman in need of medical assistancesotnicole friend is the oakland police dispatcher who answered the 9-1-1 callsot sothe says it took less than a minute for the baby to reviveofficer palomo has been in uniform at opd for about 2 1/2 years. he says in this case he relied on his police officer well as his own personal instincts as a fathersotin oakland haaziq madyun kron4news (grant) now to our four zone
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forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow: very bad smoke swept back into the bay area today making for some very poor air quality. its extremely poor in livermore and the trivalley. tonight hazy skies will continue with cold temperatures. lows will be in the 30s and 40s. high pressure will bring more offshore winds tomorrow with unhealthy air. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s and low 70s. air quality will slowly improve this weekend and should be much better next week. (grant) still ahead... stormy daniels' lawyer michael avenatti arrested on domestic violence charges...violence
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next week. much better next week.
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(grant) still ahead... stormy daniels' lawyer michael avenatti arrested on domestic violence charges... hear his fiery response tonight.. (vicki) and up next... many people are fed up with buying gifts for the holidays and are deciding to give it up all together... details after the break...
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the kids may not want to hear this one... according to a recent study -- most people want to stop giving gifts over the holiday season.(grant) but before you throw your list of presents out the window -- listen up. there are some stipulations. according to financial experts... almost 7 out of 10 people would give up giving gifts or exchanging
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gifts this holiday season... but only if they're friends and family agree to it. they found that 43 percent of people say they feel pressured to over spend... some even beyond what they can afford. instead -- 60 percent of people surveyed-- say they would rather spend time with friends and family. but if you do decide to shop -- experts recommend a budget and a limit. (vicki) still ahead... the trial begins for mexican druglord juaquin "el chapo" guzman in the u-s... tonight find out if the judge granted his only request-- to hug his wife... (grant) plus... tonight we're hearing more of the dispatch audio from the moment the deadly camp fire broke out... how firefighters sprang into action... (vicki) plus... the thick, smoky air from the wildfires is causing major problems for many across the bay area... but one science teacher turned this problem into a lesson plan and stunned his
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tomorrow morning marks one week since the camp fire erupted in butte county.(grant) and we are learning more about the heroism of first responders who moved quickly to save lives right after the fire started. kron 4's charles clifford reports. sot we have eyes on the vegetation fire. natsearly on the morning of november 8th, multiple fire crews were dispatched to investigate reports of a wildfire near the small town of pulgas. almost immediately it became clear the blaze could become a big
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problem.sotthis has got potential for a major incident. sotgonna have engine 26 go down into pulga and evacuate it.pushed by strong winds the fire spread rapidly westward. responding fire crews struggled to reach the flames. more evacautions were put in place.sotevacuation orders already in place for paradise. sotbe ready for additional evacuations.within hours, the fire reached paradise. the roadways out of the area became clogged with cars as people fled the advancing wildfire. sotthey are trapped in hoffman road with multiple residences taking refuge in a creek.sotreports of possible entrapment. they can not evacuate because of fire.the fire moved so quickly that in several cases even fire fighetrs couldn't escape. sot strike team i have a fire fighter with smoke inhalation. transporting to oroville hosptial.sotwe are about to get over run here. we have got probably a thousand vehicles in here. once the fire hits we are going to pull the people out and put them in took the better part of the day before the majority of people were able to reach safety. some neighbors didn't make.sot. . . possible extracation. . (grant) the north bay animal services is doing its part for some of the four legged fire victims. all day long... people were stopping by the north bay animal services facility in petaluma... to donate a wide range of supplies for pet owners impacted by the camp
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fire. one quilter even made more than 100 pet beds. the donations will be packed into these trailers and driven up to the northwest s=p- c-a in oroville on sunday. it's the second round of donations since the fire broke out. people are also offering to foster pets until they're ready for adoption. (grant) the north bay animal services is doing its part for some of the four legged fire victims. all day long... people were stopping by the north bay animal services facilityn petaluma... to donate a wide range of supplies for pet owners impacted by the camp fire. one quilter even made more than 100 pet beds. the donations will be packed into these trailers and driven up to the northwest s=p- c-a in oroville on sunday. it's the second round of donations since the fire broke out. people are also offering to foster pets until they're ready for adoption.
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happened to be teaching about the respitory system last week when the camp fire erupted sending it's smoke to pollute the bay area skies. the class left petri dishes smeared with vasaline outside over the three day weekend.....and now they are using microscopes to count the trapped particulates's one example of what was captured. that the air is really dirty ha ha we don't even notice what were and haley most the time and now that were looking at it you can see that it's really bad for you and people at school or actually struggling to walk (maureen)the goal of this lesson plan is to teach the kids about air pollution and it's effects on their bodies and also it's effects on their futures this is the generation of solutions and they are going to have to come up with solutions with these problems we have more severe intense wildfires and droughts, and we have rising populations more air so we have to start learning how to prevent this from happening, how to keep ourselves healthy and come up with two solutions to these problems looking like it's going to get betterit's a lesson that the students are quickly learning when they see the evidence of the dangerous affects of smoke pollution with their own eyes. it's disgusting and we can definitely take care of our planet more(maureen)the next step for the students come compiling the data they've collected. will be presenting their findings after the thanksgiving break maureen kelly kron4 news (grant) if you are one of the if you are (grant)
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(grant) if you are one of the many turning to masks and home air purifiers for relief, and have questions we have some answers kron 4's gabe slate spoke with an air quality expert at berkeley labs who shares advice about what masks and purifiers to use. sound from brett singer / expert in air quality / investigator and staff scientist / berkeley lab / berkeley brett singer is an expert in air quality he is a principal investigator and staff scientist at berkeley lab in the energy analysis & environmental impacts
9:35 pm
division. brett says if you get a mask make sure it says n95 or p100 on it and if possible get one that has this plastic valve piece. sound from brett singer / expert in air quality / investigator and staff scientist / berkeley lab / berkeley brett singer says you should change out your mask every 4-5 days. sound from brett singer / expert in air quality / investigator and staff scientist / berkeley lab / berkeley brett says the most important thing you can do to battle the poor air quality is make your home a clean air environment and stay inside stay inside it with the windows shut as much as you can. sound from brett singer / expert in air quality / investigator and staff scientist / berkeley lab / berkeley brett says these filters are key. don't go cheap.. get the highest rated one you can afford at the hardware store.. it will make a difference. in berkeley gabe slate kron 4 news (vicki) (vicki) in other national
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news tonight... attorney michael avenatti has been arrested on domestic violence charges. police in los
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angeles say a domestic violence report was taken tuesday, and avenatti was taken into custody this afternoon. it's unclear who made the claim of domestic violence. avenatti is now out of jail on bond tonight and spoke to the media... (vicki) avenatti is best known as stormy daniels' lawyer and critic of president trump. he is also mulling a 2020 presidenti run. (grant) after multiple arrests, escapes from jail and years on the run, juaquin "el chapo" guzman will now face a jury. opening arguments for his criminal trial began today in new york city. el chapo has pled ánot guilty to the charges brought against him. and earlier today... he was not able to hug his 29-year-old wife. it was a request made by the
9:38 pm
defense and denied by the judge for security reasons. nonetheless, the attorney says that el chapo is simply looking forward to his day in court. prosecutors say 'el chapo' is the kingpin of a massive drug trafficking network between the u.s. and mexico, and laundered more than $14 billion from drug sales. and to prove that, more than a dozen cooperating witnesses are expected to take the stand. but it will be up to a jury of five men and seven women to decide who they believe. this trial is expected to take months. (lawrence bay area weather) (sports tease)(sports tease) and ahead in sports, the warriors leave for a three- game road trip to texas, and as far as we know, their chemistry issues have not been resolved. the latest on the back-to-back champs.
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some warriors headlines, that are not as dramatic as what we've seen the last two days, but could be crucial in helping the team work through its issues. the champs announced today that steph curry..the 2-time still dealing with a left groin injury... he is travelling with the team on its three-game texas road trip. however, he will ánot be playing... the plan is he'll be re-evaluated in 10-days, which means he'll be out for at least 5-more games. warriors playing the rockets tomorrow night... and unless there are any late changes, draymond green and kevin durant expected to play. now to the nfl-- some important schedule games to keep in mind for the 49ers and raiders. their sunday night games in primetime later in the season moved to the afternoon niners are on a bye this week, but the 1- and-8 silver and black getting ready to visit the 2-and-7 cardinals in arizona. --the raiders struggles have been growing each week.. 5-straight losses... no touchdowns in 3 of their last 4-games. --a developing plotline is what's happened to derek carr... completing 71-percent of his passes, but has 8-interceptions, bottom
9:42 pm
half of the league in td passes. --today, jon gruden asked about carr's performance so far. "i'm not gonna stand up here publicly and go through any players grades. he's done some very good things under some very difficult circumstances and he's gonna continue to get better, better, and better as we get better around him. i'll just leave it at that.""we definitely have had some looks, and those are the things that coach gruden and i keep talking about, look we're gonna figure things out and get it all right. we're just gonna keep trusting the process and seeing it like yeah this stuff is working and yeah, when it clicks, it's gonna be real nice." coming up on kron4 sports at 10, some college hoops... the gaels of st. mary's on the road... and also, a dazzling display of dunks from the duke blue devils. until then, more news after the break.
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(vicki) as the devastating california wildfires continue to burn, many people across california are helping out those impacted by the fires...(grant) and now hollywood stars are lending their support. entertainment tonight's keltie knight has the story. (keltie) vicki and grant, it's been a painful few days for southern california, and some a-list celebrities are doing more than just asking for help. instagramólady ógagaó111418-1órzt 00:01 hi everybody, it's lady gaga and today is my favorite day of the year - world kindness day. vo# mother monster took to her instagram story to detail her busy tuesday night. instagramóladyógagaó111418- 2órzt 00:00 i'm on way now to a shelter in california to meet people who have evacuated their homes vo# she delivered pizza, coffee, and gift cards to the victims of the blaze. foo fighters frontman dave grohl can also add delivery man to his resume, dropping off barbecue to several so-cal fire stations. and across
9:46 pm
town, chris martin attended the l-a county board of supervisors meeting. clipóboardóofósupervisorsópier ceóbrosnanóchrisómartinó111318 22:07:44 i'm here just to reassure everybody that we as a community are going to do our utmost to help ourselves, but that there is an image of malibu thapeople like me are there more than other people. vo# he was joined by pierce brosnan - another malibu community member, who urged the board for additional assistance. clipóboardóofós upervisorsópierceóbrosnanóch risómartinó111318 22:05:23 i have witnessed many fires in my community and personally experienced the devastation of those fires up close and personal, but none as catastrophic as the events that have taken place in our community these past 5 days and nights. vo# one of those victims, miley cyrus, shared this before and after photo of her home with liam hemsworth. the blaze destroyed much of their property, but the "love" remains. (keltie) miley and liam have donated half a million dollars to the malibu foundation, to save what "malibu magic" we'll have much more on et, i'm keltie knight, back to you. (vicki) and in butte county celebrity chef guy fieri was helping those affected by the camp fire in butte county... not only did he serve up some hot meals to many fire victims, he also provided food for police, fire crews and volunteers who are all trying to help during these hard times... and this isnt the first time fieri helped out wildfire victims... he also provided meals to many affected during the north bay firestorm last october.. lawrence karnow: very bad
9:47 pm
smoke swept back into the bay area today making for some very poor air quality. its extremely poor in livermore and the trivalley. tonight hazy skies will continue with cold temperatures. lows will be in the 30s and 40s. high pressure will bring more offshore winds tomorrow with unhealthy air. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s and low 70s. air quality will slowly improve this weekend and should be much better next week.
9:48 pm
(grant) 4 your health tonight... health officials say a record number of tick-borne diseases were reported last year... (vicki) they say there were more than 59-thousand cases in 2017... and that is a 22 percent increase from 2016.... the centers for disease control and prevention releasing the latest numbers today... lyme disease accounted for nearly three- quarters of the illnesses. that's about 43-thousand cases. traditionally about 30-
9:49 pm
thousand cases of lyme disease were reported to the government each year... experts say better reporting may be a reason for recent increases.. .. (vicki) new guidelines say all adults should be screened for unhealthy alcohol use... the united states preventive services task force advises primary care doctors should screen all adults, including pregnant women, for unhealthy alcohol use. for those who drink above the recommended limits, doctors should provide brief counseling to help them reduce their drinking. for men ages 21 to 64, unhealthy alcohol is considered no more than four drinks in a single day and 14 drinks in a week. for women and older men, it's no more than three drinks in one day and no more than seven drinks in a week. according to the task force, unhealthy alcohol use ranks as the third leading preventable cause of death in the u-s. (grant) now to a bizarre story out of pennsylvania... police are looking for a man who used a meat cleaver... and a pole to attack a couple in their home. and the whole thing was caught on
9:50 pm
camera... reporter jossie carbonare a late night game of cards with a friend turns into a terrifying game of survival. aric maczis/ victim:"the guy stopped right here and the woman stood here."take a look at this surveillance video from inside of the home.aric and joey maxis of adams county say a masked man with a wooden pole and meat cleaver followed by a woman walked into their littlestown home on west king street in the middle of the night.aric maczis/ victim:"he asked for something and then when i seen he had the meat cleavers. when i i jumped up to defend my family. they started hitting me with the cleaver."disoriented from the blow to his head maczis looked up and realized the attack wasn't over.aric maczis/ victim:"he threw the pipe at her and told her to kill, kill my wife."maczis says their friend, who they were playing cards with, ran upstairs to hide from the attackers while she ran out the front door screaming, hoping someone would hear her.joey maczis/ victim:"i just immediately jumped over the table to run for help because i knew... it felt like we were going to die. i didn't think my husband was gonna make it out." jonathan duvall/ neighbor:"as soon as i came out. i was already on the phone like 911 i'm like you guys need get somebody here there's a lady outside screaming. she's saying someone's trying to kill her."meanwhile inside maczis says the intruders were
9:51 pm
destroying everything in sight. aric maczis/ victim:"busting tvs, he busted the fish tank, busted this curio cabinet." surveillance video from across the street, captured these images of the pair taking off in a silver vehicle.aric maczis/ victim:"i don't know if they was trying to rob us? i never seen these people before."the couple says, they wont rest easy until two are caught.aric maczis/ victim:"i don't wanna sleep because i don't know who these people are. i'm worried about my family, myself. you know i'd like him to get caught and prosecuted." police say they believe this was a targeted incident. they say they are going over additional surveillance footage. (vicki) up next... they
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smelly, gnarly and... totally irresistable... and... they're in season now!(vicki) yeah, it seems the truffle drought in italy is over...tonight on dine and dish - i show you what the fuss is all about. they may look like rocks... but they're actually a pungent fungus. these are fresh white truffles from italy... and chefs all over the bay area are really excited. white truffles...are intoxicating. so desirable - some restaurants, like perbacco in the city have keep them under lock and key. umberto is only half-kidding! like gold nuggets in a treasure chest, truffles go for anywhere from 2-3 thousand dollars a pound - so no wonder. the season for white truffles is short - and right now chefs like ben at poggio in sausalito... and alex of sorrel in san francisco are whipping up special dinners topped with shaved truffles. house made pasta with light butter is really all you need... for the star of the show - white truffles - the world's most expensive and seductive ingredient in the world. (vicki) if you have a
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(vicki) but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. pam moore and ken wayne are here with kron 4 news at ten....guys? (pam) thank you grant and vicki.... next at ten... the death toll is rising ... now a total of 56 bodies have been found in butte county. and many of those who did manage to evacuate cannot seem to catch a break. the outbreak causing a shelter to evacuate tonight. plus, we learn about the prized possession one retired fire captain lost in the camp fire. plus... how much screen time is too much screen time... for your baby sitter? the new nanny contract parents want their caregivers to sign.(pam) and two men plead guilty to kiddnapping and sex trafficking. the story of how one woman was able to escape.(ken) don't go away... hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break. break. you work hard for every dollar.
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"this is so devastating that i don't really have the words to describe it. it looks like a war zone. it is. it's the devastation that only fires of this kind can bring about." (pam) that is the response today from governor jerry brown ... who toured the destruction from the 'camp fire' in butte county. good evening... i'm pam moore(ken) and i'm ken wayne we want to get right to the latest numbers from the camp fire. (ken) today an additional 8 bodies were found. bringing the total victims to 56. there are still 130 people missing and a list of 103 names of those missing has been released. more than 10,000 structures have been destroyed.... the vast majority of those are homes. the camp fire has burned more than 138,000 acres and is 35 percent contained. more than 5,600 firefighters are on the lines. (pam) thursday ma


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